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Any Way the Wind Blows, Rainbow Rowell // Dante and Virgil in Hell, William-Adolphe Bouguereau // Tear You Apart, She Wants Revenge // Little Beast, Richard Siken // LUNARIA, Takato Yamamoto // Birds Hover the Trampled Field, Richard Siken // Little Beast, Richard Siken // untitled, Barbara Kruger // Nox, Anne Carson
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transfagcas · 2 months ago
Supernatural so misogynistic to the point of homoeroticism that their universe version of grey's anatomy was about a man
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angelsaxis · 14 days ago
How a lot of westerners and Americans in particular view platonic intimacy is really warped. I'd always known that there was a tendency among Americans especially to hypersexualize and recontextualize literally any physical expressions of love and friendship as something "hot" or "homoerotic" or "sexy". It never hit me how bad it was until I kept seeing posts like this
Tumblr media
For some Italian players, this is the highlight of their careers. I've seen countless players of other sports and any gender just collapse onto the ground on top of each other from sheer excitement and happiness. In motion they're probably rolling around.
But so many people are looking at this and saying "this is actually something sexual before it's something platonic". It's a hug. They're literally just hugging. But tens of thousands in total of notes on this and similar posts just says to me that there's just an incredibly small threshold for what's "acceptable" expressions of excitement and camaraderie before it becomes something that people will look at and say "this is something hot that turns me on".
And I've seen this with other forms of once-neutral expressions of love, or friendship, or even just greetings, like men kissing each other on the cheek. Friends of any gender cuddling or leaning against one another in a photo. People hugging and touching in ways that I guess automatically denote a sexual relationship before they denote people literally just being friends.
And like I know that there's every chance that anyone in any of these photos/examples was actually gay, nobody try and tell me "oh but OP they COULD BE--" because you're missing the entire point.
EDIT: "bUt Op iTS a JoKe" could your critical thinking skills be any worse. Could you miss the point of the post any more. Is it occuring to none of you that the entire point of this joke is to sexualize platonic expressions of love regardless of whether people are "being serious" about them fucking and sucking on the field.
EDIT 2: "BuT Op tHerEs NoThInG WrOnG wItH BeIng GaY" whats funny is that nowhere do I state that at all. I never say homoeroticism is bad, I never say that finding gay things hot is bad. Please read the goddamn post you people are killing me with your wild accusations of shit that's not even in the fucking text 😭😭
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flamejob · 5 days ago
men will never know what it's like to be a reanimator toxic homoeroticism adam stanheight saw 2004 "blood spattered little meow meow" hannibal jennifer's body carrie 1976 revenge fantasy shitty horror movie behind the scenes photos of actors covered in gore cronenburgesque "the horror was for love" ginger snaps house of wax 2005 camp body horror industrial music scream fan ready or not horrific women guillermo del toro enjoyer
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Did you know that in wrestling, you get the option to choose if you want to be something called the “top” or the “bottom” wrestler? Anyway, I just think that would be fun information for Dean Winchester specifically to learn when he joined the wrestling team at age sixteen, so I wrote it. after all, what is fanfiction if not a space for me to explore teen dean’s relationship with his sexuality, the ever-moving target of “being normal”, and, of course, the inherent homoeroticism of team sports. 
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sugarbabywenkexing · a month ago
What the heck is advance bravely even about???
Good question, anon.
I really don't know how to describe the blend of absolute insanity and intense homoeroticism that is Advance Bravely.
The initial premise is that a girl who's interested in Gong Jun's character tries to get her older brother to talk him into dating her. Except he's an ex-soldier CEO of a bodyguard company and talking isn't his strong suit, so he decides to stalk him for the first few episodes instead. Next thing you know they're eating dinner together and sharing a bed half naked every night and there's absolutely no heterosexual explanation for any of it.
It's so bad it's hilarious territory. It's episodes on episodes of nothing but gay domesticity and then they throw in an explosion. Everyone's shirtless all the time. Nothing I could say would prepare you sufficiently to watch it.
