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Tumblr media
You are striking. Tough to crack. Worth every effort, you said. There's an art to eating a pomegranate; cut away the crown
until you can see the chambers inside—six bedrooms shining with ruby chandeliers. In a bowl of water use your thumbs to tear the walls apart.
Ode to a Pomegranate - Brooke Matson 
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I Have Always Seen You
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: eddie munson x chubby female reader
summary: of course the boy i've known since 3rd grade, the one i've loved since 7th grade, would be the one to break my heart. i never thought he would be the one to fix it too...
warnings: bullying, fatphobia, use of the word pig towards reader once, falling off a bike, blood and cut knee from falling off said bike, self-doubt and sort of self-hate i guess, cursing, mentality that reader wouldn't be 'missed' (idk if thats a warning but just in case), no use of y/n, underage drinking, reader has an older brother for sake of the story (i gave him a really basic/common name), thoughts and flashbacks are in italics!! nickanames/pet names (shortcake, princess, honey, sweetheart), reader is at least a bit shorter than eddie, very poorly edited, talks of the demobats and upside down, again like very badly edited, lemme know if i missed anything, i'm sure i have!
word count: 9k+
notes: my first fic guys and it turned into this 9,000 word monster! wild! anyway, this might be trash i honestly don't know, i have no perception of it, pls let me know what you think!! also, this story is told in first person point of view so it uses 'i, me, myself' and all that, idk how i feel about it though tbh. uuuuh, enjoy!!
DON'T REPOST MY WRITING OR SHARE IT TO OTHER PLATFORMS (including mentioning it in tiktok comment sections and stuff like that pls) THIS IS MY WRITING, DON'T STEAL IT PLEASE!
The sweltering midwestern heat was hitting Hawkins, Indiana early this year. School had only been out for a few weeks and it was already hot enough to have the city pool passing the max capacity damn near every day. 
Luckily for me, I had been able to successfully avoid going every time my friends have asked me to join them. Until now. 
“C’mon, it’s gonna be so much fun! Steve’s parents are gone again, like usual, so it’ll just be us and a few other friends!” Robin tries to convince me through the phone.  
“Robin, I never believe ‘just us and a few friends’, because it is ne-”
“It’s never just a few friends, I know. But this time it really will be just a few people. Like, actually just a few people. After everything that happened during spring break and all that, Steve really just wants the main guys there. There’s not gonna be any crazy partying, we’re gonna swim and relax, that’s it.”
“I don’t know, I might be busy tomorrow,” I attempt an excuse. 
“Then we’ll move it to when you’re free. We really want you there, you haven’t gone to any of our movie nights or other hangouts yet,” Robin points out while saying my name softly. “Is it something else? Is there someone you don’t want there?” 
Robin isn’t entirely wrong, there is something else that’s keeping me from joining my friends. And technically it does have to do with someone, but not in the way she thinks. And that someone happens to be none other than the Eddie Munson. 
I’ve known Eddie for many years. My older brother was one of his best friends while growing up having met in elementary school. James was in the grade above Eddie, and the one to introduce him to D&D, eventually passing on the title of Hellfire Club President to him as well. I was always in the background, hoping my brother would let me learn how to play just so I could impress him and his friends. 
While they were occupying the basement, getting pizza and bottles of Coke every other Saturday for their stupid role-playing game, I was in my room reading trashy romance novels and out riding my bike to the library in hopes to seem cool when I came back late at night. 
By the time I got to high school, it was James’ second to last year before he went off to college in Chicago on his big-shot football scholarship he managed to snag before he was even a senior. And yes, James was a Hellfire nerd and a star-athlete, so no one messed with their little club while he was there. Eddie was in his sophomore year, already antsy to graduate and move on to greater things. 
I was just the outcast that didn’t even have a group. It didn’t matter that I was the captain of the football team’s little sister, I never made any friends because I never tried to. 
Needless to say, yeah, Eddie and I had some history and maybe things got brought up when Vecna was trying to take over the world that might have been better left untouched. And maybe the idea of seeing him again brings butterflies to my stomach while also making my gut sink. 
“No, it's not that. I just…I guess I just haven’t been feeling it since…since yanno,” I say, half heartedly. 
Robin voices her understanding and tells me to just call back when I make a decision on if I would go or not. I promise her I will and hang up the phone. It’s not like I didn’t want to see them, because truly I did but it also wasn’t a complete lie when I told her I hadn’t been feeling quite right since the Venca situation. 
It was a really traumatic and horrible experience for everyone involved, and really astonishing that everyone made it out alive. 
‘Maybe I should just go…but what if it’s horrible? I know none of my lovely friends would ever say anything to me about it, but I just can’t stand the thought of them seeing me in a swimsuit, especially Eddie.’ I shake my head at the thought. ‘What a stupid thing to think, god, we all nearly died and I’m worried about my stomach in a swimsuit, how shallow is that? I guess some things just never change, no matter the life threatening situation…’
I go about my nighttime routine, washing my face and making sure no lights have been left on around the house. I say goodnight to my mother and fall right asleep. Or, I try to at least. 
But my mind keeps me up for much longer than I would have hoped. 
‘It would be a good time, though. Have a couple of beers, spend the night in one of Steve’s nice guest bedrooms. I wouldn’t even have to swim, I could just say I’m on my period or something. Ugh, but Robin knows that I always swam even on my period when we were younger. I’ll just wear a suit under my clothes and pretend the water is too cold even though it’s the peak of summer? Yeah, that should work. I can’t imagine anyone will care that much anyway if I’m not in the pool with them. I really do miss my friends.’
The next morning I call Robin and tell her I’ll be there tonight. She squeals in delight and tells me how happy she’ll be to see me.
Now it was just time to pick out an outfit, should be simple enough, right? 
Well, after leaving it to the last second and now only having about 15 minutes to get to Steve’s when it’s already a five minute drive, having half of my closet strewn about my room doesn’t seem like a very good place to be at. 
I finally sigh and opt for a swim suit from the summer before that I never wore, a green one piece with a wrapped sort of style for the top portion, and black cut off shorts and an old t-shirt that fits comfortably loose over it. 
I grab my keys and kiss my mother on the forehead, reminding her I wouldn’t be back till the next morning. 
Several shouts of my name reach my ears once I reach Steve’s backyard, it does bring a small smile to my face knowing I’ve been missed just as much as I’ve missed them. 
“You’re actually here, I’m so happy to see you!” Nancy says pulling me in for a hug, Robin joining on top, squishing us all together. 
“Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry.” 
“No, you don’t have to be sorry, it’s been a really hard year,” Nancy says sincerely. 
Steve comes up for a hug next, squishing me for dear life, I could feel him about to try to lift me up and spin me around so I pull away rather abruptly. 
“Alright, alright, it’s nice to see you, too, Steve.”
He answers with a kiss to the cheek and makes me promise that I’ll come to the next hangout and every one after that. I see Jonathan and he waves with a small awkward smile. 
Finally my eyes meet Eddie’s. 
“James! James! C’mon, come outside and play with me!” It was nearing the end of summer before James would go back to school for his 8th grade year and I would be going into 6th grade. 
“Not right now, can’t you see that I’m busy? I’m too old to play outside anyway,” my brother rolls his eyes. 
I hop down the stairs so I can see the basement fully now. Spotting all of my brother's friends huddled around our dinky old card table while he has books and notepads sprawled on his end. 
“Well, can I at least play your game with you guys? I’m sure I can learn it fast!” I beam, faking confidence in hopes to sway them. 
“No offense, shortcake, but it’s probably too confusing for you. Besides, we’re right in the middle of a campaign, it would be too hard to add in another character out of the blue right now,” Eddie says with a chuckle, like the idea that I could play is too amusing to even consider. 
Naturally, I take full offense. 
“Fine! You’re all so annoying, I didn’t even want to play with you anyway. Especially not with someone who has a buzzcut!” I stick my tongue out at them and run away, but not before I can hear them laughing. 
Sitting alone in my room I know it was childish of me, especially for my age. James was probably right, he was too old to be outside playing tag with his sister. I was too old to be throwing a tantrum like this over some friends wanting to spend time with each other without one’s little sister hanging around. 
“Hey, Munson.” 
Eddie nods his head in greeting and goes back to talking with Jonathan. Well, that’s honestly about as much interaction as I expected to get from him tonight. 
“Alright, let’s get this party started!” Robin exclaims, dragging you toward the cooler filled with ice and drinks, I grab a Sprite to start with. 
2 hours later and my Sprite is still mostly untouched and it’s now gone lukewarm. The others are in the pool splashing and playing chicken, I sit on the side with my feet dangling into the shallow end, watching as they fool around and laugh. Giggles and quiet laughs leave my lips on occasion with them. 
“You should get in, the water’s really nice!” Nancy says. 
“Yeah! Strip for us and get in here,” Robin adds, making everyone laugh. 
“You guys just want to get me out of my clothes, don’t you?” I play it off, shaking my head slightly. Giggles erupt again. I excuse myself to the bathroom after pulling my legs out of the pool. 
Closing and locking the door behind me I look at myself in the mirror.
‘I should just get in the pool, shouldn’t I? I do feel like I’m missing out on what could be a lot of fun. And it wouldn’t hurt to wash all this sweat off of me. I could just keep my shirt on, I have an extra change of clothes as backup anyway.’ 
I finish my business and leave the bathroom. 
After turning the corner to go back to the pool I run straight into something firm, nearly being toppled over before hands are at my forearms to keep me from doing so. Seeing dark curls fanning across this “something’s” shoulders and several patches of dark ink on its bare skin, I immediately know I have just run head first into Eddie. Great. 
“Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” I murmur, keeping my eyes pointed down. 
“It’s alright, shortcake. No harm done right?” he says, adjusting his head to try to catch my eyes. 
I nod my head and pull away from his hands that still rest gently on my arms. 
“Hey, hey, what’s up? You’re so quiet tonight, is everything okay?” 
I nod again and pull away harder, rushing out the door to get back to the pool, ignoring his call of my name and a request to “just hold on a second.” 
Pulling my shorts off quickly, I step up to the pool and begin to wade into the water before Robin stops me. 
“Your shirt! You don’t want the chlorine to ruin it!” 
My heart thumps, thinking of how I can handle this. My mouth opens to say something but before I can, Robin cuts me off. 
“Just take it off, no one’s gonna make fun of you for being in your swimsuit and if they do I’ll beat them up for you and then we’ll all collectively agree to throw them out of the group. And don’t try to tell me that’s not what it is, I can see it all over your face. You’re allowed to have fun and go swimming, I don’t like to see you excluding yourself, no matter the reason,” she says. 
Of course she would see right through any lie I could throw her way. That’s just how Robin is. No matter how clumsy she can be, she really is observant. Not only that, but she’s right. Nobody cares and if they do, that’s their problem. 
I rip off my shirt and dive into the pool trying to minimize the time in which people could see me without it. Immediately finding Steve’s legs I yank his ankles so he falls backwards into the water with an unnecessarily loud screech. 
It makes the rest of us laugh loudly until Steve comes back up for air with a thirst for vengeance. He chases me around the pool, not for long considering he’s such a strong swimmer and I’m really not trying very hard to get away from him, and catches me easily. His arms wrap around my waist and I cringe as his hands nudge my stomach, scolding myself for the action right after. Steve doesn’t care about my stomach, if he did, he wouldn’t be my friend. 
“That really wasn’t very nice,” Steve says and starts lifting me out of the water. 
“Steve, hey. Steve! Steve, no, I’m too heavy! Stevie, no! Bad Stevie! Bad!”
I’m thrown in the air as far as he can get me and I splash back down. 
I come up spluttering for breath, “Oh, you are so dead, Harrington!” 
All at once the rest of us are splashing and dunking him over and over, until he pleads mercy. Shrieks and squeals of glee and what might be considered laughter fill the air as everyone gets their turn being thrown into the water. 
Eddie comes back out from the house and cannonballs in the middle of our ‘hate on Steve’ fest. 
Eventually I end up back on the side of the pool in my shirt with just my feet in, this time so I can enjoy a fresh soda and mellow out a little, not to make myself smaller. Nancy and Jonathan have called it a night already, leaving Steve, Eddie, and Robin in or by the pool with me. 
“I never noticed this scar? Where did you get it?” Robin points to my knee. 
The nice old librarian put a hand on my shoulder gently to get my attention, telling me the library would be closing soon and it was best I head home, I hadn’t realized how late it already was. I pack everything together as fast as I can, quickly saying goodnight and unlocking my bike, trying my hardest to race home before the sun sets. 
The wheels of my rickety bicycle pump faster and faster and in my haste I bump over a high curb without realizing, flying off and onto the pavement. 
Tears spring to my eyes as air is sucked in through my teeth. I take a look at my knee and see a small dribble of blood seeping down it, my hands have little scrapes all over, spotted with little beads of red. 
Not the worst I could have gotten from a bike incident, but bad enough to keep me from being able to ride the rest of the way home. It’s not far, but so much for getting back before the street lights turn on. 
About 15 minutes later I make it into our backyard, dropping the two wheeled contraption from hell into the grass and stumbling through the door, all while sniffling back sobs. 
“Oh hey, shortcake! James was starting to get worried about you, you really shouldn’t walk alone at night yanno? Next time ju-” Eddie cuts himself off after seeing the state I’m in. Of course he had to be the one to see me like this. Anyone else could have been sent on snack duty tonight, but it just had to be him. 
“Oh my god, what happened?” He walks up to me. 
I shrug my shoulders and look away. I catch a glimpse of how bad my knees and hands have gotten on the walk home. Blood drips down both knees, my left knee looking significantly worse than the right. Dirt and pebbles cover my palms along with streaks of crimson. 
“Don’t do that, sweetheart. Tell me what happened? Please?” 
I still don’t say anything, fresh, hot tears welling up and already spilling out. I refuse to let stupid Eddie Munson see me like this, all it would be is more leverage to make fun of me with. 
He pulls my hand gently until I’m sitting down. Eddie appears in front of me with a first aid kit a few seconds later, carefully cleaning the gashes on my knees and scrapes on my hands with alcohol wipes. 
“Did,” he lets out a shuddering breath, “Did someone hurt you?” 
“No, god no Eddie, I just-, god this is so embarrassing, I just fell off of my bike is all,” I mutter, not really wanting him to hear the words as they come out. 
“S’ not embarrassing, stuff like that happens. I just wish you would have told me, here I was thinking the boys and I were going to have to band together to cause hell for our favorite little goblin,” he says. 
“You’re just trying to make me feel better, you guys wouldn’t really do that, I guess James might. Most of you guys don’t even really like me that much anyway, you don’t have to lie,” I whisper.
“That’s not true! Of course we would stick up for you!” he says like he’s shocked that I would think the opposite. 
I just shrug my shoulders again and wipe my eyes, still avoiding looking him in the face. 
“Here, let me help you up to your room. That can’t feel good to walk on,” he pulls me up from the chair and goes to lift me into his arms. I jump out of his reach before he can. 
“It’s okay, I got it. Just- you better get back downstairs before they start worrying. I’ll take care of myself.” 
“What? No, you’re basically limping just standing here, shortcake, let me carry you, it’ll only take a minute?” He phrases it like a question. Asking but also sort of demanding. 
The idea is actually really nice, and I want to say yes to it. It would be like when the prince finally gets the princess in all those books I’ve read. Eddie could sweep me off of my feet and whisk me away. 
But I know better, I know that he wouldn’t be able to lift me. Even if he could he wouldn’t so much as glance at me, again, I’m just his friend's little sister. Here only because this is where she lives. 
“No thank you, I’m okay. Go ahead and go back to your game, I’m sure they miss you already. Nobody would even notice if I were gone, but they’ll practically riot without you,” I try to cover how deeply I believe those words with a laugh as I wobble away and halfway up the stairs before he can stop me. 
“Um, I guess I don’t really remember. It’s probably just one of those super old scars you forget are even there,” I say, even though I recall the night I got it vividly. 
Eddie’s eyes meet mine from the other side of the pool and they look almost…hurt at the possibility that I might not remember that day. Well, he didn’t get to feel hurt about it. He made it clear that he doesn’t care how I feel when we were in the upside down. 
“Hmmm, yeah, I have, like, tons of those actually,” Robin says, “This one is from my cat, Steven, and this one-” 
“You have a cat named Steven?” I cut her off. She gives me a look that says ‘duh’. 
“But what about Steve? Like human Steve? Was this before or after you became friends? And how has this never come up before?” I practically shriek. 
“Believe me, it has come up before. And yes, before she tells you otherwise, it was after we became friends,” Steve says, settling down beside me while throwing his arm around my shoulders. 
“That is not true! I found him outside the mall before we became friends! We may have been working together at that point, but we were not friends yet!” Robin shouts. 
“We were friends, she’s just embarrassed that she named her cat after me,” Steve whispers in my ear, making me giggle like a schoolgirl. 
Even though I’ve never seen Steve romantically, he still had the ability to reduce me to feet kicking and hair twirling. 
“What’s wrong with you, Munson?” Steve asks, noticing the scowl covering his face that usually carries a bright smile. 
Eddie shakes his head, “Nothing man, just thinking about how I don’t have a beer in my hand right now.” 
A call of my name breaks my gaze away from the mirror. 
“You almost ready? It’s time to go!” James yells, entering my room. “Hey! You look great! It almost feels like I’m sending you off to prom already,” he says wiping fake tears from his cheeks. 
I shove him in the chest and readjust my hair and the straps to my dress for what feels like the millionth time. It was a rather simple looking thing considering I had to sew it myself since the only dresses even near my size were too far out of theme for the 8th grade Winter Snowball or they were simply just ugly. 
Light blue and white fabric lays delicately across my shoulders and down to my knees, matched with white slip on shoes and silver snowflake jewelry. 
“You look really nice, seriously. I know how nervous you are, but it’s gonna be okay, I promise,” my brother assures me, slapping my shoulder much harder than necessary to push me towards the door, “Now it’s time to get your butt moving, let’s go!” 
When we arrive at the dance I immediately catch eyes with Robin and speed walk to her. James goes wherever he's needed for volunteering. 
After about 45 minutes the first slow song of the night comes on as I sit contently by myself at the far end of the bleachers. I wasn’t sad to not be dancing with anyone, I was honestly sort of relieved that I hadn’t had to dance all night. But watching all the couples on the dance floor does make my heart ache just a little. 
“I haven’t seen you dance all night, what’s that about?” 
“Why are you here?” 
“Ouch, shortcake, I don’t even get a hello? And what, I can’t come volunteer with your brother?” Eddie says, fake hurt painting his face. 
“It just doesn’t seem like you, I guess.” 
He sits down next to me leaving at least enough room for another person to sit between us. He hands me an unopened juice box. 
“Seriously though, why aren’t you out there? You don’t have someone you wanna get cozied up with on the dancefloor?” He wiggles his eyebrows at me in his typical annoying Eddie way. 
I roll my eyes, as my stomach twists with shame. He’s mocking me, isn’t he? 
“Nope. I’m okay with it though. Honestly I was perfectly happy just sitting here. Until you showed up that is,” I say with a shrug. 
“Oh really? Well, gosh, who made you such a sour fart?” he laughs as I push him in the arm. 
“Alright, c’mon then. Pity party is over, let's go do this,” Eddie holds out his hand and raises a brow when all I do is look at it confused. “Let’s go dance, shortcake, you should at least once before it’s over.” 
“Um- I-” I’m at a loss for words. There’s no way he’s being anything but friendly but my stupid heart skips too many beats to count. 
