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abrilstevens · a year ago
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yano2519 · 2 months ago
I'm not sure if the new IC make OL better or worse. To me it looks like they want to avoid any approach of intimacy in the new season. Is it just me?
First of all, I would like to say that I liked the first two episodes, especially the 2nd one. I haven't read the book yet, because I got into the habit of watching the season first and reading the book afterwards, so I can't judge to what extent the episodes match the book so far.
But I've liked what I've seen so far. As for the IC, I don't think the point is to avoid any intimacy, but I agree that some scenes between JC seem more emotionless than before.
I don't mean that we don't see nude scenes anymore (I think we agree that times are over) but more, those emotions that they radiated through looks, touches and kisses. Sex scenes like in OL exist in many other series/movies as well, for example in the series Power, which is also on Starz.
The difference in chemistry for me was always that SC were able to create emotion, just through their eye contact and small touches like no other acting couple. For example, this scene. And here I actually didn't see any difference between the fiktive characters JC and the actors SC.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I haven't seen that in the new seasons and that's exactly what part of Vanessa's job is, at least if you believe her last interview. „It is also that we have to make that distinction between character and actor at the end of the day. That’s the trickiest part – how do we separate the character’s sex life from the actor’s sex life and make choices that are informed from character, not from what we might personally bring from our own lives into the room“
And honestly, if SC had succeeded in this separation personally/acting from the beginning, the last 7 years of her "private" life would probably have been much more relaxed.
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matan4il · 5 months ago
Hi! Sorry if these has been discussed before and sorry if the take may sounds silly, but what's your take on 4x14's will scene having some sort of mutual rejection effect talks I've seen lately? Also, speaking of rejection, what's the possibility of Eddie thinking that he can't have someone working in high risk jobs (first responders like firefighters, soldiers, cops) as his "partner" now that he knows Christopher has a panic attack over the possibility of his dad dying because of his job?
Hi lovely!
Thank you so much for this ask, it def wasn't discussed on my blog yet. But even if it were, I'm always up for a nice chat, you never know what new insights you might stumble onto. ;)
So as I've mentioned before, due to my vertigo making reading difficult, I haven't come across this idea of a mutual rejection in the will scene in 414. So I tried to think what that might refer to and I'm honestly at a loss? The most I could come up with is that maybe Buck would experience it as rejection that the legal status he's been given in Christopher's life is only in the event of Eddie's death, but I honestly couldn't come up with a single idea on why Eddie would experience the scene as being rejected by Buck... If you'd like to illuminate me on this, I'm here to listen!
As for the aspect of the will tying Buck to Chris legally only if Eddie's gone (i.e, assuming I guessed right), I honestly don't think Buck would experience this as rejection. Because think of Buck, who's been left behind and ACTUALLY rejected HIS ENTIRE LIFE starting with HIS OWN PARENTS, the people who we first experience the world and our place in it through, who was then also abandoned by HIS FIRST TWO MEANINGFUL ROMANTIC ATTACHMENTS, and who then met an elderly man he identified with (Red) only to learn that Red has also been left behind by everyone that mattered to him, think of Buck who's so filled with this fear of being rejected that he thinks he's easily replaceable by JUST ABOUT ANYBODY (as we saw when Eddie first shows up, and when Buck first sees Lena Bosko) and that no matter how much history and love he has with the people he's closest to, he doesn't believe it's enough for them to forgive him for something that isn't even his fault (his certainty that he has to leave the 118 because he thinks he broke it by making Chim leave).
Buck started out his friendship with Eddie by being sure this man, who is too incredible for words, will immediately replace him. And instead, he discovered this guy honestly wanted to be Buck's friend. And then next, this man trusted Buck with telling him about Chris, despite having a millisecond of hesitation. Eddie also showed him Christopher's picture. And went with him to pick up Chris. Which would be amazing amounts of trust even under normal circumstances, to have a parent so trusting regarding their kid with a colleague they were off to a rocky start with, but even more so when that kid has CP! And Eddie showed Buck that trust and kept letting Buck more and more into their lives. And here's the thing: this isn't something Buck could automatically expect. Think of other parent at the 118, we never see Buck being so embraced into a family unit and a co-parent position as he is with Chris, so he must know that this is out of the ordinary amounts of trust. And then Buck thinks he broke Eddie's trust by losing Chris during the tsunami. Yet, the next thing he knows is that Eddie turns around and says, "don't be silly, of course you didn't, in fact I TRUST YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE, MY FAMILY INCLUDED, WITH MY KID." This moment isn't something Buck would expect to happen, but it did.
And then Eddie topped it all off by showing that HE WILL ALWAYS HAVE THIS MUCH TRUST IN BUCK, even after he's gone. He doesn't just trust Buck to take Chris to the zoo and have fun with him there, HE TRUSTS BUCK WITH CHRISTOPHER'S EDUCATION AND WELL BEING AND WHOLE FUTURE. He trusts Buck TO FIGHT FOR CHRISTOPHER MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE EVER WILL. And then he adds, "That's what I want for him". THAT'S WHAT I WANT FOR HIM. There's not a splinter of rejection there in my book, Nonnie.
Just think: Buck, that first time he saw Christopher's pic, probably knew he was already being afforded a lot of trust, he never could have dreamed Eddie would ever put THIS MUCH TRUST, that he would one day make Buck THE LEGAL GUARDIAN OF HIS KID. And yeah, the context is what would happen if Eddie died. That's like meeting and befriending a king just 'coz you like the man wearing the crown and 'coz you think he's awesome, expecting nothing in return, secretly being scared he would stop being your friend one day 'coz he's a king, what can you possibly offer a king? And instead one day, out of nowhere, he offers you half his kingdom. When you didn't expect him to give you a thing! I don't think you'd look at it and go, "well, this is just HALF a kingdom, not all of it, so this is rejection."
And yeah, it does mean that there's still space in Eddie and Chris' current life that isn't occupied by Buck, but then... this scene was just s4, we have more seasons ahead of us and still need more places this family unit could advance to...
I'm sorry I kept going all caps, they just make me go feral for real. XD And also sorry if after all of this, it turns out I guessed wrong. But even if I did, I hope you enjoyed reading my rambling thoughts on the epic nature of what we've had with Buddifer already! Thank you again for the ask! xoxox
To anyone else who sent me an ask, I am going through all of them, thank you so much for your patience! If you wanna check whether I've replied to yours yet, you can have a look at my ask tag. xoxox
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itsclydebitches · 3 months ago
"I believe it was in a RWBY Rewind where they stated that silver eyes have those additional notches, a detail also seen in Maria’s flashback." - Ah, yes, another thing that’s important to the lore of RWBY that’s ISN’T EXPLAINED IN THE SHOW ITSELF. GOD DAMN IT! You know what? I’m glad. I’m glad they’re doing this, because I know to never fucking do this when I’m writing a story.
As is often the case, it's a potentially easy fix that would help other aspects of the story along the way. Namely, Ruby's lack of interest in her own super-powered ability. Give us just a single scene where she asks Ozpin about her eyes and, during that conversation, raises the concern that others like Mercury have this ability too. Cue a single line about how, no, they're gray eyes and here's the difference. The thing about writing smart, compelling characters is that they should usually be hitting on the same questions your audience is (minus what the audience knows through their omniscient perspective, or a bias/motivation that's influencing the character, etc. That's why so many fans jumped to, "Ruby never asked because she's traumatized and can't handle being different right now." The creation of these headcanons highlight how much the audience expects explanations to exist for these questionable decisions... but RT doesn't provide them). I don't blame RT for making the mistake in the first place. If I remember the RWBY Rewind correctly, they freely admitted that putting gray eyes in a silver eye story was kinda a bad call and from Volume 2 on (I believe) implemented a new design choice to help distinguish them. Those notches don't appear until later.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So it's an understandable mistake to make when writing as you go and RT definitely took one step to help smooth it over... they just left it purely as a meta explanation, not an in-universe one. Which, on its own is far from the end of the world, but decisions like this became exacerbated over the years, leading to moments like Ironwood's semblance being explained off-screen too (while getting an example of it wrong in the process...) So much of early RWBY is easy to shrug off because sure, they're figuring the show out, haven't thought out every detail yet, that's alright. But instead of working to integrate those ideas once they did know what's happening — have the group ask about silver eyes, about the gods, let Ironwood use his semblance on screen, etc. — RT went hard in the opposite direction of leaving even more outside of the narrative proper. Obviously I can't speak to their actual thought process here, but it feels like a case where they got the wrong message from that original benefit of the doubt. Rather than going "Okay, our fandom was forgiving in the early years, but now that we have a better handle on this tale we'll put in that work" they went, "Oh, everyone is okay with information not being in the main text? Cool. Stick it in a side novel, or a video game, or an interview. If someone really wants to be sure of something they can pay for a Cameo about it. That's all easier than finding ways to naturally integrate it into the main story."
Honestly, as someone getting more into Lord of the Rings atm, it's a fascinating look at the difference between a master craftsman wielding additional information and newer writers wielding it. Tolkien (generally speaking) allows his supplementary material to enrich an already solid world. I have questions while reading the Hobbit/LotR, but they're questions born of additional curiosity, not confusion. RT really struggles to determine what information would simple enrich a world and what's actually necessary for the viewer to follow along, or for the characters to not look like they're completely indifferent to what's going on around them.
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vaseshipghost · 3 months ago
A review of Belle (2021) (spoiler free)
Just came back from seeing Belle (saw the dub just in case y'all wanted to know cause my local cinema didn't have sub today. Don't be mad at me for it.). This is my proper introduction to Mamoru Hosoda, as I hadn't see any of his movies before, but I know OF them. I wanted to see this one though as my proper introduction to his film catalogue because I am a DIE-HARD fan of the Beauty and the Beast formula and the idea of a version that utilizes digital technology as an underlying theme. It's my favorite classic fairytale, hell the Disney variant is my all time favorite Disney film and one of my all time favorite movies, most days usually being MY FAVORITE. So yeah, accidentally high bar set for me, the casual anime fan I be (yes, despite all my reblogging of anime stuff. I'm mostly a causal fan of anime. Very few things I hop on full drive for, so I don't religiously follow the seasonal lineups). Anyway, being the die hard Beauty and the Beast fan I am as well as a newcomer to Mamoru Hosoda's films AND a mostly causal fan of anime.....how was Belle?
Well, to be honest, I had a fantastic time all in all. The music was wonderful, the animation especially for the scenes in U was beautiful (shout-out to veteran Disney Animator Jin Kim for making the original character sheets that led to Belle's design looking like a perfect anime/Disney blend.), and I'm blown away especially by the acting, particularly for Suzu/Belle. She had a perfect voice for the character and her singing was absolutely gorgeous. She got down every song pitch perfect as well as all of Suzu's emotions through the film. She sounded just like the Japanese VA's singing (at least what I heard from the trailer cause I went into this movie blind as possible), and if I remember right, this was the voice acting debut for Suzu's English VA. I truly hope she gets more roles, especially if they can have her sing, because she is truly wonderful as a talent. I would say there's one voice that seemed off to me, one of the two guy characters in the real world who is friends with Suzu sounded nothing like how his design looked to me. But that's honestly me just nitpicking cause putting that aside, he didn't do a bad job. Actually he was quite funny and did a lot of funny gimmicks through the movie that made me laugh.
I also like how the movie ended. Without getting into spoilers for how the movie ended for those who haven't seen it yet, this movie takes a different route for the usual ending of the traditional Beauty and the Beast formula and I think it's very welcome. I know that so far, Mamoru doesn't do sequels for his movies, but I think that's okay in this case. The movie ended beautiful as is and since it also ended with a few loose ends untied (again, not spoiling which ones), the fanfiction community can do that for us and I am welcoming it. If y'all can link me to some good Belle fanfics, PLEASE DO! All in all, if you can get a ticket for this movie in your area, PLEASE DO! This movie has everything any fans of Mamoru Hosoda would probably like and if you're a fellow Beauty and the Beast fan, do see this! Believe it or not, there are references to the Disney one in here and you'll squeal in delight when you see them. I know I did! If you want to see it dubbed, go ahead! The dub is fantastic, and no I wont accept any "sub is superior" arguments. Kindly leave those to yourself, please. But if you can't see the dub, that's fine. From the bits of the sub I remember from the trailer, it sounded pretty good. Hell I was originally gonna see it in sub, but it wasn't available in my area, hence my dub viewing.
TLDR: Go see Mamoru Hosoda's Belle. Just GO SEE IT! It's worth the money!
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an-austere-weeb · 11 months ago
I decided to reread the MHA LN Chapter 4, you know, the canon bkdk angsty slow-burn fanfic 😌😌 Spreading the BKDK LN agenda because WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS MORE !!
Anyway, I FOUND ANOTHER TRANSLATION but sadly OP haven't finished it yet 😢
And since I need an emotional outlet so I can scream at how they're so canon, Im'ma do it here ahwjdhfjsh 👀✨
Warning: Long post; potential manga spoilers
Tumblr media
– I forgot that this chapter literally started with the angst 😭 Deku saying that he can't imagine having lunch with Kacchan is like a pain in the gut. He just wanna be friends with his Kacchan again 😢
Tumblr media
– One word, ✨SOULMATES ✨ afshshahah PLS, even the universe can't help but ship them together 😩✋ they're fruityness is on whole a new level I CAN'T 💚🧡
Tumblr media
– I see what you're doing Bakugou 👀 You really can't leave your sweet broccoli behind huh?? Also, crybaby Macchan and aggressive Takkun?? 🤔 Do I need to say more? 🧐
Tumblr media
– If that's not flirting then idk what is 🤷 also, "In front of my soba? Really?" (Todoroki, probably)
– There's no ss but I just wanna give a special mention to jealous!Bakugou. No cos srsly, implying you're not friends with Deku as if you're not dying to hold his hand then getting irritated over Todoroki claiming the "friend" card 😩 Just, Bakugou, don't @ me ☺️💢
Tumblr media
– The angst had reached full force it seems ಥ‿ಥ The line was cut but it actually says "Not friends, just childhood friends" 😭😭 and I am telling you Im'ma throw my brand new book when Bakugou explicitly acknowledges Midoriya as his boyfriend. Because before they were rivals, Bakugou and Midoriya were first friends. And I'm not saying that they aren't one now because we as readers, can definitely see they care for each other. But the question is, do they already see the other as a friend and not just a mere rival? They don't cos they're boyfriends your honor
Tumblr media
– Tbh, It still haven't sinked in that this is kind of canon 🤧 This is such a cliched romantic scene like wtf?? So what's next? The full moon is illuminating half of Bakugou's face, red eyes glowing and face soft from the natural white luminescence or something sappy like that?? 😩😩 I love it
Tumblr media
– Izuku in this LN chapter whenever he talks about Bkg: ✨ THEIR RELATIONSHIP ✨
– I know, I get it. You don't have to shove it my face every single time Deku 😌 and pls, why are you still flirting at the middle of the night?? Or was it pining that I see 🤔 i mean comparing each other to their kid parallels 😕 hmm a severe case of mutual pining indeed
Tumblr media
– Yes yes, of course you're only looking for food stalls Mr. Bakugou "Tsundere" Katsuki, I completely don't believe that you're worried about the kids. No! of course not! Who says you want the kids to reconcile so they wouldn't experience the pain that you and a certain green had gone through?? Hahaha I mean It's not like they're your parallel what??hmmm no no, go on, look for takoyaki or smthn ☺️☺️
– Wait, did the last part say '"Bakugou grabbed Izuku's face and pushed it away..." Aksfksjdhdisjs what in the actual gay fanfic is this??!! Or wait, is this what Bkg usually do to Deku in the official art he's like, I love agressively gripping your head as I entangle my fingers on your soft curls but no homo💀
Since OP's translation isn't complete, I'm going to use Lau Ren's translation and yes I'm continuing this shit even though Tumblr mobile only lets me post 10 pics per post
Tumblr media
– Bkdk domesticity with children pt. 95736 💚🧡 They love kids so much 😩 Yk I'd donate my kidney just to see this ANIMATED ✨ like this has so much fluff potential 🤧 Or at the very least a drama CD. I'd ascend 😭
Tumblr media
– WHAT THE FUDGE ?!! I'M SCREAMING 😭 I SAY IT AGAIN 💞 SOULMATES✨ and pls, it has my favorite fic trope, Bakugou Katsuki is Bad at Feelings. Anyway, I need a minute to collect myself cos I can't move past the "With the said person himself nearby, Kacchan thought his fate had gone crazy" ( ≧Д≦) dammit Katsuki, why r u so gay. Izuku loves you, you emotionally constipated gremlin
I have reached my 10 picture limit so I'm just gonna copy paste some of the twts 💀 I hope I don't get in trouble lmao Xd
- Kacchan fixed his gaze to Deku who looked relieved. "He..."
