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#hope school is going well for you
deceptxcon · 4 days ago
I gotta do homework but SCREW SCHOOL! I need some mcyts (preferably dream, ranboo, and Philza) comforting teen reader when school gets though and helping them with homework because school is really shitty for me rn. Thanks Deacy! Love ya! -🧋
mcyt’s helps reader with school!
“i know it’s tough, but your tougher, yunno.”
Tumblr media
OOH YES, and do your work! it’s important…but also is procrastination. :’]
hope school is going well, take breaks and drink lots of water!! love yah, boba anon!! <3
also i want to apologize for taking so long, Tumblr deleted most of this draft so i had to rewrite some of it…and that my stuff wouldn’t post for a while.🙄
Dream, GNF.
Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo.
tbh, my mans couldn’t even stay in class so, if you’re lucky, he’ll know a little bit about math.
he literally knows nothing about math btw.
but if you ask him for help, he is helping you and he WILL help you.
he’s not backing down .. if he doesn’t get it? he’ll learn it.
sometimes always takes over.
“shh, y/n .. wait- are you supposed to do that? I didn’t learn this!! what the hell are they teaching you-!?”
and one night, when you asked for help .. you found him at the table, the only light being the one from his phone/calculator deciphering fractions. he’s really really trying to get it right.
but if you’re really stressed about it, to the point of tears or degrading yourself..he immediately calms down and all his focus is on you.
“Hey, it’s okay..i know it’s tough, but you’re tougher, yunno. i know what it’s like feeling this stressed, but i know you’ll get through it,” Dream smiles. “You’re strong.”
And after calming you down and getting you water and such..he’ll try his best and slowly, but surely, make sure you understand and help you through your homework.
he’ll even take his old history books or science books from when he was in school and study from there while helping you.
but he really sucks at history so i apologize on that part..
eventually, when the night comes to an end .. he’ll say how proud he is when it comes to homework, and that he didn’t do so well when he was in school…and that you’re automatically cooler than him.
he’s basically like a big brother. <3
honestly? has no clue how to help with your homework, but he sure as hell knows his history and science.
knows absolutely nothing on english..mans can’t even speak right. 🤨
“Uhm..english? I dunno, Y/n- *chuckle* i don’t know much on that..uh,” George rubs his neck nervously, glancing at your paper. His face goes pale white. “Oh, this is..i can’t do that.”
feels bad and ends up trying to help you.
“Wait what? How is that wrong? … because i didn’t put the ‘er’ in you’re? Whatever..”
he feels embarrassed cause he couldn’t exactly help with english..and he is really bad at it too.
You end up saying that it’s fine and that he could go to bed .. but really? he stays with you all night long if need be.
george isn’t a very- expressionate boy..but his actions outshine his words..and he genuinely wants to help you.
so when you said that you were incredibly stressed and the work was becoming too much..he was immediately understanding.
he did most anything he could to make sure that you got your work done, and that you felt confident in it.
“Hey, it’s okay! I was never that good in school..but you’re a very, very smart person, Y/n. Incredibly,” he gave a quick smile. “C’mon, good put that good brain to work.” George joked as he patted your back supportively.
While you read off the questions and equations, george is making you a little snack with water and fruits.
“X is equal to the..what? Wait, are you sure this is (grade)? I don’t remember it being this difficult.”
You: “maybe cause you dropped out to be a streamer.”
“..I will leave. No joke, you’ll be on your own, Y/n-”
George wasn’t very happy with your comeback there.
Reluctantly, you guys are were close to a finish..the evening was coming to an end while night kissed the sky..illuminated by the 1:32 AM on the stove clock.
He sighed and leaned back in his chair, head leaning back before looking over at you.
“We done? That was it right?”
You nodded and thanked him for his help..he gave a smile and ruffled up your hair.
“No problem, Y/n. Get some sleep, it’s insanely late.”
You: “not that late..considering you’re always on call with Dream at this time.”
“If you mention that one more time, i will actually move out. Don’t go thinking I’m joking!"
you started laughing and George reluctantly chuckled, rolling his eyes before stirring back to bed.
