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defectivehero · 22 hours ago
Ive always loved the dynamic of using hair as a tool in villain/ hero scenarios. Especially longer hair - like the manhandling that could be done - or the comfort like head scratches - so much interesting dynamics can be written with it. Would you be interested in writing a prompt with that?? I love your work ❤️
thanks for the request- this one was a good one! hope you don't mind- i kind of took the idea i had and ran with it so i apologize if it isn't what you asked for
“What the fuck?”
“What?” the hero asked, whipping around to face the villain. The villain was staring at them, gaze shooting around as if they were at a loss for words. The hero looked down, making sure they were wearing their costume. They had made that mistake once before.
“What did you do?” the villain remarked, gesturing wildly at the hero. “What have you done?” they exclaimed dramatically.
“What?!” the hero mumbled in confusion. “What did I do?” They wracked their brain for possible answers. Maybe the villain was mad about that time last week when they somehow managed to destroy their death ray and get them arrested in the same day. “Um-” they didn’t even get to finish before the villain interjected.
“Your- your hair,” the villain muttered, blinking rapidly and running their fingers through their own hair as if making sure it was still there. “It’s- it’s gone.”
“Oh,” the hero laughed awkwardly, running a hand through their short hair. “Well, I just wanted a change.” The intensity of the villain's gaze made them avert their eyes. They tried to think about anything else, anything else but the villain looking at them like that- “Thanks a lot,” the villain hissed angrily, successfully interrupting the hero’s thoughts. “What am I supposed to yank you around with now? Ugh. Grabbing you by the ponytail was just so fun.”
“What, does my hair look bad now?” the hero winced at how small their voice sounded. As if they needed reassurance from the villain. Honestly...
“No, of course not,” the villain squinted at them, as if they had just asked the most inane question possible. “You look hot, don't get me wrong. That's not the point. The point is... I can’t yank you around by the hair anymore.”
The hero shook their head in disbelief, not even bothering to try to decode whatever the hell the villain had just said. They would let themselves ponder about that statement later that night in the safety of their own bedroom- where they could scream into their pillow and curse their existence. For now, though, they filed the remark into their memories.
“How unfortunate for you,” the hero huffed, crossing their arms. “Are we going to fight, or are you just going to pout about my hair?” they rolled their eyes.
“How dare you assume that I am emotionally stable enough for a fight right now?” the villain exclaimed, fists clenched at their sides. “No, we’re not fighting!”
“Well then,” the hero muttered, at a complete loss for words. They swore they were in some sort of fever dream. They had to be. That would be the only logical explanation for the villain mourning the loss of their hair and simultaneously calling them hot. The hero sighed, turning on their heel to hide their flushed cheeks. They swore they heard the villain mutter something along the lines of “so hot, but so fucking annoying... why, why?!” Shaking their head in bemusement, the hero walked away.
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beercheesecasserole · 11 months ago
There has never ever been a gay ship canonization that actually set gay rights back by a few years. Congrats to the spn writers♥️
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peterbubblebuttparker · a month ago
if anyone told me back when season 1 of sex ed came out that my two favourite characters would be ruby and adam id laugh in their face, yet here we are now.
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stardustemotions · 2 months ago
Honestly being tagged in things makes me so happy because it's like ??? you think of me? you remember me? wtf I don't even remember me sometimes
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ashleychristina73 · 9 months ago
Honestly fuck all of that "what they did was terrible" shit, The majority of those people from yesterday were not wearing masks. I want to know who they are, where they live, work, etc.
There are hundreds of videos of these people's faces. Lets start identifying who these terrorists are. I don't believe they should be allowed to go back into the Shadows like yesterday never happened.
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soracities · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Black Earth Rising (2018)
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flippphones · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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rippeachy · a month ago
my ass is so slappable and no one is slapping it? rude.
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frogmutual · 4 months ago
Omg guys this is the new pride flag i made for raising awareness about dental care, i call it the colgate pride flag
Tumblr media
As you guys can see a lot of thought has been put into the meanings for each color, all associated with dental care, even inclusive of people with braces 🥺
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