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scaredysap · 4 minutes ago
The (extensive) MDZS Pacific Rim AU - Pt 1/?
First things first, for those who may not know: What is Pacific Rim? From Wikipedia: “The film is set in the future, when Earth is at war with the Kaiju, colossal sea monsters which have emerged from an interdimensional portal on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. To combat the monsters, humanity unites to create the Jaegers, gigantic humanoid mechas, each controlled by two co-pilots whose minds are joined by a mental link.” ← this is called ‘drifting’ and it requires the pilots to be perfectly in sync with each other, on the same wavelength (be it romantic, platonic or out of being family, anything goes; it’s the power of human unity)
The Jaegers are stored and launched from giant military compounds called the Shatterdomes, which house living quarters, labs to study Kaiju Science, training grounds and much more. 
The kaiju themselves are extremely deadly and unpredictable, seeming to have no correlation in how they look like /one might have wings, the other might have tentacles, you never know).
The kaiju invasion has been going for a long time, starting in 2015 and ending (in the movie) in 2026. It is a war of endurance and humanity’s resources are running low. Thus some have decided to redirect funds from the Jaeger program to the construction of an Anti-Kaiju Wall along the Pacific coasts to protect the in-land settlements.
That said, let’s go into an overview of all the major characters into this AU
Lan Qiren: Marshall of the Shatterdome, directs the whole operation with a tight grip and strict rules.
Lan Xichen: renowned pilot, partnered first with Lan Wangji and then Nie Mingjue; candidate for the position of Marshall.
Lan Wangji: renowned pilot, partnered with Lan Xichen (and eventually Wei Wuxian); had to be demoted for a time due to acting against PPDC orders, acted as training instructor instead.
Lan Sizhui: pilot trainee, has a knack for K-Science.
Lan Jingyi: pilot trainee, looking to be partnered with Lan Sizhui.
Jiang Fengmian: head of Jaeger deployment and transportation; he coordinates with Mission Control to organise the fleet of transport vehicles.
Yu Ziyuan: teacher at the Jaeger Academy, with a focus on physical training; known for her harsh and relentless method, she is harsh in the choice of who makes it past the first cut.
Jiang Yanli: HR/Ambassador between the Shatterdomes and the Anti-Kaiju Wall, she’s a diplomatic genius.
Wei Wuxian: Jaeger Technician and mechanic, partly responsible for the switch from nuclear-powered to digital Jaegers (Mark-3 to Mark-4); he started a study on how to bring the raw power of the nuclear core into the new models.
Jiang Cheng: started out as a helicopter pilot to deploy Jaegers, later became training instructor, stationed at the Shatterdome to keep every soldier in top shape.
Jin Guangshan: CEO of a world-class construction company, one of the main investors in the Anti-Kaiju Wall project.
Jin Zixuan: son and soon to be heir of the Jin company; notably confident in the viability of the Wall project as a better alternative to the costly Jaeger program.
Jin Guangyao: JGS’s illegitimate son, started as a Jaeger technician, moved into communications; he eventually got recognised as part of the Jin family and joined the company as his father’s assistant.
Mo Xuanyu: another illegitimate son, he lived most of his life in the Shatterdome and picked up bits of J-Tech and K-Science knowledge; he got claimed by JGS but eventually he was driven out again due to a scandal, returning to the Shatterdome.
Jin Ling: started out as a pilot trainee but just was not suited to it; he moved to the Jaeger Tech program and found his calling there; also a skilled helicopter pilot.
Nie Mingjue: legendary Jaeger pilot (active 2015-2021), originally partnered with Nie Zonghui, then with Lan Xichen; known for being the only pilot to ever get a kaiju kill on his own after NZH was killed in action.
Nie Zonghui: renowned pilot, able to operate two Jaeger arms at once, giving his and NMJ’s Jaeger three upper limbs; cousin to NMJ and NHS. Killed in action (2019)
Nie Huaisang: Shatterdome technician, specifically in the LOCCENT Mission Control, essentially providing communication and data about kaiju attacks between the Shatterdome and the active Jaegers.
Wen Ruohan: K-Science expert, specializes in biology and chemistry; secret head of the market smuggling kaiju parts.
Wen Qing: renowned doctor in many fields, ranging from medical to K-Science (cryptozoologist); the latter got her into the Shatterdome as head of the research department, despite preferring to work in the medical field.
