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ive been wanting to make this for a while :P

home planet


the taey mainly live on a planet called victrun. some also live on its moon, pandin. victrun is majorly desert, with a few “oasis” areas where there are large lakes or rivers. all major cities on victrun are located in either these oasis areas or are coastal. there are lush islands as well but most are too small to support a large city. as for pandin, it is mainly a rocky wasteland. however taey set up city domes upon discovering precious elements under the surface of it. the main population of pandin consists of workers and their families. most goods stores on pandin are run by companies that use the materials in their products. victrun runs on a year system called “rotations” which is 638 earth days or 1.75 times longer than an earth year.



their bloodcolors are named after fruit, and divided between warm (cherry to dragon) and cold (lime to grape). taey do not uphold a hierarchy based upon blood but colors such as dragon and grape are rarer and thus considered to be more beautiful/attractive. some taey have blood color mutations that appear to be an “in-between” color and are called “bruisebloods”


the areas highlighted in red are where signs of blood color are seen on taey. the tip of the tail, the eyes, the tip of the horns and the inside of the mouth.

anatomy/horn placement


all taey have horns, tails, pointed ears, claws, and paw pads on their hands and feet. horns can be anywhere around their hairline, as highlighted in light green. tails can come in a variety of lengths and some taey have curly tails. taey can also have traits such as freckles, vitiligo, wine spots, etc. some taey also have glitter eyes, which are very sparkly and considered to be very beautiful to have.


taey also can be “fluffy” or “hairless”. to be fluffy is to have fur that can appear on the lower torso, legs, tail, and arms. this can appear in a spectrum on taey and the majority of taey are considered to be hairless or lightly fluffy. 



most taey have four canines in their top row and two on their bottom row. however it is possible for taey to have variation in this, such as extra or less canines.


taey have humanoid skin tones. fur typically looks akin to fur patterns found on real animals, such as cats or dogs. hair comes in a variety of colors, and natural runs from humanoid (browns, blacks, blondes) to inhuman (silvers, whites). hair dye is also popular.


at a young age, taey will pick a color and symbol to represent them. symbols are based upon the individual’s interests and color is a contrasting or complimentary. lacking a symbol is considered a sign of immaturity.


taey names are a mishmash of two words with a change of spelling added to one or both of the words. for example binoates (bin+oats) or bluezeye (blue+eye).



taey wear what they want to, but streetwear styles are popular amongst the general populace. masks are popular and often needed in towns more in the desert due to sand. piercings and jewelry are also popular

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I was looking at subreddit reading stuff on YouTube outta boredom and procrastination and there was this one were someone was talking about thier high school teacher but they abbreviated it as H.S teacher and my IDIOT BRAIN read it as HOMESTUCK TEACHER I’m going to dieeeeeee

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i like to think that mallek is a very loved troll by people who played hiveswap friendsim, however it makes me sad that, in comparison to other popular trolls, he has like a severe lack of popular fanart. i don’t get it he is very nice to draw and pretty so??

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@myturtlegotjacked​ This is a very good question.

As far as I can tell: The only things that have been said is some team members have come out to say they worked on x or y, as they would usually do at launch, and one of the Pesterquest writers complained about the lack of credits for the creators on this project.

The Pesterquest writer did not work on Hiveswap.

I have asked several of the people who worked on Hiveswap for comment about the credits, and whether they know that credits are not in the game. I have not recieved any reply.

I suspect they are under NDA of some kind - otherwise surely you’d have NAMED people either attempting damage control in defense of WP or getting angry by now, rather than just the shitty faceless hsteams twitter. 

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