- Somehow, Kacchan remembered the fight they had after All Might's retirement. It was the first time they were able to let out their conflicts sincerely. Although his fear towards Deku had decreased since then, there was still a feeling of disgust about Deku being a hero who save others residing in Kacchan.
- He couldn't understand it. But he knew, there will always a being whom he cannot understand
– Bkg rlly said 👀 on Deku while having angsty thoughts ಥ╭╮ಥ Looking back on this tho, I just can't help but be proud when I remember 285. Bakugou is loud but he is very rational in battles. He thinks of a plan on the spot meaning he's mind is on work 24/7.
– When he had his "My body just moved on its own" moment, Katsuki had understood Deku and his nature to "Save to Win." It'ss that Katsuki must not analyze it with his brain, but instead feel it with his heart 💚🧡 And this is the reason why I badly want to see him on the manga 😭 that was some MAJOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I'm ahwjdhfjsh
– Takkun and Maachan's pinky swear deserves their own mention. They're so pure 😩✋
- He said he still hasn't done hatsumoude so Kacchan can go first, but Kacchan refused and wouldn't let Deku do hatsumoude before him.
- Kacchan tried to take a head start, but in the end, they ended up visiting and praying together.
– AND WE'RE BACK with the gays 😌 hsjdjajs they compete with every single thing it's honestly cute. Also YES THEY PRAYED TOGETHER and shoujo scenes with the main couple praying on the shrine but make it BKDK flashed before my eyes 😖✨
- After finishing their prayers, Deku looked at Kacchan, "What did you wish for?" "Shut up."
- Even with Kacchan's sulking expression seen from the side, Deku felt that they had wished for the same thing.
– DEKU YOU'RE BEING TOO LOUD!! I just can't with these two 😩✋ Both of them are down so bad for each other and you can't tell me otherwise 💚✨🧡
- With those serious eyes, Deku knew they were aiming for the same thing. Win to save, save to win. To be the best heroes.
- Deku knew well that he and Kacchan are polar opposites. But even so, Deku couldn't imagine a world in which Kacchan doesn't exist.
– Deku just went 😍 on Kacchan and thought "I CAN'T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT YOU 🧡💚" (insert Imagine by Ben Platt)
– I can't even stress how much I love this line, y'all this is so misleading I-- this is too much 😭 Anyway, I believe this go both ways. Bakugou can't also see a world without Deku in it, and since Deku decided to be the self-sacrificing person he is, I'll just SCREAM IN CH. 304 ( ≧Д≦)
- Seeing the two praying side by side, he commented, "so you've become good friends now, huh."
- Both of them immediately opposed, and Kacchan threatened to explode Shoto's mouth for saying such a disgusting thing.
– Let's go Todoroki, best wingman 🤣 And flustered Bakugou makes a reappearance hdjsja Dammit half n' half I ain't flirting with Deku fvck you
And this is where it ends afshshaha anyway bkdk canon 💚🧡
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daisybrekker · a year ago
Why I dislike Rule of Wolves:
Obviously if you haven't read Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo and don't like spoilers, skip this post!
I will seperate this post into different sections for it to be easier to read.
Things that will be mentioned:
Leigh's Writing Style
Leigh's Double Standards
The Darkling
Darklina and how Leigh ended them
Mal and Alina
The Crows
David and Genya
🖤Leigh's Writing Style
I can say for a fact that I expected better writing from Leigh, especially after Six of Crows as I thought she'd improve even more than she already had since Shadow and Bone but RoW proved to be a regression. The "banter" that she has is very repetitive and honestly? If she never mentioned who said what, you'd never be able to tell. It's so generic. Furthermore, for some reason, she keeps explaining the things we've already learned in the previous books, numerous times. We already know! We don't need an explanation for the 100th time. It's getting very monotonous, Leigh.
🖤Leigh's Double Standards
I feel like Leigh gets easily offended when the fans interpret something in her books in a way that she doesn't like, so she tries to make it clear "That's not how it is" by making the readers feel stupid for ever thinking that way. The most obvious example is the "reunion" between The Darkling, Alina and Mal. She's clearly aware about how many people downright hated the R&R ending for The Darkling and the fact that not only did Alina end up with the most bland love interest, but also that she lost her powers. So of course, she has Alina state that she didn't give up her powers but was punished for being greedy like The Darkling. And now that she's with the man who basically resented her for having these powers in the first place, she's happy. In this pathetic effort to somehow portray Malina as this HEA couple and maintain The Darkling as "the bad guy", Leigh makes Alina into someone completely different from the OG trilogy (NOT in a good way) She doesn't even mention the fact that Alina knows The Darkling's true name as if their past development has been washed away and once again, he's not worth of redemption. We get it Leigh, you hate the Darkling and anyone who likes him. Move on.
Then there's the sheer hypocrisy within Leigh's magical system and how it works. We have had it made clear previously that the grisha powers are the "small science" and how everything needs to be in balance and harmony. Suddenly, we get Zoya who goes from an ordinary Squaller to having all of these different, UNBALANCED powers. (all summoner powers, reading other's emotions, has visions and the ability to turn into a dragon) It's a bit ridiculous at this point yet, according to Leigh, "BaLaNcE iS iMpOrTaNt". Right...
Another thing that bothered me with her writing was the fact that she kept including lines like "We are all monsters now." or "I am the monster, the monster is me." and "Mercy means nothing if we can't protect our own." Which are supposedly there to highlight the fact that even our "good guys" have villain-like traits in them and how difficult it is to fight certain temptations. Yet once again, The Darkling is despised for his every action even though he had good intentions, which no one elaborates on. It is so frustrating! At this point, I genuinely believe that she wrote this duology just to emphasise to her readers that The Darkling is evil and there's no more to it, which contradicts her own writing so much but whatever. (Let's not forget the fact she literally sidelined Nikolai in HIS OWN duology)
In conclusion, Leigh wants us to interpret her work exactly as she says or she'll make you feel like you're in the wrong throughout her story.
🖤The Darkling
At first I was really excited with the ending of King of Scars and Leigh bringing the Darkling back as I believe he's a very intriguing character with plenty of potential, but reading RoW made me realise that Leigh probably done this for the money. He was used as a cliffhanger to intrigue readers and make them question how he might affect the plot of the next book, will he see Alina again, etc. But she literally treated him like absolute trash and brought him back just to kill him off again and turn him into a tree. What kind of character ending is that?
I understand that many people may believe that he wasn't worthy of a redemption arc and that's okay! But let's be honest, his death in Ruin and Rising was so beautifully poetic and fitting to the end of his story so I genuinely don't understand why Leigh would want to ruin that, unless it is for money purposes. Obviously I can't speak for all readers but I feel like many, whether you hated or loved the Darkling, were quite satisfied with how his story ended in the OG trilogy so this was really just a mess.
Throughout the past years, Leigh has made it clear that she hates the Darklina ship and tries to make us feel bad if we even like him, but it's not our fault when SHE makes him likeable. But in this book? It looks like she couldn't make up her mind on what his personality really is like and was very inconsistent. The Darkling keeps switching between being a deeply troubled and powerful man, who's beginning to realise his wrongdoings, and someone who is still obsessed with reaching his goals no matter what. To be perfectly honest, it's very irritating. For some scenes, we get to see The Darkling's humanity where we learn more about him, and how in reality he longs for company and the safety of his people. Then in the next moment we go back to square one, as if he never had any development. THIS is why I find Leigh very annoying. It's like she wants to irritate the Darkling fans even more by making him look like someone worth saving, just to ruin it and go back to "He's a big bad guy with no hope! Why do you even like him?" We literally have a point where The Darkling helps Nikolai against Fjerda and then suddenly wants to leave him to die. It's pointless! In the end, after all the implications that he's slowly started to second-guess himself and his actions, he claims that he doesn't have any regrets, etc. No matter if you're a Darkling fan or not, you can't tell me that's good writing.
Now, let's talk about the actual circumstance of his second death. He chose to sacrifice himself for Ravka and spend the rest of his life as a tree, in complete misery and isolation. Once again, what? I kind of like his loyalty to Ravka and the Grisha here, but the fact that he doesn't even get any peace whatsoever really annoys me because I genuinely don't believe he deserves this. (Once again, I understand why some people hate him but I did make a post explaining why I think he's a good person deep inside, so read that before you start coming at me🙈) I don't think Leigh realises that not every villain needs to have a tragic ending. In my opinion, The OG trilogy would have been more shocking if The Darkling succeeded or Darklina were endgame, because no one would've expected it! Barely ever do we have the villain win, but that's the thing with The Darkling. She wrote him so well in those books, that I feel like many of the readers would actually be satisfied with a "tragic" ending where Alina decides to be evil, etc. So that's why I thought that RoW would have given him more potential, but nope. She turned him into a tree...
I will admit, as much as I love them together, I knew from the start that even though Leigh resurrected him, they wouldn't end up together. Especially considering that this is a duology centered around Nikolai and the fact that Alina practically got her happy ending with Mal so one last book would be way too little to build up the romance between Darklina again and make them endgame. That doesn't change the fact that once again, Leigh completely screwed us over. Here are some Darklina excerpts from RoW:
Bold: The Darkling / Italics: Alina
"You didn't bring me to Keramzin,"
"No," Alina said, "I didn't want you in my home."
He peered at her. "You look different."
"I'm happy. You never really saw me that way."
"Living in obscurity."
"In peace. We chose the life we wanted."
"Is it the life you'd have chosen if you hadn't sacrificed your power."
"I didn't sacrifice my power. It was taken from me because I fell prey to the same greed that drove you. I paid the price for tampering with Merzost. Just as you once did."
Okay, first of all the "You never saw me happy" is absolute BS and we know it, Leigh knows it too but as I said before, she just has a vendetta against Darklina stans🤷‍♀️THIS from the OG trilogy proves it:
Tumblr media
Secondly, I literally hate how nonchalant Alina apparently is towards him. We have seen that even in his death in R&R, she still cared about him (maybe not love, but she DID care) She mourned his loss as she knew that despite his goals he wasn't truly evil but misguided from a young age, especially with Baghra's teachings (which you can learn more about in his short story, "The Demon in the Wood") but the fact that she is now written like this is completely OOC and honestly cruel. Once again, I understand why people hate Darklina and The Darkling himself but Leigh can't really blame us when she was the one who romanticised them from the beginning and even after his betrayal.
There's also a popular opinion that the only reason the Darkling was ever attracted to Alina was her power and I will admit, that was true at first but not in the end and RoW proves this. The Darkling literally mentions how Alina made him "human again" and that the reason she always bested him was something more than just stubborness and and bravery. It was "something he knew the name of once, a hundred lifetimes ago." I think it's pretty clear he means love but as I mentioned, he doesn't know what love is supposed to feel like since he's been isolated from it by his peers and even his own mother.
Moreover, I will forever stand by the fact that if Darklina was endgame in Ruin and Rising, they would have been an amazing power couple. Sure, Mal is the safe choice for Alina but I don't believe he really loves her. He only started showing interest when she wasn't available at his every beck and call but other than that? He literally flirted and slept with every girl near him without a single thought for Alina. Then when he learned about her true power, instead of trying to help her, he blamed her, etc. Honestly, Mal is just horrible. Sure, call The Darkling toxic, etc. But I do believe that in his own twisted way he really loved Alina and wasn't truly evil like Maven from the Red Queen for example. Here are some quotes for reference:
"I've seen what you truly are," said the Darkling, "and I've never turned away. I never will. Can he say the same?" - (He has seen Alina's flaws, her greed for power yet he still sees her as the same person, meanwhile as soon as Mal found out about the depth of her abilities, he rejected her)
"Do you think I could have come to you again and again, if you had been less alone? You called me and I answered." - (Both of them longed for someone who could understand them, be their equal, not only in power but in mind too.)
“I wanted to see you.” I caught the briefest glimpse of surprise before his face shuttered again. - (This quote right here emphasises how lonely he's been his whole life and the pure shock he feels at the fact that someone would willingly want to spend time with him. Once again shows, he wasn't born evil or made evil out of his own aspirations)
"You live in a single moment. I live in a thousand." - (Highlighting the fact that the Darkling has lived through centuries of isolation, not allowing himself to make any attachments due to what Baghra has taught him from a young age.)
Of course everyone interprets his behavior differently and may believe other things, which is absolutely fine but for me, the way Leigh ended Darklina (ultimately) in RoW was a total mess. It looks like she's salty at the fact that majority of her readers didn't like the way she ended the OG trilogy, therefore she wrote this just to rub it in their faces which isn't a good look for her... (I do see that I have went a bit off track here, ranting more about the Grisha trilogy, which I apologise for🙈)
🖤Mal and Alina
I'm sorry to say this but I didn't like the fact that Leigh made them have an appearance. The fact that I don't ship them aside, they HAD an ending to their story. Similarly to the Darkling, there was no point in bringing them back when she gave them a "final" ending to their story and even telling us what they've decided to do for the future.
I am so disappointed in how Leigh developed Nina's story after SoC. First of all, I understand that Nina couldn't mourn Matthias forever and had to move on at one point but she literally buried him and then suddenly she's getting into a relationship with Hanne? It's so forced and unrealistic that it makes me cringe. There is no way our Nina could move on so quickly from someone she was planning a future life with. Maybe after a couple years, yes but not after 2 months! Looks like Leigh put her in a relationship for the sake of Nina having someone, which doesn't sit right with me at all.
🖤The Crows
As most of us know, Leigh has stated that she'd be open to writing SoC3 but it would be years down the line and our favourite characters would not get happy endings. (I believe she is mainly talking about Kaz and Inej here) Of course, for now Rule of Wolves is set as the last grishaverse book but as it features the Crows quite a bit and even ends with Zoya saying she requests Kaz' help, this gives Leigh an opportunity to write another book centered around them and I'll be honest. I don't want it. From some of my previous rants in this post you may realise that I believe that she has made many characters OOC and ruined certain relationship dynamics. I simply don't want to read a book where she somehow breaks Kanej or Wesper or kills another crow off. All of their endings were perfect in Crooked Kingdom (except for my babies Matthias and Nina) so let's leave it that way. As much as I love the Grishaverse, we don't need her milking it. It's like The Vampire Diaries tv show. First 3-4 seasons were good, and after that? Completely downhill cause the producers were running out of creative ideas.
🖤David and Genya
Okay, I'll admit, they're not one of my OTPs and I didn't really care much for them but David's death was so unnecessary. Genya has already went through so much. (being the King's sex slave, physically mutiliated by nichevo'ya, etc.) Was the death of the only person she could really rely on needed? And on their wedding night too?! At this point, it looks like Leigh just wants to make sure no one gets their happy ending, except her favourites.