“Here, I need to go check on James and see how the other volunteers are doing. While I take care of that, I want you to sit here and decide if you want to dance with me or not. Of course, I won’t make you do anything you don’t wanna, but if you’re up for it, I’m here,” he says, bouncing back to the drinks and snacks table. I smile giddily at his back and stay sitting. 
By the time the last song of the night played I was still in the exact same spot I had been for nearly 2 hours, waiting for Eddie to come back. 
Immediately after he left, I knew I wanted to dance with him. Of course I would. I’ve known him since I was in 4th grade and have had a crush on him for a year now. All I had to do was wait a few minutes and I would get to live out a fairytale dream. Dancing across the room in a flowey dress with the guy I liked. Of course it would be strictly platonic on his end but it could mean something more to me silently. 
So there I sat, with my empty juice box, tapping my foot in excitement. The first slow song ended and there was no sign of Eddie, but I was sure he just caught up with volunteer work. After the next 3 songs played I began to doubt myself slightly. 
‘Maybe he hadn’t actually wanted to dance like it had seemed. But he looked really sincere when asking me. Yeah. And even if Eddie is just a regular teenage boy, and he can definitely be a jerk sometimes, he’s much sweeter and kinder than most. He wouldn’t leave me hanging like that. He’ll be back any minute now, I’m sure.’ 
By the time 11 more songs had played, I knew he wasn’t coming back. Tears were smearing my mascara while I sat as still as possible on the bleachers, not wanting to draw any attention to myself.  
Of course he wasn’t being serious. He just wanted to tease me like usual, the only difference was this time it went too far. This time he was cruel about it. He could have just told me he didn’t mean it. Instead he strung me along and had me sitting here like a lovesick puppy for an hour straight. 
Who was I kidding? Eddie couldn’t be interested in me. He was my brother's best friend and had seen me grow up. I was just his friend’s chubby little sister. Wearing a dress that doesn’t sparkle and shine like all the others’, sitting alone and pouting like a baby. 
He probably thought I would crush his feet if I accidentally stepped on them. 
After persevering through another hour of horror, James finds me in my corner ready to head home. 
“All ready to go?” he asks jovially like he always seems to be. 
James picks up on my mood right away, but I’m already halfway to the car before he can say anything. 
“Okay, uh, I gotta clean up some stuff still but here,” he throws me his car keys when I turn back around, “Go get the car started yeah?” 
I nod and head out to the car when I see Eddie jogging up to the doors after me. My steps speed up hoping for all hell to avoid him. He calls my name but I don’t look back or slow down, in fact, the only thing it succeeds in doing is making me walk faster. 
My hands shake as I try to slip the key into the driver’s side door handle. Warm hands settle on my wrists. 
“Holy shit, I am so sorry, shortcake. I was so excited to dance with you, I really was, I just got caught up in helping another volunteer with something and lost track of time. I didn’t mean to forget you there all alone, I swear on everything. I know how excited you were for tonight and I am so sorry. I didn’t realize how long I had been gone until everyone started leaving and then I saw you get up and realized what I’d done, please forgive me,” he rambles off almost too quickly to understand. 
I expect tears but all I get is a deep rooted feeling of shame and anger. Ashamed by the fact that I thought he would come back and angry at myself for sitting there hopelessly when I could’ve danced with Robin at least. 
“Please, look at me. Please tell me you at least got to dance with someone else, right? You had a good time? Please tell me you at least had fun,” he pleads. 
A scoff escapes me as I whirl on him. 
“No, I didn’t dance with someone else, I sat there and I waited for you. I waited for you the whole time, and I guess that was my first mistake wasn’t it, huh? I believed you. I really thought you meant what you said to me.” 
I rip my arms out of hold. 
“You know what’s funny, too? I was actually having a really good time before you showed up. I told you as much earlier, even. I was perfectly happy to sit by myself, considering that’s how I spend most of my time anyway. I was really enjoying just watching the lights and the twirl of dresses, alone. I was overjoyed to just sit and watch Robin dance with her friends. And you had to come and- and lie to me! You made me feel special for fuck’s sake.” 
His eyes flash with guilt and he must have finally realized how much he hurt me. 
“I get that I’m not the prettiest and skinniest girl and I know that most of those kids don’t even know my name, but you do! You know me. You know me and you still forgot about me,” I pause and take a deep breath, “Do you remember what I said that night when I fell off my bike?” 
Eddie shakes his head.
“Nobody would even notice if I were gone. Nobody, not even you, I guess. You forgot about me not even 5 minutes after making me feel like the most special girl in that whole damn room. And that was really mean, Eddie. I hope you, at least, have a good rest of your night,” I step into the car and start the engine.
Steve plops down next to me holding 4 cans of beer, one for each of us. 
“I’m really happy I came tonight, thank you, for inviting me and not forgetting about me after I kinda disappeared,” I say quietly. 
Steve pats my back while Robin says something along the lines of ‘duh, of course we would never forget about you.’ 
Eddie stays silent, watching me closely. 
I put my drink on the ground beside me and lay on my back, pulling my shirt down to make sure it covers me still. I start to count the stars, just to keep my brain occupied. My eyes drift shut, my mind choosing to visit yet another memory tonight.  
It was James’ graduation party. All we had were a couple tables set up with snacks in the backyard and a bonfire, nothing too fancy. I made a simple ‘Happy Graduation!’ banner to hang across the gate for everyone to see, too. 
I’m wearing a plain white sundress and converse, I knew I would be running back and forth from the backyard and the kitchen too much for heels to be sensible. Making sure there’s enough drinks and food and ice for everyone was my job tonight. The sun is still up, melting the ice and warming every drink out here. 
James calls my name softly, “You can quit running around and tending to every little need. Come hang out with everyone for a little bit. Please?” 
I set down the metal tub where drinks are kept and walk over to sit around the fire with him and his usual friends. New faces have popped up over the years, but many stayed the same. Danny Williams, a junior who may or may not have been my first kiss when we happened to both show up at the same party and ended up playing spin the bottle together, Jason Carver, a freshman who appeared promising on the football team before switching to basketball instead, Michael Brown, a senior who’s been in the little Hellfire Group since the beginning. There are several others I don’t recognize and even more that I do. 
Of course, Eddie is there too. I just haven’t really…acknowledged him in…in a really long time. 
I haven’t necessarily been giving him the silent treatment, but I stopped entertaining the conversations he always seemed to start with me. 
Danny greets me with a smile as he sits down next to me. He even pulls his lawn chair a little closer towards mine, grinning slightly while doing so. 
“What can I do for you Danny?” I say. 
“Oh nothing. I just wanted to come sit by you, is all.” Huh. That…that sort of stumps me. 
I didn’t think Danny would even recognize me at the party, and I’m honestly even more surprised that he wanted to talk to me after kissing me. We make small conversation, butting into the rest of the group's discussion once in a while to add an opinion. 
Night had fallen and marshmallows and graham crackers were brought out for s'mores, as well as a couple of 12 packs of beer that someone had brought with them. 
I knew James had gone to several parties to celebrate winning a football game where there had been alcohol, or even just little get-togethers where it was provided. I guess now that it was only soon-to-be seniors and high school graduates, minus myself, left at the party it was time for that portion of the night to begin. 
I stand up to go in and let the others have their fun. 
“Where’re you going?” Danny asks, grabbing my hand lightly, looking up with wide puppy dog eyes. His eyes are a pretty green color. Brown eyes have always been my favorite, though. 
“Oh, I was just going to head in and call it a night. That way you all could have your fun without worrying about me dragging you down.” 
My comment makes his brows furrow, his mouth opens to say something, but he’s cut off. 
“You can stay out here, you know. No one minds having you here and I’m sure dear old James doesn’t care if you partake in a little drink, do you?” Eddie states. When did he get so close to us? 
“Even if I did care she gets to do what she wants, man. As long as you're safe about it, go for it,” James says, patting my back and taking one for himself. 
I’ve never drank before, but what the hell? James was leaving in just a few weeks now and this might be my only chance to try it. It’s certainly one of my last chances to hang out with everyone like this, at least for a while. 
After just 2 cans my tongue had already loosened significantly. Danny and I had been talking and giggling the whole time until he had gotten up to go home since his designated driver was ready to leave. 
“So, you and Danny seem pretty close suddenly?” Eddie phrases it like a question, wanting more information on the subject. 
Usually I would just hum in what could be taken as agreement or disinterest but my mind was running a little slower than normal. 
“Yeah, he and I kinda ran into each other at a party that I kinda crashed with Robin and we ended up, like, kissing and stuff,” I giggled. “But shhhh, don’t tell anyone else.”  
Eddie’s eyes widened, but that could have been a trick of the light. 
“What, uh, what do you mean by ‘and stuff’?” 
“Oh nothing. We just had one teensy tiny kiss because we were playing spin the bottle,” I say, not really thinking about it. 
Now I really know my brain is playing tricks on me because for a second I think Eddie looks pleased with this new knowledge that it didn’t really mean anything. 
“I feel like we haven’t really talked in a long time. What’s, uh, what’s been up, lately?” 
The question itself is awkward, but the way he struggled through it made it even more awkward. 
“I’ve been regular old me, Eddie. Nothing new or exciting. Although I did finish a book last night that really threw me through a loop. Oh! Actually there is something exciting! Do you wanna hear it?” 
He smiles, “Of course I do, shortcake.” 
“Well,” I take another sip of what is now my third beer, “William Gillar and Stacy Johnson have finally graduated!” I let out a squeal. 
Eddie just looks at me confused. 
“Do you have any idea what this means, Eds? I am finally free of those two asshats for the rest of my high school experience! Isn’t that amazing! I mean, it was easier to ignore this year than last year, but god I am so thrilled! No more mean notes from them calling me a pig in my locker and book bag, I can even finally find a table to sit at for lunch instead of hiding in Mr. Steerwell’s class,” I sigh happily. 
“Do you wanna know what else they did? This is so silly! They used to catch me on my walk home from school and steal my library books. How stupid is that? Why would you steal someone’s library books, right? They would run around with it so I would chase after them and then laugh at how my body would jiggle. How funny, right? I am so happy they’re gone, Eds, you have no idea.” 
Eddie has his mouth halfway open, anger flaring in his eyes. But that couldn’t be right, why would he care about a couple of high school bullies. 
“No, that’s not funny or silly. That’s been going on this whole time? And you didn’t tell anyone? God, why wouldn’t you tell someone, sweetheart? That’s horrible,” he says. 
“Meh, it’s just normal high school bully stuff.” I wave my hand in dismissal. 
“No, it’s not. Bullying shouldn’t even be considered normal anyway, but what they did to you? That goes far beyond normal, shortcake. I wish you would have said something. You know James and I would’ve taken care of them for you, right?” 
“Well, it doesn’t really matter now, does it. It’s too late,” I dismiss him and his misplaced worry. Honestly, it was nothing I couldn’t handle. He must have sensed how much I didn’t want to talk about it anymore because he dropped it. 
The night moves quickly after that, people say their goodbyes as James takes over clean up duty, considering I can barely stand up without nearly falling asleep. 
“Eddie, will you take her in and make sure she gets into bed okay?” James asks. 
That’s how I find myself being semi-dragged up the stairs to my bedroom and thrown on the mattress like a sack of potatoes. I don’t think Eddie was half as rough as my brain made it seem, to be honest. 
“Eds?” I whisper looking down at Eddie who’s kneeling by feet, gently taking my shoes off. 
A couple beats of silence pass where I try to figure out how to word what I’m thinking. 
“I forgive you.” His movements stop. “I hope you know that. It’s probably such a silly little thing to even remember but I forgive you for forgetting to dance with me. I probably would have forgotten me, too. And…and I am sorry. I really am, for pushing you away so hard after. It was really stupid of me and I wish I hadn’t. Robin is a good friend, but you’re kind of the closest thing I’ve ever had to a best friend, I think. And I threw that all away over hurt feelings. Puberty, am I right?” I giggle. 
“S’ not silly to remember that. And you weren’t being stupid, sweetheart. You were hurt, you were protecting yourself and I don’t blame you for that. I should never have even walked away from you that night, but I did. And I don’t deserve your forgiveness for it,” Eddie says. 
More words mumble out of his mouth but none of it registers. Soon the noise stops and I feel Eddie’s warm hands pull my shoes all the way off, pushing my legs onto the bed and turning me to lay comfortably on my stomach. 
He must remember that’s my favorite way to sleep. 
My mind must really hate me because I swear, right before I fall asleep, I feel lips pressing gently to my forehead while a guitar calloused hand pushes hair away from my eyes. 
Of course, that didn’t actually happen because that’s not something Eddie would do. Right? Yeah, he wouldn’t…
A timid shake to my shoulder pulls me from my dozing. 
“Hey, shortcake, it’s time for you to go in.” 
There’s only one person who’s ever called me by that nickname. 
“Hm, it’s been a while since you’ve called me that…Eds.” 
I don’t know what made me decide to use his nickname. It never seemed right to use it after we drifted so far apart when James left. 
Eddie helps pull me to my feet. 
‘Hmmm, he’s always been a lot stronger than he looks. I barely even lifted myself up for him.’ 
“Oh, now you wanna be all friendly again? Using a nickname and everything? What’s this all about, huh?” Eddie says, steadying me with his calloused hands when my legs wobble.   
My brows furrow, “What’s that supposed to mean?” 
“Earlier, when we were in the house. You practically ran away from me. I mean, it’s just that we…we haven’t seen each other since we went into the upside down. I thought maybe,” he lets out a long breath. “Maybe things had changed or something, I guess. I was hoping we could talk about it after we all got out but you’ve been avoiding everyone.” 
“And why is that? Why do you think things would have changed Eddie?” 
“No! No, no, no! Edward Munson, if you cut that rope, so help me god!” 
“You know I always love when you use my full name.” 
And the bastard cuts the rope. 
The next thing I know, he’s out of the trailer doing something entirely too heroic and the exact amount of stupid he always is. 
Before I can think I shove Dustin out of the trailer, the one not in the upside down, and send him to go help Lucas. 
“No! We need to help him! Can’t you see that he needs help!” 
“I know Dustin, I know. That’s why I’m staying here. But I need you to go find Lucas and Erica and check on Max. There are others who still need our help, Henderson. Please, listen to me and go help them.” 
I turn back into the trailer before he can disagree again, locking the door to make sure he doesn’t follow. Without second guessing, I jump through the portal, landing somewhat safely on my side. 
I manage to find a bike and just a few minutes later I’m riding as fast as I can towards the bat tornado that Eddie stands in the middle of. 
“Eddie you dumb jerk, you better not be getting yourself killed!” I scream at the top of my lungs. His eyes catch mine as a look of horror crosses his face. 
“Why the hell did you follow me? I specifically told you not to!” 
“Yeah, well I specifically told you not to cut the rope!” 
We fight off the bats as best we can until they all suddenly drop to the ground. 
Eddie and I stand breathing hard, our brains trying to catch up with all of what just happened. Eddie turns to me, a grin beginning to form. 
I punch him as hard as I can in the chest. And then I do it again, and then again and again, until I’m pounding my fists against his chest over and over again. 
“What the hell?! Honey, stop, you’re gonna hurt yourself!” 
I choke on hiccupping sobs as hot tears overflow past my lashes. 
“Don’t you ever do something like that again! Ever!” 
Eddie grabs my wrists to keep me from hitting him anymore. I keep trying until I realize his hold on me is too strong. 
“Princess, you gotta stop. I don’t want to see you hurt anymore, please stop.” 
He wraps his arms around me, stroking the back of my hair, pressing soft kisses to my forehead. 
“It’s okay, sweetheart, it’s okay. We’re okay, I promise.” 
“That was not okay, Eddie. Not okay!” I tell him looking up into his eyes. 
“I’m sorry, I really am. But look, we did it!” 
He looks down at me thoughtfully. His eyes flit down to my lips. My breath catches. 
He couldn’t possibly be… 
His lips are on mine. And Eddie Munson is kissing me. 
Both of his hands are on the side of my face, rubbing his thumbs softly across the apples of my chubby cheeks. 
I pull away, “What do you think you’re doing?” 
“Kissing my shortcake,” he says with a smirk while I grimace at the phrase. He laughs at the face I make and kisses me again. 
I kiss back harder this time, getting lost in all things Eddie. The way his hair feels soft even despite being so dirty. His lips are somehow minty. He smells like smoke and old books. 
My heart soars. This has to be proof, then. Eddie must think of me the way I think of him. I can’t imagine ever kissing someone with this much passion if it didn’t mean something more. I smile into the kiss.
Footsteps sound behind where we stand and Eddie pushes me off of him, placing several feet between us. I look at him confused and hurt by his sudden change in behavior. He refuses to meet my eyes. He even wipes the back of his hand across his mouth, looking straight ahead at Steve, Robin and Nancy appearing in front of us. 
He’s too embarrassed to let his new friends see him with the big girl? Is that what it is? Does he suddenly regret kissing me? Was it just a heat of the moment type of deal, then? I was the closest human thing, so he settled on me for a little ‘yay the world didn’t end’ kiss?
In my whole life, I don’t think anything has hurt as much as that did. 
An uncomfortable amount of silence fills the air.. 
“Things got weird after James left, but you know that. We both felt it, even though we tried to ignore it. Jason started to act like he ran the damn school even though we were friends at one point. I never saw you because we were never at your house anymore. Then I got held back and we basically had every class together. Then I got held back again and you graduated. I missed you. I really, really missed you,” he says the last part quietly. Almost like he was afraid for me to hear it. I hold back a scoff.
“I missed you so much, it’s ridiculous. I just wanted my shortcake back. My sweetheart, my princess, my honey,” he laughs to himself, I stay quiet. “God, I was such a jerk to you growing up. And not because ‘I had a crush on you’ because that’s bullshit, guys shouldn’t be allowed to be mean to girls with the excuse of it being ‘romantic’. I wish I had treated you better, been a little friendlier. I never realized how much you meant to me until your brother’s graduation.” 
He takes his eyes away from his feet to glance at me. 
“Do you remember that night? It was your first time drinking and you got so sleepy I had to tuck you into bed. You had told me about you and Danny at that party and it made me jealous. I’d never really felt jealous before, certainly not like that at least. It made me realize how deep my feelings for you went.” 
I remain silent, partly because I didn’t want to interrupt him when this is the most honest and vulnerable he’s ever been, out of respect, and partly because I was utterly confused and angered by what he was saying and claiming.
“You forgave me for leaving you alone at the dance, even though I never deserved to be forgiven for that. I didn’t even know how badly you were being bullied at school until you told me, that’s not a person who deserves to be forgiven.” 
A soft laugh and a pause. “I guess what I’m saying is…is I wish things had, in fact, changed after Vecna. And I know, that’s probably not something you want to hear because I know it’s not the same for you but I figure if you’re not gonna talk to me anyway, I may as well tell you, right?” 
He takes a step towards the house but I don’t let him get far. 
“What do you mean it’s ‘not the same for me’?” 
“Well obviously you’ve been ignoring me since I kissed you so, clearly it wasn’t something you wanted.” He shrugs his shoulders. “And that’s okay. I’m not saying you have to be with me or anything, I’m just saying…I don’t know what I’m saying.” 
“I’ve been ignoring you?” I ask, dumbfounded by his idiocy. 
“Well, yeah. You haven’t even been answering the walkie.” 
“And you think that was because I didn’t want to kiss you? Not because, oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that the second Nance and the others showed up you shoved me away from you? It couldn’t have been because it was obvious you couldn’t stand the thought of being seen with me?” 