Wen Ning: joined WQ in the Shatterdome, most often works as a Hazmat Officer to neutralize the toxicity of kaiju blood; he also has decent knowledge about other types of long-term threats to humans, such as radiation.
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churlishlunacy · 5 minutes ago
Ain’t No Place Like Home
[[ Starter for @bayou-bound​ ]]
Tumblr media
   There had barely been any time for him to react, before Zoe had started helping him up before desperately pulling him by his wrist. Having just only come to, after being knocked out by God knows what. And as he would glare back at her with every intention of snapping out at her, so would he catch sight of her silent pleas. Genuine TERROR to which he had never before seen within those very eyes-- as she begged for him to simply listen-- just this once. 
   To not waste anymore time, as the owner of those HEAVY,  FOREBODING FOOTSTEPS drew ever closer. And so, as he shakily swallowed and spared one last glance to his now ruined phone, so would he finally get back onto his own two feet and follow after his sister.
   Having just barely managed to escape their father by dropping down into the open hatch at the back of the pantry room, the two siblings could only glance up towards the floorboards above them... as they heard their FATHER’S MANIACAL VOICE ring throughout the entire area. Laughing during one moment, and crying the very next. And while they couldn’t stay down there forever, they would at least be allowed a moment to catch their breaths. And for Lucas to nurse his own aching head, as he gripped the side of it and turned his attention back to the other with an annoyed wince.
   “... Zoe, what the fuck?” He would whisper to her finally, “... What the hell’s wrong with him? ... Where’s mom?”
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resilient-works · 6 minutes ago
What i would do to be in your arms right now. To be held by you and to hold you against my breast.
05.18.21 // the ache today is heavy.
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2manytabsopen · 10 minutes ago
omg hi cutie!!! i hope you’re having a great week, and i hope may has been treating you well!! i was just wondering if i could request a nhl ship?
if that’s okay, here’s a wee bit about me. i’m 21, blonde hair with green eyes and about 5’4. i’m currently a third year criminal justice major, and i’m in a few organizations on campus (including a sorority as embarrassing as that is). i have a few hobbies, i love hiking and travelling, i love going to theme parks and water parks, i also really love baking and learning new recipes (specifically dips i really like making new dips lol). i’m very extroverted but i also sometimes just NEED to be alone or not in huge groups of people. my favourite teams are the habs and the canucks but i’m happy to watch anyone!
i hope this is enough info and have a great week ❤️
Hey there anon! Thank you for your kind words, this month has been going pretty good! I graduate next week so I am vv excited for that. But anyways, I have one ship coming right up!
Ok listen I'm not even a Habs fan, and I pay attention more to his brother than him, but you just scream to me Nick Suzuki! Now allow me to explain myself, this man adores how little you look next to him, he thinks it's adorable when you get mad, because how can be angry when you just look that cute? Asides from that, he loves taking part in any activity that you do. He's aware that he's not as present as a traditional boyfriend so when he is home he's always more then willing to take part in your new dip recipe, or just spend a day out in nature going on a hike. But on the weeks were you have just a few more days to the both of you, the 2 of you are suckers for going to a water park and acting like kids the entire time you're there. However, he also completly understands your need to be alone, he can usually start to get a feel of when you need to be alone but he's always super understanding of how sometimes you just need some you time.
Tumblr media
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godfoundation · 10 minutes ago
This Is So Evil! 😇✝️💗✡️🕊👑 #God #Kingdom #Life 👑✨ #BELIEVE #JESUSCHRIST FOREVER ❤️🔥✡️✝️ ...
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flowersforthemachines · 10 minutes ago
I think my greatest self-clowning of the century was when I started watching Moriarty the Patriot because I kept seeing Louis in previews and was like "oh wow he looks just like Ash, let's go fill that Banana fish-shaped hole" and then getting to know that he in fact is not the protag and being unreasonably pissed by his lack of involvement in the plot even though there was absolutely no indication it would be otherwise
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aston-reese · 13 minutes ago
The Pens will still take this series. We were just not destined to win Game 1. Jarry's gonna end up being a stonewall for the rest of the series.
