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#holla at ya boy hawks
lisalisalisalisalove · 11 months ago
what's a joke in the painful that always makes you laugh? the wrestling jokes get me every time bc special interest lmao. and nern's introduction.
i 100% agree about the wrestling stuff, it honest to god tickled me and i spent WAY more time in the wrestling arena than i needed to LMAO
but as for other moments... its so hard to narrow it down but off the top of my head id say:
- the middle finger mountains comeback..... when i first encountered it i knew what was fucking coming and that only made it funnier
- the house with the human furniture.... i was sobbing laughing when i walked into the bathroom and got the fucking “no... it cant be....” achievement LMAO
- the guy whos waiting to jump u in area 1 (?) if u dont land in the right spot for him to attack immediately. cause either u talk to him and he just goes “can u walk like 2 steps over” and then jumps u, or u break his neck by falling off the cliff above him onto his head kfdjgndf
- the fucking guy who just goes “holla holla... if ya hear me... really had to get that off my chest” and then DIES
- the crotch kicking dickhead that makes brad fucking stop looking for his KIDNAPPED PRETEEN DAUGHTER for a good 10 minutes so that he can return the crotch kick
- mario and luigi. everything about them 
- the dancing sprites are SO fucking funny in this game, but special shoutout to the dudes wearing the sexy lingerie whose dancing is just them with their arms up and moving their legs back and forth LMAO
- the dude who tries to make an ocean pun but fucks it up like 3 times and then just hurls himself into the water hgnjdfgdf
- the salvation rangers fucking took me out every time i saw them
- i know it counts as wrestling, but the dudes working out in the pretty boys area fucking kill me. its like if /fit/ was a real life fitness group. anyway: UH-HUH
- the entire fish courtroom sequence. like all of it. including the fact that austin clearly forgot to get a beta tester to check it because it is absolutely RIDDLED with spelling and grammatical errors LMAO
- dismal island. sexy boy lives on
- defeating hawk hollywood and having him dramatically slide off screen, only to walk like 3 steps closer and see that hes still just fucking standing there LMAO
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mccullum · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
“You’re really leaving the sleeves like that?” “I don’t like to deprive the people, Varric.”
holla at ya boy stephan hawke
big buff ferelden man and local mage kisser
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