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#honors chemistry

yooo since i’m taking advanced chemistry next year can y’all give me some advice if there’s anything i should probably get a head start memorizing beforehand??

edit: do any of you know any good websites/apps that i can use to help strengthen my algebra abilities cause i’m absolute shit at math but i have to take advanced algebra II next year

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When you study for finals with your boyfriend of a year...
Me: solids can't morph into each other you dumbass
boyfriend: that would be great tho... Best sex ever
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Warning: Rant.
I’m going crazy man.
My honors chemistry teacher is killing me. I have a really whiny class and he gives into their every demand. I do not whine. I do my work and take notes and do not make him angry. But he takes it out on me. We’re crazy behind and our SOL and lab final are in 2 weeks. He’s pissing me off with his unjustified hatred toward me.
My AP English teacher is a nice woman. I like her. She’s funny and she’s really trying to help us with our health. BUT SHE HATES ME AND MY WRITING. I know I should be seizing this to learn how to write, but how am I supposed to learn when she’s not showing me what I’m doing wrong and how to correct my errors? We have a huge research paper due Friday and I have it less than half done. Ugh. I can’t even.
My second fish died last night. His friend is friend is still alive. I hurt because I loved him. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I lost a beta and now a goldfish. Josh is still alive and he looks pretty healthy. He had fin rot, but it’s gone now. I hope he makes it.
Ugh. I can’t deal with anything. I don’t want to feel because I know if I feel I will cry. I don’t want to talk to anyone because I know they have it worse than me at the moment and I’ll feel like a jerk. Ugh. I ache everywhere and existing just hurts.

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My mom just yelled at me for getting slightly less than an 80% in two classes because of bad quizzes that I either can’t retake or just took in class today. It’s like, mom, threatening to take away extracurriculars or things that make me less stresses isn’t going to help. It’s going to make it worse. I even talked to my brother to ask a question on homework and he said it wasn’t something he had to do when he was in my exact same class

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