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#hope you like them lol

Thank you Julia I hope I can deliver.

Let’s see, for number 3 we have the best absurd meme I have ever come across, it’s just perfect


For number 2, this meme blowed my mind when I saw it first time, I love music memes like this one


And finally, my absolute favourite meme ever, I can’t help but die of laughter every single time I see it, it’s too good

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a/n: I’m writing this one first because Claudia is in a different time zone and she’s my soulmate who always supports me AND she deserves the honor of my first ever HQ smut. ILY FOREVER.

“Get on your knees.” x tooru oikawa

cw: smut, nsfw, blowjobs, slight choking but not?, bondage but not?, idk


Oikawa removed his glasses, folded them, and set them down on the table next to the door. You followed him inside, your hand grasping for his even though he just dropped his grip on you since the second you got in the cab. You’d gone out for a lovely dinner with friends to celebrate Iwa’s birthday, but now you were back in your shared apartment, and all the lights were still off as Oikawa started undoing the buttons on the sleeve of his dress shirt.

“Close the door, angel,” he cooed as you, his tone saccharine sweet yet somehow still nonchalant. You did as he asked before looping your arms around his chest from behind and pressing your cheek to his back. You hadn’t been able to stop touching him all night.

Maybe it was seeing your boyfriend all dressed up for the occasion, or the luxurious atmosphere of the restaurant Iwaizumi chose. Maybe it was the way Oikawa lit up and laughed around his oldest friends from high school, or maybe you were just in a mood. Either way, you’d been desperate for him since he held you by the small of your back on the way out the door to dinner.

Oikawa slid deftly out of your arms before you could pull him any tighter. He rolled up his sleeves to the elbow, creasing the expensive fabric that would need to be dry cleaned to flatten out the wrinkles, and put his hands on his hips, highlighting the bulge in his dress pants you could just barely see in the streetlight filtering in through the window. Oikawa tilted his head to the side and tutted at you. “What’s gotten into you tonight, baby?”

You brought a fist to your mouth and bit your knuckle. You wanted him so badly, so much your body took over instead of your mind. You shook your head, as if to say, “I don’t know.”

Oikawa fiddled with his belt until it was undone, the heavy silver buckle dangling from his hand. “You’ve been so naughty, angel. Touching me under the table, nibbling my ear while the others weren’t looking, trying to slide your hand between my legs in the taxi.” In the dimly lit room, he took a calculated step toward you, every movement of his putting a hitch in your breath and tightening the coil in your core.

With his free hand, Oikawa easily undid the button on his pants. “Well, now it’s your fault I have this little problem, so you’re going to have to fix it.” He nodded down to his crotch, a cheeky smirk spreading across his face. He took another step closer. “Get on your knees.”

You dropped immediately to the wooden floor, your hands trailing down his sides and coming to rest on his thighs on either side of your head. His erection was staring you directly in the face, but before you could pull down his zipper, you felt leather around your neck. Oikawa’s belt.

“What are you waiting for, angel?” he taunted you, one fist holding the belt around the back of your neck. 

You pulled his zipper down so desperately, you ripped it by the seam from his pants. Pushing the waistband of his briefs down, you freed his aching cock and immediately started pressing kisses to the head. Oikawa kept your chin pointed up by holding the belt tight, not tight enough to choke you but taut enough to control the movement of your head, but you fought against it to wrap first your tongue and then your lips around his length. He sighed and let his hips dip closer to you.

You shifted your knees to get comfortable on the floor, moaning every time you took him deeper into your throat. A sharp snap of his hips and you gagged around him, but you weren’t giving up. You hollowed your cheeks and sucked down hard on his cock, running your tongue on the underside where you knew he was the most sensitive until you felt the familiar shaking in his abs and thighs that signalled he was about to finish. With your fingers squeezing into his thighs, you relaxed as much as you could to pull him farther in, as far as you possible could handle, and drew shapes with your tongue as tears sprung to your eyes. With a sputtering moan, Oikawa spilled into your mouth, and you swallowed every drop.

Oikawa, gasping for breath, tossed his belt aside and dropped down on his knees in front of you on the floor. He put a finger under your chin, pointing your eyes up to meet his. “Good girl,” he whispered.

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~A/N  - So guess who hasn’t been doing too well lately…

SPOILER ALERT! it me lol

But I’m getting better slowly but surely, and I’m actually talking to people other than the doctor about it this time so WOOP character development (and, wouldn’t you know it, my friends are all so goddamn supportive and kind and just AAAAAAAH what did I do to deserve to hang out with such GOOD PEOPLE DAMNIT). 

So, on that topic, my motivation has been super low for just about everything - including writing fics lol - so I have paused my uni studies for the time being. You’d think this would mean more time to write fics but NOPE I’ve just been sleeping, watching movies, occasionally going for a walk (on Doctor’s and parent’s orders), and just all round having the sad times. But now that I’m starting to feel like I could function as a human being and not a sack of useless flesh, I’m doing the things.

This is a start, and I’m teaching myself how to use unity so i might just make a little video game if I figure out how to do it lol. But yeah, I’ll be trying to write some fics to stop myself from just lying in bed and thinking bad thoughts lol. Just some little things that aren’t too much pressure, but give me something to work towards (ALSO I GOT A PLANT AND HIS NAME IS NORBERT EVERYBODY SAY HI NORBERT!)