I'm not a fan of Zoya at all, I never liked her but the fact that she became Queen of Ravka at the end is just so unfitting in my opinion. I genuinely don't believe she has done anything to deserve this at all. I've always found her to be extremely arrogant and provocative for no reason (The way she treated Alina, Nina, etc). Furthermore, I genuinely hate the fact that she made Zoya so overpowered, just to have a "powerful" MC again. She can master all summoner powers, she can read other's emotions, she has visions and of course, she can turn into a dragon. Let's not forget the fact that she is also referred to as a Sankta by some. I'm not complaining about the fact that Zoya is an MC here, but did Leigh really have to give her all of that? How about a side character becomes the most powerful for a change? Also, the fact that the Darkling somehow supported Zoya becoming queen was just very OOC once again...
Now that my rant is done, keep in mind that not everyone has the same mindset as you, therefore any nasty comments will be deleted.
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miss-smutty · 9 months ago
Brothers - Chapter 11
Summary- You're hit with the bombshell of Chris coming home after a month away and after he left you questioning everything, completely heartbroken. How were you meant to confront him after so long?
Word count- 2K
Pairing- Chris Hems x reader
Warnings- Swearing, a smidgen of violence
18+ only!
Posted: 3rd August 2021
Taglist:- @everything-is-awesomesauce @nicolemt23 @innerpaperexpertcloud @pandaxnienke @chickensarentcheap @jjpogueprincess @longlostinanotherworld @mostly-marvel-musings @darklydeliciousdesires
Brothers Masterlist <<<
Tumblr media
You haven't felt like this about anyone for a very long time and Chris has just made your fear of rejection all too real. You couldn't help the way you felt about him though, still feel about him. You love him and he'd told you he loved you, you'd felt it when he'd said it, you'd seen the look in his eye. So why were you even questioning it? 
In the morning you finally felt the courage to check your phone - Liam had stayed with you all night until you'd calmed down enough to go to bed when the sun had rised and you were no longer taunted by your demons in the dark.
There's multiple text messages and missed calls filling up the screen of your phone. 
I'm sorry I had to leave like that, are you ok? Xx
Read the first one. Your eyes scanned over the rest, mostly saying the same thing.
Y/N please answer. Let me explain myself. I didn't have time to speak to Liam about it all right then and I didn't want to leave on a bombshell.
His excuses made you feel sick to your stomach. You could understand why he did it but there were much better ways for him to go about it that wouldn't have left you feeling heartbroken.
You sighed heavily, putting your phone back onto your bedside table a little bit too forcibly and sinking back into your feather pillows. If you gave in to your impulses you would've text him back straight away but knowing deep down that would be the wrong thing to do, you restrained yourself. It took willpower but you just about managed, he'd made you feel like shit there was no way you were going to forgive him so easily.
As the weeks passed by it became more and more difficult to ignore Chris, he wasn't giving up without a fight which admittedly made you feel a little bit better. You'd ignored him for so long it had become a habit and the fact he wasn't giving in told you he definitely did care about you but he'd made a major mistake and you were going to make him pay.
"Have you spoke to Chris yet?" Liam asked you over lunch. 
"Nope." A sly smile played on your lips, you were kind of enjoying making Chris sweat but you'd never admit it.
"Maybe you should, he's been blowing my phone up trying to get in contact with you. You do know he's coming home this week?"
"What? You stopped with your fork in front of your lips, eyes wide. "No I did not know that, has it been a month already?"
"Uh-huh, and its gonna be massively fucking awkward for me if you two are still arguing." 
"We're not arguing..." You brush your hair behind your ear, sitting up straight in your chair. " We're not even speaking." 
The thought of Chris coming home fills you with dread and excitement all at the same time. You're so excited to see his face and yet dreading the thought of having to deal with your problems.
"When will he be home?" You ask, trying to be casual.
"I don't know, he just said this week. I haven't exactly been speaking to him myself, I'm still pissed off with him."
"And you didn't think to ask what day?.and why are you pissed off? He didn't do anything to you." Your voice was a little too high, it always was when you panicked. Chris could come home at any minute and you weren't mentally prepared for it.
"No, but don't you think him hurting you effects me? You've had a face like a slapped ass for a month for a start and if you want to know so badly why don't you call him?" Liam raised his eyebrows at you, unamused at the whole messenger thing he had going on.
"Pfft, I can't." You push your bowl of food away, suddenly not very hungry anymore. "It's been so long I wouldn't even know what to say." 
"Your drama is honestly making me go grey." Liam runs his hand through his hair, looking at you with raised eyebrows.
"I think you'd look pretty good as a silver fox." You tease.
"I would but still, please sort it out." He gives you the glare. "Anyway, I'm going to have a little get together tonight. You up for it?" 
"A get together or a party?" 
"Well you know how it usually goes, it starts off as a get together but usually turns in to a party." 
"Exactly, well I'm off out with the girls so we'll be there later." 
You finished up your meals, Liam refusing for you to pay as usual, he was such a gentleman, you really wish his brother was a little bit more like him in that way. 
You help Liam greet his guests, smiling and mingling as you go. The ratio of women to men doesn't suprise you one bit, Liam was newly single after all but you roll your eyes anyway after leading yet another group of girls through to the living room.
You watched Liam greeting the girls with the most genuine smile on his face than you'd seen in a while, he was happy, finally and it brought you great pleasure.
Your heart stops beating when you hear Chris's distinctive Australian accent carry above the noise in the room, you can feel his eyes burning into your back as you turn around to find him. Your tummy fluttering when your eyes meet, unable to hide how much you've actually missed him from your face. He smiles sheepishly at you making your tummy somersault, excusing himself politely from the group of girls that had circled around him and making his way over to you, when Liam steps in his way, blocking his path.
"I don't want to make a scene here but you've got some serious explaining to do." Liam says sternly.
"I know... I... I wasn't honest with you before I left." 
"That's putting it lightly. Y/N told me everything." You watched the exchange between the brothers, your nerves going into overdrive. You could hear Liam's friend talking to you but you weren't focusing on him, his words just a distant noise, your attention solely on the brothers. Brothers who looked like they were about to fight. Because of you.
"What are you, her bodyguard? If there's anyone I need to answer to it's Y/N, are you gunna let me past?" You watched as Chris' jaw tensed, the muscles in his neck becoming more prominent and you knew things were getting heated.
"If you're gunna treat her like shit Chris then yeah I am, the manly thing to do was come clean. It was a pussy move and you know it." People were starting to watch and your cheeks were burning but you were routed to the spot. Unable to move all you could do was stare blankly.
"Are you calling me a pussy?"
"Yeah, I'm calling you a fucking pussy." Liam shoved Chris square in his chest, he barely moved but his jaw clenched together, the tendons in his neck straining with rage.
Why, why, why were you stood watching this and not doing something about it? Your two favourite people in the whole world were about to fight each other and you're stood watching like it's a fucking soap opera.
You could see Chris thinking, debating about what he should do. Should he give his brother a free pass - he did deserve it, or should he fight back - he'd already called him a pussy he didn't want people actually believing it. 
He decided to let it go, moving past him to get to you when Liam shoved him again, this time he wasn't expecting it and almost fell over, recovered himself and then went for Liam. Your mouth hung open, your legs started moving before you registered what was happening.
"Stop! Please stop!" You screamed, Liam's friends coming to the rescue and holding them both back. Tears in your eyes at the thought of them fighting each other
You looked up at Liam's friend holding Chris back. "It's ok, I've got him." You took Chris by the hand, leading him away from Liam, weaving through the crowd that had gathered, pissed off that they'd caused such a scene in public but you needed to get them away from each other so they could both calm down.
Chris walked into your room and you closed the door behind him, resting your head against it for a minute.
"What the fuck was that?" You question, turning around to face him.
"Don't ask me, what exactly did you say to Liam while I was gone?" 
"Are you really trying to blame me? I told him the truth Chris, like you should've done." He hung his head in shame. His elbows resting on his knees and his head in his hands.
"Yeah I know but let me explain."
"I haven't got time for it now." You start shuffling through your wardrobe. "I need to get ready." You say with your back to him.
"Ready for what?"
"I'm going out with the girls." You turn around slowly, looking at him, taking him all in. You've missed him so much, why does he have to be so damn attractive.
Then he gives you that sexy smile and your knees almost cave but you remind yourself of the things he said, willing yourself to stay angry with him.
"Do you have to go? I've only just got back." You start going through your wardrobe, if you had your back to him you could distract yourself from the heavy sexual tension between you. The need to run up to him and wrap you legs around him, telling him all was forgiven while you kissed every inch of his damn fine body. 
"Yeah I'm going. You don't get to treat me like that and then just come back and act like nothings happened." 
"Y/N can you please stop being so stupid, this is ridiculous." He said sitting down on the end of your bed with his head in his hands.
"I'm being stupid? Are you for real?" You take off your clothes until you're left in just your underwear, turning around to look at him with your hands on your hips.
"Ok sorry that was the wrong thing to say, I've been trying to speak to you every day for a month. Did you not miss me?" He looks up, his eyes widening when he sees you in your underwear.
"You're always saying the wrong thing aren't you?" Now can you leave, I need to get ready and I want to do it in peace." You point to the door, your hand falling limply by your side when you watch Chris licking his lips, his eyes focusing everywhere but your face.
"Do you have to go? I think I can find a way of making you forgive me." 
"You can't just fuck your way outta this one Chris, I'm not a toy for you to do as you please with." 
"You're so hot when you're angry... I'm really trying not to fuck you senseless right now." He bites on his fist watching your anger falter.
"We're just friends aren't we?" You say rather bitterly
"We're not just friends and you fucking know it, friends don't do this shit -" he says as he moves in front of you, his hands wrapping around you and resting on your plump cheeks. "I told you I loved you and I fucking meant it. Can we please forget what I said? I didn't think about it until after I'd said it and I tried to call you straight away to apologize."
"Do what?" You reply trying to keep your calm as his hands electrify your body.
He cups your ass and lifts you into his arms, you instinctively wrap your legs around his hard torso. He lays you back onto the bed and kisses you deep, his tongue desperately finding yours as he thrusts his bulge into your tingling pussy. Your body betrays you as you let out a low moan, you feel him groan from deep inside as his prehistoric nature takes over.
"That." he says breathlessly.
"I'm still going out tonight but I'll be back later." You say between him kissing down your neck, savouring every last inch of your taste. "You can think about how you can make it up to me while I'm gone and before that you better go grovel to Liam, I think he's even more pissed off than me."
"Oh baby, you're not even going to know your own name by the time I'm finished with you never mind anything else." 
"This doesn't mean you're forgiven, this means I'm giving you a chance." 
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macandriley · a year ago
5x10 – A Very MacRiley "Analysis"
Well, I definitely didn't expect to be making another AVMA post, but I am a woman of my word.
Below the cut, I will be discussing last night's episode of MacGyver (2016) titled "Diamond + Quake + Carbon + Comms + Tower"—particularly in reference to the relationship between Mac and Riley (with mentions of Mac x Desi as well).
So if you haven't seen it yet, do be aware: this post contains spoilers.
Without further adieu, let's get into it.
The Cold Open
Tumblr media
Here we see Mad Scientist Mac tooling around in his kitchen, rambling about pressurized carbon and diamonds. I won't bore you by going into details, but I will give a brief rundown:
Bozer walks in.
Bozer is weirded out by Mac's strange behavior.
Mac reveals he intends to propose to Desi with a diamond he cooked up in a box (side note: I am so here for conflict free genius diamonds).
But I digress.
I won't lie and say this entire thing was surprising. The intended proposal was a touch predictable; everyone on Twitter had been hypothesizing about it for weeks before the episode even aired.
Still, when I heard those words come out of Mac's mouth, my heart absolutely shattered.
I pictured a wedding. Having to watch them say I do while Riley stood off to the side.
And then logic set in.
Why on God's green earth would this man want to marry a woman he's only really been on good terms with for a few weeks? Why would he want to take that next step when she's been so hesitant to even call him her boyfriend?
Well, Mac himself said it best. "Ever since I lost my dad and Jack, I've been thinking about the bigger picture. And a commitment to make things work is exactly what Desi and I need."
Problem One
As Mac said, this newfound craving for marriage does not come from a genuine desire to take that next step. It's influenced by loss. By grief.
Which isn't inherently an issue. Mortality is a great motivator for soul-searching and self-discovery.
However, when it comes to matters of the heart, acting out of grief can often be more detrimental than helpful. It can cause you to cling to what you have left, sometimes in ways that are unhealthy.
Which brings me to:
Problem Two
Mac clearly does not view marriage with Desi as something he truly wants. As an act of love or genuine devotion.
To him, it seems more like a desire to force things to work. Like a business contract. "If we're married, we have no choice but to talk it out."
Which makes sense when you consider that, in 4x04, Mac admitted he and Desi were clinging to the familiar instead of actual substance. He wants to make it work because the alternative is being alone.
And to be frank, that doesn't frame MacDesi in a very good light at all.
I Probably Shouldn't Tell You This
Before Mac, Riley, and Desi are sent off on their mission to Mexico City, Bozer pulls Riley aside and, presumably, tells her about Mac's intentions to marry Desi.
I won't go into detail on that here, but it's important to later scenes, so I felt it deserved a mention for that reason alone.
Plus, it only further confirms, at least in my mind, that Riley still has enough feelings for Mac for Bozer would worry about her. So...a win?
Got A Secret, Can You Keep It?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After Mac runs off to play Murdoc's little game, Riley and Desi follow him. One thing leads to another, and the trio winds up on the roof of a skyscraper, unable to unlock the doors and get back inside.
Cornered, they are absolutely at Murdoc's mercy.
So what does this glorious psychopath do?
He tells Mac the one thing he has never been able to figure out on his own. That Riley had feelings for him and buried them deep, deep down. That having to watch him and Desi was genuinely hurting her.
I love this scene for several reasons. The most important of them being: I really don't think either of them would have said anything if Murdoc hadn't done this.
They are both so self-sacrificing. So willing to give up their happiness so that they won't get in the way of other people's' joy.
Getting that little push opened them both up to experiencing feelings they'd previously denied. Which is super important for people like them, who don't have a lot of experience with touchy-feely type situations.
And the best part?
I think Desi truly realized all of that. She wasn't mad. She wasn't bitter. She saw this happen, realized the lengths Riley went to to protect her feelings, and accepted it. She refused to let them be distracted by it, and looked after Ri like a real teammate would.
Her not holding that against them isn't something I would have expected way back when this season first started. But you could really see that, as much as she probably didn't enjoy hearing that, she understood it.
Sidebar - Desi
While I think the shift in Desi's character is abrupt and I would've preferred a more transformative storyline, I'm honestly not mad about how they're writing her.
If this continues to be how she's written, and it all remains consistent, I can personally overlook the sudden shift in behavior for her.
Because honestly, Peter Lenkov was a dick, and I can get not wanting to continue on with the toxicity he injected into D for even a moment.
Hug It Out
Tumblr media
When all is said and done, Mac lets Riley know that they don't have to talk about it. Which is super considerate, if a little obnoxious.
She, being the wise and tired babie she is, decides it's best to be honest. So she explains what happened in Germany. And finally, after months of waiting, it's all laid out in the open. Just like that.
There is not much to analyze in this scene other than the hug itself.
Riley shuts her eyes, holding onto him like she can't quite believe he's real and Mac sighs, because god, he did not expect for his day to go like this. And he definitely didn't think he'd feel so oddly satisfied that it did.
So they just stand there, rocking slightly, comforted by each other's embrace.
The only word that came to mind when watching it go down for the first time was: safe. They almost looked like they were at home in each other's arms. At peace.
And as someone who has loved these two deeply since season one, it's so heartwarming to see them have that kind of connection with someone. Even more so to see them find it in each other.
Knock Knock. Who's There?
Tumblr media
Mac. That's who.
Late at night, after contemplating his proposal again (boy, why?), we see Mac leave his house. He shows up at an apartment building, knocks on a door, and...
