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#hope no ones made this yet
cutter-kirby · 14 days ago
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posts that are incomprehensible to anyone not into ut/dr
(Edit: half the notes I get on this post are “wait what’s that one?” so here’s an explanation.
Salt: tumblr user beabigshot had a dream where finding salt particles around cyber world led to spamton joining your party, starting a snowgrave-esque run where you use spamton to kill residents of the city. post here:
Eyeball: tumblr user tammycat had a dream where papyrus was replaced by a giant floating eyeball named prunsel. since prunsel is mostly used in a comedic way [and I love him], I put him in the comedy genre. post here: )
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probiepanikkar · 8 months ago
Monica, Darcy, & Jimmy sneaking around the SWORD compound in their little parkas: 
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sanderstribute · a year ago
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Quand il me prend dans ses bras Qu'il me parle tout bas Je vois la vie en mauve...
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searidings · 24 days ago
Okk First of all I love almost all of your fics. They all feel very cathartic in the end like sweet sweet payoff even when the beginning are sometimes too heartbreaking. So thanku for writing those angst with happy ending.
Now I wanna ask which is your all time favorite fic that you feel got the characterization of kara and lena closest to the show, since you have no bookmarks . Also which fic is that you go back to most often from time to time.
godddd asking me to pick one of anything is an extremely tall order, the best i can do for you is a handful:
people will say we're in love by @takethegrasskara is the best exploration of kara's character i've ever seen
i need you to pencil in the rest by @mooosicaldreamz is probably my favourite characterisation of lena post-reveal
and then truce by @itllsetyoufree, would you forget me? (do i know you?) by @hrwinter and the love of forgetting by kl_morgan are probably my favourites in terms of story and all-round canon-ish characterisation, and all of these are fics i've read multiple times!
#i know i've recced all of these before but they're my favourites for a reason#since i (not that you can tell) have a penchant for canon-adjacent and fix-it fics these all have a very special place in my heart#and for my personal interpretation of these characters these fics are right on the money#also if we're talking comfort fics that i reread a lot (since a lot of these are heavier)#then mrs & mrs danvers is an all time fave#as is anything and everything by hrwinter; seabiscuit; and mooosicaldreamz#honestly those three authors like. yowza#i literally just click on their ao3s and go to town#every fic has been read multiple times i never get tired of them#there are so many fics that i love but these are the go-tos i can think of right now#thank you for your lovely lovely message! hope you're having a wonderful weekend#asks#anonymous#OH i just realised i lied. i've only read 'people will say we're in love' once because i'm genuinely not sure im emotionally strong enough#to read it again yet. like you know one of those that the stars have to align for you to read. yeah#and yet. despite the fact that i've only read it once i can still quote parts of it word-perfect#because it had such a FUCKING impact on me#i know i've yelled about it before but a fic has never not ever made me physically cry before or since#and with that one i was straight up sobbing for three straight chapters so. akawwjjd i lov u i owe u my life#and one day i'll be strong enough to read it again#one day............#my ficrecs
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lady-literature · 6 months ago
i just realized what Adam’s ‘bitches, bros and nonbinary hoes’ reminds me so much of.
he’s this meme:
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@ Whoever it was that wrote that one fic about Du Shik getting sick and Hye Jin cooking porridge for him.
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marxtrash · 11 days ago
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