Eddie’s face drains of color. 
“I can’t help but see now that this is all you think I deserve. A quick kiss when no one can see, right? A little making out before someone can figure who you’re with, huh?” 
“No! That is not at all what that was! I can’t believe you would think that. I pushed you away so you wouldn’t be seen with me!” he shouts, cutting me off. 
“The whole town wanted me for murder! Murder! They thought I was running a cult that killed my friend as a sacrifice! My friend! I didn’t want you to be tied to that anymore than you already were, so I pushed you off before the others could see. If someone, somehow went yapping about a girlfriend of mine and things went sideways when we got out of the upside down, you might have gone down with me and I couldn’t let that happen. I just couldn’t. I was going to tell you all of this as soon as I could but you never let me get the chance, and I see why now. I am so sorry it looked like I was embarrassed to be with you, but that will never be the case with me.” 
He takes my face in his hands and looks me directly in the eyes. 
“You are single-handedly the most beautiful person I have ever met. Inside and out. You have always cared for me and the old Hellfire Club. Don’t think I didn’t know it was you sending cookies on our campaign nights, even after graduating. I remember when I showed up at your house looking for James because some older kids had taken my lunch money in middle school, little you went after them yourself and did one helluva job doing it. You sat me down and cleaned me up. Gave me peas to put on my forehead.”  
It was like a forgotten memory was just pulled up by his words, I did remember that. 
“I could never be embarrassed by you, ever. I don’t care what people think. I…I love you. And I love your hair, and I love your eyes, and I love your laugh, and I love your stomach and your thighs, and I love your mind. I love you and I hope you can see it. I hope…I hope you can see me,” he finishes off in a very quiet whisper, tilting his head down and away from my eyes. 
I place my hands over his that still hold my face. 
“I have always seen you, Eddie Munson. Always.” 
His head jolts up to look me in the eyes once more. 
“God, Eddie, I’m so sorry. I know you’re not a horrible person, I should have known, I’m so sorry. God, you were literally being hunted for murder and I was crying about you being embarrassed by me? I’m so fucking sorry.” 
I shake my head and take a deep breath. 
“I love you, I have for so long. I love the way you smile, I love the way you’re not afraid to take up space, I love the way you’re there for Dustin, the way you were there for me countless times. I love you and your horrible music.”
“Hey, now. Watch it.”
I laugh, “I love you and I see you and I’m so sorry.” 
“It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re forgiven, I promise. You didn’t even really need to apologize in the first place.” 
“Yes, I did. Because none of that was fair to you.” 
“And none of that was fair to you, shortcake. It’s okay.” 
I look at his lips, and that’s all the cue Eddie needs to kiss me. Finally. We put our hearts into it, getting lost in each other. Getting lost in our sudden understandings of the other.  
“We’re both really kinda stupid aren’t we? Stupid and oblivious,” I say, chuckling quietly. 
“Oh, definitely. I mean, we’ve known each other for, what, at least ten years and we couldn’t figure this out without a bunch of drama?” 
“It seems very on brand for you actually, you’ve always been one for the dramatics.” 
“I love you.” 
“And I love you.”
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infitsovermisfits · 2 months ago
Tiny Swords - Eddie Munson X GN!Reader
an; sooo... did anyone else fall in love with him and think he was the best part of this season and went out and bought the hellfire shirt and is your tiktok fyp just full of him too.... No?? What the fuck are you doing here then? /lj / j
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: GenderNeutral! Reader, friends to lovers, slower pace, fluff, kissing, making out, biting/marking, poor knowledge of 80s technology and dungeons and dragons but we manage... I hope (sorry), maybe a little ooc?? denotes to smut though doesn't include any
5891 words
"Are...?" Your gaze shifted your gaze to look towards Eddie as the rest of his sentence died down on his tongue,
"Hmm?" You hummed in questioning, ignoring the movie playing on your television. 
Eddie Munson was nothing like you had expected. The two of you went to the same middle school but never shared the same classes- you'd only heard about his insane antics and theatrics, sometimes even seeing him messing around during lunch. He built this weirdo reputation that sometimes came off as intimidating, so you never really went near him. It wasn't until High School that something changed for you...
It was definitely the hair... Maybe his confidence too. Although jarring at first, it was honestly like a breath of fresh air compared to how uptight and 'one dimensional' your peers were. Were they enjoyed their parties and sports and pep rallies and ragers, you favoured the wilder bunch- the outcasts and the misfits. 
It began when you started occasionally helping Eddie in his math and history- since you shared those same classes- and he helped you with English. Even if his methods were unconventional, you much preferred them to any teacher you've ever had. He'd make you conjure up some fantasy world with its own rules and physics and characteristics. He makes you think up the strangest characters and wouldn't settle for your 'Bob of The Fields' in 'Normallia'. His efforts proved successful when your teacher began praising your work, though Eddie's praise meant more to you than a passing grade. As the stories got more complicated with their intricacies and details, he'd help by pointing out plot holes and mistakes. He was honestly phenomenal- no doubt due to playing Dungeons and Dragons so much.
You'd never been crazy about the game. You'd only heard some things in passing but always assumed the game was only accessible to some freaky nerds who had nothing better to do with their free time. So it surprised you that Eddie wasn't a nerd at all... Freaky, yeah... He sure made the Hellfire Club seem like some exclusive VIP club- the way he'd gush about his campaigns to you in the beginning. You'd always thought it was cute. He'd get this spark in his eyes that made them shine with giddiness and excitement- his energy always spiked up and he'd become more animated than usual. And you'd be lying to yourself if his constant chatter about the club didn't make you at least a tiny bit interested.
He did eventually ask you to join. You had been planning on coming to a session to surprise him but your fear got the best of you. After all, you knew nothing about it- just that it was on Thursdays after school. Besides, you were already hanging out with him more than enough, what if he caught on to your crush? He finally asked when one time, you had forgotten to do your English homework the night before, being preoccupied with chores and taking care of your siblings, and were rushing to get it done before class,
"Hey so uh..." He spoke up from where he sat across from you, breaking your focus. When you looked up, he was half laying on the little picnic table way out in the woods. As you met his gaze, he sat up straight, bouncing a little in his seat. You hummed as an indication for him to go on, and then turned back to your homework. He didn't respond, but you could hear the wrinkling of paper next to you. You glanced up at him to see he had pulled a piece of paper from his bag and slid it over to you. Quickly scanning it you looked back at him confused,
"Was this part of this assignment?" You asked, feeling your heart drop. You knew this lunch period was coming to an end soon, so knowing you'd have to rush and complete another form before it ended only added more pressure,
"No, no," He quickly assured you, "It's a character sheet," He said, moving his arms out then back in, clasping them together as he watched your confused expression,
"A character wha?" You asked confused. He smiled at you then ducked his head, looking down momentarily,
"It's for Dungeons and Dragons. You make your own characters and then you role play as them. I just finished the new campaign I told you about a few days ago- we're gonna be playing on Thursday after class," He explained. So that's what he was scribbling away in his notebook the whole time. He wasn't usually so quiet during your hangouts, "I... Thought that maybe you'd wanna join this time?" He offered, "Instead of listening to my pitiful recreations. You know... Experience it for yourself?" He smiled,
"In your Hellfire Club?" You asked for clarification,
"That's the one," He clicked his fingers. You looked back down, looking over the chart and feeling your face contort with confusion as you focused on all the different boxes,
"Strength, dexterity-" you read out loud,
"Yeah so- the way you figure those out is-" Your head snapped up from the paper to the sound of the school bell in the distance, 
"Shit- gimmie a sec Eddie," You said, quickly scribbling a few more sentences down in your English book as you heard him shifting around and packing his stuff, 
"I can always cover for you saying you went to the bathroom," He offered, and you looked up to see him putting his jean jacket back on. Slightly mesmerised, you glanced back to his face, where he quirked his brow at you. Blushing, you nodded, going back to your work, 
"Thanks, Ed, don't know what I'd do without you," You said, in a quieter, more mumbly tone than you'd wanted. You continued quickly writing away in your book, and upon moving your other hand to the table, you heard a slight rustle. Looking at the empty character sheet, you glanced back to where he was leaving, "Hey Eddie, you left this!" You called after him. Watching him momentarily run back out of the forest clearing made you smile, as you waved the paper,
"Oh! No that's for you- I can teach you how to fill it in after class today!" He said, "Room 240-B!" He added, running back through the trees. Glancing back at the paper in your hands, you smiled softly. 
It had been the first time you'd actually hung out together- creating your character from scratch was more fun than you had expected. In fact, you never realised how fun the game was until that Thursday. The night before, you squealed and kicked your legs at the idea of spending your whole afternoon with Eddie. The evening went great- the other two players greeted you pleasantly as you entered and offered as much help as you needed with the rules and way the game worked before you started. Eddie was slightly late because of a detention, but soon arrived. In truth, it was he who sold the whole thing for you.
You clearly knew he was theatrical before playing- with the snippets of funky antics and theatrical nature you experienced in your tutoring sessions as well as in class, and paired with his unabashed confidence he truly shone. He was clearly in his element as the 'Dungeon Master', making you feel genuinely excited for the game. Seeing him so happy made your heart flutter, along with a happy warmth you hadn't felt in a while settling in your chest. Not to mention the smiles he kept giving you whenever it was your turn. It reached his eyes and made them sparkle, even in the low moody lighting. The whole campaign was euphoric. Escaping to another world and going on an adventure with Eddie? It sounded like a dream come true... Perhaps it was then that you realised you were in love with him?
When the game had ended, you didn't expect to feel so sad. Seeing that it had been almost three hours since school ended shocked you, and as you made your way out of the school, you happily said your farewells to the other club members. You left school with a bright smile on your lips that wouldn't leave, and when Eddie offered to drop you off at your house since it was getting dark you felt overjoyed. You tried your best to articulate how much fun you had, but the words escaped you. You kept reassuring him it was fun though, and you found him only grinning back at you
You quickly became a permanent member of the club, even helping them design their T-Shirts. You noticed you began to hang out with Eddie more, where your affection for one another blossomed.
It was one day, about seven months ago, when he'd invited you over to his trailer that you confessed your feelings for one another. It was a couple of weeks before the end of the year and you found yourself overwhelmed with the workload and your chaotic home life. You'd only been over at his trailer a few times, but it was by far more quiet than home. You were sat on his bed, and with a sigh, you dropped your pen into the open spine of your book and leaned back on his sheets. You took in his familiarly delightful scent immediately as it surrounded you, and your face fixed itself with a blissful smile,
"You alright?" Eddie's voice asked. He was sitting on his messy floor in a section of space he had cleared out for himself. You felt the bed move slightly as his head leaned back against the mattress near your thigh,
"Uhuh- yeah. I finally finished this assignment," You said, satisfied as you closed your book on the pen and sat up, throwing the book away from you on the floor. You sighed loudly as you pressed the heels of your palms into your eyes and rubbed your tired eyes, "Jesus Christ it's like she wants us to write fuckin' novels every time," You sighed,
"At least she gives a weekend and a day for us to finish it," He said, and you felt the bed dip next to you, indicating he had moved to sit next to you, ignoring his own work. Considering how long you had known each other for by now, you would say you were comfortable with your friendship. You gently leaned back, setting your head on his shoulder and looking down at the object in his hands. He had picked up your discarded English book and was skimming over the words you had written,
"And a day..." You repeated with a sigh. You groaned slightly as you stretched your arms and torso, before shifting to lean your back straight against the wall letting it stretch there. You watched him for a few moments. His warm brown eyes shifted around as they read your words, his smooth skin, gently blotted by minature freckles you could only see this from close, the soft pink tint of his parted lips. Subconsciously, you moved your tongue over your own lips, wetting them slightly as you continued to closely watch him, until his head turned to you,
"It's a really good, strong ending," He said with a smile, and you blushed as his eyes met yours, shining with a twinkle- the telltale sign of his excitement. With how good he was at make-believe, Eddie was a shitty liar. He was telling the truth now, "I like how you made who the killer was ambiguous enough to keep the reader entertained and guessing but didn't say who it obviously was so it's still fun to guess," He said, moving to lean his head against the wall next to you,
"You think?" You said with a smile, "D'you not think that kinda stuff is annoying? Withholding information?" You asked, "You really wouldn't prefer for me to just say 'this guy did it- he's guilty as shit!'"
"Not at all," He assured, "In fact, I like it more. I personally think it would have sucked if you just.  said 'And the killer is...!'" He deepened his voice and moved his hand out, causing you to laugh slightly,
"So not like Scooby-Doo?" You teased,
"Scooby-Doo is bullshit compared to this. You've written a real murder mystery, darling," You knew it was teasing. You knew it was teasing. But God how you wished he could call you 'darling' all the fucking time. As if he was embarrassed, he glanced away, and you thought for a few moments,
"Well, thanks Eddie," You said, smiling softly as you shifted a little, "I'm no Sherlock Holmes but-
"Sherlock Holmes is the character- Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the book," He corrected with a smirk. You narrowed your eyes in a playful glare, and rolled them as he laughed,
"As I was saying-" You continued in a joyful tone, grabbing the book from him and pulling the pen out, capping the lid you had slotted on to the end. You threw it away from you back to his floor, letting it twist through the air and land with a thud," -I always appreciate your feedback- I like it when you praise me," You smiled softly,
"You do?"
"Well yeah- Mrs Clarke just yells," You said, and watched him smile at you,
"She never yells at you," He said,
"She yells at you plenty. And we sit next to each other, so some of it hits me in the crossfire,"
"Damn- you're blaming me?" He teased,
"Then stop fucking around so much," You grinned, watching him as he laughed softly. For a moment it was quiet, the only noise coming from the distant radio playing loud metal music somewhere else in the house. The two of you were alone, considering his uncle was out working tonight, "I don't remember if I thanked you for letting me do my work here," You sighed, "I know it's a Friday and you'd probably want to be doing something more fun than looking over my homework and sitting here in silence with me for hours but you know how crazy loud my house gets," You rambled,
"It's alright... I've told you a million times you're welcome to stay here for as long as you need and get whatever you want done," He assured. His voice was gentle and soft, and his words magically relaxed your aching body, making you lean closer to him. He really has told you you're free to be around him a million times. It was sweet- he'd always clear out a spot for you on his desk or swipe everything but the covers of his bed so you could do your work comfortably. Eddie would either stay with you, sitting quietly and chirping in whenever he'd ask if you wanted a snack or needed help with whatever he was working on, or he would leave you alone to do something else so you could work in silence- though he was never far. You could often see him from his room's window smoking outside, which led to him throwing rocks at the glass to get your attention. You'd smile playfully and lift it up so you could chat, before he'd playfully scold you and tell you to get back to work and disappear. You hoped at this point he wasn't annoyed with you, or that you were overstaying your welcome, or using him too much- before Christmas break, you spent almost every day at his trailer just studying for your end of year exams,
"I know, I just don't want you to get too tired of me," You said self consciously, though keeping a playful tinge to your tone so as to not worry him too much, "I know I'm irresistible and all, but sometimes I feel like it's a lot," You said, "Feel free to kick me out whenever, by the way," You said quickly,
"I honestly think you're the one person in this world I won't ever get tired of," He stated, his voice nice and low. The statement shocked you, causing your mouth to fall open wordlessly for a moment before you quickly closed it, blinking rapidly. When you looked back at him, he was already looking into your eyes, 
"Really?" You asked,
"Definitely. I mean, if I didn't I wouldn't be hanging out with you so much," He said, smiling,
"You'd have a lot more free time," You commented, moving your head away,
"I'd honestly rather spend it with you," He said. You could feel his fingers gently moving some of your hair that fell in front of your face, tucking it back behind your ear. At the contact, you looked back at him. You could now feel the cool metal of his rings against your flushed cheek. He was unbelievably close now, and just staring at you with this... This look in his eyes like you were the most beautiful thing in the world. The only other thing he looked at like that was his guitar, hung proudly behind him, next to his bed. With a small swallow, you spoke up again,
"Yeah?" He breathed; you felt it against your lips,
"Are you gonna kiss me or just stare at me?" You whispered back, your mouth curling slightly into a smile. His eyes darted between your lips and eyes, and he swiped his thumb over your cheek once more before pressing his lips to yours in a gentle, loving kiss.
Dating Eddie Munson was the best decision you had made in your entire life. Every day was an adventure with him- and since you shared your first kiss, you found yourselves even closer than before. He started picking you up and driving you to school- and you thoroughly enjoyed screaming along to the lyrics of his favourite songs.  In your free time, you'd somehow always end up at the picnic table together, laughing and talking the whole time. Your favourite thing to do with him was, after your DnD sessions, he'd take you on walks to his favourite locations in the Hawkins Forest and smoke.
On your first Valentines Day, he carved your initials into a tree by his favourite smoke spot behind his trailer. It may have been a small thing, but to you, it was the sweetest. He had also gotten you a necklace with a skull on it, which you quickly vowed to never take off. He'd also playfully stated you could have a lifetime free supply of weed from him- you hadn't taken him up on the offer yet, though. You always said there'd be a time and a place. You, on the other hand, had bought him a new ring which he, in turn, vowed to never take off- even in his sleep. And after spending countless nights together, you knew his words were true. 
Now, you had somehow managed to make it through school to summer break, and when your parents told you they would be going on a camping trip with all your younger siblings, you almost couldn't contain your joy in declining their offer. Five whole days spent only with Eddie sounded like a dream too good to be true. You stocked up on snacks while he bought the drinks and happily joined you the morning after your parents left you alone. A few days before they left, you'd even gone out to Family Video and rented 'The Thing' for the sixth time. It was your first 'real date' as Eddie put it, to the theatre, where you watched it twice through before you got kicked out. After that, you waited for the VHS and regularly rented it to watch together- from then, it became your favourite, and you were glad to be watching it for the seventh,
"Jesus, you really don't get tired of this?" Steve Harrington asked as he typed your details into the computer,
"Not yet, unfortunately," You smiled pleasantly, grabbing the VHS from him and placing it into your bag, 
"Hah- you might need to invite me over to watch it with you sometime," He said, giving you a flirtatious smile. With a confused blink, you glanced over to see your friend Robin roll her eyes and smirk at you,
"Ignore him- enjoy the movie!" She said, giving you a two-fingered salute,
"Thanks, Robin," You said, glancing back at Steve, "I'll ask Eddie if you can join," You teased, "Maybe he'll even letcha join the Hellfire Club. If you asked nicely," You said, smiling before turning to leave the store,
"Is that a yes??" He called after you; he sounded desperate. You smiled, barely hearing his disappointed sigh as you walked out of the store. At this point, you weren't entirely sure if Eddie was your 'boyfriend'. It was clear you shared a lot of love for one another, and you were going on dates and seeing each other and... Being intimate. But did that mean he was your boyfriend? Your... Boyfriend... Eddie being your boyfriend. It sounded good...
