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#hope you have a great tonight and tomorrow as well <3
honeytae · a month ago
I hope you have a gentler night and a peaceful day tomorrow :(
Tumblr media
hiii thank you so much!!! you’re very sweet, and god look at yoon :( his smile singlehandedly saves my ass every time i swear
send me pics of your bias that make you fucking SIMP
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txdxsh1 · 3 days ago
hello friends!!!!!! i’m so sorry that i haven’t posted in literally so long, i’ve had some stuff going on but i just really quickly have some stuff to say:
first of all, thank you SO MUCH for the amount of support i’ve received over the past week/two weeks despite me not posting. i feel so bad for now posting but seriously i appreciate it so much <3
second of all, i SWEAR new posts are coming very very soon. like i’m literally going to try and finish a post tonight and tomorrow morning so that i can post it tomorrow. i also got some new texts coming soon. might update the masterlist as well so that’s it a little more organized.
okay that’s it!! i love you all so much!!!!!!! hope you’re all having a great pride month so far and are staying safe :)
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giantmuschroom · 3 days ago
How to marry Seo Eunkwang
Hello, i'm here with another fic. Please blame @prettywordsyouleft for the idea :D
I didn't have betareader this time and english is not my first language, so if you find some mistakes, let me know!
So enjoy and happy reading <3
Tumblr media
You always liked the parties your firm was throwing, partly because it was your job, partly because you liked how your CEO was charming the crowd.
Three years ago you got the job as his secretary, which kind of evolved into a personal assistant and at parties like this a friend. So you sipped the champagne and enjoyed the glances of your boss when he found something new and interesting you added to this party.
"Another great party y/n," you heard from the side.
"Thank you," you giggled. Oh no.. You giggled? How many glasses of champagne did you have?
"I'm sorry Sungjae, I have to go.. To the toilet.. Do the toilet stuff," you hurried and left for your office.
In the dim light you poured yourself a glass of water in hope it will help. You needed to be sober, some guests may need something. Sound from the hallway made you starlet and not letting everyone see that the boss' proper secretary had too much alcohol, you entered his office.
Sitting on his chair you let yourself loose a little. And maybe it was the smell of his cologne or the alcohol, you said to yourself: why shouldn't i.
* * *
"You have an interesting search history, my friend," said Minhyuk as he entered his boss's office.
"Oh no, did someone hack the firm again? I swear the porn was sungjae," he panicked.
"No. Not hacking.. Just.. See it for yourself,” Minhyuk handed him a paper.
Eunkwang began to read and as he was continuing his smile got bigger and bigger.
"So.. You know who did this?" asked minhyuk.
"Of course," answered Eunkwang with a smile.
"And judging from the stupid grin on your face, you don't have a problem with it,"
"Why should I?" said Eunkwang and studied the paper again.
You heard his laughter in your office and wondered what made him laugh. Yesterday went well, considering your light headed state and the fact you woke up on the couch in his office, buried under his jacket. You convinced yourself that you found it near, because the other option was too much fantasy for you.
"Bye, y/n," waved Minhyuk with a smile as he exited Eunkwang's office.
"Wait, was it something important? Should i set a meeting?" you asked with a slight panic in your voice.
"As a matter of fact, you should. Tomorrow in Unboxing at 8pm," he said.
"Oh, okay then, I will. Thank you." without answering Minhyuk just chuckled and went away.
"Eunkwang? Minhyuk said to make a reservation in Unboxing, but he didn't say for how many people," you called your boss.
"Did he?" he laughed. "Two, it's for two," said Eunkwang.
* * *
"Ela? Is your shift tonight?"
"What do you need y/n?"
"Reservation for two," you blurted out.
"Tell her she always has a table at unboxing and get back to bed," you heard the man's voice.
"Shut up, jinwoo," Ela laghed.
"But he is right, just come, i will find you a nice table with a view," she said and then someone abruptly ended that phone call.
* * *
You waited at the bar, chatting with your friend, when she said "He is here." you turned and waved at your boss. Slightly surprised he was alone and so handsome.
"I will get you seated," said Ela and walked you to the table.
"Where is your company? You said two people." you asked, looking around.
"All I need is here," he answered. And just like that it made you stop in your steps.
"Y/n? Why are you standing here?" Ela bumped into you.
"Sit down, my friend," she pushed you to the table. Eunkwang was already sitting, looking at menu.
"You really have to read it?" asked Ela.
"Well I wanted something special, but you have the same stuff!" he smiled and Ela rolled her eyes.
"So the usual for you two."
"And bottle of champagne," he added and sent a cheeky grin to you.
"You are going to fire me," you said to him when you got your food and he poured the champagne.
"This is a goodbye dinner," you continued. "I can't believe it. After all these years and after all the things I have done for you." Eunkwang just stared at you as you continued your rant about how awful it is for him to fire you and you will take it to the law, because he has no reason to do it.
"Y/n stop.. Please… I don't want to fire you!" he stopped you.
"You don't? Then why all this?" you gestured to the table.
"I can't take you to dinner?" Eunkwang asked
“We have dinners all the time!” you protested.
“Yes, in the office,” he countered.
“Dinner is dinner,” you said.
“Really?” the sly grin was back and it sent shivers down your spine.
“Cause this,” he pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, “says otherwise.”
“What is that?”
“Oh, something very interesting. You wanna see?” He handed you the paper.
You opened it and as you were reading it your face was paler and paler. It was printed history search, from the night of the party. From the night you spent in Eunkwang’s office.
‘romntic dinner’
‘how to know you have feeeelings’
‘how to know smneon have felings for u’
‘how ro dat your ceo’
and the last one
‘how to mrry Seo Eunkwang’
“Oh no,” you whispered and crumpled the paper, terrified of looking at the man before you.
“Please Y/N, look at me,” he whispered and you just shook your head. This was just mortifying. Not only you outed your stupid crush the most innapropriate way, EVERYONE in the IT department saw it. And you knew Hyunsik wouldn't keep it to himself, which means Sungjae knows, which means the whole firm knows. You stared at the crushed paper and wanted to catch the first plane who knows where and start a new life as a pastry chef.
“I always wanted to be a pastry chef,” you mumbled.
“Excuse me, what?” asked Eunkwang.
“Just planning my life after I quit and move to another country to escape this humiliation,” you answered with a serious tone.
“No one is quitting, Y/N. You know I had in my mind how I would confess that I liked you, this was not it,” he said.
“You what?”
“I like you,” he confessed, “And to answer your last question because I'm pretty sure Google knows nothing about it. You can just ask me, I have the perfect reply.”
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boyholes · 8 days ago
hello neighbor I wanted to send u some mutual love!!! <3 I hope you are have a great day tonight/tomorrow!
hi again elliot :-) im having a nice night im eating and watching a movey..... i hope ur having a nice one as well ^_^
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torontoschampions · 10 days ago
good afternoon morning whatever it is dearest!
you know what no more stanley cup, we've progressed past the need for the stanley cup. actually fun fact before this year, whenever i heard 'the stanley cup' i used to think of the cars movie and it's 'stanley's cup'. i just forgot hockey existed honestly alskdj. i would be like dang i didn't realize cars had this much of a pop culture influence🤪
i hope your relaxin, i know you've got a big day tomorrow but you got this! i believe in your doctorly abilities to doctor and you're gonna doctor the heck out of that exam! (that's the best i can give as a nondoctor person😌)
honestly let's give it to the avs and call it a day. let me go back to football and f1 where i know peace😭 (except not really but you know more peace than before)
no i feel that. i love that i make fun of straight guys who get too invested in sports and when it ruins their whole day as if i don't do the exact same thing. just my toxic trait🤪
give me all the vents i love a good vent! *takes notes*📝 next season: no hopes, just vibes
but yeah truly it did hurt especially when for sure they're a team that should've made it to at least round 3, the talent and ability was there what happened? honestly they remind of the german nt since their world cup win cause they've been aWFUL for a team that is genuinely pretty stacked. maybe we should ground them🤔 put the whole team in timeout and tell them no fans until you stop acting up.
i get that about the excuses especially if it's been so long like there can't always be something. at some point you've got to pick it up when it matters most. especially yeah with no domestic cups. tbh i think they should add some, more chances for silverware and even seeing teams who don't usually play against each other do it. but anyway im not running the nhl 😠 i feel that tho honestly sports stress me out more than anything yet i always come back,,,maybe, i'm the problem?? nahhhh
i hope you had a good sleepy and have a great day!☺️💖 lmao im prolly about to listen to all of sour by olivia rodrigo and act like it's about the leafs alskdj i had the block the nhl on twitter and mute anything related to leafs (i did that with pens too lmao) and then there was 1 left
heyyy bestie <3
Big mood honestly what is hockey anyway ? easily the smallest pro north american sports league anyway who gives a crap abt her. lsdjhfdskjs there is a stanley cup in the cars film??? frick i need to watch that it sounds so good
thanks bestie i really appreciate that <3 yeah i think the nerves are well and truly settling in now that i've realized it's literally tomorrow lol i feel like i know nothing but just fingers crossed for a pass at this point. worst comes to worst i'll rewrite it but i'll be so embarrassed lmfao dslkjfhsd
truly hockey has gone too far this time. game 2 tonight ig how ya feelingggg hopefully a win for the good guys.
my besties fiance and i decided we're kraken fans now ... they do have nice colours and everything it's decided. lmao i said that to my brother yesterday (and also told him abt my tottenham-leafs comparison) and he got so mad at me he's like U CANT JUST PICK A NEW TEAM??? why not bestie. who's stopping me. not these leaf binches who couldn't seem to stop a singular goal the last few games. so why not.
fkjdshgs the sh*tty thing is we just always get our hopes up just enough to feel destroyed when it goes poorly. i think the only way i could truly not give a crap is if i just didn't watch any of the regular season or anything like entirely distanced myself from the sport. which might be a good thing ig lfdkxjhgldk honestly like they don't really deserve fans rn, like it's genuinely not fair to the fans lol. usually im pretty firmly pro-players and often find myself feeling like they shouldn't be criticized as much as they are and whatnot but this time around they truly deserve every bit of criticism they're going to get. i don't care to read/hear about it (which is why i've like unfollowed/muted everything to do w them fdslkjghfd) but they're going to get pretty deservedly ripped apart by media and stuff and idk maybe use it as motivation? but that's been happening for like 4 years straight and we've not seen a turnaround so prob not <3
lfdkjhgfs imagine lil cups and trophies u could win outside of stanley??? would be so fun
omg yes bestie that album SLAPS!!!! what are ur faves?? i actually love pretty much every song but brutal is a banger (i wouldve been so emo over it if it came out when i was 17) and also traitor. truly the mood @ the leafs this year. u betrayed me. and i know that you'll never feel sorry. for the way i hurt :/
curious to see what happens in this offseason, if they'll trade any of the key pieces or what. before the raps won the nba championship in 2019 we faced a couple tough years of just not being good enough in the playoffs (kept coming up against lebron mf james fkdjhgfdlk) and then for the 18-19 season we made a pretty wild/shocking trade at that time where we gave up one of our best players for another superstar and ended up winning the chip that year. it was a tough pill to swallow at the time (i still love the player we traded away SO MUCH) and it was rlly sad that when we finally won he wasn't there for it but also that was the catalyst for us actually winning yknow?? idk if we will end up doing that but i could see it happening, like trading away key pieces just to shake up the core bc we have been in such a stalemate. ppl keep saying minchell for eichel lmao idk if that would ever happen but would be kinda wild (and upsetting !). i hope we dont trade away willy tho that would be fked.
okay anyway BYEEEE i should go study fdlkgjhfdl love you very much take care <3 hope youre having a good day!!
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cyncerity · 16 days ago
I hope you get this ask in good health! I hope you're doing well today too! <3
Anyways, I'd like to request something!
Maybe some G!Tommy and T!SBI+Beeduo fluff? and maybe soft noms included if you want to add that in, you don't have to if you aren't comfortable though!
Hi!! I’m doing good, and I hope you are, too, thank you for caring!!
Always up for soft noms <3
Gonna be honest: I didn’t know how to incorporate SBI and BeeDuo noms into one story so have 2 mini drabbles cause I’m unoriginal (which is also why it took so long sorry again)
Also I warned y’all a while ago that I would write a hide and seek oneshot lmao
Also also sorry for the lack of dialogue-
Tw: Soft vore in both stories. If you don’t like it, don’t read it <3
It had been a long day of work for Tommy, Ranboo and Tubbo. They had been working on fixing up Snowchester all day, and they were exhausted. At least, Tubbo and Ranboo were. The work hadn’t been too difficult for Tommy given his giant size, the snow had just been a pain in the ass. He didn’t understand why anyone chose to live in the freezing cold, he was miserable after having been outside for only a day. But he helped because of how Tubbo and Ranboo planned to “pay” him. The thought brought a smile to his face as he watched the goat hybrid finish fixing a creeper hole as his husband placed a berry bush on top of it. He leaned over the two teenagers both looking absolutely beat from the work they’d done today. Tommy set his hands next to the pair who climbed on quickly, ready to fulfill their end of the deal if it meant having a quiet warm place to sleep.
The giant lifted them up slowly before opening his mouth and gently sliding them in, quickly noticing how cold his friends felt against his tongue. All the more reason to get them to warmth quicker. Tommy tilted his head back slowly, resting his fingers against his throat as he felt both hybrids slip down his esophagus. He followed their path down to his stomach after they fell past his collarbones, hyper aware of their place in his chest because of the shiver the two freezing teenagers sent down his spine. When they finally reached his stomach they laid back and fell asleep almost immediately, Tommy feeling the light movement of the rise and fall of their chests against his stomach walls and hearing their soft snores echo slightly throughout his belly.
He smiled as he began to slowly make his way home, careful not to sway or wake his friends as he enjoyed the soft sway of their weight on his way home. When he finally got home he climbed into his bed as carefully as he could manage, tucking his knees to his chest in an attempt to curl around his friends. He fell asleep with a hand resting over his stomach in a protective manner, a smile on his face, though he knew he’d deny it in the morning. All he knew now though was how lucky he was to have friends like this. And unbeknownst to him, Tubbo and Ranboo fell asleep thinking the same exact thing.
Tommy walked down the hallways of his family’s house as quietly as he could, quickly sweeping around every corner in a desperate attempt to notice any small movements out of the corner of his eye. His family had this sort of weekly tradition of hide-and-seek, but with a twist most other families can’t manage. Part of the fun of having a family of sizeshifters: hide and seek becomes a lot more interesting. At least, if you’re the seeker. Tommy had never been good at hiding: he currently had a streak of about 7 weeks being the first one caught. Not that he was complaining, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to be caught first. It meant more room to himself before whoever was seeking that night found the other two, with the unfortunate side effect of also being made fun of by his older brothers for being caught first. But tonight was different: he was the seeker. He was gonna win.
All of a sudden, he saw something flying out of the corner of his eye. He sprung into action as he ran to grab it out of the air before it could get to a different hiding spot, almost falling over as he grabbed it and lost his balance. He opened his palm to see his father; no surprise there, he was the only one who could fly. But he was also usually the last found, his wings giving him the hiding advantage. And Tommy caught him first. Tommy gave the smaller man a smug grin as Phil sat up slowly in his sons hand, the sudden grab out of their air making him dizzy. When he looked up at his sons stupid, shit-eating grin, he flipped him off and laid back in his hand, making his son burst into laughter at the gesture.
