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Home Sweet Home:
~ Fine Art for the Home or Office: Tile Murals

The beauty and wonder of artistic work are that it can be enjoyed almost anywhere. But many art lovers do not have the funds to purchase original works of art yet they still want to appreciate them. Knowing this, many accomplished artists have their work transferred to objects like coffee cups, neck scarves, handbags, mousepads, etc. Of course, they also simply sell reproductions of their paintings of fine art for the home as prints and posters.

A mosaic is an art form that has come to us through the ages from ancient civilizations. We have moved several times and lived in various towns and cities within the Greater Austin Texas area. One of the homes we lived in was in Cedar Park and had this lovely mosaic style tile work in the kitchen. Stumbling around on Facebook and was able to find Tile Mural Creative Arts, a company in California that creates tile murals similar to the tiles that were in the Cedar Park home. Their work is absolutely gorgeous.

Tile Mural Creative Arts aka The Tile Mural Store provides a service known as laser etching and can work on various materials like glass, porcelain, ceramic, and granite. TMCA will take any image and transfer it into tile murals. They create murals for memorials, as well as for floors or walls in the home (residential) or office (commercial). View some examples of their products.

Images 1 & 2: Terrace Arch I by Sung Kim – Kitchen Backsplash / Bathroom Wall Tile Mural

Images 3 & 4: Fruit Bouquet II by Corrado Pila – Kitchen Backsplash / Bathroom Wall Tile Mural

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