"Are you wearing swords for earings?" He finally says. It takes you a moment to register what he says, but when you do, you reach a hand up to touch the miniature plastic weapons and smile,
"Mhm," You nod to him, beginning to gently fiddle with the fake blades, "Y'Know when we went through all the old DnD stuff at Hellfire a few weeks ago, babe? The stuff we didn't use and were asked to donate?" He nods, "Found 'em, took 'em, repurposed them," You smiled proudly, "Stuck little hooks in too and everything. It was kinda a hard process. I did have to steal my sisters' earings and I had to break them apart, but I'm sure she won't mind" You smiled playfully as you waved a hand, "I thought they looked cute- I hope you don't mind," You said quickly, your relaxed demeanour dropping slightly, at his prolonged silence and unreadable expression. You quickly let your hands drop back into your lap, and gently bit your lip, "I'm sorry I should have asked I-"
"No, it's just..." He's still staring at you when you curiously look back at him, "I'm just... It's really fucking it's cute," He smiles and you blush, "Don't gotta get so embarrassed on me," He said playfully, and you moved slightly so you could pull your hair in front of your face to hide it. With a laugh, Eddie reached and grabbed your hands, "Don't hide away from me, lemme admire you," He was grinning the whole time,
"God, Eddie!!" You say playfully, letting him take hold of your hands and move your hair away from your ears, even taking the time to be gentle when moving the hairs that got caught on the false blades away from them. You let him meticulously work, regarding him with a loving gaze,  "You honestly think they're cute?" You see him nod again, 
"It's actually kinda hot," At that you burst out laughing, swatting his shoulder gently as he grins, "C'mon! You sit here looking like a total babe and expect me to not wanna reach out, my dear?" You laughed at his comment, shaking your head,
"Jesus Eddie," You sigh, and roll your eyes dramatically looking back to the movie, "Thanks," You say in a cheery tone,
Suddenly, he shifts much closer to you, so you can feel the warmth of his leg against yours. Then you feel his warm breath against your neck, and his warm hand moving to your hair and brushing it out of the way. One of his hands slides it away, then gently curls and brushed the back of your neck, keeping a gentle hold there. You can feel his hands there, just gently resting, along with the cool metal of his rings. Then his lips touch the sensitive skin of your neck, making you shiver as he places a gentle kiss there. 
His gentleness always surprised you, given how intense he could be in his everyday life. He was very sweet and gentle with you, always holding you like you were the most precious thing in the world- not too tightly, just enough to keep you in place. It made you feel so... So fucking loved and happy you could melt. Or die. Or both.
You could feel his soft hair against your cheek, and you gently reached out to scratch the back of his head as he opened his mouth against your skin to gently suck your skin. With a shaky exhale, you felt his mouth curling into a smile on your flesh, before he gently grazed his teeth against your neck.
As you squeezed your legs together, he moved a hand to your thigh, resting it there at first before giving it a small squeeze. You placed your hand over his and squeezed it, silently consenting for him to continue. You felt the gentle poke of his tongue against your skin and couldn't stifle the soft moan that escaped your parted lips. Your eyes had fallen closed in bliss as he began to gently suck, lick and kiss your neck.
He moved his head lower to a spot he found you loved most, and bit into your skin. With a sharp, startled gasp, you squeezed his hand on your thigh, and gently tugged on the back of his hair. It earned a lovely low hum from him as he began to suck on your skin until it felt warm and tingly. When he pulled away, he gently blew air onto the mark, surrounded by wet skin, and chuckled gently as you shivered. 
He move right back to kissing you, or rather biting another mark onto your neck as you whined his name and eagerly rubbed your thighs together. He was now kissing up your neck, and found himself at your jaw, gently sucking the skin there. As you moved your head to try and kiss his lips, you squeezed the hand he had on your thigh and attempted to move it further south, only for him to pull it out of your grasp and slap your hand away. Simultaneously, he moved his head back, but not too far, considering you were holding the back of it.+,
"Wha- What was that for?" You asked, not realising how whispery your voice had gotten. You felt dazed and your breath was shaky, chest rising and falling quickly as you stared up at him. Your breath hitched slightly as he moved his left hand up to his mouth and wiped his lips with the side of his hand. You swallowed hard and returned his small smile, looking into his lidded eyes. Your hand moved slightly to play with his hair, gently petting it,
"Felt like kissing you," He said simply, smirking away. With a small sigh, you glanced back at the movie and realised you wouldn't be too disappointed if you missed more of it... After all, there was always tomorrow... You flicked your gaze back at him,
"Yeah?" You asked, nodding your head once,
"Yeah," He said back, moving his head as you did. Your smile widened as you shifted closer to him. Purposefully, you moved your face close to him just so your noses could brush, before throwing one of your legs over his to straddle him. You gently settled your hands over his chest, and smiled feeling his rapid heartbeat beneath your palms. You reached a hand up and began fiddling with the metal of a necklace he was wearing- it was a necklace you had gotten him on his birthday- a small disc with a wolf carved into the front and your initials into the smooth back, "Hello," He said lowly, making you look back at him. One of his hands moved to rest on your thigh and the other moved up to your neck as he now began to gently mess with one of your earings. You could feel his rings against your face, and you shifted your head to kiss them gently, 
"Hi, Eddie," You said softly, smiling back at him,
"You come here often?" He asked playfully, and you laughed as he moved, shifting the hand from your neck to your back so you wouldn't fall. He only sat up more, and leaned forward to try and kiss you. Quickly pulling away you grinned,
"Uhuh, you'd know," You teased, moving a hand to touch his cheek with yours. You loved looking down at him like this- even if you were the same height (though he swears on his guitar that he's an inch taller) it fills you with a certain desire looking down at him like this- eyes wide and full of wanting, pupils larger than normal, and mouth fixed in a smile,
"Mhm..." He hummed, drawing it out as his hands moved- the one on your thigh stroking up and down while the one on your back shifting up to your arm and neck, grazing the fresh marks he had left and making you bite your lip at the pleasurable feeling they filled you with, "What're you gonna do up here?" He asked you smoothly, moving his head to try and get closer to you once again. Gently, you moved a hand to his shoulder, pushing him back so he'd be pressed against the couch. Slowly, you trailed it up his shoulder to the back of his neck, scratching at his scalp to make him sigh and tilt his head back. Leaning forward quickly, you kissed his neck in a similar way to him, 
"I want to kiss you too," You breathed beginning to slowly undulate your hips against his as he let out a low moan. You'd want to give him the same treatment but found yourself too impatient; you trailed your kisses up his neck and touched his cheek before firmly pressing your lips to his. The hand on your neck moved into your hair to pull you impossibly closer, causing you to shift in his lap too, earning simultaneous groans from both of you. At the opportunity, he moved his open mouth against yours, and as your tongues met you released a shaky breath. 
He smiled, gently biting the tip of your tongue and eliciting a small squeak out of you. You both laughed gently, before moaning into each other's mouths as the kiss grew more heated. He gently sucked on your tongue before sliding it over yours and further into your mouth. You quickly fell apart in your attempt to dominate him, and in an attempt to shift the control, you moved so you were kneeling over him. Considering the change in height, it caused him to lean up more to keep kissing you. Your desire for more only grew as he tried following your mouth with his.
A few more heated moments later and you pulled back, lips buzzing and heartbeat racing wildly. You moved to sit back on his lap, pulling him close as you let your hands rest on his cheeks and playfully kissed his nose. You let yourself catch your breaths for a moment, 
"I love you," He said, and smiled wider at your suddenly shocked expression. Your heart began to skip a beat, as if it was about to fall right out of your chest. You laughed silently, a small exhale falling out of your lips, which he pressed a small kiss against. Considering he was still trapped beneath you, he could only kiss the corner of your mouth,
"You do?" You asked softly, swallowing again. You kept your hands still, letting one rest against his neck and the other, which had been in his hair, in his shoulder, as you felt your fingers begin to tremble,
"I do," He confirmed, nodding. His hair tickled your hands, "I really fucking love you," He smiled, moving to kiss you again, this time trailing his mouth down your neck and pressing more kisses there. With gentle hums, he repeated the three words in soft whispers as you felt your hands tremble more. The affection... It was almost overwhelming in the best way. You smiled to yourself, letting your eyes fall shut and small sighs to escape your lips,
"Love you too Eddie," He moved his head back up to look at you. You dropped your head slightly so you could look more into his eyes,
"You do?" He asked, making his voice a slightly higher pitch to mimic your response. As you laughed, he grinned, his teeth showing. You moved off his lap and got off the couch, offering your hand to him to help him stand. He grabbed your hand, kissing your fingers gently, before standing, "Glad to hear it, my love," You breathlessly let a small sigh out, glancing back at him at the term of endearment. Quickly, he moved to kiss you again, grabbing your face and holding you there while he kissed you
"Yeah," said against his lips, before pulling away to look back at him. He kissed your forehead, before moving his hands to your shoulders and smiling at you,
"Why're we standing?" He asked curiously,
"We- uh... Let's go upstairs," You offered with a slight blush,
"Mmmm," He hummed, taking his bottom lip between his teeth. You flicked your eyes from his mouth to his warm brown eyes, "Movies down here though," He teased. One of his hands was gently holding your arm, caressing your clothed skin,
"Yeah but I have a bed upstairs," You tried to clarify,
"Ahhh... Right," He smiled, moving closer to you, "The couch is fine in my opinion," Your eyes widened at his proposition. You glanced beside him, down at the couch you had just been sitting on, before looking at the movie still playing on the TV,
"Do you still have our cassette?" You asked, and watched as he moved away from you to grab his jacket. As he turned, you took a moment to admire him. The way his hair swung as he moved, the way the sleeves of his Hellfire shirt had moved up his forearms, exposing parts of the bats tattooed on his arm, the way he... was wearing jeans... 
"Here- why?" He asked, turning back to you and handing you the rectangle. You moved to the radio cassette player and placed the cassette inside, waiting a few moments for the song to start playing and turning the music up just enough so you were sure the simultaneous music and movie would help drown out the noise. You turned to see him watching you, sitting on the couch already with his legs outstretched slightly looking so inviting. You walked closer to him, touching the hem of your shirt and pulling it over your head, discarding it off to the side as you took your place back on top of him. His eyes had widened at your display, and you smiled to yourself, 
"Drown out the noise," You clarified, giving him a playful wink. He grinned back at you, shaking his head slightly as he moved to kiss you again. His lips quickly moved back to trailing down your neck, eagerly seeking out the exposed skin now available to him and making sure to leave plenty more bruises against your skin, revelling in the sweet moans and weak sighs emanating from your bruised lips, as well as the way you gripped onto his shoulders and pushed his head closer to your body... 
Eddie was completely in love with you, and desired to show you just how much every time you were intimate like this. Loving Eddie Munson was the greatest thing in your life by far. The joy he brought you was incomparable to anything- and you hoped this overwhelming feeling of love could last for as long as possible.
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chocoenvy · 8 months ago
Honestly I would just like this to happen (just for a little bit of comedy in this angst fueled AU):
Reader doesn’t have any vision or powers when they arrive to Teyvat, but they DO have a physical damage catalyst, also known as
Gun :)
What is best is that, since the Ruin Guards and all the machine family are basically weapons, they must know how to create bullets (like the rockets they have or even the same bullets the Ruin Hunters use), so Reader has unlimited amount of ammo :)
Platonic kisses from Kitty Anon!
I was going to have the reader be a mega crackhead, threatening people and shit but I'm American, I've been shooting guns since I was a wee child. My father beat gun safety rules into my brain and they all came flooding back. So reader is responsible in this because we love a not-gun-crazy American.
(sending platonic kisses back <3)
Warnings: Mentions of guns/firing guns, cult behaviors, mention of a car accident, excessive cussing
When you had died in a car accident, you hadn't expected to wake up in Genshin the fucking mobile game. You especially hadn't expected your handgun to still be attached to your hip.
"Isn't this a children's game?" You muttered to yourself, "Well," You scoffed, "Supposed to be a children's game."
You glanced around to see that you were in Windrise. You stood up and stretched your limbs. They seemed to remember the impact you had during the car accident as your limbs were hella sore.
"Guess I should go to Mondstat?" You muttered, already headed there, "I mean, what else is there to do?"
You trudged along, every time you took a step a shock of pain traversed through your leg. It wasn't that bad, just constant dull pain that made you annoyed at the entire world.
At least I don't have the full wounds, You shuddered at the memory of your legs barely hanging onto your body but shook it away.
As you entered Mondstat's gates, practically limping with how much your legs hurt, there were a few gasps as you entered.
You ignored them, assuming you just looked like shit after literally dying. But then Donna started shouting to get the knights of Favonius.
"Wow, okay," You glared straight at her, "I get that I look like shit but stick to talking about Diluc and let me go about my day."
She gasped at what you said and immediately... knelt? Odd, why is she kneeling-?
"Your grace!" A green twink nearly tackled you to the ground, his arms wrapped around your neck in a hug.
"My god Venti!" You barely kept yourself and him standing, "Some warning would be nice!"
His eyes widened and a large grin split his face, "Welcome to Mondstat your grace!"
He was practically buzzing with happiness. But you raised an eyebrow in confusion, "Why are you calling me your grace?"
"Huh?" Venti blinked, his smile turning strained and matched your confusion, "What do you mean? You're our god! We can tell by your clothes, your looks, and your aura!"
"Uh... what? I'm not your god." You deadpanned, "Don't you think I'd know if I was a god?"
"But you created Teyvat! And you knew my name!" He whispered the last part, "And the fact that all Donna talks about is Diluc."
"Yeah but isn't that widely accessible knowledge?" You frowned.
"Not for an outsider! Plus, that thing at your belt!" He pointed to your firearm, "I've never seen anything like it! Surely it's because of your godly status!"
"Look-" You tried to explain but were cut off by the Knights of Favonius running your way.
Jean, Kaeya, and Albedo were on you in seconds.
“Your grace!” They shouted the same title Venti had.
The three bowed before you, Jean said, “It’s an honor to be in your presence, your grace.”
“Ah- please don’t bow,” You waved your hands frantically, “There’s no need, I’m not this god you’re talking about-” “Of course you are!” Kaeya immediately shouted back, “I can feel it, you’re our god!”
Venti nodded, “The wind bends to your will, it whispers to me it’s care for you. Teyvat loves you, your grace!” Venti smiled so brightly that you were almost convinced of it yourself.
You huffed, “You sure you haven’t just had too many drinks tone-deaf bard?”
“Wha- Hey!” Venti pouted, “Not you too, your grace. And I can tell what the wind says whether I’m sober or not!”
“You? Sober?” You giggled.
A light pink dusted Venti’s cheeks at your giggle, “Morax and the Raiden Shogun would agree with me! I’ll travel all the way to Liyue, Inazuma and back if I have to.”
All of a sudden you noticed how close Albedo had gotten and that his gaze had traveled to your waist. “Albedo- oh!” You moved away, “Were you looking at this?” You pointed to your gun.
He nodded, “What is it? I’ve never seen anything like it.” His aquamarine eyes swam with curiosity.
“Well, it’s called a gun and you should never touch it.” You responded, the gun safety rules your father imprinted in your brain coming back to haunt you.
“A gun?” Albedo echoed, “Why shouldn’t I touch it? Does it contain too much elemental energy?” He tilted his head.
You hummed, mulling over the right way to put it, “It’s the opposite. There’s a lot of safety precautions behind it, but if you know how to work it and get all of the safeguards off then it does a lot of physical damage.”
“Physical damage?” Albedo hummed, “I’ve never heard anything of the sort…”
You nodded, “My world is a lot different from this one so we relied heavily on guns and physical damage.”
“I see…” Albedo hummed, “This is interesting. May we see a demonstration of the physical damage this gun does?”
You laughed, deadass laughed, “Not in here. We need to go out somewhere in the wild where no one’s at. I don’t wanna frighten or hurt anyone. Not to mention it’s kinda loud.”
Albedo was all too excited to see how the gun worked so he immediately led you outside of Mondstat to somewhere no citizens should be. Venti, Jean, and Kaeya also following you like curious ducklings.
“Stay behind me.” You ordered them, “Whatever you do, do not get close to me unless I put it away okay? This thing could take your head off if I’m not careful.”
“Yes, your grace!” They answered.
You sighed, “Don’t call me that…” They didn’t listen.
“Okay, look at that tree.” You pointed at a tree in the distance, “I’m going to be aiming for that.”
You got your gun out, it was already loaded with some bullets. You turned off the safety, prepped the gun and aimed. You kept your eyes trained on the tree, and pulled the trigger.
The bullet flew for the tree and hit it square on. You immediately turned the safety back on and thank god you did because the fucking idiot Venti jumped on you for a hug.
“Goddammit Venti!” You shouted, keeping the gun faced towards the ground just in case, “I told you not to approach me until after I had put it up.” You put the gun in your belt again, glaring at Venti.
He pouted, “S-sorry your grace. I was just excited.”
You sighed, you couldn’t really blame him, you supposed it was your fault for not explaining it more, “Just don’t do that again. You saw how the bullet fucked that tree. I don’t want that to be you or someone else okay?”
Venti, despite your disappointed tone, was still grinning, slightly red at how you cared for him. “Okay your grace!”
“Bullets?” Albedo muttered.
You nodded and got out your pack of bullets, “These things. Ammunition for the gun and what impaled the tree.” You held a hand up to your chin in thought, “Actually… I think the ruin hunters use guns. Or at least uses bullets for their attacks.”
“So, you’re saying you have ancient technology from before the archons?” Albedo said.
“What- no-!”
“It’s just more proof,” Kaeya said with his stupid smug grin, “Of your divinity.”
You sighed, “My fucking god, I’m not your god, I merely come from a world with more technology and for some reason I got transported here after I died with my gun.”
“Protection.” Albedo suspected, “For you in this world. Your world. Why else would you come here after you died in that other world?”
“Here,” Kaeya said, holding out his hand, “I’ll settle your worries, your grace.” He smiled comfortingly as he pulled out a dagger.
You immediately put your hand on your gun but all he did was prick your finger.
Golden drops of blood dripped instead of the normal red you were used to.
“...what?” You muttered, baffled.
Kaeya grinned, “It is, you’re our god.” Venti hopped on his feet, grinning and hugging you tightly.
Your brain was flooding with confusion, but it didn’t seem as though you’d be getting out of godhood anytime soon.
