#homicidal liu
Jeff: We need more help, maybe I should call my friends.
Liu: ...your what?
Jeff: My friends.
Masky: Is he saying "friends"?
Toby: I think he's being sarcastic.
EJ: No, no, no, this is delirium, he's cracked from being awake all week. Hey Jeff! All of your friends are in this room.
Jeff: I have other friends! You asked me to make new friends, I made new friends! It was a task. I complete tasks.
Liu, EJ, Toby, and Masky: No you don't.
Jeff: No, I don't.
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sullys-nose-hair 3 months ago
Hi my sussy little bakas馃槇
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seemslegitflapjacks 25 days ago
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Since nobody else was gonna say it.
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lisalilisxo a month ago
鉁∕ore creepypasta memes鉁
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creepy-spooghetti 7 months ago
Things the Creeps find attractive
Hoody - If you wear glasses, that does it for him. You just look so. Freaking. Cute!
Masky - Very subtle, light makeup will make his heart go brrrr.
Jeff the Killer - Believe it or not, it's a major turn-on when you pet\play with Smile, or any other animals, for that matter.
Homicidal Liu - Oversized hoodies. No more needs to be said.
Sully - That's easy; if you retaliate when he flirts with you, he'll love it.
Ben Drowned - When you're willing to listen to him geek out about video games, he'll want to cuddle you so bad. Please let him.
Bloody Painter - He loves it when you talk about your passions. It could be anything. It's very alluring.
Clockwork - If you laugh so hard that food comes out of your nose, she'll get the sudden urge to marry you. It's very strange.
Jane the Killer - Oh please please please play with her hair.
Kagekao - When you do something dumb and then you're willing to laugh at yourself. He'll just jump right in and laugh along with you.
Zero - If you can stand up for yourself instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, it's one of the most attractive things. Because she's going to tease and make fun of you a lot.
Eyeless Jack - Just listening to him vent is enough for him. Bonus points if you rub his head soothingly while he does so.
Ticci-Toby - He finds it adorable when you bite your lip and look to the side all bashful-like.
X-Virus - If you attempt to like the things he likes. It doesn't have to be anything big; maybe just his favorite type of candy. But he'll greatly appreciate the effort.
Jason the Toymaker - If you accept his frequent gifts with a warm, grateful smile, it'll make his heart sing.
The Puppeteer - When you blow a strand of hair out of your face whenever you're in deep concentration about something, he'll practically have hearts in his eyes.
Candy Pop - He loves it if you look deep into his eyes lovingly.
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brain--drop 4 months ago
The Creeps Love Language
Slenderman: Slender is a silent man, his ideal way of spending time is in the quiet without stress. Because of this, simple quality time is usually his go to when with you. Since he鈥檚 also a gentleman, time to time he shows his gratitude with nice acts of service like placing a cup of tea on the table for you as you read or work.
Jeff: Even though he doesn鈥檛 want to admit it, Jeff is really touched starved so physical touch is his love language at least when it鈥檚 just the two of you. He is a tad bit aggressive though, tugging you towards him for a hug or gripping your hand to put on his head when you stop petting and playing with his hair. Also words of affirmation, the man wants to hear from you that he鈥檚 beautiful to boost his ego and he鈥檒l give you sly compliments to keep you on your toes.
Ben: Quality time, definitely. Ben is pretty laid back attitude wise so he doesn鈥檛 expect grand gestures aside from getting a large pizza for each of you and gaming. Occasionally, he鈥檒l gift give with things he鈥檚 stolen from others, but don鈥檛 question it too much, he tries.
EJ: Another silent man, he does the most subtle of services for you. You had a stressful time the day before? He鈥檒l clean up here and there and make dinner before you come back the next day. Your muscles are tense? He鈥檒l run a bath and fluff up your pillows. EJ is the definition of聽鈥渋t鈥檚 the little things鈥.
Masky: Physical touch with no fear of PDA. Always has his arms around you one way of another when talking with others and plays with your fingers as you hold hands. Maybe it鈥檚 because he鈥檚 older and doesn鈥檛 care much of anything, but he mostly just wants the reassurance that you鈥檙e there with him. Expect to be dragged to lie down on the couch with him when he鈥檚 very bored.
