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#hope ur doing well !!!!!! ;D
iguesssoyeaj · 8 days ago
Duude have i ever told you how amazing you are?? You're actually the best!! ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ♡
Omg duuuude
Tumblr media
Ur amazing too. <333 take care bro
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welcome to the army ms girl anon!!! happy to have you 🥰- fluff anon
i second this!!!! WELCOME!!!!!!!
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gayforpinks · 15 days ago
Heyy heyy bestiee!! ^^ 💕💖💘
Soooo i dont interact a lot w this mutual but i love how funny they r!! They dont make a lot of text posts tho lol their aesthetic is just totally different from mine n its just *chef’s kiss*
send me an emoji n i will write a positive vague bout a mutual!
Also uhh I accidentally deleted ur colour ask djdjdjeb im sorry im STOOBID N CLUMSY but yeah imma answer that one here if thats oki!!
Sooo the colours u sent me made me go 🥲🥲💕💕💖💘🥲💞💞💖💘🥺🥲💕💞😭😭💞💕 lmao SRSLY!!! Thats just :(( so so so sweet of u!! YES id love to commit n bully ppl w u who deserve it bestie secondly ily more n thirdly cool n smart?? Me?? Nah its all u n UR the one whos the nicest so TYSM for being u n for being here!! 🥺💕💖💞💕💕💞💖
What colour am i to u??
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frecklydork · 28 days ago
tbh i dont think you're a decepticon apologist in the same way that i rant about in the fandom, since your thing is that you like them as characters and don't think that they are actually in the right for trying to slaughter the Autobots or ever single sapient species they come across, or paint the Autobots as villains for opposing thing? i've seen some truly awful takes in the fandom but you've never said anything like that!
AWW thank you, that’s so nice you pay attention to my posts and all my TFP ramblings!! :D I think you sent this message when I reblogged the “this user is a Decepticon apologist” post, but I was out of town at the time so I couldn’t answer it til now, my apologies 😂 
And hey!! You have a good point!! I’ve seen some posts where ppl are like “the autobutts are EVIL and the decepticons are actually saviors and HERE is WHY” and I... see where they’re coming from and I definitely don’t think it’s as black and white as “autobots good, decepticons bad” but the whole thing is so complicated and every character and where they come from as a whole is just so complex... not to mention how many iterations/continuities there are and how much they contrast from each other... makes my brain feel like a sizzling,  scrambled egg. 🍳
I feel like I could jokingly call myself a Starscream apologist, but not “Starscream is innocent, he did nothing wrong, he is a baby and I love him”; for me personally it’s more like “Starscream is terrible, does EVERYTHING wrong, he is a baby and I love him” and in TFP specifically I just... enjoy... watching him murder. watching him scheme. it’s fun. he gets this wicked little smile when he goes to kill someone and it’s great. not sure what kind of person that makes me but hoohoo. evil little man gives me the serotonin rush. ✨✨✨
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bestiee · a month ago
omg the new theme and icon have my heart zoe🥺🥺how’s your day going bub? <3
omg i'm glad u like the new theme >.< i've been trying my best to have a rosie themed blog to celebrate her solo <3 and my day's been pretty good! it's like 12:09 in the morning here and i did a lot of ~nothing~ all day lol :') what about u, lovebug ?
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squares-self-blog · a month ago
ugh same. why do our brains gotta be like that?? /lh
Nsmffjakfn idk man 😔😔😔 /lh
I know sometimes my brain might stall doing something cause I don't wanna get flustered so that might be a part of it??? But other than that idk 😔
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crimeboyscorpio · 2 months ago
! may i just say ily :]
ur so sweet! ily too!! :]
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gayforpinks · 2 months ago
1, 15, 27 and 34!!
Heyy heyy!! :D tysm for askingg!! 💕💓✨ you have a crush on anyone?
