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James Buchannan Barnes remembered the day he had died and reborn like it was yesterday. It wasn’t a day one would forget. He was lying on the snow waiting for his inevitable death. His bones were broken and hypothermia was setting in. Blood pooled around his left arm but the ice froze the bleeding soon. But all he could think of was Steve not coming to save him. As time passed, he became weary and angry. A hooded figure approaching him and he thought it was a Good Samaritan. He was the one who changed Bucky into a vampire; fed him a burning liquid before leaving. Bucky didn’t have much say in it. The vampire thought he was saving his life but Bucky felt it was a curse of the devil. He roamed the forests keeping away from human settlements.

When the war ended, he returned to America. But the council was already formed and they killed every other vampire not belonging to any clan. Bucky went into hiding to save himself. He met others just like himself, hiding from the council. They formed a group and helped each other. But no one could help when one turned into a feral. They had to kill them. Bucky hated that part. The solution came to him in the form of Hank Pym. A young man approached him one day. He didn’t say much about himself. He said he just wanted to help and gave them the ‘Draught of Frost Blood.’ Bucky is grateful for him to this day.

As they met more and more vampires outside the clan, in the hiding, they started calling themselves clan-less. They moved away from the council and built a safe home for themselves. The Draught which originally Pym gave wasn’t enough. Bucky contacted him. He agreed to make the clan-less an antidote derived from the draught. The clan-less along with Pym moved outside New York.

For the council, the name White Wolf is a ghost story. His name has been in the wind for really long time but no one knew even if he existed. He was a legendary story said over a bottle of drink. The truth is most of the stories are real and they circulated around the man James Buchanan Barnes. When he got the second chance in life, it took him some time to find footing but he soon rose to be the clan-less’ leader. He felt it was his job to lead that diverse group.


A year ago (The day before Wanda’s interview)

Bucky and Sam were distributing blood to the group which they had got from blood bank. He heard someone running towards him and turned to see that it was Hope. She signalled Bucky that she wanted to speak privately.

Once they were out of ear shot from others Hope filled Bucky on what happened. “There’s this boy who is waiting to see you. He seems to be around 15-16 years. He says that Stark sent him here because he knew you would protect him. He came all the way here from New York. He claims to be alone but I do have my suspicions. He is specifically asking you by your name, James.”

“Let go and see him” Bucky said walking toward the hallway leading to entrance.

He walked through the small opening in the alcove. It led to a small room where Scott was talking to a young boy.  The boy tensed seeing Bucky enter the room. Scott placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. The boy was cleanly dressed but had dark circles underneath and looked tired. His eyes were of normal colour and his teeth were drawn back. He was safe for now. There was no symptom of him changing into a feral till now. And the boy was scared out of his shit, that Bucky knew for sure.

Bucky’s eyes soften as he approaches him. He raised his hand in a gesture to show that he meant no harm. He asked him softly, “Who are you, kid? How did you come here? Who sent you?”

“Mr. Barnes, sir… I… Mr. Barnes” the boy stammered.

“Calm down. We will not harm you kid. Just tell us so we can help you out.”

“Mr. Stark sent me. He said that I will be safe with you and New York is not safe for me. He told me how to find you.”

“Howard Stark sent you?”

“No. Tony Stark” the kid stated. “He said that I had to leave New York for my own safety. I don’t why he said that. He said something about council and everything.”

“Did you come alone?”

The kid stood silently for some time weighing his options. Then he said, “No, Giyera drove me. He helped me find you. I swear he left”

“You both continue your post” he said to Hope and Scott. “And you kid, come with me” he said pointing to the kid. Bucky walked out of the room into the long hallway.

“What’s your name?”

“Peter Parker, sir”

“No need to call me sir, Peter. Just Bu- James is fine”

Peter nodded. Bucky continued, “So, what happened? When did it happen? Give me the full story.”

After hearing Peter’s story Bucky was furious. He wanted to rip every council member’s head. He was visibly trembling with anger. This a 15-year-old boy he thought. How could Tony just leave him to fend for himself. He could easily change into a feral. He sent him away as if it wasn’t his responsibility. He was angry with every other clan leader who had turned blind eye to the problems of clan-less. They and their age-old principles trampled everyone and crushed them out. This has gone too far now he thought. He has to put an end to it.

