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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 8 months ago
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The Pantheon Domain - A 5E Cleric Subclass Homebrew. For the cleric whose faith is as fickle as the gods themselves. Great for roguelite lovers. You’ll have to figure out what you can do with the tools at your disposal every day. Links in reblog!
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ibd-5e · a year ago
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For when you just really want to hurt someone and you don't care who it is or where they are. 🤷‍♂️🖕
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coffeecup-homebrews · 2 months ago
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Sacred Oaths- reworked! I really enjoyed the Feywild Sacred Oaths, but the format was in desperate need of an update. Here’s the Homebrewery version of my Feywild paladin oaths, complete with a PDF. Get PDF | Support me on Ko-fi!
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trashkingshomebrew · a year ago
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Revising an older insectoid race, the Makari, now known as the Lepikari (Mothfolk in common tongue). A race of beautiful, moth-like humanoids connected via an emotional hivemind, straight from the Broodmother’s Tome. I hope you like bugs.
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homebrewlesbian · 2 months ago
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Cleaned up another cantrip I made for a character I played awhile ago since it could use the update in wording. It also coincides that it works pretty well with @bakingviking's suggestion for a spell!
transcript below
Foliage Flurry Evocation Cantrip
Casting Time: 1 action Range: 60 ft. Components: V, S Duration: Instantaneous
You summon a squall of sharped leaves in a 5 ft. radius sphere centered on a point within range. Creatures within the storm must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save they take 1d8 slashing damage.
This spell's damage increases by 1d8 when you reach 5th level (2d8), 11th level (3d8), and 17th level (4d8).
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artandstarstuff · 8 months ago
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And here’s the bonus Bloodhunter table! Let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see next.
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adpyramid · 2 months ago
Dark Souls 5e Class, Bosses, and Spells
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Alrighty everyone! Did a lot of changes from the previous PDFs:
So many spell checks and standard 5e wording
Changed the name of the class to Lordseeker, which I think sounds nicer
Added the two extra archetypes for the main class to fill out the spell casting
Added spells from the Convergence mod and some new ones to flesh out the schools
Will EVENTUALLY add a fourth book of the standard mobs, the named fights like Kirk and Hodrick (with their weapons and armor), and the NPCs like our happy onion boi Siegward, Sirris, and probably add some extra folks like how Convergence did the "greater foes" to flesh out the world a bit. But man, that's going to be a lot.... and probably like 60 pages yeesh.
Appreciate the look! Links below:
Lordseeker class:
Lords of Cinder bosses:
Might of the Gods spell book:
Would love some feedback, don't have anybody to bounce this stuff off of IRL.
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hyliandude · 8 months ago
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What a great idea!
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grimoireofdunamancy · 8 months ago
Reality Tear
6th Level (conjuration, chronurgy)
Casting Time: 1 action Range: 60 ft (20-foot sphere) Components: V, S, M (a crystal prism) Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute Class: Wizard
Choose a point in space that you can see within range. You open a tear in reality from a random plane, affecting a 20-foot-radius sphere. Roll a d6 to determine what damage and saving throw a tear deals.
1 Plane of Fire. Fire Dexterity save 2 Plane of Water. Cold Constitution save 3 Shadowfell. Necrotic Constitution save 4 Plane of Earth. Bludgeoning Strength save 5 Feywild. Poison Constitution save 6 Plane of Air. Slashing Strength save
When a creature enters the area of a tear for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, it must make a saving throw. On a failed save, the creature takes 6d6 damage. On a successful save, the creature takes half as much damage.
All damage caused by this spell ignores resistance to damage of the chosen type and creatures immune to damage of the chosen type have resistance instead.
At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 7th level or higher, you can choose one more point in space to open a tear.
*Requires feedback. Is this spell appropriate for its level? Should you be able to open multiple tears or should there only be one? If there are multiple tears, does the damage work out? If the spell is a single tear, should the damage or the area of affect increase? Is the language of the spell clear?
This spell is intended to face off against some of the most common resistances in dnd while also having the chance to deal damage if you don’t get what you need. The biggest con that I’m aware of is that this spell affects all creatures, including allies.
I’m aware about the faux chart being weird. Until I can figure out homebrewery, this is what I can do.
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dorgaorpha · 8 months ago
Pathfinder to 5E Conversion, The Devastator!
