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Grateful to wish you a happy new month. May every moment of it be kind to you,

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So pretty 🤍 by @ninauc
#frachella #frachellamood #interiordesign #home #somewhereiwouldliketolive #arhitecture #inspiration

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House swapping presents you with a chance to expand your horizons. Visiting the Statue of Liberty, the New York, Times Square, etc., and capturing the simplest shots. Well’s that each tourist, but home exchange allows you to taste life within the place. you’ll experience an entirely new culture, gain a replacement perspective as you reside & interact together with your new neighborhood.


Connect with people, study their cultures & traditions, eat sort of a local, which might never happen once you are on the highest deck of a tour bus. The memories will linger on your mind for the remainder of your life. you’ll also invite your neighbors to return over to brunch to interact with more people.

Holiday exchange is that the best alternative to a bedroom, but you would like to hitch the proper swapping platform to seek out the simplest house exchange options in your required location. you’ll always speak to friends, relatives, or neighbors who have swapped their homes.

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Do you ever sit back and think about how beautiful the idea of home is? I am talking about the physical space as well, but only as a supplement to the abstract concept. The idea of going home to someone makes me so soft. You find a home in someone, so you build one with them. Together you do live in a physical space that holds a part of you, but you know that it doesn’t hold all of you. As long as you are together, you know that you could make a home out of a house all over again, because your home is right next to you.

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Monday, March 1, 2021

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colors of vietnam, as captured through the lens of khanh phan-thi

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Doors Closing

You go in with the brightest colours, coming through all the open windows and doors.
Each month together, it feels like the sun is setting and rising.
Light and dark, over and over.

Until it feels like theres more dark than light, until it feels harder to wake up in the morning.

Only years later, as you look back at that whole experience,
do you notice the stark contrast in light and dark.
You notice where there were open windows and doors
stood black empty holes, suffocating you.

Someone said the other day that they have no where to go.
That if their relationship ended, they felt like there were no open escape routes.
And only then did I remember I felt the same way for years.
Where would I go, who would take me in?

But I realise now, anywhere is better than darkness.
Anywhere is better than succumbing to someone else who only shows you their negative traits, far from the person you fell for in the room of light.

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Cut flowers make me happy.

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Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines 2021
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