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hades-horcrux · 10 minutes ago
Reyna and Rachel are literally the only 2 people that have canon middle names like not even the main freaking character Percy Jackson has a middle name so therefore they are superior end of discussion
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rottingold · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Decided to scrap out one more pixelated Nico before bed:)
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ethannku · 2 hours ago
the more and more i think about nico and jason separately the more and more i find myself thinking about them together... valgrace and solangelo will forever be my otps but i am Thinking about jasico......
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ethannku · 2 hours ago
i’m thinking about this post and my vampire nico idea (and there is a greek version of those! they are called vrykolakas and they are the predecessors of modern vampires... very interesting...)
anyways vampire nico in canon would be so intersting because that whole idea of knowing he’ll end up at hades’ throne being subverted by the fact that nico is already dead. like? rr goes back and forth on whether or not other religion’s underworlds exist (like the traditional christian heaven vs. just elysium, or the rebirth cycle of hinduism that doesn’t depend on how good of a person you are) so does that mean that if nico were truly killed, would his ‘soul’ go to ‘hell’ (fields of punishment) or would he just. cease to exist. or like??? what???
but also just the angst of nico being secure in the knowledge that he’ll end up with his father no matter what happens and then being turned into a vamp and not having that security anymore. for nico in canon, death isn’t the end. he’ll still exist as a prince of the underworld running his father’s errands. but if he’s a vamp then he won’t have any sense of security. not back up plans. if he dies, he’s dead. he won’t get a second chance. he won’t get to stay in the underworld and live with his father or wait for his friends. none of that.
no one asked for this but the idea was bouncing around in my head so i decided fuck it and i wrote this haha. these still aren’t all of my thoughts, bc the idea of nico’s afterilfe security being taken away is just... fascinating for me. i put nico through so much angst 😭
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ray-fen · 2 hours ago
Nico di Angelo 🤝 Wanda Maximoff
Leo Valdez 🤝 Tony Stark
Jason Grace 🤝 Cap/Thor
Reyna 🤝 Captain Marvel/Gamora
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rottingold · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
So drawing isn’t working out anymore<33
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solace-seekers · 3 hours ago
i did in fact pick dolphins bc of u 😌 thank u for the input
🥰🥰🥰 im so glad. because dolphins do have pretty privilege and everyone’s like “they’re amazing!!” when in actuality they are major assholes. piper uses this knowledge and tells percy he reminds them of a dolphin and watches as he sputters offended because he does know they’re assholes and thinks she does not. it’s great to watch <3
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ray-fen · 3 hours ago
Jason and Nico are always fucking passing out.
We should have had a moment in HOO where Jason and Nico get back from a mini mission together and just collapse at the same time lmaooo
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apvllos · 4 hours ago
any mistakes that percy jackson made were ooc i don’t care go shout at rick
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ethannku · 4 hours ago
Solangelo and grocery shopping (from that list thingy). I feel like that could be hilarious.
so will and nico both have completely different grocery shopping styles. like will likes lists and not spending a lot of time in shops, whereas nico is just in awe of all the stuff and likes to walk up and down aisles to find things. 
this leads to will basically chaperoning nico through the grocery store and being like “no, we can’t buy those marshmallows because you are already bought a bar of chocolate.” 
sometimes nico will just sneak things into the cart and will will pretend not to notice it once they get to check out. or nico’ll be like “how did that get here? oh well we’re already checking out, it’s too late to put it back.” when the cashier tries to say that they can give it back, will glares at them and buys whatever it is nico wants.
but, if nico wants to cook, then he goes into grocery stores with single minded purpose. these times, will is the one who likes to lollygag or check out other brands, whereas nico has specific brands and products in mind otherwise his planned dish won’t turn out perfect. 
mostly nico just likes to buy chocolates and ice creams though. and he’ll definitely buy things for the stolls’ illegal trade of junk food, for sure. 
these were more headcanons than a bulletpoint fic, but i hope you liked it nonetheless!!
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ethannku · 5 hours ago
the cooking one for valgrace for the bullet point fic thing!!
so leo piper and jason all live in an apartment together, and leo or piper are the ones to cook normally. 
this isn’t because leo and piper very much like cooking, but more so because jason almost set the house on fire when he tried to make pasta
(he didn’t know you had to boil water first, so he just put the pasta directly in the pan)
they’ve all dormed/lived together for a few years now, but jason and leo have had some unspoken chemistry between them. they haven’t acknowledged it, but they haven’t dated anyone (piper doesn’t count) in the years since both of them came out as bisexual.
anyways back to cooking: piper is out on a date one day, so leo is the one who is left to cooking. jason is aiming for law school (wdym i’m projecting??) and he’s getting stressed about lsat testing. logic problems + adhd don’t go very well, especially when he can hear leo humming and frying things in the kitchen. so he calls out to leo and asks if he can help cook.
it’s like there’s been a record scratch, but once jason walks into the kitchen and leo can read how exhausted he is, he’s like “yeah sure man, you help me stir fry some rice.”
so that’s how jason ends up carefully tossing a giant wok over the stove, with leo peering over his shoulder and occasionally adjusting the angle of jason’s spatula and the wok.
jason is hyperaware of leo’s chin hovering over jason’s shoulder and leo’s chest almost, almost pressed against jason’s back.
jason starts to lean into him, and leo rests his hand more firmly on jason’s as he sprinkles salt into the wok with his other hand. jason is sure his face is very red
anyways once the stir fry is done and jason is sure to shut off the fire, he turns around, still framed by leo’s body and they just. stand there. staring at each other. jason notes the height difference, only a few inches, but enough that the light illuminates leo’s eyes and makes them wells of color.
leo breaks the silence by saying “you finally gonna kiss me, grace?” and you know what? yes, jason is finally going to kiss him. 
bonus: jason and leo emerge from the same room in the morning and piper is sitting at the kitchen counter, and she just sighs and rolls her eyes and says “finally”
that was so much fun, i hope that you liked it!! please lmk if you did.
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allegedlypercy · 6 hours ago
Rachel Dare: Gaslight
Annabeth Chase: Gatekeep
Piper McLean: Girlboss
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literature-and-rants · 6 hours ago
Wait, what if Nico has dimples?? Like jaw dropping, stunning, beautiful dimples and nobody knows because his smile is never big enough for them to show? What if Percy feels that Nico has dimples but doubts it because he’s only ever seen Nico’s dimple-ish smile once and that was before Bianca died?? What if Will has never seen his dimple-smile and then melts into a puddle of goo on the floor after making Nico laugh really hard or something and see’s his dimples?? I can just imagine Will blushing really hard after seeing them and thinking abuot how cute they make Nico look. 
I just really like the idea of Nico with dimples, ok. 
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Percy: What doesn’t kill you makes you adopt a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark sense of humor!
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thebestbookshelf · 8 hours ago
Head canon that Percy likes to find old classmates and scare the heck out of them (like a jump-scare not a dark Percy au lol) because he always left the schools with a reputation and he finds it cool to have mortal friends.
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my-apollo-gies · 8 hours ago
Will: I can't believe you, you traitor! You just ripped my heart in half and left it to dry out!
Nico, sighing: What did Leo do?
Will: He's only been say "y'all" for the irony this entire time.
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heyimboredtalktome · 9 hours ago
Will: Nico are you okay?
Will: In what aspect? Physically, I'm exhausted and my body hasn't fully recovered
Nico: Appearance wise, I'm not just fine, I'm a whole ass meal. Three course, five stars. Try me if you want
Nico: Mentally?
Nico: I need some therapy I think
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