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From Soda Creek Art Teacher Mrs. Stephan…she’s great!! Cause

#2 Color & Form: Grade 3-5

We can create interesting and colorful sculptures using only paper and glue. Here are two artists who use form and color in really exciting ways.

Watch: Color and Form with Ciaozza and Ugo Rondinone

Do: Get some colored paper, glue, and scissors. If you don’t have colored paper, use magazine scraps or paint/color some white paper.

Younger students can… roll and crumple papers and glue them down to create a sculpture. Add beads, found objects, toilet paper rolls…

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I’ve been doing online school for two and a half years now so here’s some tips I’ve figured out to help me be productive at home:

1. Have a routine

Having a routine really helps my brain be more productive. It doesn’t have to be super strict; I just have a general schedule. I wake up at about 8:00ish, stretch, eat breakfast, give myself some relax time to help me wake up, and get to work by 10:00

2. Create a separate workspace

I have a desk in my room that is exclusively for working. Lately I have been using it to sew as well, but I make sure to clear all of my sewing stuff in the morning before studying. Try not to work in bed! If you don’t have a desk in your room, try the kitchen table. If you have neither, sit on the floor! You’ve already conditioned your brain that bed = sleep, so trying to study in bed will lead to less productivity at best and at worst falling asleep during work. Also, set rules for this space. No random scrolling or texting at your desk/table/whatever. If you want to go on your phone, read a book, or watch netflix, you have to get up from where you are working and go to someplace else. 9/10 times you’ll find that you don’t want to put the effort into getting up, you just wanted an easy distraction.

3. Get ready in the morning

This goes back to having a routine, but I decided to make it a separate point because I wanted to discuss why it’s so important. Similarly to how your brain thinks bed = sleep, it also thinks that pajamas = sleep. Staying in your pajamas all day will not only make it harder to be as productive but also might take a toll on your mental health. So before you start studying, hop in the shower, put on the same clothes you would go to school/work in, and go to your dedicated workspace. But, while you should strive to do this, I understand that sometimes there are days where even getting dressed seems impossible. As I’m writing this, I’m still in my own pajamas. So try to get ready in the mornings, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t.

4. Take set breaks

I’ve seen lots of different ways to determine when to take a break, from the pomodoro method to setting timers to having a schedule. Whatever works best for you, do that. Try different ways to see what the best option is and stick with that. Because my classes are through Florida Virtual and I’m only taking 2 classes right now (hooray for overacheiving every other year of high school!), I take a break every time I finish an assignment.

5. The five minute method

Lets be real: there are plenty of days when you just don’t want to work but you still have to. So try using the five minute method. Don’t set a timer, just sit at your workspace and decide to work on something for at least five minutes. Lots of times, you’ll work on it for longer than five minutes, but if not you’re five minutes closer to being done!

6. Make sure you eat!

A car can’t run on empty, and neither can you. Eat something before you work, even if it’s something small like an apple or yogurt. Don’t just let yourself be fueled by coffee; it’s not healthy! Also, make sure you eat lunch, too, especially if you’re studying all day.

7. Set up a rewards program

Studying and working for hours on end with no reward is exhausting. Set a goal and then give yourself a reward when you reach it. It can be as small as a quick stretch or as big as baking cookies. You can also combine this with an accountability program if you have trouble getting work done; I take pictures of my assignments when I submit them and send the pics to my mom, which is my accountability, but I also then set up small rewards for every assignment I submit.

8. Take care of yourself

While school is important, your health is more important! If you are pulling an allnighter, get some sleep or you won’t retain any knowledge. If you are skipping lunch to study, stop on your way to the library and pick up a sandwhich. If all you’ve had is coffee today, drink a glass of water. Your best isn’t your best anymore if your health is suffering to do it.
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Ideas to improve reading

I want to begin by saying I am not technically a homeschooler. However, I have recently taken over teaching my friend’s daughters literature and reading on account of the shut down. After meeting with them yesterday I learned that they are really behind in their reading (they are starting 4th grade next year and cannot consistently read 2nd grade books).

On Thursday I will be doing the Reading Skills Assessment and the San Diego Quick Assessment to see where they are exactly in reading but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for general reading skills, sight word, and spelling improvement for kids?

I plan on working with them all summer as well because I realize that this isn’t going to be an overnight fix.

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viewing my Harvard admission file - Homeschooler’s perspective

Disclaimer: My goal in sharing something so personal is to support those prepping for their college application process. I’m NOT trying to show off in any way, shape, or form. I’m a huge advocate of finding the school that is right for you–and that right school may not be an Ivy League. As you apply for colleges, please please look into the specific program(s) you are interested in at each school and don’t fall into the trap of looking only at prestige.


