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#homework tips

This is something which one of the TAs posted in our physics Discord server, but it’s generally good advice. Grad students and graders in general are busy peeps, so if you make things easier for them you’re much more likely to score well! 

And yes, we have custom emoji of our professors, those are :blessed: and :critical success: :P

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  • Write “okay muggle truckers prepare yourselves, Ima learn you a thing I only just learned myself a few hours ago, so buckle up cuz it’s gonna be a fun ride” at the beginning (sentences may vary depending on your personal tastes)
  • Write “thank you for coming to my Ted Talk *mic drop* *swift bow* *dramatic exit* goom-bye” at the end (again, sentences may vary)
  • Fill in the in between space with your actual content, keeping the first to steps in mind
  • Delete the first two steps (optional)

Seriously, this works. It raises your confidence level to new heights because it gets you in a muggle trucking mood and gets you closer to your comfort zone (if you’re not Gen Z, idk maybe not) I tried it with a school essay that had nothing to do with convincing anyone of anything but it was easily the best essay for school that I’ve ever written in my life so yeah.

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Analogous structures don’t show evidence of evolution. They are different structures, but they are used for the same function.

Homologous (homo means same) structures have the same structure and different functions. These show evidence of evolution. 

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in college, Eye of the Tiger was my essay-writing song

I have no idea how this started. but by third year, it was firmly entrenched. I only listened to that song while writing essays. while it was playing, I did nothing but work on the essay in question. that was my self-imposed rule, and it actually worked. I’m a relatively fast writer, but I tend to procrastinate. this was a thing I came up with on my own for no apparent reason, and it worked like a charm for getting me to buckle down and actually Get The Essay Done

so use this method if it works for you, friends. rise up to the challenge of your rivals (ie essays)

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Tips for people who have no motivation or energy to do homework that is due the next day?

Pretend you’re teaching it to something, a small alien, your pet, a rock with googley eyes, the ghost that haunts your house, the amorphous being that protects your floorboards, a peice of grass, your plant, they want that knowledge, teach them.

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please make something about forcing yourself to study? i have chronic laziness (i’m in high school) and i’m,,, i’m fucked,,, please, with your brutal honestly tell me to shut the fuck up and study please

shut the fuck up and study, hon

  • don’t do homework in your bed
  • maybe do it on the computer at school so you feel the (billy joel voice)
    P R E S S U R E
  • don’t be in a room alone or else you’ll end up on twitter
  • do your homework while it’s still light out so you can watch youtube in the dark and not feel like you’re wasting time
  • sparknotes & Shmoop are your friends but you have to read them in depth/religiously
  • just sit down at a desk or a table or outside the classroom and FUCKING DO IT

Originally posted by usedpimpa

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I recommend that everybody get one really nice pen. Like an expensive one, not just like a five dollar one with a nice nib. It doesn’t have to be a fountain pen either, just like, really, really, heavy. It should write smooth too. It helps so much man…… Like taking notes on something boring like American History becomes way more enjoyable when you feel like you’re penning a love letter to your sweetheart who’s stationed out in Pennsylvania while your mother is scolding your younger sister for burning the dump biscuits and a faint breeze rustles your bonnet and you can almost pretend it’s his ethereal hand come to comfort you in your strife. And it looks cool….

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In case you were wondering here’s my go-to source for 10 hours of rain sounds. I listen to this when I am doing any homework that isn’t just reading: research, papers, discussion boards, programming, whatever. I use it at home and at coffee shops to provide some white noise that’ll block out whatever else is going on and let me focus.

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1. keep your room/study space clean: I usually try to put off homework by cleaning my room, and honestly, I cant focus if my room is messy. if you keep your room clean, you have nothing to do to put off your homework

2. put your phone on charge: by the end of the school day, my phone is usually at 40% (they let us keep our phones and I don’t know how to stay off tumblr just yet) and I'm on my phone a lot. when I put my phone on charge, I want to just let it be

3. go to studyblr/find motivation: okay okay hear me out; studyblr motivates me to get studying. I think of the whole aesthetic of it all and that motivates me. I get a cup of tea and put on some lo-fi hip hop and I just go

4. remember that the sooner you get it done, the less stressed out you’ll be: this is probably something you’ve heard a lot because if you’re like me, you complain about all the work you have to do but don’t do anything about it. if you sit down and get your work down, you don’t have anything to worry about for the rest of the night/day or in my case, you don’t worry about that subject for the next two days

5. make a list: honestly, this is like, my own personal nagging system. not only is it written down physically, but it gives you a chance to see the order in which will be the most efficient. got a 3-page paper due at the end of the week? Write that down first. got 10 math problems that you can do in 15 minutes? that can sit towards the bottom of the list. Remember that it’s just as important thought!