Tommy took this as a sign of begrudging readiness as he slipped Phil into his mouth, quickly swallowing the smaller hybrid as he started to look for his oldest brother, knowing that if this was where Phil hid, Techno would be around here, too.
“Techno...” Tommy called out as soon as Phil dropped into his stomach, allowing him to speak again. “Come on out, I don’t bite...”
He continued to tease him for a few minutes longer, probably not doing a great job as he was somewhat distracted by the weight in his gut, when he saw a quick blur of pink top of the fridge.
Tommy moved slowly towards the fridge. There wasn’t a fast enough way down from there, Techno must’ve thought he hadn’t been paying attention. In an instant, Tommy jumped up and grabbed Techno off the fridge and put him in his mouth, effectively capturing his brother while simultaneously scaring the shit out of him if the yelp he let out was any evidence. He could hear his fathers laughter as he swallowed the piglin, who struggled all the way down and began to half-heartedly punch at Tommy’s stomach walls in a playful manner once he fell into the organ. Tommy resisted laughing and instead poked his midsection where he could feel Techno, and in turn felt it when he knocked Techno over. He ignored the harder laughter from his father and string of curse words Techno threw at him as he started to look for Wilbur.
2 down, 1 to go. He went through the living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms with no sign of the tiny until he eventually stopped in the kitchen. He had to be in here.
And he was, Tommy noticed surprisingly quickly. Wilbur was simply out in the open, standing behind the faucet to the sink, leaning one of the knobs. It probably would have seemed suspicious to anyone that wasn’t Tommy. So he walked up to Wilbur who stared him down with a smug confidence no one who was about to get eaten should have, whether or not they knew it was safe. It wasn’t until Tommy reached for Wil that he understood why he had the level of confidence.
As soon as he hand was close enough, Wilbur shifted his weight on the knob so it turned the sink on, the rubber band around the sink’s alternate shower head turning it on, spraying Tommy with water as he yelled in surprise. Wilbur watched from behind the sink, laughing to himself as Tommy desperately tried to turn the hose off without spraying himself in the eyes.
He eventually managed to turn the sink off, and Wilbur couldn’t help but laugh at the death glare Tommy gave him in return. The tiny was lifted up to Tommy’s eye level by the back of his shirt, still looking not at all concerned. “You little shit, you’re drying all this off when I let you out.”
Wilbur shrugged as Tommy sighed in annoyance, lifted the tiny higher and dropping him into his mouth, even using his teeth to slightly chew on his brother. He hadn’t gotten to taste the other two because of the rush he had put himself through trying to find them all quickly, so he let himself enjoys Wil’s taste as he made his was back to his room. Wil didn’t care, either. He knew that Tommy wouldn’t hurt him, and he knew he’d probably be messed with a little extra due to his prank, but he didn’t care, Tommy’s face had been priceless.
Tommy eventually relented to sending Wilbur down to be with the rest of his family as he sat down on his bed, scrolling through Twitter as he rubbed at his belly, faintly hearing Wilbur tell a very confused Techno and Phil why it took Tommy so long to catch him. Tommy continued to absentmindedly scroll through his phone as he joined his family’s conversation, all of them teasing and joking with each other as Tommy started to boast at being the best seeker in the house. He got light kicks and shoves in return for this, but none of them were hostile. After all, they’d all been on Tommy’s current side of the game before, they all knew how good it felt. And Tommy knew from his experience how good rubs from the outside where, too, so he happily indulged his family as well. And Tommy knew that after he let them out tomorrow there’d be another round with a new seeker next week, and he’d have to wait a while to be the bigger person in the game again, so he savored his time with his family inside him. But on the other hand, if memory served him correctly, it was Wilbur’s turn to be the seeker next week. And boy did Tommy have some ideas on how to get back at his brother.
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autoirishlitdiscourses · 17 days ago
Discourse of Tuesday, 25 May 2021
To the poem itself contains some very impressive moves. Think about what you want to get back to some questions in order to turn in your introduction about what you'd like to put them together, but if things shift again during the late penalty, actually. Ahem. Students who are, I don't think that it's important, cannot learn at all about this in terms of the discussion requirement.
I myself often find that speaking with me at the context of your selection, in large part because concluding what the larger structure of your paper further would be to resolve the primary tension that you've dropped the sentence Pleasant to see the outline for the quarter was affected by gender in the class and led them through some important ways, and the Stars: Nora Clitheroe, The Song of Wandering Aengus. Remember that you can respond productively if they cover ground which you are reciting on Dec. If he doesn't want a recording of your analysis on its own, and a half pages from a two-thirds of a topic into an argument. In your section participation. I quite enjoyed reading it. A-for the quarter, but they can fully reach their own potential and serve as an editorial proofreader at a particular argument. There is also lucid and enjoyable. Skim some of the things you'll have a student whose entire commentary on the first place. I'll see you next week in lecture, and you're absolutely welcome to choose any poem at all. This is not actually held you back from your responsibility to be changed than send a new document. I do not participate, then send me email or by some other measure?
Not suggesting that you understand everything that's going on in the term—because you have any questions, OK? Ultimately, what do you want to take so long to get to everything anyway, especially when you're not merely adequate, but you handled yourself and your writing is quite complex, if you'd like. He admitted that he understood that what you want me to make sure you know how to override the defaults and produce a video recording of it is quite good. I don't think it's possible that you have performed, you still manage to pick a segment of a group of graduate students who didn't attempt to connect your thoughts this is potentially a very strong claim, will change the sense of the Blooms' marriage. All of these is that I disagree with, I have posted a copy of your topics themselves instead of at least partly with other good ways to arrange for discussion by email. Think about how you're going to be refined a bit better, I think you've got some very perceptive work here. I don't think that it's difficult for students who simply move their eyes quickly over the quarter is that race is? Grade: A type of women's undergarment. Some suggestions: Georges Braque painted food-concerned still lifes quite a good paper, and good choice I've heard, and a bit here. As I told the story if you'd like. See you then! I had a middle A-for the jugular. All of these are very solid aspects of the quality of the words in this range illustrate that the play. More, you should be cognizant of what might be useful for reviewing certain particular texts could be made. Technically, this looks good to me. Good luck with all of your finals and papers, and I am not fishing, but you did very well here. Does anyone have a wonderful break, and that not doing so by 10 a. The Butcher Boy, mentioned in lecture and section times I know much about midterm grades.
Attendance. Should Avoid 'How-to' Guides Like This One By the way that the airman gets out of material, and you might take here would be for him to say about the relationship of the staring-at-their-shoes-and-waiting-for the English Department's grad student office space, and it's helpful to build, and said that it is, there is of course agree with you that time passes differently when you're bored out of 150 just below 80%. I think that you're covering. 60/70. Welcome to the greatest extent that this is primarily covered over by this calculation detail but this would have most needed in order to be more specific claim that you're likely to give a more fluid in the poem and its flowers have a copy of the argument that passes naturally through all of Godot, of Francie's unusually non-traumatized at least some points for both of which is where you're going to post-Victorian ideals demands that they are assumed to be. I said before, so let me know. 5% 127. Tonight's paper-grading rubric above. You seemed a bit more about me than you might think about how to do this, I still think it will be how it supports your assertions about female parental centrality need more backing than you're looking for, rather than focusing on Heaney's presentation of the things that, your section, but please reserve the room, but students who are reciting, nor does it mean to claim that you're capable of being. I'm happy to meet this status, there is no ceiling in my opinion, and Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake, all! Remember that next week and will send an e-mail me and ask him whether he's still open to recitations. Very well done.
You picked an important passage and gave what was overall a strong job of setting this paper would have helped to be on a paper that is very engaging, for instance, in any reasonable person could disagree with you about the change you see this as a source. Both of these was touching on some relatively minor point s unintelligible. You could plausibly read this term, although none substantial enough to 10. Good luck with the play, or by email within forty-eight hours in advance or have been, though, you've got quite a solid job of discussion in many ways that this could conceivably drop the class, but you were doing last time you have any questions, OK? So, what does this figure become significant at the logical and narrative structure of the situation are quite likely at that time.
Check your U-Mail account! I'll see you at the heart of what you're really passionate about here, I of course The Plough and the way that they deserve to be more comfortable with the class and led them through some important things to say that one of these have held off on a paper involves writing yet another version of Patrick Kavanagh's I Had a Future. However, these are important basic issues if you approve. You provide some intriguing possibilities without theorizing them as choices made as a scholar with the paper to be successful if you bring specific issues that I've gestured to in my office hours so that you would have most liked to see how many people in, first-in, if you would have helped you to be more effective for you. Hi!
For the discussion. Grade Is Calculated in Excruciating Detail. Grading criteria The/discussion assignment: I think you have written over the last minute in half if you have elements of the things holding you back here, especially if the maximum possible score for you to speak if no one has stolen them, but rather because they will be. Noisy selfwilled man. I hope, too, if you have to happen differently for this paper, but is perhaps productive, perhaps, American imperialism. Sorry for the quarter, attending Thanksgiving week and prepared to discuss your intentions with me or with the material, to me I'll post a link to it. Similarly, I think you can receive, regardless of what I'm expecting it's a good holiday! Thanks!
This table is not just two points of similarity between Yeats's relationship to preceding Irish authors in great detail, if you'd like; you have any questions, OK? No, because poteen was illegal in Ireland and his borderline manic feelings while making his rounds quite effectively, doing a good job. But I think you gloss over particularly difficult passages that would need to spend more time on Wednesday prevents you from reciting, obligates you to speak if no one else is waiting at 3:50, some people never get to everything anyway, but I'll most likely cause is that future readers and viewers, is not one of the text that illustrate it, and how that structures the characters' understanding of the two or three days, and for giving such an excellent job. As promised in the best way to clarify your own very sophisticated level. You did a somewhat stronger job of discussion. I have a more profitable way to be even more successful would be helpful to avoid trying to crash the course as a whole and how to set page margins in MS Word 2007: Microsoft on how you respond to everyone's first proposal before I leave town. Again, I think you have to perform an effective sense of the week before I do not participate, then you have any questions, please see me but let me know as soon as possible. Ulysses occurs in a professional about your paper in several places in the course to pull your grade yet. You've also been intending for quite a good sense of the class and will have electronic copies except in genuinely extraordinary circumstances. Really good delivery; write a draft. There are two common practices that students engage in a productive suggestion here that you discovered that I notice is that if you know the answer to this message. You picked a good weekend, but I don't know whether you meet the technical requirements at least four productive possible responses to this narrative of his lecture pace rather than moving around on the test. This may be productive to me. I really did quite an effective loy for digging out the issues. Some miscellaneous thoughts. 9 2. This document has not always exchanged in a 1:30 tomorrow, then asking people whether they agree with you to present your material you emphasize I think that balancing this just a bit more. In the delivery itself that you'd expended substantial thought on how to make sure that you should by all of his own paper, to be, or hospitalization of a third of a specific explanation of why he would email you to an agreement at that point in the recitation half of your recitation after you complete both parts.
I'm giving a make-or higher on the final! 2, though I felt that it never hurts to think about what you want to do so that I'd cancel on you before the other course text that's separated temporally from Punishment, 1984, Brave New World, in part because it won't actually be factored in until your final grade for the final, you'll still want to do everything required for all that you are reciting. You also did a strong job in your future endeavors. Ah! I'm sorry to take so long to get past the I disagree with you. All in all cases, the notes my students: You gave a sensitive, impassioned delivery. All of these questions, which is profitable both because it was written close to ten minutes if you want your argument as sophisticated as it could conceivably boost your overall score for attendance and participation based on the topic has been quite a difficult section of the poem's rhythm and showed evidence that best support your specific argument. In any case, of course! He also demonstrated that you're scheduled to be absolutely sure/that week, whether the walkers should be on November 27 at the final. It's been a pleasure to have substantial problems with conforming to the way of discussion. Think about whether you're technically meeting the discussion. A for the final will keep you posted if there's anything to keep bubbling in the meantime or have a good Thanksgiving break. Crashing? Murphy's Law, of your own very sophisticated and interesting thoughts, and you've also made them all pay off, and our general concepts about identity in Ulysses and Why You Should Avoid 'How-to' Guides Like This One By the way that the professor's if you have preferences about how you would prepare for an extension on the section a total B-. I'm perfectly convinced that you have several options at this point is a wonderful poem and its representation of Catholicism in The Walking Dead, which requires the professor's current lecture topics. These are fairly abstract it may be useful in preparing for the final. I'm sitting here grading papers, and what does it play with which you want to point toward some of Yeats's Under Ben Bulben The Stare's Nest By My Window Yeats, The Stare's Nest by My Window 6 p. You may not have your email, or Aristotelian virtue, or else/the/first name shows her with specific questions general questions by email. You picked a wonderful collection of course up to a specific change. There are not allowed to disclose. Although there's no overlap in your proposal. Alternately, I think that the question entirely and demonstrates that the overarching goal is to say, none of these is that it currently looks like they may set you up for the rest of the pages in question. Please make the topics that you've actually set yourself up to do is to include these types of evil spirits in some important things to say for sure. I don't want to deliver the poem, and responded effectively to larger concerns of the poem to music and perform the assignment write-up exam after lecture most of the texts that don't happen here—again, you did quite a while to stop moving long enough to satisfy a mandatory part of the definitions of romance that you weren't afraid to use my recording device to vibrate instead of panicking and answering them yourself. You are also places where nuance and sensitivity are particularly necessary. I'm not going to motivate the discussion in a close-read, so if you should definitely be there on time if you do well on the text in section is actually the more obvious is to understand and appreciate any aspect of how you can come up to your next email it to my notes, identify your discussion plans by ten a. Those who are nominated are quite a good weekend! It's only 32 lines. Dearest Papli. I'm about equally hard for you that placing the non-passing range for grades, discussed in more detail, because if you kept your attention more closely would help to define your key terms and their views of sexuality is potentially profitable analytical path that you'd thought closely about delivery, very nicely acted. All of these are very perceptive comments in section during Thanksgiving week has just been so long to get him to say. Before I forget: Do you want to attend section all ten weeks and also correlated strongly with how they related to Irish literature, due to strep throat, so maybe it's a microcosm of some kind of murder did win small glory with the texts that you're analyzing. One way to push it further: Hannah Arendt's book On the other is that you also gave a very strong job of covering a large number of ways. I've graded two hundred papers and given out three. You should consider this to you. This is not unlikely with your approval, I'll probably have to operate out of the better ways to combine more than the fact that marriage is supposed to have been implicit more often than they've done for most students to make you feel that you have a reasonable guess is that people often need to be prompted twice, but this is a component of your performance. In the meantime or have a record that he has become a B if turned in on the one that gestures toward an overall narrative about the relationship of Yeats are thoughtful, perceptive, too, that it would set an excellent winter break! So let's have the room.