  • In your college interview, don’t be afraid mention that you are homeschooled and sell that as your strength. This will make you a memorable and unique applicant that the interviewer won’t forget.
  • Test scores are more of a check box. If you are aiming for a very competitive college, it’s probably good to shoot for at least a 33 on the ACT or mid to high 700s on the SAT.
  • On extracurriculars, focus on developing 1-3 skills very well. This is better than doing 10+ different activities and becoming a jack of all trades (aka master of none).
  • Use personal essays to demonstrate who you are as a person, rather than showing off your achievements. If you have a unique POV on a topic, write about it. If you have an event in your life that dramatically changed you, also write about it. You get the point.
  • Admission officers are subjective, and a lot of this college application stuff is up to chance. Don’t take it personally or get discouraged if things don’t work out. The college that’s right for you may not be the first school on your list.
  • Be personable! Don’t forget the importance of developing these skills. As a homeschooler, I had to make an extra effort to incorporate this into my daily life.

I also posted a YouTube video. It includes my scores for the personality, academic, extracurricular, and athletic sections along with the specific comments from admission readers and my interviewer.

Cheers and good luck!

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Now, of course this is not the final piece of the puzzle, but it sure explains a lot. Too bad Ian is left with more and more questions to be answered. All he wants is his best friend, Kayla, back. He want to know why she did what she did! This is a must and soon you will all have @shs_finalhour. #radio #love #teacher #vacation #inspiration #goodreads #timetravel #coronavirus #homeschool #inspire #fiction #covid19 #fictionbook #thankful #history #currentlyreading #bestfriends #pressrelease #motivate #fictionwriter #novelwriting #robertstarnesauthor #writing #interviews #yafiction #interview #pandemic #stayhomeorder #unitedkingdom (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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Now that you have made it to school with Ian, now is when the Search Begins! Keep going to book 3 of #savinghistoryseries #shs_searchbegins! Even the post is telling you yes! #yolo #love #teacher #vacation #inspiration #goodreads #timetravel #coronavirus #homeschool #inspire #fiction #covid19 #fictionbook #thankful #history #currentlyreading #atl #pressrelease #motivate #fictionwriter #novelwriting #robertstarnesauthor #writing #interviews #yafiction #learningtoread #pandemic #stayhomeorder (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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How to teach a 4 y/o to recognise numbers

Teachers seem to expect that my daughter knows how to recognise numbers.. except she doesn’t. How do I teach her best? I write down numbers, we play with blocks or raisins to count. But once I put the two together, she just can’t connect them. Am I even on the right track? Any advice? Is there a better way?

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Parental control on Amazon Fire

Question about my children’s amazon fire tablets. Is there another app I can download on the fire tablet that allows you to easily lock your child into apps you want? They have the freetime app but I want them to use only one app for a certain amount of time before they play other games. The parental controls on the freetime app allows you to block apps however you have to block them one by one via hand… which is just too much because there are thousands of apps!

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What are your thoughts?

Now for me, homeschooling is kind of worse than just going to school. They give wayyyy more work and every day is like working at the table, finishing up homework. I tried doing all the work of the week, but it’s kind of the same. Anyone could tell me how to deal with this, how to try and relax? I keep getting exhausted earlier and earlier in the day, in fact, im writing this as im about to be knocked out to sleep, please, someone, help!

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Preparing to grow potatoes
step 2: dig!

The trick that is currently working to get the teen to help is… Not asking him. He knows more about growing food than most.This is his 7th growing season but that’s not motivation to get er done. I just tell him my plans and start to work. Sometimes he helps, sometimes he whines, sometimes he sings..

It’s taken growth on my part to not care if he helps or not even though he’ll likely eat ¾ of what I plant. There is so much to reflect upon while gardening…
#healthylifestyle #potatoes #growingfood #growingpotatoes #gardening #garden #diy #diyfood #highcaleriegardening #vic #victoriabc #vancouverisland #springplanting #growthmindset #homeschool #homeschoollife #homeschoolfamily #unschooling #plantbased (at Victoria, British Columbia)

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If you notice the painting behind the book, you may notice something they have in common. Also you may recognize the painting as the first cover of #shs_timekeeper when it was first released 9/11/18. That’s my brothers painting @atx.pete. Link in bio to website and places to purchase, @barnesandnoble is the best prices at $6.99 each! #bookshelves #love #teacher #vacation #inspiration #goodreads #timetravel #coronavirus #homeschool #inspire #fiction #covid19 #fictionbook #thankful #history #currentlyreading #humanity #pressrelease #motivate #fictionwriter #novelwriting #robertstarnesauthor #writing #interviews #yafiction #reviews #pandemic #stayhomeorder #stopbullying (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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Help homeschool Mother with holding diploma

My boyfriend and I are engaged. He is 18 and homeschooled. We’re gay. His parents pulled him out of school because he came out at the age of 16. Ever since then he’s been home school.

His parents found out about our engagement not long ago. His mother is for bidding him and is threatening to withhold his diploma.

He’s a senior and is about to graduate in two months. What options does he have to still graduate on time even if his mother is uncooperative?

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Weekly r/Homeschool Rants and Raves - April 06, 2020 - April 12, 2020

Welcome to the weekly rants and raves discussion thread!

This is a place to celebrate our success and ask for commiseration on our failures.

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