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chasingfictions · a month ago
Buffy: He threw me out? He threw me. Did I, like, fall into some … backward dimension here? Is this Bizarro World? And after he's always going on and on about being the only one that understands me. 'We're alike, you and me. Birds of a bloody feather.' Uh! He's so … [annoyed sigh]
also i feel crazy abt this specific bit . one the fact that it's not in the shooting script so someone (presumably marti?) was like . u know what we fucking need specifically is buffy mimicking spike's accent :)))))
SECoND OF ALL i just continue to feel insane abt the way spike and buffy are both so deeply aware of the dynamic of like . buffy is in charge and buffy is the one who says how they relate to each other and spike is just Lucky To Be There . i feel insane about their dynamic i feel insane about spike even kicking her out in "gone" . like so much of this episode has been both of them seeing evidence that buffy not only wants him but likes him and only thing keeping that from being public is shame .... and also the difference between this episode and "as you were" --
Spike: No more games? That's all you've ever done is play me. You keep playing with rules you make up as you like. You know what I am. You've always known. You come to me all the same
which is INSANE!!! and makes me insane!!!! and i also kind of love the nuance there -- that it's not some cut and dry thing, that spike is putting up a stand for the fact that he is in love with buffy, and if he can't have all of her, he doesn't want her at all -- because it is also the other thing!! that spike is so in love with buffy, that he is SO in love with her, that he doesn't care what games they play, as long as he can have her, be with her, touch her, hold her. he just loves her, is desperate for them to be something real!! bc ALSO !!! ALSO this same exchange later in that same episode:
Buffy : I'm using you. I can't love you. I'm just ... being weak, and selfish... Spike: Really not complaining here.
and honestly the more i think about it the more "gone" and "as you were" feel so much like sister episodes. both of them are buffy -- in her queer supernatural depressed world -- coming up against the "real" world -- represented by doris and social services, represented by riley and the military. people who can see that she's doing life ~wrong~ . honestly even the fact that doris points out she's unemployed, and next episode buffy gets her job at the dmp, to buffy's specific embarrassment that riley finds her working at the dmp. the fact that both episodes have buffy wanting to hide from real life, from being seen, by going to spike's -- the line in the "as you were" shooting script that she has spike cover her like a human blanket. being discovered in bed with spike by one of the men in her life who has strong feeling about her sexual connection with vampires -- only in the case of the later episode, they're really perceived. or even smaller items-- the point i mentioned earlier in my rewatch posts -- buffy finding spike's lighter wedged into the couch cushions, how it both parallels and contrasts finding riley's sweater in the same place. even the fact that spuffy are fucking for so long in "gone" -- it's mid-afternoon at the latest, it seems, when she arrives at spike's crypt, and when xander finds them it's after dark, + this line in "as you were"
Buffy: I do want you.. Being with you … makes things … simpler. For a little while. Spike: I don't call five hours straight a little while.
and that line also has more to it!!! buffy in "gone" refusing to admit outwardly that she wants spike, but they both know it -- he finds the lighter in her pocket . to buffy in "as you were" able to admit it in words!! for the first time!!!! closing the loop on what was once an impossible dream -- literally a dream -- spike asleep in "out of my mind" (another spike-riley parallels ep) imagining buffy saying "spike, i want you." or even the changing of her physical appearance ! buffy's haircut in "gone" in negative response to spike liking her hair. buffy breaking up with spike in her diaphanous lilac shirt -- a far cry from her general outfits of the season and also an outfit as far removed from spikecore clothes as possible .
or!!! the fact that both episodes end with buffy making a both depressed and optimistic statement about her life, about her desire for life -- compare this bit from "gone:"
Buffy: Except … when I got Xander's message … you know, that I was … fading away … I actually got scared. Willow: Well, yeah. Who wouldn't? Buffy: Me. I wouldn't. Not too long ago I probably would have welcomed it. But I realized … I'm not saying that I'm doing back-flips about my life, but… I didn't … I don't … wanna die. That's something, right?
With this ending bit from "as you were" that we talked about above in a different context:
Buffy: I can't love you. I'm just ... being weak, and selfish... Spike: Really not complaining here. Buffy: ... and it's killing me. I have to be strong about this. I'm sorry ... William.
Like,!!!! both episodes ending with buffy having to state out loud that she doesnt want to die. it doesnt come naturally to her!!! it's this tentative, effortful thing, to not do things that would kill her, and yet she's still doing them!!! she's putting them into words and actions!!! even the distinction of buffy closing out "gone" sedentary -- staring all morose at the ground with willow --
Tumblr media
to how she ends "as you were" -- tentatively and shakily moving into the distance, but still moving. and like, the thing with "as you were" is that's not all it takes!! it's not like breaking up with spike is some magic key to feeling better -- but she's still putting into effect whatever she can do . she is trying so hard to want to be alive !!!!!!
Tumblr media
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meli-the-simp · 2 months ago
This isn’t a request for a story or something, it’s a question… well a few. I like you start with, Hello! How are you? My other question is who is you favourite Obey Me! character and why? Also, love the content ❤️❤️❤️
Awww! Hello lovely! Thank you so much! I'm doing decently, writing inspiration has been dwindling, but I'll live!
(Will be a bit nsfw in some areas, I'll color them red)
1) Asmodeus
Asmo is such a sweetheart honestly
But also very possessive and a but crazy and I love that
I'm very touchstarved and he's the type of person who is very touch affectionate.
He's all for body positivity and making sure pretty people know that they're pretty, and I need the reassurance that I am indeed, a hot chubby bitch sometimes
Plus he's the sin of lust, he knows how to fuck, and DAMN DO I NEED-
Plus he 100% is a switch, so he'd let me peg him <3
2) Beelzebub
I love big men who are sweet I'm sorry
Again, touch starved, and I just knoooow he cuddles good
I feel like he'd like chubby women cause they usually eat more and tend to feel heavier in his arms, like a weighted blanket
He's just so sweet I love him
Plus oral is a huge turn on and he would be godly at eating someone out
Mating press
3) Mammon
Hes honestly really sweet and I just love how much he cares for you in the game
Would treat you like a queen and I'm all for it
He's super like, territorial with his shit cause he's greedy, and honestly I'd love feeling like I'm someone's greatest treasure
I love when people get embarrassed when I'm flirty and touchy so Mammon is just perfect <3
He's also touch starved so we would work
He's a switch, mainly a bottom so yea, makes my switch mainly dom heart go boom boom
Fingers, that's all I'm gonna say
4) Belphegore
Snuggle bug <3
I genuinely love snuggling so if we took naps and shit and he used me as his personal pillow? Fuck yea
He's just cute <3
Also somnophilia is a very large turn on so yea
Also he's into thigh fucking and that's actually so hot
5) Luke
He's my baby
He reminds me of my little brother
I genuinely have such a motherly love for this little angel <3
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tomanpeach · 7 months ago
I noticed requests were open for bungou stray dogs. May I please have Dazai with a shy and sweet little sister? Thank you! Good luck with your blog!
request – big bro dazai & shy sweet little sister reader
a/n: this is such a sweet request :') i hope i did it justice!! thank you for requesting and hope you enjoy!! <3
in the backseat of the taxi you frowned down at dazai's text again. "SOS!!! COME IMMEDIATELY!! EMERGENCY!!!!!" followed by the address to the armed detective agency. you had gotten used to crazy calls and texts from your older brother throughout your life, but none as frantic as this. anyone would agree that he was... eccentric, but he was your big brother! you loved him, you looked up to him. his quirks were mostly endearing and, honestly, a bit funny sometimes. however, this message worried you.
to start, dazai typically kept his work life and his personal life very separate. you knew he worked at a private detective agency but had never even known the name or location until he sent it over. you wondered what kind of emergency had gone down. and what you would be able to do to help...
stepping out of the taxi, you realized you were in a part of town that you had never been to before. checking the address of the looming brick building in front of you with the one in dazai's text and headed inside. on your way up the stairs you texted your brother a quick message. "coming up now, are you okay??"
at the landing, there was a closed door marked with the name of dazai's agency. you jumped when the door was suddenly yanked open. there in the doorway was a very delighted looking dazai.
"you're here!" he sounded relieved, pulling you into his arms in a tight embrace. "thank goodness. i was getting so worried. did you find the place okay? i'm sure you don't come this way a lot, but the building isn't too hard to look up, right?" he let you go and looked into your face, waiting for a response. "i- no, it wasn't hard to find," you smiled back. you were suddenly struck with how much you missed your older brother. "samu, it's really good to see you." "aww, come here," he wrapped you up in another hug, kissing the top of your head. "it's good to see you, too. especially because of the situation at hand."
he took you by the hand and pulled you through the doorway. "alright! attention colleagues!" he announced loudly, throwing his arm around your shoulders. "i'd like you all to meet someone very spe–" "osamu, what is this?" you cut him off with a tug on his coat. you were sure your cheeks were already bright red from this surprise introduction. "no, look, it's okay!" he promised, giving you his most comforting smile. "this is my precious little sister!" "no way..." someone in the office mumbled in disbelief. "don't be rude, come introduce yourselves," dazai added rather sternly.
one by one the people from his office rose from their desks to come and introduce themselves to you. they were all kind and polite and seemed excited to meet you. a shorter boy with shaggy, silver hair smiled at you sweetly as he shook your hand and said, "i'm glad you came. nobody believed dazai had a sister, i was starting to feel really bad for him." your brother tensed next to you. "explain please?" you turned to him.
"well," he chuckled sheepishly. "we were playing a little game at the coffee shop downstairs. typical coworker bonding. and someone mentioned that i was untrustworthy! which is a very offensive claim and i took it very hard. so i shared some personal facts and the one that everyone believed the least was, well..." "that you have a sister?" he nodded slowly.
you stared at him in disbelief. "and that was the urgent matter you texted me about?" "well, it was my honor at stake!" he tried to defend himself. "not just mine but the dazai family name was on the line!" "samu...this is the emergency that i took a $27 taxi across town for??" you started to laugh. you couldn't help it. mostly, you were glad that there wasn't any real trouble. you also couldn't believe you were the younger sibling...
osamu smiled apologetically, "maybe... i mean, it is possible that i overreacted..." you burst out laughing again, covering your face with your hands. he joined in, relieved that you weren't mad. how could you be when it came to him? :)
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forcebewitht · a year ago
Force's Disney Geek Master Theory: Why Twisted Wonderland Is Called Twisted Wonderland
Tumblr media
We have all grown to know and love various Disney characters over the years, correct? Yet, I believe a lot of us can argue that not many characters have the same effect on us even as adults today as the Villains do within their respective movies. In the game Disney: Twisted Wonderland as we all know and love, the select boys to Overblot are supposed to have the "souls" of their Villain counterparts, right? But...why is it called "Twisted" Wonderland, then? The truth may lie within something that has been right in front of us all along, my friends: the meaning of a mirror. Ready to buckle in for this one? If so, then here we go!
We have seen all of these guys share character traits, looks, etc with their Disney counterparts, correct? Well, what if I were to tell you that things in terms of the "main" guys that we are supposed to pay attention to aren't exactly what they seem? This could be analyzed in a few different ways, honestly, yet the most prominent way is this: the differences in their personalities- they are reversed. Let us take this bit by bit, shall we?
Tumblr media
Ah, yes. The Queen Of Hearts. The ranting, raging, bundle of red, black, and gold we all know and love. (or else heads would roll, I'm sure) One of the things that everybody knows about her is that she's extremely hellbent on the crazy rules that she makes up and is prone to anger honestly very easily. Yeah, you can connect that to Riddle- but think about it for a second. While that rage and the rule thing is still there, it isn't as prominent with him as it was with her, is it? With the Queen of Hearts, her whole "issue" was that she wished to make everybody listen to her and follow her every command- but Riddle was essentially always following the rules of another- not his own. This seemed to make Riddle a little more calm most of the time in terms of how he handled and oversaw things. It wasn't until he actually Overblotted that the "listen to me and only me" thing came out- buuuuuuttttttt I'll get to that part in a bit.
Tumblr media
Next: Leona and Scar. While we honestly didn't get to see a lot of what went on behind the scenes in the Outlands in terms of how Scar even met the hyenas to begin with at all, one thing can honestly be said- Scar worked very hard to get where he was. I mean, it's not like you can get an entire pack of rabid, hungry hyenas onto your side in the course of a single day, or maybe even a week (especially as a lion, no less). No, something to that extreme takes careful planning, wording, and stringing along to ensure that nothing goes wrong along the way. The way Scar spoke to Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed made it seem as though he had known them for a looooonngggg time before this- that's where that behind the scenes planning comes in. And then...you have Leona. Leona, from what we can tell in Chapter 2, planned the idea for the "endgame" alright- but he didn't actually act upon any of the plan for himself. Ruggie did. Even in the Lion King, we see that Scar had no problems whatsoever getting his paws dirty a little within his own scheme to take his "rightful place" at the head of Pride Rock- but Leona quite honestly did not a thing once Ruggie was in motion. See where this is starting to head?
Tumblr media
Azul and Ursula. Ursula, the Disney baddie queen of my heart Ursula, the Sea Witch. She was known all around the ocean floor for helping out poor little merfolk in secret, wasn't she? Yet, nobody ever really seemed to catch wind of the whole "her turning those who didn't quite fit the bill into polyps" thing, did they? That was one of the things that made her such a honest threat to Ariel herself- because Ursula was cunning. She did things behind the scenes, and sure- we could catch onto it out in the audience (annnddd maybe Sebastian and Flounder as well), but nobody else really seemed to, right? Azul is the complete opposite in this standpoint. He instills direct fear into his "workers" and those even beyond and within his dorm. Like- basically most knew that this dude was bad news to begin with. Azul, mostly, seemed to hide his cunning facade behind a fake yet still seemingly "soft and genuine" smile and act. But all in all, he didn't really attempt to "hide" anything- hell, he even proclaimed his entire plan of what everyone with those things on their heads were gonna do for him in the open! At least when Ursula sang as Vanessa, she was in an almost perfectly enclosed room with nobody else around.
Tumblr media
Jamil and Jafar. This comparison here, given what occurs in the movie Aladdin, is honestly one of the biggest possible indicators of this reoccuring theme I shall clarify in a bit. Jafar, while being sneaky, was known for being a more "out there" Disney Villain in terms of his personality alongside that of his partner Iago in the film. He would smile in a sinister way, he would crack jokes out in the open, and let us not forget his crazed yet oddly interesting laughter. Jamil? He's the exact opposite. Given his past and what he has had to dealt with growing up with Kalim, he is much more reserved and barely releases a chuckle or cracks a smile at all. His personality is a lot more repressed than that of Jafar himself throughout the film. Jamil has been so used to having to hold himself back thanks to his parents in favor of Kalim's family, he doesn't seem to know how to "let go" whatsoever. Yet Jafar, while still maintaining that sneaky side of him as well, has no problems whatsoever letting a little hang loose whenever he so chooses to.
Tumblr media
Vil and the Evil Queen. This one honestly may be a bit more self explanatory than the others- but the difference between these two is their expressions of themselves. The Evil Queen was the very first animated counted Disney Villain within Disney's history- yet, she barely had any lines throughout the film at all. Her ranges of expression were almost little to none thanks to the era in which the movie was released in- but she always looked like she was pissed, huh? Vil is the exact opposite of her in this sense. He is able to fully express himself through his various facial expressions, theatrical abilities, musical experiences, fashion style, and even how he behaves. Vil is able to do so much more than the Evil Queen did or could do within that time period, that it's almost a little staggering if you fully picture it.
Tumblr media
Idia and Hades. Now, now. We haven't honestly seen too much of the flaming blue boy yet in TWST, but one thing is apparent here right off the bat- in terms of his personality? He is the exact opposite of Hades. Idia is much like Jamil but to a more "geek" degree- he's extremely introverted, shy, a bit snippy, yet mainly keeps to himself and his gaming tech. Hades is most often renowned as the Disney Villain with the most personality- and the best humor. Hades has no problem whatsoever being "out there" with his crazy puns, sassy remarks, anger, and even mocking behavior. I mean, please, guys- I haven't been this choked up since I got a hunk of moussaka caught in my throat!
Tumblr media
Finally, Malleus and Maleficent. Ooooohoooooooo boy. We have to count out the live action movie Maleficent for this one (sorry horned queen fans). One thing that basically everybody even with their toe in the water in that of Disney movies kind of knows this fact- Maleficent is c r u el. She's got a bizarre set of dark powers and an even blacker heart than that. Hell, we basically had to "soften her up" a little bit in Maleficent thanks to just how seemingly irredeemable her character is in that of Sleeping Beauty. I mean, c'mon now- cursing an infant? And we get no explanation for that in the original? C'mon, now. Anyways, Malleus? As we all can tell by now, this dude is the compleeettteeeeeee opposite. Sure, he has those repressed bits here and there too, but it is evident that this dude has a heart crying out for the MC and it is big, bold, and golden to the core once you look past how he looks. He sent the MC a card for winter break, for crying out loud. Yeah, let me know the next time you see Maleficent do that smh.
Now, I have avoided using a certain word up until this point to see if anybody could catch on to what exactly is happening here. Did you figure it out? Reverse. The boys that either have Overblotted already or intend to Overblot soon stop holding out on us, Chapter 6 have had the exact opposite personalities compared to that of their Villain counterpart- until one prime point in their "character arcs". Their Overblot.
Riddle wished to have all bow before him and obey his rules.
Leona led his entire dorm into ruin and nearly sanded away the entire school in the process.
Azul let himself finally free of his personal shackles entirely and "took what was his".
Jamil finally let himself go and opened up more in his personality, almost seeming to be driven insane in the process.
Vil wanted to become the most beautiful one of all and would kill anyone within the way of that goal without any hesitation whatsoever.
The moment that the boys' Overblotted, that was the exact moment when the "soul" of their Disney Villain counterpart took control. Keeping that idea in mind, that should mean that this will happen in the upcoming chapters and their Overblots:
Idia will show off all of the personality, powers, and intelligence that he has been keeping down within this introverted self of his.
Malleus will become so broken by being left out and alone in the cold for the final time that he will turn into a completely cruel Fae and possibly nearly kill either the MC or the representation of Prince Philip within that Chapter in the process.
(Hello, my dear Readers! Guess who is trying to get back into her bigger pieces of writing? This gal right here~ feel free to drop a comment and tell me what you think of this theory- I'd love to hear your thoughts! 💕)
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poisonouswritings · 4 months ago
M4 and Horror Movies
GN!reader, fluff, mentions of potentially upsetting movies, imagine trying to Netflix and Chill with someone who has no idea what Netflix is
(This takes place in the Good End AU, where MC and Co. can travel between Earth and Astraea at will)
I would say,, ghost or witch movies. I think you'd want to go with movies that are like, horror/drama types. Something with more emotions than scares. Also just anything Weird. I think he'd really enjoy movies that don't have a clear story because he can make up his own interpretation.
My suggestions would be IT Chapters 1 & 2 (2017 & 2019), The VVitch (2015), Annihilation (2018), Black Swan (2010), Color Out Of Space (2019) etc.
You guys have A Blanket Lasagna, in the sense that there are layers of different types. Fleece, satin, cotton, flannel, a crocheted throw. Felix gets cold easy. Leave him alone. If you're hot then you can just shove all the blankets onto him. He Will Thrive.
Stella is lurking in the shadows. She keeps randomly hopping onto things or knocking things over. She has insane dramatic timing and basically keeps jumpscaring you guys.
You Will Not be able to talk much. He's really focused on what's happening. Keeps crying at the sad parts. Will hold your hands and be blubbering because in his head he's managed to come with a Significantly Sadder Twist than what actually happens. I hope you have several boxes of tissues at the ready.
I'm evil for this but,, Anisa is fascinated with Earth and the amazing things humans here have done?? Show her tales of human horror.
She wouldn't really like much gore, so I'm gonna suggest movies like The Lodge (2019), Platform (2019), The Purge series (2013-present), Candyman (either 1992 or 2021), Midsommar (2019), Silence of the Lambs (1991), etc.
I think it would both depress and fascinate her! The amount of creativity the people of Earth have to torture each other (or depict torture at least) is,, disturbing. But amazing.
Maybe don't let Ayanna find out or else she's gonna continue to distrust you
You guys are definitely cuddling. You're the smol spoon. She's squeezing the hell out of you and hiding her face in your shoulder during the scary parts, but still peeks at the screen.
Her hands are wrapped around your waist,, pick one of her hands up and kiss the inside of her wrist,,, it calms her down
Definitely horror/comedies or horror/action. Something fast paced to keep his attention a bit!! But he's still not gonna make it through the movie.
I would suggest stuff like Mandy (2018), Funny Games (1997), Jennifer's Body (2009), Rubber (2010), Shaun of the Dead (2004), etc. You could try showing him the Firefly Saga (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, 3 From Hell) but honestly I think he's gonna like,, zone out except for when Baby is doing stuff. And then get grossed out at the weirder stuff.
Y'know how,, being scared makes your adrenaline go wild and you tend to fall in love/get turned on a lot easier? Yeah so Sage is definitely nuzzling up to you and getting a little handsy.
Although some of the jumpscares actually do startle him, and then he's making a little squeak noise and hiding in your chest and his tail is wrapping around you and the tip is flicking around like crazy. He recovers very quickly and tries to play it off like nothing but for a few minutes after he's gripping you a lot tighter.