Oh look, it's Riley's place.
She's shocked.
He asks if her feelings are really gone.
And...cut to black.
I am not foolish enough to assume this will be easy. It's entirely possible she'll lie and say she's over him to uncomplicate things.
But this is the closest we have ever been to canonization. And I think it speaks volumes that Mac is the one making the first move.
We don't often get to see the more emotional aspects of this show through his point of view. It's usually the people around him who are allowed to feel things, and him who deals with the aftermath.
Yet here we are. He was the one to seek out Riley. To take the leap.
And I think that speaks a lot to his own emotional growth.
In Conclusion
Monica Macer is the bait and switch queen. 5x10 was an emotional ride I did not ask to go on, but I'm pleasantly surprised by the final destination.
Here's hoping I can write another one of these after 5x11.
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twin-books · 2 months ago
👀 + canon Felix and Nino?
Hi, Golden! Sorry this is late but thank you for the ask! <3 Also, sorry but someone else asked about canon Felix so I answered there. Okay so um... Nino... Um... Ugh... I... like.... words... I... UGH Alright, so here's the thing about Nino, okay. I actually had no feelings for him most of the time after season 2. Like he actually officially became what Sabrina was for me since the beginning. Forgettable at best, annoying at worst. But I did want him to get some focus episodes and get a chance to shine. But now I am begging Nino to go back to being boring and a little annoying but at least a decent friend and boyfriend. I am begging for something that can never happen. QwQ Look, I haven't seen all of Rocketear but I have seen the scene with Nino and Adrien and boy was I freaking angry. I didn't think the ml team could do it. I didn't think they could assassinate a character faster than what they did with Chloe. I can't believe I had the nerve to challenge the ml team because, gosh darn it, they did it. That one scene was enough to ruin Nino for me. Now every time I see his face all I can think about is that scene. I can't believe he sees Alya hug Chat once and firmly believes she is somehow cheating on him. I don't care if he has low self-esteem. Boy, you were such a good boyfriend... What the freak happened? Despite it being endlessly annoying, at least it makes sense that he would think Chat would sneak in a move or two on his girlfriend considering he doesn't know Chat Noir that well. I hated it but at least that made freaking sense. Also, I don't need yet another character telling Chat Noir how much he sucks to his freaking face, okay. We get it. He's irresponsible, obnoxious, careless, and a clown. We freaking get it. Now can you freaking do something with that and actually allow him to improve??? I can't even be excited at the potential angst of Nino telling his best friend to his face that he sucks because I know it will go no where. And what's worse? I can't even entirely disagree with Nino about Chat. He is obnoxious. Especially this season. But what he said about Alya really ticks me off because he was actually a pretty great boyfriend before that and it was originally Alya who I had the complaints with in the DJWifi relationship. (Ironic how season 4 has completely twisted my opinions around where I'm finding myself more on Alya and Marinette's side lately). Like they've been together for 4 seasons. That's the most solid relationship this show has focused on. Why the freak now does his low self-esteem suddenly make another appearance and why does he now suddenly have trust issues? Also, the nerve of this boy to go and spill his girlfriend's secret without her freaking consent! And he doesn't even tell her he told Adrien! Oh, but don't worry guys, I'm sure that just happened off-screen like Adrien's sudden obsession with cataclysm. We wouldn't want to show any important context to the show because that could possibly push aside some sweet, sweet Lovesquare bait or humiliating Marinette and Chat Noir time. : )  I'm sorry, I am just so mad about this! I miss the Nino of season 1 like I miss every other character from season 1! I wish Nino was still boring. :' ) Basically, the writers somehow ruined another character for me that I didn't even feel much for in the first place. That takes talent, honestly. 1/10 for Nino (the 1 stands for season 1 Nino whom I still love with all my heart). Sorry this was so salty. Thanks for the lovely ask, Golden. I hope you're having a lovely day, afternoon, evening, night or whatever time it is where you are. <3 Send Me a Miraculous Character
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disapoitment · a year ago
Am I about to overanalyse another throwaway gag? Absolutely! This time it's from the classic season one episode, Napoleon Brainaparte.
Tumblr media
So, towards the very end of this episode, our poor, beloved mice are about to meet their tragic end. They're threateningly informed that an afterlife awaits them, and as they cower in what they believe to be their final moments, the viewers are given a glimpse into their heads...specifically, what they each imagine heaven to be like. This scene surprised me on my first watch, because it was pretty unexpected. And surprisingly...sweet?
Let's start off with Brain's idea of heaven, which is shown first.
Tumblr media
Right off the bat we have him surrounded by a chorus of Pinky angels. This is one of the rebuttals I have for people who doubt Brain cares about Pinky...I mean, if I didn't like someone, I definitely wouldn't include them in my idealised afterlife, nevermind multiple versions of them!
Uh, I digress. The thing I actually want to draw attention to here is the fact that Brain actively desires Pinky in his life (or, afterlife, in this case) and can't imagine existing, in any form, without him. We've seen it time and time again, from the episode "Snowball" to that one story from the comics, but this is one of the earliest, most apparent instances of it in the show. This scene alone proves to the audience that Brain isn't using Pinky to reach his goals, but genuinely sees him as a friend and a companion. And maybe there's an unhealthy splash of codependancy in there.
To take this a step further, an afterlife is commonly portrayed as a sort of perfect world; a place of eternal happiness, even. It's safe to assume from this daydream that Brain subconsciously associates Pinky with the same joy and contentment associated with heaven. We can even interpret this scene as Brain viewing Pinky as an angel, which is not only heart-wrenchingly sweet, but makes a fair bit of sense, all things considered.
After all, though Brain himself tends to shy away from explicit displays of emotions and empathy, he's been established to admire these traits in others. In "TV or not TV", he claims to find Princess Diana (who was well-known for her activism) attractive, and he repeatedly praises Pinky's kind nature throughout the series, even when it directly interferes with a plan. He even sabotages his own plots when Pinky objects for moral reasons, eg "Inherit The Wheeze", and then there's the iconic instance of him DESTROYING his own machinery after tearing up over Pinky's Christmas letter. I believe this is why Pinky is an angel in Brain's eyes: he's compassionate, he's pure-hearted, and he's innocent. Well, innocent in the sense of intention, at least. Pinky represents all the things Brain is too afraid to be himself, lest morality get in the way of his goals.
On top of that, Pinky always stays by Brain's side. He's the only person/mouse who has never left him, hurt him, or betrayed him. It's natural that someone so lonely, cynical and self-loathing as Brain would view his polar opposite as a literal angel...or, even more impactfully, a full chorus of them. Of course Brain's idealised heaven has himself as an angel too, but I'd say that's either his ego coming into play (he's both self-hating and conceited) or just to serve as a visual signifier that he's...um, dead. The flock of Pinky angels is what I'm focusing on here, because the sheer amount of them in comparison to Brain highlights them in this miniature megalomaniac's reverie. And also because it's more interesting to take the analysis in this direction! ♡
Tumblr media
Honestly, there's not quite as much I can say about this segment of the scene. Brain is on a throne, so presumably he's imagining himself ruling...heaven? Good for you, Brain!
It's very in-character for Brain to put himself as the centrepiece of his ideal afterlife, and as much as I love this little guy, the angel imagery is obviously ironic. Whether intentional or not, this can be connected to his egotism, as well as his belief that everything he does, no matter how severe or morally corrupt, can be justified by the end goal of ruling Earth and making it a better place. I don't believe that Brain genuinely sees himself as an angel when it comes to his purity, but rather that he thinks all his sins can be forgiven if/when he becomes the "benevolent dictator" (his words, not mine) of the planet...or maybe that's just what he tells himself to be able to sleep at night.
He looks noticeably very content and calm as an angel. I would go off on a tangent about how this is a version of Brain who is finally freed from the burden of his never-ending cycle of failure, and that this suggests that he needs to break out of his world domination obsession to ever be truly happy, but...I'll spare you.
Tumblr media
Oh, Pinky. Poor, poor Pinky. He's so selfless that it stings :(
It says a painful amount that in his idea of heaven...he's not even in it. I don't think he hates himself, yet he's so good-natured that he ends up neglecting his own desires for the sake of others. In this scene, he has literally forgotten to include himself in his own idealised world. I hate to say this, but this could be a result of his codependent relationship with Brain. He's so focused on Brain's happiness and goals that his life almost revolves around him at this point, and as I mentioned before, they fall apart without eachother. Pinky pours his heart and soul into helping Brain, partly because he genuinely believes Brain will make the world a better place, and partly because he'd do almost anything for Brain's sake. His love for Brain is so strong that he's the focus of Pinky's own paradise.
What I find significant is Brain taking the role of every single angel in the fantasy. He's portrayed as a sweet and wholesome creature wearing a cute smile, a stark contrast to reality. Even just him being an angel in the first place implies that this is how Pinky sees him. A big part of the latter's motivation to help Brain take over the world, though scarcely mentioned in the show itself, is so it can become a happier, nicer place for everyone. As a determined optimist, Pinky shares the desire to improve the Earth, and so views Brain as a sort of hero, someone surely worthy of a halo and wings.
His view of Brain as a good person can be explained further when we consider that he doesn't mind being bopped (and in some interpretations, downright enjoys it), can shrug off any verbal abuse, and clings onto any snippets of warmth he receives from Brain. The things others would raise their eyebrows at are things Pinky ignores or adores. I think it's safe to say that, overall, Pinky is the type to focus on his friend's positive traits and simply ignore most of the negatives, as seen in "Pinky's Plan" when he gives an extremely sugarcoated description of Brain to the world leaders. Because of all this, in Pinky's mind, Brain truly is an angel. It's bittersweet, really.
Tumblr media
And here we have it again. Brain on the throne, ruling. This is all Pinky truly wants—for his friend to be happy, fulfilled and at peace, making whatever world he may rule a better place. There's not an awful lot more to say now, since this is just a repeat of the scene from Brain's fantasy, but I think that's the most heartwarming part. These two mice are working towards the exact same goal, and yet their reasons for doing so are quite different: Brain to rule the world, Pinky to make his friend smile. It's almost poetic in its simplistic beauty. The voice actors said it best when they described the show as a "desperate love story", and the little scenes like this only prove that to me.
Welp, that's all I have to say for now! I haven't reached this hard since I tried to get to the chromatica oreos on the top shelf in Tesco. But this was fun, anyway! Thank you ever so much for reading :'D Your patience must be incredible! 💕
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disdaidal · 5 months ago
💖💖💖 in a 1 to 10 ranking, how hot do you think lou-diamond is in 'the big hit'? xD / I'm following you bc you're amazing and every single one of your edits is a treasure and bc omg so many of them make me laugh so hard 🌟🌟 / who would you swap bodies with for a week: billy or steve? / favorite xena moment? :D / i associate you by now with so many of my favorite movies and shows! / you tell me a secret! / 3 movies you'd take with you to a desert island xD /
MY LOVE 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
in a 1 to 10 ranking, how hot do you think lou-diamond is in 'the big hit'?
asghjdhgjkdh seriously
Thanks for reminding me of that movie cuz I haven't watched it literally in years even though I have it on dvd xDD but since you so kindly asked, I actually dug it out of my dvd shelf after all these years and took some time to take these wonderful screenshots of him (since, you know, google didn't do him justice). i obviously didn't buy this movie just for him. obviously
Tumblr media
okay so honestly I'd rate him maybe 7/10 cause that mustache/beard combination thing is not doing anything for me honestly :'D and he's got some weird gold tooth too ajhjfhhjg
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's ripped. He's armed and dangerous. He's morally corrupt, delightfully evil and has a sense of drama.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and he's got so much love for mel (keeps calling him 'baby' too)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I mean, what's not to love there XDDD 💖💖💖 so yeah thanks for reminding me of this movie!!! I had so much fun watching it after a long time.
I'm following you bc you're amazing and every single one of your edits is a treasure and bc omg so many of them make me laugh so hard 🌟🌟
Aww thanks so much! 🥺😭🥰 You are amazing too!!! 💖✨ And I'm so glad that you value my edits and that some of them make you laugh too! I always try to pick the stuff for funny edits that makes me laugh, and it gives me so much joy to read people's tags (yours included) and see that mission accomplished. 🤗🤩
who would you swap bodies with for a week: billy or steve?
Honestly, I don't know. Maybe Steve? 😅 I mean I'd love to see what's going on in Billy boy's head sometimes, to try and understand why he's acting the way he is. But honestly, we don't know much about Steve either right? We haven't seen his parents, don't know much about his childhood and his trademark is being 'dumb' and having 'great hair', but we all know he's more than that. I think it would be an interesting week indeed. 😄
favorite xena moment? :D
Oh gosh, I haven't actually watched Xena in a long time and haven't even seen all the seasons yet. D:
But you know I'm a Callisto girl 😏 like I think I had a legit crush on her when I was around 9-10 years old maybe.
Tumblr media
Obviously there are a lot of good scenes between Xena and Gabrielle too. 😘 And Joxer the Mighty afjjghfkgjk
i associate you by now with so many of my favorite movies and shows!
Honestly, same!!! 💖💖💖 I still can't believe that we share so many fandoms & favorite actors in common, and it's this fandom that finally brought us 'together' 😂😍 It is ✨destiny✨ also great taste 😇🤭 My small fandom experience could've been so much better & less lonely if only we had talked before! 😤 Oh well, I'm glad you're here now 😘
you tell me a secret!
As if I had any secrets. 🤣🤣🤣 I mean ones that I'd actually want to tell anyone 😂
3 movies you'd take with you to a desert island xD
Oh gosh xDD There are so many movies that I'd love to take with me.
But let's see...
The Breakfast Club - because I need at least one 80's movie with me. And it's a pretty good high school & teen drama movie imo.
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey - this movie made me cry as a kid and the ending scene still brings tears to my eyes. I mean two talking dogs and one cat going on a huge adventure in the wildnerness. There's humor, there's drama and there's some angst too. But it's a great family movie, brings a smile to my face (along with those tears). :)
Cube - Because I love me some good psychological horror.
Thanks so much for these lovely questions & I had fun answering them. 😊🥰 You're obviously getting an ask from me too, so be prepared. 😎💖
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booasaur · 11 months ago
(same anon) i wud hate so much if they were just setting this up to be a "leyla is an addication" storyline cus, while we haven't seen a lot of them, they have set this up so differently than lauren's other relationships and i can't believe they'd do that so deliberately just to break them up, i did have the thought that the stress of this wud actually lead lauren back to drugs but i didn't want to linger on it too much b/c there's already so much potential conflict 1/2
i can't see them managing like three different leyren conflicts all at once, i mean for one that'd mean giving them more screen time than i believe they'd be able to get but who knows and then wow yeh now i'm def thinking about people not knowing about them.... idk leyla makes lauren SO happy and they've stressed it enough that i just don't see the pay off of them doing all this just for it to end in tragedy but i might just be hopeful, either way, s4 is gonna be a rollercoaster 2/2
sent my other two asks before i saw the rest of what your friend said and yes i agree that part of this is very lauren in the way that she is just a bit entitled and used to getting her way with certain things also just that her char (and well a lot of chars on this show) have always been a bit dramatic in nature and it's something that i very much identify w/ and love, but yeh i agree that's it seems like a 'door open' thing so it can go anywhere from here but i hope it goes our way
Haha, yeah, definitely hoping that if they were waiting to see the response, then it's been positive enough to keep with it. Surely this isn't the kind of thing you just do for a bit and then drop? Both for the very interesting character of Leyla, but also what it's been for Lauren. What's next for her? If she ends up blowing this, what exactly will future eps look like for her? Well, I suppose they could do it like the Floyd/Evie split where she accepts the end and just goes back to normal if maudlin Lauren? Which would be sad as hell! At least coming back from the addiction and accident/therapist fling were like victories of sorts. This is just...what's it saying about her?
