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leojfitz · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She, uh … She’s hard to describe if you don’t know her. She’s really smart, a lot smarter than me, but I would say we see the world in a similar way. And we’ve lived our whole lives in the same place, obviously, so it is a bit different being away from her.
happy bday @jennahuntersons❣️
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eijiroukiriot · a year ago
Tumblr media
today marks 3 years of krbk! another year another couch drawing :) 
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kendallspussy · a month ago
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v-pet · a year ago
there's really something to mourn about the fact that i can't, like, follow the same dating rituals wrt my family that all my straight brothers could. letting your partner meet your parents, your parents showing interest in your relationship, or being unapologetically supportive of it without any hesitation... like, my mom cries if she thinks about it too much, because she thinks im going to Not Go To Heaven (read: go to hell) because im gay. like. thanks
#literally even if net lived literally next door we still couldnt do these things the same way my brothers could#because the whole time my parents will be hung up on 'oh but its Gay' and everything#honestly its probably kind of a good thing I'll be moving so far away from my parents to be with them#if we stayed in florida (which . no thanks regardless) my parents would want me to visit A Lot More#while likely simultaneously being Weird about it every single time...#at least this way i can limit it to just a couple times a year lol#dhsjfhs god my mom mentioned the other day 'but you'll still come back for christmas and thanksgiving and holidays right?'#and like. i was caught off guard because that was genuinely not on my radar in the slightest LOL#like.. id.. rather.. spend christmas with net and my friends? or nets family if thats a thing we'll do?#holidays are such a non-event at my house it seems pointless to show up for 20 minutes of gifts and a breakfast for dinner#and even if net could come with me. like.. like i said in the post my parents are just gonna be weird the whole time!#we'd probably have to get a hotel instead of staying here. and then at that point it just becomes a regular florida vacation and i wont wan#to stay with my parents the whole time LOL#anywaayyy. im definitely rambling if tumblr made me split up my thoughts over two sets of tags LOL#i just wish they could be more supportive yknow.. even if i know Oh They Always Love Me <3 it still feels so hollow#but this is my lot in life as an nb lesbian i guess dhsjfhsjf#i was gonna say 'at least they didnt kick me out over it' but actually my dad doesnt Know yet. he still might HFJSHFJS#isnt it fucked up that i genuinely cannot tell if my dad will kick me out / cut me off or not over something like that.#very very bad idea but a very small part of me is like 'fucking kick me out so i can go to washington Now i fucking dare you' LOL
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your-jellyfish-senpai · a year ago
last week really fucked me up and i dont know what to do now; death ment in tagsssssssss
#i went back to my apartment this morning bc i was feeling Exhausted from being around people and trying to support my mom#and like yeah that's kind of selfish bc she just lost her husband of 14+ years/partner of 19+ years#but people have been coming and going consistently for the past 5 or so days#so i was like - she wont be alone#well today only two people came and one person who said she was coming just fucking ghosted her#and that's so shitty#so she was like 'it was a rough day and i got sad and called nana' and said she missed me#and im just like FUCK what am i supposed to do????#these people her friends said they'd be here for her when i go home but when i do they just fucking ArENT AROUND?#im gonna lose my mind because i genuinely dont know what to do#if i go back to her house im going to be miserable but should i do it to support her??#and if i DONT go back im just gonna worry and stress and cry about things#like honestly im more emotional about my mother's state and all the consequences of my stepdad's passing than i am his death itself#which i think makes sense based on the relationship we had over the past several years#but then everyone is also like - he loved you so much blah blah blah#and im like ??? i dont know how to feel and i dont know what i do feel but i dont like it#and people saying that shit to me has only made me feel worse and it just keeps HAPPENING#and the fact that i had to write his obituary - jfc guys im#that still really bothers me#my mom asked me to and everyone who was present was like - yeah good idea! syd's a writer! syd can do it!#and i was like yeah i CAN but should i???#i dont know his life i barely spent time with him over the past six or so years#but i did it and people liked it and whatever#i just i am struggling in a way that i never anticipated with this whole ordeal and idk what to do about it#this is just a vent post im really not looking for advice or anything
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beavesaintmarie · 2 years ago
me @ the Sanditon tag right now: 
Tumblr media
#im only now getting caught up on the Gigi drama and like........................lol can y'all please unclench????#it's WILD to me how folk are willing to afford Stringer so much empathy and understand and humanity when all he's done is like have a crush#on a girl he's had a handful of conversations with..............and he's been exalted to saint status for THE BARE MINIMUM#but everyone is ready to rip Gigi to shreds for having a bad reaction to the idea of her best friend and her pseudo-adoptive dad/big brother#maybe getting together........................#also..............let's be really real right now..........Sidney hasn't totally mended his relationship with Gigi in the same way he has#with Char. while yes we know he cares about her wellbeing. we gotta look at this from  Gigi's POV#he's essentially a man with whom she has no real connection to other than her WHITE SLAVE OWNING FATHER making him her guardian#a man who up until VERY RECENTLY thought that the best way to be a good guardian is to like keep her on house arrest#and never explain to her WHY he was so against her being with Otis and left her free to assume the worse#worst* which is the same thing Char did until she saw with her own eyes that she was wrong about him#so like THERE'S SO MUCH TO UNPACK WITH GIGI AND HER DYNAMIC WITH SIDNEY#and i don't doubt for a second that those two will come to an understanding and start from the beginning with a fresh slate#but man y'all are VICIOUS when it comes to ripping apart a young black woman who was taken from her home. lost her family. is nursing#a broken heart and is also stuck in a place where she is gawked at and feels that she is only valued because of her money............#like i love Parkwood as much as you guys. LOL MAYBE EVEN MORE SINCE I LOVED SIDNEY AT HIS MOST DOUCHENOZZLE SELF#cause i knew still waters ran deep and he'd end up learning to EARN these relationships in his life#can y'all like..............get off Gigi's aerola and give her some space to like grow and mature too????????#ANYWAYS THOSE ARE MY THOTS ON THE BULLSHIT#lol all fandoms are like cesspools honestly#sanditon itv#crazy ramblings of a troubled mind...
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izzymalec · 2 years ago
so turns out SOMEONE (me) has been stanning shadowhunters their entire adulthood lmfao choices
#txt#1x12 came out on my 18th birthday and according to a calendar my friends made me for that birthday i've been already stanning it#i do remember wanting everyone to go home on my bday bc 1. i was sick and tired and 2. i rlly wanted to watch the masterpiece that is malec#will i ever move on? thanks for asking we'll see#bc honestly i just rlly enjoy this show and being here no matter if it's actually airing or not#and i don't rlly have the time to get into anything new askmds#also i have a shitload of gifsets planned for this show so#is it sad to see everyone move on?? yes but also rip to them but i'm different#point is stan the idea that is shadowhunters bc the show itself rlly isn't that.... stanworthy#like an underrated riverdale almost#with better lgbt rep so at least we have that going for us#i rlly love how the show went from comically bad to bad to really good to really bad#and yet we're (me) still here huh.... choices#anyway can i let shadowhunters go? probably not#do i want to let shadowhunters go? not really#i just love the show and enjoy being here and really in the end that's what it's all about#and i'm rlly bad at forcing myself to like things for a long period of time; they're usually short obsessions#so we're just gonna take it as it comes#my current prediction is that if i stop caring about shadowhunters i'm just gonna leave this website#bc rn shadowhunters is all i rlly want to create for and i mostly use this website for inspiration to create and talk to people#but also i now literally do what i did as a hobby for work so when i get home i'm often too tired to spend more time creating that content#anyway!!! who asked!!#saskia talks#i rlly should be cleaning or sleeping rn or preparing a presentation rip in pieces
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lovetrace · 4 months ago
iont talk abt eris enough
#tbf I’m really bad at talking abt anyone#i mostly talk abt retro and no one on tumblr knows anything abt her but ppl in the server#oh fuck the server#but yeah I never talk abt eris#she’s. funny. and very tragic#and I can’t talk abt her without talking abt Alice.. those two r very important to me esp as a black system because god. ugh feelings hard#eris comes from such a complicated situation where she had all the resources to get the help she needed#(not ALL the resources but still) and yet never got it. her moms were good people but not the best parents#when they died she kinda repressed a lot of the stuff they did that hurt her. one of her moms was a pediatrician and the other a child#services worker.. they saw the signs they had to. But black ppl don’t like givin up on family#and they were busy. too busy saving other peoples kids to protect theirs and that’s not fair to them or to eris’ memory of them#but honestly she could not deal with the realization that her mothers weren’t perfect AND that they were dead#and that’s where Alice comes in and I think it’s so interesting that whilst eris grows up to be bitter and jaded it’s not her who completely#splits on the idea of her birth parents but Alice. but Alice protects Alice is a friend in her loneliest moments even if Alice was only a#little girl herself. and it’s so funny how similar Alice is to leo because I’m sure to eris even tho leo was just a scrawny runt too. leo#but that’s besides the point. idk abt other systems but we are so many people it gets confusing. but it’s just eri and Ali ik there#and I project abit. once the abuse stopped and her mothers put her in therapy eris did repress alice and all the things that happened to#idk make her words r hard right now. and there’s a resentment there but also a sadness that eris needs her again years into the future#alice is the reason eri even gets sent to fuse in the first place. trying to protect her and separate her foster parents#alice is a culmination of eris’ want to be protected and loved and safe and free to express herself. but alice is so different she presents#herself as eris’ older sister and it BURNS her to know that eris sometimes scapegoats her whenever she does something that has consequences#Alice is overprotective and anxious and grumpy but also fun loving and kind. she stands up for herself eris and others whenever she feels#like it unlike eris who has to calculate when and how she speaks. they both have aspects that the other envies and that the other hates#Alice does present herself to eris as a big scary monster sometimes but that’s mostly out of anger and eris isn’t really scared. more anoyed#eris’ plots don’t revolve around her did but when she does have the spotlight Alice will as well to her chagrin. eris is in a constant state#of denial at all times. it’s one of her biggest character flaws. she denies that Leo’s changed denies that Retro isn’t out to hurt her#denies that she can’t do anything abt her moms’ murders denies that everything is changing#denies that cops are a problem she denies Alice’s existence but to acknowledge Alice means she has to acknowledge all of the ugly parts of#her life. her accepting herself and Alice and the truth really pushes her to places she has hasn’t been since before her moms died before#her friend group broke up etc. but golly the journey is long. i rambled more abt Alice than eris lowkey but that’s fine they’re sisters
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timemachineyeah · a year ago
We don’t talk enough about the systemic health effects of casual fatphobia and how much they fucking skew the data to the point where we literally cannot know how much outcomes are actually related to fatness and how much they are related to society not being designed for fat people, like literal design.
My best friend cannot find a bra.
She’s fat. We won’t get into the ~why~ here because it honestly wouldn’t matter whether it was “all her fault” or whether it was a result of outside forces like genes and such, she still deserves a goddamn fucking bra that fits.
And she cannot find a bra.
She’s short and fat, and Fat Bras are usually full cup, but because she’s short the full cups are usually too tall, or the armbands around them are too tall, to the point where what’ll fit around her chest and over her boobs will also dig up into her arms or have such high coverage that she literally cannot wear a shirt with a neckline high enough. Any bra that goes out enough goes too high.
This affects her ability to find clothing, impacting her ability to go outside sometimes, because she has this tiny selection of bras and she constantly has to wash them and when they’re gone she has no idea when she’ll next be able to find another unicorn bra. They appear in a flash usually in startups that die soon after, and COVID has killed most the small businesses remaining where she had even a hint of a chance of finding a fitting bra.
So she wears bras that don’t fit. Or she doesn’t leave the house. One gives her back pain. The other is, obviously, not very active. She likes to be active.
If she brings it up, people suggest breast reduction surgery.
But the thing is, with a good bra, she does not get back pain.
But if it’s that hard to find a good bra, they say, wouldn’t a reduction just be easier?
Wouldn’t it be easier for you to chop off part of your flesh, they say, then for us to cut fabric and underwire to more sizes? As if that is normal. As if that isn’t horrifying.
It’s not just bras. It’s chairs. It’s benches. It’s goddamn shoes. It’s seatbelts. It’s exercise equipment - I just got an exercise bike for Christmas. I had to shop around to find an affordable one that was also rated to take my level of fat. If I were 100 pounds heavier, which some people are? I don’t think any equipment would have existed in a price range that any working person could expect to afford. I don’t think most people even look at the weight ratings on chairs and couches and furniture. Once you start? They are lower than you think. There are absolutely 100% people you love in your life - whether really tall men or just average kinda overweight fat people - who should not be using the things they are using. Who are not getting support from their mattress, their footwear, their office chair. It might be you! You might be thinking “but I am average size!”, but the amount of furniture out there that’s only weighted to about 200lbs? Or 175??? It’s SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU REALIZE. Get into the Proper Fat? The 350lb, 400lb, 500lb fat? There’s virtually nothing.
Seatbelts are not tested for fat bodies and seatbelt extenders aren’t regulated.
We know about the problems with too small a blood pressure cuff. With too low a medicine dose. With no MRI a really fat body can fit in for a thousand miles.
We know, from multiple studies on multiple oppressed communities, that social bias by itself, with zero other compounding factors, can give people worse health outcomes.
Now add up
+ one of the social biases with the least pushback even from the educated liberal set with
+ having a world that is literally not made for you. Where you cannot get clothes, furniture, or transportation in a way that will actually accommodate you,
+ where society is constantly blaming you for this. And even if you somehow (and if you know how, please tell me) manage to retain some sense of self worth and optimism and determination despite all that
+ that’s not gonna magically give you access to the daily supplies a person needs in their home and out in public that’ll make living safe and healthy life literally physically possible.
If you’re really so concerned about fat people’s health start a bra company. If you’re really so concerned about fat people’s health mandate changes to seatbelt requirements. If you’re really so concerned about fat people’s health have a variety of chairs in your waiting room with at least some being properly Fat Rated. If you’re really so concerned about fat people’s health, make it easier for fat people to be active by making exercise equipment that fits them, swimwear that’ll actually stay on them, athletic shoes that can bear them. If you’re really so concerned about fat people’s health ask they be included in more medical trials. If you’re really so concerned about fat people’s health, promote fat visibility and fat people loving their bodies - because hating yourself has literally never been good for anyone’s health.
If you’re using “concern for health” as a shield to allow you to judge and criticize strangers, you don’t give a fuck about anyone’s health. You’re just an asshole who prefers a veneer of respectability when you bully people. You’re hateful and we can see right through you.
But fatphobia isn’t just bullying. It isn’t just judgment from strangers. It isn’t just medical neglect and medical bias. Even if we could wave a wand and make all that go away, my best friend still wouldn’t have a bra that fits, people still wouldn’t have a chair that supports them, a seatbelt that protects them. It’s literally engineered in. And it slowly kills people day by day by day.
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stylesparker · 7 months ago
I Know That Voice
PAIRING: TASM!Peter Parker x Reader
CONTENT: some douchebag and a spider, comedy and major fluff
NOTES: while I was trying to think of ideas I thought, what if peter’s best friend just wasn’t a total idiot and actually recognized his voice when they met spider-man? what would that be like? so this is what came out of it. I thought it was really funny, hope you enjoy! last fic of 2021 :)
Tumblr media
“who knows maybe he’s like, a really ugly dude with a receding hairline or something-”
peter bursts out laughing, shaking so hard he clutches his hand to his chest.
“you seriously believe that’s what spider-man looks like?” he wheezes.
“no- no! I didn’t say that’s what I think he looks like, I just said that could be a possibility!” you laugh. 
an hour ago when you came over to peter’s house to study, you had every intention to get straight down to business and start the project you two have together that’s due in a week from now. which was also assigned a week ago. doing projects with your best friend are always difficult, but you guys always manage to get a good grade in the end, since you are the two smartest in the grade, maybe aside from your other friend gwen. but when you mentioned to peter that you were 99% sure spider-man waved at you yesterday, it’s been a whole discussion on what you think he looks like. 
“who knows! he could also have no hair, or really bleached hair! or maybe he dresses like a frat boy everyday- or he is a frat boy! just because he’s a hero doesn’t mean he automatically has great fashion sense-” you ramble. 
peter looks at you fondly, “I think this is the best conversation we’ve had yet. I can’t wait until-” his eyes widen just a bit, looking like he got caught with something. but then he smiles, and relaxes a bit. unbeknownst to you, he’s actually shocked you haven’t figured out he’s spider-man, because you are practically an FBI agent when it comes to everything, so he’s just waiting for the day you scream at him when you find out. but he’s really loves watching you try to guess, it’s quite fun. “honestly, I can’t wait until the day you figure out he’s like a really handsome dude, because then you’ll have to apologize for ever thinking he’s a really ugly dude-”
“peter, I’m good, but I’m not that good. if spider-man doesn’t want us to know who he is, we’ll never know and we just have to respect that. I don’t know how I’d figure it out, but if I ever did, I’d keep his secret, though I would tell everyone he’s really ugly for fun,” you laugh again, taking a hair clip and pulling your hair back to fix it from when it fell out. while you’re distracted, peter takes a good look at you. he knows you wouldn’t tell anyone, it’s not the reason he hasn’t told you. if he were to tell anyone you’d immediately be the first. the only thing is that you’d be in a hell of a lot more danger if you knew, and he couldn’t ever risk anything happening to you. you guys have been best friends since you were ten years old, he couldn’t ever lose you like that. if it were up to him, you would have been his a long time ago, but spider-man doesn’t really get those opportunities.
you bite the end of your pencil and look at the worksheets you spread out over his bed, trying to focus on one part instead of the whole. you blow a fallen piece of hair out of your face, pushing it behind your ear. 
do you know how pretty you are? he wonders. at this moment, you look up, noticing him gazing at you. dropping your pencil, you touch your face.
“what, do I have something on my face?” you ask. he blushes, realizing he got caught.
“n-no.. no! no you don’t, I’m uh... gonna- you know,” he immediately busies himself with his part of the work, very clearly avoiding your eyes again. you smile to yourself, relishing the fact you made him blush. even though it would really suck throwing a long time friendship down the drain if you broke up, it doesn’t stop you from letting your mind wander to the fact of what it would be like if you ever indulged in your desires with peter. you tear your gaze away from, deciding to get to work yourself.
not even a full hour later, peter’s phone buzzes and you look over at him at the desk. he pulls it out and takes a look at it. 
“shit- uh, I’m really sorry but I gotta go-” he rushes around the room, picking up his bag throwing it over his shoulder, and hopping around to get his shoes on. “I’ll call you later Y/N, bye!”
“uh, okay? bye-” he kisses your forehead messily and bolts out the door. you sit on his bed, reeling it in that he just kissed you. not that you guys have never shared forehead or cheek kisses before, just that, it seemed so natural and your ever growing crush on him just expanded ten fold. you try not to think about it too much as you gather your stuff up to leave. aunt may wouldn’t be here for another few hours so there was no point in staying. it’s about 5 o’clock, so you thought you’d stop by the library to trade in a few books and get a little bit of your other homework done. there was no point in going straight home since an empty house is always boring, and your own aunt works with aunt may so she wouldn’t be back either.
you hum to yourself as you walk to the library, and when you get there, you spend a couple hours getting your work done. having plugged in your headphones you listen to your music as you do your homework. there aren’t many people in there, just frankie, the sweet old lady who works at the front desk, a couple sitting in the corner reading books, and a guy behind one of the bookshelves about ten feet away from you. so it was a relatively calm night. as you gather up your stuff to leave, you notice the guy from behind the bookshelf hadn’t moved the whole time you were here. hadn’t got anything, hadn’t done anything, just stood there. you try not to panic, not to go straight to the worst conclusion. peter always says you overthink everything and to try and keep yourself calm when you think your spiraling, so you take a deep breath and listen to the peter in your head. 
shut up, stop thinking. 
you throw your backpack over you shoulder and say bye to frankie, leaving the library without another second thought. you look at your watch and it’s a little after eight. later than you expected, but you try to head home as fast as you can. after you walked about a block, you notice the guy from the library is trailing you a bit away behind you. 
shit, I was right you think.
you’re still at least ten minutes away from your apartment, so you walk even faster, clutching the straps of your backpack in tight fists. trying not to look behind you too often to make him aware you know of him, you just speed walk down the path, hoping this night doesn’t take a turn for the worst. when you’re about five minutes away, you take a small peek and don’t see him. 
maybe he got bored and left?
a sharp yank on your backpack from your right has you spinning your head in that direction. the same guy pulls you into the dark alley, pulling the backpack off you and pinning you against the cold brick wall. 
“HELP! HELP-” you barely get to scream another word out before he’s smacking his hand over your mouth, keeping you quiet as your pinned down. he’s way bigger than you and huge arms that you didn’t notice before. his other hand has a sharp grip on your arm, making you think you’re probably gonna have a bruise. 
“shut up, girl, or this could get a lot worse. now just keep quiet-”
“hey man, why don’t you pick on someone your own size, yeah?” 
suddenly, a sticky web attaches itself to the guys shirt and yanks him away from you, tearing his tight grip off your arm. you take a shaky breath as you watch spider-man web him to the opposite wall.
