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A conversation noted in April 2017, relevant again because today it was Tristan who rendered assistance–

Yvaine’s Portable Furniture, to Yvaine, after she licked up something I dripped on the floor: Thank you, sweetheart, your assistance is invaluable.

Tristan’s Fetch and Tug Buddy: By which you mean it has no value.

YPF: It was honey.

TFaTB: Oh. Yes. That is very helpful.

Seriously, the first-pass spaniel tongue saves me a lot of scrubbing.

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He gave all of it to us and I CAN’T seem to stop thinking about it. 😭🙌 I had to buy the albums too. There’s a photo card I want and for once I’m going to open my albums to see if I got it. I could trade later but it’s a moment I need. 😂🥵  It’s the one where his lipstick is smeared and he’s holding up a happy face smiley balloon with slightly unkempt hair. 😮👌 #thankyoustylist 🥵🥵


Honey version also gives us these two gems:


H E L P             M E


But that’s bubblegum cinnamon naughty Baek and I’m just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, y’know? I love it all and I need to read all the fics. I never could write Baekhyun but mayBe I’ll give it another chance. I’m thinking sub puppy Baekhyun and Xuxi but we’ll see. I just NEED all of the above AND I’m thankful he gave us something light and fresh. 😭🍬✨

His vlives have been adorable too. He really wanted to make people feel joy with this album and he succeeded. Although he made some of us… uh… feel other things that involve slightly more smeared lipstick, messier hair, subby baby on his knees, ready to be cheeky but also ready to please. LOVE THIS CONCEPT. 😂😏🍭❤️

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“I speak a lot of people and It’s quite easy to get along with me but it costs a little that I consider someone friend but I care for everyone around me and always look after their welfare. When people have a problem they usually come to me, I am a good listener and very understanding and I do not care to hear any problem that someone has, neither do I care what relationship they have with me, I am always willing to help anyone who asks me. 2/5Yet I don’t apply this to myself. I have no self-esteem, I am very demanding with myself, I have an extremely fragile emotional stability and I have many self-destructive habits, I don’t tell anyone this and I keep everything to myself, I don’t allow anyone to help me and I always want to deal with my problems alone even though I know I can’t. I have a rather sarcastic mood and according to my friends I am quite funny. My friends say that talking with me is a rollercoaster 3/5because I go from talking happy and cheerful things to the opposite in a second, I’m quite affectionate but if people don’t like it I have no problem with stopping, I am very polite and I hate to insult or say bad words. I’m also very protective of the people I care about, I am preceptive with feelings and I can know how a person feels or how he/she is just seeing him/her 4/ 5 I am also very cowardly and fearful. My friends and teachers tell me that I could dedicate myself to both singing and drawing, but my family doesn’t support me so I don’t know if I can dedicate myself to this. Also my friends tell me that I am a complicated person to understand, they call me the ultimate understatement. People underestimate me in everything. Sorry if it has too long 5/5”

Hi! Thank you for the request! And don’t worry it’s not a problem at all, instead I’m really sorry for the delay ;;😭

I ship you with…

Haninozuka Mitsukuni (Honey)


Originally posted by babypinkroses-sweetromance

(from Ouran Host Club)

Honey is a mostly chill and quite playful guy, with a energetic and joyful attitude that makes him really cute, given his small height too, that makes him seem even more childish than he really is. He always seems happy, but he changes mood quickly, the others say that it’s bc he’s an AB blood type, but it’s mostly given by the fact that he’s more clever and intelligent than he wants others to see, acting mature only when needed, being a quite good adviser, but only when asked, since he doesn’t want to baby others, thinking that it’s better to work for their path instead of giving too much help. He’s a big eater, specially for sweets, in fact he likes to be spoiled a little too.

Being the friendly and candid person Honey is, he’ll approach you to greet you without the minimal problem, smiling and making you a little more at ease thanks to his joyful attitude and a propose to eat some sweets together and maybe he could even lend you his bunny Usa-chan if you like. He’ll treat you as a close person from the start, filling the silence of your quietness with his non-stop chatting, though he’ll always be sure that you aren’t uncomfortable, not forcing you to talk, but neither to stay still and silent and trying to understand you better day by day. In fact since that moment he’ll become a constant presence in your life, finding him where you don’t expect him, with a big smile and loud scream to greet you, maybe even with a hug.