And that's actually also what I've been thinking about, in the context of "Leyla is a new addiction" because...then what's the resolution? This attachment clearly isn't because Leyla is doing anything unhealthy here, she's not isolating Lauren or enabling her or forcing Lauren to rely on her. So are we saying Lauren just...can't be in relationships? That she should find someone she loves less than Leyla? Yes, people recovering from addiction should be careful about getting into relationships right after recovery but this is well after. What's the timeline gonna be? When's it safe for her to be in a relationship? She's growing and learning through this one, it doesn't have to be over because she hasn't learned everything yet.
You mentioned what my friend said in that other ask but I also thought @flurry-of-beaus-pop-pop's reply was a great addition too:
From the perspective of someone in the mental health field, I don't see Leyla or the relationship as being an addiction. Honestly? I think Leyla is amazing for Lauren because the issue Lauren has is that when things don't go right, she acts rashly, does things she probably shouldn't. If she bribes the dean, its not because of her relationship, but that need to have control over the situation. Again though, this is where Leyla is great for Lauren. She's the calm to Lauren's rash.
She's patient and understanding and makes Lauren take a beat and think about things instead of just going full speed ahead. Perfect example, the breakup scene. Its hard to tell where they are going to go with this storyline but it has so much potential for character growth regardless of what Lauren actually did because she's never necessarily had someone there before that was able to get her to take a breath and think and even if Leyla is pissed at her, I still think Leyla can be that for Lauren.
It can also add character development for Leyla who has struggled so much with asking for help and letting herself be taken care of. She can learn to let someone else take care of with this storyline
That basically, Leyla is the healthiest part of this and, as we discussed, as Lauren goes through this whole process, regression and then moving forward, learning more coping strategies and just how to be in an adult, loving relationship, Leyla could be an integral part of it.
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hirareinahara · a year ago
[VLIVE] “it’s late, but let’s talk”
- or the time czennies accidentally got a domestic reijae vlive
setting: MAW; resonace pt 1
warning(s): none
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
czennies tuning into the live were greeting with a sweater-clad reina sitting on a couch.
on the table in front of her were several bottles of nail polish, her favorite mug, and a couple of snacks.
she gave the camera tired smile before greeting everyone, “i know it’s late but i couldn’t sleep, so let’s just talk instead”
reinaenae: unnie, where are you?
“that’s right, you guys probably haven’t seen this before but i’m in the living room right now,” reina answered before grabbing a pillow to place on her lap.
“i honestly have no idea what to talk about, so you guys are going to have to carry the conversation- YAH NOT SO FAST!” reina complained as there was a sudden influx of comments
realizing how loud she was being, she then glared at the camera, “now look at what you’ve made me done, everyone else is sleeping so i can’t be too noisy o(-`д´- 。)"
morkbarkmork: noona, why not move to your room then?
queenreina: reina-ya, you promised a room tour last time!
“why are you guys so demanding? my room is too messy to show right now,” reina then held up the nail polish bottles. “besides, i was going to paint my nails and i don’t want to make my room smell” 
yoyoyuta: but what if the living room smells?
“why does it sound like you guys are accusing me of something?” *pauses dramatically, with a hand over her mouth as the other fans her non-existent tears*
“you think so lowly of me. i’m not that mean (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)"
there was suddenly a surge of comments apologizing and comforting reina, so she couldn't help but laugh
"i'm just kidding, czennies are nice to me... most of the time. anyways, if guys must know, the window is open so it won't smell too much"
mybaejae: aren't you cold unnie?
czennieee: reinaaaa, you're going to get sick
"(*≧▽≦) awwww czennies are so sweet. at least you guys won't nag at me like doeng does, luckily he's asleep right now~"
the comments kept telling her to get something to warm her up
"that's what the hot chocolate is for~" she chimed while taking a sip out of her favourite mug
she then spends the next 20 minutes or so just talking about promotions, how she felt about NCT 2020, and answering czennies questions
reina said that she was really excited for the NCT 2020 project since it'd be the first time everyone would be working together in nearly 2 years
"i really missed kun-ge... we've just been so busy these past few months, it was really hard to find time to meet up with him and wayv. i actually had dinner with them a few days ago!"
"it'll be my first time working with the dreamies, so i'm really excited for that, but czennies can you believe how much they've grown? it's only been 4 years and yet i can hardly recognize them anymore!ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚"
"jisungie has grown up so much, i remember when he was as tall as my waist and he's just grown like a tree! at this rate i'm going to have to get higher heels 😔"
"i'm honestly really about lele's hair. do czennies have any recommendations for hair care? i've been asking the stylists but they haven't replied to me yet. maybe i should do some research of my own..."
reina continued to talk and answer questions from czennies when suddenly a noise that sounded much like the front door being opened could be heard
reina didn't notice though, since she was too engrossed in telling czennies about some behind the scenes stories from the mv shoot of MAW
"ah, the chandelier scene? you know, it was a good thing i insisted on wearing safety shorts since my dress caught on it and actually ripped. don't worry tho! it was after the scene was finished and unnie was able to fix the rip~"
cue the pandemonium in the chatbox
nctzennie: unnie did someone break in?!
baezennie: someone call the cops eye-
queenrei: spam the comments so that reina notices DHDJDJDJ
reina's eyes widen as she finally gets to read the comments, but before she can react, a familiar voice called out
"i'm home," jaehyun greeted as he walked into the foyer
reina grins widely. "oh? welcome back, jae." she greets cutely before making excuses to the camera and standing up to hug him
their voices could be heard off-camera by czennies who were honestly just freaking out
honeybeezen: reijae greeting each other is so domestic wtf
nctea: reina really ditched us to go greet jaehyun, huh?
JH: you're still awake?
RN: i couldn't sleep so i decided to go on VLIVE instead
JH: ah, i'll join you in a bit
RN: aren't you tired? you probably haven't eaten yet >:^(
JH: if i make us ramyun, will you let me join you? it's been a long time since I greeted czennies
RN: and here i thought you wanted to spend time with me 🤧
reina went back into the frame after that last remark
"czennieeees, jae will be joining us soon. he just came back from filming his drama, so try not to tire him out too much. i honestly can't wait until his drama comes out since I'll finally have more blackmail material 🥰"
reijaesaur: reina says she doesn't care but does this 😪
jaehyun then comes into view wearing a white t-shirt and jogging pants while placing two cup noodles on the coffee table
he greeted czennies with a "hello" before sitting next to reina who was struggling to open up the nail polish bottle
he laughed, making her glare at him petulantly
"do you need help?" "i think the answer is rather obvious jae"
"no need to be so aggresive~ i'll open it if you let me do your nails" "...if they end up looking bad, i'll scratch your handsome face"
"ohhh, so you think i'm handsome?" he teases with suggestive eyebrow wiggling
"i think you should start painting my nails while i look at czennies' comments. okay? okay great!"
jaehyun rolled his eyes but proceeded to take her hand anyway
mylovereina: unnie! what was your favorite part from make a wish?
RN: oh! definitely xiaojun's parts, they really added something new to the song and his vocal tone contrasted well~
JH: ...i'm your boyfriend ಠ _ ಠ
RN: okay??? doesn't mean i have to like your parts 🙄
JH: [pouts]
RN: [laughs] okay you big baby, i liked your opening verse in the english version
she then proceeded to kiss his cheek and jaehyun was just smiling at her 🥺
reinaenae: sometimes, i forget that they're not actually dating since they pull shit like this...
queennct: damn, reina really said pls be humble sir 😭
yongiekins: reinaaaa, do you ever want kids?
"what kind of question is this? 👁️👄👁️"
"but do you?"
"jisung and the dreamies are enough for me"
mybaejae: jaehyun-ah, how was filming?
JH: we were filming outside today so it was really cold
RN: did they not dress you warmly? 😠
JH: [laughs] don't worry, the food truck you sent provided us with warm drinks
RN: ah, that's good to hear. why weren't you wearing warmer clothes when you came in earlier?
JH: ...you stole all my clothes
RN: incorrect, i took johnny-oppa's this week!
sunshinerei: oh to be reina and having nct's closet at my disposal
jaebear: when is your wedding scheduled?
"what is it with your questions today? do you have nothing else to ask—" "next month"
reina paused to look at jaehyun, aghast
"huh? you haven't even proposed!" she protested and then proceeded to show the camera her bare ring finger
"do you see a ring? bc i don't!"
"if you wanted me to propose, you should have just said so" "i'm not marrying anyone"
"we'll send our invitations starting next week"
there was a moment of silence before the two of them just burst out laughing
markerlee: what in the romcom is this???
nanaloml: jaehyun, why didn't you keep your pink hair? you could have matched with reina :(((
RN: wait they have a point, are you ashamed of me as your girlfriend?! >:^(
JH: i'm filming a drama!!! besides, didn't you dye it on a whim? [starts playing with her hair]
RN: i bought it bc i thought your pink hair looked nice
JH: you could have kept it brown and matched with me
RN: and be boring? no thanks 🙄✋
RN: i look better in it anyway ☺️
chenleleya: get who looks at you the way jaehyun's looking at reina
"yah, if my nails turn out bad because you were too busy gawking at me. i will actually hit you"
"why are you so mean?"
"break up with me then"
nct2020: did i mention that reina is a comedian? bc she is
they just continued answering fan questions for another 15 minutes and giving out song recommendations
while reina was telling czennies how much yuta intimidated xiaojun, she noticed that it was really quiet
"jae— oh, he's asleep"
she removed her right hand from his grasp and smiled
"he actually did a good job this time. czennies look! it's pretty, isn't it?"
"anyways, i should probably end it now. jaehyun's been working hard these days so make sure to support him once his drama comes out, okay? have a good night czennies. byeeeeee"
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purplerose244 · a year ago
My thoughts on Seabound!!! 🌊🌊🌊 (3/4)
Yep yep yep, I'm liking this season a lot! 😍 Although I hope we'll get into a more frantic situation now, like with more battles and more bonding moments (Nya and Maya hopefully, but with Bentho too 🦈🦈🦈)! We got half a season to go, I'M READY!! 😎😎
Alright, here we go!
I do like the season a lot, maybe MoM was a little more cohesive? Idk but it's not a big complain, I still love it so far 😍
Also maybe I would've liked more interactions between Nya and Maya about how they've been apart for so long, they had a chit chat but I would've loved even more. Maybe with Nya saying that it was fine and she grew up only to realize she is still hurt by that, even though it wasn't Maya's fault. I still like how they did it, I wished there was more that's it 🤷‍♀️
While I do make sense to Maya's behavior, that while it seems a little different from Hands of Time it had its logic in my opinion, maybe Ray feels a little weird? He seems less courageous than before, and it was established that he is a hothead like his son so that came off as unusual 🤔🤔
But I do love the fact that he's here and he's bonding with his son, for real, I've been waiting for this for so long so I'm happy nonetheless 🤩
Maybe I'm just easy to please and I take all I can get idk 😅
Oh, are we gonna address the wind element? It feels like we haven't really seen a Morro reference since Hands of Time, that would be cool! 😍 I mean, why even mentioning the wind then 😅😅
Well what do you know, they tracked them, who saw that coming?... me, I saw that coming... we all did probably 🤷‍♀️
Jay took upon himself making a quick recap on how Ninjago will be destroyed this time, thanks Bluebell 👌
Yep nyeheh electricity makes Nya go crazy for sure ❤💙 ... wait it wasn't a Jaya pun?
Jay wear your seatbelt please, you risk you life enough 😅😅 Pff lol "are we there yet" and they are actually there, biggest plot twist I've ever heard of 😂
Tumblr media
And with someone who might as well join the League of Jay apparently 💙
I liked The Island yet it was not as exciting as I hoped for, but now understand the meaning of it. The ninja helped the keepers and they are all allies. Without The Island the moment where Mammatus gives Nya the amulet wouldn't be as meaningful
Is it just me or Nya looked even more gorgeous during that moment?... just me huh? Okay then 😂💕
Here I thought he was just messing around, he always makes things harder 😅 Or maybe better? I mean, they kinda missed a bullet on this one...
Jay somehow had his own TV show in the past and yet he's got that horrible acting skills wth 😂😂😂
Kalmaar is a very cool villain, like, deeply evil. Not only he's calculated and merciless, he stops at nothing to get what he wants. And the people that get in the way? He wants them to suffer because they had dared to confront him 😳
And yes the voice does help a lot, I'm sorry I'll keep saying it until the season is over 😂 (or even beyond? Please cast Giles again LEGO 🥺🥺🥺)
Awww Nya no my poor girl 😢 Jay wanted to hug her to comfort her he is so sweet my SHIP ❤💙❤💙
MOM PEP TALK MOM PEP TALK!!! 🤩🤩🤩 How cool was it?
Like, this isn't even Maya asking Nya to believe in herself, this is her saying that she KNOWS her daughter can do anything when she puts her mind into it. FINALLY SHE SEES HOW AMAZING WATER GODDESS IS 💜💜💜
MORE LEGO TEARS OMG THIS SEASON IS FILLED WITH TEARS 😱 Which... kinda makes sense considering it's a water based season 😂
Nice one, and now? NOW WE GO BACK TO KAI COLE AND RAY YAS!!! ❤🖤❤🖤
That is... surprisingly Egypt theme like? It feels like a title coming from the Fire Chapter of season 11... well we got two fire elementals so 😍😍
Tumblr media
I REPEAT SPARRING KAI AND RAY!!! SPARRING KAI AND RAY!!! ❤❤❤ Lol Ray got old, but how can someone blame him? He did touch death while aging in Hands of Time, I'm just happy he is alive 😂
Yep, master prankster Wu, that's what I love 👌👌 I always thought Wu had become a father figure for Kai at the beginning, so seeing Ray and Wu in the same picture feels very wholesome to me 😚
Ah, uncle Powers, I both love you and hate you so freaking much 😌😌 But you make cool slides nonetheless 😂
Tumblr media
Oh no you guys are stranded on an island whatever are you going to do?? It's not like you had already before and managed to survive (Skybound) or you got stranded on a rock in a sea of sand filled with giant monsters (Fire Chapter) or you were on a freaking COMET in SPACE (Rebooted). Yeee, this is the worst yet 🙂
I'm starting to think these ninja are just a bunch of drama queens so no matter what happens, it's always hopeless 😂😂 I feel like I'm kinda right on this one honestly 😛
Aww I like that, while Ray told his kids stories about dragons and how they traveled through the Underworld, Maya told them about Nya the first water master that could summon whales 💙❤💙❤
Pff imagine if it turned out Nya was the master of fire, carrying a very water based name? Lol
Maya: I would know if it was possible!
Nya: Yeah, like she knows that I can control a bit of ice because it's frozen water
I find both interesting and very annoying that this explorers club thinks so highly of themselves, to the point the deny to aid even the FREAKING SAVIORS OF THEIR FREAKING LAND 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Misako got good reflexes after all, Kai was probably ready to melt this guy's face 😅
Oh, so a trial by Sphinx is a challenge? A mental one? A cultural one? A physical one? Idk but Misako is actually taking charge and that is cool I guess 🤷‍♀️
Okay this is kind of weird, how is Ray so afraid? Is it because there's fire?... did he... did he grow afraid of fire for some reason? Because it feels a bit off for now, but if there is a deeper meaning that could be interesting 🤔
Wait is that the riddle from Decoded? That's fire right?
Lol at least in this one Kai wasn't completely ignored 😂 I know my flame babe isn't the most rational person, but I do like that it was an answer connected to his element where he used his head!