“what the f-” the guy doesn’t get to finish as a web gets shot right over his mouth to shut him up. spider-man turns around and looks at you, quiet for a moment before realizing he should probably say something.
“you okay miss-” his eyes scan over you, covering up his obvious look with a cough and a short laugh. “you alright-”
as he takes another step towards you, you step back, throwing a hand up to separate you. he stops, confused. 
“it’s okay.. I’m not gonna hurt you-” 
I know that voice.
“you’ve got to be shitting me, par-” in two seconds flat your soaring through the air, a tight arm around your waist. 
“OH MY GOD-” you scream, chancing a look down, seeing that your probably like a hundred feet in the air. you tighten your arms around his head, throwing you head in the the crook of his neck. 
“just hang on-” he says.
“shhh, don’t talk right now.”
“can you shut up for second?”
“NO- AHHH-” your screaming cuts off as you two land on the top of some building, could be your building for all you know. he softens his grip and you push away from him. he laughs, taking a good look at you with your hair all over the place and a wild look in your eye. you fix it real quick and turn back to him, watching him tear the mask from his head to see those chocolate brown curls you love so much. you open your mouth, but he rushes forward and puts a finger over your mouth. 
“okay, just let me explain-”
“do you have ANY idea how much I’m freaking out right now-”
“just calm down-”
“you’re out here every night kicking villain ass and you tell ME to be careful-”
“no, you LET go of me right this instant-” he grabs your face and pulls you towards him, smashing his lips onto yours, silencing you with a kiss. his hands stay put on your face as your eyes stay wide in shock, taking a second to actually realize that peter is kissing you right now and holy shit this is nice-
he pulls back far too soon, but keeps his hands rested on your face. your hands came up and held his wrists without you even noticing you did that, and you stare at him as he looks at you with his own wild look. you’re both breathing heavily as you both just stand there holding each other, realizing what he just did. 
“you kissed me...” you let out a breath, sounding much calmer than you felt.
“I did, yes,” he nods his head, “did you like it?” 
“you little shit...” you laugh and pull his head back to your face as you kiss him this time, now catching him off guard as he takes in the fact holy shit you reciprocate his feelings-
you and peter stand on that rooftop for what felt like hours, kissing each other after finally waiting so long.
“so what do you think? am I an ugly dude with a receding hairline?” he asks. you drop your head to his chest laughing.
“I’m gonna tell everyone spider-man is SO ugly-”
“oh so that means you think I’m handsome right? you said you’d say that for fun-”
“god you’re annoying parker.”
after a while, he actually does stop and ask you if you’re alright after remembering what he just saved you from, taking notice of the bruise on your arm, brushing over it softly, but you quickly say that you’re fine and that he needs to start talking right now or you’re gonna throw him in a ditch somewhere for not telling you that he’s spider-man. 
“I love you, but you know I will kill you-”
“yeah, yeah, now c’mere and let me kiss you.”
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kaypeace21 · a month ago
Alot of the plots were good - but some aspects just really made the season overall awful . How dare they do that to Max. I'm livid about that. You really had venca's curse represent su*cidal thoughts- which we see Max overcoming in part 1 . Then part 2: bam vecna k*lls max- the girl who str*ggled with ab*se, a horrible home life ,and throughout the season overcame her su*cidal thoughts but got an awful ending . And while dying she says over and over she doesn't want to d*e. It's cruel. Even if she does wake up from the coma - is she blind and or paralyzed and never able to skate again? Play videogames watch movies ?And for what- vecna is alive , and hawkins was still destroyed. Her sacrifice wasn't worth it. And Eddie's death was not only cruel but pointless too. He didn't even save anyone during the scene. And he literally mentioned how he did not want to become like his criminal dad . They kill him and the whole town thinks he's a worse criminal than his father. And he never graduated - it was "not his year". Aka part of his last words.The erica and lucas scenes of being attacked- honestly deserves it's own post. Also the romance is still low key one of the worst cringe parts of an otherwise great show.
I'm sorry m*leven is still so sus to me. Like besides all their relationship issues, it's weird s1-s4 parallels m*leven to family members. Like seriously side eyeing the Duffers just for those weird family parallels- if m*leven is romantic endgame. I mean ...nancy called herself "ruth" and el was in "Ruth, nevada" (and that's like 1 of 20 examples). Just to name one of many of those weird family parallels. Like why do that?? And yeah if it's an actual romantic declaration - you'd think they'd kiss like they did in the beginning of s4 . Not even getting into retcons like mike saying meeting Will at age 5 was "the best thing I've ever done". But now he says his "life started" at age 12 when he met el- cause "love at first sight" bs trope. Love at first sight isn't real. And mike literally the day they found her was suggesting ways to send her away so they could go back to looking for Will, and when he thought el lied ( about seeing Will alive) he slapped her hand and yelled "what is wrong with you?"2x then later said lucas was right to not trust her. Ummm... love at first sight? That?! Ok?And wow glad Will could hear mike's confession about how the 1st day he was reported missing- mike's " life began". Mike be like : "I knew Will for 7 years , before I met el . And all my friendships prior to meeting el- meant nothing to me- because my life only began when I fell in love with El instantly and rushed into a relationship after 1 week of knowing her (and when we finally Date- we just fight for 2 seasons straight). True love. "
Honestly they parallel robin/vickie/her bf to will/mike/El - which is also sus. Given how (supposedly straight) Vickie and her bf breakup- and Vickie seems into Robin at the end of s4.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But regardless I'm so sick of just getting "crumbs" whether byler is a queer bait or s5 makes byler canon. I'm just tired- especially after how the socials /cast and crew constantly pumped up byler during pride month- before part 2.
Not to mention the fact we have to just see Will lie to mike to help m*leven. Even though he hates lying to mike. Like no that was Will's painting -el thought it was for a crush of Will's (she didn't commission it for Mike at all)! He was just trying to be a good friend and brother by trying to fix m*leven (and lying to mike to fix m*leven's failing romantic relationship).like think about it- mike literally thinks that d&d painting /"heart" metaphor was El's creative idea and something el made as a gift for him . When it was all Will!!! That "heart" line Will says to mike is used again later by Will- to encourage mike to confess he loves El. Will literally uses his own romantic words for mike- to encourage mike to confess to el instead. Gross. If m*leven is endgame- could they do it in a less awful way to Will? Not to mention mike finally says he loves el-partially because he's moved by Will's painting (he thinks is from el). Which is also messy for m*leven endgame. All those words in the car to mike were Will's confession (he literally just replaced his pronouns for "El" and "she/her" ). Even jonathan saw it that way. Will to mike: " you're guiding- inspiring . That's what you do. you're the heart, without the heart (i'd) fall apart. These past few months (i've) been lost without you.(cough mike said the "lost " line to Will first) .When you're different from other people ... when you're different ... sometimes you feel like a mistake. But you make (me) feel like (I'm) not a mistake at all. And that gives (me ) courage to fight on. If (I) seemed like (I) was pushing you away. It's because (I'm)scared of losing you. "
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And the fact we're just left with Will sulking in the corner - and being a trope of "sad gay character in love with his (supposedly straight) best friend". And have Will low key fix that the dysfunction het couple - who have trivial convoluted drama/dysfunction every season they date. But never actually resolve any of their fundamental issues - lying, spying, neglecting all their friends for eachother ,etc. Because you know the trope: gays always have to step aside and sacrifice the romantic love they have for a friend -so that same friend can instead live " happily ever after" (in a het relationship). Even if that het couple is dysfunctional and poorly written. I'm gay ... and just so tired of this type of stuff , repeated over and over and over again in media. Do writers not realize bad-rep is much worse than no-rep?Like if byler isn't canon these scenes right here are literally just rubbing salt in the wounds of Will and other gay/queer fans who empathize or relate to him.
Tumblr media
It's like i've mentioned in the past a lot of straight writers LOVE the 'sad gay - trope' . Alot of those straight writers don't empathize with us as people, they infact "romanticize our pain" and find it "beautiful" . And just find our suffering "dramatic and angsty" decoration to their story- where they can also add bragging points of being "inclusive". They don't actually care about how problematic the queer rep is -and how it negatively affects us.
Even Will said he'd rather "pull the bandaid off" in regards to romance drama between him and mike. But duffers didn't do that- or give any closure for Will. Nah they forgot his bday and did this instead. Heck, no romantic closure for Will or even the whole st*ncy/j*ncy drama. Which is a whole other can of worms in itself (i'm saying this as someone who doesnt ship either st*ncy or j*ncy). Regardless of what could happen in s5. I'm just tired of how poorly some (frankly most) of the romance is handled in the series.
If m*leven is endgame they did it in the most reductive , stereotypical, predictable, and also hurtful way possible to lgbt fans. Without actually fixing m*leven's real issues to make us like them together as a couple. Heck (not only do they have problems that were never fixed ) : like lying /spying/ mike still hero worshiping her - which were never fixed ). They're now just a cliche ("love at first sight couple", who ever since they started dating have artifical convoluted drama every season ). Literally s3 and 4 are the same: m*leven neglect their friends for eachother, lie to eachother , fight with eachother, then say they're in love. There's no change , no progess they just repeat the same problematic pattern. Forget mike saying in part 1 this was a fight the pairing "couldn't get past" or mike nodding to Will saying maybe he's afraid to tell el the truth, cause she may not like it. Ummm - part 2 doesn't connect to that, why would El not like his confession? Not to mention mike only can say he loves her in s3 and 4 when her life is in danger (and in s4 when Will encourages him to keep talking)- not sus at all. The whole season Mike shares dialogue with brenner - even in the love confession (ick). And lol after his love confession- el won't talk to him. (purposeful hinting it won't work out ? or just horrible writing for an awful romantic pair who always have had poor communication?) Straight-mike narratively just makes mike a sh*t friend too- going from a great , considerate,and observant friend in s1 and 2. But , then the second he starts dating El in s3 :he neglects his friends for 2 straight seasons in favor of El (all while being a not good bf to her for 95% of their relationship). And also he literally said his life didn't begin until el (this is literally insulting to all his prior friendships which were established long before meeting el ). Straight-mike isn' t the "heart" of any party as Will claimed - not anymore (he straight up says his other relationships don't matter. Will, lucas, dustin- pfft his" life didn't even begin " until el ). Some of the worst days of Will's life - pfft mike, his bff, doesn't care about Will's tra*ma cause it gave him the chance to meet el. And he'll say it -right infront of Will. Iike mike could have said he's grateful to have met el in so many ways - but bringing up the day itself like that. Ugh. But in the end, both seasons his friends are the ones who have to help mike retain this supposed perfect romance. And let's get real they have no chemistry as a pairing- Mike just doesn't seem genuine in his love . And the confession incorporating mike's desire to be "needed" and having mike call her a "hero" and "superman'.yeah- hero worship from mike and dependence from el (winning romantic combo) . Also yeah , weird how El's "hero' is her dad and mike's is El. Given again all the family parallels. Heck terry(mom)/ mike saying "I love you" to El- is what gets her to defeat vecna.
And If byler is endgame in s5 - the duffers are overestimating how much bs they can put queer fans through- before they give us a happy ending . Like wow thanks for ending the season with mike & Will standing together, in between 2 other romantic pairings. After you made Will suffer through a bunch of problematic queer tropes (that you may subvert in s5- in like... 4 years). I'd say that framing at the end is a hint of byler- but they did the same framing in s3 only to do this in s4. So they may just leave those hints in the show to string and queer bait us longer. But honestly even if byler is canon in s5 (i actually think it has a decent chance of being endgame ): the Duffers sabotaged themselves. Becuse now bylers are less engaged in wanting to watch s5, and in s5 you'd piss off the m*levens . Cause mike would have lied to El and led her on (or just said it cause he didn't want her to d*e/ he meant he loved her in a non romantic way). But also when mike did his romance speech to El- he said the most messed up stuff right infront of Will ( aka the day Will was k*dnapped is when mike finally felt alive- cause he met El) . THAT'S SO MESSED UP. most bylers probably won't even bother to watch s5 - assuming the worst again too.
So my point is - regardless of whether mike is straight, gay or bi (they wrote themselves into a corner where mike looks bad either way). And his relationships with both of them are messy af.
Tumblr media
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wtfsteveharrington · a month ago
chai & hot pink lipstick / steve x fem!reader x robin
content & context: steve decides robin needs to learn how to drive, instantly regrets it being in his car. then you get back to his house only to find they both have gifts for you with robin’s being a little unexpected. 
disclaimer if you’re new here - all sexual interactions are exclusively between robin x reader and steve x reader. they happen at the same time but the only thing between steve x robin is banter and general best friend annoyance. once again we’ve booked a ticket to paris in this. 
steve x reader: oral (m receiving), spitting, body smacking, light degrading & praise, threat of pleasure denial. 
robin x reader: oral (both receiving), fingering (both receiving), body smacking, light degrading, praise, strap on sex.
author note: more fluff / interactions & new smutty adventures. honestly this is mostly cheesy, giggling smut i’ve posted at multiple points and i stand behind it. i think this might be the last part because otherwise these idiots need to realize they’re all in love but i do have one more idea,,, also there’s some easter eggs from other chapters in here,,, let me know if u find them (: i had to cut a lot of this out because it got way too long whoops i love them my bad there’s like 2k of bonus content in my drafts rn
word count: almost 5.5k
part one | part two | part four
Tumblr media
The three of you hung out a lot before things escalated. Now? It seems you’re never apart. To the point where Steve was personally offended that you drove yourself and Robin to go shopping one night. “I wasn’t working and you two didn’t ask for a ride? That’s literally a token boyfriend responsibility. The BMW deserves so, so much better than this.”
He spent the night pouting but you made it up to him once you were alone. Everything settled into a shocking easily rhythm that was Steve and Robin fondly annoying each other while being simultaneously whipped for you. 
All things considered, Steve was taking the introduction of Robin into your relationship... Shockingly well. You expected some push back and would completely understand if he showed hints of jealousy or frustration. 
It made sense to him though. His girls having fun while completely safe and protected? He didn’t have to worry about scaring away girls that Robin deserved way better than and you got to enjoy a girl he knew wouldn’t hurt you. Always brushing off your concerns with a shrug and, “It doesn’t bug me because Robin-... She’s giving you something different than I do, that’s all. Just don’t go getting any ideas about adding like Eddie in or something. Because that?” He’s scoffing, playing off the idea, “That would never slide.” It would slide. Let’s clarify that.
The main strain in your relationship? 
Steve’s new passion project of teaching Robin how to drive. 
Robin? There’s a reason she doesn’t have her driver’s license. You love like her, but damn the girl can’t drive. You’re in the passenger seat of Steve’s beloved BMW, trying to talk Robin through backing out of a parking spot. She’s tense, her foot keeps pressing down too firm on the gas and even in the empty parking lot you’re worried she’s going to magically hit something. You’re trying to portray this calm energy but your voice keeps squeaking and giving you away. “Good! You’re doing good. Maybe try a little less pressure.” She was not doing good but your role was to build confidence. 
You reach across the car and put your hand on the top of her thigh, pressing firmly down into her skin. “See, right now you’re doing this. We gotta go a little lighter. Try feathering the pressure. Good. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing.” Her focus is taken off the pedals and towards your hand that’s mimicking the instructions you’re giving. After all this time she should be a little more immune to your touch, but she’s not. 
“You know, this would be a lot easier if Steve wasn’t having a meltdown back there! I can practically feel the tension, dude. You’re the one that said we should practice today!” And thus begins the back and forth. Steve’s buckled up in the backseat, his hands over eyes and his fingers in his own hair. “Buckley! Eyes on the road, hands at 10 and 2. If you get her scratched I’m going to kill you, I swear to God.” 
The corners of your mouth are twitching and you’re trying so hard to hold back a smile as the two of them start to banter. You reach your other hand back to grab Steve’s knee, giving it a small squeeze. “Both of you shut up. Robin’s doing a good job, You both gotta relax.” She’s bouncing her head along to your words and biting her tongue to stop from making another dig at Steve, taking a deep breath before rolling her shoulders and gently backing the car out of the space. Before you know it she’s going down the row with ease. 
You both hear Steve exhale deeply while nodding to himself. He’s reaching over to grab your hand, giving you a tense smile when you finally catch his eye. And maybe there’s something about his view that does something to him. You mostly carefree in the passenger seat, bobbing along to the music that’s low on the radio. He could spend the rest of his life looking at that view. 
Robin gets you guys back to Steve’s house safely, much to your surprise. The three of you pile out of the car, your dumb boyfriend instantly getting on his hands and knees to kiss the ground of his driveway. “Sweet, sweet cement how I never thought I’d see you again.” Which has Robin scoffing and flipping him off over her should as she follows you to the house. “I’m half convinced he fucks that car. Like, before you came around? I can only imagine how tempting the crease of those seats were for him.”
He’s chasing the two of you into the house, screaming about how he heard Robin and he never fucked his car but he has fucked you in it and that was a life altering experience. You make it to his bedroom door first, glancing back in time to catch Robin pulling at his hair. “You’re getting too shaggy. Book a haircut soon or you’ll lose every ounce of hair reputation you have left.”
Once he reaches the doorway, Steve’s jerking his head towards a bag seated on the bed, giving you a wink while you walk up to examine the contents. He’s walking up to the mirror in his room, taking the time to investigate his hair. Fine, maybe it is a little long. “Stopped after work to get you something pretty to wear.” He’s looking at Robin now and scratching his hand through his hair. “I don’t-... Do I need to buy you-... Am-... I don’t think I’m meant to buy you shit too, right?” Simultaneously both concerned he messed up (Girls enjoy gifts, okay) but also not impressed with the idea of having to learn Robin’s bra size.
She’s instantly shaking her head, arms going across her chest. “I’m good on the lingerie gifts from Steve Harrington. Thanks though. You spend that money on her, makes us all happy.” Steve’s flipping her off now, grinning as he turns around to take one last glance in the mirror.
You’re going through the contents of the bag with an appreciative hum, admiring the way Steve truly does know what you want. Everything is in your favorite color, the sizes all right. 
It becomes an easy pattern going to Steve’s house. The three of you have your designated spots. You get the left side of his bed because all of your stuff seems to accumulate on that nightstand. Your cassettes, a hand lotion, an old watch of his mom’s she gifted you kept complimenting it. Steve sits on the foot of the right side of the bed typically but he also likes to sit by the record player in the corner of his room so he can change it easily. Robin has convinced Steve to get a bean bag chair that she instantly curls up in.
Easy and comfortable and the three of you get anxious being away from the normalcy you’ve built.
Being so caught up in the package, you don’t notice the way Robin’s shuffling on her feet or the way she’s looking all the way around the room except the two of you.
“So I, uh, I bought something as well. But I’m not sure how well it’ll be received, both figuratively and literally. If it’s not our jam then no worries, I’ll toss it out the window. Not actually because it’s not something we’d want a kid to find or Jesus Christ what if some wild dog decides it’s a toy and then tomorrow’s headline is “Stray Pooch Shocks Hawkins!”.” 
You and Steve are both stopped in your tracks, knowing exactly what a Robin ramble means. It had been awhile since the two of you heard her go on like that. You guys give each other a confused look before you take a step towards Robin as she nervously toys with her bag. She won’t meet your eye and your curiosity has never been this high before. “Haven’t you learned by now that we’re pretty fucking judgement free, Robs. What’s going on?” 
There’s a very, very small list of things Robin could pull out of her bag that would concern you. The list is probably more concerning than whatever is in her bag. Steve’s stepping around Robin, standing behind your back as he peeks around to see what she’s so nervous about. 
Robin doesn’t say anything before pulling a box out of her bag, throwing it on the bed, and running across the room to stand in the doorway. Her cheeks were so bright red even someone the next state over would be able to see them with ease. “Listen! If it’s weird then just tell me and we’ll literally never talk about this again but like... I could use it with you or you could use it on Steve-” It comes out in one breath, causing you to almost miss what she said. 
You grab the box off the bed, Steve’s hands coming to wrap around your waist as the two of you investigate together. Robin? Still halfway out the door. “A strap on?” You want to laugh at the fact that she was this stressed out over a toy but you know better. Steve’s fingers press into you as you start to open it, pulling out the harness. 
Looking over at Robin, she’s clearly stressed out. Shuffling her weight to either side and glancing down the hallway as if she’s trying to calculate how much time it would take for her to run out of the house. “Robin.”
It takes a minute before she looks your way. Her nose scrunching up as she speaks, “It’s not weird, is it? Because I’m still trying to make sure I don’t overstep anyone’s boundaries but I think it would be really, really fucking hot. Like it’s one thing when we hook up because neither of us have a dick but is it too much if I use that one? And ideally I don’t want to throw it out of the window because not only would that be so chaotic but that was also expensive.”
A chuckle finally escapes as you grab the dildo out of the box and slide it through the o shaped ring of the harness. Steve can’t explain what it does to him watching you work with this hot pink dildo. Truly hot pink. One of the brightest things you’ve ever seen in your life and it’s a dildo that Robin bought because she wants to fuck you with it. 