Final-related questions? Made optional for everyone, As you point out, but rather what does it tell us? I appreciate the argument may not use what you mean, that section attendance and participation will probably involve providing at least 72. I will call life which is ten by holding up the sense that it is drawn from other students were engaged and engaging, and again, and I'll accommodate you if you want to be the best paper I've read it this way is that you'll run out of 150 just below 80%. If you are reciting. At that point. He's the only productive way to satisfy a mandatory course requirement. Good luck, and this is true for us don't show that you're going to be, in South Hall 1415. You responded gracefully to questions and comments that you whould need to scratch and claw for every point available on the section. An Introduction to Reading Joyce's 'Ulysses': Joyce's two structural schema of/The Music Box/1932: There will be holding a midterm review session this Thurs 5 Dec, 1:00.
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Making Bets | Seo-Joon [True Beauty] x Gender Neutral!Reader
Tumblr media
summary: making bets with your boyfriend Seo-Joon was NEVER a good idea, but when a no kiss bet with a promise of a week of dates comes up, how could you refuse?
word count: 2280
a/n: sorry i’ve been so absent! it’s been really hard to finish writing anything i’ve started recently but i’ve got something in the works i hope you all enjoy! :D <3
Making bets with Han Seo-joon was never a good idea. But, when the prize was a full week where the winner gets to choose a week of dates… how could I say no.
“y/n I don’t get why you said yes to this bet, we all know you can’t even last through first period without a kiss from Seo-joon.” Soo-a said as she cuddled further into Tae-hoon’ side on the bench across the lunch table, “yah, we all know you guys are all over each other whenever possible,” Tae-hoon groaned out leaning his head on Soo-a’, “speak of the devil.” looking up from shuffling food around my tray I saw Seo-joon approaching the table trailing just behind Ju-kyung and Soo-ho’s linked arm forms looking a little more than disgruntled at the couple walking in front of him.
“Hello love birds, how nice of you to grace us with your presence on this fine monday morning.” Tae-hoon teased as the other couple sat next to me, Seo-joon taking the last spot to the right of Soo-a, across from me.
“What Seo-joon, not going to kiss your partner hello?” Soo-ho joked as he kissed Ju-Kyung’ cheek before picking food up from his plate and feeding her.
“Morning.” Seo-joon whispered, barely sparing me a glance before looking back at his tray. “Morning babe.” I whispered back.
“So y/n...I heard you and Seo-joon made a bet over the weekend. What’s up with that?” Ju-Kyung asked pushing her hair over her shoulder and turning my way, “oh,” clearing my throat, “Well, Seo-joon's friends were complaining over the weekend about how much we kiss each other in front of them, so we decided to make a bet on how long we could go without kissing each other, and whoever caves in first loses. But, the winner gets to decide a full week of dates the loser has to pay for.” I stated.
“OOO! That sounds fun! We both know you guys though, and we know you both wont last 3 days!” Soo-a joked, causing the rest of the table to laugh, “what plans do you have to win?” she continued.
“Well, I’m not sure to be honest,” I chuckled running a stressed hand through my hair, “I think I’m just going to try and focus on something else other than kissing him, even though that’s going to be hard.” I said laughing a little, sticking my tongue out at Seo-joon just to tease him.
“Well if you need any help y/n just let us know, Ju-kyung and I would be happy to help!” Soo-a said, as everyone returned to their lunches.
“y/n it’s been 2 days and you’re already starting to annoy us with all your whining about missing your ‘sweet precious Seo-joon’” Soo-jin joked, making a silly whiny voice at the end causing the other girls around the table with us to laugh at her terrible impression of me.
“Ya Soo-ho has been telling me about how annoying Seon-joon has been about this whole bet thing and he’s just about ready to kill him.” Ju-kyung laughed.
Sighing I took a sip of my milkshake, “I know, we’re so annoying but I don’t know what to do, I really miss him, but I don’t want to have to pay for all the dates we’d be going on.”
“Well why don’t you try to seduce him?” Soo-jin started, “I mean you’re closing at your work tomorrow right? Why don’t you invite him over for a late night swim after you close? I mean your boss shouldn’t mind if you don’t tell them right?”
“That’s,,,that’s not a bad idea Soo-jin.”
“Ya! And you can ask him tomorrow at school in front of all his friends! He’d be crazy to say no in front of them! especially to a makeout session in a pool!” Ju-Kyung reasoned, Soo-a shaking her head in agreement at our master plan.
“Alright then! Tomorrow at school.” I stated, taking the last sip of my milkshake.
“Hey baby.” I said walking right up to Seo-joon in the hallway, effectively stopping Seo-joon and his posse in their tracks.
“Oh, uhh, hey honey, how’s it going?” Seo-joon said, startled by my sudden appearance in front of him.
“Hey y/n!” one of Seo-joons friends said cheerfully. Paying his friend no mind I started to lean in closer to Seo-joon, causing him to lean his head back to avoid mine.
“So listen, I was thinking about going swimming at my work later? My boss is letting me close alone tonight since I’ve got the late shift?” I said leaning in closer with each sentence. Looking into Seo-joon's widened eyes at my statement.
Hearing his friends muffled laughing from behind him, he cleared his throat composing himself, “thanks for the offer baby but uh- i'm busy tonight.” he said hurriedly, before pushing past me and making his way into the classroom behind us, sitting at his desk hiding his flushed face and trying to ignore his friends teasing.
Looking over to Soo-a and Ju-Kyung I shook my head. Soo-a's expression turned to one of disappointment and Ju-Kyung letting out a hufft that our plan hadn’t worked.
“Soo-aaaaaa, our plan didn’t wooorrrrkk.” I whined, placing my head on my hand and leaning against the lunch table, “I don’t know what I'm supposed to do anymore, it’s been 6 days and I miss him.”
“y/n dude we know you miss him but you gotta stop talking about how much you miss him, it’s all you’ve been talking about since this whole bet started.” Tae-hoon complained.
“Listen, it’s not my fault that he’s so perfect and that every time I see him I just wanna kiss his perfect lips.” I whined my head slipping down my arm as I stared at Seo-joon from across the lunch room.
“Well if I were you and I wanted to avoid kissing my boyfriend I would just ignore him until he gives in.” Ju-kyung said between mouthfuls of rice and meat off of her lunch tray, “thanks babe.” Soo-ho said sarcastically as he looked at Ju-kyung blank faced, “no problem honey, only telling you the truth.” She joked before giving him a quick kiss on the lips, which he gladly accepted.
“I hate you guys and your cute-and-able-to-kiss-each-other, relationships.” I sighed, “well I guess ignoring him until he gives in isn’t such a bad idea.”
“Hey baby.” Seo-joon whispered as he placed his arm above me on the wall leaning in. “h-hey Seo-joon, how-how’s your day been?” I stuttered out trying to look him in the eyes, “My day’s better now that I've seen you.” He stated, gently lifting my face to properly look him in the eyes. “Listen honey, I have to get going to class but how about after school I take you to that book store you’ve been begging me to take you to”,
“Y-yeah, that would be nice thanks.”
“Good.” He leaned in to kiss me, feeling his warm breath fan across my face, causing me to flush. Closing my eyes I waited for the final push of his lips against mine, but instead felt the cold take the place of his warm breath as he suddenly pulled away his light laughter mixing with the small snickers of his friends watching the interaction, “see ya later baby.” he stated walking off down the hallway, his friends chasing after him, congratulation him on the little stunt he pulled on me. Seeing Ju-kyung, Soo-a and Soo-jin shaking their heads out of the corner of my eye, Soo-jin tutted “using your own tactic against you, that’s evil. but, man, you’ve got it bad for that boy. Good luck paying for all those dates.”
“I’m gonna have to try a lot harder to ignore him if he’s going to keep pulling stunts like that.” I sighed.
It’s been 8 days since the bet had started, and it hadn’t gotten any easier to not kiss him. We’ve been effectively avoiding each other, this afternoon at school being the first time we’ve spoken since last thursday.
“Thanks for paying my bus fee. You didn’t have to do that” I thanked Seo-joon awkwardly as we took a seat at the very back of the bus.
“Of course, you’re my partner, you think I'd make you pay your own bus fee?” he laughed lightly, reaching out for my hand. Quickly yanking my hand away from his grasp I cleared my throat fixing my uniform shirt, looking away before I could get drawn back in by him.
“How was your day? You know besides great because now you’re seeing me.” he joked trying to drag my gaze away from the window to my left, “it was fine thanks, boring but you know how it is, stressed for the test on friday though.” I tried to joke, switching my gaze from the window to my fingers, playing with the hem of my dressshirt.
Sitting in awkward silence for the rest of the bus ride, we finally arrived at the small corner bookstore Ju-kyung recommended I check out.
“You know I could have just driven us here on my motorcycle right?”
“Well yeah but you know how I feel about your motorcycle, you’re gonna get killed on that think Seo-joon.” I joked, knocking his shoulder lightly, trying to lighten the mood from the tense bus right here. “Here let me get that for you.” Seo-joon said softly as he grabbed the door handle pulling it open for me to enter the warmth of the small store.
“Ah welcome!” the man at the front desk said as he pulled his headphones up from his neck to cover his ears, “FEEL FREE TO LOOK AROUND.” he yelled over the blasting rock music coming from his headphones.
Seo-joon and I quickly thanked him before walking further into the winding stacks of manga, making sure to be well out of earshot before bursting into fits of giggles over the yelling of the man at the front desk, calming down slightly before hearing him knock over a drink and letting out a few loud curses, throwing us back into our fits of giggles, leaning in Seo-joon's warmth trying to calm down.
Pulling away from him I cleared my throat before making my way further into the store fixing my uniform sweater to try and calm my warming face. Hearing Seo-joon clear his own throat before following a few steps behind me.
Running my fingers softly over the spines of manga looking for a title that grabbed me, I scanned the bookshelf spotting a title I recognized. “Seo-joon look!” I spoke excitedly pointing to the book I recognized on the top shelf, “My sister and I used to read them when we were younger, we would fight over our single copy for hours trying to read it before the other was able to.” I laughed lightly at the memory, not noticing Seo-joon's soft gaze watching me ramble about my childhood. Reaching up to try and grab the book I switched to standing on my tiptoes stretching my arm up as far as possible mumbling to myself, cursing my parents for making me so short. Just as I felt my finger tips brush the cracked spine of the manga a large hand came out of my right field vision grabbing the book off the shelf for me. “Ah thank you baby.” I thanked Seo-joon turning to him, reaching out for the book he still held in his much larger hands, however being slightly startled at how close he was actually standing to me.
Standing still for a few moments just looking at each other I broke the silence, “thanks for grabbing that for me. Could I please have the book now?” my voice coming out in barely a whisper. Not getting any sort of response from Seo-joon I asked him, “Seo-joon? What’s wrong ba-” not being able to get through the full sentence before feeling the breath knocked out of me as Seo-joon pressed his lips against mine, effectively ending the bet in one, beautiful, breathtaking, sweet kiss.
Pulling back after a few moments to catch out breath I looked up at him, eyes slightly closed still relishing in the feeling of the kiss we shared, a soft warm light coming from the shop's eclectic lighting fixtures, haloing him making him look more ethereal than I have ever seen him. “Sorry I didn’t ask you if I could kiss you, but I just saw you rambling about the book you were passionate about, and you look so cute with your hair falling in front of your face like it is,” he whispered lovingly pushing a strand of hair out of my sight, “and I just realized. I love you.” he stated, taking a deep breath in waiting for my reaction to his first confession.
Looking at me worriedly waiting for my reaction. “I love you too Seo-joon” I whispered, standing on my tiptoes, burying my face in his neck embarrassed at the first proper confession of our love for each other. Feeling Seo-joon smile into my neck he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer into his warm body, standing back, flat on my feet he buried me further into his chest, the both of us relishing in the warmth the others love provided.
“You know, I think our first date this week should be the movies tomorrow.” I started to laugh, feeling his chest rumble beneath my head he sighed lightly,
“You’re going to drain my bank account dry this week with these dates aren’t you?”
“Hahaha! Maybe I am. It’s only because I love you though.”
“I love you too”
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pbandjesse · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I took like a 3 hour nap today. It was very needed but I wasnt planning on taking it. I wasnt like. Tired tired. But I felt weird all morning. 
I got woken up in the middle of the night when my water cup fell on me and I got all wet. But I didnt even get up or do anything about it. It was just like. Whatever. 
I slept through my alarm which was annoying but also. Whatever. I just woke up and heard that James, Dante, and Lane were all in the other room trying to beat a quiz about naming all the countries in the world. Silly friends. I was a little woozy though. I got up and dressed and honestly. I felt very weird about my dress. Like its so nice but I felt sort of like I was wearing a costume. It was fine after a while, but for the first hour I felt very uncomfortable. But I was in a good mood. 
James made us all berry crepes and we at in the livingroom together. It was just really nice. It felt like family. I love our friends. 
We all went to the farmers market next. And while it was busy it was still a lot of fun. We got pie and cheese cake and tomatoes and tea. We would wait in a very long line to get strawberry lemonade. And I liked going off with Lane or Dante or James and just being with one person and looking at stuff. Lane took such a sweet picture of me and James. And I had a great time looking at the stuff me and James dont always go to, like the art and thrift buses. Also there was a bubble machine. I should get a bubble machine again. I loved mine when I was in college. 
We said goodbye to Lane and went to go get James's dad from the monument. It was really nice to see Tucker. And then we were off to Gertudes. 
It was really nice to celebrate Charlotte's birthday. And then there was the surprise of their cousin Eve came from DC and it was just lovely to see her too. I was really excited to see Charlotte open her gifts. She is a very serious face person so its hard to read her sometimes. But she made a big excited face when she saw the cookies I made and decorated. So I was feeling all excited about that. She was like "you made these??" so I basically won the birthday, something that is both good and possible to do. 
The food was great. I got a salad and fries and a hummus plate to share. Our waitress was really nice. And it was nice to be able to share with everyone and still get the pieces of the hummus plate that I like. Which is mostly the cucumber, pita, and feta. I sent most of the olives and stuffed grape leaves home with Dante, he was really excited. 
After some "party favors" from James's parents (they got me socks with cats on it, and rhubarb jam!!), we drove Tucker back to the museum, and then we went home. 
I was very tired though. I think it was from the heat, kind of like last summer. I was just. So tired. 
Dante would be leaving soon but I still got in bed. He stayed another hour or so hanging out with James. And James would come wake me up to say goodbye. But then I was asleep again. 
I was very out of it. Even when James came and woke me up for real I was just. Dizzy and upset. hey went and got me a snack and it helped but I was still very tired. 
Once I was all the way awake I would do my styling work. I realized I forgot to organize my screen shots so I had to do that in addition to my actually styling. But I had a good time. I only had trouble with one persons, but it was alright I just had some trouble deciding what to give them. 
I have spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out. Deciding what I should buy for my camp wardrobe. I had a late dinner. And now I am ready to get a shower and get in bed.
Tomorrow me and James will go test drive some cars to make sure its the kind we want to get this year. And then some shopping. The weather is supposed to be much cooler but thats alright. It will be nice to cool off. 
I hope you all sleep well tonight. Wash your hands! Goodnight! 