"Go to bed! It's late! Night, Y/n, sleep- ... sleep well." He said, yawning mid sentence..disappearing into his room.
"Good night, sleep of sweet, sweet dreams."
George was very mad. (you ended up having a pillow fight ... soo-)
why did you ask him? I mean, respectfully, you'd be lucky if he was ever really listening.
"What? Math? too?? Y/n, we're in the same class ... what DO YOU MEAN THAT'S ALL MORE THE REASON I SHOULD KNOW-"
Tommy is actually a very, very smart boy..and even though he denies it constantly and puts up his internet persona, he's very helpful and kind.
"Uh huh. Good, good! Now bring the x 'round here- yeah! See? You got it!"
He's definitely hypes you up and let's you know how good you're doing ... and Tommy will also stop his work in turn of helping you.
Tommy didn't do his homework..motherinnit was upset.
Tommy is good at most anything. Whether it's math, science, or english .. he's got it all down! The only thing he's bad at is teaching or showing you how it should be done.
" I did this and like- brought that there and got..and then I got 32 so- ..Y/N, SHUSH. I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, DICKHEAD."
he apologized for swearing. and motherinnit heard him so he was sorta forced to…but he genuinely meant it.
“Listen, I’m sorry- I know how to do this, though!! …MUM, I ALREADy did-- ..ok, alright- OK, i’ll stop yelling..!”
Tommy also gets very, very the point where it's bad.
"And that's called the uh- the..yeah, that ......... so i was on a call with tubbo one night and he said that- what? No, not that night .. YOOO, WHEN DID YOU GET A SOMBRERO, Y/N???"
you did not have a sombrero…he mistook it for your clothes. apparently.
He's so off-topic constantly, it definitely took more than just a second to check your paper.
you hadn’t said a thing about being particularly stressed..but he felt it. and although he didn’t directly say anything, he did it through actions to make you feel more confident.
he complimented your work and that you were sure to get your work done efficiently until the sunrise hit your window.
he also mentions that you have nothing to worry about…and that Tommy will always be there, always. ^^
also y'all were up since 8 going on to 2:45 AM .. but y’all never sleep anyway so 🤨
but it was safe to say you guys fell asleep in the middle of an equation.
straight A/B student, gets his shit done, and efficiently too.
he’s very very smart and Tubbo is always happy to help! :D
sometimes he teases and says he might help you. 🙄
so when you ask him, he is always willing to help..but no answers. sorry bud.
“Question 23? what happens if you take- hm? …NO, I CAN’T TELL YOU THE ANSWERS, Y/N … I CAN’TT-”
at least you tried.
multiple times.
but tubbo understands when you say you were very very stressed about school..he is too.
“Don’t worry! We all get super stressed about this stuff, I suck at English but the more I work at it, it becomes easier, yunno!” Tubbo reasoned, smiling at you. “You’re of the smartest people ever, whether you refuse to accept that or not, you’re big brain, Y/N.” Tubbo said, and he meant every word.
He was happy he had brought your confidence up, and he was proud of you too! Even though Tubbo is smart, he understands what it feels like to be under any kind of pressure.
you guys even built a little fort with chips and such to study under.
and when you finished your work, you two laid down and watched a movie, popcorn in hand and work complete.
Tubbo was happy he had helped. :]
When in doubt, look for tall man for help.
Ranboo had just graduated, so it was all kind of fresh in his mind.
and honestly was just your luck.
Ranboo was pretty smart when it came to english and so on..don’t mention the part where he forgot most of it..but math was- oh god.
“Math homework? ..uh- hold on,” … “TUBBO! Y/N NEEDS HELP WITH MATH-”
Genuinely though, he was good at math..but he was one of those people who scrolled through the textbook to find some close understanding to what you were learning.
It was like he was in school again.
“X is equal to..oh okay..oh okay! Wait, ok, i get it!” you told him he didn’t need to speak whatever came to mind .. he continued to talk.
When you told him you were originally stressed and felt like you were under pressure, he immediately understood and pushed your work aside for just a moment.