“It’s not weird. In fact, I kinda wouldn’t mind being the one who has to teach you what to do for once.” You’re grinning at her now, extending out the now fastened toy her way. “Now do you wanna test this out or are you gonna make me beg for it?” Any other circumstance? Robin would have made you beg. But she’s taking these tiny steps across the room to take the harness out of your hand, moving to adjust the straps. Needing to do something with her hands to help distract herself from the nerves.
She always looks between you and Steve. As if there was anything left to hide between the three of you, any rules left unspoken. Yeah, technically you were his girlfriend but things weren’t that simple anymore. None of you knew exactly what was going on. That was a problem for a different date. 
For now you’re giving Robin a tender smile while bringing your arms around her neck. Your lips barely brush against hers when one of Robin’s hands let go of the harness in favor of cupping your check as she steals another delicate kiss. “Haven’t you learned by now you don’t have to be nervous around me, Robin? I’m not sure what I gotta do to prove it to you but I’m never gonna judge you.” She’s searching your eyes, finding nothing except this gentle look that’s truly free of judgement. This was all new to her too. 
Steve? Breaking up the moment. “I might judge you though. Just a little. Mainly because you picked a shade of pink they use to direct planes with. Like, you could see this thing from space, Robin. Maybe a nice baby blue next time? Or a lavender?” The three of you are laughing and you are thrilled to see the way tension rolls off of her shoulders as she flicks Steve’s forearm. “It was the only one that wasn’t nine inches long, Asshole. Figured you didn’t want that much competition.” 
He’s laughing now, pressing a wet kiss to your cheek before stepping back from the two of you. “Fair play. Maybe I owe you and that shade of neon pink an apology then.” You watch as Steve turns around and heads towards his record player. Giving you and Robin a few minutes of privacy. Her lips are on your neck, the hand that wasn’t holding the harness coming down to hook a finger through your belt loop. 
Abba begins playing. A record you picked the last time you two had a date night and made Steve listen to until you had each song memorized. You grab a fist full of Robin’s hair on the base of her neck with your right hand, tilting her head back so you’re able to kiss her. It’s a lot more passionate than before. Your left hand is pushing her jacket off her shoulder before dragging it down Robin’s chest. 
“Do you want to fuck me, Robin? I wanna hear you tell me. Did you get wet for me when you were walking around the store? Deciding what toy you wanted to use on me?” She’s moaning into your mouth, her finger nails digging into the skin above your pants on your hips. Robin’s voice is already a little too breathless for her liking. Part of her would worry about sounding pathetic if she wasn’t so entranced by you. “It’s all I’ve thought about since I bought it. When I got home touched myself thinking about how pretty you’ll look. Thinking about how you’ll moan my name... You’re the only thing I think about.” 
The feeling was mutual. If Robin wasn’t on your mind, then Steve was. If it wasn’t just one of them, it was both of them. 
You pull away from her kiss much to Robin’s protest before tugging her shirt over her head. “Then why don’t you prove it? Show me and fuck me like you dream about.” Within seconds your pants are on the floor, your shirt quickly following as you kneel onto Steve’s bed. Robin’s stuck in her spot, watching as you lay back on the bed and let your legs fall open for her. “C’mon, Baby. Do you wanna do this or does Steve need to take care of me?” 
Steve who has been standing in the mirror and examining his hair because now that it’s been pointed out it’s too long, it’s driving him crazy. He’s looking at you in the mirror, smirking at the sight of you spread out on his sheets. “Yeah, Buckley. Maybe you’ll do better at this than backing up.” She’s glare at him now which leaves you laughing to yourself. Robin’s turning away from Steve to give you a pointed ‘what an asshole’ look while pushing her own pants off of her frame. You take in the dark navy underwear against her skin, letting your hips start rocking as you prepare for what’s to come. “I got us home safely, didn’t I? Enough bullying, let me focus.” You’re just grinning at her. Your Robin. 
You watch as she kicks her underwear across the floor, bending over to bring the harness up her thighs and around her waist. She’s crawling onto the bed, taking her time to kiss random exposed bits of your skin. Robin’s kissing the fabric covering your pussy, dragging her tongue along the already damp fabric. 
She’s pulling the offending material off of your body before burying her face right back between your thighs. Her tongue glides up between your folds and your hands grip into her hair at the same time her tongue starts to flick over your clit. This woman was going to drive you insane. “Fuck. You’re so good at that, Baby. I get so wet for you, need you to clean me up like this all the time.”
Robin’s holding your hips in place to keep yourself from wiggling away as she wraps her lips around your clit and sucks against the nub. You feel yourself clinching around nothing and are suddenly truly realizing that Robin’s about to fuck you with that toy. She laps at you for another minute before the anticipation’s about to kill you.  
“Come kiss me. Please. Wanna taste myself on you.” Robin presses a firm kiss to your clit, over your folds, and gives another lick against your hole before coming up to your lips. She’s dragging the most broken moan out of you as your tongues slide against one another.
Your knee is bumping against her leg as you bring your thigh up between her legs. Bending it just right where you’re pressing your thigh against Robin’s semi covered core. She’s wet and she’s moaning your name as she rocks her hips back against your thigh. The material of the strap on harness rubbing against her clit just right. Robin could come right then and there if she wasn’t careful. 
“Wanna try fucking you now, okay? Let me know if it hurts or if you need me to adjust.” You’re nodding before reaching back over your head to grab the bottle of lube out of Steve’s bedside table. She doesn’t blink twice before taking the bottle out of your hand, squirting some into her hand. The sight of Robin fucking this pink dildo into her slick hand? Sinful. 
Her eyes are practically burning your skin with how intensely she’s watching you. Wanting to make sure you feel nothing but pleasure as she navigates doing this for the first time. The bottle of lube is thrown across the bed and you slightly adjust your body so your head is closer to the edge of the bed while your hips are more centered. You give Robin a small nod and gets herself back to where she’s kneeling between your legs. Both of you try to ignore the fact that your thigh is still a little slick from where she was grinding against it. 
You feel her sliding the toy between your folds then moving to apply a firm pressure to your hole. She’s biting the tip of her tongue, brows knitted in concentration. It’s cute how focused she is. The toy makes another pass between your folds before she’s finally pressing the tip into you. 
It’s hot, so fucking hot. 
Robin eats up the way you moan out her name. You’re bringing yourself up onto your elbows to watch as she uses every ounce of concentration she has to try and figure out the best way to get the toy at a steady pace. It’s a little awkward at first, okay? The strap needs to be tightened and it’s not exactly connected so you have to move just right. She’s never had to thrust like this before. 
Out of the corner of her eye, Robin catches you grinning at her. Not your head thrown back in ecstasy like she wants but this shit eating, entertained grin. “Fuck off! This isn’t easy, okay?” Robin’s laughing now and you’re so flustered this time. Smacking your hands down against the bed as your own laughter comes out. “Robin! Stop laughing when you’re in my pussy! It’s every single time something happens and you start laughing. I was smiling because you’re cute. Please stop laughing when I’m naked!” 
The both of you? A giggling mess. She’s leaning down to kiss you as if that will solve all your worries. And, to her credit, it mostly does. You’re grinning against her lips, arms wrapping around her neck so you can hold her still. 
Robin’s trying to adjust her arm that’s supporting her body as the two of you stay sidetracked kissing when her shuffling causes her to move her hips so the dildo pressing deeper into you. The motion causes you to gasp against Robin’s lips, her eyes instantly going wide and “Yeah? It felt good?” You’re nodding quickly, your hands up to clasp over her upper arms. Robin’s trying to mimic the motion again, dragging her hips all the way back so just the tip of toy is resting inside of you before pushing herself back in. “Please, Robin. Just like that.”
She’s so proud to hear your praise, all of her attention going right towards trying to recreate the motion. Robin’s getting the hang of it now, pumping into you at a steadier pace. The motions are rocking through your body and she appreciates the way you’re bouncing in time with her. 
Steve’s finally got sidetracked from his hair, watching the sight unfold much like the first night you three got together. He spots your head starting to dangle over the edge of the bed and he’s using this as his opportunity to join in without being too distracting. 
Your eyes are closed tight when you feel the air moving as Steve squats down to get level with you, brushing your hair off of your forehead. He’s got this cocky smirk that’s driving you crazy. “You love this. Not just us, you love being fucked, don’t you?” There’s no way you can deny it. Robin’s still rocking into you and that should leave you fully satisfied. She’s got the motion down and the three of you can hear how wet your pussy is from her. 
But you’re not fully satisfied. There’s always room for Steve to use you too. 
He’s pressing a kiss to your forehead, grabbing your jaw between his thumb and pointer finger. “Open that pretty mouth for me.” You do. Your lips instantly parting and you let out this insane moan as he spits into your mouth. Steve’s pushing your head back down, letting it rest fully back against the side of the bed. It takes seconds before the weight of his balls are against your lips. “So fucking filthy, aren’t you? Put that mouth to work, Honey. If you stop taking care of me, I’ll have Robin stop fucking you until you can show some appreciation.” 
You drag your tongue over the skin where his balls meet, Steve’s hips jerking already. There’s something about the way you always do what you’re told that drives him crazy. Sometimes you push back, very rarely. He savors those moments too but nothing competes to how willing you are. 
You’re getting to work on sucking, wrapping your lips around him and preparing to work your way to his length when suddenly there’s a sharp smack to your breast. 
Robin’s jaw drops because she didn’t know that was an option. Smacking? Carefully calculated so it doesn’t pass the threshold of being too painful, of course. But still. “Holy shit, baby.” She’s cooing at you now, changing her motion to become these slow, deep strokes. “You really are such a slut.” A scoff falling from her lips as Robin’s hand comes up to trace over the very faint red mark Steve’s hand left behind. She knew you liked to be spanked but seeing that up close? It’s awakening something deep in Robin. 
Her hand is coming down against your other breast. Not as firm as Steve’s touch but it’s so unexpected that you’re arching your back up towards them. Rewarding Robin with this choked out moan that’s getting lost against Steve but she still catches the sound. 
You tighten your legs around her waist, rocking your own hips up to meet her thrusts. “You’re getting so needy. Do you deserve to come, Honey?” Robin Buckley was a fan of many things, calling you every pet name in the book was certainly one of them. 
Steve’s pushing the head of his dick between your lips now, thrusting his hips all the way in which causes you to gag around him. “Robin asked you a question. Are you going to answer or do we need to stop until you can get it together?” You’re reaching back, nails digging into a mixture of Steve’s hip and the side of his ass as a hint for him to pull out of your throat. 
They’re listening to you gasp as he pulls back, still rubbing the tip of himself against your lips. He tastes salty as you lick his pre cum from your mouth. “Please, Robin. I need it, need you to get me there.” 
That’s all the motivation she needs, even if Steve was ready to drag it out a little longer. You couldn’t stand it if he did. He’s slipping back into your mouth, lazily fucking your throat while Robin picks her pace back up. She’s reaching down, a finger on either side of your clit as she tries to work up your release. “Pretty girl needs to come for us, huh? We’ll take care of you. Laying there and getting used without a care in her world. You do have such a greedy pussy.”
Remember the trademarked Robin Rambles? These were your favorite. Just the mixture of being called out by her and praised in the same sentence. It drove you crazy. Steve’s hand is coming down to jack off the portion of his length that isn’t in your mouth at any given moment, throwing his head back as he moans your name when you swallow around him. 
Robin knows you’re close. She sees the way your hips are no longer moving in time with hers and knows you’re right on the edge. Steve’s hand is reaching out to tweak your nipple, alternating his attention between the two. Your body is on fire. As in there’s spots in your vision because you feel so good on fire.
Your orgasm hits without much warning. Screams muffled by Steve’s length while Robin keeps working your clit as you ride the sensations. Quickly becoming nothing more than a whimpering mess. 
Steve’s still working your throat, delivering another small smack to the side of your breast and before you know it you feel his cum dripping inside of your mouth. The sight of you getting fucked like that pushing him over too. Maybe there was some small, selfish part of him that didn’t mind Robin joining in like this because it was simply fucking hot.
He feels you swallow around him, getting each drop before you’re panic tapping against his thigh while pulling your hips away from Robin. “Too much.” It’s nothing more than a gasp but they both get the hint. She’s pulling out of your pussy, moaning to herself at the sound of how wet you were. 
Robin’s pulling you up against her chest, supporting the weight of your body against her own. She’s shushing you, running her hands along your thighs. You feel Steve’s hand so gentle against your sweaty back. “We got you. You’re good, alright? You did so good for us, Baby. Looking so fucking beautiful like that. Just relax against me.” 
If there was two people in the world that understood your aftercare, it was them.
She’s holding you for a moment, Steve rubbing your shoulders while your body twitches. So overstimulated yet always craving more. You were pretty sure the three of you could go for a week straight and it still wouldn’t be enough. They were addicting. 
Steve’s walking over to flip the record that had long stopped playing music. The silence once again being filled as you pull back to give Robin this sleepy in love little smile. “Lemmie take care of you.” You’re gently pushing back against her shoulders, smiling down at her as she falls back against the sheets. Her fingers are making quick work of loosening the harness before kicking it off of her body. 
Her hand’s cupping the back of your neck as you get to your favorite spot between her thighs. You have, maybe, five minutes left of energy before the night’s events have you falling asleep for at least an hour. Robin deserves every second of those five minutes. 
She is soaked. You moan against her folds, the vibrations instantly making Robin rock herself up against your mouth. “Please. I’m close from that damn harness rubbing against me. I took care of you, Baby. Show me how grateful you are and make me come against that beautiful face.”
You’re licking her out with a passion after that. Robin’s thighs are closing around your head, keeping you in place as if there’s anywhere else you’d rather be. One of your arms comes up under her body, swirling a fingertip around her hole before pressing inside of her at the same time you’re wrapping your lips around her clit and gently pulling back against the sensitive bundle. The sounds Robin’s pussy are making... It’s unholy. She’s a mumbling mess as you draw our her orgasm. 
“Only ever this wet for you. It’s only you. Drives me fucking crazy but you’re all I can think about. Eating me out so good, Baby. Oh fuck.” Then your favorite. Robin’s broken as you push another finger into her, your tongue licking around the edge of her hole as you work your fingers. “Thank you, oh thank you for taking care of me. Shit! I’m so close. So close for you.”
Robin’s thighs tighten even more around your head as she jerks her hips up against your mouth. She’s gushing into your mouth and it’s filthy and you’re savoring every second of licking her up. 
After a minute of your undivided attention on her sensitive core, it’s finally Robin’s turn to pull her hips away from you. “You’re going to make me cry if you don’t stop.” She’s overstimulated because of you. Something about getting either of them off always boosts your ego. Making your chest swell with pride as you break them apart in ways only you know. 
You’re smirking against Robin’s thigh, dragging your body up until you fall into the bed next to her. Both of you spent. 
Steve’s walking in a few seconds later, tossing two cold water bottles onto the bed. Taking care of his girls. He’s got these boxer briefs slung low on his hips and your clit gives this painful throb at the sight. “Such a pretty boy, Stevie.” 
He’s giving you a wink, “Your pretty boy,” reaching over to squeeze your foot before taking a drink of his own bottle. Steve’s tossing Robin her discarded graphic t-shirt and fishes a shirt of yours that was left behind one night out of his closet. One of Steve’s love languages is Acts of Service, the other being Words of Affirmation. This situation? Peak for him to express those parts of himself.
You feel the bed dip as he climbs in on the side of you that isn’t occupied by Robin. Throwing an arm across your chest and pulling you in for a kiss. The three of you lay like that, trying to catch your body back up to the present moment. 
Steve’s voice breaks the silence, snapping you out of your half asleep state. “We’re laying here five more minutes and then we need to take care of this room. It reeks of sex, my sheets are sticky, and the two of you need to pee because I swear to God if either of you get a uti I don’t want to hear about it.” He saw one article stating that sex can cause women to get uti’s if they aren’t careful and hasn’t let it go.
Robin’s slamming her hands down against the bed with a “Gross, Steve! Jesus!” You’re laughing, playfully poking Robin’s side as she grins over at you. “He’s disgusting.” To which you hear, “I’m disgusting? For worrying about vaginal health? Considering I’m laying in bed with two vaginas I think that’s pretty considerate of me. Maybe you’re the disgusting one, Robin.”
Just like that the three of you settle back into your typical banter. Somehow you’re drifting back off to sleep, snug between the two who are still going back and forth about which genitalia is cleaner. Robin’s a firm believer that foreskin is worse than a vagina, and Steve’s just trying to explain he was attempting to be caring. 
You’re not sure how long you doze off for, but when you come back to the present you find that Robin’s freshly showered and smells like the body wash you left at Steve’s. That discovery tugging a deep part of your heart. The shower’s still running and you can only assume your missing boyfriend’s in there. “He’s gonna be a few more minutes. Wanted to let you wake up so you can get in next. We’re gonna order dinner and then cut Steve’s hair. He just doesn’t know it yet.”
Steve’s singing in the shower, so loud and obnoxious on purpose. As you glance between Robin who’s stripping the bed of it’s sheets and the bathroom where Steve’s still belting Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! you know in that moment that you’re fully in love with two of the biggest idiots in the world. 
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topguncortez · a month ago
Spin the Bottle- J. Seresin
pairing: Jake "Hangman" Seresin x female!Reader word count: 2.4k warnings: cursing, making out, drinking, mentions of ejecting, dangerous flight maneuvers.
synopsis: how can one game of spin the bottle lead to a confession of feelings?
You thought the childish antics were left in high school, but you were proven wrong the second you were sent to Navy boot camp. It amazed you how these grown men had the same minds as highschoolers. Even being around the best of the best, the 1% of the 1%, the pilots selected for Top Gun. . . still acted like teenagers. Which is why when Payback brought up the idea for a game of spin the bottle, you rolled your eyes hard. 
“What!? Don’t like a lil spin the bottle, Y/L/N?” Payback jokes. 
“Are you guys twelve?” You said back. 
“Bob might be,” Hangman said, flashing you that stupid smile. You could feel the blush rise up your cheeks,“Come on babe, you know you want to. I know we,” he said gesturing to the male counterparts sitting around the table, “Would love to see you lock lips with Phoenix.” 
“In your dreams,” You rolled your eyes again.
“Why not make my dreams a reality,” Hangman winked at you. You fake gagged as you sat down at the table, next to Rooster. Other aviators and sailors that were at the party joined around, all finding a spot around the table, as Payback stood up and spun the bottle first, landing on some pretty burnette you had seen in the med wing. 
Turns and spit were swapped around the table as the bottle would land on various players around the table. You were yet to be kissed until it was Rooster’s turn to spin. You watched the brown empty beer bottle spend in circles, slowing down and ending on you. You felt your heart race as you looked up and at Rooster, who had a smirk plastered on his lips. 
“Pucker up, Y/L/N,” he said, grabbing your face and leaning into place a passionate kiss on your lips. You could taste the mint gum and vodka he had drank, and you could hear the wolf whistles of the other aviators. You pulled back almost breathless and looked at Rooster, who sat back in his chair with a smirk, “Your turn.” 
Your brain seemed to stutter as you grabbed the bottle and spun it, landing on the empty chair that Hangman once sat in. You shook it off, giving everyone a smile before Fanboy reached in to take his turn. You couldn’t help but look around the party to see if you could spot the certain blonde aviator, but to no avail. 
Eventually as people got tired enough of lip locking with each other and you had shown them all you weren’t afraid to kiss Phoenix, the group slowly disbanded, finding their way to the makeshift dance floor, or to the bar for another drink. You kept your eyes out for Hangman, hoping to spot him and snag a dance. What you should’ve expected to see is what you got, Hangman surrounded by beautiful young women, all who looked to be civilians. He flashed them that stupid smile, and you felt your heart break. 
“Hey, come dance!” Phoenix said, grabbing your attention. 
“I’m good. I think I’m gonna head back,” You said and Phoenix looked at you with a sad expression. You shifted your gaze over to where Hangman was and she followed. 
“You should just tell him,” She sighed. Phoenix hated seeing her friends hurt each other, if it wasn’t from physical activity caused by their job, it was from the pining and miscommunication of them being in love with each other. 
“I don’t want to know if he doesn’t feel the same,” You said honestly, “You see him every weekend, he walks out of her with a new girl under his arm.” 
“Just because he walks out of her with her doesn’t mean he took her home,” You gave her a look and she held her hands up in defense, “I’m just saying. You and Rooster have walked out of her a hundred times, doesn’t mean you two go and hookup.” 
“It’s different. Rooster is Rooster and Hangman is. . . “ 
“Totally and helplessly in love with you. When you had to eject last week during training, it took all of us to hold him back from going after Maverick for cutting you off and giving you turbulence. Or when you almost passed out from heat exhaustion, he wanted to punch Hindo in the face,” Phoenix explained, “He loves you. And, who knows what’s going to happen in the next couple weeks. One of you or both could be selected to go on that suicide mission from hell and never know how the other feels.” 
You nodded, and looked at her, “You’re right.” 
“I know, they don’t give out lieutenant rank for free,” Phoenix smirked, “Now go! Go get him!” 
You stood up from your bar stool, quickly downing the shot of vodka that Penny had placed in front of you. You grabbed your jacket, slipping it on your shoulders, and making your way towards the door. The night air was cool, as you ran down the steps of the bar, and to the parking lot. Your eyes scanned the sea of cars, looking for the unmistakable perfect blonde hair. You felt your heart race as you spotted him, and made your way to him. 
