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HONEY. The only thing you need to be in life…. Is yourself. The rest will follow. 🌈

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i genuinely believe that if they announced a remake of ouran high school host club it would break the internet

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Some enamel pins I’m in the process of getting made! I decided to go with my theme and aesthetic of DONUTS! Impossible donuts!! I feel like some of these designs are stronger than others, so I’m focusing on honey and sakura getting made right now. Which do you like? Please check out my instagram at donatsuya (donut shop)

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Roasted chicken and artichoke with garlic, honey, Italian seasoning and lemon over rice
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Evil Is Evil. Lesser, Greater, Middling. Makes No Difference. The Degree Is Arbitrary. The Definition’s Blurred. If I’m To Choose Between One Evil And Another… I’d Rather Not Choose At All.

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They’re good!

All the gals are happy and healthy in their new home! They have lots of nectar being stored up already and have already started building back up their combs. Most of them are already fully attached to the frames already.

I also caught a quick look at her majesty the queen, and even saw her putting down eggs in real-time!!

These bees are also quite friendly. I found them easier than most to get along with during the extraction, and even when doing this first inspection today they were calm as ever. Only one little warrior flew at me, but only as a warning it seemed. Can’t wait to see how they grow!

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While I was making stickers, I thought why not make some subtle anime ones. So I made the roses that correspond to the different hosts in Ouran <3

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English: honey

1. a sweet viscid fluid, esp. that collected by bees from flowers of plants, and deposited in the cells of the honeycomb

2. to be gentle, agreeable, or coaxing

3. also, to be or become obsequiously courteous or complimentary


- French: miel

- German: der Honig

- Hindi: शहद

- Italian: miele

- Portuguese: mel

- Spanish: miel


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