If you let him pick the movies then be prepared for him to just choose whatever's title screen looks the brightest/most chaotic
Am I saying he would like zombie movies? No. Am I saying you should show him zombie movies and be like 'dats you' every time? Yes. But for what he would actually enjoy, I'd say,, anything cultist/religious. I think he'd find the faith aspect both familiar and really really interesting. He'd like getting in the characters heads and understanding why they did what they did
I'd recommend,, Saint Maud (2019), Carrie (1976), The Lodge (2019), The Wicker Man (1973), Rosemary's Baby (1968), The Invitation (2015), Children of the Corn (1984), etc.
Does not get startled by jumpscares. I particularly good one might make him flinch very slightly but overall he's more focused on the story than the scares.
I think it'd be a little weird for him. He worked with cultists so he definitely recognizes a lot of the behaviors and fanaticism. Seeing it from this perspective, it kinda helps him realize how disturbing all that stuff was. It's a long period of introspection.
If he gets a little too deep in his thoughts, try to touch his tail. It surprises him of course but it also kinda shocks him out of his spiral. Being playful and casual with him definitely helps.
Remind him he's no longer like that. Smooch his cheek. Call him Bambi. He rolls his eyes and (affectionately and jokingly) threatens you to knock it off but really he loves it.
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lyssahlyssah · a year ago
Obey Me! Game Over, Levi
a/n: Not suitable for work.
Hey everybody. Now while I'm just getting started, there may be a few days or a week between stories, as it takes me a while to get them the way I want them (correct my bad grammar).
Hopefully, as I do this more regularly, I'll get into a flow! Please enjoy my first stab at not suitable for work, and let me know if you want more. I had honestly not intended to write for Levi, but somehow he and this idea just went together! Thank you for all the love for my first posting, it gave me a lot of confidence to do more. <3
warnings: teasing, modified cockwarming, happy ending. :)
pairing: f!MC x Levi
category: not suitable for work
description: Some good old-fashioned teasing while gaming. Levi gives you want you want.
It was Saturday night and Saturday night meant game night with your favorite otaku.
Some nights you lay in his bathtub with him sprawled in his gaming chair; some nights you were on the bean bag, he on the floor. Other nights you first ate snacks he bought for you while he gushed about your upcoming adventure. But one thing never changed, once the power light flicked on and the game was queued up, Levi was all business. Tonight, you had decided that was going to change.
You and Levi had played around before now, nothing serious, but enough to where you felt comfortable being naughty with him and he felt comfortable coming apart in front of you. With both of you being shy, these were big steps in your relationship. Tonight you wanted to make things interesting so instead of taking your normal place on the bean bag chair, you had plopped down on his lap. You knew well every excited shake or vibration of your controller would cause you to wiggle against him and you couldn't wait for his reaction. You loved every blush, shudder, and stutter from your reclusive non-normie. And you'd learned, just as much as he loved your heart and the way you made him feel, he also loved every curve on your body.
Having you on his lap alone had been enough to put a permanent blush on Levi's face, and it helped your winning percentage as well, as he frequently got distracted. You estimated he had been hard for at least an hour, judging from the increasing stiffness of the rod poking the inside of your thigh and sadistically you were content to let it go on just a little longer.
You hadn't worn a bra tonight, opting instead for a slinky tank top and skirt. It was a good idea, but you'd forgotten how Levi keeps his room temperature low for all his electronics. Mid-game, partway through exploring a large zombie dungeon, your character is suddenly alone. Confused, you set your controller on your lap and look down at him to ask if there's a problem. And there is. His amber eyes are locked onto your right nipple, proudly standing erect in the cold air under your tank top, deliciously backlit for him against the TV. Apparently more than he could take, he had forgotten about exploring the dungeon and now seemed more interested in exploring you.
Even though riling him up was what you intended all along, you still blush a rosy pink in response. Grabbing his hand, you place it over your breast and squeeze it for him. His blush deepens and he chokes a little, starting to pull his hand back, but your offer is too tempting to completely refuse. You squeeze his hand against your breast again, and a whimper escapes his throat. "Do you like this?", you murmur. He nods quickly, jerkily. You removed your hand and he tentatively keeps his there, squeezing, although a lot more lightly than you had been.
Seeing the intense, almost painful want on his face, you shift your hips over his hard cock. He moans loudly, unable to stop himself, and his face now flushes fire engine red. You adore his responsiveness and respond in kind, fluttering your eyes closed and letting your lips part with pleasure. Encouraged, the hand on your breast squeezes harder, starts to knead. You feel the familiar kick of desire to your abdomen and you can tell you're starting to get hotter and wetter down there too.
Looking into his eyes, you take a hand and pull up your tank top on one side to just below the nipple, baring the bottom of your breast to him, taunting. His eyes start to burn as he watches and unconsciously bites his lip. "Do you want a taste?", you tease. He slowly and intently shakes his head yes. You inch your shirt up bit by bit until the entire nipple is bared. He doesn't wait for encouragement this time. Sitting up from the back of the chair, one arm encircles your back, he takes your nipple into his mouth and sucks. "..mmm.." Not long after, he pulls away, panting from excitement. You're panting now, too. He moves back in and starts sucking with earnest. "...mmmmMMMM..." Shivers of pleasure bordering on pain travel up and down your entire being. Your nipples ache with pleasure at his insistent attention. Wetness soaks your panties and gushes down onto his jeans. Your cheeks are flushed as your body moves left and right with the force of his movements.
Your nipple pops out of his mouth, and he roughly pulls up the other side of your shirt, rubbing his face over and between your breasts, groaning slightly. Taking your other nipple into his mouth, he sucks, rubbing his tongue over and around the areola. Feeling almost delirious, you squirm on his lap, then palm him through his jeans. You can tell he is already close from so much work-up and excitement, but you have other plans for him and stop for a minute.
Pulling open his pants button, you free his length and the sight of it gives you another kick of desire to your stomach. It's long, proud, and leaking at the tip with excitement. Levi continues to suckle and pull at your breasts. He's going all at it and driving you crazy. As you're still sitting sideways on his lap, you move so his cock is now between your legs. Careful to not disturb him from his ministrations, you wet your hands from between your legs and start to move your slick palms up and down on his throbbing member. He jerks and low growls rumble from his throat but doesn't stop, if anything, his sucking picks up pace. Your nipples are now bruised and oh so sensitive. He pauses sucking once to thrust his tongue into your mouth in a heated kiss, using the arm around your back to pull your head down, then releases it and tongues and licks back down to your breasts. He's growling continuously now, and without realizing it, you mirror him, making low rumbles in your throat. Your hands continue moving up and down and you feel his length grow harder, hotter. You both know it won't be long now.
While you fully expect him to explode all over your hands, and yourself to melt in his lap, that isn't what happens at all. As you feel him start to shake, he jumps to bend you over the side of the bathtub and takes you all the way to the hilt in one gigantic thrust. With no time to stretch, the sudden fullness against your inner walls scrapes every sensuous nerve, and you both cry out in climax.
As the pleasure ebbs away, tired, surprised, and satisfied, you pull him into the bathtub with you, where you spend the rest of the night spooning, Levi whispering love into your hair.
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spring-bean-string-bean · 4 months ago
Hey hey hey!!! I saw the requests open and I'm curious if you could write a Hanma Shuji fluff alphabet. I'm in love with him sm!! Thank youuu!!!
I absolutely could. Surprise surprise you get to wake up to this post because I know your sleep schedule, bestie 😗
~Shuji Hanma Fluff Alphabet~
Warnings: Potentially a bit OOC but I did my best and this is honestly how I see him being in a relationship, Swearing, canon-typical mentions of violence, a lot of crack-fluff, one Kisaki related manga spoiler in F if you know you know, mostly gender neutral reader aside from talking about periods in W, spaghetti man, me bullying hanma, hanma being an absolute gahtdahm menace.
Reader is implied to be shorter than Hanma. He's frickle fracking tall. If you're taller than him, please be my friend I want to actually feel short for once.
Please don't kill me for some of this I swear I don't hate Hanma I just bully him affectionately.
Let me know if I missed anything
A- Affection (how affectionate are they?)
Clingy little shit at any and all times. Hugs you out of nowhere, smothers you in kisses, picks you up and carries you around for no given reason, smacks your ass out of nowhere, etc. Snuggles you constantly any time you're at home together. He likes having you sit in his lap and wrapping his arms and legs around you like the lanky spaghetti noodle he is. You're trapped there and you aren't moving until he lets you. 
B- Baby (how do they feel about kids? Would they ever want to start a family?)
Surprisingly, he would probably not mind having children. He definitely wouldn't be the greatest father in the world, but he would try his best. He'd do his best to tone down the crazy a bit to raise his kid to be the best person possible, and would honestly probably be their best friend and biggest supporter. He's definitely the favorite parent. Is that a good or a bad thing? Who knows, probably both, but the point is that he's shockingly good with kids. 
C- Cuddles (do they like cuddling? What's their favorite cuddling position?) 
I said it before I'll say it again, he is a tall spaghetti man and likes wrapping his long-ass limbs around you. Laying, sitting, even standing if you can hold his weight, he likes latching onto you like an oversized koala and burying his face in your neck. When it comes to laying down at least, koala pose usually eventually loosens into spooning.
D- Dates (what's their favorite place to take you on a date?)
Prefers at home dates to going out. Most of the time dates consist of hanging out indoors and watching movies or playing video games. When you do decide to actually go out, it's usually either on a motorcycle ride around the city, or an arcade date or something or that variety. 
E- Emotions (how do they express emotion around you?) 
Can get a bit defensive about emotions. He likes acting tough in front of you, so if anything ever is wrong, it usually takes some force to get him to talk about what's bothering him. Just take away his cuddling/affection privileges and he should get talking almost immediately. Joking aside, when he does open up about feelings, make sure he knows you're there for him and just want to help him, because it is something that he has a very hard time with. 
F- Feelings (when did they first realize their feelings for you?)
For most of his life, he wasn't really focused on finding any sort of relationship. He was too focused on his gang duties and chasing thrills and excitement, so the thought of dating didn't really cross his mind much until you came along. When you did though, wow the feels hit him like a truck looking at you, Kisaki. Instantly head over heels. He thought you were one of the coolest people and wasted no time in chasing your attention. 
G- Gentle (how gentle are they with you?)
He knows how to be gentle when he needs to, but he's usually really not. He would never intentionally hurt you, but he's very playfully rough. Likes tackling you and play-fighting a lot. Will very lightly punch or elbow you to get your attention a lot or will just straight up pick you up and swing you around if you're ignoring him. Also absolutely a "my love language is  b i t i n g" type of person. 
H- Holding Hands (when and where do they like holding hands? How do they hold hands?)
He probably prefers having an arm thrown over your shoulder or a hand on your hip or waist if you're out walking around places. It keeps anyone from even thinking about trying to approach you, which is a win for him, but if you want to hold his hand, he will happily allow you to do so. 
I- Introduction (how did you first meet them? What were both your first impressions?)
Got a little carried away with this one. May just have to turn it into its own lil oneshot story
Met you while out at an arcade with a few friends from his gang. He was just messing around and ended up getting into a very heated competition with you. You kicked his ass, and even though his friends were making fun of him for it, he was too busy being a massive simp to care. Even though in most cases he probably would've made some excuse for his loss or challenged you to a rematch, he instead offered to buy you dinner somewhere for your victory. Ditched his friends to do so the moment you accepted. You were more interesting anyways. 
You found him to be a little bit too loud and reckless at first, but after you hung out and got to know him more, that became more of a charming aspect. Hanging out with him was never boring, and you quickly found yourself joining him on many of his weird thrill seeking adventures until he eventually asked you on an official date. 
J- Jealousy (how easily do they get jealous, and how do they react?) 
Gets jealous extremely easily, but also not really too worried about it. He's an intimidating person, and he's well aware of that fact. All it takes if someone is trying to flirt with you is him walking up behind you and wrapping an arm around you, and they're usually gone.
In the unfortunate case that anyone decides to be just a little too persistent, he's not at all afraid to either beat them up on the spot, make out with you in front of them until they leave, or both if he really feels like it
K- Kisses (What are their kisses like)
Annoying-ass tease. If you want kisses, he'll stand at his full height and make you come up to his level to get them, even if you have to climb him like a tree to do so. The effort is definitely worth it though, because for someone who never worried much about relationships before, this man is a shockingly good kisser. He'll kiss you until your heart feels like it's going to beat out of your chest and you forget how to breathe for a minute, and then he'll just laugh at you like it's nothing when he pulls away.
L- Love (who said I love you first? How?)
Probably him, and it was probably in such a stupidly annoying but yet cute way. You had a lot of studying to do and were extremely focused, leaving him to sulk around like a sad neglected puppy. He kept tugging on your sleeve and complaining about not getting attention until he finally pulled the "I love you" to catch your attention. But like- in the most annoyingly whiney voice possible. You put your work aside just long enough to give him a short kiss and tell him you loved him too. That satisfied him just long enough to allow you to finish your work before he scooped you up and trapped you with cuddles for the rest of the night. 
M- Marriage (how do they feel about marriage?)
Not an immediate priority, because he doesn't think it's super necessary. He already loves you more than anything or anyone else in the world, what point is filling out a bunch of paperwork to prove it? However, if you express any interest in wanting to marry him, he is one hundred percent on board and will absolutely make it happen.
N- Nicknames (what do you call each other)
S p a g h e t t i   m a n.
Most nicknames are just the two of you throwing stupidly creative and unnecessary insults back and forth in the most affectionate tones possible, but you do have your moments where you'll call each other cute pet names. Baby, Baby girl, Beautiful, and Princess are some of the more common ones he'll call you, while you often call him Shu, as well as the occasional Babe or Handsome.
O- On cloud nine (how do they act when they're in love? Is it obvious, or are they discreet about it?) 
Again, he becomes an absolute smitten puppy dog. Basically his every waking thought is centered around you, and he will openly and shamelessly brag about you and show you off to anyone and everyone, wanting to make it clear to the entire world that you are his, and he loves you, and you love him. 
P- PDA (how do they feel about making their relationship known? How affectionate are they in public?)
Zero shame. He'll kiss you in public, he'll smack or grab your ass in public, he'll throw you over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes and spin you around in front of a crowd just for the hell of it. He does not care who is watching. He especially likes being overly affectionate if you're ever around other members of his gang. 
Q- Quirky (random goofy relationship headcanon)
This has happened on multiple occasions. If you're ever just lounging around the house, whether it's on the bed, on a couch, on the floor, etc, if you lay on your stomach, he will sneak up on you and just bite your ass. Right on the gahtdahm buttcheek. For no given reason. And then he'll just get up and walk away like nothing happened and never talk about it again. 
R- Romance (how romantic are they in a relationship?)
A lot more goofy than serious and romantic. He certainly knows how to be cliche romantic if that's what you want, but he prefers to show he loves you in his own much more unique ways. Living life on the edge together is what shows you both how much you love and are devoted to each other, and he'd prefer that over any stereotypical love story any day.
S- Support (how supportive are they or your goals and dreams? How do they help you achieve them?)
Supportive honestly probably to a fault. He will try anything and everything once. Even if it's just something small you want to try, he's trying it with you. You have some horribly impulsive bad idea at 3 am that you bring up to him? He's probably encouraging you and ready and willing to do whatever it is right along with you. Ready to do anything to help you with any goals and dreams you might have.
T- Talk (how good are they at communicating with you?)
Not the best when it comes to communicating. Again, you usually have to make an active effort to get him to talk about anything serious or important with you. He lives his life on impulse, so it's not easy for him sitting down to talk anything through, especially if it's a subject that makes him feel weak or vulnerable in any way. You have to show him that there's no judgement on either end and that it's okay and necessary to talk things through sometimes before he'll be willing to try. 
U- Understanding (how well do they know you?)
He knows you extremely well, and anything he doesn't know, he makes an active effort to learn. He wants to know as much about you as he can so that he can be the best possible boyfriend. Sometimes he can be a bit oblivious in some areas of life, but if you explain something to him, he'll make sure to commit every little detail you tell him to memory.
V- Value (how important is their relationship to them?) 
Honestly he probably values you and his relationship with you more than his own life. As much as he may be an asshole at times and be a bit hard to handle, he doesn't know what he would be without you, and he's grateful every day that you've stayed with him through it all. He's well aware of the fact that he's a bit over the top sometimes, and the fact that you can love him through that just makes him fall more and more in love with you every day.
W- Wild card (random fluffy headcanon)
Surprisingly an absolute king when it comes to taking care of you on your period. He'll go out and buy anything you need without caring what other people think about it. He'll get you all your favorite snacks, heat up a water bottle for you, and then lay in bed with you all day playing with your hair, massaging your stomach, and giving you soft forehead kisses. It's probably just about the only time that he's willing to fully tone down his energy and focus entirely on taking care of you.
Y- Yearning (how well do they cope with being away from you)
Not well at all. Mans is so clingy it's painful. He can handle being away from you for like a day for meetings or fights or whatever he may have going on, but he'll become a bit of a wreck after much longer than a day or two. As long as he can call you every day he should manage, but he just wants to be back home holding you in his arms as soon as possible.
Z- Zzz (how is it sharing a bed with them?)
Back again we go to either koala or spooning. There are very few alternatives unless you can manage to get him to fall asleep before you and then climb into bed afterwards, but even then he'll usually latch onto you in his sleep. Luckily it isn't too difficult to wiggle away if needed though. The only way to wake him up before he wakes up on his own is either kissing him awake, or just full force throwing yourself on top of him.
I realized after finishing this particular Alphabet that I was missing X in this one and the one posted previously. I will shamelessly continue missing X in future alphabets unless someone has a suggestion for an X word that makes sense because Xylophone does not count. Anyway thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Have a lovely day 💖💖
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prof-peach · 6 months ago
I guess you probably started to play the game, so how is your experience so far? The fact that within the first five minutes of the game we learn that it is pokemon that go small and not the balls making them small still blow my mind!
I personally am choosing to look at that like some misconception due to a lack of prior knowledge. I have yet to figure out how to rationalise it, but honestly its so jarring. why is it only back in time that this has been discussed??? Hate it haha, makes zero sense lore wise, functionality wise, and generally begs the question, why has no one mentioned it sooner? It feels like somewhere along the line its disproved in more modern games, where i'm not sure yet. Does every single pokemon know Minimise? cant be possible! Makes little to no sense for me personally but i see folks enjoying it so whatever, gotta run with the stuff you love! That aside, i'm actually really enjoying the game, this is ooc obvs, speaking as a player, and a fan, but peach will have BIG issues with Laventon, totally hate Volo, BUT theres a good number of characters that she will vibe with SO hard, one of which is Cyllene. That stress eating crazy stern woman will fill her with such joy when they finally meet, something about her will just amuse peach so much, perhaps it's her harsh reality checks, or her work ethic, theyre very symilar in being brutally honest, and after handling so many adults who coddle the kids, this one being so forward about potentially dying at every turn would nourish her soul. She will love Kamado, he's got her energy for battle, they're on the same page, I can see them fighting together in a friendly way. Oh theres that strong lady who teaches people fighting styles (can't recall name, red hair, head of something) again, love her, and so will peach haha. Thats as far as i got today, been running around doing not a lot! found an eevee in my first visit out of the town, (near that place where theres a big ass rapidash) so that was a surprise to get so early in game. I have however made a lot of notes, and been working along side playing, so i've only been able to put about 2 hours into it so far. theres no jump button, thats a bit strange, and I was saddened that your pokemon don't follow you once released from the pokeballs, BUT its so far been a lot of fun, and i've had a great time with Grey tearing it to shreds, planning fixes for the comic, and designing villains and story lines to fit the actual gameplay! Until today i've had little clue as to why we were thrown back in time, and what the story will be. Turns out its so very loose and vague that ANY story will fit into this just about. Opens a lot of doors. Just makes me excited to do my job so win win! Hope everyone else is enjoying, seen a lot of nice feedback! people have warmed to it, even if only some aspects.
