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sneakyboymerlin · 17 days ago
What BBCM needed was more corrupt knights who weren’t reliant on magic to indicate their cruelty. So not Valiant or Dagr (who was only pretending to be a knight), but nobles who are villains because of their classism, their anti-magic stance, their general lack of compassion that contradicts their own code. Camelot knights or fighters from other anti-magic kingdoms, like Amata, who have nothing to do with magic because they believe it is an inherent evil.
They’re not trying to assassinate Arthur or anything like that. They’re antagonistic villains because of how their unethical values hurt the people they’re sworn to protect. They’re villains because of the very qualities that Uther’s reign encourages in them, that Arthur’s reign continues but must end. Perhaps Arthur is able to ignore their flaws that are so blatant to those suffering the abuse, up until it affects him personally. And he realizes he was warned, he just minimized the issue because he doesn’t care about those with magic, or because it’s considered “normal” to treat servants as tools instead of people.
Let this be a lead into Arthur’s own character development, where he fully realizes the effects of the laws he’s upheld, how they don’t really benefit the people at all. Bring Arthur the understanding that the real enemy isn’t just anyone who undermines his authority, but is instead something he himself has perpetuated, something he will put an end to (especially since his romance with Gwen relies on it).
Make Arthur a great king instead of just calling him one. Or if he is not meant to show this growth until the very end, then don’t justify it and minimize its effects in the meantime. Emphasize Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, and other oppressed people’s stakes in the magic ban being overturned and the working class becoming equal, because this is just as important as any Arthur assassination plot, if not more so.
No more dependency on magical means for villains. The plots-of-the-week lose meaning when they forget that people don’t become evil because they’re “corrupted” by magic, but because of their own inability to value and respect other people as their equals, whether they have magic or just the weapons Arthur provides them. And yes, involving the conflict between Merlin and his magical kin is compelling! He has to choose between Arthur—who is conflated with the greater good of his people—and another individual victim of Uther’s Purge sometimes! And he will try to resolve this by some compromise that benefits both parties, or he’ll see no way to escape the ultimatum! But that story does not rely on the “someone is trying to assassinate Arthur… with magic!” formula that is found in nearly every episode.
Show us that the reason a character is a villain is not because they’re, by default, suspicious for lying about their associations with magic or for disapproving of Arthur’s laws, but because they are doing harm to the people we’re rooting for: the magical communities that Uther traumatized, the working class who have as much worth as any noble, or even the personal life of an individual that has nothing to do with the way Camelot is ruled (without neglecting to show how this intersects with their status). Show us the distinct ways in which the core four and the round table are impacted by this. Show us just how an attack on Arthur can be construed as an attack on the people Merlin is trying to protect.
Return the life and depth to the story. Expand on the world-building. Make the individuals throughout Camelot and Albion as significant as their kings are. Create villains that are consistent with the underlying themes. Remember what each character, including the villains and antagonists, is fighting for.
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kangyohanapologist · a month ago
my hc is that as a kid yohan is really devout in his faith like he prayed every night bfr sleeping, went to church every sunday etc etc. maybe if he prayed enough other people will like him. maybe if he prayed enough he will have friends. maybe if he prayed enough his dad will see him as a son instead of a punching bag. but as time went on things stayed the same and he just... stopped. because if even god won't help him then he must not be worth saving, right?
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djemsostylist · 2 months ago
nothing will ever be funnier in Son Yaz then when Selim caught them in the hotel room and spent the next 4 hours yelling "BUT THEY WERE HOLDING HANDS CANAN. HANDS! SHE WAS HOLDING HIS HAND! IN A HOTEL ROOM! HIS HAND CANAN." and Canan is just like "pls calm down you are going to pop a blood vessel" while Akgun is attempting to sink into the ground and die bc he feels terrible for accidentally making Yagmur fall in love with him and Yagmur just keeps trying to say she loves him but everyone keeps yelling at her to shut up EXCEPT for that one time when Akgun thought the best time for a proposal was in the middle of a gun fight and then they just basically screamed it at each other a hail of bullets and if this family isn't the best family to you idk what to tell you really
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arlenianchronicles · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A collection of my Maiar designs, based on how they’d look in my stories, featuring: Eönwë, Ilmarë, Sauron, Melian, Olórin, Curumo, Ossë, and Uinen.
