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#holy shit it's actually a tag

thank you @erfanic​ for tagging me as always!!!💕 

Birthday – 01/25/1999

Zodiac – aquarius sun, taurus moon, and other stuff im not well acquainted with these things but i love them though

Height – 5′11

Last song listened to – Early Afternoon Stroll - Yung Gravy ft. Bbno$ (it was my tiktok playlist otw to work)

Hobbies – um writing, playing Apex, watching tv shows, crafts (i have a boring life)

Favourite colour – black (I know edgy right?) but also pink

Last movie watched – damn i haven’t watched a movie in a hot minute

Favourite book – uhhhhhhh damn thats a good question

Dream job – being an English teacher abroad and helping people

Meaning behind url – layney is a combination of lay (from exo) and my nickname and king is because lay’s a king the end lmao


Originally posted by sefuns

ill tag @jazthespazz​​ @demon-glittter​​ @whatisadecentusername​​ @sushitaes​​ @trashcanyeahman​​ because i love you all!!!!

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