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frollosanctuary · 12 days ago
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Frollo: as he really sees himself. Bad-ass look there!
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cyber--raven · a year ago
Disney Feature #34
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Curious...and I'm sure it's merely a coincidence... but ever realised, that Disney's 34th animated feature happened to contain one of Disney's most sexual villains... just a thought.     Anyway, celebrating Disney's 34th animated feature; the 24th anniversary of HOND! The movie came out first on VHS, so here it is to make a nod to that. Be Kind, Rewind! As for the artwork, this started out as a drawing on paper and coloured with markers, but as I always end up screwing up with them, finished off on the computer digitally.
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cyber--raven · 10 months ago
My mini Frollo tutorial (for dolls/toys) I am in the process of re-bodying one of my OOAK Frollo dolls, which needed some clothing adjustments, and while I was at it made a better fitting hat as I discovered a new way of doing it; well, the centre part anyway...enjoy! 
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