Bucky called Sam. “Take him to Hank for the antidote and then show him his bunker. And Sam, we have a meeting.” Sam nodded and left with Peter.

Bucky called for a meeting. He, Scott, Hope and Lincoln were waiting for Sam. An argument had already broken out. Bucky saw Sam silently entering the room. He leaned against the wall and listened to the ongoing discussion.

“Do we need to kill the council members? That does sound extreme” said Hope.

“We didn’t start the war. They did. We have to fight back. They don’t ever care about our existence” retorted Lincoln.

“I am with Hope on this one. I am sure there will be a peaceful way to solve” said Scott.

“What’s your opinion Sam?” asked Bucky. “You’re the only one who has been silent since the beginning of meeting”

“I’m worried. There is no way we can defeat the Council by ourselves. They are much more powerful than us. Natasha and Jiaying are thousands of years old. We won’t even stand a chance, man. We need a plan. A plan they won’t see coming.”

“We will divide them and take them out” suggested Lincoln.

“Just for the record I’m totally not abord on this. There has to be a better way. We could demand a meeting. We can demand a seat in the council. A good deal.”

“You don’t understand Hope” said Lincoln through gritted teeth. “They will kill us without blinking an eye. I believe you didn’t forget what happened to Ashley. They killed her without mercy for no fault of her own” he snapped.

“James, you need to reconsider this. We can’t stoop to their level” Scott tried to reason with him.

“Hope and Scott, you both can stay out of the fight if you want. But we are going to fight them. We have to draw them out and bring them to justice.”

Bucky walked out of the meeting and gathered the rest of the clan-less. “We are bringing down the council. The time has come for us. We will be free soon.”

The crowd roared in unison. Everyone made noise to show their support for Bucky. They started chanting the two words over and over again.


The whole hall was echoed with the sound of the clan-less.

The same night clan-less decided to return to New York. They moved in huge mass in the night and took cover in the day. After a long journey they arrived in the city. For long, they have been trampled by the council and they were determined to change it. They were ready to claim back their power and their rights and their freedom.

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It was my first day of transformation and i kept it little easy not so hard but as tommorow is 2nd & iam completely focused(let’s say). And yeah i guess i can do way better and yes i will definetly make this one worth it . Ive heard that writing journals while all these makes me feel better,so thaught to give it a shot now all i can do is keep my head forward and i made some mistakes today but lets ignore & try not to repeat and offcourse iam not satisfied but ive little faith on my deed and it will definetly worth it …. lets hope for best :))

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How do You Solve a Problem like Bucky Barnes: 12

“You’re back!”

“Miss Grace you’re back!”


The children all shout over one another as the five of them rush you for hugs.

“I’ve missed you all so much!” You tell them, hugging each child as close to you as you can when they’re all crowded around you. “I have so much to tell you all.”

“We have so much to tell you!” Scott cries, as he tries to pick up your bag.

“Most importantly that father is going to be married.” Pepper says somberly, it knocks the wind from your lungs, “to Baroness Romanoff.”

“Oh.” Is all you’re able to manage meeting Pepper’s eyes and she nods sadly.

“Father! She’s back!”

“Miss Grace is back!”

“Miss Grace has come back from the abbey!” The children all chatter over one another again, something that they would have never done when you first arrived. They go silent as you stare at one another, his expression unreadable from where you stand. He looks as handsome as ever, his dark hair swooping up and back and those piercing blue eyes that seem to see directly into your soul.

“Alright, supper for you is ready.” He says and the five kids scurry from your side, Scott and Peter carrying your things. You stand awkwardly in the grass where the children left you. “You left without saying goodbye. Even to the children.” He says softly as he makes his way slowly toward you as if he’s afraid you’re going to disappear on him.

“It was wrong of me, please forgive me.”

“Why did you?”

“Please don’t ask me. Besides, the reason no longer exists.” You say softly as Ambassador Barnes stares down at you, before either of you can say anything else Baroness Romanoff’s voice comes from just behind the Ambassador.

“Miss Grace, you’re back. How lovely.” But her eyes don’t say that it’s lovely you’re back at all.

“The children tell me that congratulations are in order. To you too Ambassador.”

“Thank you my dear.” The Baroness says coolly taking a small step closer to the Ambassador, you know now why she’d told you what she did. It was because you’d been a threat. She saw how you felt about the Ambassador and didn’t want you around so she’d convinced you to leave.

