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#homophobic mario
gelbraddy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Edit: Okay, I get it, I see your point. Charlie Day can stay too. And maybe Seth Rogan. The entire time I thought Seth Rogan was Seth MacFarlane. Forgive me.
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pumpkinsammyy · a month ago
I can't wait until Chris Pratt finds out Luigi is gay
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tevy-fonda · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Listen I’m late to this hate train but I’ve been busy take this shitty meme and go
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reylo-of-the-whatever · 29 days ago
Today's Reylo is
Tumblr media
Crisp Rat from the Mario movie series!
"I'm-a gonna say a slur-a!"
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abundantsolace · a month ago
I think casting Chris Pratt as Mario qualifies as an anti-Italian hate crime
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applejongho · 10 months ago
good night to vampires, bisexuals with a preference for men, people that play as toad or toadette in mario kart, stray kids stans, girls in STEM, men that are under 5′7, panda express hoes, people that hate TERFs, exclusionists, homophobia, and transphobia, people that write poems in old notebooks, healthcare workers, people that love baby yoda, horse and wolf girls, people that have the sprout on their head when playing among us, readers that haven’t read a book in six months, nonbinary people, people that go the speed limit when driving, asexuals, mac and cheese enthusiasts, and, of course, victorian children that would die if they ate flaming hot cheetos
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zackfairmutual · a month ago
chris pratt mario
Tumblr media
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janerita · 29 days ago
I can’t wait to hear Chris Pratt say, “so long Gay Bowser!” in an offensive Italian accent, personally,
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asstronauts · a month ago
pick your live action mario:
chris pratt or a cardboard cutout of david rossi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shine-sprites · a month ago
Tumblr media
so how about that movie cast
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strangepurson · a month ago
im so confused i thought chris pratt Mario was from posts-from-a-darker-timeline
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emcon-imagines · 26 days ago
Did you hear about the Mario movie that's getting made? If so what are your thoughts?
afhakdhsfjakdsfh UM I have like no emotional ties to the Mario franchise but my god did that casting announcement take the wind out of me. the whiplash of being stoked for Jack Black and Anya Taylor-Joy AND CHARLIE DAY and then seeing Chris Pratt as Mario 😭😭
also this tiktok had me sobbing at 7am it's so good:
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dogthing · a month ago
Tumblr media
such joy tempered with such pain
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