Hmm nope not rlly but do celebrity crushes count?? If yes then a MAJOR crush on yugyeom from got7 n rosé from bp, some anime characters n a few more celebs lol
15.what’s your ideal first date?
Ooohh i love this question haha hmm id say just staying at home, watching movies/anime, cooking tgt or playing games, lots of cuddling, looking at memes, laughing at jokes n telling each other stories or jusg talking bout anything n just getting to know ur partner more n spending time w them in peace n silence at first esp since itd be a first date n im an awkward shy af person haha sooo id like that!! Maybe going out for a little walk if the weather’s lovely!! 💘
27.denim jackets, leather jackets, or bomber jackets?
Hmm definitely denim jackets!! I dont wear leather or bomber jackets a lot so yeah!! ^^
34.valentine’s decorations: yay or nay?
irdm tbh!! Im someone whod deff do some preparations n do some decorations cuz i think thats fun n cuteee n help w setting the mood in the room n make it all feel more romantic uk?? So definitely a BIG yes but also no since they r not that important to me haha
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gayforpinks · 2 months ago
13 💘
Hiii there anon!! ^^
13. Do you get jealous easily?
OMG YES!! Its a struggle 😭 even silly things be making me jelly smh I hate that bout myself omg... i get jealous super easily but thank God ive learnt not to pay attention to it n ignore the negative thoughts etc cuz it can rlly ruin the relationships uk?? N it was so hard at first to also learn not to show it on my face but thank God its all good now haha. Jealousy is smth natural n we cant help it. I do feel jealous, everyone does but i try to ignore them as best as i can (im a scorpio dominant so if uk what that means ud know what im talking bout lol)
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brobie · 3 months ago
Hzjdbdbdhdjdjsnsnsn i love your Jacques design so!! Much!! I already said this in the tags but I feel like a lot of people forget about him. Bsbdbdbdhdjd he's one of my favourite non-canon egos and I love him sm... Thank you for giving me the Good Good Juice™ aaaaaaa ily forever!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tumblr media
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kiyomie · 5 months ago
Hii Cristen!! Hope you're doing well ♡
I think I was keep seeing your edits on my dash i liked them sm, and then i saw your Shouto edit and ... (◍•ᴗ•◍) i loved it sm so i followed for more hehe ♥ and every time you amaze me with new one
No regrets at all!! Keep it up and thanks for blessing my eyes everytime 💙
ahhh thanks nedzi 🥺 i didnt expect new followers from that shouto edit either :< (bc when i look back i realize its super messy) but i’m so glad u liked it enough to give me a follow, and thanks! it rly means a lot that you like my edits no joke, so i try my best to whip out good stuff for u guys~ 
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bunx · 5 months ago
Gigi! You're so cuteeeee! Also, that eye liner is rad af 🧡
HEHE thank yew sm .!!  it was rly fun to do actually 
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hwqll · 5 months ago
it’s okay until now, where i’m from biomedical has a high demand rn so what an opportunity especially since i actually like what i’m studying. am currently taking calc 2 and chem and other 2 classes so hopefully next semester i can take biology FINALLLYYYY it’s my first semester as a college student and tbh it’s overwhelming especially since i skipped the whole foundation year plus a few classes. i’m not trying to brag but i really wanna talk about this since i have no one to talk about it to
oo i hope you’re passionate about it too :O and oh man that is a super difficult first semester you have to deal with i’m sorry ;; biology will be your saving grace for sure i love bio :’) and no yeah i get it because you took ap classes right !! there are pros and cons to getting the college credit it’s rly a shame bc even tho you skip the easy classes you’re thrown right into the hard ones :( if you don’t plan on graduating early, you should space out your schedule so you only take 1-2 hard classes per semester if that works, but if you are planning on bulldozing thru then i’m rooting for you!!! 
nd yes of course you can rant to me/talk to me ab college any time!! every minute i breathe i have somethign to say about what i hate about college LMAO so pls let that out because whenever i complain it feels good to release it :D 
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