euphorictruths · 2 days ago
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dduane · 2 months ago
The Writer’s Nighttime Prayer
Now I lay me down to sleep;
I pray great Thoth my plot to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
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cirums · 5 months ago
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justinbiebers-posts · a month ago
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oktotalk · 7 months ago
When You Say No
The worst part about COVID has been losing you. 
I haven't lost family family members or friends to the virus. I have not grieved the death of a loved one. I could not be more grateful for that.
But this does not negate the loss of you. Of you, my friend. Of the many of you, my friends, who make up the community of people whose presence colored my life.
Every text that says "I'm too scared to hangout," feels like yet another rejection.
Every message that says "I'm too tired to hang out," feels like yet another "I don't care."
Every "we'll be hanging out soon, when things get better," feels like another promise broken.
I have waited over a year to see you. To see you in person. To talk with you, connect with you. To have you back in my life. I have proposed countless ideas to make it work. To walk outside wearing masks so we are protected. To park our cars in a parking lot so we can talk with our windows down just a bit. To do something, anything, to have just some semblance of time with you.
I did not sign up to live in a city teaming with millions of people to have long-distance friends. I did not move here for the empty streets or the ghost town that is now downtown. I did not move here to live on an island.
I miss you. All of you.
And every time you say no, it hurts.
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drew-house · a month ago
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euesworld · a month ago
"I can do anything in this world when you are holding my hand, it's almost as if my heart slips onto my palm and it beats against the flesh of your hand.. and for some reason, that honestly makes me feel invincible. Just knowing that you are there with me, supporting me and you have your skin snugly up against mine.. there is no greater feeling of support than that. Well maybe a reassuring hug, but that is something different altogether.. in reality, anytime that you are up against me I feel as if I can take on the world. I forget my sadness, my pain, all that bad stuff and there is just us.. right there sharing air and warmth and it is truly the most beautiful thing."
I could never feel blue when I am with you - eUë
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playsthetics · a month ago
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Enneagram Tritype Moodboards: (24/27)
468 (The Truth Teller)
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macrolit · 11 months ago
In the final analysis there is no solution to man’s progress but the day’s honest work, the day’s honest decisions, the day’s generous utterances and the day’s good deed.
Clare Boothe Luce (1903-1987) American dramatist, diplomat, politician
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biezzlerr · a month ago
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euphorictruths · 4 months ago
My intentions are honest and pure as I surrender and open my heart to new beginnings.
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daisiesonafield-blog · 4 months ago
could it be about this? www,thesun,co,uk/tvandshowbiz/celebrities/17618305/louis-tomlinson-concert-dc-tour-injuries/
OMG I FUCKING HATE THE SUN WITH A PASSION. Never missing an opportunity to shit on Louis and reporting a bunch of shit. They literally jumped on this story as the show WAS STILL HAPPENING. And this stupid headline implying his show is being handled like Astroworld when Louis has LITERALLY DONE THE OPPOSITE EVERY TIME and helped fans and stopped his show 3x.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I really hope his team sends them a C&D bc this is bullshit.
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hermionerose28 · 12 days ago
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justinbiebers-posts · a month ago
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oktotalk · a year ago
I honestly have no idea where to begin. Today is the first day in a while since I’ve felt myself. With everything going on in my life, I haven’t felt normal or content in months. Yet today I sit here finishing assignments with a breath, I won’t say they are all 100% correct but I can actually focus on them for once, and it just makes me feel relieved. I just want to remind anyone else who has these same struggles that there are good days and moments, so don’t beat yourself up or convince yourself that this period of darkness is all your gonna have. Because there is going to be a moment you can breath or where you can feel okay. I just wanted to share that in hopes that if someone is reading this, it gives them hope too. 
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michaelbogild · 8 months ago
Turn down the dial on your inner denial.
Tell the truth to yourself..about yourself.
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morgana-ren · 3 months ago
omgg hear me out… a clueless bimbo joins the league…. oh????
Not going to lie, I'm not entirely sure about this one. I might not really be the one to ask. I'm no bimbo; I am just dumb and clumsy as hell. I don't really have it all together in the way a bimbo might.
Would Shigaraki let a clueless bimbo join the league? Absolutely.
Would it be for the right reasons? Absolutely not.
"For you to be useful to the League, you need to be able to follow some basic protocols and think on your feet. Do you think you're capable of that?" He's going to get your measure right off the bat, and if you think he's going to have a shred of decency about it, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. He's going to purposefully set you up to fail to demoralize you and make you feel worthless and ultimately useless to the cause. It's a long process but he's patient.
He'll send you on less important errands, and likely not give you as much intel as he technically could. Once you've failed that enough times, you're down to being nothing but a distraction. A liability. Depending on your quirk and some other factors, he's going to have to 'really think about your future here.'
You've got to make yourself useful somehow, or you're out on your ass-- or worse, depending on how much you know. Not that you're capable of doing any real damage either way.
Since you're apparently incapable of handling the jobs the other members can handle no problem, how are you going to earn your keep around here?
Maybe moral support.
He'll play it off smooth (not really, he just assumes you're too dumb to know the difference) and say you're going to be helping him personally, since you can't stand on your own two damn feet. Don't worry, he'll ease you into it.
It starts off reasonable enough: Make him food, make sure his clothes get washed, simple things even you can handle. When things get stressful, it's only fair he lean on you a bit more. That's fair, right? He's taken you in even though you're just a burden, so maybe his requests get a bit more... unconventional.
Don't get it twisted. It's not anything about you. He just needs to destress and you happen to have the tools for the job. If you can't do something that simple, well, what use are you really? Why should he continue to house and feed you? Why should he let you stay?
Of course, if you relent, it quickly snowballs. There's really no winning here, unless you secretly enjoy your new position (Positions?)
In a way, your cluelessness is cute. Endearing in a very strange way. Tomura can barely take care of himself, but clearly you need him to take care of you. Who knows what trouble you could stumble into without him? You're so lucky he was feeling generous or you'd be in a real hard spot, wouldn't you?
He'll look after you and take you with him to the top as long as you're at least smart enough to listen to him and do as he says.
A fair trade, wouldn't you say?
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bubble-gumch · 8 months ago
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i need your cash daddy
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nikscaroline · 10 months ago
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Shades of Olicity ▻ emotional
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euesworld · 5 months ago
"Making you smile has to be the most honest hobby that there is.."
I thoroughly love and enjoy making you smile - eUë
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