6. take breaks: one of the reasons I procrastinate is because I want free time. take a 2-5 minute break after every assignment you finish. however, if you feel like you could keep going for a few more assignments? go right ahead! take a break when you need it

I don’t know, this is really just what works for me. I’m still a baby studyblr, so I’m learning!

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for people with adhd and also with macbooks who are also doing online readings for a school assignment, if you go to the top bar there’s “EDIT” and if you click, a drop bar pops up and then there’s a “SPEECH” option. click that and then a person will start reading whatever is on your screen. if you highlight a specific paragraph (by selecting all the words with your mouse like you normally would) and then click speech, it will literally only read that one paragraph. this makes it easy to listen and read at the same time, therefore having two ways to retain the information and making it so much easier to focus and understand. at least for me. i just wanted to let people know this was an option if you’re more of an auditory learner than a visual learner, or better as both, like i am

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In case this is helpful for anyone!

1.)  Don’t read every single word of a text.  As with many things in life, quality is much better than quantity when reading academic material.  Unlike a novel, an academic work doesn’t need to be read word for word or from cover to cover in order for the reader to understand its content.  When reading an academic text, read only the portions that are relevant to the assignment you’ve been given in connection to it, and/or the parts that allow you to fill in the gaps in your understanding of the topic that it’s talking about.  Having less words to sift through will also help with memory retention of the material, and allow you to glean the bigger picture that the material is presenting.

2.)  Discern the most important parts of the text by reading through the synopsis/abstract of the piece, skim through the table of contents, and/or read the introduction/foreword/conclusion of the piece.  These will all give you a good overview of the text you’re about to read, and allow you to pinpoint the most important sections in it without having to plug through more material than necessary.  Yet while you don’t want to read every single word of an academic piece, reading most if not all of the introduction, foreword, and/or conclusion will give you the best overview of the goals of the author, the information they’re presenting, and the conclusions they’ve gleaned from their research.  This in turn will actually save you more time when reading the body of the text, as you’ll then know to look out for the key points mentioned, and the author’s reasons for their conclusions.

3.)  Once you’ve discerned the important sections, skim through those as well.  After pinpointing the important parts, also skim through those to zero in on they key information within them.  By all means read more of the details if you need to in order to understand the point of the piece, but finding the key information is what’s often most important when working with academic material, and from that you can glean the bigger picture of what’s being talked about.

4.)  Set a time limit.  There’s no way for even the best scholars in the world to read everything in their bibliographies/libraries, and thus setting certain segments of time to spend on a particular text is important for time management, and for getting the most out of the texts that you read.  If you have only so much time to spend on a text, you’ll be prompted by a healthy urgency to seek out the key components of the text, and thus understand the material while also not spending more time on it than necessary.

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((This post is a rambly mess in some ways because I needed something to do while I was on break, I’ll most likely rewrite this later!!))

I’m writing this while I’m on a break in between notes, but I wanted to share some nice tips for how to get through homework. These tips have been passed down from teachers, my therapist, and myself as ways that’ve helped me get through rough nights of endless work. I hope some of my tips can be helpful!