A one on one convo.
“Y/N, that’s totally understandable. It’s okay to feel this stressed,” Ranboo rubbed your back to soothe you and keep you from tearing up. “I was super stressed in school too-”
“And so was Tubbo- ..apparently-” You guys had a small chuckle. “But hey, it’s always is, and you’re super smart there’s no doubt you’ll get through this.” He assured you with a quick smile and hug.
He always gives the best hugs. 🥺
You guys soon got back to work, Ranboo beside you and helping with every step.
he was also super proud when you did a few questions by yourself, he even gave you his spare candy from Amazon.
such a nice lad.
Soon the night came to an end and you had thanked him for helping you.
“Of course, anytime, Y/N,” he smiled and stood, stretching since he had sat down all evening long. “Wanna play some games?” Ranboo asked, you nodded.
It was nice, because it took your mind off of the stress you held for school..he was really good at taking your mind off of things.
Ranboo was your best friend. :]
dadza smart, we go to dadza for help cause he smaert.
“Homework? Yeah, sure, bring it over, mate.”
Honestly? You guys got it done super fast..who knew Philza was such a good teacher.
Sometimes he would just give you the answer and tell you how it’s done afterward .. that’s only because you seemed to be getting tired.
“You alright?” Phil gently put his hand to your forehead to check for a fever. “You’ve been sleepier recently, something wrong?” He asked, voice soft and accent thick.
You mentioned that you haven’t been sleeping due to stress and spending most of your time completing homework.
Phil sighed. “Was that why you always came to dinner pretty late?” You nod. “Stressing about what, mate?” The blonde put the work away for a moment, facing you with curiosity.
You had explained how you felt, whether it was that you didn’t feel smart, couldn’t finish in time, the pressure of projects and all seemed to spill out once you started talking more and more to Phil.
He hummed and rubbed your back, his arm moving up to your shoulder as he gave you a small side hug.
“It’s alright, it’s gonna be know why?” Phil asked, making sure you looked at him in the eyes. “Because you’re good enough and super smart..don’t go forgetting that, okay? School will always be stressful, but when you find a way to cope with it, it’ll be a piece of cake, yeah?” You nodded, rubbing your eyes to refrain from crying or tearing up.
Phil patted your shoulder gently before grabbing the homework again. “You got this,” he encouraged. “Wanna try again?”
You guys started working again and finished it, all caught up with work and upcoming projects.
You thanked him.
“No problem, Y/N,” He gave a smile. “Anytime.” He chuckled as he patted your back.
Thanks, Phil. :]
Woof! Finally!!
Really really enjoyed writing this one!! It was such a good one, hope school and all is going well boba anon .. wish the best for you. :D <3
- deacy! <3
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anditwentlikethis · 11 months ago
Send this message to some of your all time favorite tumblr users 🦋✨ hello sorry we haven't talked lately school is a lot but ily
Awww this is so sweet, thank you sooo much🥺🥺
And yeah we haven't talked a lot but don't worry school has been crazy for me too, I have tests literally every week😩
But yes I love you too and you're one of my favorite people in this site (and the world actually) and I am soooo glad I found your blog💖💗💕💓💞💗💖💓💞💗💖
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sixfanarts · a month ago
today is parr’s deathday :( ~holiday anon
Tumblr media
"five down, i'm the final wife"
(;O;; hello holiday anon ily)
#look at where you are#look at where you started- the fact that you're alive is a miracle#aahhh im late sorry#but hello holiday anon ily#school is vv busy ?? also i didn't know what to draw for the life of me#but then i started thinking and like.#another concept i had for this was survived. (parr at henry's grave) survived? (parr's grave) survived. (insert six survived pose)#i have so many emotions about her#aaah?? like she died but then she came back and then she got everyone together to create this amazing show#to quote eliza#;O;;; her#also the fact tumblr doesnt allow commas in tags :((#i hope you are doing well holiday anon i think you're the anon that's been with me the longest ily#haha im sorry im always late but thank you ever so much for the small reminders and interactions#you're very awesome :DD#six the musical#six the musical fanart#catherine parr#notes on the art: her mouth gave me the hardest time? also the heck is the lighting on her face? idc it looks aesthetic thats fine#i had to go take a photo of my hands for this that's dedication for you#also speaking of hands i just realised i forgot to give her nails? like i was planning on black nail polish for this aw man :<#for the bg!! and the crowns in general! those are the ones six uses for merch if im not wrong#i stole them off the photo of the queens at the six wall in the theater cafe place#some of the ones at the back are blocked but like. they're the crowns of aragon to howrd#and they're imprints because five down yknow#and she's holding (?) her own
