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Ook I just have a proposal

tell me what you think:

So in Cars 2, Mater spends the entire time thinking that Holly is his girlfriend, right? Now since the Cars franchise has a SEVERE lack of representation of the lgbt+ community in particular… I’m thinking that mater and holly are actually a lesbian couple

Many assume that mater is male, but was it actually ever said out loud? And more than that, who the fuck cares? Mater and Holly could totally be this and I support it so here we go

You got Mater whose the kinda dumb but super sweet farm living, country loving, rusty one and then Holly who’s the city gal, she’s trying so hard to fit in but she hasn’t quite found it… Plus she attracts all sorts of cars but she just doesn’t like any of them all that much bc they’re all THE SAME

This might be completely insane and I just might delete this very soon but for now it’s 7pm and I’m tired so I’m shipping cars

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