While I was thinking about their designs, I came up with a couple headcanons (mostly taken from my stories loll). I imagine that they’d take after their Valar. For example, Eönwë is a bird in Manwë’s sky, and Ilmarë is a star in Varda’s constellations (or night sky). Or they might blend in with their Vala’s “landscape” -- Ossë and Uinen take after Ulmo’s sea. But Uinen could also appear as a radiant pearl. So yeah, these designs might not be their permanent look XDD
As for Olórin and Curumo, they have more earthy tones; I read that Olórin served Manwë, Varda, Irmo, and Nienna, and that’s a lot to put into his design loll So I gave him something simple, more Elf-like (and that’d work nicely if one headcanons him to walk amongst the Elves and all). The same goes for Curumo, though I imagine Curumo would take a more otherworldly appearance while in Aulë’s forge. Perhaps a jewel-like look?
Melian is the most Elf-like because she’s living among the Sindar in Doriath. Sauron is fiery, I suppose hearkening back to his days in Aulë’s forge XDD I thought about including my design for Annatar, but I might leave that for later loll
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unnamedelement · 12 days ago
I hope this is at the top of Turgon's CV, because this is A+ badass
And most of all Morgoth feared Turgon, for of old in Valinor his eye had lighted on him, and whenever he drew near a dark shadow had fallen on his spirit, foreboding that in some time that yet lay hidden in doom, from Turgon ruin should come to him. - Battle of Unnumbered Tears in Children of Hurin
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iwaasfairy · 4 months ago
⛩ i think i should have elaborated!! that was a question for stepdaddy oikawa, sorry for the confusion! i think atsuko would be ballsy enough to do that
No no it’s my bad I was confusing mYSELF OSODOFOFPFP (´•ω•̥`) but yes yes Atsuko would absolutely dare and if you can somehow keep Tooru from joining in he would get sooooo antsy and get more jealous and frustrated by the second ; ^; he probably wouldn’t let it happen unless he’s in a position where he absolutely cANT leave.
Just imagine the guys are visiting and they’re having drinks in the living room,, and Tooru suddenly notices you with a hand clamped over your mouth as Atsu presses you to the wall and fucks you right in view of his dad because he’s too daring,, and Tooru can’t do anything because if he even acknowledges you two the guests will turn and spot you,, so he’s just seething in place watching you tear up and get your pussy pounded 💝💓💕💘 we love to see it
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twobrokenwyngs · 24 days ago
About the black sails ending - please elaborate!! Im genuinely curious! I honestly do not even remember how it ended only that I was disappointed
ohhhhhh boy, anon, you just wanna see me riled up, don't you lol
listen, there was admittedly a lot about s4 as a whole that I didn't care for. a lot of that had to do with pacing - in fact, this whole rant was borne of a discussion with @ultraballantine about how much the show would have benefitted from being 5 seasons, which I won't dive into here, because that's a whole other post in and of itself. but then we got to talking about the series' ending. and, well. yeah, I'm still so resentful and bitter about it.
specifically... the "unburying" of thomas hamilton, aka the most invalidating, shark-jumping load of bullshit ever carried out on tv. i honestly cannot think of a more disrespectful, offensive, shallow ending for one of the most complex and meaningful characters there's ever been.
the fact that flint railed against civilization while also privately longing for a quiet, domestic, civilized life is one of the best, most fascinating conflicts to his characterization. BUT if all he truly wanted in the end was that quiet retirement, he could have just stayed with miranda. it wasn't that easy, because james flint isn't the same person james mcgraw was, by a hundred thousand miles, and he cannot be again. period. life and experience changes people. "flint" wasn't just some gossamer costume that he draped over himself while "mcgraw" lay in wait. flint is who he IS, that's the center of the tragedy of his character. therein lies ALL his depth. being betrayed by the only society he's ever known changed him at a fundamental level. hell, it might even be more accurate to say that his experiences unlocked flint, because there were glimmers of that man in him even before his losses, but at that time he was simply bound by the limitations of civilized society and his position within its class structure. as a pirate, he was reborn, and it's laughable to suggest that the blazing inferno that is james flint could be tamped out, that he could in any way be "undone," by the reappearance of one of the ghosts of his past, romantic or otherwise.
and its not like we didn't all ultimately want flint to find that rest and peace. obviously we did. we didn't want to see him be fueled by blazing rage until he burned himself out. obviously!!! but that peace and rest was meant to be found on HIS. TERMS. not for him to be forced into this horrific funhouse mirror version of "peace," supposedly smoothed over by the fact that he was inexplicably given thomas back. nor can it possibly be anything even remotely resembling true peace, considering it ends with him as an actual prisoner in a labor camp, robbed of every bit of autonomy he's ever had, powerless to continue to pursue his goals nor do justice to his ideals, which he still VERY much has and holds close to himself.
