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Prompt 1: “My hair is better than yours”

“My hair is better than yours,” Thor told Steve.

“No my hair is better than yours,” Steve said.

“Is that a challenge?” Thor asked. Bucky, Sam, and Tony looked at the two like they were crazy while Nat, Hope, and Pepper ignored them as they talked about their plans. Scott and Clint encouraged them.

“I think Thor’s is better,” Scott said. Clint agreed.

“Steve’s hair is better and may I say soft,” Bucky said. Sam agreed. They looked at Tony for the deciding vote.

“I have to agree with Bucky on this one. Which is a shocker since the man is crazy,” Tony told them. Steve grinned as Thor scoffed.

“He copied my hair cut though,” Thor said. They seemed to notice that as well.

“Thor as a point,” Tony said.

“You all are being silly,” Pepper said. “I expect this behavior from the younger boys but not from you all.”

“I expect it from these idiots,” Nat said. Steve apologized as he sat down. Thor grinned as if he still won their competition until Nat gave him the death stare.

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Originally posted by captainpoe

Pairing: Hope Van Dyne x Reader

Characters: Hope Van Dyne

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon- Hope being super soft with you when you’re in some sort of pain (ngl I’m always in some sort of pain. Either my knee, my back, my elbow, or just my joints in general 😂)

Word Count: 416

Author: Charlotte

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Scott: Oh my god, the stove is on fire!
Luis: Okay, no worries, we just need an adult.
Scott: But we are adults.
Luis: Well we need an adultier adult! Where’s Hope?
Hope: *runs in with a fire extinguisher*
Hope: *puts out the fire*
Hope: *glares at them* Seriously?! 

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Avengers play Cards Against Humanity
Black Card: You know who else liked ______? Hitler.
Loki: Eradicating the jews
Steve: Mass Genocide
Peter: Veganism
Hope: Nazis
Scott: Bees
Natasha: White privilege
Clint: Chunks of dead backpacker
Harley: Daniel Radcliffe's delectable arsehole
Shuri: Praying the gay away
T'challa: Restoring Germany to it's former glory
Tony: A reason not to commit suicide
Bruce: Auschwitz
Sam: God
Bucky: Poorly timed holocaust jokes
Pepper: Seeing things from Hitler's perspective
Rhodey: Suicidal thoughts
Thor: Vikings
Wanda: It's hard to decide... "You know who else liked veganism? Hitler" is my favourite. Peter wins.
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