I can't in good conscience recommend it, but if you enjoy watching Gong Jun looking up through his eyelashes and being manhandled, it does exist. I'm obsessed with it. I wish I could forget it exists. I think about it all the time.
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endversescas · 2 months ago
hi bestie, could you rec some of your favorite fics? (au or canonverse) <33
well i had another ask for AUs and i had it done and i was gonna post canonverse here and then AUs there and post both at the same time but it! got! deleted! hate myself. so i’ll do both here. sorry other anon
You and Your Husband - dean and cas get mistaken as a couple a lot
Tall Grass - cas is a plant dad and dean is jealous of cas’ friend
Welcome to Pine Shores! - been a while since i read this but future fic where dean and cas run a motel and “platonically” share a room
Tunnel of Love - case fic, dean and cas have to kiss to get a look at a ghost 😏
Dean Winchester, Cocksucker at Rest - heaven fic where established deancas and the family have dinner with john
profoundly bonded (by law) - i mean i feel like everyone recs sobsicles, so i would say just go to their ao3 and read all their stuff, but this one stands out to me when i think of them because... cas asked dean to marry him and dean’s like... sure why not and the whole time he’s like “not gay tho, married to man but i’m not gay” very funny love it
Crazy Diamonds - SUCH a must-read. 2018 Dean and 2008 Dean trade places in the timeline SO good
On Labor - just read this one, dean “pretends” to date cas to make sure he stays with him
First Date - takes place during Last Holiday
There’s Only One Sure Thing That I Know - dean and cas get trapped in ohio, go domestic :)
Sand and Salt - S9 rewrite and with charlie!!
The Least Bad Option - fake dating case fic but it’s SAM and cas. dean of course is jealous
Reality in Dreamscapes - djinn fic / cas wakes up married to dean
Everyone’s a Critic - all time fave / chef dean and food critic cas
And This, Your Living Kiss - poet dean (gets recommended a lot but for a good reason)
To Build a Home - just READ it! i cannot BEGIN to go into this fic i love it so much
An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ - tattoo au!
Forget-Me-Not-Blues - cas and dean are the best men for sam and jess’ wedding but they secretly already know each other .. and hate each other
Inevitable Homoeroticism in Spanish Romantic Heroes - college au / professer cas and ma student dean
Sleepless in Lawrence, Kansas - sleepless in seattle au (i’ve never watched that but i enjoyed this a lot)
n e way. i’m very bad a reccing fics cause i don’t keep track of them very well lol so these are the ones i either remembered or had in my tabs still that i know i really liked
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gr8writingtips · 2 months ago
writing tip #3194:
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finalgirldean · 2 months ago
There’s a myriad of reasons why it makes sense for Dean to have done wrestling in high school but the homoeroticism is certainly the funniest
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diaphaneities · 2 months ago
rip william h. hays you would've hated your name being used to describe subtle homoeroticism on the cw's supernatural
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himbo-at-heart · a year ago
Finding homoerotic subtext in literature is so easy when you are also homoerotic 
TERFs and radfems don’t touch this post or I’ll report your blog challenge 
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beruledbybenvolio · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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the unexplained eroticism of darkness, knowledge and pretentious existence : a dark academia playlist
contains 74 songs which include instrumental pieces, hozier, lorde, bastille, and many other lesser known artists.
so listen well, be gay, do crime, but don't forget to learn shit in the process
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seiryyu · 5 months ago
A reminder that bats are superior to swords for their inherent potential for inflicted pain
Nothing rivals a sword in homoeroticism, but for just raw pain, bone breaking, blocking, and parrying, bats reign supreme
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sharkchunks · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
“I’ll do the fingering.” 
Alien: Covenant (2017, Ridley Scott)
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lolmythesis · 4 years ago
Boys are supposed to play sports, not touch each other. But in sports, boys touch each other? Confusion and Anger.
Sociology, York University
An investigation into the relationship between homophobia and homoeroticism in popular team sports
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