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astrojoy · a year ago
Astrovations #4
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
● Please remember that everything matters. Thus, planets aspecting definetly play a role on how certain things may play out in life
● Debilitations upon planets happen! (Definitely know this upon personal experience and my mothers chart)
Thank you, now enjoy you beautiful strangers 💖👼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Gemini I play too much 💀
Scorpio in the big 3/dominants love halloween unless other placements prove otherwise 🎃
Scorpio risings are hellllaaaa loyal and protective, it's been known, let's say it again. Everyone knows this by now however it is like surprisingly protective. So you bullied their sibling? Prepare to get bullied with their fists 💀
Ive seen 3 gemini risings before and they all looked pretty young honestly, I speculate stereotypically it's their planet mercury, HOWEVER SHARE SOME FOR THE REST OF US- 😡
Fun fact, speaking of looks and youth, if your rising sign is conjunct saturn or in capricorn, it could possibly ruin the effects of looking youthful but rather looking more of like a mother figure or father figure in a way, understand? No?.. ok- 🏃‍♀️
12th house Mars hold back their anger or just don't show it until they're by themeselves, when they grow up it tends to fade more and more as they get better at expressing it
Libra risings from what I've seen, commonly have lean facial structure or bodies, could possibly be average to tall height. My brother def fits the stereotypical libra rising- lucky him 💀😂
Sure, libra's are known to have bad decision skills, but have you seen cancer placements at times? 🤨 Idk why but I've noticed sometimes they also can be indecisive. Idk if it's because the tides of the water under the moon are inconsistent or what, but whAT SNACK DO YALL WANT WE'VE BEEN IN THIS STORE FOR A DECADE 🥱🍟
Saggitarius risings can be so goofy and silly honestly 🤣
Aries placements aren't always mad and furious or raging beans 😐 they can be so sweet, but unlike the other signs when it comes to being mad, they can get a little more defensive or stubborn about certain things, its just because mars is a passionate planet, so don't bring these people into debates plz 👁👁
2 or more fire signs in the big 3/fire dominants give me bad bitch or idgaf deal with it vibes
Cancer dominants/cancer 3 house probably had higher pitched voices when young, I've seen this especially in guys
Gemini/saggitarius/scorpio dominants can totally ignore you if they get angry and it can last for days.... weeks.... as a matter of fact, when did they last talk to you? 👀
Cancer/Taurus 4th house/big 3 can definitely enjoy the idea of sitting infront of a fire, curled up in fluffy blankets, christmas music playing in the background with rain or snow outside during the holidays
I've seen capricorns enjoy eating snacks while watching shows or playing video games, can y'all share? I'm hungry 😩
If you have cancer rising/Cancer moon/Moon 1st house then you probably got soft skin or rounded/curved bodies honestly
I've seen 9th house stelliums/lots of planets sometimes don't care to travel or even want to pursue education? I would have thought the total opposite but sometimes I think this effect can cause so much to happen in one house to the point they don't even care anymore. If sun is in with these other planets then I can see the sun burning the proximity of the other planets or something.
Basically, I dont know, this is just coming from what I've seen, take it how it resonates 🤷‍♀️
Ive seen scorpio risings probably got narrow feet or some lean body parts. Their eyebrows are nice though
Cancer risings/dominants can have more fat on their face, thighes or arms
Taurus risings have pretty eyes and hair ❤
Libra big 3/dominants most likely enjoy getting their nails done
Aquarius in Uranus/Uranus aspect venus/Uranus aspect ascendant stereotypically enjoy unique styles of clothing and hair. This generation is definetly showing it too if you haven't noticed 😂 I love it 👑
Saturn and Uranus harsh aspects can make someone either not enjoy unique styles for themeselves or their dad (saturn) doesn't like their kids (uranus) unique thinking and may show the kid more traditional ways of doing things
Uranus in the 12th might approach philospohy/religion differently, they make their own ideas about religion
A person with Aries sun and libra moon, it's either their way or the highway. On some occasions they might think about your opinion for a bit and fairly express their thoughts, coming to an agreement, however these people can be stubborn as f- 😐
Libra dominants/big 3 might get sudden spurts of confidence then loose it, only to gain it again and so on
Scorpio risings might have an easier time getting freckles
Leo moons, y'all are interesting 😭 it's cute when you guys let your emotions spill out on your hobby or something you enjoy
I've seen virgo in the 10th switch jobs just as much as people sterotype gemini switching careers in the 10th often 😂
Neptune/pisces people remind me of the colors blue and purple in a galaxy setting
Aries in the 6th get fevers/headaches easier. They can either easily take spicy food or the total opposite and they can't hardly deal with mild hot sauce 😭
Aquarius is known as a more uncommon sun sign according to statistics and what I've read up on. Fun fact, I don't have any aquarius friends but I want one 😧
I always picture mars dominants as smol passionate beans 🥺
Venus in the 3rd/1st can give a lovely voice or lovely way of communicating with people. These people got charisma and charm to the way they communicate.
Sun conjunct any planet can make the effects of the other planet a bit less than their normal amount. The sun burns/brightens wherever it is at but doesn't totally swallow them up of course. Some people see a placement like this as malefic, however I see it as an ok placement depending on the circumstances, this is because I believe the sun beside/conjunct a planet probably means that planet could be important. After all, that planet sits beside the charts king, it obviously has something to say, right? 👑
Water risings give me mermaid/Cleopatra/unicorn vibes
Air risings give me medieval/dandelion/walking on the beach with wind vibes
Earth risings give me fairy garden/dog in the park/reading a book in a forest vibes
Fire risings give me roses in the morning/fancy cars riding through the city/rollercoaster vibes
I'm personally in love with all you aquarius people. I'm so drawn to you guys, the personality, aura- it's so just.. yes. Lmao I also recently found out the person I had a crush on was an Aquarius sun and I was just like "oh well now that makes sense" they also gave me pluto vibes too so idk- 👀
I've seen fire in the big 3 are the type of kid to wear shorts when they go to school. How? Just how? Ive seen it be in the sun, moon, and rising and these people get hot easily. Whereas someone with water and air in the big 3 probably get cold easier
Am I going crazy? Ive seen this with some of my friends too. 😩 "their fire signs, their hot" yes you're hot- 👀😘- on a serious note, I didn't know it could play a role like this situation tho 😤 Check the surrounding elements in the big 3 though. Im not sure but this could probably have an effect on the situation honestly
Geminis, I'm sorry but y'all are decent in my opinion 😶 it's a 50% chance I either totally vibe with you or not. I have a Gemini best friend but Gemini acquaintances who I just don't really fit correctly with.
I'ma end it here. I've been busy and I'm about to take a summer job so I'ma bout to be beat up with 4 summer online classes as well 💀🏃‍♀️ it eez what it eez ~ ☆
Tumblr media
Have an amazing day! 💖
Now 😡
Or I will take away your birthchart 😃
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jovescorpio · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pick a gif which tugs at your heart and/or evokes a long lost memory or a dream. 💙
To book a personal reading with me DM or email me at [email protected] 💫
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You've prayed for them, manifested them into your life. You've asked and received.
They've broken tradition in some way. Either in their family, social group/community or they will be the one who breaks your usual type.
A very good listener. Has a penetrative gaze, their facial expressions are actually very emotive. You'd actually find it fascinating.
Anytime they're stressed they'll go and take a walk or be out in nature. They gather inspiration from there as well. They value they quiet time but they also work well with others. They know several people likely but trust very few. Probably have this same set of close friends for the past several years. They don't really open up easily but their aura is comforting. Pretty non judgemental and grounded.
A leader / has latent leadership qualities in a group setting. (can have a strong Aries or Mars influence in them)
Might be into puzzles, board games, putting things together.
Experimental and changes their look often. But they pull it off brilliantly.
Looks really good in red and / or white.
Strong morals, strong sense of right and wrong. They could be going through something but it's not easily visible on their face. Could have an air rising (gemini, libra or aquarius) or can keep a poker face.
Very attractive. Since they do change their appearance often they have definitely bleached their hair at one point. Fair skin with a sun-kissed glow / tan to them. Broad - strong shoulders, narrow waist, strong legs. Might have played sports or is good at sports. This is someone who learns things relatively quick given how attentive they are.
I'm tempted to say they have daddy vibes. Yes even if they identify as female. They have the BDE.
Ambivert but leaning a little more towards the introvert side. However in social settings they do handle things well given their confidence regardless of how shy they can be. However once you get to know them they'd be very quirky and funny around you. The kind to randomly do a weird tik tok challenge but for you/close friends/cuz they felt like it and not the camera
Cinematography, cinema, editing, photography.
Well travelled, street smart and knowledgeable.
They love hoarding knowledge, you'd be surprised.
You'll meet them when you leave a place/location or situation that's been causing you stress and giving you more anxiety and repression than peace and progress. Highly likely during travel or once you've relocated to some place.
Sensual. So damn sensual and captivating. They look unreal sometimes honestly it's intimidating.
Something about their voice is downright so enchanting and sexy. You can't help but feel attracted to them, it's almost annoying how drawn you feel. (possible lilith rising, could have scorpio and taurus or capricorn placements) I mean I wouldn't be surprised if they sing, have an asmr channel, are a speaker, spokesperson or representative etc
Very dreamy, rather spiritual as well. They definitely have faith in something that they feel is above them. They seem a little prone to really vivid dreams as well as nightmares. Might even be a bit clairvoyant or Clairsentient.
Secure in their business and career might own a business actually. Thing is there is a lot of goals they want to accomplish. But they're not the kind to stall it, they actively go for it. They don't care, they'll achieve it. Especially if you tell them that they can't, then they definitely will. However their ambitions aren't the shallow kind, they really do want to leave a mark or simply express themselves for how they are on the inside.
Either they look like a complete softie, care bear, mom friend or they look like a siren or what Christian Grey thought he was or they have the aura Eric Draven had in The Crow or Maleficent carries. There's no in between. They switching positions like that Ariana song.
They have the most kissable lips.
Highly likely have tattoos because they love the sensation of getting inked.
Tall, lean, Dark hair, dark eyes, beauty spots, really nice hands. Look really good in every shade of blue and green, black (definitely black) and even certain floral or geometric prints. They may also like wearing accessories a lot.
For some reason I saw a crown.
Emotional and intense, they need a creative outlet of expression or they shut down. Like, I kid you not they need to at least once completely lose themselves in something then come home and pass out on the sofa.
Expect a lot of thoughtful random gifts and display of affections from them. They're a bit possesive, I almost feel they can be a little bratty but oh when they look at you, they have eyes only for you. Talking to them is finding a best friend from a life you have no knowledge of but yet it feels right.
Beach baby / loves the water. Doesn't really like the cold as much.
They may have a pet? They seem to be very good with animals.
You'd meet them when you feel really good about yourself, you'd be really feeling yourself or would have achieved something. Making travel plans or setting your next goals it might even be night. It'll feel perfect actually, right it happened at the right time. You'd be getting signs though but I feel you'd be preparing yourself for other exciting stuff to take proper note of them and boom it happens.
An explorer, a seeker, a student who wants to keep learning, keep being a ray of sunshine in everyone's life.
They seek their soul family/found family or would really want a family of their own someday. Very good with kids likely or at most, very patient with different types of people.
Honestly if they were a Pokémon they'd be bulbasaur.
Regardless of their age they're very youthful, the inner child is intact.
They might dress very vintage or old school. Very laid back actually. Also something about walking barefeet on wooden floors came up. They look they belong in a old photograph / polaroid almost. I'm not getting much on their looks besides they look like they belong in a painting or old polaroid. They feel like home, they feel like laying in a field and relishing the golden hour, they feel the the type whose hand you'd hold and run off with. Red and browns are definitely their color, they pull of the muted tones really well. (almost thought of Taylor Swift's Willow music video)
Might have a strong aquarius and capricorn influence in their chart as well.
Their upbringing may not have been in the best conditions but they've worked very hard or are working very hard to improve their quality of life or give back to their family in some way. In some way they've turned their life around. They did a full 180. Crazy.
Deep voice. Warm whispers.
Honey in tea.
Carnations, lilies and red grapes.
They'd like to celebrate the little victories in their life with you. They get happy over the simple things so much, I can just feel my heart melt because of this person and their smile. They're so affectionate and kind and it's making me tear up almost. Wow.
Also they smell really nice. Flowery notes maybe?
They love touching foreheads.
Might play an instrument or paint.
Honestly, I kid you not. They feel straight out of a fantasy book. The closest characters I can think of is Westley from Princess Bride, Aurora from Maleficent and Belle from Beauty and the beast.
You'll likely meet them when you've shut out something toxic in your life. You may not even be looking for love, this might be after a break up even, you may even be escaping a situation or be away from a gathering and be around New people / faces you aren't as familiar with when this happens. Your anxiety will ease around this person. You might even had a passing thought or dream of this scenario before it happens but you'll brush off the thought thinking that isn't possible or something, then you'll be in for a surprise regardless.
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derekgoffard · 3 months ago
what's your favorite survival/death ending for tpof? I love all your commentary!!
!!!!! OOGOOOHHH!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺 OH GOSH THANK YOU SM!!!!!!!!! For this ask and your kind words!!!! :'] ogogooh I'm always a bit nervous about the way I talk on here sometimes because I don't wanna be too much or anything!!; so it really means alot for you to say that!!! \(T_T)/ Tysm!!!!
Hehe oh man,,,, I am so glad someone asked about what my favorite endings were because I HAVE A FEW THAT HAVE BEEN EATING AT MY MIND NON STOP SINCE IVE PLAYED THEMMM!!!! 😭😭
I'll be super vauge and not spoil any endings but I'll still put a cut here for vauge TPOF spoilers!!!! also warning for me about to ramble my head clean off my body LOL
HSH OH GOSH OK ... I LOVE ALOTT OF ENDINGS ohohogh buttttt I think my favorite by a were bit is "You Changed". ( Which is crazy because I am a Derek warrior LOL )
It's definitely the ending I struggled the most with getting BY FAR..it took me FOREVER to get (like... an embarrassingly long time BUAAGAH✌️😭) I think because it was so hard for me to get though, it made the ending scene feel extra satisfying for me!! AND BOY THAT END SCENE-----
I think it's honestly my favorite scene out of all Gato's works, the way it was written just, hit something for me LOL, I've been trying to pin point the emotion it envoked in me but I literally cannot describe how it made me feel??? It was like,,, really nostalgic in a weird way??? but it also made me feel so ?? Like ???? I don't even know HAHA!!! I think the best way I can describe it is "it was very impactful and made me feel alot of emotion (in a good way)" LOL,,, it really is so incredible and just. special to be able to feel like that from a game; it really sticks with me hard even now.
I've always been an emotional person who can cry and get excited and just like,, feel things hard LOL but I think that after I played that ( it was my last ending to complete and it was realll late, so I was in that 3am mind set LOL) I just sat there for 4 mins like. " This game is so special to me. I am so happy I can experience this rn " HAHA!!! 😭
( Also.. THAT. THAT MUSIC TRACK THAT PLAYS AT THE END......IS..MY FAVORITE IN THE GAME...HANDS DOWN.... LIKE HELLO..... HELLO......💃💃💃 The music in tpof is outstanding.....FR..... )
I have. come to the horrific realization that I have made this long enough as is so I won't go into much detail about my other favs ( and honestly they are mostly Derek endings so I think they might be a little self explanatory for why Derek loving me likes them LOL 💀💀💀😭😭 )
In no particular order!! :
He took you home, You played with fireworks, The machete was laid to rest, he didint let you run, you wandered the desert, you were sacrificed, you refused to cry, you ran away together, you got a taste of your own medicine, you became her broken toy, the smoke gave you away, the water is still, you made a friend, now you are the hunter.
I am constantly shocked and humiliated with how much I am able to ramble LOLLLL I AM SO SORRY THIS IS SO LONG!!!! I apologize if this is incoherent as well haha!! Thank you sm again for asking me this :'] I really had fun typing this SHORT NOVEL out LMAO!!! T_T🙏🙏🙏
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beca-mitchell · 10 months ago
little taste of heaven (i'm caught up in you) (1/1)
Summary: now i see daylight AU - Beca and Chloe’s first date, finally. 
Word count: 3.9k
For @anna-kendrick​: We've worked on this universe for the past year and holy, it means the world to both of us that you guys love Beca and Chloe as much as we do. Thank you so much for the encouragement and love, always.And of course, again, thank you to Josi who is an incredibly talented artist. Look at this art.
title from "untouchable (taylor's version)" though I did heavily consider using "our song"...i just liked the energy of untouchable a bit more.
Read below or on AO3!
* * * * *
AGE: 15/16 LOCATION: Brookline, MA MONTH: June
 * * * * *
 It is finally June. The warm air is only a hint of better things to come. Like the last day of school before total freedom.
Beca smiles at Chloe as she nears Beca’s locker. “Hey,” she greets. “Good practice?”
Around them, students mill about excitedly, cleaning out their lockers and making plans for the summer to come. Chloe shrugs, hair clearly still damp from her shower. “I don’t know why we keep running through practices when we have no more games for the season.”
“Got to keep the regional champions in top shape,” Beca teases. “Keep the other teams on their toes.”
“But I’m tired,” Chloe complains. She leans heavily on a neighboring locker. “Since it's the last day of school, will you come over tonight for dinner? My parents are whining about how they haven’t seen you in a while.”
Beca clears her throat, thinking about how the last time she had gone over to Chloe’s house had been when Chloe and Tom broke up...at the end of April. Over a month ago. She had gone because Chloe had been crying and upset. She had gone because even if her body ached with the anxiety of not knowing where she and Chloe stood, she and Chloe were always going to be friends first. Best friends.
Best friends who felt something more than friendship for each other. Confirmed, real feelings. Feelings that made them want to kiss each other.
Feelings that they hadn’t yet talked about. Or acted on despite both of them being extremely single at the moment.
Hell, Chloe's birthday came and went a couple weeks ago without much fanfare. Beca had been too shy to do anything remotely romantic and they ended up going to a movie with a few friends before going to an arcade.
Beca nods stiltedly, pretending to contemplate her now-empty locker a bit more before turning to face Chloe. She steadies herself with a quick breath. “I’d love nothing more.”
 * * * * *
 Beca stares at her reflection with some trepidation.
“It’s just Chloe,” she mutters to herself, eyes tracking over every crease in the skirt she has picked out. Maybe I should go with jeans, she thinks. But it’s gross and hot out today.
She isn’t even sure why she’s nervous. It just feels like a return to normalcy of sorts, but Beca’s pretty sure that now that she knows what it feels like to kiss Chloe and what it feels like, a little bit at least, to know that Chloe feels somewhat similarly to her. It’s different. In a good way. Maybe it’s different in a scary way.
She isn’t even sure she can bring up the topic with her mother, so that’s an added layer of uncertainty: it’s additionally anxiety-inducing not knowing how her mother will react.