I get that every game in the playoff is important, but this happens to almost every team. Heads up and keep fighting
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dilfdeclan · 15 minutes ago
what happened at the end?
you need like. a lot of context 😭 this will b long
so ronan and bryde and hennessy had been travelling around destroying giant electrical plants and stuff that were weakening the ley lines. so brydes goal was to get the ley lines to like..their full power? i think?? and that way all dreams wouldnt need their dreamers to be alive for them to stay awake. so throughout the book this is happening and adam is looking for ronan in dreamspace, but ronan keeps ignoring him. ronan dreamt himself a phone tho, and he talks to declan two or three times on it. adam calls declan and hes like “we need to talk about bryde” and they meet and adam is like “we have to stop them bc if byrde succeeds, all dreams EVER will wakeup. like every single dream in the history of time, what if mythological beasts are actually sleeping dreams and they wake up” yada yada yada. ronan meets up with declan at a museum and declan is like “what are you doing youre not an ecoterrorist, what about adam and your life at the barns?” and he realizes ronan is at the point where he will just. do anything bryde says. becuase he looks up to him so much. they go their seperate ways but declans like “go meet matthew before you leave tho”. So the three dreamers set up a meetup w matthew, but declan calls carmen (who had quit the moderators earlier) and tells her about this meetup, and tells her to kill bryde and NOT to hurt ronan. carmen agrees but then the moderators catch up to her and are like “did you really think we’d let you go so easy?” and she negotiates with them, tells them to help her kill bryde but let ronan and hennessy escape. so they set up this plan. carmen lays in this fountain with a breathing tube thing and hennessys sword (hennessy left it behind in a fight earlier) and plans to kill bryde in one swing. the moderators are there for backup. at the signal she misses bryde and alerts them of her and the moderators + lilianas presence. a big fight breaks out between moderators and the three dreamers and bryde and ronan escape w moderators chasing them. carmen thinks she failed until she realizes hennessy is still here and surrendering to them. so bryde and ronan are in the car fleeing and declan calls him and hes like “thank god youre ok” but ronans llike “fuck you im never trusting you again” and declan tries to explain but ronan literally thinks his brother wanted him dead. declan is like “dont do this youre not a bad person” but ronan hangs up on him. then ronan calls adam and hes like “why didnt you text back?” (the time during the end of cdth) and adams like “how could i have known youd leave for weeks? you never called” and ronans like “me and bryde need to see you” and adam says “you can come. only you” and ronan realizes adam helped declan with this whole plan. adam tries to reason with him but ronan hangs up then throws his phone out the window. bryde reveals that ronan dreamt him up, bryde only knows things ronan would already know or that the trees (lindenmere) would tell him. he wanted a teacher so he unconsciously dreamt one up. this is also why he was unconciously keeping adam out of dreamscape, bc he wouldve realized. ronan is like messed up inside with all this new knowledge, and bryde tells him hennessy is trying to dream something up to de stroy the ley line forever (to stop the lace from coming out of her dreams, which would cause the end of the world). ronan bryde and hennessy all meet in dreamspace, (hennessy irl is with carmen and liliana) hennessy is controlling her dreaming, making things that happened earlier in the book loop over and ovre again, keeping bryde occupied. they try to reason with each other, hennessy wakes up with a dreamt orb that will destroy the ley line. she uses it, birds start dropping frmo the sky, planes crash, cars smash into each other etc, all these dreams are falling asleep. matthew falls asleep at a school office, declan was cornered by moderators (lock and ramsay etc) but all the modeators fall asleep. declan runs out of his appartment to find jordan who was on a walk, but for some reason jordan is still awake.
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serenityseventeen · 15 minutes ago
Excuse me... Your so called friends used you for their school jobs?... Can I beat them?
I wish you could haha
At least I'm glad I'm considered intelligent heh my brain is already beating them :P
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xieliancore · 17 minutes ago
Wow your art glow up is very great! What did youdo to improve your art? Thank u so much
oh thank u so much! 🥺 and what i’ve done so far has been drawing lots (but not forcing myself to!!! bc then i get frustrated and my art actually get worse) and experimenting with my style till i found out recently an art style that suits my needs and possibilities right now! everytime i felt like i was stuck, i tried searching for inspiration and changing something in my art! sorry if this doesnt make any sense djjfjfjf im just kinda foing with the flow rn and since i dont have any art studies i cant be technical about this 😅
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aespa4eva · 17 minutes ago
Not gonna lie, I love aespa’s Next Level!
I don’t care that it’s a remake, In fact I think that it’s actually beneficial. I mean, aespas remake introduced me to the original artist and that’s super cool! We get to appreciate the original artist, and also get to see the creativity that went into aespa’s version.
