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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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#holla at me

anyone have any recommendations for good blogs to follow? i love aesthetic posts, shit posts, mental health, quotes, and female/body positivity. making tswift or lyric edits is a bonusss

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So let’s talk guys. I have a lot of time and it has been a while since we just chatted.

Tell me what you’ve been doing with yourself this weekend.

Are you isolating? How are you surviving?

Were you able to find toilet paper or paper towels?

Are you watching anything new on 📺 to pass the time?

Do you still have to work cause you work for a company full of assholes who care nothing for human life?

How long do you think this situation will continue?

Reading anything new? By who? Drop a link.😊

How are you keeping sane?

What types of stuff do you want to read during a time like this?

Tell me all about it and anything you want to add.

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Do any of my followers live in London, Paris, or Madrid?

I’ll be studying abroad in these locations and would love for someone to show me all the cool, fun places to go!! I want to see the pretty daylit scenes and I also definitely want to enjoy the nightlife!

Let me know, I’d love to make friends before going!

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