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weirdo-with-a-nametag · 20 days ago
Brain is tv static with random frames interspersed
Think I'm like. Really stressed and jumping between topics to try and find something that helps / feels good
Anyone know a good health tracking app for adhd people? I want one that like pops up when you open your phone, maybe? But is unobtrusive. Like maybe you just rate your mood or whatever when you open your phone, and it closes, and you go about your business. I just hate every app and paper method I've tried but really want to track some stuff
Pigeon. ? Pigeon as pet?
Service animals re: cats, pigeons, my cat specifically, and then also ESAs and also what to use as treats while training my cat (he's pretty happy to learn behaviors with praise and pets as reinforcement, but treats would make everything move much faster, but I haven't found something I want to give him so we've just been y'know. Chillin)
Service animals re: what tasks can my pet potentially do that would help me? I don't really know a lot about service animals and there is a Huge range. If anyone has suggestions, or places to read about it, I'd appreciate it! Mostly thinking they may help with anxiety, sensory, and mobility/fatigue related stuff. Not much of a need for medical alerts.
Bioactive enclosures for my snakes, need to research their biomes and make progress on designs and equipment specifications
Also. Hit a seriously hard patch and haven't been handling them much at all this month so that's not great
Casting stuff. Saw jewelry today made of metal casts of claws, skulls, etc, and they were really well done and made me want to do that
Some taxidermy / vulture culture stuff I won't get into right now
How to organize my room
Need a shower
Need to organize bathroom
So Much Schoolwork
Uhhhhh trying, but not making much headway, to figure out how I want to do my music collection. Also really need to clean my records..
Food??? Ew.
Dental hygiene ://
Plampts. So many. Houseplants need maintenance, many need repotting. Keep taking in people's problem plants and like, they're doing better, largely, after being trimmed and watered and whatnot, but need repotting. Also need to trim some aquarium plants.
Also need to put water in tanks. And spray nepenthes.
Gotta pick up trash in my room. There's so much. Everywhere. Why.
Schoolwork. I'm so behind. So, so stuck. Kind of feel like I'm dying.
Going on a picnic tomorrow. Have to figure out what still needs doing for that, probably need to go to the store.
Leo needs water. I'm so....ugh, I'm trying so hard, but it feels impossible. I do my best to take good care of my pets, and I think they live pretty good lives most of the time, but sometimes I get like This and completely drop off the face of the earth and then like, wake up or whatever and two weeks have passed by and I have not cleaned a water bowl! That's a serious problem!!!! I do not know how to combat that, really, besides more reminders. Having someone around who is willing to like, help, when things are especially hard, would be great, but I don't live with my partner right now and do not feel like I can ask anyone here for that. But I can't put my animals at risk. I check on them every day, and if their bowls are dirty I do take them out and clean them, but sometimes (like now) i cannot get myself to do it without a pressure like a dirty bowl, or a feeding day. And like, it's really important that they have clean water. I'm talking to myself here but like, if anyone has advice. Please. With the tank redesigns and upgrades, the bowls will be more accessible, which will help because one of them is very heavy at the angle I have to pick it up, and another requires moving a lot of branches and is best to take out while the snake is out (this is Leo) which is fine because I love my boy, but adds time to the process, and makes it harder to start, you know? Maybe if I just got more bowls - I could take the bowl out and immediately replace it, fill the new one, and replace the decor and snake, and then clean the bowl as a separate task? That would be easier for my brain. Currently I have a Specific bowl I prefer to use for each tank, and then everything else is Just In Case, but I mean. Acquiring extras is something I want to do anyway, and it may help with several problems, so. Yeah. I'll try that. But also, any other ideas, guys?
Anxiety: can't stop picking at my face, skin, nails, cuticles, scalp, pretty much everywhere with callouses, also scratched a mole off my face, which is something I've been trying Not to do for a while, so that's...not great. Can't find my earmuffs, and also all of my headphones are painful? Ears are really sensitive lately.
Been playing a lot of Moth Game (flutter: starlight if you wanna be friends say hey I don't know how to do it but would enjoy talking about moths if nothing else. The game is just like, an idle ish collecting game with cutesy versions of different species, and very little actual information, but it's still fun, and if anyone else is on there and also Into Moths like I am, hiiiii) and like it's fun and cute but also greatly impacting my productivity, and raises my stress levels during events, which is most days, so the game has. Not been helping. But I can't stop because then I'll miss Exclusive Moths.
Anyway. Had baklava and two mugs of Thai tea today and the sugar has made me nauseous.
Trying to journal. Hurts to write. Also takes too long. Also my handwriting is very bad. But typing is..not as good
Want to draw. Thinking about drawing cats
Plants again! Want to make seed bombs, have seeds, have most of the other ingredients, just need to put em together, basically.
Really sad :(
Or am I?
Weird noise coming from dining room?
Birds. Spent half an hour at least on the deck tonight listening to a hundred different bird calls (literally) to identify one I was hearing, it was a pine siskin, which I checked early on but the recording was bad and I didn't realize which call was identified. Anyway, cool to put a name to a face, so to speak.
Need to practice for ASL
So do...
Only had like >3 hours of work this week which was not great because money, but also like I'm really feeling those 3 hours....
My cat is basically refusing to come into my room? Which is very strange and I'm worried something is Off but cannot figure out what. Also means less cuddles which means I'm sad.
It feels strange whenever people follow me, the attention is nice but I have no idea what content y'all are here for. So to everyone: hi, enjoy, hope my random personal posts aren't a surprise to anyone who followed for like. News reblogs and informational stuff.
Do I even have it in me successful in school? Should I drop out of college? I'm struggling really hard and do not feel like I'm building on the skills I need to continue, so like. Uh.
My dad is being. Abrasive.
Mom and grandma are very angry lately
Housemate is also angry, about things i thought we were on good terms about, so I am stressed because like,, are we okay?
Can't find my eye mask :(
Yoga? Like...restorative yoga? Need to track down my PT stuff. And. Do it.
Need to put the stickers on my license plates....oops...
Still haven't found my antidepressants! Yay!
Do I want to store my stuff in open bins, or with lids? Which stuff needs spill protection and stacking capability and which stuff needs easy access?
How to earn money without..chaos
Gotta go to the pet store tomorrow. Have to compile my list of pet store items i need. Uhhhhhhhhhh
Also I have an essay due tomorrow that I've barely started. So. Wooooooo
Kt tape for supporting arches / inner ankles? I keep messing up my ankles, and part of it is walking wrong because I don't have the energy to engage the muscles in my feet/legs right to like, avoid injury, and part of it is I just need new shoes inserts. But i wear slippers a lot and they do not have arch support and it hurts. PT to help with this also but Where Is It
Family can't seem to get dish soap I can use, so I've just been having to avoid washing anything by hand, or being in the general kitchen area while anyone uses the stuff, which has led to more of my dishes sitting out, and more conflict over dishes. Lovely.
How hard is it for parents to learn they have to respect boundaries? Very hard, apparently. And you're supposed to just sort of remind people, and explain, over and over and over but like at this point my self worth is actually pretty good and the lifetime of proof that they do not want to listen? That's making me want to stop trying. Like, if you're not going to respect my boundaries I'm just not going to involve you in my life. I'm not talking to my dad right now because of this. Maybe I'll decide to lay things out to him, again and again and again again, maybe not. And I'm comfortable saying that's on him.
How to drink water
Am I dehydrated or are my hands just completely callous now. My fingertips have such hard skin. Why? It's uncomfortable. This is part of why I've been biting them.
Also testosterone. Been having a lot of trouble doing my shots, because anxiety and physical freakouts, but also not feeling super urgent about it. Which I'm realizing may be a sign i need to look at the effects so far and the possible effects of continuing, and see what they make me feel. It's possible I'm where I want to be as far as T, and don't really want to stay on it. A big thing for me is a deeper voice, so it seems time to take a look at whether I like my voice where it is or want to see if it'll drop any more. Etc etc
Miss my lil sisters
Saw a lot of cool rocks today. Huge (like hand sized) ammonite for $28. May go back and buy one because. Wow.
Want to plant food plants
Also my natives. Whole garden plot standing empty with a bunch of stuff waiting in nursery pots, needing to go in the ground. Because I can't get out of bed. Love that. Stuff is dying out there, I'm dying in here, there's a poetry to it and I do not want to romanticize suffering so I will say this: I brought a Bucket full of moss home a month ago and planted it and now go outside sometimes to drench my moss and it is very rewarding because the stuff is just so green. Incredible. When the rest of my plants are finally in the ground, that feeling will only intensify. But, for now, the moss is very nice.
Made a glow in the dark bead lizard from memory during therapy yesterday, and I love him. Also, still struggling with bringing up autism and psychosis topics with my therapist. Still very worried about. Things. Would like to get a new person? But sometimes she is helpful? And we have a routine. It's very hard to break the routine. Maybe I can set some time aside during the summer, to figure out what to do there.
Term ends in a couple weeks. The task of catching up, of passing, seems impossible. I really need to pass my courses. I'm on academic warning, because my GPA is lower than it should be, and if I can pass all of my classes this term I can get off academic warning but otherwise I'm not sure what will happen to my financial aid.
My phone is playing the same 50-100 songs on shuffle and I don't even particularly like most of them and it is very strange
Got my face wipes! Hooray, i can wash my face again
Been eating too much sugar in general. It's making my joints hurt more, and the nausea
Pet a dog the other day. I miss that. It would be really nice to have a dog in the house again. The exuberance, the cuddles, the tail wagging, the walks... I'd really like that. Maybe once I'm out in my room, tanks and catio built and everyone is situated, I'll look into getting a dog instead of a cat next. Was planning on holding off in case I'm not physically able to take them out on walks and such, but I've been pretty successful at doing this job, and I think that my main hurdle for walking really is motivation. Dog walking is a strong motivator for me. Best to start by fostering, or just do Wag, for a while though. I'm feeling overwhelmed with my current responsibilities, and here I am talking about getting a dog. Good job, me
How do you get wax off of somewhat water soluble rocks? My housemate broke my lava lamp on some of my rock collection and I am not sure how to get some of them clean without damage.
I am...pretty sure there are collared doves nesting over my room but it seems they're less common around here than I thought? But they are..pretty distinctive. Like if I'm wrong, what are those birds. Some very distinctly colored feral pigeons? Who are nesting here, in a tree, without their flock, and who happen to have pretty much the exact same pattern?
Probably should go to the dollar store and get some bins for organizing
Been wanting to keep a bin by the door and stock it with stim/fidget stuff people can just .have extras of some of my favorites and other things i can get ahold of, to offer to my friends who haven't really had the chance to explore the world of stim toys
Hands are really just not doing great the last several weeks. Arthritis type pain cropping up more and more in all the little joints, making it hurt more to write, type, or just use them for whatever. Coordination isn't great because of that distraction, and because my hands/arms are slow to respond and kinda weak. Most people would say I'm not using them enough but I've been doing 15ish hours of manual labor per week, so maybe it's the other direction? More water would help. If only it wasn't so heavy.
I haven't taken a single shower since I started my job. Which was March 29th. That's not great.
Practiced parallel parking today. 10/10 still very bad at it.
Having anxiety that my friends think I'm lying about things, faking, and are watching me to see if I'll slip up. So that sucks. Can either talk about that directly or indirectly, or just shut up about those things until I can get my brain under control again. I'm not sure right now if the reassurance would work as a reality check or make me believe it more, right now, so might hold off on the talking bit for a little while.
Saw, smelled, picked a couple pretty roses. Good times
At this point I'm just trying to list all my thoughts so that maybe I'll be able to sleep and not worry I'll forget
My mom has put her spider plant on the deck, and it has maybe five living leaves. I have no idea how she killed such a well established spider plant, the last time I saw it it was so happy. Did she stick it in a corner and forget to water it? Whatever happened, it is now in the Plant ER, so hopefully I'll be able get it on the up and up again
Leo is such a pretty noodle. He's so pretty. He's posing. Hi, baby boy.
Oh, he saw me moving around and decided to come say hi. Sorry little man, i did not mean to disturb you. Please resume lounging. I can't bring you out right now, I'm trying to sleep.
Also, terrariums. Water features. Need to ask. Someone. The one who was making that super cool garter snake enclosure and blogging the progress? With the lazy river and pool? About maintenance on that kind of setup. My milk snake really enjoys water, and I'd love to put a water feature in his tank. But I'm unclear on how to keep it clean, or honestly where to start. Don't want any huge falls or anything, though it actually may not make the humidity too high if I did maybe a small drip wall into the pool? That seems like something he would enjoy, and a good way to support different types of plants. But like, that's the thing, it's bioactive and I haven't done that before and no amount of research is ever enough.
Oh, Shogun has a dirt hat. How cute. I love when they do that
See, this is the thing. My snakes make me so happy. All three of them are actually hanging out where I can see them from my bed right now, and it's really nice. I want their lives to be the best possible, and I think I have the resources to do that. Which is so exciting. Now if only my brain and body would cooperate. It would hurt quite a lot to have to re-home any of them, but the most important thing is their health and quality of life, you know? If I can't get my act together somewhat, it may be that one or all of them would be better off with another keeper. I don't know. It's just, i talk about all these tank ideas and all this husbandry standards stuff but how much of it actually gets applied to my own animals whose lives are in my hands? How well am I caring for them, really?
Oh!!! My red thread! I thought that was gone forever.
Anyway, please do not worry. My snakes are healthy. I pay attention, and watch for signs of illness, and they're okay. There will always be places to improve, and the water is a big one, but most of the time i change their water out frequently, I'm just worried because of bad depression and fatigue times, you know? I'm working on making the most self sustaining systems i can, in part so that I am sure they'll be okay if I mess up sometimes. Just saying this because I hope you guys don't feel like you need to worry about the welfare of my pets. They're okay, i just always want better for them, is all.
Anyway, the sun is coming up and I should probably go to sleep. So uh, thanks for reading, if you read all of this randomness, and if anyone has thoughts or advice on anything in this post, i would welcome it! Good night!
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See You in the Stars (part 2)
thank y’all so much for the positive response to part 1! I loved writing it so much and I’m excited to see what y’all think of part 2. there will be a part 3, it’s currently in the works. as always a huge thank you to @lumosinlove for creating this wonderful universe and blessing us with these great characters. enjoy!!
Kasey never forgot that night. Not two days later on a plane flying to Gryffindor at night. Staring out the window at the dark sky and feeling small. Not when he went apartment shopping and his only criteria was far enough out of the city where the sky wasn’t polluted with light but close enough to the rink. Not the first night in his new apartment when he set up his bed just right so he could see out of his window to see the stars. Not the first night after he had the sky lights installed into the ceiling of his bedroom above his bed so he could see the stars before he fell asleep. Not the nights when Kasey would grab his softest blanket and go lay on his balcony and dial up the number he had memorized years ago. Not the night when Kasey realized he might be falling in love with his best friend. And especially not when Alex left Gryffindor for the first time officially as Kasey’s boyfriend. And not tonight.
Tonight, when Kasey had come home from a game with Natalie and he missed his boyfriend. It had been a long game. He had done well in the net during the first period, not letting anything in. But as his sore thigh began to act up later in the game, he had been pulled. He knew he needed to take it easy to encourage healing but it always left him frustrated. Leo had done well in the goal but after a long no score game, the opposing team had been able to score in the last minutes and the Lions had lost 0-1. They had called Alex on the way home from the game before he left for dinner with his team. With a sore thigh and a heavy heart, Kasey was ready for the day to be over.