Ah Clutch, you really got no backbone 😅 And apparently you're the only explorer who doesn't, dang look at the others go! I'm having a bit more respect for them now 😚
Kalmaar: I'm your conquerer
Wu: so after skeletons, the serpentine, nindroids, the Stone Army, Chen's army, ghosts, oni, more snakes but on fire and people from a game, that makes you the tenth. Have a free cookie
Wu: you're not special
Is this a little throwback to Possession too? Nya seems to always control better water when she doesn't actually think about it. When her feelings are free, so are her powers 🌊🌊🌊
Also this opens up more possibilities! Creatures connected with other elements might get summoned too! I would love something like that 😍😍
This was NEAT, or maybe I just missed Kai that much ❤ What's next??
ANTONIAAAAAAAA!!!! MY GIRL IS BACK!!! All my girls are back in this season, I'm so happy 😍😍😍 And if she is here, sweet little Nelson has to be around and I cannot wait! Bring in the purple ninja! 💜
Owww Antonia's last day as a papergirl? Nooo why??
She's got a job at the... DAIRY DRAGON??? OMG OMG OMG IT'S THE ICE CREAM PLACE BRAGI TOLD US ABOUT ON TWITTER!!! 🤩🤩🤩 I remember the post, he was asking about names for the place and ice cream flavors. Now I can't wait to see what did he choose 🍦🍦🍦
UNAGAMI BABY HI HONEY!!! 🙋‍♀️ I hope he's doing great 😘😘
This is so cool honestly, Antonia got her own character arc going on! Living in a chaotic city like Ninjago City must be pretty dang exhausting 😅
Was... was that Dareth in the garbage can? Am I wrong? Poor brown ninja 😅🤎😅
Their friendship is so wholesome, I'm so happy they are still together no matter what happens 💕
I thought Kalmaar wasn't much of a fighter but DANG he's got skills! Also the fact that he uses tentacles makes the fight very cool to watch! 😚😚
Well at least you tried Ray 😅
Ah, little cameo of the original Weekend Whip, always nice to hear it again... AND DO THE WEEKEND WHIP!!! 🌪🌪🌪
I don't even know what is cooler, the kids being mad lads on their bikes, Kalmaar driving a TRUCK or Kai going full parkour on the buildings to follow them 🤯
I'm sorry... am I the only one that during the Kai and Kalmaar talk kinda thought of Jestro and Clay? I miss my boys from NK, they're even more at odds now 😭😭
Kalmaar just loves to make everyone feel inferior, gotta be his hobby 😶
Oh good Kai is back
Tumblr media
Antonia, Nelson, you guys are now my heroes. You saved my fave, I'll be forever in dept with you ❤❤❤ Am I being overdramatic? Most likely, but Kai is one of the few that didn't almost die or did die in a dramatic situation and he is also my absolute favorite character so that... kinda keeps my sanity in check in this show 🥴
I wonder... does he still not know how to swim? He saved Lloyd in Possession but I wonder if he was only trying to float on the surface... THAT'S TERRIFYING
This episode was so adorable, I love Antonia and Nelson so much 💜💕💜💕 It's nice to see what the other people of Ninjago do while everything goes mad 🤣
Wait hang on my Ninjajan is a little rusty
Tumblr media
"Ninjago City. City that never sleeps" well if that ain't the truth 😂
Like Master of the Mountain? Wait are we going back to Shintaro?? VANYA?? ANOTHER BEST GIRL RETURNS??? 💛
Hey hey hey, we got a full Nyad backstory! I really like when they do these little drawn shots, they feel more like legends! And... the ending sounds terrifying? Like, they wouldn't let Nya sacrifice herself and die... again... right? 😱
Bentho: and the world was in balance, until now because of my brother
Lloyd: and the Overlord before of course
Bentho: the what now?
Lloyd: the evil one my grandpa the first Spinjitzu Master fought?
Why do I like this offscreen "hiiiyaaa" that sensei Wu does before actually going into the scene? 😂😂
No matter if they come from the underground or the sea, these are all snake-like creature with the same intellect 😅 Kalmaar and Garmadon would have a lot to talk about, sea king dealing with his minions does remind me of Lord Garmadon in season 2 a lot 😂😂
OMG Kalmaar is such a brat and petty villain I love him so much 😂😂😂 Yes I didn't even mention his amazing voice!... AH DANG IT 😳😳
*Misako kicks Kalmaar and is actually useful* 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
*Misako gets taken as hostage immediately after* 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
KAI LITERALLY JUST GOT SAVED FROM DROWNING WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO HIM!!!... and Ray and Cole and Wu of course, I care okay 😅
OMG that face 🤣🤣🤣
Tumblr media
That some meme material right there
Whoa Vincent that voice just got super up when the Unsinkable showed up, it kinda sounded like Jay's lol
Kai: Nya talks to whales now? (I snorted so hard at this 😂😂)
HECK YES NYA GOT THE AMULET!! 😍😍😍 ... we got, like, four more episodes to go so something needs to happen in between... do I need to be scared? I feel like I need to be scared 😅
Jay starting a fire then blaming Kai?... this is so in character I got chills 😂😂
SHARK BOY IS STAYING TO THE MONASTERY THIS IS SO PRECIOUS!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I want all the shenanigans and we need to write fanfictions about more shenanigans and AAAAHHHHH 🦈🦈🦈
Bless these two fire idiots
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They own my heart ❤🔥❤🔥 Also Vincent, this is supposed to be a fun little gag moment, your amazing voice acting is kinda distracting me 😭😭😭
Tumblr media
Maya learned that her daughter is capable of everything, I love that. Nya simply understood that she doesn't have to give up when something gets difficult. She is AMAZING and can do anything she puts her mind into. She simply has to hold on until the end 💪💪💪
Omg Benthomaar playing billiard with the guys I already love this 😍😍
I love how Vanya doesn't even question it. It comes from Cole and he said it needs to be protected? Done and done 👌
Wait what, did something fall?
Well dang, I didn't see that coming, now what Seabound? What do you have for me?
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nightswithkookmin · a year ago
I'M STILL NOT OVER JK'S VLIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Can someone please, slowly, very slowly and at length explain to me his lowkey highkey reaction to when he sang Jimin's part cos it's sending my delulu into overdrive!
It's him touching his ears for me😭😭😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He did the same thing when Jimin started talking about getting mad if JK don't draw him like his French girls- except there are no girls cos JM shooed them all away!
Tumblr media
Also how much wine is too much wine??💀
Naa, let's get delulu up in here!
Tumblr media
I mean shit, I knew he been explained he gets nervous when he sings and that he was nervous and all but damn, he didn't have to have the same reaction twice.
What's the saying?
One time is a coincidence, twice means he's gay. Point blank purr.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tumblr media
Jk's ear tingles when he is shy, flustered, embarrassed, nervous- I was gonna screenshot a compilation of moments he does this around Jimin but it's too much work🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tumblr media
Me and y'all right now🤣🤣🤣🤣
That VLive is the most salesy VLive I've ever seen in my entire Kpop life, it was tacky as hell- and when they started bargaining with Army I spontaneously combusted but I love it.
It's crazy how we talked about JK setting himself up when he missed Jin's birthday at the end of 2019 and how him posting for Jimin only and not the others on his birthday could have been an issue around Jimin's birthday.
It's clear, he cannot post for Jimin and not the others, I mean RM and JM but confirmed that theory with that whole, 'you gotta make one for all of us on our birthdays too,' comment. 'You can't do these things without thinking'
Buy one get 6 free. Lmho.
Which honestly they didn't have to go out of their way to make that comment for us to logically make those deductions because as I said, the same thing happened in 2016 when JK bought presents for JM and not the others.
He just cannot single JM out like that unless he was plain ass outing their relationship. It's gonna be a problem if he did that for JM especially if you consider and believe Jikook is in fact real.
Like Jikook is gay and are dating!!!!!
They are real
Tumblr media
I need reparations from all who came at me for sharing that theory. Deadass.
OP out here telling me BTS dynamite reaction VLive was choppy because BTS are trying to bamboozle us into thinking seven grown ass men who haven't hidden the fact they have their own homes, and have bought apartments, are still living together.
Like it makes sense for her/him/they to believe BTS take stock in hiding the fact they don't live at the dorms but then she finds it absurd that BTS would take stock in preventing Jikook from exposing their gay relationship. How now?? How the maths!
Tumblr media
Chilee, I'm still processing that one.
Not to say any of those theories are facts though. *Tapping my nose. Points to god.
We can agree to disagree on topics but let's not do the slurs, the gaslighting and the bigotry.
And also thank you Jimin for confirming that y'all ghetto ass do be freezing eachother out when you mad at eachother or fight!
'I won't talk to him when I work'
And here, people were trying to bulldoze me into thinking JK was clinically depressed and expressing manic episodes during the Esquire shoot behind scenes- making introversion seem like a disease.
Y'all tried it!
I love you Jimin! I ruv woo deep deep plenty!!
Tumblr media
You are the bestest bias of all time!!!
Jikook are highkey ghetto queer men, they keep telling yall they ratchet ass gay from the hood. Yet y'all keep trying to class them up with faux straight logic and shit.
It ain't that deep! They gay. Say it with me:
I don't know how I felt about the members trying to coerce JK into making drawing of them on their birthdays.
The fact they used JK's social media presence as a bargaining tool, 'a promise to Army' in exchange for buying their Album makes me feel some type of way- or may be it's the wine. Lmho.
Smacks of desperation for me.
And something about Jk lowkey guilt tripping us during his live to patronize their content equally rubbed me the wrong way too. I mean what was that😭😭😭😭
'If y'all don't show the members love for this content they will be disappointed'
Had me streaming that vidoe like my life depended on it🤧
You have to wait one minute and hit play all over again for 5 hours straight😭😭😭
I lost five hours of sleep and I don't appreciate that at all JK! Better make it up to me. If I miss your wedding there's no wedding!😢
Also NamJoon you ain't slick.
'Jimin don't expect anything?'
Don't raise your hopes up???
Insert Tae ROFTL meme. Lmho.
Chilee he tried it! Lmho.
I love that conversation. On one hand it does go to show how much JM values his birthday and gifts and exchanging gifts.
We been said if it's something he wanted JK would have pulled a Jin, not give a fuck about the rules- he would have done it for him.
Like I said, they've both invested a lot in their relationship to squander it over a freaking birthday post.
The fact JK put such thought in his post for JHope makes me feel we've been robbed off a great moment in Jikook birthday history! I just wanna know what JK had planned for JM's birthday.
You can tell JK not posting for the members really wasn't a decision they were happy with at all. Seems they respected his decision not to post for them and didn't harbor no bad energy or return no bad energy towards him.
I respect them for that... Tae tried it once
Jin missed his birthday and JM posted the most passive aggressive post I've ever seen in my life!
Ok I think I peed my pants 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Damn BTS. What goes on!
Chilee, they probably noticed the kumbaya agenda was going to hell in a boat piloted by Jk when the others started missing eachother's birthdays too. Lmho.
BTS said, aht aht aht, reset button. Smash!
It's good. It's all good.
Jk seemed like posting again for the members was something he was more than happy to do.
Which good cos we need those coins.
Jikook better come through for BigHit this quarter- bag the coins, we have a July wedding to pay for. Y'all better work!
BigHit don signed a contract to deliver the best marketing expertise and know how with a US company- I think their attention this quarter is drifting from monetization to data collection. They need receipts. Proof of their marketing genius.
Their numbers need to show up high on the data. It seems also they are investing capital in other ventures and venues to advance the company. They're recapturing attention.
I'm here for all of it.
Glad to see JK back on VLive like hello!!!
I've only been counting this day since what like June 2019?!
Wait.... I said delulu Friday right?
Edit: I just realized it's Monday💀
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razberryyum · a year ago
TGCF donghua Episode 4 Thoughts (SPOILERS!)
Having just started reading the novel, I don't know the full context behind this scene since I haven't gotten there yet, but purely through osmosis and accidental exposure to spoilers, I've gathered that this was a highly anticipated moment as it is HuaLian actually speaking to each other for the first time in 800 years. Honestly if I'm wrong, that's fine, I don't need the full explanation on why this is meaningful, because just by the way the scene was composed I could tell it was significant. It was so beautiful and romantic, and Hua Cheng...or this version of him...was so dashing and sauve! I couldn't tell if the reason Xie Lian was staring at him so intensely was because he recognized who he was or because he was just too gorgeous. The way the scene was set up felt like it was more of the former, but honestly I would believe it too if it was actually all the latter.
Tumblr media
HE'S SO HANDSOME!!! And I loved how the other gods were talking about how fearsome he is, how scary...creepy and strikingly effective imagery included...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
...and yet when we officially meet him he's presented as this carefree handsome young man with a gentle teasing smile and gentle voice, who of course can't keep his eyes off of Dianxia. I loved how he seemed to have just materialized in that cart, since an earlier shot clearly showed there was no one in there, just stacks of hay. And yet suddenly, as soon as he appears, he's almost sitting right next to Xie Lian. It's so adorable. I really loved that whole scene. I can only imagine how much more exciting and emotional it was for book readers. Even without being able to enjoy the full effect of the moment, I still felt things in my heart.
Tumblr media
Speaking of feeling things in my heart, oh my God I am already so in love with Dianxia!! Have you ever seen someone so freaking PRECIOUS????
Tumblr media
How can ANYONE RESIST HIM??? He's so supremely adorable I actually get tears in my eyes cuz I am so overcome with affection for him.
Tumblr media
I love his voice too. So soft, sweet, gentle, like a warm hug that envelops you. I love Jiang Guangtao-laoshi's voice and performance. I hope folks who have read the novel are just as enamored with his voice as I am.
Other favorite moments from the episode:
Tumblr media
Poor Ling Wen. Must suck to have ascended as a god and yet still be stuck with so much office work. Doesn't even seem fun at all. That expression was just priceless, I relate all too well. Although I guess it was mostly brought about by the Hua Cheng discussion rather than just workload. I can't wait to learn even more about this formidable Ghost King, and also meet the other three kings as well. They sound fascinating and look so cool.
Tumblr media
All this time I sincerely thought Ling Wen was female, until this moment happened:
Tumblr media
At first I thought it was a translation error, that for whatever odd reason the translator just chose the masculine pronoun even though in the Chinese text I don't really see anything that would indicate the gender, until a fellow fan informed me that the gods are sometimes gender fluid. I think it's so neat they actually retained that idea within the show.
Tumblr media
I also love funny random moments in the show like this. Someone's in love. 😂
Lastly, I thought it was interesting that Hua Cheng faced off against 33 gods. That number must be MXTX-laoshi's lucky number or something since HC fought 33 gods and then in MDZS, Lan Zhan received 33 lashes. I also wonder who the two hold outs were, of the original 35 that were issued challenges...based on all the gods' reactions it would seem to be Xuan Zhen and Nan Yang, but perhaps I'm misreading that scene. That's one thing fun about going into the story blind, without having read the source material yet: here I am making all these guesses and I could be completely wrong or fortunately right. Even though I'm missing a lot of context, it's kinda fun and exciting being ignorant for now. Can't wait to find out more information and how far off I am with my assumptions. Definitely going to miss some of that feeling once I school myself with the novel.
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giulsherondale · a year ago
"Welcome Eda!"
Ehm Balca, dear, this is not your home so please don't behave like it is... Ahh my nerves.
And more the earrings tactic... Soo childish. I really can't stand her.
Loved that Eda literally throw the popcorn into Serkan's belly😂
And Sirius at the end, I love my son.
Tumblr media
Honestly... I really love Ferit and Ceren together. They are so cute, and I love how Ferit is trying to correct his mistake. He confesses that he is love with her, that he constantly thinks about her. So sweet.
Serkan telling Eda that the first time they met she used the same tactic of Balca because she forget her bag in his car. I love flirty Serkan and the fact that he remembers everything about Eda and their relationship.
The bet, honestly this is only the pretext so that Serkan can take Eda to Paris and have a romantic moment so the two of them.
Tumblr media
"What does Efe wants?"
"You heard. I said I'll talk to him in the office."
"How strange. Not answering anyone's calls, and doesn't answer questions. But he calls you."
