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#homework tw

aw thank you love <3 i am doing ok, im procrastinating on homework rn

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that moment when you suddenly realize just how little time you have left to finish your homework so you turn on speedrunning music

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how do I study for online exams, you ask? *places notes just outside of my camera’s view* I get by

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So today I: woke up early, exercised a bunch and got rly tired really fast, fell off a horse and landed on my head, packed for a trip, went temporarily insane, and did a bunch of homework.

But I got Taco Bell and took a bath so I’m fine now.

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i gotta hw but… charlie slimecicle….

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the tension between me and all of the tabs I want to close but can’t because the essay isn’t finished

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If I hadn’t blacked out for three hours doing homework this morning I would now have been awake for 62 hours and I just think that’s neat

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team rwby + homework

ruby: chaotic 4.0. lives off caffeine, sugar, and spite. always waits until the last second, 99% of what she’s assigned is never turned in, somehow still gets amazing grades on tests and straight a’s at the end of every quarter.

weiss: immaculate grades and she works hard for them. stays up late studying obscure concepts that won’t be on the test “just in case.” needs cuddles from ruby to calm down and take a break.

blake: does her homework as assigned, no more, no less. misses an assignment every now and then, but never anything too bad. never goes the extra mile for work unless the subject interests her. grades are always nice and neat.

yang: inventor of the phrase “c’s get fucken degrees.” she’s very intelligent, of course, but you wouldn’t think that from her grades. passes neatly every quarter, though, to the bewilderment of everyone who’s seen her grades.

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I look away for 2 seconds and there’s fucking fractions, scientific notation, exponents, and shit on the board

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I am a week into school and I’m done with 1/8th of all my English homework and I’m not behind on anything. I have learned my lesson and I want 50$

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Some of y’all didn’t grow up being beaten, abused and tortured for simply struggling with your homework assignments and it really shows

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Me: Hey, life is good

My school: You have six hours of homework due tomorrow :)


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Teachers be like “seven hours of homework is reasonable, right?” and then not wait for an answer.

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got roughly two hours of homework left let’s fucking go

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Mom hasn’t asked me about homework yet

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I didn’t get a single assignment done and my moms gonna be mad and she’s gonna yell at me

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I haven’t gotten any homework done yet and I’m going back to my moms house tonight and she’s gonna be mad at me

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