The girls are so gorgeous, their skills grow everyday, and I cannot wait to see their future projects.
Go aespa!
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descensoparcialdeliris · 17 minutes ago
HEY HEY HEY hEy heYEyeyeyye
Tumblr media
Come here get yalls smooch!!! 😚😚😚
Tumblr media
AND 🌺⭐ a flower and a star <33333
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lastquincy-ryuken · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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doctorenby · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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perditus · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
|| having muse for two different muses equally is such a struggle. I have muse for Keigo AND Nagant ||
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babyboibucky · 19 minutes ago
since your tumblr has a lot of sex advice let me ask you something: my bf asked for a threesome and I don't know what to do. the ideia of having sex with another girl turns me on but I know I'm to jealous to see him with another person. what the hell should I do?
I’m so made because I’ve typed in a long answer for this but then tumblr app crashed akdjskdjs anyway let me it again sksks
Who’s the third player? Do you know her? Is she able to do stuff like this without getting attached? Are you both 101% sure about wanting to try a threesome?
A lot of factors need to be considered here. You also have to make sure that the third player is attracted to you as much as she is attracted to your BF (or vice versa) to make it enjoyable for everyone.
Talk about your worries with your BF and make sure he knows how uncomfy you are seeing him with another woman. Don’t force it if you are not 1000% sure about it, don’t get into it half-asses. And lastly, if you do decide to give it a go, SET CLEAR BOUNDARIES. And I don’t mean just sexually, but overall boundaries too.
I’ve also read that sometimes, threesome is just a fantasy and can be fulfilled by watching threesome porn together. Some were disappointed when they actually did it and some enjoyed. Communicate and be open with your feelings about it. Tell him everything and if you’re still adamant about it, don’t do it. There are plenty of ways to spice things up in the bedroom aside from going for a threesome. 😌
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rambleoncas · 19 minutes ago
Heyyy suggestions to write for Jack's birthday: all 3 of his dads try to bake him a cake separatedly (maybe they're bickering about who would make the best cake maybe they just have communication issues as usual and no one knows who was in charge of the cake maybe they just think he deserves all the cakes maybe) and obviously the cakes turn out to be three completely chaotic catastrophes, but Jack loves them anyway😊💞
It started, as most competitions do between Sam and Dean, with a dare.
Because Jack’s last birthday cake had gone...”not the Best,” Dean declared the evening before Jack’s fourth birthday that this year’s cake would be better. Sam had scoffed, lightheartedly claimed he could have Dean beat with his eyes closed, and so the fun began after Dean took the jab a little too seriously. They’d both make a cake, and Jack could decide whose “won” after they were done.
What they didn’t know, however, was that Cas was making one too.
Sam had headed to Eileen’s place (which Dean claimed was cheating, since she would help), and Dean took to the Bunker’s kitchen. Which left Cas with no oven or materials, so he picks up his phone and dials Claire to get assistance.
“Uh...hi?” she asks, “What’s up, something happen?”
“No, I just...wanted Jody has a kitchen, yes?”
There’s a pause, but then Claire says, “Yeah, like most houses do. Why?”
“Can I come over?” 
He hears Claire mumble a, “Can Cas come visit?” over her shoulder, and then into the speaker, “Jody says yeah, but—”
“Great.” The line disconnects, and then Cas appears outside Jody’s front door, pushing his finger on the pad to ring the doorbell.
Claire still has her phone up to her ear when she lets him in, rolling her eyes to mask her smile. “Jesus. Could’ve at least told me you were gonna do that.”
“I apologize,” Cas says, and then urgently, “Where’s the kitchen?”
Claire points and closes the door behind him. “That way.”
He follows her directions and finds Jody leaning against the counter, arms crossed. Donna sits behind her at the kitchen table, sporting a playful smile.
“Well! Cas, long time no see,” Jody says, coming towards him to envelop him in a hug. “Claire mentioned you visiting, but I didn’t think it’d be so soon.”
Claire brushes past them, muttering, “Neither did I,” before taking a seat at the table next to Donna. 
“Sorry for bursting in on you like this,” Cas says once Jody lets go. “I just need to use your kitchen.”
Jody and Donna exchange a look. 
“Someone in trouble?” Donna asks, suddenly serious, “We have some spell ingredients, but not many. What’s—"
“No, nothing like that,” Cas hurries to say, “It’s Jack’s birthday today. I need to bake him a cake.”