Hoodie: For a man of not many words, he has a lot of words of affirmation to give you. He鈥檒l compliment you whenever he sees you working on a project and thank you every time you do him a favor. He鈥檚 also very observant so he鈥檒l tell you he鈥檚 proud or appreciates you whenever you鈥檙e in a low mood than usual. If you give him compliments back though, he鈥檒l deny it in a flustered manner...so give him compliments.
Toby: If there isn鈥檛 a way to have all of the above on love languages, Toby will find a way. However, he is very gentle overall, not being the most dramatic to be overwhelming unless the two of you have had an off day. Gift giving with knick knacks he finds on his trips, acts of service on making sure you hydrate and lie down on a warm bed, physical touch and quality time being mixed in when watching a movie and you will get at least 5 words of affirmation everyday with him.
LJ: Gift giving, this man will spoil you rotten. Candy, plushies, books, blankets and random shiny things he finds, they鈥檙e all yours. If you try to tell him that there鈥檚 no more space for you to keep everything, he will make room because he鈥檚 not stopping. He just gets so excited whenever he sees something that he knows you like or reminds him of you that he has to get it and surprise you every time.
Jane: Simple woman, she just appreciates being around you and quite often will ask if you want to run errands with her since she enjoys your company. She could just listen to you for hours and never get bored or just sit in comfortable silence because it鈥檚 familiar and soothing. With how hectic her life and her mind is, she鈥檚 grateful for how relaxing your presence is to her.
Liu: Brothers think alike because he is touch starved as well but doesn鈥檛 mind when and where the physical touch comes from. His favorite thing to do is just to hold you from behind, his day getting better especially if you look at him in surprise each time he does it. Bonus is him giving you notes of affirmation so you can read them over and over, not minding if you ask to hear it from him directly.
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gr4v3gutz a month ago
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Some quick drawings
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sanityisforlosers a month ago
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bingobongocheerio a month ago
Jeff: When I was a kid, Liu told me that the paper strip that's in the chocolate kisses were edible and I ate them with the chocolate for like a year.
Y/N: They are!
Y/N: Why would you believe in this again?
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le-champignon-noir 7 months ago
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creepypasta fanart in 2021!? :00000
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crxwzart a month ago
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*iNSaNiTY playing in the distance*
(liu鈥檚 design is directly based off of @pcktknife 鈥榮 design of him! i do not take credit for it)
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intimidating-fettuccine a month ago
Y/N: Where did Jeff go yesterday?
BEN: Liu decided they should see a therapist. Together.
Y/N: Really? How did it go?
BEN: The therapist is now seeing a therapist so鈥
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paintbrushkitteh 3 months ago
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yes my art style has changed (a lot). how many years has it been..?
Anyways back to doing adult things and being dead (jk).
Lineup of my creepypasta headcanons! This lineup was semi inspired by @kidical ! (I also featured my oc Ziorr.)
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incorrectcreepypastafam 3 months ago
Liu, setting down a card: ace of spades
Jeff, pulling out an Uno card: +4
Ben, pulling out a Pok茅mon card: Jolteon, I choose you
Toby, trembling: what are we playing
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eyeless-cunt a year ago
Hey what do you think different creeps moans sound like?
TW/CW: Sexual Themes, CUM NOISES 鈦夛笍馃攰
I think BEN鈥檚 are high pitched and absolutely one of the whiniest. He can鈥檛 keep them in and he doesn鈥檛 even try to. He鈥檚 a whimpering mess that whines and cries until his throat goes raw. On the other hand I think EJ is more a heavy breather than anything. He鈥檒l grip you harder when he鈥檚 feeling good and throw his head back with a loud exhale, so obviously trying to keep his cool.
Slender is absolutely static I don鈥檛 make the rules. Sorry. Get ready for a major fucking headache. Jeffery will be quiet at first, but eventually when he gets more comfortable or ends up feeling too good he鈥檒l be more verbal. He鈥檒l have heavy breathing and his face will contort in all the right ways as you make him feel good. Liu is also a whiner. His hands will be everywhere as he huffs and whines for your touches.
Toby is on the same spectrum as BEN. He won鈥檛 be able to keep his hands off of you as he twitches in pleasure. Whines that are high pitched, whimpers鈥攁ll of it at once, and it never stopping for even a second. He鈥檚 verbal from start to finish. Hoodie is a grunter and a very heavy breather. He鈥檒l let out low moans and the occasional drawn out humming sound.
