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//Ya’ll I’m having an issue. I’m trying to in a way 100% my main Victor swsh file until the dlc comes out and I just fought Leon I think for theeee 3rd time? And like, HE LOOKS SOOOO SAD! Not his losing animation, no I mean the face he makes when talking to you post battle! He and Hop have the same damn expression, that look of pure defeat and sadness that makes you just wish you’d stayed home and left them alone!

In game Victor still looking like, “: )” But my Victor? Oh hell no, he couldn’t do it if he saw he was still screwing things up for those he cared for! 

What is up with these two looking like kicked puppies and making me hate being born?!

Hell even Hop looks like he’s somewhat TRYING to smile! But Leon? Nah fam that is the look of a man who is questioning his whole life, like if he can’t be good at this what point is there? Like my god, can I please stop hurting them already? I didn’t pay 60 bucks to bully people! DX (Sad bois under the cut)

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Here’s the design for Hop’s true form for the Mila in Galarland AU.

Hop has the ability to turn into a Scorbunny, which requires Galarland’s magic, when out on the “surface” he starts to loose magic. Once he runs out he becomes his true form again.

Hop is the younger brother of the white king, Leon and is next in line for the throne. However he was captured by the red queen’s soldiers and was forced to become her herald.

During the small window of freedom he had, he left to the surface to find a human girl who would save Galarland from the red kingdom’s rule.

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I’m just thinking about my design of adult hop and crying over of how cute he is 🥺, i need to draw him and bede sometimes, because they’re very cute

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Today the print of my fav bois arrived!!! I love it so much, I’m gonna frame it and hang up my room.

Please check out @polararts their art is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for the fantastic print❤

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Do you have more Galar fankids that you plan on adding?

The only solid Galar kids I’m likely to add at this point are just younger siblings for the established families.  I know Bede and Victor have more than 3 children (possibly all the way up to 8), so at some point, I’ll add the rest of their children.  Hop and Allister are also fairly likely to have another kid, since I can see Hop wanting to give Poe a sibling.

I still like the idea of Gordie/Bea and Gloria/Marnie as couples, I’ve just hit my limit of wanting to add more families to this verse.  Siblings are okay, since they count as development for already established families/characters, but I really just have no desire to add any new new fankids at this point.

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Nice to meet you! Please call me Katt . Like the title states, I am a female searching for a 1x1 experience with someone over 18 (gender doesn’t matter), preferably over Discord. I have nearly a decade of roleplaying experience under my belt, and I enjoy getting to know my partners outside of our roleplays. I feel that I am a creative and helpful partner who always tries to match lengths! I usually go for 2 to 4 paragraphs.

For this RP, I would love to send Hop and an male OC on an adventure through Galar or other region. (NOTE: I am open to a non-OC character being paired with Hop, just ask). I am open to playing either Hop or the opposing character. For the plot, I have a couple of ideas, but we can hash out the details over PM or in Discord. I’m open to hearing your plot ideas, as well! Pleas understand that I want this RP to be very relationship-focused. I have little to no limits and love to push my characters in every sense of the word.

If what I’ve said sounds appealing to you, please drop me a PM or comment in this thread. Thanks!

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