for fuck's sake, how can anyone purport to love or care about this character if ultimately they were just biding their time waiting for him to magically transform into something more palatable?? and from a narrative standpoint, holy shit, has anything ever been more invalidating than, out of nowhere and for no reason, simply... giving him back the one thing he lost, the impetus for every hard choice, every sacrifice, every moral and political turn, every moment of grief and healing, etc etc he has made in the last decade?? imagine watching the show, all the while having "yeah, except thomas is secretly alive out there and they will eventually be reunited and none of this will ultimately matter," at the forefront of your mind. at that point it feels pointless to even watch at all. it takes his entire journey and mockingly shits all over it.
and don't even get me started, tbh, on the fandom reception, the unmitigated glee that washed over parts of the fandom about "unbury your gays" (puke) - god, how supremely, egregiously shallow. as if it was worth it to sacrifice flint's integrity, his values, his life, liberty and personhood, his entire goddamn characterization, so long as A Gay Character wasn't actually dead. just disgraceful. that choice, especially as randomly, clumsily, and senselessly as it was executed, more-or-less destroyed both his character and the narrative beyond recognition, and people celebrated it, because Gay. like... ew, lmao. surely, surely people want more depth and nuance in their stories than that? surely that's why we all loved the show in the first place? I don't know, man. what a mess.
aaanyway. told you I was still pissed off, lol.
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onedivinemisfit · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
AnS Bebe!AU
Obi’s life as a homeless assassin/spy/hired muscle/thief doesn’t end per se, after he picks up the bebe (who for her first months was nameless, but after some time gained the nickname “Kunai” perfect discord idea yes?) it’ll be a time yet before she gets a name, proper-like, on paper and everything.
Until then, another silly doodle touched up with a wee bit of color~ bebe needs her bath, vagabond life or not.
AnS (c) Akizuki Sorata
Art: Me
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starbuck · 2 months ago
“You'll be right back in the parlor room listening through a crack in the door to where the real business is being done. Back to where you started before you brought Mother and myself here and we made you into the man that you always insisted to them that you were.”
The fact that Eleanor’s mother was apparently the driving force behind building-up the Guthrie trading company in Nassau before she was killed in the Spanish raid is a VERY interesting detail when you consider the scene in 4x08 where Marion Guthrie attempts to set Max up with a man who she claims would “listen to [her] as a wife” and allow her to wield the true strategic power.
Because we also know that, when Richard initially pushed the move to Nassau, Eleanor’s mother didn’t want to go because she felt it would be too dangerous. And yet one of the perks Marion lists about the man she recommends to Max is “His family would be relieved beyond measure that he'd found himself a future far away from their business.” So to me, Marion becomes a slightly sinister figure in the formation of Eleanor’s parents’ relationship when I imagine her introducing Eleanor’s mother to Richard, fully aware that he had ambitions of going to Nassau to try to “prove himself” (and secretly wanting rid of him), but neglecting to mention this to her and instead claiming, as she did with Max, that he’d do whatever she said and that she’d retain autonomy.
I do think that Marion, as a woman secretly wielding power, does like the idea of other women doing the same and legitimately wants to encourage their success but, at the same time, her primary concern is making money which is exactly why she has no issue giving Max a shove towards the same precarious position that got both Eleanor and her mother killed, so long as it means their very profitable partnership can move forward. 
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localkage · 9 months ago
Ok but I love how in your headcanons Naruto keeps calling Kakashi old and asking why he bothers making new friends, when canonically Kakashi is like in his late 20s and moving into his 30s at the end of Shippuden.
do you think naruto KNOWS it though? I don't think anyone (especially kakashi himself) has ever told naruto his sensei is actually 20 and not 40, and do you think naruto bothers to go read kakashi's files or smth??? I don't think so.
kakashi acts like a lazy old man since the first day they met, and if you ask him, naruto genuinely thinks kakashi's hair is just his old age coming to bite him in the ass at full force, he's greying!! so yes, since the beginning, naruto assumes kakashi is a 40 something yo dude and counting. and if anyone dares to tell him the truth he WILL throw hands with this person for daring to think naruto is dumb enough to fall for such a lie. kakashi is 31??? Bitch he was 31 20 years ago shut up lets fight.
but to be fair, sasuke too thinks kakashi is 40, the only one that probably knows kakashi's age is sakura because the girl likes to keep a calendar with everyone's bdays and she's canonically the only one that can do maths, rip sasuke and naruto. 