He’ll never think of you as sad or depressed, and not even frank or insensitive, instead using his weapons (his cute appearance and his skills in martial arts) to make others stop, doing deer eyes or kicking some asses, always with a smile on his face, since he gets angry if you get hurt by someone and he doesn’t want to happen at all. He’ll love to know that you care for him, jumping around happily at the news, telling you that he cares a lot about you too and becoming even more affectionate, not having a problem with you being affectionate in return with him, instead being really glad about it and using any occasion to jump on you or stay by your side. While walking he’ll ask to hold your hand for sure, squeezing it lovingly.

Though he’ll tell you almost anything that comes to his mind, from the smallest details of what happened during his day, he won’t ask for your help often, since he’s the type who prefers to hold alone his duties and feelings, but even just your presence by his side will help him a lot, cheering him up in a way you have no idea, finding it reassuring and comforting when he’s in a bad mood. Instead he’ll do his best to be the perfect person to lean on for you, giving you advices if you ask for them or just listening to you if you need a ear to borrow, doing his best to cheer you up. If you don’t wanna talk about it though, he won’t force you to do it, staying silent (however much he really can be) and doing his best to cheer you up. Anyway he won’t really agree with your way of doing, so every now and then he’ll remark how you can ask him to lend you a hand to do anything and he’ll be there for you, in those serious moments.

You two will anyway have a really great time together, playing a lot and finding things to do, even the dumbest one will be really funny. He’ll laugh a lot in your company, loving your humor, though he won’t really understand your sarcasm. Even if he uses it a lot when talking, specially with the people he doesn’t like.

He won’t have problem with your changes of mood, since he does it too, passing from real happiness to the deepest sadness in a wink, but he’ll always do his best to make you more happy than sad, since he worries a lot about you and he doesn’t want to make you sad.

Also he’s not the type to insult or say bad words too (if we don’t count when he’s in a dark mood) so he’ll appreciate the fact that you don’t do it, always repeating how kind and nice you are thanks to that and using you as an example when someone does it in his presence, shouting his complains.

He’ll be reallly supportive with you, also telling you to follow your dreams no matter what but that he’ll respect your decision even if you won’t, since it’s your life. But mostly he’ll repeat how you should decide on your own, instead of letting your family shape your future.

and Isuzu Sohma (Rin)


Originally posted by the-word-huntress

(from Fruits Basket)/and now we even have the gifs yoohoo)

Though seeming intimidating, cold and aggressive person, Rin is caring in his own way. She’s observant and perceptive, so she understands people easily, though most of the time she uses it as a weapon to keep away people from her, since she finds really difficult to open up and get along with others. She’s really loyal, in fact she would do anything to make the people she loves happy, even sacrificing her own happiness for them, loving them deeply and without limits. A thing she hates it’s to show herself as vulnerable, using her strong shield as a mask, but actually she just wants to be loved and become easy to understand when you know her better, even behind the curtain of lies she tells to anyone and herself too.

Honestly she won’t think of you as cold or insensitive, she used to be labeled as that so she knows that she shouldn’t just uses appearance as the only truth. She’ll be rather difficult to get along, but she won’t be mean with you as you could expect from her cold and dark attitude, though she’ll always be maybe too blunt about her ideas or opinions, seeming rampant most of the time. Knowing her better though will make you see more of her real behavior, kinder and protective, and your being perceptive with feelings will help you with that, since you can notice when she changes mood easily and see how she really is behind the curtains she’s using to hide.

Even when not being closer yet she’ll care for you in little way, like not taking you in really social place, even if this is given by her not wanting to have too people around, but also asking for your opinion and waiting your times when you need them. She won’t force you to talk if you don’t want to, but she’ll also ask you bluntly why you’re always so quiet and if you don’t feel the need to stand up for yourself sometimes. With the time though she’ll just understand you without problems, though sometimes she’ll ask you for your opinion in serious situations, since she doesn’t want to assume something wrong. But she won’t have really problems with anything of that or your shy personality, it’s just that she’s worried that you won’t speak for youself when needed if she’s not around, even knowing that you don’t like to be helped in your things.

