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For years I’ve wondered where all my tapes rom childhood went. Papa had two climate controlled lockers in the garage. One had a regular lock to which he passed down the key.thw other didn’t even have a handle and would never open.. today I realized it was screwed shut from the side. Inside was a box containing every single vhs of my childhood. All Elvis movies, James Dean,Steve McQueen, Brando,Scooby, Gumby, homeward bound etc.. and about 6 tapes of our home movies I haven’t seen in years along with several tapes that I had recorded WCW, TNA wrestling, races,football games and Evel Knievel/Robby Knievel jumps. This is a major treasure to find! Including this pic to share a story of another man I (and I’d say all of West Blocton miss dearly) while this isn’t a great movie by any stretch, it is a passable biopic of Coach Bryant. It was never officially released (you can buy it through DVD from the man who owns the rights now) when I was little, this sat in Reach’s service station for years. Where the cigars sit now behind the counter. Finally one day, I asked Jerry Ray about it. He says, “done seen it, can’t sell it, y'want it?” And he gave it to me. That meant the world to me back then and I can’t wait to pop this in the old vcr!

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Can anyone of you here recommend any nice, friendly, not too giant Discord servers that I would be able to join?? 

Like for Discworld, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek… I mean, I doubt there are any for things like Jeeves and Wooster or Raffles or Home Movies or Starsky and Hutch, but… Well, I mean, who knows? Could be. My circles are quite small. Maybe there are whole vast swathes of you out there, being sociable, having amazing philosophical discussions and coming up with fun meta analyses and crack-y headcanons, and I’m just sitting here on my little island with my spyglass throwing bottles into the ocean. WHO KNOWS!

I might not even end up joining, I am so mercurial (whimsical? capricious?) when it comes to socialising. I am like a puppy that burns itself out running in circles with new friends and toys, then disappears and you find it three hours later fast asleep behind the fridge.

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Watching Apple and Onion and was SO weirded out by the feel of it, but not in a bad way. My first thought was “this feels like an adult swim program”. I looked up some credits, and it’s basically half made by children show artists and half by artists who worked on adult shows. It’s created by George Gendi, who’s ONLY worked on this, Sanjay and Craige, and TAWOG. On the other hand, it’s writers have mostly worked on children’s shows.

I think that Cartoon Network is starting to bridge into airing more shows that kids and adults can both enjoy. This could also be why Adult Swim has been starting the nights off with Home Movies. It’s biggest hits from 2010’s golden age of cartoons (Regular Show, Adventure Time, Steven Universe) I think left such a great impact for that reason. Adventure Time even let it’s characters grow with it’s target audience in real time. Steven Universe has done the same as of late. I’m really hoping to see more of this kind of thing!

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follow me!! 💕

using my tumblr more frequently now that we’re in quarantine hell, so why not beg for more followers?? if you post any of the following, drop a like so i can check out your blog and maybe follow back if you like what you see!!

  • pink aesthetic (food, fashion, nature, etc.)
  • adult swim shows (home movies, moral orel, off the air)
  • horror movies
  • cinema in general
  • eighties toys/shows (care bears, strawberry shortcake, my little pony)
  • cartoons 
  • fashion
  • mitski, tmg, ajj 
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