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zhuhongs · a month ago
ah, the universality of wanting to see a familiar face. idk i just. have a lot of thoughts
#theres a guy in my chinese class that looks like a classmate i had in elementary school and i couldnt stop staring at him. i just. i think#its him. we werent friends but. its like. wow. i never had a conversation with u but ive known u since i was 5. i hope you're doing well.#funny that we're in the same class in uni huh?#it is him. i just confirmed using canvas. i should message him.#and earlier today i also say a friend from high school. she was a year older but we became friends bc i loitered at the starbucks were she#worked. she always gave me soy for free. she was 1 of my 3 prom dates. we kinda fell putta contact but we live in the same town. she kinda#went off the rails and wanted to ghost everyone and fuck off to seattle. but im glad to see she stuck around and we go to the same uni#its funny. i chose that uni bc no one else from my hs wanted to go there. and yet here i am#and its also smth ive noticed with my students#one of the girls in my program was at my camp in 2020 when i first started and when i saw her at ny new job i said hi and she said 'how do#you know my name. i dont know u' and i told her that she does know me. i was her art teacher a year ago and then she went OH. and now when#ever she sees me she hugs me and says hi. even though shes not in my class. but she knows that she knew me and is still like. fond of that#and my other students from that year i saw again and they all are happy to see me#one of the kids that graduated has a brother thats at ny school but not in my program and said hes gonna tell his brother to sign up so he#couple see me. and another girl always says she misses me. that im the best art teacher shes ever had and im rlly not a good teacher but#she likes me bc she knows me. and another kid told one of his friends on the first day of camp this year to be quiet bc i was cool. bc he#had me last year. and its nice. its nice. its nice to see a familiar face. no matter how old you are#i always wanted to become a stranger. move away and leave after high school. i wanted to start anew where no one knows me. but i realize.#how nice it is to see a familiar face. even if its someone you werent close with. just knowing them. even at a surface level is nice. it#feels good. its comforting really. and i used to hate it. but im rlly learning to value things and ppl. no matter how shallow. its just#nice to not be fully alone. huh.. its a strange feeling#after spending so long wanting to leave and become a stranger. i feel that its actually nice to reconnect. its nice to make acquiantances#and friends along the way. its nice#and seeing old faces is nostalgic. it makes me wish for something i cant really describe#not that i want to return to being a kid. im glad im an adult but it makes me aware that one day. the current me will be in the pass and i#will think of her fondly. and think of ppl fondly. huh#🐌.txt#🐌.pdf
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eijiroukiriot · 8 months ago
kirishima “ei-chan” eijirou. age 14. who looks kinda nerdy so you look over at his notes when you don’t get what’s going on in class only to find that he’s been scribbling variations of CRIMSON RIOT CRIMSON RIOT RED RIOT?? RED RIOT CRIMSON RIOT MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE for the last ten minutes. who is panting his guts out and looks pale and clammy but still refuses to stop doing pushups because he’s 50 away from surpassing the record written on the gymnasium whiteboard. who does a speech about why he wants to become a hero for an english presentation and he has notecards but he’s clearly not looking at them and you can’t tell the reason he’s speaking so loud and standing so rigidly is that he practiced his speech all night and is worried about messing it up or if he’s completely adlibbing and just that passionate about this and while he speaks everyone in the room is kind of sharing looks of “there’s no way he’ll get in but he cares so much that it makes me feel bad” only to be proven completely wrong when the test results come in two months later
