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#hope that helps anon!

Etc means etcetera, which means a something similar to that (sorry I’m really bad at explaining things). Like and example would be “pink , soft, fluffy, etc” so it means anything else in that same category.

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Hey anon, no worries! I pay some attention to johnny but i don’t stan, so there’s a caveat for you. Honestly i /could/ be convinced of gryff– a willingness to pack up and move across the world is ALWAYS going to ring gryff… but only when it’s motivated by an undeniable, internal moral code. I don’t see that in his path, or how he speaks about his work, so eh. Here are some of the things i’m thinking about and seeing off the top of my head that make me think slyth for johnny: 

- High value placed on social systems/interactions, but not in a way that reads ‘team spirit’ or ‘idealistic’– which would point to puff or gryff respectively. Rather he seems to play favorites, pick and choose who he’ll spend time/money/internal resources on. That sort of extroverted, but picky vibe is a big one for me. That is the slyth inner circle (or 2.5) at play. He does seem to have a very slow-rotating inner-circle, rather than (or in addition to) a hard and fast 2.5. He is still finding his forever people. 

- Promotion and advancement of ‘me and mine’ first. Again, this is most obvious in the favoritism he shows in the opportunities/resources he can share- he invites back the same inner-circle shortlist over and over for his jcc dates. A puff would be thinking ‘who in this team needs more exposure/an extra chance to promote the most’ to make that decision. 

- Highly motivated to succeed based on internal markers for success. He was given an opportunity and decided to go for it, only for it to turn into a lonnngggg hard grind before any pay off (8 years in the basement). I don’t think he’s met his goal– he’s not particularly gushy about the work that he’s doing, or the group that he’s a part of (puff). We don’t hear him attaching worth or meaning; it’s a means to his ends that was presented to him and he took. To that point– he was one of the first ncts to really launch an individual sns presence, youtube show etc. I think we’ll continue to see him grow his independent activities and skills! 

- Flexible, adaptable, comfortable improvising, comfortable slipping in and out of different personas and roles. This is a big one for me. He’s always shifting and adapting his presentation to fit the story he wants to tell– it shows up in his humor, his variety sense, stepping into leadership roles etc. This is the basis for his attention to personal details, emotional intelligence and caretaking. 

- The flip side is we see that attentive flexibility UNTIL he’s either 1. completely relaxed and stops worrying about his presentation or 2. exhausted/defeated/annoyed and he slips into that blunt, withdrawn and self-preserving slyth mode– ‘not my problem’. We’ve heard he also has a hot temper but most of the examples i’ve seen could fit this pattern of over-extension and snapping back to center– me and mine first. 

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An anxious character? Hmmm. Depends on if you mean songs that an anxious character would like, or representitive songs? Imma assume the latter

Hm. Just off of what I’ve got on the top of my head, i suppose would be Here by Alessia Cara? Social anxiety. Big ‘fuck this i wanna go home’ vibes

I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME’s Bleed Magic has some high strung energy to it with some anxious thoughts.

Oh!!! Unlike Pluto’s Brain Brain Go Away may be a bit on the nose but its also something thats more… soothing? Tbh i like most of his stuff.

And on a more resigned to being anxious tone, maybe AJR’s Bang? The pace is quick enough to feel like its rushing and thr lyrics indicate the anxieties of life so..

I do really think it heavily depends on if you like to focus more on the tone or the lyrics when it comes to character songs? Hope this helps anon??

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how would you draw afro hair? (curly, kinky, etc) i don't know how to lineart that :(

How you line-art something really depends on your style, so here’s the things to do when learning to draw something - in this case, natural black hair:

1) Study It - really look at different hair textures, thicknesses, length, in different styles, etc. Also look at different art styles, how different artists draw and render afro-textured hair. Make notes on the shapes and forms, and some ways they’ve been translated into line-art.

