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Max Domma

Music Programmer at Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg

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Holy Forest - “Africa Calling”

Written and produced by author, filmmaker and musician John Fine. Very groovy, great instrumentation and I’d love to attend a show with full band setup somewhere sometime! 

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I’ve been newly introduced to Pinkshinyultrablast (how’s that for a band name?), a Russian shoegaze outfit. On their single Holy Forest, Pinkshinyultrablast carries an enveloping warm haze. Its dreamy weightlessness reminds me of Wild Nothings, while the shoegaze scuzziness reminds me of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. The synthwavey swirls are also reminiscent of bands like Future Islands and Spector. It’s an intoxicating and divine wall of lush sound. Though Pinkshinyultrablast has been around for some time, they’re due to drop their debut full length, Everything Else Matters, on January 26th, via Club AC30.

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Inside the birdcage freedom is sung
So loud that our freedom song can’t be heard
All the lives lost make no difference to us

The prayers of beasts locked inside the camp
Are softly surrounded by the poison gas
It’s just like what the world feared of all those years ago
The stories from 1940 to 1945

End of the world

Inside the bug cage the butterfly prays of freedom
And our freedom prayers can’t be heard
All the lives lost make no difference to us

In a pet shop where life has a price tag
We pick up and hold the lonely cat to our chests
It’s like buying and selling a life for profit
Oh, what’s it called again?
I’m too tired to remember the word

End of the world

Everybody has a different view of this world
I just want to live in harmony
There is no life that comes with a price into this world
I just want to treasure everything

End of the world

One day I began to feel that dogs weren’t locked up in chains
So please let me ask you this:
“What is the reason that you are free?”

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