“Thank you my dear.” She coos but you’re not fooled. You nod and start up the steps past them but you don’t get far when Ambassador Barnes catches your hand and you turn to look at him in surprise.

“You are back to stay?”

“Only until other arrangements can be made.” You can’t stay now that they’re getting married. It wouldn’t be right, loving another woman’s husband, and it would break your heart every time you saw him. You go inside and back to your room, the children trickle in to spend time with you. Eventually you send them to bed, carrying Wanda back to her room as she sleeps.

God you’re going to miss them, you’re going to miss them so much when you leave. You press a soft kiss to the top of Wanda’s head then make your way to the backyard. It’s dusk, the last rays of light are disappearing behind the trees on the other side of the river. There’s a soft breeze that brushes across your face, and you can smell the flowers in the garden.

It’s like you’re drawn to the small glass gazebo. The lights that are strung across the inside of the gazebo are lit, set at a lower level. It’s really peaceful out here, quiet and still, at least it is until you hear someone coming toward you.

“I thought I might find you here.” The Ambassador says softly. You stand and face him, folding your hands in front of you to keep yourself from fidgeting.

“Is there something you needed?”

“Oh, no no. Please sit,” you stare at him he seems nervous, “please.” You sit slowly, “may I?” He asks and you nod he sits down on the same bench as you, facing away from you and after a few moments of silence he clears his throat. “So, I’ve been wondering a couple of things. Why did you leave? And why did you come back?”

“I came back because I had a duty to fulfill and I came back to fulfill it.”

“Is that all?”

“Well, I missed the children.”

“Oh.” He sounds disappointed though why he might be you’re not sure.

“Shouldn’t I have missed them?”

“Oh no of course! Of course. I just thought, well I’d hoped that, it’s just, nothing was right when you were gone and nothing will be right when you leave.”

“I’m sure that the Baroness will make things fine for you.”

“Grace,” he says softly once again dropping the formality of the Miss. “There isn’t going to be a Baroness.”

“There isn’t?”

“No. We’ve called off our engagement.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” You tell him, even if maybe you’re not so sorry.

“You are?” You give a little hum as to not agree or deny the statement.

“Wait why? Are you alright?”

“Uh, I’m alright. You can’t marry someone when, well, when you’re in love with someone else.”

“I-“ you breathe, is this really happening? “I suppose not.”

“Now all I need to know is if the feeling is mutual.” He murmurs his gaze flicks down to your lips before he looks back into your eyes. You stand abruptly, your heart hammering in your chest, and walk toward the gazebo before pacing back toward him.

“This, are you being honest?”


“Did the Baroness say something to you?” You ask as you pace back away from him. She must have told him, and this was some big joke.

“Grace,” he catches you by the arms holding you still in front of him. He places his right pointer finger under your chin and gently tilts your face up before pressing a feather light kiss to your lips. “Natasha broke it off with me because she knew I was in love with you. And I suspect she knew that you are in love with me.”

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Shuri: It's torture porn and you know it.
Wong: It is not, and you know it. The Saw movies have complex story lines, with great acting, frightening scenarios, and nuanced characters.
Shuri: And scenes involving people cutting chunks off limbs to appease an ever hungrier fanbase of people who want to see more and more graphic bodily torture.
Wong: Well, yeah, that too.
Hope: Um, excuse me. Hi.
Shuri: Hello.
Wong: Oh, there’s more people here.
Hope: I never got a chance to talk to you before Stark's memorial. I'm Hope.
Shuri: I'm Shuri, this is Wong.
Hope: So, it's great to meet you. Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt what you guys were talking about.
Shuri: Don't worry about it, we were just talking about horror movies. And in particular how the Saw series is terrible and overcomplicated, when it could've just been a single good movie instead of a bunch of terrible ones all about torturing people.
Wong: No! They're morality tales, spearhead by a man driven to make people appreciate their lives, by putting them in situations they can win. It's their own selfishness and stupidity that gets them killed.
Shuri: By torturing them you mean. And then forcing the audience to watch the torture for their entertainment. And then pushing it to ridiculous extremes because the audience wanted more torture scenes. So it's torture porn.
Hope: How did this conversation even get started?
Bucky: I'm pretty sure this conversation started with them talking about Hellraiser movies.
Wong: Ah yes, Hellraiser.
Shuri: A good horror movie series.
Wong: Especially in those films when we see people being graphically injured with hooks and chains purely to torture the characters for the amusement of the audience. SO much better than Saw.
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She was upset and for good reason, you knew that, but it still hurt. She was furious with you, with the ideas of it all, how stubborn you were. You finally made a name for yourself, just like she had. You finally showed the world who you were, what you were capable of, and now what? Now you want to drop it all? And for what? You’d be going back to the same normal, civilian life you found so dreadfully boring. You promised her you would do this together, that you would be in this together, and now you were changing your mind just like that. It was like a slap to the face. She felt betrayed. Hope knew it was childish, that realistically you could do whatever you wanted because it was your life and you’re an adult, but still… . What would she do without you? How could she face this new scary world without you? She always thought you’d be by her side, that you were an unbreakable tean. You faced so much already…