Here’s a few starting points:Search terms like “natural black hair,” “afro-textured hair”Tips & tutorials like misselaney’s Black Hair in Depth, mel-lion’s Black by Popular Demand

2) Explore It - draw it different ways, in different styles, until you discover a way you like to draw it (your style!) Go crazy, have fun, experiment! The more you do, the more easy it’ll come to you.

Here’s some of my own experiments:


Hope this helps to get started, anon :’)

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When struggling with a character, set up guidelines. For example, TFA Bumblebee, if i were to write him, have these bullet points;

  • Is immature. 
  • Impatient. 
  • Acts first and thinks later.
  • He can be pretty selfish, but is ultimately a good boy.
  • Gotta go fast™️

Follow Those guidelines, and (if you feel like having more personal ideas, why the hell not?) You’ll more or less have guidelines for writing! It really helps.

Tfa Bumblebee would FLIP about this shit. You’re his best friend! How could you do this to him? To the autobots! When he sees you in the battlefield, you can tell he’s pained. He’ll do a lot more talking on the field, making him susceptible to attack. Suffice to say, while he’s trying to talk you back to the right side, Lugnut sees an opportunity. As to how you’ll feel after that, is up to you.

Tfp meanwhile, is too aware that they’re in war. He’ll have pain in his optics when he looks at you. When he sees you next to Megatron, standing there and brandishing the symbol, he feels sick. He’ll tell you you’re making a big mistake. But if you press on, he’ll let you go. While most would force you to stay, Bumblebee knows a cause must be believed in, less it’s pointless. You won’t catch this Bumblebee making the mistakes TFA would. He handles it differently, as well. Instead of breaking down over you externally, he suffers internally. It hurts, and during a fight, he’ll stay away from you, much as he can. If you have him cornered, he’ll bump a song in his audials. He doesn’t wanna hear the sound you make when he hurts you.

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Holding tight: do they have children?

Hey, Anon! 

My headcanon, in general, is that Dimtry and Anya don’t have kids (for a lot of reasons, I can elaborate if you want to know). 

I realize that it’s an unpopular opinion and fandom is for fun, so I decided to leave the epilogue for Holding Tight open ended so that it could be whatever you wanted it to be, I’ve had a couple of people say that Anya’s food poisoning was actually morning sickness, and you know what, it could be <3

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Hey sorry if this is a dumb question, but what do mlm, nblm, and wlw mean?

Thats not dumb!

mlm = man loving man (aka gay, bi, pan, etc men)

nblm = non binary loving man (usually used to refer to masc nb people who are into men but should be more inclusive of all nb people imo)

wlw = women loving women (the lady equivalent of mlm so lesbian, bi, pan etc women)

Essentially the reason I made that post is cause, as is usual for myself, I’ve ended up with mostly wlw friends/mutuals in this community. And I love seeing them on my dash, they’re all such wonderful, soft, and loving people. But sometimes a soft gay dude needs other soft gay dude friends, y'know?

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Hey Kaylah, what Copic colours do you use for Phil? (Main colours like skin, shading, blush, hair, and denim jacket would be great too) ~thanks!

skin — Pale Fruit Pink ( E000 )

skin shading — Barley Beige ( E11 )

Hair — copic liner ( or you can just use a black copic marker )

blush — Salmon Pink ( RV42 ) Lipstick Red ( R29 ) (( blend them together ))

eye color — Process Blue ( B05 )

Denim Jacket — Phthalo Blue ( B23 )

eyebrows — Sand ( E33 )

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I saw somewhere that the director (of the game i suppose) stated to Sorey and Mikleo are soulmates, is that true? XD

Hideo Baba has definitely been quoted as saying that Mikleo is Sorey’s “one and only presence” (but unfortunately, the only source I have for that translation is a blog that is now password protected). 
(Also, the scriptwriter made a point of saying that a m/f romance wouldn’t work for Sorey, if that’s also related to what you’re thinking of?)
Plus, I mean, there are the canon titles for them, like “Like fish and water” and “One heart in different bodies” which are pretty soulmate-y, and, OF COURSE “One and Only”

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I think I saw somewhere that Jonny's weird tiger shirt is an Onnit shirt? Do you know if that's true?