#hi :( i'm sorry about the lack of posts lately#i have had very little energy and what little i have has been going to novel writing#or like. wishing i was working on a comic instead of my book#and then getting overly invested in writing fake lyrics for this book to the point that i'm excited to work on it again#leaving me without much room for krbk :/#i do love my boys very very much though and i am still Thinking....#thinking about their growth#kirishima specifically had entire life before the parts that we saw#and we've only seen a little sliver of his time in middle school#what was he like as a younger kid? was he really shy and timid or more like middle school him trying to be really brave and tough?#did he have friends? did he do well at the sports festivals at his schools growing up?#did he get obligation chocolate and get way too into trying to figure out what to give back on white day?#did he visit his family in the country in the summer and come back to school super tan...what normal childhood things did he do#and how was he known#i guess we're supposed to infer no one really knows him from how ashido's friends react to him#but those bullies knew him as 'guy who talks big but doesn't even have a strong quirk'#so i wonder. what other versions of kirishima did people know#fun to think abt bc it's fun to imagine that he had a full life :) before during and after ua#anyway i hope you guys are also thinking abt kirishima#if you're still reading my tags know ily and hope you have a nice dinner tonight#thoughts
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alish-art · 2 months ago
A first date is a great opportunity to know each other better !
(I had this idea after watching an owl video on YouTube XD)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hazel belongs to @foxgirlkira ! (I love how you designed their clothes for their date !)
The usual day for Oliver in the school au : the sun wakes up, birds are singing, flowers are blooming…
His father is fighting an owl over mail-
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haknew · 22 days ago
hey everyone !
this kinda goes without saying i’m sure ;;;; but i’ve decided to put all my blogs on semi ia ! semi only mostly bc i doubt i’ll be able to stay away :’)) but also ia bc with my school schedule and other things idk how consistently i’ll be around ! there’s actually a lot of stuff i want to say but ! i think i’ll leave it at that before i get too emotional about this little blog :’)) wanted to thank everyone for making my experience on here such a good one ! and to say you can continue using my user tag #userhaknew if you want me to see any creations ! doesn’t have to just be tbz tho now haha :p (since this is practically my main ^^) can be any groups ! ahhh also if you’re a moot and you wanna keep up with my random antics i’ll prob be on my twt @/hearttoshu often enough ! feel free to contact me there ! ^^ but yea this wasn’t a goodbye so much as it was a psa ! and a long one at that ;;;; but i felt it needed to be said so ! i ask for your understanding :]] and naturally i’ll still be around to hype all the moots and my fav boyz when i can ^^ okie that is all <3 many hearts for you ! 
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hey guys! so it’s been a minute, sorry about that!! i probably should’ve mentioned earlier that im really good at randomly disappearing for unspecific amounts of time.. sorry. here, have a very zoomed in picture of a tiny pikachu i drew during my english class to make up for it :D !
Tumblr media
for real though, i do wanna post here more cause it’s pretty fun talking to the handful of you who listen to what i have to say for some reason?? dunno why y’all do, but i really really appreciate it :)
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kanene-yaaay · 5 months ago
Oooh boi. Oh. Boi.
Okay, so. I really, really want to find a very specific fanfic with Dadzawa and found family that I already stumbled on before and auvayvwkbwuvww. Okay. I have two options:
Or I research 'Dadzawa' and 'fluff' on AO3 again and look through the 40 pages of results (maybe less if cut all the relationships I know that doesn't happen on the fic) or
I go through my history which probably also has a GIGANTIC amount of fics there vahgejvduvdjvehev.
Wish me luck lmao xD
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britneyshakespeare · 27 days ago
I can't believe at the beginning of quarantine a year and a half ago I was indefinitely asked out by a male model under the condition that "this whole thing ends" that sounds so fake.