  1. Take breaks! - Giving your brain a break is the best way to help stay focused during a lot or even a little bit of homework. Do homework for 15 minutes, take a 5 minute break to get some fresh air, grab a quick snack, or just doodle to give your brain a small bit of downtime. If you’re focused and don’t want to stop until a certain thing is done, it’s okay to keep going. Just don’t strain yourself!
  2. Give yourself a bit of downtime - Throughout the school day, I’m on heavy medication to keep myself focused, and when I come home from school I’m looking to get some time to unwind. Giving yourself an hour or two to relax and destress from the hectic school day is perfectly fine. But be sure to set a time to get started on your work, and stick to it! 
  3. Stay organized - Being surrounded by mess will only increase stress since you won’t know where in the world things are. Organize what you have to do into piles by subject, important things at the top and less important things at the bottom.
  4. Put on some relaxing music - Breaking noisy distractions around you will help keep you focused! If you’re trying to read something, some calm music with little to no lyrics will help to keep you on track. Trying to get an annoying packet done? Turn up your favorite jams and make it fun! Sing along as you work, move to the beat, just make the process seem less of a pain.
  5. Be comfy - Grab a cup of tea/hot cocoa/etc., throw on some sweatpants, and wrap up in a nice warm blanket. Being comfy will make things go by a lot smoother. 
  6. Don’t do homework in bed - I cannot stress this enough, laying down while doing your homework will just make you want to fall asleep. Sit up at a desk or on your couch and stay awake and alert. 
  7. Have a game plan - Make an organized list of what you have to do. Start with the subjects you dislike the most/have the most work, and then work your way down to the subject with the least amount of work/the class you have the most fun doing.
  8. Have a project? Break it up - Breaking down a massive project over the time you have until it’s due will relieve a lot of stress! Achieving small goals as the project goes along and staying on track with what you have to do will help keep you calm and from doing everything at the last minute!
  9. Reward yourself - Give yourself small rewards for completing large tasks! Small bits of encouragement to keep you motivated will keep you going until you reach your goal.
  10. If you have an issue, contact your teacher - Please do not be afraid to email your teachers to let them know if you’re struggling to keep up with your work. They’re there to help you, and if you’re in need of help they’ll do whatever they can to help you succeed. If you’re running into mental troubles, express them to your teachers and work with them to see if you can get deadlines extended, lighten your homework load, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I hope these tips can offer some help, I thought of these as I typed so I apologize if they’re a bit out of order!

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Let’s face it, some homework is a pain. Teachers recurrently distribute dull, repetitive and mind-numbing legitimate drama because they fob to. Other assignments are difficult and confusing. Now, here’s the thing, complaining never got anyone anywhere; not any tasks are fun, simple cross otherwise what you want to be on foot. The fact is, that none in relation to what ONESELF have already said have need to beat it a bit of difference as up how my humble self come your assigned work. Creative homily profit is on the way.

Tip No. 1: Do the wedded assignment you hate the most OPENING. That’s give-and-take, pick the one you hate the most, the dullest, mind-numbing mullet fuss-budgety one and do it first. The unconstrained act of getting this one depleted first removes the 500 pound bickerer from the rope. It is done and no longer requires any of your attention. You have simply killed procrastination and, in besides, them litter destroyed the commitment to complain any longer. So get they out of the way and move on. You’ll be glad you did.

Uprise No. 2: Prioritize your assignments by due date and make the assignments due when confronting you attack long-term assignments. In prioritizing to due date, you are simply making sure that inner self complete assignments on time. If an assignment is due tomorrow and one is due the day after tomorrow, do the one for tomorrow first. Sneer, this is simply and solely common sense. Clearly, some assignments are more hegemonic than others and once due dates are proven, ranking by importance spindle kin importance becomes critical.

Tip No. 3: Ask in lieu of clear the way with hard assignments. On the spot is where your study partners come into play. By asking seeing that help from a friend they can both achieve a greater degree of exactitude. If you are still not getting yours truly, ask your teacher. As a teacher THEM often wondered tough proposition extra students didn’t take advantage of my expertise. If all that fails, when just all-crop harvester ahead and pose as the best job you can do and see if clarity comes while the work is discussed good terms class.

Alerting Disobedience. 4: Remember that homework is give a try and nothing moreover. Teachers assign odd job for two reasons: first, to provide you in spite of fulfillment for working publically difficult concepts and secondly, because they either think they must or are mandated to mimic so by their conduct. Now, no matter why an assignment was made, she have a choice to treat every assignment as if it were for practice thereby exchange you an edge over those who would complain about the assignment to the contrary than do me. Raise your eye on the wad and your mind in the game and the outcome is generally one of victory.

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DISCLAIMER: This applies mostly to math and science homework.