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upside-blue · 3 months ago
jc may not be a good sect leader or brother but, objectively, he is a very funny little disaster man
#i am symathetic to him but he is a huge trash goblin and does not have his life together#which always irritates me when fic casts him as a collected guy who is perpetually Done with wwx#jc did not adequately navigate or even recognize the power structures intrinsic to his relationship w/ wwx#he grew up calling wwx brother but being taught wwx is lesser than. a servant. indebted#and his expectations on wwx were always in conflict with at least one of these things#wwx experiencing disproportionate amounts of abuse in jiang household since childhood was normal to him#of course he couldn't always stand up for wwx but it reflects in his own treatment of wwx too#and when wwx chose to put his morals above lotus pier jc could not understand#and when wwx was in a politically terrible place jc did not act to support him as a brother or share responsibility as a superior#jc was so ready to ignore the wen remnants for political peace & renege on his debts to wq and wn#he did nothing because he was a child not equipped to deal with those politics#but even later he's not a good leader. torturing dark cultivators. scaring his people into avoiding his sect's help#jc is not. a good person#he's not a good politician either#which isn't to say i don't like him#i just don't like certain fics which give him the moral high ground on wwx too much#& honestly with a lifetime of 'serve & die for jc and jyl' indoctrination & few clues that jc reciprocated his loyalty in any way#i can't blame wwx for transferring his core#like i feel its so telling that when jc was upset he made it habit to say cruel things to wwx and wwx always acted to soothe him#thats not. healthy. or acceptable. its a symptom of them living in an abusive household. & at some point jc should have realized#& apologized. or something#as an adult at least#anyway long story short::::#jc's and wwx's relationship breaking down was not wholly wwx's fault! & it's not just him who should have communicated better#anyway idk jc sure is a multi facetted character & very interesting to explore if one is interested in#the 'young heir of broken family thrust into leadership position unexpectedly' trope playing out realistically
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bloominstorm · 19 days ago
I feel so stupid.. I really thought Draken was gonna pull through..
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meduseld · 2 months ago
Were Solomon and Sarah ever arranged to be married or was there some sort of understanding? Because for some reason, some people are under this impression but I can’t see any confirmation.
I don't think so, it's more like gossip/wishful thinking from what we see. Since they seem to be friends, and do get along, the town seems to think they could be a good match. Certainly Sarah's father seems to feel that way but in a light teasing way rather than a you will marry this man sort of way.
Sarah definitely feels it's something she can joke about to Solomon. Potentially if all that happened hadn't happened, the implications might have become orders. For one, it appears people are giving Solomon time to get over becoming a widower and losing a son; while Sarah's still young. But after a bit it would have been harder for her to stay single in front of social pressure and such and people would be pushing Solomon to "move on and remarry". As he canonically eventually did.
Not that, had what happened not happened, getting married would have happened even if there was that much social pressure. Sarah clearly knows she's gay and doesn't want to get into a comphet cover marriage. And Solomon being unhindged enough to, y'know, kill a woman for the Devil's book and sell his soul........ wouldn't have gone well.
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suspiciouspopsicle · 3 months ago
Why do people think wwx got away with murder???
The sects tried and sentenced him to death? They took away his most important and powerful allies?? They got the shit kicked out of them and still came back to attack the Burial Mounds where they slaughtered the remaining Wens??? Wei Wuxian died during that attack????
He was punished! He died!! You can’t punish any more than that without torture, and that would make the sects all war criminals* instead of whatever hero of justice story they told themselves while running Granny Wen through and dumping her corpse into a blood pool.
It’s not Wei Ying’s fault death didn’t take.
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jahaeratargaryen · 4 months ago
who kills spiders or takes them outside (in tristheon)
Theon has literally no fear of spiders at all in fact one of the hallmarks of his personality (in my horrible hell brain) is that he doesn’t understand why society has normalized arachnophobia so he just lets them do whatever they want but he hates all other bugs though so whenever he sees one he traps it in some weird way and makes Tris deal with it he’ll be like ‘Tris can u come throw out this can’ ‘what’s underneath it’ ‘an intruder’
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