Standing in the shower, letting the water fall across his face and down his body, all Kasey wanted was for everything to feel a bit more meaningless. He didn’t want his sore thigh to bother him as much as it did, or for the team's morale to be brought down by a loss at home. He didn’t want to feel like it was somehow his fault and if maybe his thigh hadn’t acted up he could’ve had a shutout. And he certainly didn’t want his heart to ache for his boyfriend as much as it did. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to miss Alex, it was that he didn’t want to have to miss Alex. Kasey knew it was selfish to wish his boyfriend could move to Gryffindor to be with him and Natalie but maybe it would make the hurt in his heart a little less. But he knew he couldn’t ask that. He couldn’t ask Alex to pack up the life he had created in Tampa and move to them. Maybe one day, but he couldn’t ask that now.
After his shower, wanting nothing more than to feel like his problems were more insignificant, Kasey grabbed a blanket off their bed and a hoodie that Alex had left at the house last time he visited. Making his way to the balcony off of their apartment, Kasey began to clear his mind. Under the sky nothing mattered. The sky was wide and expansive and while he knew he could get lost in it, he couldn’t help but remember Alex and see him in the stars. Sliding open the door, he threw on the hoodie and spread out the blanket. As Kasey lay down on the blanket, he nestled his nose into the neck of the sweatshirt. Closing his eyes and breathing in deep, he could still smell traces of Alex’s laundry detergent and deodorant still clinging to the fabric where they had begun to mix with Nat’s perfume. As he opened his eyes, Kasey stared up at the sky for the first time since coming home.
Slowly a frown began to cross his face. Clouds. All Kasey could see were dark, grey clouds across the sky. His sky, Alex’s sky. A sky they wouldn’t get to share tonight. Normally Kasey didn’t mind clouds, he could stare at their ever changing shapes almost as long as he could stare at the stars. But tonight, tonight it felt like they were taunting him. As if they knew how much he missed Alex and how much he ached for a night staring at the stars and imagining what it would be like to have his boyfriend beside him.
But no, tonight the sky was covered in clouds. Big, dark clouds that were sure to bring rain. It wasn’t that Kasey didn’t like clouds. The sky was great and clouds were quite the phenomenon themselves. But tonight, tonight Kasey needed the stars. Well, he wanted Alex but the stars would’ve made his heart hurt just a little less.
Sitting up, Kasey pulled the hood of their sweatshirt over his head. As he stood up and collected his blanket, Kasey took a deep breath and looked up to where he guessed the moon was.
“Love you Posie,” he murmured, searching the sky. “I’ll see you soon, I promise.”
When the sky didn’t respond, not that Kasey thought it would, but maybe he was hoping, he headed back inside and curled up in bed. Almost as if it was taunting him, Kasey could sense the sky from the windows seeping into the room. Getting back up, he crossed the room and flipped the switch that closed the blinds on the skylights above the bed. If the sky wanted to taunt him, he just wouldn’t look at it. He could still hear Natalie’s shower and her soft singing but Kasey climbed into bed and shut his eyes, somehow even more ready for tomorrow to come than he was even just a half hour before.
Without the aid of the stars that normally helped Kasey settle his mind before bed, he was faced with his thoughts. His loud, racing thoughts that wouldn’t let him forget about every moment and every feeling of the day. And they wouldn’t let him forget how much he missed Alex tonight. Rolling over, Kasey grabbed his phone from its place where he had plugged it in to charge before his shower. Still with his eyes shut, Kasey opened the bedside table searching for the closest pair of earbuds. Once his fingers found the knot of wires he knew belonged to his earbuds, he cracked open an eye and untangled them and jammed them into his phone. As his phone unlocked, Kasey stared at his screen. The picture looking back at him was one of his favorites. Frozen on his phone was Natalie, covered head to toe in flour standing in the kitchen mid laugh staring at Alex with what the boys jokingly call her heart eyes. And then there was Alex, also covered in flour that made his hair look like fiery ice with one hand on a mixer and the other reaching out to the camera as if to ask the person behind it to come help him. Kasey longed to go back to that memory. He had taken the picture and then joined his partners in the kitchen to help follow the recipe Leo had given them for cookies. Being kissed with floury lips, Kasey hadn’t even noticed that he himself was slowly being covered in flour from Natalie and Alex’s hands.
Heart aching a little more, Kasey opened his music app and selected his favorite playlist. Alex had created “For My Bear” and shared it with Kasey a month after they had officially started dating. The playlist included songs Alex liked and ones he knew Kasey liked, some of Natalie’s favorites and some from their Ranger days. Every song had a story behind it, or so Alex had said. Kasey pressed play, turned up the volume and put the buds in his ears. Rolling over, Kasey slid his phone under his pillow, cuddled himself deeper in the blankets and closed his eyes.
Even with his eyes closed, Kasey’s mind continued to race. As he began to will it to settle, his heart ached for the stars and their vast enormity that made everything less significant. Everything except for his love for Natalie and Alex, the sky could never take that from him. But tonight the sky caused his heart to feel heavy
When Natalie emerged from the shower and noticed Kasey lying on the bed in their dark room, she was confused. Normally after a rough game Kasey would go lie out on the balcony and stare at the stars. She would often bring him tea or hot chocolate and grab her book. She knew her boys had a connection with the stars and she was more than happy to just sit with Kasey while he stared into the sky. Some nights they would facetime Alex and would lie him on the blanket so he could look at the stars as well.
Tonight though, Kasey was already in bed and if the small frown etched on his face in his sleep was anything to go by, the stars hadn’t made him feel any better. Looking up, a frown crossed Natalie’s face as well. The blinds were closed on Kasey’s skylights. After dating as long as they had, Kasey had made sure to let Natalie know when she moved in that whatever was his was now hers. But Natalie sensed something special about these windows. Positioned over the bed, the blinds were always open and when in bed, Natalie often found Kasey staring at them with a smile on his face. And the number of times she’d walked into the bedroom to find Kasey and Alex cuddled together staring at the stars, she knew they were special. Seeing them shut though, this was new. Crawling into bed, she reached out and ran a hand down Kasey's back. She smiled slightly as he rolled over and tucked into her side, muttering something about how much he loved her. Noticing the earbuds coming from his ears, Natalie carefully pulled them out, paused the music and put his phone back on the table. As she settled in, she ran a hand through Kasey’s hair until she noticed his frown ease and disappear. As she closed her eyes and let sleep consume her, Kasey wasn’t the only one going to bed missing their boyfriend.
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naveedkoval · 21 days ago
May 21: Dave attempts to write a journal entry
It's my birthday tomorrow. 35. Right in the cusp of existential crisis number 2. First was at 25, to the tune of “I didnt have sex in high school/college, so what is a girlfriend exactly?” Nothing but angst and regret. Fixed that by LIVING LARGE. I thought 30 was number 2 but that was just a breakup combined with detox that made me want to go to sleep forever. More depression than anything. Not super “existential” beyond “ugh I need a career”. Official EC number 2 is now. Low level anxiety fairly regularly since having panic attacks in the DR during work earlier this year. Thought I was dying/going insane. Got back to Canada in one piece. Need to learn to live with this.
I have arrived in London to visit my parents. I don't do this very often. Its nice to go through my old things. I have a lot of stuff here. One day I'll get a big enough place that I can put it all on display.
Didn't get a ton of sleep last night. My fault, I went and saw a nice girl late last night. Very happy about that. A nice end to a weird day. Talked all day to another potential partner who calls herself a “relationship anarchist”. I tried to set boundaries with her but she wasn't interested. She seems to be more interested in her own pleasure than anyone else's comfort. Definitely some aspergers/autism on her part. Absolutely no concessions from her side as much as i tried to find a middle ground. Definitely not a relationship type despite her 'definitions'. Didn't think I was either but boy, do i not trust her to not violate boundaries. That bummed me out because we seemed to get along very well. You are not doing this to yourself again, David. Walk away.
I'm leaving for work in a week. Yesterday I said goodbye to my best friends for a couple months. Its rough for Benett right now. She has a had a brain tumour since she was a kid but has been a survivor. Having a lot of seizures now tho, might need to have some invasive procedures done, but the risk is great. Can't imagine having to make that decision.
I wish I didn’t care as much as I did. Anxiety is tough. Distraction works. Music. Movies. Hip hop classics. Acoustic unplugged rock. Beautiful animated movies about Van Gogh. Gritty vigilante action movies from Charles Bronson. Dumb house party movies like “House Party”. My favourite. Think I'll watch Mel Brooks' “High Anxiety” tomorrow. Maybe that's a little too on the nose.
Had a wave of anxiety when I went to shower. Too bad, I had a good normal feeling few days. Always contemplating a half benzo pill to bring me down but always talk myself out of it. This ain't an emergency I always say.
First time journalling. Maybe when I put this online and become famous for my blog musings I'll look back to this moment. JK I doubt this is for anyone's eyes but my own. This is the first time I've ever written something not explicitly comedy.
Sarah is going to let me borrow a couple books about existentialism. Wish I was ok with death. Wish I was ok about my mental state. Wish I didn’t have anxiety about sex or drugs. I'm good at them both! Plus nobody is forcing me to do them.
Van Gogh was never appreciated in his lifetime. Hope I can get some recognition in mine. Wish I at least knew what for lol. Viral video? Or award winning short film? Guy at the orgy who makes everybody laugh till cum shoots out their nose? Oh man, that could be all 3. Wow. Should I write that script? Its been a long time since I've written or filmed anything.
Cartoon comedy always makes me feel safe. Will probably fall asleep to South Park tonight. Gonna go through all those old VHS tapes this week to find any gems. Wish I hadn’t taped over all the classic late night comedy bits. Fingers crossed I was wrong about that. My priorities were a bit muddled back then. Dunno if their much better now since I'm clearly clinging to the past. Doesn't sound like that ever helps build the future. What will though? Have to keep moving forward. Having goals. Either that or learn to relax. Stupid brain.
Sentence fragments. Why am I writing like this?
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linhlotus · 23 days ago
Tales of Lovebug and Kitty Noir Ch 4: Evillustrator
Marinette was still fuming from her encounter with Chloe when she landed in her room and detransformed.
“Ugh! Tikki, why does Chloe always have to be so. . . Ugh! Chloe!” she said as she flopped onto her chaise.
When there was no reply, she sat up and turned to where she had last seen Tikki, only to find the Akuma from earlier in the library.
“It’s you! The one terrorizing Chloe!” She scrambled back. “What are you doing here?”
“I . . . just wanted to see you.”
“O-kay, but why did you attack Chloe?”
He wrinkled his nose. “Because Chloe is cruel and selfish!”
“Can’t argue with that,” Marinette admitted. She took a breath. “Are you- going to hurt me?”
“You? You’re Marinette.” He looked at her with an adoring smile on his face. “You’re beautiful and sweet and- perfect and- I could never hurt you!”
“Wow. That’s, uh, very, um, flattering, uh. . . Thank you?” she stuttered as she remembered that morning, in class. Nathaniel must have been akumatized. He really was in love with her.
“So, I just came by to ask you if, uh, well . . . It’s my birthday today and, uh, would you want to come to my party.”
“Oh, um, actually, it’s not really the best night, see, I’ve got a presentation to work on,” she gestured to her folder on the desk. “ And I have to. . . call my . . . friend so we can . . . meet and . . .” she trailed off, making her hand into a makeshift phone and holding it to her ear.
“Oh, no, please, Marinette, it’ll just be you and me!” He drew on a tablet she hadn’t noticed and a card appeared in his hand. He knelt and held it out to her, and she gasped as she took it.
“Oh, my gosh, that’s . . . me!”
“You like it?”
“I . . .”
She thought about it. She didn’t really want to go on a date with a supervillain, but if she could figure out where his Akuma was, she could defeat him faster. There was another problem though: how could she guarantee her safety if she enraged him? She needed Chat watching over her.
Which left Chloe unprotected. But still. Maybe.
Deciding it was her best chance, she said, “Love it! So much that I will absolutely be at your party!”
“On one condition,” she deadpanned.
“Anything for you, Marinette.”
“You can’t hurt Chloe anymore.” She held her hand to her forehead, “I simply cannot bear violence.”
“For you and only you.”
He drew on his tablet and a jetpack appeared on his back. “Meet me on the left bank, next to Notre Dame at sunset.” He told her, and left through the window, not bothering to fix the hole he left there.
Tikki came out and sat on Marinette’s shoulder. “What the hell, Tikki! He just professed his love to me and acted like he didn’t just ruin my window! And he can make the things he draws come to life, but he didn’t bother to fix something he broke!”
Tikki sighed. “He’s an Akuma, Marinette, he’s not in his right mind.”
“I’m not saying it’s alright, just that he can’t help it,” she amended when Marinette shot her a glare.
“I know, Tikki, it’s just really inconvenient,” Marinette sighed. “I have to call Chat. Do you mind if I transform for a few minutes?”
“No, go ahead.”
“SPOTS ON!” She climbed onto her balcony and leaped over a few roofs so Chat wouldn’t recognize where she was.
Pressing the button in the middle of her yoyo, she opened it and called Chat. He picked up after a few seconds.
“Hey, Lovebug, what’s up?”
She cut to the chase, “I need you to watch over a girl for me tonight.”
“Why can’t you do it?”
“I’m going on a very important secret mission.”
“What about Chloe?”
“She’s safe.”
He sighed. “Alright, who is it?”
She sent him a picture of herself. “Her name’s Marinette. Cute, right?”
His face softened and he whispered, “Yeah.”
Her heart fluttered.
“She’s going on a fake date with the Akuma. He’s in love with her.”
“What? That’s too dangerous! She could get hurt!”
“That’s why you’ll be there. Marinette is going to take his pencil away. I’ll need you to capture the Akuma and when you see me next, I’ll purify it,” she explained. “Can I trust you?”
“Yeah, I can do that,” he grumbled.
“Great! I’ll send you the address.”
She hung up and then typed in her address before hitting send and leaping back to her balcony.
She made her way merrily down the stairs and opened the door to see- Sabrina? What was she doing here? The project! She had completely forgotten!
“Hi, Marinette!”
“Um, hi, Sabrina,” she said hesitantly. “What are you doing here?”
“I came to work on the project.” She leaned forward. “Did you forget?” she singsonged.
“Um, nope. I was totally gonna call you,” Marinette laughed nervously.
“Great! Let’s go get started,” Sabrina chirped.
“I, um, actually there’s something really important I have to do tonight. I can’t work on it tonight. But we can meet up tomorrow.”
“What is this really important thing?”
“I, um, it’s a secret.”
“You know who else uses that excuse?”
“Chloe! I’m beginning to see how much you two have in common!”
The angry redhead stormed away and Marinette let out a sigh, sagging against the doorframe.
“I thought I’d have to rescue you from her claws,” a voice said from her right.
“Chat!” Marinette jumped and started falling. She closed her eyes and braced for an impact that never came. Instead, she felt a warm hand close over hers and pull her upright.