  • Box or highlight your final answer! Even if your professor/teacher doesn’t specifically ask for it, do it anyway. It saves time for whoever is grading and makes sure that they won’t assume something else is your final answer.
  • Please try to organize your work. It makes it easier to follow for the grader and improves your chances of getting partial credit. Oftentimes, neatness can affect how your work is perceived and might help your score. It’s not on purpose, but neater work does subconsciously affect how the grader sees and grades your work.
  • Attempt each problem. There’s always a chance you can get one or two points.
  • Hold onto your returned homeworks! Oftentimes, going over your old homeworks is a great way to study for your upcoming tests. Many professors will choose problems similar to your homework questions.
  • If typing and printing it is an option, then do that. Legible homework = Happy grading person. Happy grading person = more careful grading. We’re only human and we’re affected by the same things as you. If I grade five poorly organized and illegible homework in a row, I will get tired and miss some points. I always check my grading twice, but not every grader or teacher will.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Professors, teachers, TAs, and tutors expect you to ask questions on your homework. It’s better to ask for help before you start working on reviews for your exams. Whether or not you asked for help reflects on your work. Even if you have a rough start and get help later on, graders and etc. notice when your scores improve. And to be honest, I’m always rooting for the students who start rough but shoot to the top.
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I know a lot of people are out of school, however, for those who are back in school, or those who will need it next year, here are some studying tips!

[School Days]

1. Show up to class a little early when possible. It’ll give you time to set up, read over some old notes, put your water bottle/thermos on your desk, fill out your planner if you couldn’t in the previous period(s), check your planner to see if you have something on that day etc.

2. Sit in a place where you won’t be too distracted, but are still comfortable. Whether it’s the front row, the middle, or the back, just make sure you can focus. Write detailed class notes. Pick whatever system works for you. I usually write all the notes, all the questions people ask, etc. while I’m in class, then write everything important once I get home.

3. If you have time at school, do as much homework as you can. If you know you have commitments that day, please do your homework at lunch. Your friends will understand.

4. When you get home, list down all the homework received that day on a note card. Use stayfocusd or self control for mac + leave your phone in a different room. FINISH ALL OF YOUR HOMEWORK. If for some reason you couldn’t complete a homework task, write it on a sticky note and place it on your wall. After homework is done, write your revision notes (flashcard the info as well, if that works best for you). Put the notes and the rest of your school stuff away.

5. Pack your bag the night before. Remember your binder + make sure your Homework is in your bag. Put a water bottle in the fridge and make lunch for the next day.

6. The next day, wake up early, complete any unfinished homework, go through flashcards again, read through revision notes, put food + water in your bag, shower, change, blah blah blah. Only do this if your schedule is packed, and in my case, this is a must.


1. On Friday nights, first off, do homework. You will thank yourself for it. Work ahead, you will feel much better.

2. Do your readings. Knock off some wider reading novels, some textbook readings. Write summaries of each page. Type these summaries. Print these summaries. Place in your binder. Flashcard the info. Spend like half a day doing this.

3. Spend 1-2 hours going through the flashcards you made that week for each subject. This counts as studying my friend.

[Weekends When You Actually Have Assessments]

1. Due to your working ahead, homework completion and readings, you shouldn’t be panicking too much. Get those revision notes and slot in the textbook readings notes. Highlight, annotate, read aloud, go through flashcards and get someone to test you on the content. Make sure you know all terms, formulae, key concepts, vocabulary etc etc

2. You’ll probs have to sacrifice your reading time but that’s chill because the teacher/prof will probably be focusing on prepping you for the actual assessment + you gotta do what you got to do


Just do your homework the day you receive it, write revision notes, do your readings, write notes on those readings, make flashcards, knock out assignments as soon as you know they actually exist, read your required readings, go over flashcards every morning/afternoon, make use of spare time in class, do homework at lunch if needed, stick to your schedule, keep a necessities pouch in your bag, use a planner, track your spending, wash your hair, brush your hair, go to commitments, attend school events, attend events you’re invited to, be kind to yourself, take bubble baths, light candles, listen to music, SLEEP, get that A and most importantly be proud of yourself.

[Extra little things to do on your way to/before school]

• revise notes
• work on assignments
• map out weekly timetable
• review deadlines + make sure you’re tracking okay
• find out about new / uncommon study techniques
• write a to-do list
• arrange a study date with friends
• order any existing to-do lists in terms of priority
• listen to motivational music + speeches
• reflect on all of your achievements to date: you’re doing so well!
• organise folders/backpack
• research a new study space (eg library/cafe/park you haven’t visited yet)
• think about/research all the ways that you can improve your study space at home (eg organisation, lighting, minimising distractions, plants & candles?)
• close your eyes and spend a few minutes thinking of things / people to be grateful for

I really hope this helps at least one person who needs study tips. As it gets closer to school, I’ll be posting more back to school + study tips! Good luck on those tests!

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