"I still work for him Serkan. Did you forgot? Okay, let's move on to our bet. Perhaps you agree that I won."
"I've told you. Nothing is clear yet."
"What has to happen for you to understand? How much clearer should it be? She ordered the same dish."
"She said she was interested in the stars."
"Everyone loves stars."
"This was not enough, she also said 'Love' looking into your eyes Serkan."
"I think when she talked about love she was thinking about another person Eda."
"She answered by looking at you."
"Who else Eda? There were two people in front of her. Either you or me. Should she look at the salt shaker?"
"Either you are really stupid, or you pretend not to understand. Okay. It won't last long. It is seen, in a couple of days she will already confess her love to you."
"And you will win the bet right?"
"Of course. It's not my business."
"I agree."
"At the end of the day, what matters is how you respond to Balca's attention."
"You're right. This is a special topic that only concerns me and Balca. This is between us."
"Between you? There is something? Then I will call her."
"Eda sit down please. You..."
"I'm not jealous of you Serkan Bolat."
"You're not jealous... Really?"
"Think for yourself what could have been. Is this funny?"
"Okay... But I'm jealous of you like crazy. What to do about it?"
"You crossed the boundaries again. We'd better have coffee in the office."
"Let's have coffe here."
"I have something important to discuss with Efe. We will have coffee in the office."
"Efe can wait."
"Then I'll send him a message."
"No emoji."
This was hilarious. Eda kicking Serkan under the table and Balca was obviously flirting all the time. I loved Eda expression, she was so jealous. Serkan is soo smart, I think that he is well aware that Balca is flirting with him and he pretend not to see in order to push Eda to near to him. My smart babe.
Tumblr media
Engin and Piril... I really like them. They are opposite of each other but they are so in love. And I think their love is actually more stronger that the difference they have. And they take out the best part of each other.
"As if there is an invisible connection between them."
Balca, dear, believe me there is... There is. So better not to put your nose between Eda and Serkan because nothing will change.
"Your coffee Eda Yildiz. Much better now. When you aren't stressed, you're becoming even more beautiful."
"Don't stress me out then."
"I don't."
This moment was so sweet and romantic. Obviously ruined by Balca. And then when Eda takes his coffee mug I was laughing out loud. Love that my girl is marching HER territory.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
WHAT ARE YOU DOING BALCA?! I think she is really stupid because of course by removing the paper in the dossier Serkan will lose faith in Eda but you're damaging everyone and the holding too. She's so silly. And Balca even said that she felt hurt by seeing Eda and Serkan close the night before... Darling you know him for two days what the hell???? I hate her really.
Soo the interview and the photoshoot aren't enough... Balca you aren't spending too much time alone with Serkan and you even ask him to get a photo together and post it... Balca age 33... Balca real age 10.
"Well, until I'm 100% sure, this bet will continue Eda."
"What else should happen to make you 100% sure? What else? I'm just wondering."
"For example... When she look at me I have to feel that everything inside of her melts... When she's trying not to show her excitement... I have to see it by the way she look away... And when she try to stand firm... I have to see that her heart starts to beat faster... In her breath, in her voice, in her scent, even in her veins... I must feel this love."
"When she says my name... I must feel everything inside of her tremble."
Serkan reads her like a book... Honestly I don't know what to say about this scene... It speaks for itself. And plus new Serkan is enjoying his life, especially when he has the woman who he's in love with in front of him... Ahh Serkan❤️
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I really need Serkan"
Sorry Balca maybe I did not understand well... You NEED Serkan? For what? I really don't get her and I think I never will.
"His partner will arrive tomorrow and he wanted me to bring some flowers to his house and get everything in order."
"You went to his house? While I was doing the interview, you were at this man's house?"
"Yes I was. But there was nobody here. So I left some flowers and left. Anything else?"
"What kind of psycho would want flowers in his house? Is he romantic?"
"What's the problem? At least he doesn't have any allergies."
"And I also have another kind of allergy."
"What kind?"
"I'm allergic to Efe. I don't trust him."
"You should trust me. I know what's right and what's wrong."
Ohhh Eda, honey, you don't have an idea how wrong you are... And I love that Serkan says that he's allergic to Efe. My jealous boy.
I really like boys time, I like when Serkan, Engin and Ferit are together. And every each of them have some suspects on Efe,his behavior and the secret partner.
"You won."
"You won."
"What did I win?"
"You won the bet."
"What bet?"
"Serkan, you won the bet."
"Ah... Are you sure?"
"I'm sure. Balca is a little in doubt, so it happened. But she may still like you."
"Of course."
"I'm sure about it. You cannot change my opinion. She's just not running after you. As a result you won I lost."
"As a result, then, we are going to have dinner in Paris."
"It seems to me not to worth so many adventures. We can just go to that restaurant with flowers..."
"No no. A bet is a bet. Is it not? Therefore, after the results of the tender are announced tomorrow, we will take my plane and fly to Paris."
"It seems that I have no other choice."
During the ice skating scene was like the director told them to do whatever they want, have fun with each other, just be themselves. And I think we saw that, everyone was having fun, was laughing. In fact I really loved the scene it was one of my favorite of the whole episode.
Tumblr media
"I haven't laughed like that for a long time. It did me good."
"Me too."
"You keep well on ice."
"Ah yes? I am good in the air, on the ground, on the ice, in the elevators when you're around."
"Stop showing off. And when I'm not there?"
"You are always there. And you always will."
"Maybe tomorrow... Instead of going to Paris, can we eat fish and bread on the water front?"
"I will never agree. We will fly to Paris anyway. Have you ever benn to Paris before?"
"No. If you've noticed, I don't even ask you."
"I went. But to be honest, this is the first time I'm so worried."
"You probably planned everything hourly now. What are we going to do?"
"Yes. We will have a wonderful tourist route. First we will climb the Eiffel Tower, and then visit the best cafes and pastry shops. We will dine in restaurants. And then we will meet the order over the Seine. And then the Bridge of Arts and the Bridge of Lovers. But of course, none of this worries me so much..."
"Yes? What worries you?"
"Get lost with you in Montmartre."
"You won't get lost. You will not be lost anywhere. It seems to me that you even have a map of places where you are going in your head."
"You're right. But I've never been there before."
"Because I gave myself my word. I promised myself that I would go there with the girl that I really love. And it's you."
"Suddenly it got hot..."
Plus we got Serkan saying "Mon amour, je t'aime" and when she said that she understood what he said Serkan throw the ultimate romantic bomb "Because love has no linguage".
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Who the hell is Piril father?!😳
He has to be someone really important. He even has the guards.
And the final... Boommm... Grandma has come. I can't wait to see her and her plans.. In the fragment we saw that she will help Balca with Serkan because se has a "future husband" for Eda... Clearly grandma has no idea who Serkan Bolat is, he will never give up on Eda. Moreover I think that grandma arrivals is the thing that will unite Aydan, Ayfer, Eda and Serkan. They will work as a team against grandma. I can't wait to see it.
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daisylincs · a year ago
Tumblr media
Today is, officially, the last day of 2020 - so it's literally just in time that I'm getting to @aosrecweek's amazing challenge. But that does go to show the nature of this crazy year a little bit, right? Time has just been INSANE, and I honestly cannot believe it's so close to over.
That said, I want to put it out there that everyone - absolutely everyone - who created something in this mad year, is a SUPERHERO. Like. We could have hidden away in dark corners, curled into little balls, and lost touch with our creativity entirely - but instead, we made some of the most fantastic content I have ever seen. And, excuse the language, but that is fucking amazing, of each and every single one of us. We're bloody INCREDIBLE, you guys. We really are.
Now, the rules of this challenge dictate that I've got to start with some of my own things, then repeat with the same number of creations by other people. So I'm going to do that, and I apologise for the sheer length (and self-plug-iness) of what is about to follow - but, bloody incredible, remember? I really mean that. 💜💜💜
My Own:
you could call me babe for the weekend - 19k of Spideychelle being oblivious, mutually pining IDIOTS while being snowed in. And, you know, fake dating. (This thing was SO MUCH FUN to write and though, yeah, it got completely out of control, as evidenced by the 19k, I still really love it.)
'tis the damn season - my first attempt at writing a multi-chap, and, yeah, it only has one chapter as of now, but I really love said chapter. Basically, it's Daisy and Mackelena being friends, and honestly just the BEST friends - I adore the style I managed to achieve in this thing. Plus, the Skimmons I have planned up next is going to be da bomb.
the closest thing - Philindaisy plus fake family. Also; amusement parks. And for a fangirl like me - well, it was pretty much a dream come true to write!
oh valley of plenty - in this fic, I basically told myself, so AoS won't give us Huntingbird in the finale? Fine. I'll just do it myself then - in the fluffiest way possible. And that's exactly what I did - making them, and their kids, be best friends in Perthshire.
maybe life should be about more - a very angsty Skimmons and Daisy-centric AU, focusing on the internalised homophobia Daisy has experienced through her life, and shaking it off (and eventually, y'know, getting together with Jemma.)
and it's dark in a cold december (but i've got you to keep me warm) - Fitzsimmons just make such a supreme pairing for hurt/comfort, what with how insanely well they understand each other and care about each other, so I'm really glad for the Fitzsimmons Secret Santa giving me the chance to write this! Basically, this follows our science duo through a stressful mission on Christmas Eve (so yes, it's a mission fic!!) and realising that the two of them can do anything together.
july second - ahhh, one of my personal favourites to write! Daisy birthday surprise fluff will always be top-notch for me, especially for all the team-as-family fluff you can add in, especially especially that this is set in Staticquake times! Also, it's from Hunter's point of view, which will forever be the most insanely fun thing to write, I do think.
i just wanna be with you - man, I'm such a big royal fan, so getting the chance to write a modern royalty AU for my OTP was nothing short of amazing!! This is Princess Daisy and her fiancée Lincoln Campbell at their official engagement interview
see the line where the skye meets the sea - shameless season 1 bby Bus Kids fluff, featuring movie nights, singalongs and... so much fluff your teeth will rot. Also I'm really freaking proud of the pun in the title okay
'cause all that you are is all that i'll ever need - Huntingbird waking up together fluff (because, fight me, Huntingbird in their sweet moments is one of the sweetest things you will ever get to read or write.) This is also my, fluffy, take on the origin of the Franny's Saloon keychain.
we love you, we love you (and we hope you love we too) - aha, my first polyship fic! Also my first try at some actually fancy HTML formatting (forever thanks to Kat for explaining.) Both of these things combined to form a fic that even I think is ridiculously fluffy and funny, and kinda amazing, at that.
and man I don't know where the time goes (but it sure goes fast like that) - Another Bus Kids movie night fic, but this one set post-season 7, and reflecting on how far they've come. A little bit more hurt/comfort-y than it's pure fluff prequel, but still super fluffy and soft. And, of course, with a happy ending.
she shares my dreams, i hope that someday, i'll share her home - snowy Fitzsimmons fluff, complete with them falling in love at the Winter Olympics, as you do.
then you walked in and my heart went boom - 16k of Dekesy for the wife, and remarkable for that, because literally a month ago from this, I hated Dekesy with my entire soul. Then I started reading Kat's fics, and, well, fell in love with them... so much so that I wrote sixteen thousand words of enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, bed sharing holiday fluff for them.
a love like that - a Fitzsimmons Cinderella AU, featuring my two favourite science babies, in true science bby style, falling in love over science and how stupid the whole courting thing is. Also, Daisy makes a brief appearance, and she's the freaking best.
ever after - ah, probably the one single fic I'm proudest of. A post-season 7 Daisy character study focusing on her emotional rollercoaster re: losing her family/things never being the same again, which just achieves... an emotional level that I have never managed to replicate again. I was full-on sobbing while writing it, and, guys, it also part-holds the Closest To Making Kat Cry prize.
blue - Daisy character study spanning snapshots of seven seasons, and before - but tied together by something blue in every moment. Researching for this, and finding all the blue moments, was very interesting, and immensely satisfying, especially since all the moments where a little bit of blue was present actually combine to chronicle Daisy's journey on the show remarkably well.
who is that girl I see - the one time I decided to write straight angst, and straight angst with no happy ending. Melinda May post-Bahrain, folks.
take my hand, take my whole life too - aww, the first thing I wrote that I really and truly loved. A Staticquake and Fitzsimmons Actors AU, featuring a proposal on set and INCREDIBLE amounts of fluff and softness.
hold out your hand, 'cause friends will be friends - the wife's favourite, and, as second fics go, pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. It's a Soulmates AU for Staticquake and Mackelena, with the focus being on DaisyMack friendship, and lots of denial, angst, and guilt about finding their soulmates. (They figure it out eventually, don't worry - it's me, of course I made them happy.)
Fitzsimmons + Fake Dating moodboard - Fake dating will always be FAB, and picturing it out in a moodboard - especially for my clueless bby best friends in love - was the best, and super satisfying.
Staticquake + Orange moodboard - One of the cooler ideas I had for Trick or Treat (which I still have not finished, heaven help me) was to make a series of moodboards for my OTP plus different colours. This orange one is just so light, and cheerful, and happy, and honestly I kinda adore it.
This Philindaisy + Family Moodboard - making moodboards can be insanely frustrating when you just can't find the photo that fits exactly right. With this one, however, I found all the pics I needed pretty insanely fast, and, better, the whole thing just worked, and really nicely so, too.
This Bus Kids + Baking Cookies moodboard - there's absolutely NO faults to be found with tiny, adorable Skye, Fitz and Jemma concocting choc chip cookies - but I'm actually doing a tiny cheat here, because, cute as my moodboard here is, the accompanying fic by my love @eowima is the SWEETEST and best thing you could ever wish for!!!
This Daisy Johnson Appreciation Week Photoset - Day 3 of Daisy Johnson Appreciation Week focused on an emotion, and I picked confidence and power, because honestly, it's nothing short of amazing how confident and powerful our gorgeous girl has become.
This Daisy Johnson Appreciation Week Photoset - One of the times I wish I could gif, because this quote about struggling though never giving up just suits Daisy perfectly. The photos I found are cool, though, and I mean, it's Daisy, so that's already absolutely fabulous.
Other People's:
I managed to find twenty-six of my own things that I liked enough to put up there (because, yes, I'm that big a dork, 26 things for me being 26 is the way to go :D) Anyway, now that gives me the amazing chance to spotlight twenty-six of my favourite creations by my FANTASTIC mutuals! 😍
To start, my wife - Kat said I couldn't put everything she's ever written on here, so, ugh, I guess I'll just do my top five then. *grumbling* Everything by Kat is on here in spirit, though!!
Chasing Cars (even after the story ends) by @aleksandrachaev - the epic Dekesy roadtrip AU and incredible Daisy character study itself, which, I do believe, finishes today!! Words aren't enough to describe how freaking AMAZING this thing is, or how spectacularly well characterised. Just: if you haven't read this yet, you are missing out. You will laugh, you will groan, you will want to wrap Daisy in a very tight hug, and you will probably cry, too. This fic just has it all, really!
there goes the maddest man this town has ever seen by @aleksandrachaev - the post-season 7 Deke-crashes-the-Framework-Zoom-call fic I didn't know I needed (but spent the next two weeks rereading every single night.) It is absolutely INCREDIBLE, with all the Deke & Team feels we missed in the final outro scene, and honestly just the most fantastic writing. I cannot recommend it enough!
To Box It Up And Start Again (everything must go) by @aleksandrachaev - bloody hell, this BROKE me. Deke never really got to say goodbye in canon, but Kat gave him the chance to do it here. And, my freaking GOODNESS, she made it so incredibly bittersweet and heart-shattering. 10/10
i am a leaf on the wind by @aleksandrachaev - a little bit of a stretched-out, reflective moment in the season 7 finale. As Daisy lingers on the edge of death, she reflects on all the lives she could have had - and, man, what a study in bittersweetness!! This entire fic is utterly incredible, and something I think all Daisy fans should read.