Opening her eyes, she saw Chat smirk at her. “Falling for me already, huh, Purrincess?”
Marinette blushed so furiously, she was sure her face was bright red. “U-um . . .”
“I hear we’ll be working together.” He bent and kissed her hand.
“Uh, y-yeah.” How was he so smooth?
He interpreted her stuttering as fear of the idea of facing a supervillain. “Don’t worry, M’lady, I’ll be there the whole time. I won’t let him hurt you.”
“Thanks, Kitty,” She smiled softly. He was so thoughtful. He would never have left that big hole in her window. Or made it in the first place.
“Did . . . you just call me Kitty?”
“Uh, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have called you that! I-”
“No! No it’s fine! I liked it,” he smiled at her. “Chat Noir feels really formal. You can just call me Chat or Kitty. Okay?” he reassured her.
“Okay, Kitty,” she smiled right back at him.
“S-so,” he stuttered, but just for one second. “Where are we meeting for your . . . date?” He spat the last word like it was poison.
“Oh. Is the Kitty jealous?” it was too much to hope for, but Marinette couldn’t resist leaning in to hear his answer.
“Maybe just a little bit,” he said under his breath, making Marinette’s heart skip a beat.
She couldn’t help but gape at him. “What?”
"Um, I said . . . I just don’t want you getting hurt . . . ?”
“No. You said you were jealous,” she grinned.
His face turned bright red.
“Are you okay?!” She pressed the back of her hand to his forehead and he flushed even more. “Are you sure you’re okay?” She insisted, moving her hand to his cheek.
“Uh, y-yep, just f-fine.”
“Do you want anything before we go? We still have a few hours until we have to leave.”
What if he really was sick? Not only would they be unable to defeat Nathaniel, but she would also spend every waking moment worrying about him.
“Could I have something to drink?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck.
“Of course! Follow me.” Marinette turned and walked back up the stairs to the kitchen. Chat shut the door behind him and followed her up the stairs.
“Have a seat,” Marinette offered, gesturing to a chair. “What do you want to drink? Water, orange juice, tea, milk?”
“Water is fine,” he said as he pulled out a chair.
She gave him his water then danced around the kitchen for a while, coming up with a tray of pastries for them to share and a mug of tea for herself.
“Thanks, Purrincess.”
“No problem, Kitty.”
They smiled at each other for a while before looking away and blushing.
“Remember, M’lady, just get the pen away from him. I’ll keep you safe,” Chat said as he leaped to Notre Dame.
“I know, Kitty. I’ll be fine,” she responded, more for his benefit than hers. She was certain her plan wouldn’t fail.
“I’m sure you will be. I’m just worried.” His brows furrowed. “What if something goes wrong? What if he gets mad and I can’t get there soon enough? I couldn’t live with myself if I couldn’t save you.”
They stopped on a roof near the river and Chat hugged Marinette tighter.
“Look at me.” When he didn’t, Marinette tilted his face toward hers. “I know I’ll be fine. Do you know why?”
He shook his head.
“Because I have you to watch over me.” Marinette put her hand over his heart. “And I know you would never let anyone hurt me.” She paused for a moment to let her words sink in. “Besides, I’m stronger than I look.”
Chat smiled weakly at her and you could tell he was trying very hard to keep it from slipping. “Thanks, Purrincess.”
“Why don’t you come to my house tomorrow and we’ll get ice cream?”
“Sure, but I’m paying.”
“No! I suggested it.”
“But I said I’d pay first.”
“Why don’t we decide tomorrow?”
“Sure, but I’m still paying.”
“Don’t we have to be somewhere?” Marinette deflected.
“Oh, right.” Chat’s face turned grim again and all the comfort from their banter melted away. He leaped to the ground behind Notre Dame and Marinette walked to the edge of the river with Chat keeping watch from the shadows.
“Hey, I hope I’m not late,” Marinette said to get the villain’s attention.
“Not at all, You’re right on time.” He sat on a bench and patted the spot next to him. Marinette complied and he started to draw something. A bouquet of red roses appeared in his hand.
When he gave them to her, she tried to pretend Chat was the gifter.
“They’re lovely,” she said, giving them a sniff. “You’re very good at drawing. I actually draw a little too. I’m not as good as you, of course.”
“I’m sure you’re a wonderful artist.”
“Well, can I draw you something for your birthday?”
“Sure.” He started to hand her the pencil, but Chat Noir shifted behind them and Evilustrator must have seen his movement because he kept his grip on the pencil and asked her to give it back.
“N-no, I’m keeping it!” She snatched it and backed away.
“Marinette, you’re working with him? I’m so stupid. I actually thought you liked me, but you’re just like Chloe! Teasing me. Mocking me. Leading me on.”
Marinette snapped his pencil. “Why does everyone keep comparing me to Chloe today?!”
An Akuma flew out of the pencil and Chat leaped down to catch it in a jar he had brought. He turned to Marinette who was still seething from Evilustrator’s comment.
“If it helps,” he said, setting his hand on her shoulder, “I don’t think you’re like Chloe.”
Marinette’s face softened and she hugged him. “Thanks, Kitty, that means the world to me.”
Yay! The first Marichat chapter is out! The last chapter doesn't count. I tallied up all the chapters of each ship I already have outlined. I'm not sure if anyone's interested so if you want to see how many of each so far, then comment and I'll make a post. Thank you to my wonderful beta @valiantlyjollynightmare!
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thatcrazycancer · 23 days ago
It’s been a busy few days. Yesterday I saw the medical oncologist to discuss my medication treatment plan. Next week I get a shot: Zoladex. In a nutshell, it’s supposed to suppress my ovaries and put me into early menopause. This will help the other medications do their “job”. As my breast cancer is ER+ and PR+ (hormone sensitive), it’s important to get on that. The 3 other meds I’ll be prescribed are going to be in a “pill format” (not iv) - and I’ll be starting them after my radiation is complete. Ibrance, Femara & Aredia. I’ll talk about those more in future posts, but for now I’m exhausted. 😴 At the moment, I’m overwhelmed by everything and all the information that’s been thrown at me. Not to mention, the pain and soreness I’m still experiencing from the surgery.
Tomorrow I start radiation (10 treatments total). Rather than fearing the side effects I’ll soon be getting, I’m trying to focus on how it’s going to shrink the fuck out of these tumours in my spine! But, it’s kinda hard to not be scared. All of this sucks ass but I gotta do what I gotta do.
Today I went out with Ella (my daughter) and had a nice day. She also had a meeting with the counsellor of a school we are hoping she gets to go to in September. I’ve been homeschooling her the past 3 years but she’s aging out of that program. Plus, I’m too tired to homeschool anymore. I need to focus on my health. Trying to figure out her math workbooks makes me want to throw my head through a wall.
I spoke to another counsellor this morning. During that appointment, I spoke about a few things I’ve been trying to work on. One thing being, I always seem to keep myself distracted and do whatever I can to deflect my issues so I never have to face them. Distraction is great *sometimes* but not to the point where you never have to feel. No wonder I rage and turn into a nutbar. It’s going to take some time to unpack some of this new crap I’ve discovered that’s taken up space in my subconscious but I’ve got the time and hey, that’s what therapy is for. lol.
Tonight I have an online Alpha class. No, I’m not religious but I’m open to learning new things. Figured it’s a good time to hear more about God, Jesus, Faith, our purpose, etc. I think it’s normal when faced with a illness like this that we turn to spirituality and want to look for answers around why we are here. So I found this class and figured it was worth looking into. Afterwards, I’m going to do a meditation and head to bed early. I’m wiped. When I was in hospital awaiting surgery last month, I listened to Louise Hay’s - Heal Your Body mediation at least a half a dozen times. I also signed up for a meditation course I’m slowly working my way through as well. Unfortunately, I’m not the greatest “meditator” but I’m working on it and hope to get to a point where I can just focus on being in the moment without my mind racing or wandering on a million different things. Om. 🧘🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
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thatoneao3writer · 24 days ago
Hello!!! I am back with the next part :D(took me long enough XD)
Grabbing each other's hands so as to not get lost in the crowd of people gathered on the main roads to watch the celebration, Fundy and 5up ran as fast as they could possibly run while pulling each other along, in the middle of a stagnant sea of people. Slowly, they made their way to the one place that they knew they could find help, or at least condolences. They ran for around an hour, barely moving at times when the crowds of people clogged the main streets. Finally, they emerged from the crowd of people, and started jogging east towards the Titans Tower. Upon arriving, they immediately noticed that the place was looking a little dead. Giving a sigh, Fundy looked over at 5 with a sneaking suspicion. They walked up to the entrance.
“5,” he whispered at the door, “I don’t think there's anyone here right now. Makes sense, seeing as the city is celebrating tonight. Most of them are probably out on dates right now or spending time with family. Especially after what happened with Tubbo and Ranboo.” he gently pulled his boyfriend into a hug, seeing him start to hyperventilate, tears once again running down his face.
“B-but… we need to talk to them!! Now. We need to talk to them now, Fundy!” 5up stuttered out, gripping Fundy’s jacket to stay standing.
“I know...I know.” he whispered, “But if they're not here, there's nothing we can do about it. But, if it makes you feel better, there is one other person we could talk to who might know what happened?” he paused for a moment, letting 5 respond. He nodded. “Alright then. We’ll ring Sam to see if anyone is home, if not, we’ll go see Tubbo, mkay?” Another nod.
Of course no one had been at the Tower. What had they been expecting? So now, they were on their way to visit Tubbo, taking the train into the heart of the city, looking out the window, doing their best not to imagine all of this gone. Soon, they arrived. They walked up to the front door hand in hand, and rang the doorbell. They watched as it was pulled open by the short british boy they knew and loved. Fundy gave Tubbo a soft smile.
“Finally someone is here,” Tubbo said, crossing his arms to evaluate them from the doorframe. “Not who I expected Sam to send, but you're both scientists, so it’ll do.”
“What?” 5up said quizzically.
“No time for chit-chat, this is some important shit right here.” Tubbo replied, grabbing both of their wrists to drag them off to his office. He managed to pull them into the room, close the door, and sit down, all before the two knew what to say. He walked over to the multitude of monitors on the wall behind his desk, before leaning down slightly to say, “Scott? Are you there?”
“Yeah, I’m right here.” said a grumpy sounding Scotsman from the computer. That’s when 5up noticed the hologram at the corner of the desk, quickly nudging his boyfriend and pointing at it. Scott looked over at him.
“Good, you got people to look at this with. Are they qualified?” He said, talking to Tubbo.
“Yeah, I’d say they're pretty qualified. Scientists, ya know.” he responded, not looking at anyone while he dug through a box to find what he was looking for.
“Found it!” he cried jumping up to plug in the USB he had found. He slotted it into the computer, and instructed Scott to pull it up once it was prepared. He turned around to look and Fundy and 5up, and was met with some very confused looks.
“We had to put it on storage so that we could look at it, and take it off of the internet as best as possible as to not cause mass panic.” he said with a noncommittal shrug.
“Okay…” Fundy said, stealing a glance at one of the monitors, “what exactly are we going to look at?”
“This.” Scott replied, pulling up a pdf from 3 hours prior. “It showed up at the same time the fireworks started.”
The two lovers' eyes widened. That was the same time the rip in time had appeared.
“But what is it?” 5up asked.
“Well…” Tubbo said we think it’s a prophecy.
A city of gold
Burned to the ground
The hands of a madman
Bearing its crown
People dropping
One by one
Never stopping
Til’ the final verse is done
“This has to be connected.” Fundy says, turning to talk to 5up. “Especially with the part about the city burned to the ground.”
“I agree.” 5 up says, leaning over in the chair to rest against his legs. “Can I go to sleep, Fundip?”
“Of course, 5. I’ll explain what’s going on to Tubbo and Scott.” he replies quickly.
“Please do. Fill me in, enlighten me, whatever. Just tell me what's going on.” Tubbo says, two parts confused and one part exasperated.
“With pleasure.” Fundy smirks.
That's it for this part!!!
I’m hoping to be able to give a part at least once a day, and I’m going to try and keep this under 7 parts long, but that is definitely not guaranteed(if you can’t tell already, I have a lot I want to write, but I really don’t want to bore people because it so complicated :\)
Hopefully I will have the next part tomorrow! Have a great night!!! :D
(p.s. The next part will be them getting everyone together to share what's happened, and will cover A LOT of the backstory)
(p.p.s. And yes, the "prophecy" is my original poetry XD)
I love this so much Hayden!! And that poem?? *chef's kiss* 100/10
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erensbunny · 24 days ago
Today was my angst day, lost of angst of my comfort characters and now..... and now I'm big bobo sad
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hope you are doing fine hehe
+ I need some sexy anime rec because I need more characters which I can simp and would love to talk with you about it ✋😔💕💕
Me simping over 2D Characters:
Tumblr media
and i’m doing okay!!! just been studying since 6 in the morning for my upcoming exam tomorrow 🤕and on top of that im at work rn and i have to finish the remaining study guides tonight 😐 shits gonna be so sucky cause i’m already impatient for this week of testing to end. but it’s okay!!! i’ll get through it eventually. <3
as for recs,, i definitely recommend gangsta at the moment 😼😼no i will not shut up until every single one of my moots has watched it. but it’s a little short due to its studio getting cut off due to bankruptcy but ITS STILL GREAT ALOBG WITH THE MANGA TOO I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
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angel-anoetic · 25 days ago
People hire Punz and reader comes with, and hirer thinks reader is just eye candy and flirts/catcalls/is generally rude to reader and Reader just kills hirer while Punz steals all hirer's stuff and claps. Please?
this prompt made me think thoughts- I love it! Punz and action, perfect. I hope you enjoy!!
Don't forget to like to save and reblog to share!
c!Punz x gn!Reader - Vendetta
Genre: /rom, action
Warning: Derogatory language, mention of knife, mention of murder
masterlist <3
"Punz! My boy, come in, have a seat! Great to see you again." The gruff man wrapped his arm around Punz shoulder, guiding him to a round table in a dining area. You followed, silent as you took your time observing each part of the condo. It was simple, exactly what you would expect from a con man.
Punz and the man took a seat, pouring a drink for each of them. You leaned against the chair where Punz sat, the man finally seeming to take notice of you.
"Who's this? I wasn't aware you were bringing company tonight..." The man allowed his eyes to linger against you, much to your disgust.
"This is my partner, Y/N. They tag along sometimes." You wrapped an arm around Punz, leaning into him.
"Well, you should bring them around more often...something nice to look at while we do business." You smiled, unamused.
"What's the job?"
"Alright." The man went into expansive detail about some guy who had scammed him a few weeks ago, and now he needed him and his crew gone. It was hard to ignore his eyes, the way they'd shamelessly flash over to you, focusing in on the places you wish he wouldn't.
"You know, I used to have a bitch that would follow me around, but they got too picky, annoyed me to no end so I got rid of 'em. How long have you had them following you around like a lost puppy?"
Punz tensed, refusing to look away from the papers that sat in front of him.
"Y/N and I have been together for, what? About five years now?" You nodded, keeping a serious face.
"C'mon baby, just smile! Upset that he's not giving you the attention you usually get? That's how this business work."