“Jake-” The words fell on your lips as you spotted one of the girls who was hanging on him at the bar, her lips on his. You felt your throat tighten and turned on your heel quickly, hoping he didn’t hear you say his name. But, he did. He pulled away from the female, looking over his shoulder, seeing you make a beeline for your car. 
“Y/N?” Hangman called after you. He pushed the woman’s hands off of him and jogged towards your car, “Wait!” He grabbed your car door, stopping you from slamming it shut in his face. 
“No, I’m sorry I interrupted,” 
“Y/N, let me-” 
“No, it’s okay,” You closed your eyes, shaking your head, “I uh, I’ll see you monday, in class.” 
“Yeah.” Hangman said, taking a step back so you could shut the door. He watched as you started the car, the engine coming to life. You didn’t even wait for it to start up, quickly putting it into drive and driving off. Hangman stood there, watching your taillights leave the parking lot and whispering to himself, “I love you.” 
— — — 
Phoenix knew something was wrong, when come Monday morning you weren’t at PT and you weren’t at your desk. She didn’t dare ask Hangman what happened, just eyed him as he walked in and sat down in his spot, without his usual annoyance and showboating. It wasn’t until they got to the flight practices that she realized something was really wrong, Hangman had done everything by the book, almost too by the book for him. Once she was dismissed for the day, she showered quickly and went straight to your barracks room. 
“I know you’re in there,” Phoenix said, as she waited for the door to open, “Maverick said you weren’t feeling good, thinking it had something to do with your accident last week. But I know that’s bullshit. Hangman was less annoying today too. So did something happen? You can tell me.” 
You pushed yourself up from the couch, pausing the episode of The Office you were on. You realized that your day of self pity had to come to an end at some point. Sitting in the dark, eating nothing but potato chips and drinking sprite wasn’t going to help you feel any better. But you needed a day, you deserved just a single day. Maverick was nice enough to not ask too many prying questions, summing it up to what happened last week with you needing to eject from your aircraft. You opened the door and Phoenix jumped a bit at the sudden movement. 
“I’m guessing we’ll need another bottle,” Phoenix said, holding up the bottle of vodka in her hands. 
“Maybe two more.” 
Bob had proved to come in clutch once again, as he showed up delivering two more bottles of vodka and a pizza. Phoenix laid on the ground as you sat on the couch and Bob in your desk chair he had rolled in from your bedroom. Each of you had a bottle to yourself, sharing in the joy of being intoxicated and spilling the guts of your pitiful love life. 
“And I just told him it was okay, and that I was sorry for interrupting,” You slurred. 
“You didn’t really interrupt anything, it wasn’t like she was sucking him off or-” 
“Oh god Bob, imagine if I saw that!? Jesus lord I would’ve gouged my own eyes out.” 
“I would’ve helped you!” Phoenix said, giggling as she sat herself up from her laying down position, “What you need is a rebound!” 
“No” “Yes!” You and Bob both said at the same time. 
“No, no, no, no more boys while I’m here in fucking Top Gun,” You said rolling your eyes at the name, “God I wish these next few weeks would hurry up so I can go back to my fucking base and live my life.” 
“Isn’t Hangman stationed there too?” Bob asked. 
“On the other side, far away from me!” You yelled, “I only see him at the commissary sometimes.” 
“Oh! Why don’t you go tell him off!” Phoenix yelled. Your eyes lit up at her idea, “Ah! You like that plan don’t you!” 
“I don’t like this plan,” Bob said, shaking his head as you and Phoenix sat on the couch, plotting your plan to go yell at Hangman. 
About five minutes later, you, phoenix and Bob were parked outside of Hangman’s base house. Bob didn’t say anything as Phoenix was encouraging you and hyping you up. You swallowed another pull of vodka, before getting out of his car. 
“Oh Jesus,” Bob sighed watching as you stumbled to the front door. 
You felt like everything was spinning as you knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. You were going over what you were going to say to him, like a mantra in your head. But the second he opened the door, standing there in nothing but gray sweatpants low on his hips, his perfect body on display and not a single blonde hair out of place. Every single thought you head left your drunk mind and all you could do is gawk at him. 
“Say something, Y/L/N!” Phoenix yelled behind you. 
“Y/N?” Hangman asked, looking at you. 
“Hi,” You slurred, “I came here to tell you that you’re a dick, but then I saw your body and I can’t think of anything smart.” 
“Are you drunk?” 
“No. . . yes. . . slightly,” You said, taking a deep breath, trying to gather your drunk thoughts, “You’re an ass.” Hangman’s jaw dropped, “You know how I fucking feel about you and yet you go and fucking makeout with some random blonde chick as I was about to go profess my undying love-” 
“Wait, I'm the ass? Me? While you fucking made out with Rooster at the table in front of me!” 
“It was a game! Spin the bottle! That you suggested!” 
“But you didn’t have to swap spit.” 
“It’s part of the game, asshole!” 
“Swapping spit?” 
“No but- wait, I’m here to yell at you!” 
“And profess your undying love.” 
“Yes!” You groaned, “Fuck, you don’t make this easy on anyone, do you.” You said and turned to sit down on his front step. Hangman followed suit, sitting down next to you. He didn’t say anything as he heard your sniffles except put his arm around you, “Jesus christ, this is just giving you fucking fuel to make fun of me in class.” 
“Yes, and no,” Hangman smiled, “It’s also giving me fuel to tell you that I feel the same about you.” You lifted your head and looked up at him, “You piss me off, Y/L/N, you’re a smartass, you’re cocky, you’re not big on the whole team player shit, you’re a buzzkill-” 
“Where is this going?” 
“But I love you for it,” Hangman said. You looked in his eyes, trying to see if he was telling the truth. His blue eyes were filled with nothing but love and admiration, “I thought I might never get the chance. When you left Lemoore, I thought I lost you forever. But then getting called back here, hearing what we are up against, I knew that I had to tell you before it was really too late.” 
“Then why kiss the blonde?” 
“I knew you were coming to find me, and I wanted to piss you off.” Hangman shrugged, a blush on his cheeks, “I’m sorry.” 
You smiled shyly and nudged him with your elbow. He nudged you back, and you returned it. For about thirty seconds you two went back and forth nudging each other until you heard Phoenix’s drunk voice call out to you. 
“Just kiss and make up so we can go home!” 
You both laughed, and you shook your head. You looked up at Hangman, but he was already looking down at you. He leaned forward, placing one of his large hands on your cheek, rubbing your cheek bone with his thumb. His hands were surprisingly very soft for always working with his hands. He looked into your eyes, a way of silently asking for permission. You nodded and he leaned in, placing a sweet kiss on your lips. It was different from the kiss with Rooster, this one was sweet, his lips were soft and tasted like honey. He deepened the kiss by placing his other hand on the back of your neck, pulling you in more. You took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of his cologne and the faint smell of jet fuel. You two kissed until you ran out of air, reluctantly pulling back, but keeping your foreheads pressed together. 
“That was-” You said.
“Yeah.” You said with a bright smile. You leaned in to kiss him again, but were broken apart by Bob laying on the car horn, “Alright! I’m moving!” You called out to him with a laugh. You stood up from the step, brushing the dirt off yourself. 
“Y/L/N,” Hangman called out to you. 
“I never got to see your kiss with Phoenix,” He smirked and you rolled your eyes. 
“Might have to play another game of spin the bottle.” 
“Yeah, no,” Hangman, pushed himself up from the step. He took one stride to get to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing you again. Except, this one was bruising and full of passion. It felt dominating as he licked your bottom lip, making you part your lips so his tongue could slide into your mouth. Your tongues fought for dominance as one of Hangman’s hands slipped down to your ass, grabbing it, making you gasp and pull back, “I’m the only one you’ll be kissing from now on.”
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dameronology · a month ago
Hi! Absolutely love your writing❤️ the stranger things boys + Robin realising their feelings for y/n?😊
thank you so much angel <3
robin is implied fem/feminine presenting reader bc lesbian yk
eddie munson
out of everyone on the list, eddie is probably the one who catches feelings the quickest
only because he has so much love to give and no one to give it to so as soon as his brain locates a potential victim target for said love he's gonna be tripping and falling on his ass
but i think there's a difference between realising he has a crush on someone and realising he has actual feelings for them
the signs have always been there: he talks about you non-stop to the hellfire club; he always picks you up from places and drops you off; you're the only person on this cursed planet who he doesn't feel drained by after a few hours of hanging out
tbh it's the last one that makes it click for him
that friendship turned into fondness turned into blind fucking adoration is suddenly clear as day
honestly eddie will probably avoid you for a few days at first because he has to clear his head
there's a lot to think about, especially because he values your friendship so much and he doesn't want to do anything that will fuck it up
after a few days of radio silence - hell maybe even after one - you turn up on eddie's doorstep like where the fuck have you been??
and that's when he knows in his soul he has to tell you
steve harrington
ok we all saw how quick steve was to admit his feelings for robin in st3 right??
so i don't think he would waste any time at all tbh
he's spent so long looking for someone. the man is a serial dater just because he has this incessant need to just fucking LOVE someone and when he realises he actually has feelings for you, he's really happy??
because he's gone on so many dull, pointless dates with girls who just want steve the king harrington from high school
but you see him as steve, dumb-ass mother of six with a heart of gold
you have actual real conversations & you're not afraid to rip into him. even about his hair
especially about his hair.
so yeah steve will move pretty quickly
it will definitely be a matter of working out how to tell you because honestly the man gets super nervous and trips over his words
i can picture him rehearsing it with robin on shift
maybe you accidentally walk in and overhear
robin buckley
robin said herself that if she asks out the wrong person she literally be a fuckin pariah because this is the 80s and homophobia is unfortunately rampant
she's had crushes before - like vicky and tammy - but it's not til you've been friends for a few months that she realises she has actual feelings for you
and honestly robin is low key kicking herself bc she's known for you a long time by that point and you've never ever hinted that you might be into girls
but then again, neither has she!! her brain is just famously good at forgetting that the same logic that applies to you also applies to her
gauging whether you could be queer is difficult
her first mistake is mentioning this to steve who - despite his best intentions - starts asking you questions like "madonna's an absolute babe, right?" and "kiss marry kill: nixon, jfk, and also...kim basinger"
and when you declare that yes, madonna is babe and that you would kill nixon, marry jfk - for the money - and fuck kim basinger he just looks at robin with a wide grin
her next port of call is letting you know that she also likes girls but she has no idea how
"i like madonna too! in the same way you like madonna. not like that i just enjoy her music but i would fully be her houswife."
she gets to the point eventually i promise
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doycngs · 2 months ago
bet! | lee jeno.
Tumblr media
summary. it was bound to bite both your asses eventually. just plain ‘ol comedic luck that you and your best friend’s shared tradition of petty bets get you two to finally cough up years of repressed feelings for one another. 
pairing. y/n x nct’s jeno
genre. college!au, best friends to lovers!au
word count. 17k
warnings. swearing, fem!reader, underage drinking, emotional constipation lmao, hyuck and yeri hustle often, general dreamies tomfoolery, hyuck and nana are like dumb and dumber, honestly just super chaotic since it’s slice of life :)
taglist. @donutswithjaminthemiddle @dvickyyy @jenosbliss @matryoooshka @luvenshiti @nap-of-a-starr @dojun00 @nctdom @yangsbff @bockhyun
i feel like i did a pretty bad job rounding this fic up, my bad… still hope this lives up to the hype from the teaser! to those tagged, many hugs and kisses!! tysm for the interest <3
also biggest thank you to yunn aka @kdyism for being my beta reader and just being super helpful on absolutely everything for this fic! it def got finished faster bc of ya, much love bun :3
Tumblr media
“WAS HE DROPPED on the head when he was a kid?” 
You can’t help the snort that passes your lips, making a satisfying slap to Jeno’s arm. “Don’t be mean.” 
“You didn’t answer my question.” Jeno raises an eyebrow.
“Eh… maybe like once or twice. Not that I would know, I was the same age as him but I’m just guessing.” 
You two continue to watch the disaster in front of you befold. Hyuck was currently bothering Yeri. Apparently, he didn’t know the limits as to when to stop because the older senior’s ears are burning red. You’re sure if you were in a cartoon right now, Yeri would have smoke coming out of them, nostrils flaring. 
“Should we intervene?” You side-eye Jeno and he’s the least bit concerned, eyes blearily watching the soon-to-be wreck happen in slow motion, cheek squished against his palm. 
“Nah. This is way more entertaining than continuing my stats homework.” 
You peer over his notebook and he has the word problem and equation written down. Humming, you bring your attention back to the stars of the show and see Yeri grip her notebook tighter, knuckles going white. 
“Here we go.” You sing, Hyuck’s screams of protest soon alerting everyone in the campus plaza of his pain. 
“He never learns his lesson, huh?” Renjun finally joins, his boots making the fall leaves on the ground crunch. Throwing his book bag on the table, it scrunches Jeno’s current page in his statistics work but the latter doesn’t care. 
The two of you nod simultaneously. You and Jeno halfheartedly discouraged Hyuck from going to poke at Yeri around five minutes ago, soon after the three of you had sat down at your usual spot under the only weeping willow tree on campus. It was honestly impressive how quickly your mutual friend could annoy someone so quickly. 
“We should time him next. See how long it takes for Yeri to lash out at him.” You mutter the idea, Jeno pursing his lips after the two shift left and right around Yeri and company’s picnic table, a textbook held high in Yeri’s nimble fingers. Wendy and Seulgi are ducking as Irene begins trying to stop the madness, scolding Joy for cheering on their youngest.
“Not a bad idea to be honest. Bet?” Jeno grins and you shake on his hand without looking at him. 
It was just getting good. Hyuck doesn’t have the endurance to continue but Yeri does. Pilates has done her well. 
Renjun quirks an eyebrow, pulling out his laptop as an apple slice is shoved into the corner of his mouth. “You don’t even know the conditions of the bet yet.” 
You shrug, thoroughly entertained as Hyuck sits on his knees, his hands rubbing together furiously as he begs for mercy. “Next time, he gets Yeri to go after him in under two minutes.” 
“I say three.” Jeno nods and he offers a hand again which you shake. 
“You underestimate that little lady’s body. She can hold a lot of anger.” 
Jeno hums in response, ending the conversation quickly as Hyuck stumbles his way over, a pout sat on his lips. The well-beaten idiot rubs at his forearms, mumbling curses under his breath as he plops down beside Renjun. 
“Didn’t end well, did it bud?”
At the smug expression you have plastered on, Hyuck’s pout deepens. “It’s not funny. I need her to partner with me in Psych. I’ll go fucking crazy if I actually have to work with Felix.” 
“Felix’s a sweetheart. I don’t know why you have it out for him.” 
Hyuck rolls his eyes, running his hands through the ruffled brown strands. Yeri managed to grab a bunch of pine needles and aim correctly enough, even with the air resistance the leaves have. 
Renjun beside him plucks a long green one out the battered boy who’s seated beside him, slouched over on the picnic table. “You can’t have two eggheads who don’t pay attention in class paired together. Isn’t that so, Hyuck?” Renjun baby-voices, the latter placing his chin on his stacked wrists to glare. 
“Somebody’s cranky.” Chenle swings by, a childish smirk gracing everybody’s presence. 
“It’s justified.” Hyuck huffs, turning away from the new arrival. You scoot over, bumping into Jeno’s large body to allow Chenle to sit. 
“Why are you so meaty nowadays? Take a break from the gym, will you? We can barely fit eight people at this table as it is.” There’s playful malice in your voice but a little truth in there. The asshole was getting too bulky for your liking. 
“Oh please. Mark hardly swings by for lunch with us anymore. And why by chance are you bothered by me bulking up?” Jeno leans closer, eyes impossibly close to yours, “Are you swooning yet?” 
Ignoring your heart racing faster, you slap a palm to his forehead, pushing Jeno further away from your face. “No, I’m sick of these freshies asking me for your number, that’s why. You want to know how many have asked for your digits indirectly through me this entire week?” 
Chenle and Renjun have suddenly started bickering about something and you have to raise your voice a little. 
“Five. Five people. Four girls and one guy. I’d be proud of you if it weren’t for the annoyance starting to kick in.” Jeno raises his eyebrows at the number, finally flattening down his stats paper. 
“And what’d you tell ‘em?” Jeno bites distractedly at the cap of his pen, seeming to hit the realization his work has to get done by midnight. 
“That they should ask you themselves,” You’re rolling your eyes, nudging at Chenle to back off on his squishing, practically half his body across the table to try and snatch at Renjun’s sliced apples, “I’m kind of sick of your posse trying to scour me for your personal information.” 
“Get your own, dingus! We get our rations per month at the commons!”
“I’m not giving up a precious coupon just to get one apple slice, come on!” 
“Tell them to stop then.” Jeno tries to solve.
You laugh incredulously, watching Jeno’s concentrated (confused more like) side profile. “You think that deters them? They regenerate into different people every week. The message is not passed on from generation to generation apparently.” 
Jeno makes that endearing ‘huH?’ sound and you grab at the notebook yourself, having taken Statistics 101 before. He thanks you under his breath, which you nod at before Jeno slumps onto your shoulder, sighing heavily. 
“Sorry. I know it bothers you. I would go around and tell them to back off of you and me personally but I don’t know all their names.”
Glancing at Jeno, it irritates you helplessly that you know he’s not even trying to sound dickish. He’s just that sweet and kind of a guy that makes other people not want to talk to him and ask those types of questions themselves. You know those people that seem too perfect to want to approach? Yeah, that’s Lee Jeno in a nutshell. If you looked up the definition of that type of person in a book, Jeno would be grinning that Samoyed smile of his from on that cursed page. 
“I should tape a sign to my back that says, ‘Ask Lee Jeno himself. I’m not his personal owl,’” You peek at his face, “What do you think?” 
He slightly smiles, eyes crinkling almost shut even at such a small gesture of amusement. “Okay. I’ll add my signature to it so that they know it’s approved by yours truly.” He looks up to your face and you’re glad the cold can disguise your flustered face easily with this type of weather. 
Guess it’s time to actually settle this officially since it’s been clued at a little, but yes: You do have a crush on Jeno. And no, he does not know because when does telling one of your best friends’ that you’ve been crushing on them ever worked out? 
No, not in the Wattpad story kind of way, you mean truly worked out. Because personally, you’ve never heard of it working out ever, especially since you’re practically in the you’ve-seen-him-in-his-boxers and he’s-seen-you-shirtless stage of friendship. Don’t ask, it’s a long story that’s already too long for this kind of boring read. 
So, no, you will not take your chances, thank you very much. There were many signs flashing neon that told you Jeno didn’t see you in a romantic or sexual kind of way but the glaringly obvious sign was actually the one you two are discussing currently. 
What’s the appropriate way of acting if your crush is being berated by other peers on campus to give them your number? You’re not confident in what it actually looks like because for one, you’re not on the receiving end in this imaginary scenario, and two, it’s exactly that; an imaginary scenario. You can’t even seriously dream of Jeno liking you if you could. It was just that bizarre. 
In the two years you've known the boy, he’s never even once mentioned another human being that he could potentially be interested in on campus. It’s not a problem of him not being comfortable telling you either because he’s told you upright that he’s not interested in anybody here (including you who’s enrolled in this stupid university). You’ve even nonchalantly asked Jaemin before and he’s confirmed that even in high school, this kid did not have wandering eyes. 
You had wondered if Jeno was asexual, aromantic, or something along that line in the spectrum, eventually having the courage to ask him one day and he shook his head no quite confidently, a small smile laid on his lips. 
You don't know what Jeno's deal was but the risks in finding out really didn’t lean in your favor. And that’s fine, considering how many fish are available on Earth's wide sea of potential mates. You’ve killed off even the chance of dating Jeno and that’s all good in your book. You’ve been attracted to your guy friends once and twice and they faded away with time exploring their weird quirks or horrible habits. And even if Jeno was a strange case where you’ve even seen the dude have beer dripping from his nostrils from a shitty keg stand and you still manage to harbor feelings for him… eh. 
Time brushes away a lot of problems if you’re desperate and willing enough. Luckily for you, you checked off both boxes easily with this special instance. 
You open your laptop and scour your documents for your old stats notes on chi-square tests. Bleh.
Pretending to gag in your mouth at the sight, Jeno smothers a laugh that shakes your shoulder and you share the document his way before scrolling and finding the right topic. You do the problem with few difficulties and write a quick message in the corner of his notebook page. 
‘Actually study this because Y/N did the example and took time from her day to do so, thank you.’
“Thanks,” Jeno chirps as he takes his notebook back, removing himself from your shoulder (to your well-hidden disappointment), “I owe you one.” 
“You’re right. A coffee works just fine, thank you.” You pipe back, folding your hands on the table cheerily. Jeno is shaking his head in mock annoyance but you knew the next time you two meet, you would not be disheartened, a warm cup pressed in hand. 
“A four-dollar coffee is worth one solved problem in your book?” Jeno argues. 
