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#hope you had a good day today 馃槑


platonic everyone + reader, implied future/potential leo x reader if you look real close, thalia has a girlfriend that I had to make up bc they never mention hunters of artemis but go off rick, calypso is not included bc she acts more like an antagonist imo, gif doesn’t have anything to do with it besides nostalgia lmao

happy thanksgiving <33


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jenni thank you so much!! 💕

14. Can you drive a stick shift?

given the fact that i cant drive at all that would be a no 😂😂

20. Name something you have to do tomorrow?

boring but i have some cleaning to do that i’ve been putting off 

40. Did you have a good day yesterday?

not really, got news that my dad has covid :/

49. What are you supposed to be doing right now?

probably sleeping bc its 1am but when have i ever had a normal sleep schedule

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it’s nov 1st rn but i had a good day yesterday actually !! i went to vote (!!!!!) and out to brunch afte, then i target and got a book of poems and a basketball hoop for the back of my closet door and a little light up thing that i can change the quotes on. then i had wayyyy too much halloween candy and played among us with my fp for like.. 5 hours LMFAO and was on a video call with them for about 2 of those hours which was amazing

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I looked up the Apple Code Vinegar rinse on YouTube for my hair because it needed a thorough wash. So I soaked it in the sink for 20 minutes. Just hot water that I boiled from the stove and a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. But maybe it was too long of a soak… my roots and most of my hair smells good, but the ends just reek of vinegar… 😣 I washed my hair with shampoo though so why do my ends smell like this !!! 😩😩😩

Ohhh~ the “Rawr” (I love it 💕 💗)

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Of course you may have a hug, I wish you a happy belated birthday as well. There’s no need to be so formal with me, I wish to see all as equals to me. *gently gives you a hug* I’m terribly sorry I don’t have a gift for you, but I hope that you had a wonderful day yesterday and that your days to come will be full of life and happiness.

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i’ll b in your and aisla’s house all the time bc we’ll b having sleepovers and i’ll b sipping on my tea, and we can all watch movies and you and me and her and iwa can have double dates 🥺🤩

she totally loves you more but thats okay, as long as she’s with a nice guy like you. just know u hurt her and i kill you in your sleep 😀🔪

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Happy Hallow’s Eve to you as well, my love! I know that quite a few of our friends are reveling in the festivities, and have been waiting to do so for a long while… And I also know that large gatherings don’t always suit you. So please, don’t feel ashamed of taking a step back for yourself, alright? I want for tonight to be enjoyable for everyone, particularly for the love of my life. (That would be you, of course!)

…Goodness, D… Ahaha… You’ve certainly mastered the art of flustering me. I’m sure that must make you very proud. Well, I can promise you that the moment your gaze meets my own, I will light up with joy. For you, I will always smile. Let us make tonight one to remember. I love you… See you soon!!

-Sophia ♡

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