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niuniente · 6 hours ago
Me: OK, stomach. You have been a pain in the ass for 3 days already. What would you possibly want to tolerate today beside sherbet and throat candies?
Stomach: We want whiskey milkshake!
Me: ?
Stomach: OH, we have not had whiskey milkshake in a decade! Go buy whiskey, ice-cream and milk!
Me: How about some salad instead??? Grapes???
Stomach: *starts heartburn, reflux, and nausea*
Me: .....Fine, I get you whiskey and ice-cream...
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Sausage: “so a few episodes ago Pix said we needed to try harder with our pranks, so I’m gonna try harder this time and I think it’s gonna pay off”
Pix, discovering the Mythlanders in his base: “aww how adorable they’re so easy to kill ❤️”
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westwalking · 4 hours ago
I'll say it again for the kids in the back. If your brand of Radical Feminism does not include the safety, well-being, and acceptance of trans women As Women ..... then it is BY DEFINITION exclusionary feminism.
Trans Exclusionary... Radical Feminism
Grow a spine and own up to your beliefs.
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vanserrasvalkyrie · a day ago
I see a lot of people ignoring it but I love that in ACOMAF, Feyre says the way Lucien looks at her makes her think he knows the lie about the tattoo and in ACOWAR he confirms that his eye sees through spells. And I love this plot
I loooove it. Kinda makes you wonder what exactly his eye can see. It's never fully explained. Just that he can see past glamours and spells. All spells? Is there a limitation? Does it aid in his spell cleaving abilities? What about curses? It honestly sounds like a sexier verison of Mad eye moody's magical eye.
I want to know so much about his metal eye tbh.
I've also always wondered if Nuan reached out to him or he went to Nuan on his accord to fix his eye. If Nuan reached out to him...was Helion involved? Did Helion tell Nuan or push her in a direction to help give Lucien an eye?
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ghostspider-gwen · 13 hours ago
soooo...I have heard a lot about this mcytblr election, and I can't find rules for it anywhere, so I'm assuming anyone can run for anything. that being said, I'll nominate myself for hermit representative.
Many believe MCYT=DSMP, but many other important groups of Minecraft YouTubers often go overlooked. One of these is the Hermits of Hermitcraft. With me as representative, I will do my best to make sure the voice of the Hermitcraft fandom gets heard in discussions involving the future of MCYTblr.
Reasons I would make a good representative:
I'm watching every single one of the Hermits this season, and still watch Hermitcraft Recap
I have seen many of the Hermits in previous seasons or series
I will make the voice of the hermitblr community heard in any situations where it is necessary
I am willing to ingest any sort of hermit-related media, including, but not limited to, fanfics, edits, animatics, and fanart to gain more knowledge about aus and such
I write fanfiction, make playlists, and run @hermitcraftcosplays (a blog dedicated to...hermitcraft cosplays, the name kind of says it) so I feel I have an understanding of the Hermits as presented to us
I am good with words (sometimes)
Reasons I shouldn't be representative:
I have no idea how politics work
I have no idea when or how the election is happening, or why, or what comes after, but I am willing to learn
I may or may not have a power-hungry symbiote living inside me, but it's all fine
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heroineoftwilight · 3 hours ago
Honestly, I like to think Ravio just wears the bunny hood to poke fun at bunny!Link. Imagine, Link tells him a secret one time and this man just goes: “Guess what, you’ll never live this down.”
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beercheesecasserole · 8 months ago
There has never ever been a gay ship canonization that actually set gay rights back by a few years. Congrats to the spn writers♥️
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ashleychristina73 · 6 months ago
Honestly fuck all of that "what they did was terrible" shit, The majority of those people from yesterday were not wearing masks. I want to know who they are, where they live, work, etc.
There are hundreds of videos of these people's faces. Lets start identifying who these terrorists are. I don't believe they should be allowed to go back into the Shadows like yesterday never happened.
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soracities · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Black Earth Rising (2018)
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flippphones · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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frogmutual · a month ago
Omg guys this is the new pride flag i made for raising awareness about dental care, i call it the colgate pride flag
Tumblr media
As you guys can see a lot of thought has been put into the meanings for each color, all associated with dental care, even inclusive of people with braces 🥺
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clydesducktape · 4 months ago
To be a village maiden and get railed by the tall dark haired stranger who is renting a room at your inn.
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rwr-ites · 4 months ago
Marvel: Evan Peters is Ralph Bohner and NOT Peter Maximoff 
Me, on my way to write fan fiction : 
Tumblr media
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smemence · 5 months ago
“free dream this” and “free dream that” bitch thats his first house and youre trying to evict him already??
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