You fire back without hesitation. “It’s statistics. And I just sent two semesters’ worth of notes to you. You’re very welcome.” 
“You’re right,” Jeno turns, stowing his notebook away, “That’s like seven coffees then.” 
“And a scone if you’re feeling nice. A croissant works too.” You beam. 
“Now you’re pushing it. Those things are stupidly overpriced.” 
“Even for me?” You playfully place your chin in your cupped hands, blinking slowly and looking through your lashes. 
Jeno sighs, placing a hand on your head of hair. “Fine. You win, you spoiled princess.” 
In times like these, you knew you really asked to be put in these types of situations. And you’re not one to start being a saint and stop being hypocritical but… you deserved what you were putting yourself through, saying these types of things and teasing like this. Trying to get a stir and playact with being more. 
Maybe it was a little cruel, somewhat tricking Jeno into saying sweet things to you, just to let your mind wander for a second. Call it… taking advantage of his friendship to pretend a little. Harmless but still adds into your ledger of sins for Judgment Day right? 
“Why are Jisung and Jaemin taking so long? I’m running out of apples.” Renjun whines, looking at the bag that’s been emptied. You’re almost one hundred percent sure it was the two other hungry animals sitting at this table and you weren’t even listening to their argument earlier. 
“They’re carrying seven people’s worth of food. I think that warrants a little patience.” 
“I wouldn’t be nearly upset if these two idiots didn’t steal my apples.” Renjun spits out, glaring. The two culprits wholly ignore the oldest. 
A whole two minutes later, Jaemin and Jisung arrive, lugging four plastic bags of takeout. Jisung’s thin arms are shaking with the effort to hold them, Hyuck getting up to relieve him. 
“Wah, took you two long enough. Thanks for losing the bet last week.” Chenle slaps a hand to Jisung’s heaving back. 
“We just walked… half a mile carrying all this.” Jisung breathlessly collapses beside Hyuck, bent over with his hands on his knees. 
“Why didn’t you take Jaemin’s car?” Jeno mumbles around his hamburger. 
Jaemin laughs, out of breath as well. “I left my fucking car at Yangyang’s from Friday. I didn’t even remember until today because I can walk to my Monday classes.” 
“What the fuck did you do without a car on the weekend?” Hyuck wonders, chipmunk cheeks stuffed full of fries. 
Jaemin makes a suggestive face and everybody recoils, not willing to be curious anymore. The culprit laughs airily. “Why are you all assuming bad things right now?” 
“You didn’t go crawling back to Eunji or something, right?” Hyuck squints, “Because I saw you talking to her that night and that would be pathetic to hear about right now—”
“No, I’m not that kind of asshole—”
“At least you can acknowledge you are one…” Jisung comments under his breath. 
“I simply asked her how she was doing. It was completely innocent,” Nana’s wide bunny eyes scan the table, “Really! I conked out in Hendery's room after the party.” 
“And just so happened to leave your car at Yang’s which is directly across from Eunji’s dorm—” Hyuck continues before Jaemin cuts him off with a scoff. 
“Again. Not that kind of an asshole. Besides, if you had looked closer Hyuck, we were civil Friday night. I doubt she would ever let me get near her that way again… except for maybe with a baseball bat.” 
The table stifles laughs at that, chowing down the food. Everyone murmurs a quick thanks halfway through every food item getting demolished.
“Can you even afford this Jisung?” You mention on second thought, considering the younger boy sat diagonally from you.
“Jaemin owed me too so he paid for everything.” 
“Man, you just rack them up, don’t you?” Jeno pityingly looks over to his best friend at the end of the table. 
He shrugs, not all that bothered. “I’ll eventually learn my lesson, right?” 
“Not if you keep agreeing to our daily bets, stupid.” Chenle quips past his tenders, shoulders shaking in mirth. 
“That’s true. You walk right into them when we bring it up.” Renjun supports. 
“You should be glad you’re never around to accept Ten’s though. I like to think you would fall for them easily.” You crunch at Chenle’s fries, the younger boy not noticing your swiping. 
“What do his bets look like?” 
“Skinny dipping. Egging houses. And occasionally, seven minutes in heaven.” Jisung answers for you, which you backtrack at. In fact, everybody does. 
Hyuck blinks owlishly at him. “What?” 
“How do you know these things, kid? Spill.” You threaten with a long fry of Chenle’s, the soggy potato cut flopping as time goes by. 
“You’ve never seen me at Ten’s?” Jisung spills. Everyone gapes. 
“Why the fuck would we see you at Ten’s!?” Hyuck laughs in disbelief, hilarity at the situation peeking at the twinkle in his eyes. 
“Yeah, what the heck? Why am I never invited?” Chenle sulks.
Jeno scoffs. “Because you two are freshmen, that’s why.”
“What are you, fucking Casper the ghost in the corner? How come we’ve never seen you?” Nana is skeptical as well, the only one upset that his baby freshie has managed to sneak into an upperclassmen party. 
“Johnny invites me sometimes. When he remembers.” Jisung shrinks at all the attention, nervous with the sudden interrogation. 
“Johnny is a bad influence,” Jaemin argues with a fold of his arms. 
“Like you’re any better, Nana.” You laugh, bringing an arm around Jaemin to offer comfort. You don’t see Jeno shift at the contact. 
“And you don’t take part in the bets, do you?” Renjun implores before he shakes his head, “Wait, no, I definitely would have heard of Jisung having seven minutes in heaven with someone.”
“Oh, no. I’m not insane,” Jisung shivers at the thought. “It’s fun to watch Taeil go crazy though.” 
Hyuck slaps a hand to Jisung’s back, the latter wincing at the battering his body is taking today. “Welcome to the real deal, man! My god, why did I not know you came to upperclassmen parties? You sneak in sometimes?” 
“What? No! Do I look even close to a sophomore to you?” Jisung looks to make a point, gesturing towards himself. “There’s your answer.” 
“I think Johnny favors you then. He has a soft heart for freshies, who knew?”
“Where is my invite then?” Chenle whines, still sulking. 
“I’ll take you as my plus one.” Jisung placates his best friend with that and he continues to happily chew on his cheeseburger. 
“When’s his next one? Oh, I can’t wait to see how Jisung acts wasted.” Hyuck wiggles in his seat, giggling like a happy toddler. 
“Oh no, not on my watch. Baby Jisungie is not getting wasted at any party, ever.” Jaemin acts tough, glaring at the youngest of the group. 
“Oh, please Grandpa. You didn’t even realize I was present at these until I just told everyone.” 
Nana bursts at that, screeching a scolding noise that startles a pair of girls walking by. “Because I never even expected you to be at one! That’s why!” 
Jaemin looks to you, eyes wide. “My baby chick. At an upperclassmen party.” 
Giggling, you push at his jaw to turn his gaze towards Jisung again. “Jisung’s got a fair point. Who are you to stop him?” 
“I never get wasted anyway. I just come to watch the chaos.” Jisung grins, munching on his chicken tenders like Chenle. As you watch longer, you understand why Nana babies the youngest so much. He’s cute in moderation and it looks easy to want to mother him. 
“Whatever,” Nana grumbles, “Guess I have to watch out at parties and babysit now.” 
“Oh, please don’t.” Jisung’s face scrunches up.
“This Saturday. You coming, Jisung?” Hyuck grills, pocketing his phone which you didn’t even realize he pulled out to text presumably Johnny or Ten. 
“I guess… if Johnny asks me.” Jisung drags out, glancing at Hyuck. 
“This sounds like a disaster now that everybody knows.” Renjun leans across to whisper to you and Jeno. 
“You two should come to watch the shitshow with me,” You grin, wiggling your eyebrows, “I know you two usually don’t come but sometimes they can be fun.” 
“I don’t wanna drink to have fun.” Renjun wrinkles his nose at that. 
Waving a hand at that, you offer a tip, “Just fill your cup with a liquid. Nobody is sober enough to check you like a cop.” 
Jeno hums at that, Renjun saying that he’ll think about it. Hyuck pockets his phone once again, having pulled it out to ask about Jisung.
“You got the go-ahead, dude. Ready to party with the big boys?” Hyuck wrestles Jisung’s long neck into the crook of his elbow as the younger boy cringes. 
“I don’t know about that but…” 
Jaemin stands up dramatically, slapping both hands on the table. Your cup of soda spills a little when it knocks over, Jeno cursing as the two of you rush to correct the drink’s position. 
“Oh, not on my watch, you won’t!”
The table is quiet, absorbing Nana’s usual dramatics. 
Chenle raises his hand a little. “I’m going too, right?” 
It took a little more convincing for Renjun to come. You and Jeno usually like to watch havoc together, pure rapture and popcorn shared between you two. You seriously considered bringing the movie snack to the party but in the end, was unconvinced by the others. Using the microwave at a frat party didn’t seem so smart, especially if your attention dragged away and someone nagged the bag from the microwave before you could notice. Would just be a waste of popcorn. 
Jeno and Renjun swing by your dorm building, waiting outside in the cold for a minute or so before you pop out. 
You shiver, pulling at your black jean jacket. “How many more layers do I have to put on to not be cold?” 
Renjun shakes his head, observing your legs. “You’re wearing thin ass tights, Y/N, what were you expecting?” 
Teeth chattering, the three of you begin to walk to the 127 house. “Jokes on you, I’m wearing leggings underneath. These are fake tights with fleece in them.” 
“Why are you so cold all the time? Is your body just that weak?” Jeno genuinely queries, your black skirt flying a little too high with the current wind for his comfort. He slows to walk behind you, conscious of the nonexistent people on the deserted streets looking.
“Yeah, you’re actually shaking. Do you wanna turn back to change?” Renjun offers kindly and you shake your head, committed. 
“I look cute right now. Fashion sacrifices, am I right?” You grin impishly, eyeing your company’s outfits. 
Following your act of observing everybody’s clothing choices for tonight, Renjun laughs at all three of your different fashion senses. “We look ridiculous walking together right now.” 
Jeno peeps up from the back of the two of you leading the way. “How? I think we look fine.” 
You hum in agreement. “We look like college students going to a party.” 
A bark of laughter escapes Renjun’s mouth, tugging at Jeno’s jacket zipper. “Yeah, three different parties. Jeno looks like he’s about to rob a store. Y/N looks like a grunge girl and I look like I’m heading to the fucking library.” 
He’s not that wrong. Jeno’s wearing all black, cargo pants, tee, chunky boots, and zip-up hiding his good figure in the darkness of his clothes. A navy blue cardigan covers Renjun, wearing similar beat-up Converse to you, with a white tee and light blue jeans. Looking down at your own outfit, you pluck a piece of lint off your gray sweater. 
“But we all look great. Killing the fashion game. Fabulous.” You strut forward with confidence, the other two amused at your antics. 
The 127 frat house lays ahead and you speed up to get out of the cold. Mark greets you with a hug and shout of happiness. You can smell the alcohol reeking his breath and the entire vicinity already. The floor bumps beneath your feet, everyone else in the building bobbing their head to the beat. 
“Hi, Y/N! Oh shit, what?” Mark calls out to Jeno and Renjun, dapping them up as his Solo cup dangerously leers to the left. You hurriedly correct it in his hold, not willing to get beer stains on your nice clothes this early into the night. 
“What the fuck are you two doing here?” Mark shouts down to you, a dopey grin implanted on his expression, “You convinced them to come for once?!” 
“I know, right? It’s a rare occasion tonight!” You yell back, a contagious smile growing on you at Mark’s infectious mood. 
Jeno leans closer to break your close proximity to Mark, “Hyuck is gonna get Jisung to let loose. Seems like a good disaster to watch unfold.” 
Mark shakes his head fondly at that, grabbing a hold of Renjun’s shoulder and leading all three of you into the kitchen. It’s crowded with humid heat, too many bodies in one room for comfort. 
“Grab a drink and toss any cups just laying around, please. I gotta get back to door duty but have fun!” Mark sings, planting a brave wet kiss to your forehead in goodbye before he’s off, shoving to the front of the house again. 
You wipe at your forehead, deciding to make fun of sober Mark for this innocent kiss later. Jeno bristles at the sight, grabbing three red cups and pulling out the unopened liter of Coca-Cola in the back of the line of sodas. 
Renjun holds the three cups gladly, there being no counter space to easily maneuver for pouring, before passing on the beverage to you. You press your cup to the ice machine and grimace as no ice chunks come flying into your cup. 
“Lukewarm Coke it is.” You toast the other three, clinking your Solo cups together before sipping. Getting out of the small kitchen, your eyes scan the crowd. 
“See Jisung, Chen, or Hyuck anywhere?” Renjun queries, yelling over the thumping bass. You climb onto the step bar of a stool someone’s currently sitting on, placing a hand on Jeno’s shoulder for support. The height lets you look over the big jumble of people in the large living room, not noticing any familiar heads.
“I see Jungwoo. Maybe he knows.” Jeno calls out, before stepping into the mass of moving bodies. He abandons the two of you for a total of thirty seconds before dragging not one, but two of the 127 boys over. 
Doyoung gives a quick side hug, shoving at Jungwoo who comes to lift you off your feet. You make an impact sound at the tall puppy’s strength, patting at his arm to let you down. 
Jungwoo’s blonde head of hair is all mussed up and you brush at the strands, laughing. “How much have you had to drink already?” 
“A good, healthy amount! I’m on water for the rest of the night!” Jungwoo happily confesses with a thumbs up, all his perfect white teeth on display. 
“You two know where Hyuck is?” Renjun bellows. 
Jeno adds on, “Or Jisung! We’re here for them!” 
Doyoung makes a pulled face at that, Jungwoo bending over in laughter. “What!? Jisung is here?” 
The younger of the two frat boys begin darting over the crowd, trying to locate the tall beanstalk. 
“What would Jisung be doing here?” Doyoung is puzzled, a little concern crawling into his expression. 
“Apparently all Johnny’s doing. Or Hyuck’s, we don’t know at this point.” Jeno shrugs. 
“We’re here for the shitshow to commence!” You revealed a little too happily, Doyoung making a forced smile. 
“I don’t know anything about this. Johnny’s DJing right now! You can go ask him though.” He points to the far back of the living room. The black-haired senior is head bobbing to the music, a set of headphones half on his head as he waves his gigantic arms around. 
You giggle nervously at the obstacle between you and reaching him. “Oh hell no,” You push at Jeno’s arm, “This tough guy is going to go ask for us.” 
Doyoung cradles his favorite underclassman by the neck and joins him in his journey to the front. Jungwoo’s a little ways away, dancing wildly. Renjun laughs at the sight, bringing your attention to the silly junior. 
“I dare you to join him.” You challenge playfully, and Renjun shakes his head adamantly. 
“Fuck no! You think I dance at these parties?!” 
“If you have alcohol in you, anyone can dance!” You try to convince Renjun, pulling his lips down. 
“Good thing I’m not drinking tonight then!” 
Jungwoo gets swept out into the dance floor again, not allowing the three of you to converse more before Jaemin joins the two of you out of seemingly nowhere. He cheers at the sight, ruffling Renjun’s well-styled hair, much to the older boy’s disappointment. 
Jaemin grasps at your opposite shoulder, leaning on your head to heave some of his dead weight. 
You nudge his side, Nana yelping at the contact. “You know where Jisung is?” 
Nana widens his eyes at your question, suddenly remembering his self-proposed babysitting job. 
“Oh shit! I forgot! Where is that idiot?” Jaemin gasps, helplessly looking around. 
“Trust me, we’ve been trying to navigate this mess for ten minutes since we’ve arrived. Just wait here with us!” Renjun pulls at Jaemin’s belt loop, yanking the same-birth-year boy back into your talking circle. 
Jeno arrives a minute later, lugging a slouching Jisung on his back. Hyuck is laughing his ass off, pushing the hair off of Jisung’s forehead to catch the youngest’s drunk face better. 
Jeno practically throws Jisung on the now-available stool this stranger just gave up, blowing out a breath of relief. “This kid is way heavier than he looks!” Jeno complains.
Hyuck is still dying of laughter and you and Renjun can’t help but follow in line as Jisung groans, pulling at Jeno’s waist to cuddle him. The latter is halfway between uncomfortable and endeared at Jisung’s affectionate behavior, who’s mumbling nonsense. 
“Jesus, why did he drink so much?” Jaemin worries, patting his baby chick’s head. 
“Dude, I didn’t even need to say anything! Chenle is the bad influence here, not me!” Hyuck throws his hands up at Nana’s deadly glare. As if on cue, the second youngest of your friend group gathers everybody’s attention in the crowd, pulling 127 boy Jaehyun on the table he’s standing on to make a speech. 
“There’s no damn way…” You whistle at the sight, Jaehyun patting the underclass man in pride. 
Jisung mumbles something into Jeno’s stomach and the older boy leans down to hear him better.
“Hm… w-wanna go… home…” Jisung hiccups, eyes barely open and Jeno nods.
“I better bring this idiot home. I’ll probably have to sneak his dumb ass past the RA, I’ll be right back.” Jeno grunts as he wraps Jisung’s long arms around his neck, practically carrying the beanstalk like a backpack. 
“It’s okay, I’ll do it!” Nana rushes to switch off with Jisung’s dead weight. He groans, looking to Jeno with a grimace. “Ugh, you were right. He is a lot heavier than he looks.” 
“Are you sure? I can help?” Jeno halfheartedly makes sure, to which Jaemin nods resolutely. 
“I need some fresh air anyways, been here too long!”
“Do you want me to go with you?” You offer, only because you knew sneaking around the RA would manage to get rowdy with just the two of them alone. 
“Nah, it’s okay. I better have a drink after getting back from this though.” Nana jokes and you shove the pair towards the door. 
Jeno stuffs his hands into his pockets, low-key relieved that he doesn’t have to go back into the cold night. He had just gotten here and despite how disgusting it was thinking about how much heat was being produced, it was better than freezing outside. 
“There’s our entertainment for the night.” Renjun lifts his cup in salute. 
Hyuck nudges everyone to watch Chenle though, who wants to crowd surf but fails to, nobody willing to hold him up. Everyone starts cackling at the sight, peers practically making space so that Chenle won’t be convinced to just commit and dive onto them. 
“Up for a game of beer pong, anyone? I’ve been trying to play all night!” Hyuck hooks around the boys, dragging everyone over to the foyer where two tables were set up. Tons of spills made you almost slip and split your head open. Thankfully Jeno is like a solid wall behind you, not fazed by your clumsiness. 
He gets close behind you, hands still on your waist and breath tickling your ear as Hyuck and Renjun take the other end of the pong table. “Wanna bet Mark comes in for a celebrity shot later?” 
You laugh nervously, getting hot under his hold and turning to look at Jeno’s expression. “That is oddly specific. How are you so confident?” 
Looking over to Mark, he’s chatting with Mina and completely distracted from answering the door now. You’re sure that Johnny, the brother he’s been shadowing in the frat, would not be happy with Mark ignoring his job. Or maybe he would, knowing Mark was actually shooting his shot with a girl.
“I don’t wanna tell you why. Then you won’t agree.” Jeno argues, finally getting his hands off you to roll up his sleeves. You slightly roll your eyes at his words, trying to subtly look at the veins in Jeno’s hands' flex. 
“I think he’ll come in later too. But I say it’ll be for us. Not for Hyuck or Renjun.” 
Jeno makes a tutting sound, collecting the empty cups on your side and making the triangular shape. “You’re trying to sell me out here, no way. You’re just gonna convince Mark to come over by…”
Your eyebrows lift. “By what exactly?” 
Jeno shakes his head, a small smile sat on his face. You poke at his side, curious. “By what? Now you’ve intrigued me!” 
“Whatever. I’ll make a better bet,” Jeno nabs Renjun’s missed shot, to which Hyuck whines, “Mark is gonna ask you out tonight.” 
Sputtering on the soda you’ve been sipping on, you watch Jeno whip his ping pong ball like straight butter into your opponents’ cup. The other side’s loud protests distract him from your obvious gaping, confused at the sudden thought of Mark liking you.
Jeno eventually eyes your expression, making a weird face. “What?” 
“What? What do you mean, what? Are you insinuating Mark likes me?!” You angrily whisper, afraid that somehow the person you two were talking about would hear over the loud music flowing throughout the house. 
“Why are you so surprised? It’s very obvious! At least in my eyes.” Jeno shrugs. The ping pong from Hyuck hits your stomach, confusing him. You grab at it, just tossing it without a care. The ball whooshes in and you don’t notice, still frazzled. 
“You’re joking, right? This is a sick joke of yours?” Peering over at Jeno, he scoffs. 
“No. Don’t tell him I said this but when we first introduced you to him, he said you were pretty.” The deadpan way Jeno utters this makes your eyes squint. 
“That seems like an innocent compliment to me.” (News flash, you’re denying reality here.) 
Jeno lifts a dark eyebrow at that. “When has Mark Lee ever gone out of his way to intentionally compliment a girl?” 
You scrunch your nose at that, rubbing at the kiss he planted on your head earlier. “This changes things.” 
Jeno only chuckles, plucking the ball from one of your cups and setting it aside. He closes one eye, practically doing the same with the other as he aims. He groans with a failure, looking back to you. “Do you not like him? He’s nice, though you haven’t known him as long as I and the others have.” 