The weird psychedelic cat shirt thing he had in the picture from today? I think his friend Aubrey Marcus who owns the company has worn it before too (at least, like you, that’s what I remember seeing about it when Jonny wore the shirt last year), but idk if it’s an Onnit shirt per se, or from somewhere else. Jonny has definitely worn Onnit shirts before though. 

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Why do you not reblog my art?

I don’t know? I reblog art I find in the #fantroll and #fantrolls tag. If you don’t tag your posts with that, I won’t find them unless you’re on my main’s dash?

Another reason is I might not have noticed your post?

Or maybe you blocked my main and I can’t reblog your stuff?

Is your art mainly NSFW? I sometimes reblog them but pretty rarely since I try to keep this blog open for all age groups.

I don’t know what to tell you but if you want me to see something, feel free to tag #fabfantrolling or #fantroll #fantrolls on your art and I might reblog it?

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Hello! Are there any movies with very cute marriage scenes and post marriage scenes? Like the one with rana and kajal u posted before. Asking for a friend

Ah, I’m sure there are so many cute wedding scenes across the languages but I can only remember a handful at the moment. Mirchi (Telugu) and Manam (Telugu) come to mind. The wedding scene in 2 States (Hindi) is nice. Bangalore Days (Malayalam) isn’t so much cute as it is funny (ok. it’s still cute). OK Kanmani (Tamil), Alaipayuthey (Tamil), Theri (Tamil), and Masss (Tamil) have sweet marriage scenes. Hopefully more people chime in so you have bigger list but I hope these do for now :)

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Hi! I love your blog. Im a closet whump but I'm slowly embracing it recently! I was hoping to ask... Do you have any favorite whump fics or favorite whump authors? i really want to explore this genre more and your blog has helped me a lot to do that 😊

Aw first of all, thank you! Yes whump is a wonderful thing! I tend to only read and write for the anime Yuri on Ice tho, so I’m not sure how whumpy the fics you’ll find will be haha. But yeah, I’ve made a couple of masterposts for fics, (whump-related, sickfics, and everything I’ve written) so feel free to check those out! I also run the sideblog @justyoisickfics where I reblog one fic per day!

Though not on the lists, I really really love Hold Close the Universe, and me and @sweetwhump scream daily about Behind these Locked Doors

Speaking of @sweetwhump, do check out her fic where Victor gets interrogated and tortured ooohhhh fuck it’s some goooooooooood shit!

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Hey! How do you work so hard and still stay motivated? Like do you ever think about stopping? If you do, what do you do to bring yourself back to motivated?

i haven’t thought about stopping per se, but i have struggled with dips in motivation. i think honestly the best thing you can do wrt staying motivated about your comic/project is to always pace yourself, set goals for yourself to meet, and get into a habit of working every day, even when you’re not feeling it. when I’m working on my comic, I have it set up like this:

  • Big Goal: get to a certain part of the story by the end of the year (ex: the second gym fight)
  • Monthly Goal: get one page done every month
  • Daily Goal: finish a set amount of work (ex: line 1/3 of my current page)

giving myself goals to meet helps me stay focused. like, the Big Goal may seem very far away and it might frustrate me that i’m not there yet, BUT i can reward myself for achieving small daily goals, and that keeps me going. and on days where i really don’t feel motivated to do my daily work, i think about how i really want to get to my Big Goal on time, and that will help me push through.

[also i make sure to schedule in breaks where i don’t work on anything comic-related, bc no one can go go go nonstop without burning out!]

another big part of it, though, has been surrounding myself with supportive, creative people. my friends (and awesome gf <33) are so encouraging and wonderful and i honestly don’t think i would’ve stuck with the comic thus far if not for them!

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