Falling Into Place by @aleksandrachaev - here's a tiny cheat from me (sorry, babes, lmao) because technically this isn't one fic, but a series of three. Way too amazing to miss out on, though!! Set mid-season 7, this has the Chronicoms go after a young Mary Sue Poots to kill Quake before she can become a problem for them. They stop the Chronicoms, yes, but not without a TREMENDOUS dose of feels and hurt/comfort. There's also a wonderful little dose of Dekesy friendship, and then an adult adoption (!!) that honestly made my entire day to read. Actually, that's true for the entire series - I really canNOT yell about it enough!!
destroyer of worlds by @bobbimorseisbisexual - a study in incredible parallels between Jiaying's daughters. Utterly breathtakingly done, this will give you ALL the feels for this small and complex Inhuman family.
Muscle Memory by @robotgort and @bobbimorseisbisexual - a Huntingbird!! Bones!! AU!! And also a collaboration between two of the most fabulous Huntingbird authors in the fandom - honestly, what more can you ask for?! This will make you laugh, and gasp, and wince, and keep you guessing at each new plot twist (and also screaming at your screen for Hunter and Bobbi to get their acts together and TALK ABOUT IT.) In short: it's completely and utterly amazing, and I cannot, cannot recommend it enough!!
You Belong Among the Wildflowers by @libbyweasley - a freaking incredible Scis & Spies Regency AU! I only just started reading, but I was hooked all the way through, especially on the way Libby writes all four characters' complex relationships (and their attraction, and their history!) Everything about it is just completely stunning, and I for one cannot WAIT for these beautiful idiots to figure out they all belong together.
Family Snapshot by @tomatobookworm - if it's family fluff you're after, especially Staticquake family fluff, look no further! This tremendously soft and utterly amazing fic follows a day in the lives of a pregnant Daisy and her husband Lincoln, and their not-so-little family of Inhumans, both adopted and biological. There's also shopping with Grandma May, lots of feels, lots of shippiness, and just AMAZINGNESS all the way through!!
Best Day Ever by @loved-the-stars-too-fondly - Jemma and Daisy want to adopt a pet, and make a very special trip to Wisconsin to do it. Also, whether he knows who he is or not, Jemma has an important question to ask Cal - and just, AHHHH, everything about this is utterly stunning! For starters, Aubrey's writing is FANTASTIC, and the scene she sets is absolutely beautiful, and so very bittersweet. I was actually misting up a little with happy tears towards the end of this - really, I cannot recommend this enough, to any Skimmons fan.
so why don't we go somewhere only we know by @loved-the-stars-too-fondly - more Skimmons (platonic this time, though), more hurt/comfort, and, yes, again, more absolutely INCREDIBLE writing. This one is canon compliant, following a shaken Jemma struggling to sleep after Maveth, and how Daisy finds a way to help her out. Incredibly sweet, tender and BEAUTIFULLY written, this one was an instant favourite the moment I read it!
Unspoken by @anxiouslynumbme - a birthday fic for yours truly, and, honestly, one of the most STUNNING Staticquake introspectives I've read. It follows Daisy and Lincoln in a beautifully tender missing moment in season 3, with them both realising their feelings, and just... AHHHHHHHH, everything about it is utterly incredible!! I cannot, cannot recommend this gem of a fic enough
the thing about water droplets and ruffled hair by @que-mint-tea - here's another fic that proves, once and for all, how good Kat's Dekesy is, because it managed to convert T to write some Dekesy smut. And, oh my GOSH, what Dekesy smut - so goshdarn angsty, but so FANTASTICALLY characterised and written that it leaves you more than a little breathless, and gaping at your screen. The first chapter initially left us on the most HORRIFIC cliffhanger, but then T fixed it, and it's just... this thing is really a whole new level of emotional writing, raw and gripping and intensely perfect for both of these characters. My haw still drops whenever I think of this thing, and how utterly AMAZING it was, so yeah. Fic rec!!!
beautiful stranger, there you are by @justanalto - I do believe I still owe Serena a long and very gushy comment on this thing, because, MAN, does it ever deserve that!! Pipsy and fake dating, with the most HILARIOUSLY incredible writing, plot and characterisation, and honestly just a giddy "askhdfkhsfh" whenever I think back to how much I enjoyed it. Yup, it was that good.
Jumping to conclusions by @eowima - a very special one, because it marks my love Océane's first venture into writing AoS fic! It's an AU of 1x06 (the Fitzsimmons episode of s1) where Fitz does actually jump out of the plane to save Jemma. Realisations of feelings, and some of the most genuinely FANTASTIC Fitz characterisation I've read in a while, follow - and, yup, I was shouting at my screen for them just to get together already. Amazing stuff, really!!
Look into your eyes and the sky's the limit by @eowima - okay, this. This. Another gift for me, and one that I will probably treasure forEVER, because it is just?? so?? utterly?? perfect?? Just for starters, the title is a Hamilton reference - and then the theme of Hamilton references continues into the fic itself, I'm delighted to say. There's also the most BEAUTIFUL, playful Skimmons friendship, and teasing, and then of course the bet about who can make out with their crush first... Staticquake & Fitzsimmons perfection. And all rendered in Océane's delightful, best-thing-ever-to-read writing!! I'm going into a giddy keyboard smash just THINKING about this, so yeah, cannot recommend it enough.
lullabies and clear blue skies by @springmagpies and @bobbimorseisbisexual - okay, I never thought I'd catch myself shipping FitzBobbi, let alone shipping it this hard, but... wow. Maggie and Al teamed up to completely blow me away, and MELT MY WHOLE ENTIRE HEART with the sheer cuteness of this!! It features Fitz, Bobbi and adopting two daughters, and it's just the most tender, beautiful development through that little family - I love it so, so much.
We made all the wrong choices by @browneyedgenius - the winner of the AoS Angst War 2020, how could I not include this one? It is such a well-deserved win, though, whoa - I was sobbing, full-on sobbing, at least twice while reading. It follows the season 5 team through the events of the time-loop, after they failed to save the world - and, oh my gosh, it ripped my heart right out of my chest, but beautifully so. Everything about this fic just hits so hard, and it's written so well - yeah, really a most AMAZINGLY deserved win, for an utterly SHATTERINGLY incredible fic.
I threw stones at the stars (but the whole sky fell) by @nazezdha321 - this is Z showing us all how to write a backstory for a minor character, and write it so well that everyone's hearts break all over again when she dies. This one is about Victoria Hand, and it builds a stirring and profound childhood for her, also making her rise through the ranks of SHIELD and just her entire character mean so much more. Really, fic-wise, this is goals, and I take my hat off to you, Z, 1000%, for writing it.
in which the universe is put together by @besidemethewholedamntime - Rebecca's emotional writing, particularly Fitzsimmons' emotions, is incomparable, and she proves it all over again in this fic. If follows Fitz and Jemma before, after and during the bloodwork, and I just... wow, honestly. The emotion!! And the characterisation!! Absolutely stunning, and honestly all I could wish for in a we-had-time fic.
Agents of SHIELD Season 8 by @egumal - THIS. This, this, this, oh my gosh - as fix-it fics go, this has to be the most spectacular one I have ever read. What it does is find a way - a potentially canon compliant way, too - to bring back Lincoln Campbell, and reunite Staticquake. Basically: just about as season 7 finishes, the Astro Ambassadors get an unexpected visitor from another timeline, who asks them to come help out against Hive. Case in point, Daisy meets her lost love again (... but he has no idea who she is) and also has to relive the Fallen Agent drama. It all gets even more complicated when Kora restores Lincoln's memories, and Daisy meets the full team Deke has assembled around him in the 33 years (for him) that they've been apart... in short, this is one of the most thorough, well-written and downright SHOCKING plot-twist-wise fics that you will ever read, and honestly, saying "I can't recommend it enough" is an understatement. This thing is thd BEST, plain and simple!
Black Roses aren't real (but you and I are) by @ohwriteiforgot - ahhhh, a fic that will always have an incredibly special place in my heart, because it introduced me to one of my best fandom friends. The main focus is on Clintasha, it's true, but it's also a crossover with AoS in the sense that Clint was adopted by Coulson and May. Also, Daisy is his little sister, and their bond is gold. Also - there's Staticquake!! And flower shops!! And rivals to friends to lovers!! All I'm going to say is, what more can you ask for?!
A book to shield my story by @maybebrilliant - Staticquake High School AU, ahhhhhhhh!! There are only two chapters out so far, but the way this is shaping up is making my DAY - with Daisy as the new girl who meets Lincoln and his group of friends, and, though her foster parents are absolutely shit, starts to find actual happiness in a school for the first time in her life. Also - THE REFERENCES. Guys. I'm crazy for those, and in this book, so are my favourite dorks, Daisy and Lincoln - and let me tell you, it's nothing short of the best thing ever.
This AoS Finale Gif Edit by @heysteverogers - AoS really has been the most INCREDIBLE journey through the years, but what's really made it special is the company - and that's summed up perfectly in this gorgeous gifset. Also, the graphics on this are just, ahhhh, stunning - I'm in awe, and I've spent very long periods of time just looking at this thing in a state of heart-eyes.
This AoS Finale Gif Edit by @jemannesimms - combining Auld Lang Syne and the final scenes of my favourite show was a raw emotional - but utterly brilliant experience - for me. It's just so absolutely beautiful, and perfectly suited to the team, and their goodbyes!! Breathtaking editing work here, too.
This Daisy as Peter Parker and May as Tony Stark moodboard by @agentsofcomedyandchaos - ahhhh, a crossover of two of my favourite fandoms!! And what a lovely one, too - the colour scheme, quotes, and just the whole FEEL of this is absolutely genius, and I am guilty of being inspired by way too many fic ideas by it. Stunning stuff!!
And... whoa, that was long, but I really do feel that we deserve a bit of a proper pat on the back after creating such magical content in such a messed up year. So that's the note I'm going to leave you with for 2020, my friends: hell-year or no, look at the absolute beauty we were still able to create!! We really are freaking amazing, guys.
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ollieakana · 11 months ago
hyakujuu sentai gaoranger
Tumblr media
quests 24-26
quest 24: the silver wolf flashes!!
i assume merrick inherents his lone wolf angsting from shirogane but idk yet
i love sae so much i hope everyone is aware
for reference, she stomped on gaku's foot for saying he "still holds somewhat of a grudge" against shirogane for the whole rouki thing
"he's gonna say some shit like 'i'm unfit to touch hands with you' watch"
"i'm not qualified to join hands with you!" shirogane i will slap you
king they want to be your friends!!!! let them!!!!!
love that tsuetsue and yabaiba are all happy abt rouki's demise lmao
shirogane you're not an org and you know it so stop smh
i mean, i get this whole "i can't be with the gaorangers" thing kinda stems from survivor's guilt (y'know being the only one of the original gaorangers still alive), paired with literally trying to kill people while under evil influence, but shirogane, king, please just let the new gaorangers be your comrades
oh nice try king you could have gotten him if this plan wasn't super obvious
pov: shirogane fucking dies at the hands of two goofballs
chimera org looks rlly cool :0
yooo i love this henshin and role call SO MUCH
shirogane isn't just going to give up, y'all should know this
oh hey shirogane's gao jewels came back :^)
oh gaosilver's nickname (the sparkling wolf) is different from the wf wolf ranger's
how does he know abt pool
this was also lowkey a question i had abt merrick too but i never really vocalized it bc in the moment i was like "whoaaaaa cool :0!!!"
gaohunter justice :^)
listen i should know what to expect bc i watched wild force, but i'm really out here hoping things will be different (shirogane accepting the team wanting him, no kite, tetom not taking their jackets, etc)
the way gaku just fuckign throws the jacket at shirogane while he's walking away
and it lands perfectly around his shoulders
merrick's jacket > shirogane's jacket
oh right does this mean we get a new intro with shirogane in it?
(i used up all my good break transitions honestly)
quest 25: the third org princess arrives
okay his suit is featured briefly but he doesn't get a proper credit & face-to-the-name part like everyone else (only a credit)
gaku is a fucking dweeb holy shit
i love how he's generally been coming across as the stereotyped "cool dude" character, but no he's a really just fucking loser
i love him
i love him forever no matter what
waitwait seeing yabaiba reminded me- is this the episode where tsuetsue becomes a higher ranking org?
i ask bc yabaiba is like "huh. haven't seen tsuetsue around whats up w that lmao" and i vaguely remember that from jindrax in wild force
also i like the name onihime
shirogane!! hi king
they wanna sing with him :,^)
shirogane pleaaaaaase :^(
okay now he's at a billiards hall??
god this really makes me realize just how closely wild force follows gaoranger
he really used his gao jewels as billiards balls huh
omg tetom is Harassing him abt karaoke now
oooo thinkin abt murasaki are we, shirogane? 👀
holy shit they really went for a karaoke org
the people.. they're meowing.
okay how the fuck does being a veterinarian tell you this happened after they did karaoke, kakeru?? please explain how that works
aaaand now these dorks are fighting over who gets to sing what songs and when at this karaoke place
why is yabaiba the one tom meme where he's sneaking in thru the door in this scene
these guys.. i just. wow
i just love that the wind tells shirogane what's up
idk why i just find it kinda funny for some reason
shirogane my beloved <3
okay but i love the claws/paw beans on the gaosilver gloves
"demon, shatter gloriously!" has to be my favorite thing ever said in this show
his wolf turns into a fucking bike
oh hey tsuetsue
once again, tsuetsue nail inspo
omg the org was singing the gaoranger theme
gaomadillo is so cute <3 a baby
awful nose bastard may be coming back at some point smfh
the gaorangers just wanna do karaoke with shirogane </3
was that sarcastic or
i don't know why the mask was mended, mr narrator. i'm literally just as lost as you are
(idk what else to put here.. i took a break again)
quest 26: rouki returns
i like this bartender he's cool and teaches shirogane pool tricks
shirogane can't count :^(
AND HE'S 1062 YEARS OLD holy shit
wait does that make him like.. a dilf or a gilf?? bc he's probably tetom's several greats grandfather lbh there's no way he wasn't involved with the high shaman Like That
t h e w i n d
oh shit oh shit
tetom got fuckign splashed in the face by the fountain
shirogane is getting his shit wrecked
when you break the curse you put on yourself and the evil spirit controlling you gains his own body AND KICKS YOUR ASS IN A FIGHT
sae i love you
god shirogane can you stop your sixth angsting session and ACCEPT HELP FROM SAE AND THE TEAM goddamn
shirogane i'm going to smack you fr
(i just lost all my notes after this point i'm going to commit so many fucking crimes)
basically, rouki suddenly??? fucking died, ig
then tsuetsue and yabaiba showed up and took his mask
shirogane chased after them and left gaowolf's jewel behind, and now sae has it
likely, there's a new higness org (tetom said so, and i believe her bc i love her)
gaowolf manifested and did his lil awoo
then he drove himself to shirogane, who was fighting rouki, who i had no idea would come back as soon as he did
then i thought abt the fact that shirogane has basically been fighting his fursona this whole time, which must be really fucking weird for him, but was trying not to make any furry jokes bc it's low-hanging fruit
rouki really just caught gaomadillo and YEETED him at gaoking striker
oh hey the pool trick the bartender used at the beginning of the episode came in handy
omg sae and mr vet caught shirogane before he fell :,^)
god why the fuck is ura back i hate this stupid motherfucker
i want him died
alright another 3 episodes have come and gone. i have no clue how i've gotten this far after being bored for like a month or 2 of this show, but i'm glad i'm actually invested :^)
i've really liking this point in the story tbh! it's good at keeping my attention, and the chsracters are just <333 i love them. anyways, thanks for reading, as usual, and i'll have the next post out soon :0
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