“No, no, he is nice! I like him.” The last sentence is pronounced like ‘I like him as a friend’ in your head but Jeno interprets it differently. Maybe the bass from the speakers morphed the tone of your words in his thick skull. 
“You like him?” Jeno’s voice tilts high. Hyuck’s next horrible shot plonks straight at Jeno’s forehead, which he ignores in shock. 
He’s never shown incredibility like this to show you. You’re diverted to denying his words instantly, not thinking of the consequences. 
“He’s… a nice guy.” You look to Mark again and this time, he senses your gaze, throwing up a nerdy gesture of a peace sign. You wave back with a smile and don’t catch Jeno’s suspicious tonguing of his cheek at the interaction. 
“Are you accepting the bet or not?” Jeno holds a hand out, which you wait to contemplate after absolutely dunking your next shot. On a roll.
“Mark’s wingman now, are you?” Your tease causes Jeno’s jaw to shift. He acts it off as confidence, nodding with reluctance. 
Maybe he had gone too far with the little game of bets now. 
“Okay! Bet!” You perk up, wanting to win this easy wager. Mark wouldn’t ask you out, no way. 
Accepting the deal easily, you shake on it and smirk internally. 
Jeno was easy to read. An open book, you could say. Everyone in your friend group knew it as well, which made him the butt of jokes and teases all too often. He made it too fun to poke at him and you’ve joined in on the game plenty of times. This was just another game of prodding the naive Samoyed you had, though a little different. 
You didn’t really understand the reasoning behind Jeno’s disturbance all that much but he was the one that brought Mark’s supposed “crush” to you. And you’re not one to fuck with someone’s feelings that far, especially with sweet ‘ol Mark’s. 
You were pretty confident the older boy did not fancy you though; he was never around you in the first place to hint at the notion. Mark was pretty private with his romantic life so you’re not all that surprised you don’t know much. He was glued to the frat more often than usual and has been hanging out with you and company less often. 
To be fair, if Mark was with someone, hopefully, he was not blatantly kissing your forehead without care. You were never as close to Mark as the other boys like Jeno had stated before. You suppose if he did happen to ask you out tonight, it wouldn’t be so bad. But the desire to win this bet burns in your veins, even more than usual with the bizarre behavior Jeno is exhibiting at the mere thought of you returning Mark’s so-called “feelings”.
“If you’re making a bet to win this game right now, you’re gonna eat shit!” Hyuck brags, practically vibrating in excitement because the two of you were somehow tied up. Even with this dude drunk, he could be somewhat decent at games. How irritating.
Biting the corner of your lip, you ignore Hyuck, plan to win this short game of cup pong, and then win this bigger game of bets with Jeno. To gain this extra favor initializes a step-by-step scheme of what you were going to do. There was no way Jeno could beat you.
Jeno watches greed grow in your irises, probably confused. 
“So you’re confident he won’t ask you out.” He drags out his words, making sure you understood what you just shook on. 
“Yeah,” You bob in place now, trying out his strategy of closing one eye to shoot, “Mark won’t ask me out. He’s not that drunk.” 
“Really?” Jeno feigns interest, throwing his head to Mark fast approaching you, “You sure about that?” 
You don’t get to answer, Mark’s alcohol-hazed eyes crinkling. Mina follows close behind, waving a greeting to the both of you. “Hi, Mina! Mark— oomph!” 
Thinking Mark’s walk trajectory would stop before reaching so close, the junior bumps chest-first into you. 
“Hi! Can I take a celebrity shot?!” Mark yells, overcompensating his volume when you’re glued to him. He swarms your space, placing a touchy hand on the small of your back before standing on his tippy toes and stealing your ping pong. 
His mouth is instinctively making ‘Oh!’ noises as he readies it, failing miserably and pouting at the loss. “I could’ve sworn that was close, dude!” 
You and Mina share a smile. She knew her friend was a little touchy when drunk so the two of you chalk it up to being just that. Jeno doesn’t though, burning eyes watching the tight hold Mark has on you. 
Mark blinks rapidly down at you, pleading with big doe eyes, “Just one more shot I steal. One more celebrity shot!” 
You nod, easily agreeing with a laugh. Maybe you had underestimated how turnt your dude was right now. Mark leans backward a little, losing his balance and almost toppling you over with him. Mina pulls Mark away from your space, probably deciding he’s had enough of bothering you. 
“Sorry, he is so wasted right now.” Mina apologies, pushing the boy away from your beer pong table to the kitchen for water. 
Jeno makes a face that reads “I told you so”, forcing you to bend over in laughter. 
“Jeno, you can’t be serious. He acts that way with everyone!”
“You think that Mark touches up every girl like that? He kissed your forehead earlier too.” Jeno genuinely notes and you pause. Just for a split second. 
“We’re friends.” It’s as if that statement alone will end this argument and Jeno rolls his eyes. 
“And we’re friends too, dimwit. We don’t act like that, do we?” 
You shift at his words, uncomfortable at the sudden lodging of your throat. Oh, how you wish Jeno did. At least then, you’d have a pathetic hope he had an inkling of an interest in you too. 
Instead of replying to him, you turn and take Jeno’s shot for him to end the game. The last cup is yours for the taking and Renjun groans with his head thrown back, almost flying off balance at the shove Hyuck gives his partner for more space. 
“Okay, okay! Redemption shot, I got this!” Hyuck steadies his hand and bounces off the lip of your side’s last Solo cup. 
There’s a forced smile on your lips at the victory, one that only Jeno can notice is fake up close. Thankfully, he doesn’t pry on it more, seeing as he knew you weren’t going to give a truthful answer in this setting. 
You were starting to wish you had a bit of alcohol in your system, as much as you hated the taste of it on your tongue. 
By the end of the night, you had won the bet as expected. But Jeno being the sore loser he is, tried to convince you to drag the bet on. He was super confident that Mark was into you. Maybe his friend was too wasted to ask or remember your answer if he were to come up to you about a date. 
“I’ll sleep on it,” You had said, “Especially since I pity you and I haven’t decided what I want the favor to be yet.” 
With that, Jeno breathed out a sigh in relief as he walked you home. 
You didn’t realize how committed Jeno was to this particular game. And you don’t know why because you had honestly forgotten about it yourself the morning next. Maybe it was his pride and stubbornness stopping him from giving up.
When Jeno swings by your dorm, texting you to come downstairs quickly, you’re confused. 
He’s in comfy clothes, hair a little frizzy as he hands you a croissant and a warm cup of coffee that heats up your body temperature. 
You blearily squint your eyes at him in suspicion. “What are you buttering me up for right now?” 
With no RA in sight, you usher him into the warmth of the dorm lobby, virtually no people around to notice your blatant disregard for rules. 
“I’m not buttering you up. I just wanted to be nice this morning.” 
Staying silent, Jeno watches your expression breathe incredibility. 
“Really! I didn’t know it was a crime to be nice to you anymore, jeez.”  
The bet comes to mind and you mention it. “You’re hoping I’m not going to make you splurge your money on my favor, aren’t you?” 
Jeno laughs, the sound deep in timbre as the sun rises higher in the cold blue sky. “No, I swear. Although talking about Mark, he is going through it right now. I woke up to a video Doyoung sent me of him vomiting into the toilet.” 
You suck your lips in, holding back a laugh. “You know, if you’re trying to sell your man to me right now, describing his hangover is not working.” 
Jeno quirks the corner of his lip at that. “He probably drank half his body weight last night.” 
You roll your eyes. “And here you were, thinking he was going to be sober enough to consider asking me out. Alright.” 
Your friend shrugs, sipping at his drink. “I’m not wrong, Princess. I’ll show you with your own two eyes Mark Lee has the hots for you.” 
Cringing at the way Jeno phrased his words, you stuff the pastry you were kindly gifted into your mouth, muffling your reply. “Plea don’ efer say if like ‘at again.” 
Jeno’s shoulders shake at your antics. “You’ve slept on my proposition now, ma’am. What’s the deal?” 
Swallowing roughly, you mutter, “Can I raise the stakes to three favors?” 
Jeno scratches at his hairline at that, face in a grimace. “Fuck. Is this worth it?” 
At the hesitation in Jeno’s eyes, you jump like a hound to the smell of meat. Or in this case, a perfect opportunity to score on some free meals. 
“Yes! Yes, it’s worth it. I accept your deal!”
“Woah woah woah! I haven’t agreed yet!” Jeno is shaking his hands in front of him, dangerously leering his hot drink side to side. He licks at the lid, the brown liquid sloshing everywhere. 
“You brought this new condition up in the first place so,” Taking Jeno’s distraction as a chance to dunk cheaply on him, you take his free hand in yours, shaking on it, “Bet.” 
It was game on from the damn get-go. 
Any chance that Jeno got, which was within a hundred feet radius of a certain junior named Mark Lee, he bolted to the boy’s side. 
Poor Mark is so confused at the sudden ramblings Jeno has of you. He’s also even more conflicted because Jeno is going in on his compliments of your smile, smarts, humor, you name it. Mark wasn’t sure whether his friend was either crushing hard and needed to only confide in him, or whether Jeno was trying to make him like you indirectly through his selling words. 
Another thing the boy stuck in the middle of this mess notices is your sudden disappearance from his vicinity. You two didn’t exactly share a class but shared a professor, who taught two subjects back to back. 
Usually, you would wait around in the auditorium-shaped classroom to catch up with him, just say hi. But no, apparently you now bolt as soon as the professor calls it quits for the day. Mark had a greeting on the tip of his tongue opening up the doors, only to scour your usual seating arrangement and come up empty. 
Poking his head out down the sidewalk, you’re speed walking away like your non-existent pet was on the verge of death. 
Mark would brush it off to some urgent duty you had but… at the odd behavior of his two friends, he decides to swing by the willow tree at the end of the week. Maybe start his own experiment on what was going on. It just didn’t seem like a coincidence to him. 
And right he was in his thoughts. 
At the sight of Mark approaching the table, your eyes widen to the size of saucers, whipping your head around to Jeno. You want to slap his smug face right off. 
“What the hell is Mark doing here? Did you convince him to come?” You spit out in a whisper, Hyuck none-the-wiser as he hollers for his best friend to sit beside him. 
Jeno shakes his head no innocently, lips pouting out. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 
Swearing under your breath, you plaster a smile onto your face, breathing out a greeting to the upperclassman. He grins at you, to which your cheeks heat up for some reason. 
Maybe it was because this dude beside you had been bragging about you to Mark. Jeno had told you his genius plan of planting unconscious thoughts of you in Mark’s head a few days ago and its effects are now catching up to you, sweat building on your hairline.  
Jeno misinterprets it as you getting nervous in the presence of Mark, probably wishing rain to fall on his head at manifesting his final Lee brother to sit down this afternoon. 
“What’s up, man?” Mark exchanges a handshake with Jeno as he swings his bag to the ground and tucks his legs under the table. He watches with rapture as you busy yourself with the textbook splayed out in front of you, eyes skittering. 
Before Jeno can give a general reply to Mark, Hyuck bumps Mark's shoulder. “You should text Renjun your order from that Mexican place down the street.” 
“Who’s favor are we using today?” Mark asks in curiosity. 
You raise a hand rather timidly, to which the entire table is bewildered and bemused. The bewildered people are only Hyuck and Mark because they don’t know the absolute pain-enduring embarrassment to which bemused Jeno has cursed you to withstand. You’ve always been very comfortable with the guys, including Mark, so the oblivious two not in on this bet are raising their eyebrows at your behavior. 
“What did Renjun lose against you again?” Jeno pretends to ponder deeply while you throw a heated glare his way. You wish you could burn his eyebrows right off in this moment. 
“Oh!” The bulky meathead gasps, “He lost ten-to-two against a game of naming capitals of countries. Isn’t she so smart?” 
Jeno is being so obvious. You grit your teeth as he pets your head. 
“Take your hand away before I bite your pinky finger off.” You seethe past closed lips, the audience not hearing your threat. 
Jeno jolts his limb away at that, instead, grinning a Samoyed smile toward Mark. The latter is mainly lost in trying to navigate what the fuck was going on. 
Hyuck only rolls his eyes, a little more used to your duo’s antics. “They’re probably betting on something right now.” 
Mark blinks at that. The picture was becoming a little clearer. He wasn’t sure which way to start investigating this dilemma next. 
“No!” The two of you deny instantly, sitting up straighter. It’s even more cause to believe Hyuck’s point. 
“Ignore them,” Hyuck acts like an exasperated mother to you and Jeno’s Dumb and Dumber act, pulling out his phone to show Mark the Mexican place’s menu. 
As the other pair get lost debating what to order for Mark, you turn to Jeno with a death wish written in your eyes.
“Are you crazy, Lee Jeno!? What are you doing right now, you’re practically on the verge of cheating! You’re going to give this entire thing away!” 
“No,” Jeno drags out in denial, acting like you’re a child that doesn’t understand his obvious tactic, “I’m just telling him of your intelligence. I have no clue what you’re on about.” 
You’re heavily tempted to close your textbook and go bonkers Yeri-on-Hyuck style on him but Mark butts into your killer thoughts before you can pull through. 
“What are you ordering, Y/N?” 
You stutter to Jeno’s, albeit bitter, amusement. “Um, a chimichanga. It’s… pretty good from there.” 
“Okay!” Mark perks up, tapping at the phone in Hyuck’s hand, “I’ll get the same.” 
Jeno giggles into your ear and irritation bubbles to the surface of your skin. 
“I swear to fucking—”
Mark interrupts your threat once again and you paste another pleasant smile on. “Y/N, I missed you before my class on Wednesday. You were gone before I could even say hi.” 
“Oh, yeah. I uh…” You rush to make an excuse, “I really had to water my— plant. Yeah.” 
You want to punch yourself. 
Hyuck snickers as he texts Renjun Mark’s order. “What the fuck…” 
“Yeah, what the fuck? You don’t even have a pet plant in your room. Everything you attempt to raise dies.” Jeno feels the need to contribute. You’re seething at this idiot’s audacity. 
Clarifying your mistake in excuse will only deepen the hole you’ve dug for yourself so you shut up, wanting the ground to swallow your entire being whole instead. 
“Huh,” Mark chuckles, “Okay. You’re not avoiding me for some reason, right?” 
“What? Oh, no. Not at all!” As if to prove a point to Jeno, you give the most convincing smile you can to Mark. 
“Okay, that’s good.” 
Renjun saves you from continuing this conversation as Hyuck’s phone rings, pressing the speaker button to the call. 
“What’s up?” 
“Could two of you come to the restaurant real quick? I’m going to need help carrying all this food back.” 
“Why didn’t you use your car, dumbass?” Hyuck whines. 
“Because it’s a two-minute walk from campus grounds? Come help me!” 
Jeno pipes up, “Make Jaemin and the two youngest help you. They haven’t shown up here yet.” 
“Well obviously I had thought of that, Jeno,” Renjun sasses back, “They aren’t answering.” 
“I’ll go!” You practically trip in getting up from the picnic table, dying to get away from this awkward atmosphere. 
The other three make eye contact. 
“Not it!” 
“Not it!”
“Not—! Ugh.” 
For fuck’s sake. Your luck is actual dog water.  
“Why are you so slow at this game? Your reaction speed is usually good,” Hyuck questions Mark, who groans as he gets up. 
“Well, why do we always play “Not it” then? It’s targeting me specifically.” 
You wholly ignore Jeno’s disgusting grin of satisfaction as the two of you begin to tread down the street. You curse to all above that Jeno gets kicked in the shins one day. It was looking like you were going to be the perpetrator more and more these days. 
“So…” Mark drags out, his hands in his pockets, “Do I even want to know what it is I’m currently stuck between?” 
You hum as you genuinely consider Mark’s words. “I can’t tell you. It’ll break the bet. And I really want to win.” 
Mark’s eyes crinkle in mirth. “The two of you are so competitive. It might take forever for you to win at this rate...” 
“Are you willing to be on my side?” You raise an eyebrow, secretly wishing.
To be fair, there were no very clear-cut boundaries to other methods of getting the dub. After all, Jeno is practically begging Mark to get the idea to ask you out. 
You could still cheat but not… outright cheat. 
“I guess so, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.” Mark shrugs innocently. You fold your hands together, laughing under your breath as you close your eyes while looking up. 
“Damn, this is serious, dude.” Mark laughs boisterously, observing your silly act of gratitude. 
“It’s on three favors,” You mumble past your silent prayers to the sky, “Of course this is serious.” 
“Three? Shit… Well, you have me at your disposal as long as you don’t tell me what the bet is, right? What should I do?” 
You smirk, finally looking at Mark with sinister eyes. 
The ball is in your field now. 
Jaemin looks up from his laptop to Jeno who makes the noise of discernment, watching two figures from afar. Following his best friend’s eyeline, you and Mark are walking side-by-side toward the commons. You’re grinning as Mark laughs, bent over with difficulty while walking. 
“When did they get closer?” Jaemin asks in bewilderment. Jeno stays silent as Mark holds the door open for you and the both of you disappear into the commons. 
“Don’t know,” Jeno mumbles, finally looking down to his device and rereading the same paragraph over again. 
Jaemin makes a face at that, having been able to read his buddy for a while now. 
Jeno sighs, knowing that Jaemin is obviously hinting at something. “Spit it out.” 
“What bet did you make with Y/N?” 
Jeno side-eyes Jaemin with annoyance. “How do you even know anything about this?” 
“I have my ways,” Jaemin concludes mysteriously, “Answer me.”
“We bet at Johnny’s party two weeks ago.” 
“On what though?” 
“I said Mark would ask her out.” 
Jaemin snorts at that, going back to his laptop. “He’s not into her. He likes Mina.” 
“Yeah, well, it doesn’t really seem that way anymore. They’re getting all giggly and close with one another.” Jeno has a tone of temper growing in his words. 
“If the bet is over then, why is this dragging on?” 
“I raised it to three favors now. It’s indefinite.” 
Jaemin glances at Jeno again with fingers halted on his keyboard, holding back laughter. “Why would you ever, under any conditions, accept that? Against Y/N of all people too? She’s going to drain your wallet for food.” 
“She’s convincing.” 
“Or you’re whipped for her.” 
“I’m not.” Jeno gives a dirty look to the poor paragraph he’s been on for five minutes.
“You’re in deep denial, bud. I’ve been saying this for an eternity.” 
Jeno scowls at his best friend, not appreciating the entertained, twinkling eyes shot his way. Jaemin tilts his chin toward his neck, looking up through his long eyelashes at Jeno. 
“Deny it all you want but I know my shit. She likes you, you like her. It’s simple.” Jaemin chirps.
“Oh, and you’re the love expert, aren’t you, playboy?” Jeno’s exasperated, practically pouting. “I don’t like Y/N.” 
“Really? Why are you bothered with the idea of Y/N being with Mark then? You’re the one that suggested to her Mark was interested. Now that Y/N is entertaining the idea, you’ve backed off on trying to win,” Jaemin lands a slap on Jeno’s back, “You’re deserving of what you’re putting yourself through, man.” 
Jeno sighs as he folds his arms onto the table, laying his chin down. “I don’t like it when you speak sense.” 
“For one, I’ve always been speaking sense. But I’m glad you’re finally acknowledging my genius good points. I’ve been trying to get through your thick skull about her for two years.” Jaemin nods in gratification, glad Jeno is opening his eyes a little, even if it took some good ‘ole jealousy to stir his best friend’s heart around. 
You cringe, the corners of your mouth reaching your ears. “Sorry! Didn’t mean to do that.” 
“S’okay.” He grumbles at the way, rubbing at the eye you just poked.
Pressing the face mask firmer on Mark’s already milky skin, you fixate on a bump and attempt to smooth it over. Once you’re satisfied, you wipe your hands on your pajama pants and clap in completion. 
“Perfect!” Twisting Mark’s shoulders around so that he shifts on the bed to face his mirror, he immediately ruins your hard work by bursting into laughter at the sight of the sheet mask on his face. 
“Mark! You fucking ruined it!” You can’t help but fall in line with your friend’s contagious sounds of amusement, slapping his arm lightly for him to face you and fix it again.
“I’m sorry! I look so stupid, I can’t—” 
Urging him to sit up straight, you shake your head side to side, not able to be actually mad when Mark was so humored by the new experience of night skincare. 
“Whatever. I guess I don’t care since you paid for dinner and I paid for this.” Grinning down at him, knees planted on the bed, Mark naturally returns your smile and regrets it as you lightly pinch his ear in retaliation for again, messing up your hard work. 
“My bad, my bad. But it’s whatever. Pizza isn’t expensive.” 
“That restaurant is kind of expensive though.” You mutter under your breath, brushing Mark’s hair from his head and adjusting his baby lion headband you bought for this tiny sleepover. 
“It’s chill. No big deal.” 
Settling back to sit on your heels, you raise a teasing eyebrow. “And if I make you sleep on the couch in the living room?”
Mark falls line and sinker, pouting a little. “You said we would put pillows between us tonight.” 
Laughing lightly, you rush to reassure Mark. “I’m joking, you know I am,” Throwing yourself back to the pillows on your friend’s bed, you pat the spot beside you and Mark follows, “What movies do you wanna watch?” 