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So this is a conversion of a fun creature that is a celestial, most likely an angel of some kind, that has been corrupted into a demonic construct of pure chaos and destruction!
So I made this as a BBEG for a homebrew campaign I'm running for my wife and a friend and I just wanted to share it here and show you guys for the fun of it and maybe get some critiques. Hope you all like it!
Made on GMbinder.com, and the art isn't mine but the official pathfinder art found on Google. Artist is Helge C. Balzer.
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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 2 months ago
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You can take your honor with you to the grave. I’m not dying for someone else’s war; I’m not dying for anyone but myself!
So says a Deserter, who takes the military training of a warrior and bends it to means most unsavory. Highly adept at hitting enemies when they’re down, but against an opponent who can give a straight fight, a Deserter will have to be a bit more selfish, setting up advantage with Focused Aim instead. Somewhat of a mix of the Battlemaster and Samurai, mechanically, but the Rogue chassis makes for a very different experience than the raw offensive prowess of a Fighter. Synergizes extremely well with Focused Aim, from Tasha’s, and while potentially doubling your Sneak Attack damage is impressive, it’s actually only slightly ahead of, say, using Booming Blade and keeping your advantage. Naturally, it’s not possible to stack them... at least, not without six levels of Bladesinger, but that means giving up a whole lot of Sneak Attack dice.
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sirgigglesda1st · 5 months ago
Idea: Flash Thompson for DnD 5e
Literally just Flash Thompson from the Tobey McGuire Spider-Man films.
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Starts off as a commoner. A really, REALLY aggressive commoner. Will pick a fight with the party for literally any reason. Challenge to a bar fight, accuse someone of cheating at cards, bump in the street, Flash thinks they're ugly, who cares. But being players, they'll totally kick his ass.
But Flash doesn't die. Like, a week later, he comes back to life a little stronger and tougher. And now he's pissed because they killed him. Stalks the party. ALWAYS manages to track them down, probably at the worst time, and demand to fight. The party will probably get the best of him the first few times, but after a while the fights get harder and harder. Tougher, longer, more taxing until one of your characters breaks.
"Please, DM, I don't want to fight Flash."
And then you grin and say.
"I wouldn't want to fight me, neither!"
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trashkingshomebrew · a year ago
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Embrace the arcane with the Oath of the Weave, or at least my take on an old homebrew favorite. 2nd Revision. 
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homebrewlesbian · 11 months ago
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COLLEGE OF THE OCEAN’S CALL — heard y’all liked sea shanties... in all seriousness, this is the first official homebrew i’ve put out in a long time and it’s probably going to be a divisive one because of that 14th level 😂. like i said in my author’s note, i’m not super interested in debating the mechanics on this post. instead, i’m more interested in the flavor of an ocean themed bard that takes on aspects of the supporting their crew with a strong voice and hearty songs, with the entrancing powers of a deep sea siren. 
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meeblott · 4 months ago
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managed to finally finish this between work and life insanity!
wow - can you believe, these kids are level 17 (or will be very soon)! love to see the growth in the characters and also in my art since this campaign started (previous milestone art included for comparison)
their story is coming to a close soon, i’ll miss them terribly! thank you @abrooks12 for such an amazing campaign
Mak Morwyn/art (c) Meeblott ‘21 - Ekk (c) @locoszabo (fun surprise for when you get back <3)                                                     
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fursvelg · a year ago
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Made with Homebrewery!
Are your casters too squishy, and can’t wear armor for shit? Just want to add some “period” clothing to your game and have it be functional? see this item i decided to make because my DM said if I made it, he would consider giving me one in my campaign. Yes, I play a bard. 
text under read more
whalebone corset 
A standard brown, silk paneled, whalebone corset, meant to be worn above a chemise and underneath clothing. This corset is considered a basic for most people in the know with fashion. This corset is designed to be laced in the back. It can be laced in different styles, all of which affect the corset’s abilities. Some people may use a corset to smuggle documents in or out of somewhere, or take advantage of the strength of silk and whalebone, while others simply enjoy its fashionablity.
The Whalebone Corset grants +2 to AC and resistance to piercing damage when worn. Different lacing styles affect this bonus. It cannot be worn in conjunction with armor, but capes / bracers, et. all do not conflict with the corset. You do not have to be proficient with armor to wear the corset.