It’s well past the time that Beca should have already walked out the door to head next door by the time she actually forces herself out of her bedroom and down the stairs, but she figures Chloe will understand. And dinner is rarely ever prepared at the exact time stated in the Beale household anyway. Beca’s not too worried. Just nervous.
She finally reaches out to press the doorbell.
Chloe opens the door almost immediately. “Thought you got lost,” she teases.
“Were you just waiting behind the door?” Beca asks quickly, allowing Chloe to grab her wrist and pull her over the threshold.
“And if I was?” Chloe shoots back, offering Beca a lazy smile, playful in nature. With an underlying hint of something else.
Beca blinks the surprise away. “I wouldn’t be complaining if you were waiting for me. Just sorry I kept you waiting,” she offers.
“Dinner’s not ready anyway,” Chloe says, as Beca expected. They breeze past the living room area, taking a mild detour past the kitchen and towards the back porch. “I might have told you a slightly earlier time because I wanted to talk to you about something,” Chloe says lightly.
“Should I say hi to your parents?” Beca asks worriedly before it registers what Chloe just said. “Wait, what? Talk to me about what?”
“Come sit with me,” Chloe says instead. Patiently. She gestures towards the tree - the tree they used to play under all the time as children - nestled in the corner of the backyard.
It’s one of Beca’s favorite spots.
She follows Chloe, wondering if it’s too late to run home and change into her jeans because she’s sure the grass and sticks will prick at her skin, but she’s surprised, as they near, that there is a small blanket laid out underneath.
Chloe had planned for this.
“Please sit,” Chloe offers. She sits comfortably, patting the spot next to her. “I had a feeling you’d dress up a little. Didn’t want you to get a dress dirty.” Her eyes drift down to Beca’s skirt briefly before she lifts her eyes, smiling at Beca. Beca doesn’t feel self-conscious, shockingly. She feels content. Safe.
Maybe a little warm if anything, but she knows that’s probably the proximity to the girl she’s been crushing on for the longest time.
“I...wanted to talk to you because we haven’t...really talked. About...y’know.” A hint of nervousness creeps into Chloe’s voice. “When we kissed and then Tom…” she hesitates. “We just didn’t get to talk about anything. And now the school year’s pretty much over, so I thought…”
“Right,” Beca agrees quickly. Her palms begin to sweat. She sure as hell hopes Chloe doesn’t expect her to lead this conversation. It was mortifying enough the first time around when she had basically laid everything on the line while Chloe was still dating somebody else. When Chloe had left her with nothing more than a heartfelt, vulnerable don’t give up on me. Then she had broken up with Tom and that was all their school could talk about for weeks.
And now this. Somehow Beca survived all of that while slowly making sure her friendship with Chloe survived as well. They both made sure of that.
“I like you,” Chloe declares. “I mean...I think I always did. Like you, I mean. As more than a friend. But the feelings were really confusing.”
“I get it,” Beca says a little too quickly. “I’m sorry,” she murmurs, laughing a little when Chloe smiles at her. “I feel like I haven’t stopped thinking about this for a while. But I never wanted you to feel pressured to talk about this with me even though we kissed.” She ignores the way her voice totally cracks over that last word.
“I never felt pressured,” Chloe assures her gently. “I am so...grateful that you’re in my life. I didn’t want to mess this up. But I think we should...try.”
“Try?” Beca echoes.
Chloe blushes. Like a full-on blush that spreads across her cheeks, visible to Beca even in the dying daylight. It makes her cheeks rosy and Chloe even flinches at her own reaction. “Dating,” she says simply once she seems to regain control of her emotions. “I want to go on dates with you. And hold your hand. And more kissing! If that’s what you want.”
Beca’s sure that her heart explodes somewhere in her chest because she suddenly finds it very difficult to control various parts of her body. She can’t control the smile that spreads across her face and the following, matching blush in her cheeks. It heats through her face with ease. And even worse, she can’t control the way her hand comes up to her mouth as if to instinctively cover her smile because somehow being thrilled that her crush is basically asking her out making her body react in embarrassing ways.
Chloe laughs at her, not a hint of malice in her laugh. Just joy. “I take that as a yes. Thank God, I wasn’t sure how I was going to convince my parents to move away.”
Beca rolls her eyes. Finally. Teasing. She can do that. “You wouldn’t be able to leave me. You like me too much.”
Chloe’s smile grows soft. “Well...yeah. I do. A lot.”
Beca’s breath catches. She’s sure she could kiss Chloe right now and the crazy part is, it wouldn’t even be totally weird. Or out there. Because they’re going to start dating. But maybe kissing Chloe again before their first date is frowned upon? Beca has no idea. She’s still only ever kissed one person and that person is sitting in front of her.
“Girls! Dinner!”
As if Chloe had been reading her mind and her intentions, Chloe shakes her head and stands, offering a hand to pull Beca up. When Beca stands, they’re somehow even closer - almost nose to nose - than they had been when they were sitting. “Saved by the bell,” Chloe whispers, breath close enough to be felt on Beca’s mouth.
 * * * * *
 The most interesting part is that Beca hadn’t really thought about any of this - dating Chloe - beyond just vague daydreams and fantasies about just some kind of happy utopia with Chloe by her side. It’s honestly not much different from their usual day-to-day considering how close they already are, but dating? Actual dating?
Her Google search history stares back at her accusingly.
dating tips dating best friend first date first date movies dating girl what to do
She supposes she could ask her mother, but even that brief thought makes her shrink away from her desk. Beca stands and begins pacing. She’s sure that she’s overthinking this all. That Chloe could probably care less about what they do on their first date. That Chloe’s probably just expecting them to spend time together, just the two of them. With more handholding. And maybe a kiss at the end of the night.
“Shit,” Beca mutters suddenly. She rushes back to her computer, adding another search to her list.
kiss on first date ok???
She frowns. Not quite.
kissing before first date acceptable
In the end, she is saved from her descent into a hole of online searching by a text from Chloe herself.
Chloe dinner tomorrow at south street? haven’t been downtown in a while
Beca i’m down!
The ease at which Beca replies does not at all reflect the somersaults in her stomach.
 * * * * *
 “Hey,” Chloe calls, putting her menu down. “Where’d you go just now?”
Beca blinks, realizing that she had glazed over the menu entirely, too wrapped up in her own thoughts. “Oh, just...contemplating…” her eyes land on the first item she sees. “Salad.” She can’t help the way her own nose wrinkles instinctively at the thought of eating salad.
Chloe is as intuitive as ever, smiling as she reaches across the table to touch Beca’s hand. “You hate salad. Especially here.”
Beca swallows, struck by both the normalcy and intimacy of Chloe’s touch. They’ve been friends for years—there is nothing extremely off-putting about them holding hands or even just randomly touching each other on the arm, shoulder, knee.
And yet—
Chloe draws her hand away, seemingly not at all aware of Beca’s inner turmoil this time. She refocuses on her menu. “Want me to order something for you?” she asks instead.
Beca nods, though she is surprised. “Sure.” Now she’s curious as to what Chloe will order for her. And if she’s being honest, it kind of makes her feel giddy, the thought of Chloe knowing her well-enough to order something. Not that Beca would even bother with telling Chloe that she’s wrong. She’d eat anything at this point, just to spend more time with Chloe.
It’s not even like they’re at a fancy restaurant. It’s a diner downtown. The bright retro designs all around plus the comfortable, plush booth seats are all appealing to Beca and she likes the general atmosphere.
But she kind of wants to just…
“Can I sit next to you?” she blurts out. Immediately, she clamps her mouth shut, resisting the urge to avoid Chloe’s curious gaze, which lifts to meet hers immediately.
Chloe grins. “I would want nothing more. Get over here.”
Beca nearly sags in relief, but focuses instead on moving around the booth so she and Chloe are sitting closer, now on side of the booth.
Beca focuses on the frequent piece of advice she had found through a few somewhat reliable Google results.
Hold her hand.
Beca does. She inches her pinky across the cool vinyl seats until she can feel Chloe’s against her finger. Then, she slips her hand over Chloe’s, gently hooking her fingers on Chloe’s palm until Chloe gets the idea.
Chloe’s hand flips slowly, their palms touching. Beca exhales, sliding her fingers between Chloe’s, already liking the easy, comfortable fit of their hands.
Chloe says nothing, content to enjoy the silence and familiarity just as Beca is content to allow her feelings to take over. For a moment, Chloe appears to be perusing the menu in silence, but there is a steadiness to the set of Chloe’s shoulders. Beca can tell, having been so attuned to Chloe’s characteristics for longer than she’d like to admit. For longer than even Chloe herself knows at this moment. She glances at her date—her date!—selfishly taking the moment to appreciate Chloe’s profile.
It’s something she has done so many times before, but this time...this time, in a diner outside of town with the soft clatter of dishes around them and Chloe’s soft, warm palm against her own, Beca knows this is different.
“You know,” Chloe starts awkwardly. “I...obviously don’t mind if you ordered on your own.”
Beca laughs. “Why’d you offer to then?”
“I don’t know,” Chloe says, exasperation in her voice. She groans and hangs her head slightly. “I asked Max and-”
“You asked your brother what to do on a date with me?”
“No!” Chloe explains before she snorts. “I just...told him I was worried about impressing a girl. And I don’t know why, but I somehow thought he’d have some idea.” She grins a little, glancing at Beca out of the corner of her eye. “Did it work?”
“Maybe a little,” Beca says distractedly. She’s more fixated on the fact that Chloe must have been truly desperate to have turned to her older brother for help.
“Oh and he totally guessed I was going out with you, by the way.”
That’s not something that thrills Beca too much. Her imagination immediately conjures up a comically exaggerated vision of Chloe’s brother threatening her with a knife. “How?” she asks. “What did he say?”
“Nothing, really. He just kind of guessed and then said ‘finally’ or something like that.”
“Well, thank you for offering to order for me. It was very...chivalrous of you.”
“Please stop.”
“Quite charming.”
“I can’t wait to see what other moves you try on me. Are we going to share one milkshake?”
 * * * * *
 They end up ordering two separate milkshakes because Beca sticks to her vanilla and Chloe orders chocolate.
“Try,” Chloe commands. “You always get vanilla. Chocolate is so good.”
Beca sighs, but obediently sticks her straw into Chloe’s cup despite Chloe’s protests of “contamination” and quickly takes a sip just to shut Chloe up for the time being. It’s not horrible - Beca just isn’t the fan of how chocolate tastes in milkshake form, though she’s sure Chloe will claim there’s no difference if the milkshake were in a solid chocolate bar form instead.
However, she’s mildly distracted by the sudden proximity she and Chloe have between them. Chloe’s arm rests loosely over her shoulder, where she had put her arm when Beca leaned in to drink from Chloe’s cup. She can practically feel Chloe’s breath on her neck and her cheek.
It would be so easy to just turn and -
Beca shakes her head slightly and shifts back. Chloe takes a moment longer to slowly move her arm from around Beca’s shoulders.
“What?” Beca asks quietly, poking at her fries a little. She catches Chloe smiling at her affectionately.
“Nothing,” Chloe replies quickly. “Just...you smell nice. That’s all.”
 * * * * *
 “I guess it’s kind of convenient that we live together,” Beca remarks, trying not to think too hard about the way Chloe’s hand feels in her own. She winces. “Well. Not live together. But…you know. Live next to each other.”
Chloe tilts her head, smiling as they walk up the path towards their houses. “And why is that convenient?” she asks lightly.
Beca blushes. She hadn’t thought this far. “I’m…I don’t know. I was just…commenting. On the convenience.”
Chloe giggles, pulling Beca closer ever so slightly. Beca likes the way their arms press together. She likes holding Chloe’s hand. She likes lifting her other hand to curl against the bend of Chloe’s elbow.
She likes knowing that Chloe likes her—really likes her—and Chloe enjoyed their date and—and—
“This is you,” Chloe murmurs, stopping in front of Beca’s door.
Beca kind of doesn’t want the night to end. She wants to sit on the porch and talk to Chloe for a few more minutes. Maybe one more hour. Just to hear the sound of her voice and have her attention for a few moments longer.
“This is me,” Beca parrots, feeling a lot more nervous than she thinks she’s letting on. That was what people said in those movies adorning Chloe’s shelves, right? It was what the internet said. Normal first date cliches. She steps backwards, under the light of her front porch, still holding Chloe’s hand as she does so. Chloe hesitates for a moment like she wants to follow, but ultimately she simply squeezes Beca’s hand in understanding and drops her own hand away.
Beca is immediately disappointed. She hadn’t wanted that at all. She bites her lip, watching as Chloe awkwardly shuffles her feet before she glances back up at Beca. A soft, slow smile spreads across Chloe’s lips, gentle and affectionate all at once. It makes Beca’s heart pound ridiculously hard.
“I had fun,” Chloe whispers, like she’s afraid somebody else will hear her. But not because she's afraid of other people. Just afraid that their bubble will burst, like Beca is. Another step closer. Beca swallows. “Can we do that again?”
“You’d want to go on more dates?” Beca asks, just to clarify, even though she knows exactly what Chloe’s asking.
“I would love to go on more dates with you.”
“Me too,” Beca squeaks out. “I—um—”
Chloe’s smile stretches, somehow happier than before. “Goodnight Beca.”
Something in Beca snaps. She steps forward, just two small steps and calls out Chloe’s name. “Wait,” she adds hastily.
Chloe stops and turns, surprised.
“Can I—” Beca swallows, licking her suddenly dry lips. “Can I kis—”
She doesn’t get to finish her question before Chloe is covering the ground between them in two short strides, wrapping her hand around the back of Beca’s head, letting the other come up to Beca’s arm, and kissing her for all her worth.
Beca gasps in surprise into the kiss, hands coming up to Chloe’s shoulders, squeezing tightly. Gently and slowly, Chloe presses further into the kiss, her lips moving ever so lightly against Beca’s. It is so much more than their first kiss—a do-over, if anything—and Beca realizes, with a jolt, that this is something she can do now. She can kiss Chloe because Chloe likes her and Chloe went on a date with her. Chloe held her hand all night.
Chloe wants to kiss her too.
Beca hums happily at the thought, looping her hands behind Chloe’s neck. It feels instinctual even as Beca blushes at the sudden intensity of the kiss. She knows Chloe has kissed more people than she has; she knows Chloe will forever have more experience in this regard. But God, Beca thinks that she has never felt more wonderful or powerful than she does in this moment, tightening her grip on the fabric of Chloe’s light jacket.
Pulling back ever so slightly, Beca heaves a breath and rests her forehead against Chloe’s forehead. Chloe’s breathing is the tiniest bit labored as well. For a moment, neither of them dares to move, too afraid to break the spell between them.
Chloe is the first to smile—the first to press forward ever so slightly so their noses brush delicately. “What were you going to ask?” Chloe murmurs.
Beca swats her shoulder lightly. “You’re so weird,” she mumbles back, leaning in to steal just one more kiss from her beautiful, wonderful date.
 * * * * *
 When Beca reaches the solitude of her bedroom, she finally gets what all those high school romcoms were about. Showing their protagonist thrilled to finally finish a date so they can squeal and giggle and simply dream about their crush or date. It’s probably the first time that Beca has felt her energy rebound around her room with such happiness and positivity. The sensation is addicting—she honestly just wants to text Chloe all night.
Which, honestly, she could.
Chloe kissed her. Chloe kissed her because she likes her and they just went on a date. A freaking date.
A text from Chloe jolts her back to reality.
Chloe i miss you, is that weird?
Beca no because i miss you too. weirdo.
Chloe i have something else to tell you. that might be weird. Idk
Beca go for it.
Beca watches the text bubbles float in and out on her screen, like Chloe is typing a paragraph. Despite Chloe just saying that she missed her, Beca can’t help but feel nervous.
Chloe I just wanted you to know why i picked south street. it’s because. well. Remember when we first went there by ourselves without our parents. Sometime last year. With a few friends. And we all squeezed into that booth and sat there and shared fries and milkshakes and felt like we were at the top of the world because we were finally in high school or something stupid like that. I don’t even remember much about that night or who we were with but i do remember seeing the way you laughed at something and how your entire face lit up. and i remember thinking that i really liked you and how scary it was that i felt these things for you so suddenly and so much. Like a lot. but i’m so glad that we both got to this point - that we both feel the same way. I just really loved the way you looked when you laughed and i am so happy you’re in my life.
Chloe also i really like kissing you
Beca doesn’t even bother replying.
She shoves on her shoes again and rushes out the front door. She is only surprised to see Chloe sitting on her own front porch, staring worriedly at her phone.
“You really are so weird, y'know that?” She calls out, careful not to startle Chloe too much.
Chloe does jump anyway, but she sets her phone down quickly. “What are you doing?”
“Finishing this date off again that you confessed your big scary feelings. Through a text message.” Beca pretends to be annoyed as she stomps over to Chloe. “You couldn’t have said all that?”
“You make me nervous!” Chloe exclaims.
Beca shakes her head, mustering up all the courage she has in the world, pulling Chloe in for a kiss like she wanted to earlier before Chloe beat her to it.
“So much better,” Beca whispers, smiling when Chloe huffs quietly against her mouth.
It's the perfect end to the beginning Beca has been dreaming of all this time.
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akinumi · 9 months ago
hi! i hope you’re doing well! i was wondering if i could request dating headcannons for wraith, wattson, and horizon with a fem s/o? thank you so much, and i hope you’re having a lovely day! <3
With the little motivation I have, time to whip this up!
I am not doing great, but I'm good to write for a bit. Thank you for asking though, Anon!!
I did not proof-read but I’ll most likely edit the writing later!
Tumblr media
Horizon | Mary Somers
Dating Mary has its ups and downs. The downs being when she doesn't take care of her sleep schedule and always stay up for science. But you take care of her and honestly, she appreciates you for that.
The ups are the dates you have with Mary that are mostly stay at home dates. It's very comfy and homey. There's a sense of safety when you just have a candle-lit dinner in your living room, chatting away or listening to Horizon talk about her experiments.
She will be the big spoon when it comes to cuddling! As much as you want to take care of her, she wants to repay back all your love by showing how much she also loves you, tenfolds!
Plenty of kisses from her. When she’s rushing to write something down or when she has to go for the games, she’ll give quick smooches to you and be on her ‘Mary’ way. Her favorite kisses are kisses on the forehead and cheeks.
Wattson | Natalie Paquette
Being in a relationship with Natalie has plenty of adventures! Mostly because she wants to do as much with you before she plays the games.
She never really leaves your side unless she has some experiments she really wants to finish. You do hang out with her while she’s working and Wattson just has heart eyes when she works.
Very much into PDA! The moment she sees you, she wants to hold your hand or have her arm around you. She doesn’t mind the stares as long as she knows that you acknowledge her adoration for you!!
....Very much the little spoon when you two cuddle but she doesn’t mind being the big spoon either! Whatever makes you happy, she’s down to do, for the most part. Just make sure it’s a mutual exchange!!
Wraith | Renee Blasey
While for Natalie there’s plenty of PDA, for Renee....it’s mild. She doesn’t really show affection towards you in public but when she’s behind closed doors; she’s quite attached to you.
Dates you have with Wraith aren’t too fancy, crazy or extraordinary, but they’re simple and sweet for you two; late night walks in a city, talking about whatever, or stargazing on top of a building and just pointing at the stars and what they resemble like.
Renee doesn’t like to admit because for the most part she wants to feel like she’s keep you safe or protecting you, but she likes being held in your arms. She feels safe, and that nothing dangerous would happen.
You and Wraith sleep back to back but if you were to cuddle in your sleep, it’s back and forth between you and Renee to who the little and the big spoon are.
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