In fact she’ll always lend a hand (sometimes trying to fix the whole thing if it can help you) from the shadow, not letting you know since she realize that you would prefer to do anything alone, but she can’t let you do that and she doesn’t see the problem in helping you if she can do that. But if you ask she’ll just remain silent, not saying anything about that even if you insist.

Though she always acts as strong and independant, she has her traumas given by her abusive past, so she will search in you a reassuring presence, even if she doesn’t notice it, since she doesn’t want to bother anyone with her troubles. If you insist a lot and make her understand that she can lean on you if she feels like it, maybe she’ll open up a little, but she’ll need a lots of time to do that, being really awkward at first since she’s not used to it at all and she feels uncomfortable. But little by little she’ll allow herself to search for help, even if she trusted you since lots of time before.

With the time you’ll see her smiling more often in your company, specially after a sarcastic remark of yours, grinning to herself but changing again to her fierce expression if you let her notice, since it was only a impulse. In fact she’ll always have fun with you, appreciating the time spent together, even if you can change moods, but staying by your side when you want to do something or even when you just want to chill out a little. She’ll appreciate your humor a lot though, and she’ll find adorable your not wanting to say bad words or insults, pinching your cheeks.

She won’t get angry at you often, in fact it will happen only when she feels as if you’re letting others put their feet on your head even for things you really want. In fact even with her bluntness she’s really supportive towards you, giving you advices to help you improve a little your confidence but also scolding you since for her the world is in black and white and so every decision would be much easier.

That’s all! Hope you liked them and I’m really sorry for the waiting and delay ;;

Have a nice day 💗💗💗💗

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This is why it’s good to inspect your hives weekly this time of year. Hive No. 1 developed and capped a #queencell within a week. 🎥 Seriously? Can’t Be Having Any Swarms In June
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Ever since lockdown started mid-March, I’ve invested a lot more time into gardening, and also into exercising. Both keep me sane, and I’ve found that serotonin thing is no shit! And my triceps are developing by the day, I kid you not! So, when I get peckish, I’d rather have something filling that would not erase the results of all these squats, hand-release press-ups and mountain climbers Karl Te Nana has me doing! These Cashew and Tumeric Enery Balls are that very kind of treat: indulgent and satisfying, and also chocka with good stuff, that will keep you going…whether you’re tilling soil before planting flowers or herbs, or doing sit-ups!

Ingredients (makes a dozen):

  • ½ cup raw cashews
  • ¾ cup Medjool dates
  • 2 ½ tablespoons raw honey, such as heather or Manuka
  • 1 teaspoon ground tumeric
  • about 2 tablespoons flax seeds

Place cashews in a food processor. Pit Medjool dates, and add to the food processor as well. Blitz until finely chopped.

Add Manuka Honey and ground tumeric to the food processor, and blitz once more, until well-combined.

Take about a heaped teaspoonful of the mixture, and roll into balls between slightly wet hands. Repeat with remaining mixture until you have a dozen balls, then roll each ball into flax seeds, to coat.

Chill at least 20 minutes in the refrigerator to firm up.

Enjoy one or two (or more!) Cashew and Tumeric Enery Balls any time you feel a bit peckish!

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lmao ik i haven’t updated that in a while 😅 but fear not! i am trying hard to get the schedule for the smaus sorted out! here is the update timetable for smau updates so that each of my smaus get more regular updates and i don’t need to fret abt forgetting!

lava girl — every monday and friday at 8pm Hong Kong time

honey — every tuesday and sunday at 8pm Hong Kong time

listen to your mother — every thursday and saturday at 8pm Hong Kong time

i know this schedule looks really packed but they will all be queued so i (should) be fine! if i miss any days, the missed chapter will be guaranteed to be posted before noon the next day :))

feel free to send me asks about my smaus!

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