#a lot. and i mean a LOT has happened since then and i don't really think abt that anymore#(im certainly not holding out hope for it lol. i just wanna go to SCHOOL in a CLASSROOM#fuck if i care about some date my gray aroace ass would probably be deeply unsatisfied w anyway)#he's lived in two countries since then#i talk to him every now and again. he's a funny little man (condescending)#(american psycho voice) 'you think all models are dumb? dont you?'#ive held three different jobs. taken multiple online classes. lost two grandparents. read a few books.#published a few magazines#he's also told me randomly about other girls he likes and then doesn't like anymore 2 weeks later lol.#i think he idealizes women. he seems to like me bc he thinks im some haughty intellectual literary type#and i mean i am. but geez am i not REALLY just that i mean i got all sorts of fucked up facets he knows nothing about.#not to mention how at one i am w my own cringe.#he doesn't even know my taste in kpop. that man doesn't know me well.#tales from diana#we only really know each other superficially and interact briefly but cordially (and sometimes less formally)#we're not very mutually invested#it's just weird to think i agreed to some eventual meeting between us two before i even turned 21#that feels like SO long ago. and yet not. but. an eternity has passed and he's kinda still a distant friendly stranger.#we haven't really made progress getting to know each other but we haven't really tried either. i don't want to.#i used to think about that he asked me out SO MUCH for the first few MONTHS after it happened i was like#what could it mean???#probably nothing#im not gonna act as if i dislike the guy but there's a weird unnamable dynamic between us#i don't really know how he feels about me at all but i do not care to dig. he can keep that to himself as long as he wants.
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bookwyrminspiration · a month ago
hi. this isn't kotlc related, but i just started highschool and i don't have a lot of friends. i'm too shy to go up to people and i overthink things a lot. any tips on how to make good friends and juggling school work?
hey! don't worry, i don't mind getting asks that aren't kotlc related. congratulations on starting high school, i know that be really nerve-wracking, but I'm proud of you for getting there. I was the only person going to my high school from my middle school, so I knew literally no one. I was (and kind of still am) the stereotypical gifted kid who never had to plan or study anything in my earlier years and so had no experience doing so when it really mattered. Maybe some of my experiences can be of a little help <33
just to note beforehand: the kind of person i am, I have few friendships, but find them to be very close and meaningful. a couple really close over several more casual relationships, if that makes sense. so that's the perspective i'm approaching this from. These are just some personal things I do, there's no right way to make friends. also, there's nothing wrong with only having a few friends, so if you're happy with the number of friends you have don't pressure yourself to make more.
for me, the way my friendships formed was first through observation. especially since I'm introverted, i don't like to jump into conversations. Observe your classmates from afar at first, make note of faces or names or something you can recognize them by. See when else they pop up in your schedule. I find it easier to start conversations with people when there's something concrete that connects us, like a similar schedule. i actually first bonded with my middle school best friend because we had identical schedules, literally every single class together. Same with the two people I spent most of my time with in my freshman year. I don't think this is very common though, so just a few classes together is fine.
You can also use those little observations you've made to get a general sense of how others behave and who you think you'd get along with better. For example, the talkative and disruptive people generally make themselves known withing the first day or so. You can sometimes tell from appearances and apparel who the popular people will be as well. But, you can also find the people you'll connect with better. Figure out who you actually want to be friends with.
this may sound very methodical over natural, but I am not naturally socially adept and find it easier to navigate relationships with more of a plan, which helps my social anxiety too.
when in conversation with people, offer free information. this means when the other person says something or asks a question, reply with something that can keep the conversation going. A lot of people do this naturally, but it can be hard to remember in the moment. An example of this would be if someone asked, "what class is your favorite so far?" instead of just replying "English." or whatever is applicable, give a bit of information about why it is. Maybe it's because you like to read, maybe it's because you like the classroom or the teacher. This makes it easier for them to response, and allowing the conversation to move forward can lead to more personal topics and you can start to get to know each other.
for the school work part, scheduling has been my very important. I like to break it down into classes. However many classes you have, devote a basic amount of time to them however often it needs to be. I'll give you an example from my own life, but keep in mind my situation is not exactly normal and will likely not reflect your experiences. Over the summer I had four classes, all online with no real-time meetings. This meant i had the entire day to work with. So for each of those four classes I dedicated an hour of study/homework time each day of the work week. I'm a morning person, so I had no problem working early in the morning. between each of these planned hours, I would have a break so i wasn't constantly working. because I had the whole day these breaks were pretty long, but use whatever length of time works for you.