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scarfaxia 4 months ago
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brain--drop 4 months ago
How The Creeps React to You Sleeping On Them (Pt 2)
I didn't forget, I got you guys//
Masky: The two of you were on night watch at the mansion, mostly for safety measures that no one followed any of the residents back to the place after a mission. Masky was sitting in comfortable silence with you on a boulder when he felt your head lean on his shoulder, making him glance at you. Sighing at noticing you slept, he was still for a few minutes before gently having an arm around you and pulls you closer to him, keeping you warm and make sure you don't fall off.
Hoodie had a hard time sleeping with his messed up schedule and he knew you would be up so he went over to your room to hang and watch a movie to pass the time. He was chilling in between your legs facing away from you and sensed that you were slowly dozing off, leaning your head on his. He slowly starts to move you to lie down on your bed to not disturb you too much, tucking you in before sitting beside you and dozes off as well.
You had accidentally done an all nighter when doing some research/a project but still had the energy to prepare some coffee and breakfast for Jane which she greatly appreciated. It was while to two of you were finishing up breakfast in bed that you start to fall asleep on Jane's arm. She looks down at you, taking your empty plate and cup to chill on the dresser to be cleaned later and tucks both of you under the covers because a morning nap never hurts.
On a lazy, raining afternoon, Liu suggested to do a new crocheting project while relaxing in the living room with you since neither of you had anything to do. The two of you worked while lying on the couch, your back against him, and with the soft rain sounds and the warmth that filled the room, you drift into a nap against his chest. He stops the beanie he was making for you and puts your projects aside, having you curl up and nap on him while he plays with your hair.
The two of you walked back inside the mansion, having a nice day out in the woods playing a couple of games. Seems the sun had drained you out after hours of being outside and taking a nice shower didn't help your need for a nap. While Jack was in the mist of talking about what the two of you should do the next time you go out, you had flopped your head onto his lap. He immediately lost his train of thought as he gently picks you up and lies you comfortably on the bed with fluffed up pillows, piles of blankets and stuffed animals surrounding you.
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edsheeransarm 4 months ago
Creepypasta hcs lol
-toby doesnt like waffles that much- he used to, but ate them so often he got sick of them
-nobody will let him forget that phase
-the other creeps will throw waffle fries/syrup at him just to piss him off
-it works
-jeff needs eyedrops bc the dumbass burnt his eyelids off
-sully has thrown salt in jeffs eyes
-liu HATES sully i swear-
-"can you stop trying to kill my brother" "bitch hes my brother too i do what i want"
-liu has tried to hit sully by hitting himself. guess how that worked out-
-masky is like a dad
-not in the way that hes a dad to the other creeps, i mean in the way of watching football and falling asleep in a recliner
-slender however is a dad
-major dad energy (especially to the kid creeps)
-fuck with sally and slender will throw HANDS
-it doesnt matter who the fuck you are, he'll slit your throat without hesitation
-if you live? he'll hunt you down himself.
-fucking scary tbh
-hoodie says shit in the most monotone voice possible
-it doesnt matter what hes saying. it still sounds like hes being sarcastic
-confuses the shit out of toby tbh
-"toby go over there" "there?" "no, there" "..." [walks to the opposite of where hoodie asked him to go]
-hes confused leave him alone
-clockwork and jane are both like older sisters to sally
-jane is like the oldest kid thats caring and takes care of you when youre sick
-clockwork is not
-clockwork is more like the middle child that causes general chaos
-she and sally have gotten in the car at like 3am and sped around
-toby went with them once. did not go over well
-on the topic of that toby has general motor tics, cptsd, ocd, and schitzophrenia
-sally loves horror games, and watches ben play them (fnaf, baldie, etc)
-sallys bedroom is a whole liminal space
-she loves weirdcore and dreamcore, decorates everything in that aesthetic
ill do requests <3 (no nsfw)
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sanityisforlosers 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Nathan is spittin' FACTS
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bingobongocheerio a month ago
Liu: We should go to a haunted house this year.
Y/N: Why would I pay for a haunted house when I can wake up to Sally silently standing by my bed at 3 AM?
Sally: [giggles in the distance]
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