He hums, tugging his laptop from its charger on the bedside table, “Didn’t we decide on binging the Tom Holland Spiderman movies earlier this week?” 
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that! I—”
Your phone begins to buzz incessantly on his nightstand and you peer at it. “Oh. It’s Jeno.” 
Mark makes a suggestive face at that and you scoff. 
You and Mark have gotten closer over your comradery of this bet with Jeno. And not in a romantic way, just more of genuinely enjoying each other’s company as friends.
Yeah, sure, the times to hang out at first were very much arranged and a little awkward. And Mark being the star student he is, was always studying or doing something productive but you two balanced each other out. You’re glad this entire thing with Jeno has gotten you to know Mark better. You two were way more similar than you thought. Mark inspires you to be productive with your weekly library study sessions and you remind Mark to not stress so much and have a breather sometimes. 
Over this bet, you’ve gained a closer friend and you’re not mad about it. The bet wasn’t ruined either since you hadn’t clued into Mark what the whole deal was about but he had an inkling; you just couldn’t confirm his suspicions. 
What Mark did confirm though was your very obvious feelings for Jeno. And no, you did not need to tell him. It was a bit obvious and as much as Mark was oblivious to many types of things, your subtlety about Lee Jeno somewhat escaped everybody else’s eyes in your friend group except for him.
(It was not because Mark caught you staring at a secret screenshot of Jeno’s gym picture he snapped you one time. Nope. No way.)
“Answer him. What are you waiting for?” Mark throws a hand over to your device, laptop placed aside for now. 
Sighing, you press the answer button. Jeno’s sleepy face drowns your phone screen and your heart palpitates at his soft look and droopy eyes. 
“Hey.” His timbre is deep with sleepiness and you resist the urge to physically make a cooing sound.
“Hey, what’s up?” 
“Was gonna ask you the same.” Jeno twists to lay on his side in bed, only illuminated with the light of his phone screen. 
“Chilling with Mark,” You flip the camera to Mark, who is busy scrolling and puts up a hand in hello, “Sleepover things, you know. Ate out earlier too.” 
You can’t register the look on Jeno’s face all that well with the way he shifts the phone to sit up in bed. But Jeno’s tone dies a little of interest and the natural quirk on his lips downturn as well. 
“Oh… I like your facemasks.” 
“Thanks!” You pat at your own, peering at Mark for a second and checking on his, “Mark kept fucking up his for ten minutes. It was a big hassle.” 
“That is not true. It was five minutes, max.” Mark pouts offscreen, patting at your cheek where the edge is lifting. Jeno catches his friend’s hand touching your face and feels a bubble of crossness pop in his chest. 
“Whatever makes you feel better,” You smile off to the side, returning to Jeno and sensing his emotions change. “So uh, you didn’t say what you were doing.” 
“Oh. I was calling to ask if you wanted to do something.” 
You feel a weight fall to the pit of your stomach in a split second. “Shit, sorry.” 
“It’s okay.” Jeno picks at a thread on his mattress. 
Mark butts in, leaning his chin on your shoulder and coming into view. “Come swing by. Hyuck is here right now, hanging with Taeil playing Mario Kart.” 
You furrow your eyebrows, confused. “Didn’t you want to spend time with us? Come on.” 
“I changed my mind,” Jeno smiles with no real power behind it. At the mention of “us”, Jeno flips his desires, not willing to out himself, and say he just wanted you for company right now. There’s a hollowness in the expression he has pasted on and you bristle at it, bothered at his show of trying to hide. 
“Okay… text me. Actually, scratch that— I’ll text you.” 
“Alright. Night.” 
A bit dejected at Jeno cutting you off and ending the call quickly on his side, your hand loosens and falls straight into your lap, phone in grip. 
“That was weird,” Mark mumbles, popping open a bag of chips and chewing a bit obnoxiously. “What are you gonna text him?” 
You follow his hand’s path and dig to grab a crisp too, sighing in agreement. “He was being a bit off. I’ll just check on him.” 
Mark hums, smiling a little. “You know him well.” 
You shrug at Mark’s words. “He’s easy to read.” 
“Oh yeah?” Mark goads, “How come you don’t notice the way he looks at you then?” 
The face and noise of confusion you make, automatically has Mark thinking of the boy you two were talking about.
“What do you mean, ‘Huh?’ It’s so obvious.” He mocks, making an exaggerated face to imitate you.
“What? What is?” 
Mark lets you stew in silence for a few moments to try and grasp what he was hinting at. At your lost expression, Mark’s facial muscles relax, a blank look overtaking his task of chewing. 
“You’re joking, right?” 
Now you laugh, incredibly baffled and feeling called out. “Mark, what? What are you trying to say?” 
“You dumb bimbo.” 
“Excuse me?!” You run out of breath, a smile still plastered on at the audacity this man has calling you a bimbo of all things. 
Mark resumes his munching, shaking his head with mirth, and returns back to his phone. “You two are lost causes.” 
“Lost c— What the—?”
He doesn’t elaborate, now ignoring you and waving a hand for you to proceed to text Jeno. Sighing, you drop this subject, albeit with difficulty because the kindest boy on Earth (well, you presumed so until now) just called you a bimbo.
You’re a little flattered at the attractive aspect attached to that word but still… rude.
hey, are you good?
you seemed off over facetime 
He reads your message but there’s no bubble showing you Jeno is thinking of replying. You elaborate, trying to yank some information out of this kid. 
if something’s up, i’ll raincheck with mark and come by
Jeno :3
nah, i’m good
don’t cancel your plans for me
was bored and didn’t know you had plans already
hyuck is here too like mark said 
you can join us and watch spiderman :0
doyoung’s home as well
Jeno :3
don’t worry princess, i’m good 
have fun with mark 
Biting your lip at the nickname, you rush to reply and not seem so affected by it over text. He’s never messaged and called you the nickname over the phone before. It seems more… flirty and intimate. 
okay, nighty night :D
Just as you’re about to put down your phone, it buzzes in your hand once more, lighting up with one last unread message from Jeno. Opening it, your brows furrow. Mark curiously peeks at your phone at the vague face you’re displaying. 
Jeno :3
wait one more thing
are you and mark??
are me and mark what
Mark carefully watches your eyes, flittering as you watch Jeno’s typing bubble appear. It takes the latter a minute to reply; Mark counts in his head. 
Jeno :3
are you two dating?
have i… ya know 
are you sitting too close to him to tell me you know what? 
Your brows lift, finally looking to Mark and realizing his proximity to you. Yelping and backing up a little, Mark laughs. 
“Is he mentioning the bet? What are you going to say?” 
“Yeah, he is. And what do you mean, ‘What am I going to say?’ We obviously aren’t.” You snort, beginning to type your response. 
Mark snatches the phone straight out of your grasp, lifting it out of your reach. Crossing your arms in impatience, you frown. 
“Hear me out.” 
“Uh-huh.” There’s levity in your voice. 
“Be ambiguous.” 
“And why would I do that exactly?” 
Mark doesn’t appreciate the sass, rolling his eyes a bit. “Come on, catch up Y/N. Get a clue as to how Jeno feels about you.” 
“Why are you suggesting this? He obviously doesn’t see me that way.” 
“How do you really know that, though? You haven't been in a real relationship in college yet, right?” 
Nodding, Mark carries on. “And Jeno knows this… right? Do you see where I’m going…?” 
“Mark, please get to the point. I’m about to get an aneurysm following this plotline you’ve got going on.” 
“Just don’t say no directly and see whether he acts super jealous of you being with someone else.” 
Sighing, you droop into the pillows. 
“Give it a try. And I’m agreeing to this whole scheme too, you’ve got my permission.” Mark encourages, bumping your forearm. 
“Fine,” You give in, making a “gimme, gimme” motion for Mark to hand your phone back into your possession. 
no, you haven’t won
we haven’t talked like that  
i suppose i’m not against the idea tho
Jeno :3
it seems like you two are seeing each other
Mark makes a noise that is similar to being translated to “I told you so!” as Jeno adds to his statement a few seconds after his last text. 
Jeno :3
did you notice the way he looked at you on ft?
Mark bursts into laughter but you don’t follow suit, genuinely befuddled. “This kid is so lovesick.” 
Ignoring Mark’s comment, you reply back for more clarification. 
Jeno :3 
like you hold the fucking moon in your hands idk 
i’ve been telling you, he likes you 
Mark takes your device again and you panic, fighting for it. “Don’t you dare! Make it sound like me, idiot!” 
“Okay, okay! Relax, I got this!” 
Would you be okay with me getting with Mark? 
Does it bother you? 
“MARK LEE! YOU DUMB BITCH!” Yanking the pillow from behind Mark, you begin to whack the heedless boy, angry beyond belief at his obvious text. “Could you have been any less discreet?!” 
“STOP! Oh my God, stop! Look at what he said back!!!” Mark begs, cradling your conversation with Jeno like a baby and offering it over as a token of peace.
Jeno :3
i just don’t want you to get hurt 
you tell me, you know him better 
would he hurt me?
Engulfed in Jeno’s texts now, Mark mumbles over your shoulder, “I would be an amazing boyfriend to anyone.” 
“Shut up, I dislike you right now.” 
Mark shrinks, lips sucked into his mouth to stay silent. 
Jeno :3
not intentionally 
he’s a good guy
You’re grasping at straws, unable to believe your eyes. He was jealous, holy shit.
You’ve gotten to know Jeno’s speaking mannerisms, his facial expressions, his texting habits well, and yet you have never seen jealousy as an emotion so easily read from him like now. You’re not sure how to interpret this yet, either as a chance that maybe, just maybe, Lee Jeno potentially has feelings for you or is that he’s just confirming your beliefs of him caring about you as a platonic friend. 
that sounds passive-aggressive, even over text 
Jeno :3
i’m not being passive-aggressive 
ig i’m saying i don’t want to pick up the broken pieces after he hurts you or smth 
“Yikes,” Mark whispers and you send a scowl over your shoulder, “Why’d my man word it like that?” 
Making a sound of indignation, you press on your phone’s keyboard with aggression.
do you realize this is all hypothetical right
Jeno :3
well by the looks of it, you two are together already 
jeno you’re being stupid rn
i just told you we weren't together 
Jeno :3
and you just asked me if i would be bothered if you ended up with him 
i’m answering your question???
look i don’t want to fight over text rn 
i’ll call you tmrw? 
Jeno :3 
At your downcast face, Mark starts feeling bad. “Sorry. It seemed like a good idea in hindsight.” 
Looking back at Mark through your lashes, he gives a small tight-lipped smile and opens up his arms. You fall into them with a huff and he tugs his laptop back onto his thighs, also dragging your blanket over your body. 
“It’s okay. I agreed with your idea. At least now I know he’s bothered at the thought of us being together.” 
Mark softly grins at that, patting your head in endearing reassurance. “Maybe this will push him to actually do something.” 
You peer up from the crook of Mark’s shoulder for a second, trying to get at what Mark means. “Push him to do what?” 
Mark only shakes his head in mirth, black hair falling into his eyes. “Nothing. Don’t worry about a pretty little hair on your head. You’ll get it soon enough.” 
Leaving the 127 house and heading back to your dorm, the cold air rushes at your face. Your flimsy jacket doesn’t do much to keep you warm, the blasting wind this late morning waking you up. 
Your eyes squint as you begin your trudge to your room and coincidentally, Jeno is standing at the door, looking to have been pacing outside for a while. 
He whips around at the sound of your morning voice, puppy eyes wide in surprise. Jeno takes in the state of you, appearing like you just walked straight out of bed and snorts. 
“What a sleepover.”  
Wholly ignoring the twinge of spitefulness in the remark, you trudge past, not down for his attitude currently. 
“Morning.” You curtly mutter, waving an exaggerated hand to usher Jeno into the lobby of your dorm. With no one around in sight, you figured it was safe. After all, you weren’t petty enough in this tiny misunderstanding to leave Jeno out in the cold. 
He shivers once inside, collapsing onto the stiff couch and blowing into his cupped hands. Rocking on your heels, you stand before Jeno and patiently wait for him to bring up this conversation you two needed to have. 
“So… have I won?” He looks up to you.
You raise your eyebrows. “No. And I said that last night. Want to tell me why you were agitated yesterday?” 
“I was not agitated.” 
“It kind of seemed like it.” 
Jeno crosses his arms. A small pout sits on his lips and the ice around your heart from his mean demeanor earlier melts. 
“He’s… Mark isn’t…” 
“He’s what?” Deciding to sit down beside him, your back leans against the armrest of the couch, body facing toward Jeno wholeheartedly. 
Jeno looks to the soda vendor, eyes locked on the broken and shaky lights blinking in it. 
“This bet isn’t fair. I realized last night,” He meets your gaze and at the blank look in them, you wrap your arms around yourself, “The indefinite terms were that… I would win if Mark asked you out and you would win if he didn’t, right?” 
“Are you suggesting that I’m lying to you? Over a dumb bet?” 
Jeno shoves his hands into the pockets of his sweats, brown irises fluttering away from you again. 
“Let’s call it off.” 
You sit up straighter, confusion stapled in your voice. “What?” 
“Let’s call the bet off.” 
“But— but why? It’s been a few weeks and you’re going to call it off now—?” 
“Yeah, I am,” Jeno sighs, standing and turning with a serious tone. “I don't want in anymore.”
Getting up as well, you grab Jeno’s hand before he could leave without any explanation. “Jeno, are you being serious? I told you, Mark hasn’t asked me anything. We aren’t seeing each other.” 
“Then why did you suggest last night you were thinking about it?” 
The furrow between Jeno’s brows indicate his anger. Leaning back from the emotion, you can’t help but roll your eyes. 
“Jeno… this is why I hate texting, alright? It’s a misunderstanding. I was just wondering what you would think about me and Mark being an item. I wasn’t genuinely—”
Sighing deeply, you cut yourself off and tug at his hand to get him to sit back down. Jeno resists the movement, looking frustrated. His non-cooperation to try and talk things out burns the fire within you higher.
“Why does it even matter to you if I were? I don’t need to be explaining myself to you. You’re the one that’s gotten me onto Mark in the first place, Jeno!”
“Look, I don’t give a shit whether you like Mark or not—”
“Then why are you acting this way?”
The desperation is your strained voice has Jeno swallowing roughly. The words he wants to say are dying to climb out of his throat but…
Jeno’s jaw shifts, eyes becoming cold. “I don’t want in with the bet anymore, end of story. Are we done?” 
Water starts to prick your eyes, not understanding Jeno’s harshness. It was just a lighthearted bet, right? 
Your throat constricts, making your belated answer sound forced. “Yeah. We are.” 
“Jeez. Who shat in your salad today?” 
You glare, meeting the sight of Hyuck dragging out the chair opposite to you as the metal legs scrape against the commons’ linoleum floor.
“Not in the mood, Hyuck.” 
The corners of his mouth stretch to the edges of his plump cheeks, bared teeth cringing on display. “Okay… I just wanted to update you that my mom wants your family over for dinner on break. Do you… want me to leave?” 
When he starts looking around the cafeteria, you hurriedly grab your childhood friend’s arm which is hovered near his face holding a breadstick. “No! Stay.” 
Your friend smirks at the needy words and in retaliation, you snatch the warm bread of his weak grip. Hyuck is on the cusp of complaining but eying the pout glued to your lips, he sighs and gives up. 
“Want me to accompany your misery?”
Humming non-committedly, your cheeks puff out from the food you completely stuffed in its confines, not willing to talk much. Biting his lip, Hyuck hesitates to mention what he wants to say. At the puppy eyes you give him, Hyuck finally asks. 
“This about Mark?” 
You shake your head. But on further thinking, you take it back with lips sucked into your mouth and shrug. 
“Ah, this bet with Jeno then?”
Stilling at his name, Hyuck shakes his head mirthfully. “I figured. You two argue?” 
Swallowing harshly, you rest your chin on the palm of your hand. “Yeah. It’s been two days and I’ve tried reaching him but he doesn’t pick up. Nana says he’s ignoring me.” 
Hyuck rolls his eyes at his friend’s shitty behavior. “Fucking idiot. Can’t take a clue for the life of him. Actually…” Hyuck aims his twisted face of disgust towards you, “That applies to your dumbass too.” 
You kick at Hyuck’s ankle lightly. “Hey! You’re not making me feel any better. Stop calling me names, Hyuck!” 
He hisses dramatically, grasping onto his foot like a baby. “Ow! Alright, alright! I was just saying… All of us have been watching this little footsie game between you and Jeno for a while. It’s annoying to see you two mope around when you could just confess and not ruin the vibes! Movie night was boring without you two yesterday.” 
He makes an exaggerated devastated face to pair with his last words. 
“Hyuck…” Your throat tightens and willing yourself not to cry in front of a lot of the campus population right now, you gather yourself more, “Although he’s acting like a fucking idiot right now… I don’t like fighting with him. He’s my best friend.” 
Hyuck smiles softly, taking your worries more seriously now. “I would hope so. You two are the backbone of our entire gaggle of friends. None of us don’t like seeing you two fight either.” 
Biting your lip, you lean closer across the table. “I’ll be honest. I knew that we were taking the bet too far when Mark was starting to get suspicious. And I feel bad for dragging him into it… Is Jeno ignoring Mark too?”
“I’m guessing so… Let’s clarify some things first though,” Hyuck pushes his high plate of food aside with your poor excuse of a salad for lunch, folding his hands in front of himself like a professional therapist, “You have to be completely truthful to me. No lying.”
You nod desperately, roped into Hyuck’s serious tone. 
“Do you like Jeno?” 
Breath stopping, you sit back into your seat. Your hesitation says it all for Hyuck while you look around, afraid of others overhearing. Hyuck gathers your wrists, willing your body to stop squirming. 
“Are you okay with just being his friend? Or do you want to be more?” 
You whine. “Hyuck…” 
“Because if you can’t settle with just being his friend anymore… You should tell him. It hurts more to think about what could’ve been than knowing the truth in the moment. Don’t you agree?” 
Hyuck stares deeply into your conflicted eyes, wanting you to understand him. 
“But… but what if he says he doesn’t—? I mean, you said we were the backbone o-of— then everything would be ruined and things would fall apart!”
“Well, I’ll tell you this now Y/N, that boy is head over heels in love with you. You’ve probably heard this before but seriously… if you consider him your best friend and you know him so well, Jeno would not just cut you out of his life. Especially for feelings you can’t help.”
“Are you sure?” 
Your open expression makes Hyuck grin, left hand going up to ruffle your hair in amusement. 
“Yes, you goof. Now eat up some more breadsticks and let’s begin Operation Confession…” Hyuck grins sinisterly after shoving his pile of said-breadsticks your way, “How you’re going to confess to Jeno.” 
“Hyuck, I’m going to throw up in anxiety if you keep pacing in front of me.” 
Hyuck stills at that, the trek he’s made and burned into your dorm’s floorboards halted. The fingers in his hair rip out, suddenly coming forward to play with your own. 
“Sorry, I’m just worried for you.” Your friend’s eyes are wide, the nerves getting to him as his hands shake while brushing through some of your strands. 
“Worried for me? Hyuck, you’re the one that’s planned this whole thing!” 
“I know but now that the moment is finally here, I’m scared!” 
“Hyuck, stop!” Yanking his hold away from you, you stand and jump to shake the butterflies in your stomach. Your chest felt tight and the breaths you were taking through your nose felt too short for comfort. 
Thoughts of rejection and the possibility of the worst come flooding in like a thunderstorm, drowning your senses and bringing everything forward, including the pasta you and Hyuck demolished an hour ago. 
“Oh my gosh, I think I’m going to be sick.” 
“Woah, woah! Okay!” Hyuck grabs onto your forearms, guiding you to sit back onto your desk chair, “Y/N, you’re going to do just fine, okay? I’ve set up everything for you, all you have to do is be there and tell him.” 
Your eyes meet Hyuck’s and he takes in your frightened expression with open arms. Hugging your frame tightly like you’re his own little sister, his own lids shutt with the sincerity he holds. Hyuck pulls back to pat your cheeks. 
“Don’t be too nervous.”
You roll your eyes. “I can’t help it, alright? Tell me more details! I feel so out of the loop… I mean, it’s been a week and we haven’t talked. How are you getting him to see me?” 
“Don’t worry about that,” Hyuck forces you to take a deep swallow of air and you do so with difficulty and shakiness. 
“Let’s leave. Jaemin is waiting on us.” 
“Jaemin, what’s the ETA?” 
“Uh… I’m in the parking lot right now. His class just got out.” 
Hyuck nods resolutely, the most serious and grave face on. You clutch to his forearm, desperately leaning your ear to hear Jaemin as well. 
“Okay, so what? Five minutes?” Hyuck digs. 
Nana sighs over the receiver. “Dude, are you sure this is okay? He’s been avoiding even me for the past week because I’ve been bugging him about Y/N… we live together! Don’t you think this is going too far?” 
Hyuck clutches the phone tighter, his hand blindly pushing your face away to get some space and focus on answering Jaemin. 
“Dude, go with the excuse and do whatever needs to be done. Pop his fucking tires, I don’t care. We’ve getting these two clueless clowns together today.” 