There’s another stretch of silence, and then Claire’s laughter covered up by a hand to her mouth. Donna gently smacks her shoulder.
“Sorry,” she says, “but you? Eldritch terror...baking a cake? Why can’t Sam and Dean do it? Oh god, that thought might actually be funnier.”
Cas sighs as Donna mumbles to reprimand Claire, and takes a seat beside Jody on the island. 
“You’re right, it’s just...Sam and Dean are both competing to make Jack a cake for his birthday today, and I felt I should do the same, but I...I’ve never done this before. I need help.”
Jody smiles, despite Claire’s fading laugh, and rests a hand on his shoulder. “Well, Cas. You came to the right place. Come on.” 
She grabs the keys from a hook next to one of the kitchen cabinets, and swipes her coat from the chair next to Cas. 
“Where are we going?” he asks, standing and following nonetheless. Claire flicks his shoulder as she passes to head for the front door. 
“Grocery store, genius,” she says, and before he knows it, the four of them are cramped in Donna’s much too small car, with Cas wondering how they manage it with Patience and Alex and Kaia as well.
“Where are they, anyway?” he asks once they make it to the store parking lot. 
“Alex is working, Patience is out with friends, and Kaia’s home sleeping,” Claire explains. “What about Jack?”
“With Garth until the cakes are done,” Cas says easily. He’d been their first choice for babysitter, not wanting to bother Jody and Donna when they had all the girls on their hands, but... “Maybe next time, he can hang out with you? I’d like for him to get to know you better,” Cas tries, pushing around the shopping cart as Jody points out ingredients and Donna sets them in the cart, “he really looks up to you.”
Claire scoffs. “He barely knows me. Besides, there’s nothing to look up to. Except height-wise, I guees.”
Cas smiles fondly at her, reminded of Dean telling him something similar plenty of times. “Sure there is, but I won’t push it. You’re welcome at the Bunker always, just...incase you were wondering.”
She grins, but hides it well. “Thanks.”
The trip goes by quickly, after they decide on how Cas wants to decorate the cake, and they all make it back to Jody’s in one piece. 
The actual mixing of ingredients if easy enough (though Claire ends up brushing flour out of Cas’ hair), but the waiting periods are atrocious. Cas spends them by catching up with Claire and Kaia, when she eventually wakes, and it seems like no time at all once the timer beeps. 
They pull it out of the oven, wait impatiently again for it to cool, and by that time Patience is home from visiting friends. The six of them work on the frosting and decorations (although Cas insists on doing the lettering himself), and Alex’s steady hand arrives just in time to slide the cake into a box so that it’s safe and preserved for Jack’s birthday tomorrow. 
By the time it’s all done, Cas is thoroughly enjoying himself, and the company the girls all provided him with. He bids them goodbye, each with a powerful hug that makes him smile, but Claire stops him just before he’s out the door.
“You’re forgetting this,” she says, handing him a yellow envelope. It has ‘Jack’ written across the front in boxy blue lettering that he knows to be Claire’s. Cas takes it, and Claire pushes her hands into the back pockets of her jeans.
“Snagged it while we were at the store...we uh, we all signed it,” she says. “I’m...looking forward to coming over, if the offer still stands.”
Cas nods, a grateful smile spreading across his lips. “Always.” 
Claire rolls her eyes, but nudges Cas’ shoulder in good humor. “Good. Now go win that contest, you goober.”
Of the three, Cas’ cake is the most put together, but that isn’t saying much. Dean’s at least stands up by itself (unlike last year’s), but he’d tried for three different flavors and way too many sprinkles, so it’d tasted a little like mush. Sam’s was decorated beautifully with blue and yellow, but caved in a bit in the middle. He’d tried a “healthy” recipe that unfortunately was flavorless, but Jack ate them both with a toothy grin on his face. 
Cas’ was a labor of love, a product of multiple hands with perhaps too much decoration going on and way too many colors, but it was edible at least, and they end up eating that one more so than the others.
“So who wins?” Dean asks Jack, shoveling Cas’ cake in his mouth with only a slightly annoyed look on his face.
Jack spreads his arms wide and says, “Everyone! I love them all!” before loudly blowing his party popper.
The three of them hug their kid, press kisses to the top of his head and say, “We love you too, buddy.” 
And they all truly do. 
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