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Someone really needs to draw Hope and Scott dressed for Halloween as Batman and Catwoman, respectively, if only because I cannot and this needs to exist.

C’mon, a rich superhero with “dead” parents, parental issues abound, specialized gadgets. who trained since childhood to fight, and a sexy thief with chaotic morality who they have a flirtatious, on-again/off-again thing going on with? Makes sense to me.

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Pietro had the best view of the harbour from the building’s terrace. He laid low, looking at the scene unfolding in front of his eyes. A car arrived at the harbour. Pietro recognised the license plate. It belonged to Stark Industries. Obadiah Stane stepped out of the car and he walked to a man who was already overlooking the task. Pietro saw that they were talking but he was far away to hear anything they said.

“Wish we were able to listen to them talk. They look like the bigshots. They may slip their identities.” Thompson’s voice came through the com.

“The bald one is Obadiah Stane. He works for Tony Stark” replied Pietro.

“Privilege of attending Stark’s parties”

“Will you both shut up and concentrate on the matter in hand?” May’s voice cut them off.

Pietro again looked into the binoculars, focusing on Stane. He walked back to his car and got in. Pietro got up from his hiding spot.

“I’m going to trail him” he said as he sprinted to his car.

“Agent Maximoff, stay down” May said firmly into her com. Pietro switched it off and got in the car. As Stane drove away from the harbour, Pietro followed him at a distance.

May can’t leave her post now and at the same time she can’t let Pietro follow a risky lead alone. She swore as she dialled Natasha’s number.


Steve and Natasha were getting ready for their night hunt in Steve’s office. Steve took a couple of Howard’s latest inventions and pocketed it. They got out of his office and stepped into the elevator. Natasha pressed the button and turned to look at Steve, “So, I heard you and Stark have been hunting while I was gone?” she smirked. “How was the hunt?” she asked raising her an eyebrow.

Steve stared at her with eyes wide.

“Don’t look so surprised pretty boy. Both of your auras scream you had sex.”

“I would rather jump from a plane without parachute than talk about my sex life.”

Natasha laughed. She got into the car and started the engine.

“Shit, I forgot my phone in your office” she said. After a moment she added, “Never mind.”

She set off into the night city. They searched the deserted streets for ferals. The night was silent allowing them to hear every small sound. Natasha stopped the car and stepped out. Steve followed her. They analysed the area for any lurking feral. They found a group of seven roaming few blocks away. The ferals were no match to them. They finished them off within few minutes and drove to another part of the city.

They were near Staten Island when they heard a woman scream. Natasha pressed down on the break and opened the door. She got out and ran in the direction of the scream. Steve followed her. He saw a woman was being chased by feral. He jumped in-between the feral and the woman. He stabbed the feral through its heart, turning it to dust. He turned around and saw Natasha trying to calm the woman. He walked up to them. But seeing him approach, the woman backed away scared. Steve stopped advancing and apologised. “Sorry, didn’t mean to alarm you.”

Once she became calm, they drove her to her apartment.


Pietro followed Stane in his car. Pietro felt like Stane drove through the city aimlessly. He could not work out the destination of Stane. Suddenly, Stane stopped the car and got out. Pietro checked for his gun in his shoulder strap and got out. He maintained his distance from Stane. When Stane turned into a dark alley, Pietro took out his gun and followed him. As he stepped into the alley, he pointed his gun straight ahead. There was nothing but an empty wall. It seemed to be mocking at Pietro. The man who had walked into the alley few seconds before had vanished. Pietro was confused. Where did he go, he thought as he advanced down the alley. Suddenly hair in the back of Pietro’s neck stood up. His instinct screamed at him to leave. He turned and a figure jumped in front of him from the top of building. It was Stane.