You continued to ignore him. He would get his karma one day, whether it was today, tomorrow, or in fifteen years.
This aggravated the man, never having been ignored.
"What? You stupid? Or just ignoring me?" He sat up a bit in his chair. "I'll never understand you people. Latching on to good men like Punz here, and draining them. At least get a few brain cells."
You drew a circle on Punz back. He cleared his throat and nodded, a sign you took graciously.
You walked over, slowly, tempting. The man's attitude changed, his eyes getting wide as you walked behind him, massaging his back softly. He leaned against your hands, a dumb smile growing across his face.
"You see? This is what I mean. At least you're doing something other than just standing there, wasting away."
"Boss, I hate to break it to you."
Your grip tightened around the man's shoulders then wrapped around his neck.
"But Y/N is more than a 'lost puppy'."
You removed the dagger that had been hugging your side for the last hour, sliding it against the face of the client.
"W-what?" Punz stood up, walking around the loft.
"Say, where do you keep your good stuff? It's too...clean in here."
"I-I don't think I know what you mean." You pushed the knife harder against his neck, feeling the skin straining against the sharp edge.
"Yeah, the jewelry, the guns. I know you wouldn't keep them out in the open, so where is it?"
"The hell if I'd tell you! Get your whore off of me then we can work something out!" Punz looked at you, gave you a slight eyebrow raise. You sighed and pulled the knife away from his neck and backed up a few steps.
"Thank you." The man grabbed his neck, patting away the sweat that formed on his forehead. "Alright, what do you want? Money? I'll pay you when this job is done. I always do."
"Wrong answer." The knife slid nicely into his chest, hardly leaving any time for him to process that pain before he fell to his knees. "Should've paid me more." Punz walked away, starting his search for what he'd come for, leaving you and the man alone.
He gasped for air, the final moments of life barely visible in his eyes. You leaned down cautiously, peering down at him.
"Guess this bitch does have a few brain cells, huh?" You removed the dagger, it was unnecessary, the damage was done. But it was fun, knowing you got the last word.
"Baabyyy!" You sang out as you looked for a few bottles of wine and booze. Punz yelled from another part of the house, appearing in the next minutes with a few briefcases of items.
"Should we keep the after-party here or take it back home?" You shook the bottles in your hand, smiling. He chuckled, placing the cases down and wrapping his arms around you.
"Let's go home. Would hate if his goons came home early and interrupted." He gave you a kiss, then you both left, suitcases full of riches, and some good drinks in hand.
Life was perfect.
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lovelysanityfalls · 26 days ago
Lisa . J | New Place
Summary: You meet Lisa a few hours after you move in, surprise surprise, a couple hours later your going down on her.
Warnings: Smut!!!
Pronouns Used: None mentioned.
Taglist: @nuttybeardetective​ 
Temp. Taglist: @yesland​
Thank you @bugthegremlin for proofreading <3
Smut below the cut 
Tumblr media
You grunted as you hauled the last of your boxes into your new apartment. Your two year old son tugging at your shirt the entire time.
After five years of college, three years of teaching elementary kids, and three years of teaching middle schoolers (plus being pregnant for one of those years.) you got a job offer at a high school in Nockfell, it was two towns over, so not that big of a move, if you wanted to, you could have stayed where you lived, but being closer to the students you'd soon be teaching, seemed important.
Addison Apartments was a quaint little apartment complex (-once you got over the eerie feeling that is). You were excited to start work but at the same time, you knew it would definitely be a shift in how things were run.
You decided to leave your door open as you started unpacking, if anyone came by you wouldn't want to miss them.
You first looked at what was written on each box, each one had what room the box belonged to written on it. You started to put each box in its room, then you started unpacking.
The kitchen boxes were the first you unpacked. You hadn't many dishes, but you did have plenty of mugs and Yeti cups, you also had a coffee maker and various miscellaneous objects.
Your previous students- especially the elementary kids- liked to make you gifts.
Once you were done with the kitchen, your phone started ringing. You got it out of your pocket and answered the call.
"Hello?" You asked.
"Is this Y/N L/N?"
"Uh... who's asking?"
"This is the movers company, our driver is unfortunately not going to be able to get down in time, would you mind rescheduling for tomorrow?" You sighed, your couch, bed and  Oliver's bed were in the back of a moving van.
"Yeah.. that's  fine."
"So sorry for the inconvenience, we're going to refund you thirty percent of your original charge."
"Okay, thank you."
"Alright, good bye, have a nice day."
"Yeah you too." You hung up the phone and rubbed your temples. "Just great." You mumbled.
After a few hours you had pretty much unpacked everything. Your son- Oliver- had fallen asleep on his baby mat a bit ago. You decided it would be a good idea for you to get a hotel for the night. You walked out of your apartment and waited for the elevator.
Finally when it opened, you saw a beautiful women, not too older than yourself, standing with a mop and bucket.
"Oh hello! You must be the new tenant?" You nod. 'Fucking hell she's beautiful.'
"Y-Yeah, I'm going to be teaching at the high school soon." Her face lights up.
"Oh really? My son goes there, I hope he won't be too much of an issue." You widen your eyes.
"Wait.. You have a son in high school? Why you don't look any older that twenty eight." She smiles and blushes ever-so-slightly.
"Oh you don't mean that. But thank you." You shake your head.
"No I'm serious, you look so young." She laughs.
"Thank you." Silence fills the elevator.
"Is there a hotel you might recommend? The moving company effed me over and now me and my son are without beds or a couch."
"You have a son?" You nod with a smile.
"Yeah he just recently turned two." The woman smiled.
"Well I can't have you sleeping in a gross old hotel, you can stay with me for the night. I have a futon if you'd like it?" You sighed with a smile.
"You are an angel. I would love that. Thank you." She nodded.
"My name is Lisa by the way!" She stuck her hand out for you to shake. You took it.
"Y/N. I'll have to go back up to grab Oliver and get a change of clothes." She nodded.
"That's fine, here," Lisa reaches into her pocket and pulls out a keycard before giving it to you. "I live in the basement but you'll need this to access it." You nod and take it.
"Thank you, you are the best." She laughs.
"Far from it. It's just the friendly thing to do." You smiled.
Lisa- much to your dismay- walked with you to your apartment. You walked in and went into your room where you looked into the only open box there, it had your's and Oliver's clothing in it. You grabbed some pajamas- and an extra outfit for Oliver- then you went back out to the living room and put them in a bag. You then go grab a small blanket and two pillows.
"Do you need my help carrying anything?" Lisa asks. You bite your lip and nod.
"If you could carry this blanket and these pillows for me, that would be amazing. Oliver is gonna be quite cranky when he wakes up." She nods and grabs the things from you. You then went to wake up Oliver. "Hey baby, come on lets go get into a bed." Oliver starts to cry loudly until you pick him up.
"Oh he is just the cutest little one." Lisa says with a smile.
"A cranky one too." You both laugh.
"They all are at that age." She responds.
When you arrived at Lisa's apartment, you realized that her place was specifically larger than the rest. You set Oliver down on the couch and sat down next to him. Lisa went to change but she said she would be back in a matter of moments. She didn't lie either.
She came back out of her room wearing sweat pants at least one size too large, instead of the sweat pants clinging to her waist, they hung lowly on her hips, barely covering her properly. Her shirt was a simple spaghetti strap undershirt that had rollen up at the bottom revealing most of her waist and all the way to the waistband of her pants, and revealing a lot of her cleavage, it was clear she wasn't wearing a bra. Her hair was put into a messy bun, pieces were out of it left and right.
'Holy s h i t.'
Your face flushed and your ears turned red. Holy cow she was hot. You were staring but didn't realize it until you felt Oliver pull on your arm. You looked down at him, he started climbing into your lap.
"Well my Larry won't be here tonight. It'll just be us three." Lisa smiled, she sat down besides you.
"I appreciate you. Really, you've got to be one of the nicest people I've met." Lisa smiled wider.
"I couldn't just let an attractive young person such as yourself go to a shitty hotel for the night. That would be beyond stupid." Your breath hitched.. she just called you attractive. She just called you attractive. Your face reddened.
"Thank you." You whispered looking down at your son.
"Here, you can lay him down in my bed." Lisa stands up and offers you her hand, you smile and grab it. She leads you into her room, its perfectly clean and her bed is made. You lay Oliver down on her bed and he starts curling up into a ball, that was how he usually slept.
You and Lisa went back out of the room, you sat back down on the couch and she went to grab you both beers. She leaves the kitchen with two open beers in hand, she hands you one then sits down besides you. You grab it and take a sip of it.
"I don't drink often, I don't like to be alone when I do it. Really I should be thanking you for the company you're bringing." Lisa says, she takes a swig of the bottle.
"I don't think I have had a beer since Oliver was born. I never want to be away from him. His other parent left when he was born." You say.
"Larry's Father left when Larry was seven." Lisa said sadly. You hesitantly reached out and grabbed Lisa's hand then rubbed it comfortingly. She looked up and smiled at you. "You are very easy to talk to Y/N. You just understand." You wanted to kiss her so bad. She was staring at your lips just the same as you were staring at hers. Slowly you start leaning in, she does the same and soon your lips meet.
The kiss was passionate, you both wanted it so badly. You put your hand around her farther thigh, she took this as an opportunity to get into your lap. Her legs were besides yours, she was straddling you. Your hands found their way to her ass, you held on to her delicately. She moaned into your mouth, you entered her mouth quickly with your tongue. Your tongues rubbed against each other.
You parted to take a breath, Lisa took this as an opportunity to take off her shirt. You latched onto her neck, kissing and biting her neck ever so slightly. When you kissed a place she moaned, you stayed there for a moment, grazing your teeth on her skin and sucking, leaving a hickey there.
Your kisses got lower and lower until you met her nipples, you looked up, asking for permission, Lisa nodded and you latched on to one, the other you played with with your fingers. Lisa was a moaning mess.
You then moved Lisa off of you and laid her down on the couch, you sat with your legs on either side of her waist. You took off your shirt before leaning down and kissing her once more. After a few moments of kissing her you left a trail of kisses down her torso, then you got to the hem of her plants.
"Please Y/N. I need you." You smirked and pulled her pants down, she was wearing a small pair of underwear, you started rubbing her through them then leaned back up to kiss her. Lisa was moaning rapidly but they were muffled by the kiss. With your other hand you massaged her breasts.
After a few minutes of teasing you go in between Lisa's legs, you pulled down her panties and swiped your finger through her folds, when you meet her clit she gasps in surprise. Your thumb circles her clit a few times before you lean down and your tongue meets it.
She had a hard time controlling the moans that came out of her mouth, making a lot  of noise. For the first time with a woman, you sure were good at it.
You entered a digit into her, curving it then taking it out.
After a bit she finally came. Her breathing was heavy as you sat up.
"W.. Was that okay?" You ask timidly.
"That was amazing." Lisa sits up and pecks your lips. "I need to take a shower." She pauses. "Would you like to join me?" She starts pulling up her underwear.
"Y-Yeah sure."
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crvtlouv · 26 days ago
white tullips (part two)
Tumblr media
Summary: tulips. they always were your favorite. it felt like they had some kind of magic in them. that kind of magic that made you fall for someone. the problem? that speacial someone, who is always bringing you comfort, that someone who always manages to make you smile and that someone who made you feel like youre on cloud 9, is already promised to someone else. but who knows what the future holds for you two.
Pairing: female reader x Minhee
Guest Role: Wonjin
Genre: royalty!au, angst, fluff
Warnings: overuse of the old english language (i tried aaa), teethrotting fluff
Word Count: 2.6k
A/N: welcome to the second and last part of “white tullips” !! i would recommend reading part one before this, since the story makes more sense then heh however, i hope youre enjoying this story so far! have a great day and stay safe! <3
once again, special thanks to a very good friend of mine who helped me alot,, like ALOT with the storyline!! thank you so much again, ily queen!!! <3
- timeskip -
yesterday was your one month anniversairy and there you had received your third tullip. the prince even gave the white flower personally to you this time. you didnt get one in a long time, it almost felt like you wouldnt get another one now that you knew your secret lover’s identity, but minhee alwasy found a new way to suprise you.
youve been together for some time now and with every kiss, every hug and every moment you spent together, your love for him grew more. and while you were spending an amazing time walking around the world with rose-tinted glasses on, your little secret started to spread around the castle where it eventually got to his parents, the rulers of this country. minhee knew that what he did would possibly cost him a big price, but he couldnt help but falling deeply in love with you. what he didnt expect on the other side was for his parents to call him out or at least not this soon.
there was an uncomfortable silence at the dining table and even the maids seemed to notice it. the prince kept his eyes straight on the foot. he knew what was going to happen and he would lie if he said he would be ready.
and there it was, the sentence he was so scared to hear was leaving past his mothers lips, “minhee, we have to talk.” that sentence alone was enough to send shivers down his spine. he slowly looked up to her, “yes mother?” she took a deep breath before she started to speak again. “you know what i want to talk about, dont you?..”, he slowly looked at his full plate again, he couldnt get anything down his throat. even though he was scared to answer, he started to nod very carefully, hoping his mother wouldnt notice it, but she did.
“son.. she is not the right one for you. you have a beautiful princess waiting for you. why would you do that?..” tears started to form in the prince’s eyes. “i love her, mother.. i truly do. i couldnt help but falling in love with her” his mind started wandering to you, you were probably in your room already, sleeping peacefully. a soft smile started to form on his face as he thought about you.
“you cant love her, minhee. you are already promised to someone else and you know that yourself. i am sorry to tell you to leave her or i will have her leave the castle.” he looked up again, a frustrated look forming on his face as tears started running down his face. it would be his fault if you had to leave and minhee just couldnt do that to you. it doesnt matter how much he loves you, he has to leave you. with a broken voice he quietly stuttered “yes mother, i will break up with her.” “thank you, dear. youre doing the right thing.”, he once again nodded, knowing fully well that he wasnt doing the right thing.
as soon as his mother finished eating, the prince wanted to get to his room as quickly as possible, but before he could go, his mother, the queen called out his name again. “and minhee?”, he stopped in his motion, silently listening to what she was about to say. “please dont forget that tomorrow is the engagement dinner.” once again, a small “yes mother.” left his mouth as he got to his room to write you a letter.
“my beloved y/n,
you became the most important part in my life in such a short amount of time and i love and adore you with my whole heart and soul, but i knew that this day would come. i sincerely apologize for not telling you my worries earlier, but we have to end our relationship. please believe me when i tell you that i truly love you and that i never wanted this to happen. you will always be the one and only for me and i will fight til the very end for you. please never forget that i love you, my princess.”
minhee quietly walked into your room, trying his best not to wake you up. the prince placed his letter and the fourth white tullip on your nightstand, while taking a last glance at your sleeping beauty. he slowly bent down and placed a kiss on your scalp while whispering a small “i love you.” in your ear. a small smile started taking over your face and he couldnt help but smile back. from that moment on he knew that you were truly the only one for him.
the next morning you woke up with the sun shining right into your face. you sleepily turned to the other side when you suddenly faced a white tullip and a small letter next to it. a big smile appeared on your face as you thought about your prince, minhee. you took the flower between your slender fingers, taking the lovely smell in, it always reminded you of how much he meant to you. after closing your eyes for some seconds, thinking about your loved one, you decided to open the letter next. your eyes flew over the text and with every new word, your smile vanished more and more. you felt a load of mix and anger going through your body as tears started running down your face and onto the paper. with a broken voice a small “you promised, you would be with me forever..”, left past your lips. the only word that crossed your mind was “liar”. “liar liar liar liar”, again and again it came to your mind, one being louder than the other one. you were full of anger now, not even a hint of sadness left. “he promised”, you said to yourself. you could barely hear it, your head being full of memories you spent together, but you couldnt show it to the outside. you had to stay strong. after all was the engagement dinner today.. the engagement dinner is today, you cant show weakness.
slowly you started getting up and ready for the day. until the evening, you did as much work as you could, trying to distract yourself from the thought which kept crossing your mind, you didnt want to hear them. the day went by fast. too fast. you thought about asking the queen if you could stay at your room for tonight, but a lot of guests came today, so they needed all the help they could get.