You pout at Hyuck’s words which are unnecessarily harsh. “I’m right here, you know?” 
Hyuck ignores you, nodding at whatever Jaemin says in response over the phone, which you now can’t listen to. The both of them hang up.
“So?” You rock between your toes and heels, “We just wait here? This park is near his class?” 
Hyuck finally turns while pocketing his phone, nodding. “Yeah, he’ll be here any minute now,” He then grabs onto your shoulders, shaking you like a bobblehead, “You got this, okay? Jaemin will text me when Jeno will head your way.”
Swallowing with difficulty, a noise between distress and a cry climbs from the bottom of your throat. 
“Hyuck, no. No, we’re canceling this whole thing, I’m shitting myself right now! I mean—” You gesture toward the nice picnic dress you have adorned, hair pinned up and light makeup done, “I look so stupid trying so hard and it’s fucking freezing out! He’s going to be weirded out that I’m telling him all this in a fucking park of all places—” 
Hyuck attempts to ease your worries but you’re unable to understand him, crouching to the ground and scolding yourself for being so optimistic.
You get up in a hurry. “Nope! Nope, I’m leaving, I can’t face him today—” 
“Wait! Wait!” Hyuck chases after your quick tread back to his car on the dirt path of the park, urgently starting to whisper and tug at your arm when he feels a buzz in his pocket. 
“He’s coming right now! Stop Y/N—!”
You register Hyuck’s words in your head too late, eyes bulging out the sockets when the turn on the path has Lee Jeno jogging on it. Worry paints his face, his dark hair is matted to his head with sweat as he desperately looks around. Jaemin is calling his name and cursing him to slow down, bent on his knees when his best friend finally stops but only to yell, “Where is she?!” 
Freaking out, you whip around causing Hyuck to skid and dig the heels of his feet to stop himself from running into your frame. Looking over your head, he clutches your shoulders. 
“See?! I was telling you, it’s too late to back out. He’s here!” 
“Oh hell no.”
You push at Hyuck to start walking in the opposite direction but Hyuck shakes his head vehemently before yanking you back. You almost fly to the ground, stumbling with a yelp. It alerts Jeno, who looks over to the sound and recognizes your figure.
Your face turns furious, burning hot in anger. Hyuck freezes and shrivels under the fire of your vengeance, only to smile tightly a second after. 
“Sorry!” He chirps before abandoning you, turning 90 degrees and sprinting straight up the incline of the park’s hill. Hyuck trips on the way to the top, finally reaching the safe haven from your wrath and putting up a clenched fist. 
“You motherfucker!”
Genuinely startled when familiar large hands engulf your waist and turn you around, you come face to face with Jeno, out of breath and eyes wild with fear. 
“Are you alright?!” He starts gently patting your cheeks, gaze fluttering over your body, “Are you hurt anywhere?!”
Jeno’s eyes flicker to the top of the hill, anger still set deep in his eyebrows. “Was that him!? The attacker?” 
“W-What? What attacker!? Why would I be hurt—?” 
“Jaemin said some guy hit you with his bike!!” 
Leaning over to peer past Jeno’s forearm, Jaemin jumps when meeting your eyes, slowly placing his foot behind a tree, following it with the other to hide his guilty expression. 
“You… didn’t get hit?” 
Looking back to Jeno’s blinking, confused at your twisted face, you can’t help but laugh at the stupid lie. 
“What— of course not! I’m fine! There’s not even a bike around us anywhere!” 
“Then why did Jaemin—” Jeno catches the sight of chestnut hair flapping at the top of the hill, peeking eyes blinking over the two of you. “These dumb idiots…” 
He’s tonguing at the inside of his cheek, head thrown back in annoyance. You suck your mouth in at that, finally realizing what Jaemin and Hyuck had planned behind both of your backs. Rubbing at your forearms, you cave in on yourself, shoulders drooping in anxiety. 
Heart beating out of your chest, you open your mouth to speak up but Jeno suddenly whips his head forward to peer straight into your eyes.
His mouth opens to start talking more but something within himself forces him to stop. It was just like the last time you two fatefully argued. 
As he considers how to put out his words, your facial expression is wide and hopeful. It causes Jeno’s heart to stutter. Suppressing himself from seeing you for an entire week was a complete miracle and a curse. 
Sure, it felt good when his phone would light up, vibrating with your caller id on his phone. But leaving it unanswered made his stomach twist the first two days. After that, Jeno would constantly look to see if you had called again, like the imbecile he knew he was being in this situation. 
Attempting to own up to how mean he was, Jeno would hover over the call button on your contact… but your profile picture would always halt his thumb from facing you head-on. 
Both of your backs are facing the camera but you’re clearly smiling up at him in the picture. Your eyes are crinkled up to and although you always love to point out how endearing his squinted eyes were, he’s never had the courage to say yours were cuter in his opinion. 
From there on, Jeno would think of how you smile when Mark is around. Like that time in the commons, or at the picnic table under the willow tree, or at that stupid sleepover. Jealousy would consume him and slide a hazy, red-tinted window of anger over his vision before Jeno tosses his phone away. 
But a few moments later, he’ll feel guilt and stupidity for acting possessive of you. He had no right. You’re weren’t his and you never were.You never would be if he didn’t even take the chance to tell you how he’s felt for the past two years… You must hate him, you must absolutely loathe him for pushing you away like this… 
He hates it too. 
The wise phrase— “You only miss what you have until it’s gone,” is entirely true and Lee Jeno would bet everything on those words. If only he could turn back time and take back that small moment of curiosity at the 127 frat party. If only he hadn’t felt the urge to see whether his small suspicion of Mark liking you was anything solid. If only he hadn’t placed that bet and gotten your interest piqued. 
But you deserve to be happy. Jeno, as your best friend, should want you to be happy. And right now, you weren’t if you were scared of losing him. The sooner Jeno gets over you, the sooner you could be happy again. 
With this in mind, Jeno swallows harshly while digging his hands into his pockets, ready to get rejected. “Y/N, I’m sorry for ignoring you this past week. I’ve… been thinking a lot…” 
You let Jeno talk, knowing he needs to get something off his chest. Seeing his face contort with how much he’s been holding in, your grip on your forearms tighten to avoid trying to comfort Jeno.
“You should be mad at me for how childish I’ve been acting over this bet, right?” Jeno peeks at your expression, flickering between the ground and your expression. You don’t give anything away though, only tucking your lips into your mouth. 
“I’m sorry.”
“For what specifically?” 
He hums, trying to gain confidence to look forward. “Just being a dick. I know we don’t have many big disagreements so I’m sorry you had to learn I tend to push people away like this when I get angry.” 
Your laugh twinkles in his ears and Jeno can’t help but smile softly. “Oh, I know, you meathead. I just tended to be a bystander and not on the receiving end of the silent treatment.”
His lips quirk up when you cross your arms, brows furrowed. “Cute.”
For once, he finally gives into the urge of telling you, smiling. 
“Horrible timing, Jeno,” You slap his arm out of complete habit, embarrassment getting the best of you. Jeno can only grin, happy to see your crinkled eyes make an appearance. 
“And also, I look cute everyday.” 
“You do.” 
Squinting, you shake your head. “You’re buttering me up to accept this semi-shitty apology, aren’t you?” 
Jeno’s shoulders shake in amusement. “Princess, stop thinking I have an ulterior motive all the time.” 
“What’s all these compliments with the apology then? Are you going to tell me why you got so angry over this bet?” The rambling starts, questions spilling forward while you momentarily forget to tell Jeno your feelings, “I mean, I know we’re both competitive, and maybe I was taking it too far by getting Mark somewhat on my side to make you nervous—”
“You what—?”
You wave away Jeno’s indignation. “But I promise he doesn’t know what the bet is about! He just knows he’s involved! I’m still really confused why you pushed me away in the first place though because you’re the one who proposed the bet first! Really, if anything, you should have realized how unfair the bet on your side was before remaking the rules—”
Jeno sighs before interrupting you, bracing for the worst with cringed teeth. “It’s because I like you.” 
The swallow of your saliva while rambling makes it halfway down your throat before you cough, turning in shock to not spit in Jeno’s face. You accidently meet Hyuck’s gaze, his own irises widening on his friend’s confession. Somewhere in the background, the loudest gasp is heard very conspicuously behind a tree. 
“And I know I’m fucking stupid and horrifically dumb for not realizing it until you started getting really close to Mark but—” Jeno rubs at the back of his neck, unwilling to see your reaction to his words. 
“Sounds very toxic for your masculinity—” 
Jeno clears his throat awkwardly.
“But—! I’m working on it. I also know you really don’t see me like that, knowing how upset you were about how I was talking about Mark—”
You tug at one of Jeno’s arms, panicking at his assumptions. “How do you know I don’t see you like that?”
Jeno’s eyes go as wide as saucers. “Are you saying you do?”
“I mean…” You chuckle, gesturing towards the two mutual friends you had camping around the both of you, and then to your outfit, “Hyuck got me to wear a dress in the middle of November. What other special occasions like confessing to my crush would require me to look like this? ” 
Jeno snorts, tucking your hair behind your ear. “Well, in your usual words, fashion sacrifices. And you look very pretty. Unfortunately, I’m all sweaty from sprinting here after thinking you got hurt.” 
You curl your arms around Jeno’s neck, grinning with a slight laugh. “Oh yeah, you’re a real idiot for falling for those words so easily.”
“Seems like you’re stuck with this idiot now…” Jeno swallows roughly, smiling eyes darting to your lips, “Will you go out with me?” 
You lean in, a hair's breadth away from making you two official.
“What did your mom say about dinner?” 
Humming, you start the timer and face your phone’s screen up, returning to join Jeno’s watch party of the Yeri and company’s picnic table. Hyuck was over there currently, rubbing shoulders with the older girl. 
“You’re all set. She said she’s excited to meet you since Hyuck bragged last break how he got the two of us together.”
Jeno looks away just as Yeri stands up, Joy jumping at her sudden movement. He peers at your side profile and the happy grin you’ve got on. 
“Hyuck did not.” 
You sigh, sending a grin Jeno’s way. “He did. He has my whole family on the edge of their seats, waiting to meet you.” 
Jeno groans, his forehead banging against the picnic table. “Don’t tell me that. Now I have even higher expectations to meet.” 
“Don’t worry,” You drag out while rubbing Jeno’s back, eyes glued to Hyuck slowly backing away from Yeri, “I’ve never brought someone home before but my family knows whoever I will bring home means a lot to me. That’s enough for them, trust me.” 
Jeno turns his head, resting his cheek on the palm of his hand now. “That didn’t make me feel any better.” 
You laugh, pressing a quick peck to your boyfriend’s pouty lips. 
Finally, Hyuck’s signature high-pitched screech of terror alerts everyone in the campus plaza of his next hustle with Yeri. 
Jeno hurriedly peers over to your phone’s screen, collapsing onto the table again in defeat. You don’t have to look at the timer to know you’ve won, instead further attempting to heal Jeno’s suffering this particular bet made back a few months ago and about meeting your parents soon. 
“It was exactly two minutes and fifty-eight seconds.” Jeno groans, muzzling his voice and hair as he tunnels himself into his arms. 
You burst into laughter, leaning on Jeno’s body as Yeri grabs a fistful of snow and makes Hyuck fall on his back with the powerful throw. 
“Please don’t laugh at my pain.” Jeno peeks up at you. 
“No, no, look!” You’re gasping in air as Hyuck slowly gathers himself and starts walking over to you two again, face completely red from the cold snowball launched at it. 
Jeno can’t help but fall in line. As Hyuck approaches you closer, the funniest expression of a defeat is glued on his tomato-colored face. You almost fall back off your seat but Jeno clutches your arm at the last minute. 
“You two enjoy seeing me in pain so much, don’t you?” Hyuck collapses into the bench, a flurry of snow fluttering into the wooden table. You and Jeno bend even farther forward, laughing your asses off. 
“Well I hope that stupid bet you two just had was worth it. Especially given all I’ve done for you idiots…” Hyuck grumbles.
Jeno suddenly stops chuckling, now completely void of any humor and getting up slowly. “About that asshole… what did you say to her parents, huh?”
“What?!” Hyuck’s eyes are humongous, flickering over to you for some help, “Nothing bad, I promise! All good things!”
“Oh, I know you, Lee Donghyuck—”
“— Not the full government name…” You snicker. 
Jeno bends to grab snow, “You and your devilish words probably spilled—”
“Of how much of an asshat you are?” Hyuck daringly leans his chin up, teasing your boyfriend in good fun, “Yeah! Maybe I did.” 
With that, Hyucks rounds the table in a flash, using you as a shield as a snowball fight commences. Renjun, being just around the corner for arriving for the usual lunch, gets a clump of white in the balls and Chenle and Jisung pounce on their oldest friend for fun. Jaemin slinks in to sit on the sidelines calmly until you and Mark target him. 
Your fear of ruining the friend group was irrational and this specific moment solidifies that fact. Because as Jeno drags you to the ground to tickle, fluff in his hair and in yours, you sober up. You take in the moment and hear the sound of those gaggle of chaotic boys you call your friend group in the back before tugging at Jeno’s jacket to meet his cold lips. 
Let’s just say, as the two people being the backbone of eight, you wouldn’t have things any other way. 
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diosbride · a month ago
so.. hear me out.. you know how kurt says he’s “all about love” on his stream? how about reader is almost as unhinged as he is, showing up to every stream and viewing every video. they understand and worship the lesson. now that he’s all about love reader is too and tries to get him to love them back
- n.e
paparazzi | kurt kunkle
Tumblr media
warnings: typical spree stuff, obsessions, hit and runs, makeout sessions
a/n: first kurt request.. i hope i did him justice!! love the idea btw i love when readers are just as cuckoo as him
to call yourself obsessed with kurtsworld96 is a grave understatement. you weren't sure exactly how you discovered such an obscure influencer, it was likely youtube's algorithm being generous, but it was one of the best things to ever happen to you.
every video of his would receive a like from you. every stream would result in you two chatting about anything and everything before it inevitably ends with his mom calling him down for dinner. but that was the extent of your relationship—a fan and content creator.
you're enamoured with the idea of becoming his number one fan, his ride or die, his most loyal follower. every time he greets you on stream your heart soars.
once he began the lesson, however, you became determined to meet him. a real, genuine meeting, and you were going to win him over for good. you worship the lesson, it's not staged prank content like his friend bobby, it's real. it's gritty. and, in your opinion, incredibly attractive.
who cares about the people you left behind to travel all the way to outside LA. kurt is all that matters in your lovesick state.
opening the gogo app, you frantically search for kurt's description. according to his stream, he should be searching for unlucky victims right about now, despite spree being suspended.
you're about to grow frustrated until you see your saviour's profile appear. you couldn't possibly be happier.
immediately requesting a ride, you fish out your handcrafted, shoddily made kurtsworld hat and drop it onto the top of your head. you cannot wait to see the look on his face when he catches you adorning it.
after a few minutes of listening to him ramble to the camera about how he's surprised no passengers have recognized him, you hear him announce that he thinks he has his eyes on the prize—you.
you enter the stolen vehicle with a skip in your step, except this time you find comfort in the passenger seat.
"whoa whoa w—hey, wait, is that a..?" he stammers out, initially apprehensive at your choice of seating but you see him ease up once he notices your headwear.
"yes, kurt, i'm literally your biggest fan," you answer breathlessly, showing off your hat to the camera. "i loved watching you kill all those jerks, but now that you're all about love it's even better, you know? i've been watch—"
you're interrupted by kurt laughing out of pure glee. he's never felt this loved before. "holy shit you guys, we actually ... we have a real fan in the house," he trips over his own words out of unfiltered excitement. he made it. fuck his other tens of thousands of viewers, this person, this angel, is all that matters.
the two of you spend what feels like an eternity chatting, just like old times.
"what's your favourite video i've made?" he asks, and if your vision isn't deceiving you, he's blushing. hard.
"gotta be your horror movie reviews. i liked you before the lesson too. but your water bottle tutorial was really useful too, i know a few people who really need to drink one." you reply instantly, as if you planned out the whole conversation.
in truth, you did rehearse your answers to certain questions, you're infatuated with your plan to impress kurt and win him over. some may call you unhinged, but you're the kind of person who'd do anything for love.
the chat isn't too fond of your friendly behaviour with each other. they're begging for something gory to happen, and honestly, a death at kurt's hand isn't something you'd hate that much.
he listens for their pleas to start driving and places his hands on the wheel. "you want to go to the...construction site, right...?" he asks with a raised brow.
"yeah! i loved the gummy bear part of the stream, i'd love to check the place out myself." a smile graces his features in response to your words. he's still shocked that someone actually likes his content enough to spend time with him.
as you drive down the bumpy road, he pipes up. "so, like, what's your handle? i'll follow you back,"
"we've been mutuals for years, kurt."
"wait, you're—" he repeats your username, the one person other than bobby who continuously tunes into his content. "damn. that's so cool. it was always...neat seeing you pop in,"
you perk up as your face grows warm, "you really think so? it means a lot."
"of... of course i think so. i couldn't have done it without... well, you..."
as he steers, you embrace the boldness kurt gives you and you peck him on the cheek. the skin is flushed beneath your lips, and he nearly crashes at the contact.
"i... oh god, you just.. i really... i really want to.."
"look! some dumbass is crossing the street! hit them, hit them!" you jump out of your seat and point towards a middle aged man, and kurt speeds up.
he's so flustered that he's still registering the kiss, but he complies, hitting the pedestrian with a bone—chilling thump.
his viewers are growing every second, the chat congratulating him for getting some action, while others toss insults at the life you two just ended.
"our first kill," you say as you two lock eyes and he has the giddiest grin on his face.
finally reaching your destination, he opens the driver side door and does a loop around the car to open yours. such a gentleman.
with his clammy hand in yours, you step out.
"sooo, this is the spot where i ran that douchebag over," he points around the area, shuffling his feet. "i can... show you the junkyard with the dogs too, if you want."
you nod enthusiastically, "i'd love to see that."
"great, great. uhh.." as he thinks of what to say next, you approach him. draping your arms around his neck, you press a kiss to his chapped lips. he can't help but groan at your touch, never having kissed anybody like this before.
he instinctively pulls you off.
"i... that was..."
"yeah. nice. do you wanna take this to my...back to my car, or something?" nodding again at his words, you reach for his hand again and stroll to the vehicle with him.
you crawl inside and kurt immediately gets comfortable on top of you, shoving his face into yours. you can tell he's inexperienced when it comes to kissing, but you return the touches, fingers finding refuge in his tufts of hair. his kisses are sloppy but passionate, his longing to be loved presenting itself in each action.
"i've always wanted to..." he mutters as he pulls away for air. "...kiss someone like that. i'm glad it was a fan and not some jerk at one of bobby's parties,"
your heart hammers in your chest as you respond with another breathless kiss. you're actually kissing your idol, and his entire stream is watching. kinda forgot about that.
without warning, a police car skids into the lot, and you and kurt exchange glances of horror.
he rushes to the driver's seat, yelling at you to put on a seatbelt as he preps for blastoff.
he peels out of the area, driving to god knows where.
"well, my little... partner in crime... do you wanna finish what we started somewhere else?"
"of course."
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new-ronantics · a month ago
i don’t think people realize that at this point it’s much more important for queer stories to be shown in a positive light than it is to portray them “realistically”.
(there’s also an issue in the idea that queer characters/couples not suffering 24/7 is inherently unrealistic, but that’s another can of worms.)
there are plenty of “realistic” queer love stories out there. we get it. most queer people lead miserable lives, never get happy endings, and are generally shunned from society, right? we know this. we see it all the time. we experience it. i’d like to think that we’ve come far enough to say that representation is no longer just about queer people being included—it’s also about depicting them in a way that’s somehow meaningful, fulfilling, and—dare i say—hopeful.
is will’s self-hatred, shame, and overall reluctance to come out to anyone a realistic portrayal of the experience of being a closeted gay kid in the 80s? yes, of course it is. nobody thinks it isn’t. the problem is that, ultimately, this is a TV show with a narrative. it’s supposed to tell a story, and a good one at that.
my question is this: what does will having unrequited feelings for his (supposedly) straight best friend do for the narrative? what does it do to develop any characters involved? the answer is nothing. it does absolutely nothing. it’s just another unnecessary tragic ending for a queer character who’s already suffered beyond belief. will’s arc could have easily been separate from mike’s; it could have been all about self-acceptance and gaining confidence in his identity, but this is very pointedly the route they didn’t choose, and that is why queer people are upset by the path vol 2 went down.
to watch a gay kid’s feelings be used as a prop to push the main heterosexual couple back together is humiliating. to see a lesbian watch as her crush kisses her shock-factor boyfriend is humiliating. it’s like it’s being rubbed in our faces—hey, look, people like you will never be happy! haha!
that’s not the representation we need anymore. it’s not impactful or satisfying or new, it’s just depressing. realism only matters so much in a sci-fi horror/drama, and i’ve honestly never seen so many people bitch and moan about realism until the conversation was about queer characters finding happiness.
so no, queer people are not just sad because their ship didn’t become canon. that is not what this is about. pay more attention, please.
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