When you equip this corset, you must take 10-15 minutes to lace the corset, and declare which lacing style you are using. You roll a Dexterity check, and you may be assisted by a companion, which lowers the DC, but the check is still made by the player equipping the corset. On a failed save, you will only accomplish Loose Lacing. You may attempt to relace it, so long as you can take another 10-15 minutes. When using Standard Lacing, Tight Lacing, or Fanciful Lacing, you must take the corset off before taking a long rest, or you will incur 1 exhaustion point and take 1d4 bludgeoning damage when you awaken.
Loose Lacing: 0 DC. A poorly laced corset, or one purposefully laced loosely. Instead of +2 to AC and resistance to piercing damage, only take +1 to AC. May be worn during a long rest.
Comfortable Lacing: 10 DC, or automatic success if aided by a companion. Though not as tight as most lace their corset, it still fits nice to your body. No extra benefits, but may be worn during a long rest without incurring damage and exhaustion.
Standard Lacing: 15 DC, or 5 if aided by a companion. The most common tightness to lace a corset, for both ease of movement and shaping. +1 to Charisma.
Tight Lacing: 15 DC, or 10 if aided by a companion. This style of lacing is meant to create a more extreme hourglass shape, and can become painful after long periods of wear. +2 to Charisma, -1 to Constitution. If worn for more than 4 hours, take 1d4 bludgeoning damage.
Fanciful Lacing: 20 DC, or 15 if aided by a companion. This style of lacing is worn atop your clothing, and the beautiful knot work attracts eyes. +1 to Charisma, and you may use your allure for advantage on Persuasion, Performance, and Deception checks. You may only use this once per long rest.
This corset may be enchanted. The most standard enchantments, ones carried by most enchanters through out the land, are listed below.
Whalebone Corset +1/+2: The corset may be enhanced, granting a +3 to AC for 100gp, or +4 to AC for 500gp.
Corset of Displacement: By tapping into magic and black spidersilk, the corset now functions as a Cloak of Displacement, giving enemies disadvantage on attacks against you, until you take damage. However, one must have a Cloak of Displacement and it is burned up in the enchanting process.
Corset of Holding: The tailor extends the corset to include an overbust, causing it to function like a bag of holding. If taken off, a small black pocket on the interrior holds any and all items one places in the corset. This costs the same as a bag of holding. You cannot put creatures inside the Corset of Holding.
Corset of Seduction: By improving the look of the corset so it may always be worn outside of one's clothes, the corset will always give you advantage on Persuasion, Performance, and Deception checks, for ~300gp.
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ibd-5e · a year ago
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The Florida man, agent of chaos 5e
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the-huntsmans-homebrews · 10 months ago
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Today I have another preview for the Huntsman’s Codex of Adventuring Heroics and Villainy for you --- this time, the Battletrancer Primal Path option for Barbarians. Typical Barbarians are fueled by blinding, white hot rage, but anger takes many forms, some of which are icy cold and calculating. Using the Battletrancer Barbarian, you can play up that distinct and different flavor for a thoroughly unique character!
However, the Battletrancer Primal Path has some additional goodies for you, in the form of some more extended lore discussing the origin of the subclass in common D&D settings, connecting it to other subclasses, and providing character hooks and concepts for you to work with.
All in all, this subclass is one of my babies, and I’m incredibly happy to be sharing it with you all now! Enjoy!
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grimoireofdunamancy · 5 months ago
Faerie Circle
4th Level (abjuration)
Casting Time: 1 action Range: Self (30-foot radius) Components: V, S, M (a handful of mushrooms) Duration: 1 minute Class: Bard, Druid
You create a 5-foot radius ring of mushrooms, on a flat surface, in your space and gain 50 temporary hit points for the spell’s duration. The spell ends early if you leave the ring of mushrooms or when you loose all your temporary hit points.
When you cast this spell, you can designate any number of creatures that you can see to be affected by it.
Until the spell ends, designated creatures within a 30-foot radius of the ring gains temporary hit points equal to double your spellcasting ability modifier at the start of your turn. Each round at the start of your turn, all affected creatures regain hit points equal to the remaining temporary hit points caused by this spell.
*Requires feedback. Are the temporary hit points appropriate for this spell? Given how many options there are to forcibly more a creature, should the mushroom circle be bigger? Does the healing caused by this spell make sense?
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mistilian · 7 months ago
I have updated the Knight of the Court, my Homebrew Feywild based Fighter Subclass.
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