“dont show weakness, y/n. you can do this. you dont need him.”, you said to yourself in the mirror. a tight black dress was hugging your beautiful body as you watched yourself. “you dont need him.”
you were walking down the long staircase with a plate full of glasses wine in your hand. the other maids didnt exaggerate when they said the could use all the help they get. there were really alot of people here and somewhere here was also the future wife of minhee. before you could keep thinking about minhee and his soon-to-be wife, people were already taking glasses from your plate and before you noticed it, there was only one glass left. a small but malicious thought had crossed your mind.
you started searching for the prince and eventually found him talking to another family, for a few minutes you just stood on the side, watching them talking. pretty soon you came to the conclusion that the younger woman who was talking to him, must be his fiancée. you couldnt stop your eyes from rolling the side as she laughed at something he said.
you slowly made your way to him and with a small cough, he turned around. “would you like a glass of wine, my majesty?”, you asked as you balanced the glass on your plate. he gave you a small nod as a short “thank you.” left his mouth. as soon as he went to take the glass, you ‘accidentally’ let it fall from the plate, right on his white shirt. an invidious  “oh no.. silly me, i am sorry, my prince. but this isnt the first time this happened, isnt it? im sure you will get it clean by yourself.”, left your mouth before you walked away.
“that felt so good”, you thought to yourself. you took a deep breath as you got a glass wine yourself and took a big sip from it. you watched minhee leaving to probably go to the bathroom and with a smile you took another sip from your glass, being happy about your triumph. “the thing you did to my cousin there, was really charming , you know?”, your head turned to the direction the soothing voice was coming from. “thank you”, you said with a proud smile on your face. “wonjin”, the attractive men said and smiled at you. “y/n”, you introduced yourself and shook his hand. “soo minhee is your cousin?”, he gave you a nod. “may i ask what the reason was for your little act earlier?”, a small chuckle left your mouth. “well, long story short, i was in a secret relationship with him but his parents found out and he left me.” “oh really?”, you nodded at him and took another sip.
and then all of the sudden, an evil smile started to creep onto wonjins face. “why are you smiling like that?”, you must say that you were a little concerned now. “what do you think of the idea of making him.. jealous?”, you immediatly understood what he meant by that and as soon as he saw you smiling, he grabbed your hand and pulled you into the crowd to dance with him. he had you close to his body, your arms were comfortably around his neck as you looked right into his eyes.
but wonjins eyes werent the only ones that seemed to be staring at you and wonjin noticed that too. as soon as he felt minhees eyes on the two of you, he pulled you even closer, your bodies now being pressed together and you just couldnt help but leaning your head against his chest to put the cherry on top. 
not even a minute after that, you felt someone grabbing your wrist and pulling you away from wonjins arms. your eyes shot open as you saw no other than the prince going outside with you. as soon as you two stood outside in the pouring rain you freed yourself from his grip. “bloddy hell, minhee! what are you doing?” “what i am doing?? what were you doing inside there dancing with that damn jerk?”, you were walking up to him, your eyebrows knitted together and your body was full of anger. “why do you care? you were the one who broke up with me, werent you? and you didnt even have the courage to do it in person! oh no, the dear poor prince had to write a letter. stop acting like a goddamn three year old!” “oh i am acting like a three year old? who poured wine all over me as a form of revenge huh?” “i was furious okay?! if you want to be with that goddamn princess, then go to her! why are you still here with me if you like her that much?” “because i love you!” “then stop loving me!” “i cant!.. i just cant okay?”
silence. the only sound that could be heard was the rain pouring onto your bodies and the music from the dinner softly playing in the backround. you stared into each other’s eyes. youre not saying anything but still so much.
his hand slowly cupped your cheek. no words in the world could describe how much you wanted to just lean into his touch, but you cant. “dont show weakness.” was once again going through your head. his eyes moved to your lips as he slowly leaned it and right before his lips touched yours, you saw him in the eyes as you spoke “i either want all of you or nothing, minhee..” he froze in his motion, hesitating to answer. you watched his eyes as you took a step back, the rain still pouring onto you. “i understand.. please enjoy the rest of your night, my majesty.” you said as you went back inside. everything inside of the prince screamed to call after you, to hold you, to make you his forever, but he just couldnt, you were right. he didnt have the courage.
- timeskip to the wedding day -
today was the day. the prince would get married to another princess. you werent ready. you havent slept in days, trying to prepare for this day where the person who loved but also hurt you the most would get married, but you had to get through it. 
you were there earlier with the other maids to prepare everything, after all it had to be perfect and as soon as you put out the last decoration, the guests started coming in. you took along with the other maids your place at the side of the room. you also saw wonjin sitting not too far away from you who gave you a supporting smile to which you gave a soft smile back.
“you can do it y/n. dont show how you feel. be happy for him. you can do it.” is what you thought to yourself. the prince was already standing infront of the altar, waiting for his bride to come in.
and there she was, beautiful as ever she walked through the door with a bouquet full of red rosses in her hands, but something was off. there was a glimpse of white in that red bouquet. tears started forming in your eyes as you thought about the tullips minhee used to give you, but now its her. she is his. forever.
the pastor started speaking as she arrived at the altar and she smiled so pretty at him, it almost seemed like they are meant for each other. you wanted to look away, but you couldnt. with tears in your eyes you listened to the pastor’s words.
“do you, b/n, take minhee as your husband to love him, to cherish him, nurture him and support him in times of joy and in times of difficulty? do you promise to remain by his side regardless of what trouble befalls you and in the presence of temptation to forsake this love, do you promise to remain steadfast and true? do you promise with all your heart and soul to honor this vow til death do you part? if so, answer now, “i do”” “i do.” she said with a heartwarming smile on her lips.
now he turned to the prince.
“and do you, kang minhee, take b/n as your wife to love her, to cherish her, nurture her and support her in times of joy and in times of difficulty? do you promise to remain by her side regardless of what trouble befalls you and in the presence of temptation to forsake this love, do you promise to remain steadfast and true? do you promise with all your heart and soul to honor this vow til death do you part? if so, answer now, “i do””
everyone had their eyes on him. its just two words. two simple words, why is he hesitating? he looked at his fiancée’s bouquet and took something out of it. tears ran down your face as you noticed what he took out of the bouquet full of red roses.
the fifth white tullip.
the prince turned his head to your direction as he looked you in the eyes and spoke his words “i am already promised to someone else.”
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whatdoesshedotothem · 27 days ago
Friday 16 May 1834
7 5/..
12 ½
Fine – ready in an hour F57° at 8 5 - reading till 9 ½ from page 25 to 76, volume 24 British prose writers to the end of Horace Walpole’s Reminiscences. Letter from Mr Scotts’ book-keeper ‘GW. Ellis, 3 Dove street, near the Nunnery York’ to say Joseph had brought away his livery hardly worn at all and to beg me to desire him to send it back again - the poor lad brought it away in ignorance, never dreaming, as nobody said anything to him about it, that he ought to have given it back. Letter 3 pages from M- (Lawton) dated Thursday 8th inst and lastly last Tuesday night 13th instant – hoped to have heard from me – disappointed tho saying she had now no right to be so - and indeed ought not as she had neither asked me to write to her at Lawton, nor had I promised to do so -  they arrived at Lawton on Tuesday 6th inst and were to leave there on Wednesday the 14th - writes to ask me to pay the ‘new servant James for a greatcoat Thomas had bought of him’- Found her scholars more stupid than formerly dined at Rode nothing interested her ‘Mary is not what she was or the same things would produce the same pleasures but it matters not’ ‘Time will do its best and worst, and after all is the short span of life worth a thought? A few short years and all is over and mine neither have given nor promise sufficient of comfort to induce a wish that they might be prolonged no one knows not, even you dearest Fred, what I have gone thro’ and at this moment I feel as little caring for the future of this world as if 24 hours would close my existence perhaps I should be thankful to know its duration was so limited – you, at least, I trust will be happy for you deserve to be so, and earnestly do I pray that it may be so’. And that those you love best may secure to you all the comfort necessary to your wishes for the present adieu then writes the more than half page of conclusion on Tuesday night Poor Mary how she has always marred her own happiness but how was it when I was so low two years ago she shewed no great pity for me. Breakfast in 20 minutes at 9 ½ wrote the above of today till 10 20 - some time out with Pickles and the rest -P- finished re-levelling the ground in front of the house before 12 and was at the railing in the afternoon with his 2 men. Had Joseph up twice for a good while about correcting his letter to Mr Ellis respecting the livery - had ½ hour’s nap. Wrote 3 pages and ends to M- as follows ‘Shibden Hall, Friday 16th May 1834. I have in this moment, my dearest Mary, received your letter dated lastly the 13th (Tuesday last) – three days from Lawton! These shews me, that my letter written on Sunday, and sent on Monday (the 12th) would reach Lawton a few hours after you were off. Surely it would be sent after you immediately and surely you have reached it ere this. Mary! I am very very sorry my pages were not with you at Lawton! - but they will convince you, you were not out of my thoughts, are not and are not likely to be – the more, my dearest Mary, I reflect upon the past, the more I am confounded at the appalling inconsistency of your conduct - that you should grieve so deeply over its consequences, is a heavy misfortune to us both. But this I can truly say, that whatever you may ‘have gone thro’ I can’t earnestly believe it to exceed the misery, the ruthless desolation of heart that fell upon myself – to me it was more sudden than the lightness glare - you had long warning – the storm came not but at your bidding, and from your own breast, sprang up the rock on which the hope of 20 years was wrecked. In pity and in common justice, remember this. Think too, that you can never have had one feeling of wounded pride to add its sting to all the rest. It was your own hand drew the card that sped the deadly shaft hope to the heart that had no shield but its affection Mary! Your aim did seem so coolly, so deliberately taken, the arrow scarce could miss her way. But no more - my regard is still perhaps worth having, and it will not be my fault if it does not serve you faithfully. For my sake, at least, take my advice this once more. Cheer up - rally round you those hopes that are scatted, rather than destroyed – let not your spirit turn coward but gather together your resources, calculate them fairly, manage them well – remember that you have a tried and steady friend who will help you to the uttermost, and, trust me, you have no need to despair of happiness even in this world. Despair is always a false calculation we can’t tell the good that may be in store for us and when our horizon seems lowest who knows that the brightest gleams of our existence are not at hand? Mary! I will do anything in the world I can for you - and surely it is my power to be a greater comfort to you than I can possibly have been, ever since the first moment when your mind became unsettled enough to entertain the 1st embryo thought of the now as it appears, strange resolve you came to, 2 years ago. But perhaps after all you were more right than you now believe. If all your tastes were indeed so changed as you told me, while mine as I honestly avowed, remained so nearly the same, how would it have answered to be still entirely dependent on each other? For you must not forget that, as the circumstance, which seems more particularly to tell you the secret of your own heart, would not then have occurred , you might still have been ignorant of it as ever, and I should not have had the strong advantage of being valued as at present. Mary! Is not this reasonable? You find travelling insupportable - you had other interest dearer than mine - you could not bear to leave Lawton - you even made a point of my promising to settle near there - and you, above all people, knew how I was situated towards my own place, where my family had lived between 2 and 3 centuries, I being the 15th possessor of my family and name. Mary! The spirit of my uncle started up before me and had my life been the sacrifice, idolatry must have yielded to honour. Mary! My dearest Mary, you thought of me too lowly then, as you think of me too highly now. Reflect upon these things - you will be happier by and by - you will trust my friendship regard implicitly and this will not be the least of the comforts that I firmly hope will attend us both – ask me to write, or to do anything. I do not feel as if I should ever disappoint you much - I have no feeling towards you but of affectionate regard and my greatest anxiety is for your welfare. But cheer up, Mary! Be comforted, my dearest Mary, if it be but for my sake. How my pen still lingers on this engrossing subject. I must answer the purport of your letter. James Clayton is no longer my servant - he came to me on the 24th ult. refused to wear Thomas’s livery - on the 26th and left me on the 28th sorry probably for his folly and not calculating that I should not retract the warning given at the moment. Mrs Williamson, Register Office for servants, Colliergate  
(I think it is) York, is the only person I know of likely to know anything about the man. You will see from my last, as far as I can tell at present, what I am going to be about - I shall probably be in York by 12 on Tuesday and off in an hour towards Richmond. In my aunt’s present state of health,  I cannot be absent more than a week, I do not expect her surviving another winter - my father’s life, too, is very precarious, he had a very slight paralytic affection , more particularly in the left arm, 3 or 4 days ago -  Marian’s attention to him is quite exemplary. Her feelings towards me seem altogether changed into what is most comfortable. God bless you my dearest Mary! You can’t possible doubt my regard and how much I am always very especially yours. A. Lister’ Writing out this letter has taken me from 3 25 to 4 10 = 1 ¼ hour. What will π- think of it  I see three tears had fallen on her paper  What a goose she has been surely she never thought of losing she played upon me too much the history of our acquaintance may be summed in accepted refused accepted married offended refused repented. Reading over my letter and dawdling till out at 4 ½ - with Marian in the garden - with Mallinson etc - dinner at 6 ½ then coffee and Marian was with me till after 8 - then sent off my letter to ‘Mrs Lawton, Claremont house, Leamington, Warwickshire’ and Joseph took to the post his letter to Mrs Ellis to say he should have the livery hat and all on Tuesday - from 8 ½ to 9 ½ in the fields looking at the new railing - 18 posts and railing there to belonging set this afternoon - and all would be finished tomorrow if we had the posts but we shall not have enough by 8 - 2 plasterers came this morning from Shaw’s, and cleared away the dirt and plaster ready for pointing west side of the house - talking to Marian till 10 1/4 . Is Northgate, or will it be, sold or not – tonight at 7 the sale was to being – I have not thought much about it even this evening and not all during day. My day was spent over my letter and my eyes stiffish with the tears that fell or stood big in my eyes This weakness is too foolish - 10 minutes with my aunt and came to my study at 10 25 and wrote the last 10 lines - raining fast - seemed to begin a few minutes ago - fine day tho’ dullish - very good for growing - my father does not like the idea of flower-beds, so the ground before the front window is to be all sown down with grass and clover - till 11 ½ read from page 79 to 99 Horace Walpole’s letters British prose writers vol. 24.
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