He had a malicious glint in his eyes and his pupils shone blood red. He smiled at Pietro revealing his sharp fangs as they slowly descended. Pietro fired his gun. The bullet managed to hit Stane in his chest but it apparently had no effect on him. He staggered back a bit but still stood his ground. Pietro shot repeatedly, emptying the whole round into him.

Stane growled. “This isn’t going to stop me, boy.”

Pietro ducked in-between the gap between Stane and the wall and ran for his life. He dashed out of the alley towards his car. Stane followed him. Pietro got in his car and started it. He pressed on the gas but his car didn’t move. He turned to see Stane holding the car.


Pietro turned on his electronic batch to life and dropped in his location asking for backup. He wasn’t sure anyone can help him now. Stane was too close. He ripped the door and dragged Pietro out by his neck. Pietro struggled as Stane choked him. It is too late he thought.


Wanda woke up with a jerk. She looked around her. It took her sometime to realise that she was in the couch of Howard’s lab. She saw Howard and Coulson looking her concerned. They might have noticed when she woke up.

“I’m fine” she said. But her voice gave her away.

Howard sat near her and held her hand. The awkwardness was there when they started talking again but they worked it out. Now they were like before, working and joking around together. She had come to his lab to escape the loneliness of her home. Pietro was never home most of the time and it felt off without him so she spent her time in Howard’s lab chatting with him while getting her work done. Coulson came in to ask for help from Howard. While they were talking, Wanda had fell asleep on the couch. And she had woke up due the terrible dream.

Howard sat near her holding her arm. Coulson brought her some water. She accepted it with a thanks. Howard looked her, “Bad dream?”

She nodded. “It felt very real.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“No, it’s not much. Pietro was in danger. I freaked out and got up.”

Coulson’s phone rang cutting off Wanda. Coulson excused himself as he attended the call. Wanda was vaguely able to hear what the person on other side of line was talking. She heard her brother’s name and her ears perked up. Her mind connected the dots. Coulson hung up the phone and looked at the them.

“I have to leave. I need to attend to certain issue.”

“Wait. Is it concerning Pietro?”

“How- no”

“I heard his name. Is he in danger?”

“It’s nothing.” Coulson walked away.

“I’m coming with you” she said as she tagged along with him. Howard was confused but followed them out of the lab.

“Wanda, listen to me. This isn’t a joke. You stay here. It’s not safe for you to come along.” he said stepping into the elevator.

“What is happening?” asked Howard.

“It’s classified” said Coulson as he stepped into the elevator.

“I am sure it concerns Pietro. I want to know what this is about.” Wanda said. She slid into the elevator before it closed and Howard followed her promptly.

“Is he in danger because of Stane?”

Coulson froze but he maintained a straight face as he turned to her.

“I saw it. In my dream. He is in Staten Island” she stated before Coulson could get out the question.

The three stepped out of the elevator and ran towards the car.

“Howard, stay here.”

“No way. I’m coming with you.”

“No time for discussion. Get in the car, both of you.”

“Can we reach there in time?” Wanda asked.

“Don’t underestimate Lola” His eyes had a small sparkle as he mentioned his car.


Natasha pulled the car over. She took couple bottles of beer from the cooler in the back seat.

“It’s too early in the hunt to start drinking.”

“I don’t care” she simply said. She opened the bottle and took a sip.

“Nat, you know something. Since your trip to Budapest you aren’t acting like yourself. Anything you want to tell me?”

Natasha sipped her drink. She closed her eyes and let the bitter drink wash down her throat. They sat in silence for some time. Natasha looked at Steve. She took her bag from the back seat and handed a folder to Steve.

“Tony is being framed-”

Natasha’s electronic badge in her pocket beeped interrupting her. She fished it out; saw the location coordinates and an ask for backup. She noticed that she was the only one near the location.

“What do you mean?”

“Later” she said as she turned the ignition. The car came to life. She pressed down on the gas pedal and sped off down the road towards the location.

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