as the year progresses you'll learn which classes are more difficult and need more time, so you can adjust to prepare to give more time to those assignments and give less time to the easier classes. you can also adjust by keeping track of due dates. you can prioritize where you're going to focus your attention that way. For example, while you may have an assignment in a class, maybe it's due at the end of the week and you have something time consuming due tomorrow. you can use the time scheduled for that first class and use it for the more urgent assignment.
i understand that having schedules can feel restrictive or hard to follow, and for me it took practice and experience to get better at using them. I specifically leave my schedules kind of lax and less detailed so I don't feel trapped in them. Make note of your own reactions to the things you try and make changes when you need to. I've shared some of the things i use, but we're different people and will need different things. if something isn't working for you, change it. For example, I learned that I personally can't schedule things the day of. I need to lay out my schedule for the day the night before or I'll spend the entire day just sitting there not doing anything because I didn't plan anything and I couldn't get myself to do it in the moment. There's a certain element of trial an error there, so please be gentle and lenient with yourself <33. You're going through a big change,
This was probably very specific and niche as it was drawn from my own experiences, so if you would like me to explain anything else in more detail or provide more options or be more broad or share more personal experiences or anything else you (and anyone who wants to) are entirely welcome to ask /g. I'm on the older side of the fandom now, so I do have the lived experiences of high school and would love to help in any way I can because I know it can be terrifying.
I hope this made at least a little bit of sense. You'll be okay, starting at a new school is a big change and can be very unpleasant, but I promise you will survive. You've got this <33
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cowboylarries · 2 days ago
the cars tag in your bio i didn’t know this information about you and i don’t know how to feel 😭 i love it tho obviously and how are you?? 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 kiss
thank you for supporting my cars obsession <3 i honestly think i like men with mustaches because of doc hudson (which sounds so fucking weird but it makes sense in my brain don’t come for me)
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cellotonin · 8 months ago
hi 🤩🤩 if you’re reading this i need you to know that ur faves are thinking about you and all the things they want to do with you on valentine’s day 🥰🥰 no i’m not making this up they all told me personally 😌 i have the receipts if necessary 😌✨
also !!! on a related note 👁👄👁 if you’ve got any bnha, haikyuu, or jjk fics/events planned for today that you want me to check out, pls tag me !!! i rlly need to get back into avid reading ✨👄✨
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littlepuffy4ever · a month ago
Time to ramble about Riz x Tem x Pina in my au, sorry, I don't make the rules
I kind of wanna make a comic related to Tem's lie about what happened, so I won't get that deep into it, but Pina is like, one of the first animals that connects the dots of what happened, since there's a significant difference between Riz' and Tem's wound and he eventually forces Tem's mouth open to see if Tem had any sharp teeth (and turns out paying attention to class was useful for that, huh). So Tem reaaaaally dislikes Pina in the beginning.
And Pina is kind of interested in them. They genuinely care and find comfort in each other, even when things start to go down hills. And between conversations (mostly with Riz lol), he accepts that Riz isn't a monster and that there was a lot of factors involved and Pina... takes a liking on them.
And when all the hell brakes loose, Tem finally let Pina approach him (since there isn't the stress of lying to everyone anymore) and Tem notices that, yeah, Riz was right: Pina isn't that bad. And it was kinda nice to have someone by their side. And they talk quite a lot (since Pina will always make sure to check if they're alive or smt) and they keep in touch even after school is over. Sometimes Pina will come over to their house at night to eat dinner and drink tea and ramble about their day.
Till sometimes becomes everyday and Tem is surprised when he sees Pina in front of their apartment door complaining that he took too long today and Tem just laughs that Pina pretty much invited himself in.
And they eventually become a couple and then, yeah, it's everyday bc Pina pretty much lives in the same house.
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