Sorry if this note put a downer on the story, I think it’ll be quite a cute one. Set before Bucky becomes the Winter Soldier, but after Steve turns into Cap. I’m not great at writing Bucky as a lee and Steve as a ler, but I gave it a go lol. And there might be a part 2 coming (wink wonk)

Hope you are all doing ok during this weird and honestly kinda lonely time. If you ever want to chat to someone, my DMs or inbox is always open.

- Enoy! ~

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Zombie: which lyrics in the entire album, represents you the best or do you like the most?

can I cheat and say all of Zombie? Zombie hits so hard for me. From the chorus, /with an empty head and heart, a scarecrow without a brain/ and the /give me back my tears they’ve run dry/ 

This is ironic because I cried so much listening to this like it unlocked something in me and the song is talking about the inability to cry lol 

1 to 10: make a top 3 of songs in the album.

answered here!

send me book of us: the demon asks!!

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OMG I AM SO SORRY FOR THE THREE (3) ANONS THAT ARE STILL PENDING I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO DO THEM AND THEN I WASN’T FEELING UPTO IT, YA KNO? I’LL GET TO THEM ASAP I’M JUST NOT FEELING VERY FUNNY THE PAST COUPLE O’ DAYS AND SPECIALLY NOT TODAY my favourite character in my favourite fic died today, so you must know how i’m feeling, a bitch needs time to grieve, i’ll answer them when i’m feeling upto it, i hope you understand, and i hope you keep sending me ideas as i love doing them. <3

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                “People think that today is about celebrating the ones that birthed you, raised you or even just loved you like you were their own child but,
                In reality it’s also a day to celebrate the ones that mother’s like us love.
                You are someone’s child — you’re loved with every fiber of their being, even if they can’t say it in words – they say it in actions.
                Make sure to remember that you’re loved just as much as you love the one that took care of you.
              And make sure to hug them and tell them you appreciate them – not just today, but whenever you can.”

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SPHYNX CAT!! I’ve been trying to remember their name for days now and kept calling them ‘chicken cats’ 😭😭😭

* Jaehee was never really fond of cats, but she never hated them either-she just barely had any interaction with them before coming to work for Jumin and ending up with the responsibility of cat-sitting Elizabeth the 3d.

* She hated the constant stream of fluffy hair flowing across her house, hated the stink of her nuclear poops in the litter box, how Elizabeth would casually jump on her desk and stroll over her documents and computer, even crumbling up some important papers with her nails.

* All that being said however…she couldn’t deny that when Elizabeth would come and curl up on her lap purring happily, it was just a teeny bit cut. Maybe.

* After meeting MC and complaining once about the smell from Elizabeth’s litter box, she was surprised that MC had a solution for her-“Buy deodorant pearls and mix them with the litter! They absorb the smell” MC had told her over the phone. Who knew such a thing even existed!

* After trying out MC’s recommendation and finding that her house was just a little less poop-smelly, she kept coming back to MC for advice that worked every time-how to get (most) fur off of her clothes, how to get Elizabeth to stop scratching her sofa and stick to her scratching post instead, little things that made Jaehee’s life with this cat so, so much more bearable-and even fun!

* She eventually asked MC how she knew all this, and MC explained she fosters cats and takes in strays, and learnt a lot with experience-having over 5 cats to care for in the same household can do that, lol

* Jaehee found it really heart-warming to see MC cared so much for these animals-she even mentioned it once to Jumin, who piqued with interest-he actually ended up discussing with MC plans to open up their own cat shelter, with MC in charge!

* Following Jaehee’s route, after she and MC began working on their coffee shop, Jaheee would frequently come by MC’s house until the two moved in together, and it took a while, but she slowly became accustomed to the myriad of cats and kittens strolling around MC’s home-she even took quite a liking to some, always ending up with a kitten curled on the crook of her neck as she sat at the dining table with MC, going over plans for their shop.

* Most of all though, she took a liking to one bare hairless cat with striking blue eyes, one that seemed to never leave MC alone-it’d always walk besides them or jump on MC’s lap while they worked, even climbing up on their back if they didn’t give the cat attention.

* Jaehee asked about this particular cat and MC proudly held the animal by its hairless armpits, bringing it forth to greet Jaehee-the cat seemed used to this, merely blinking with an uninterested gaze as MC brought it up to Jaehee’s face.

* “This girl is actually my cat, Chicken! I adopted her 5 years ago, and she’s actually the reason why I ended up loving cats this much” MC explained, bringing the cat-Chicken, back to their chest so she could rest comfortably in MC’s arms.

* Chicken…didn’t really like Jaehee at first. She’d eye her wearily, jump inbetween her and MC if Jaehee leaned too close to MC.

* However as the two moved in together and Chicken explored her new enviroment, Jaehee did her utmost to make the cat comfortable, taking up every advice she’d gathered from MC over time about caring for cats and applying it to Chicken.

* Before long, MC, Jaehee and Chicken were an inseperable trio-they even brought Chicken in to work with them, and she soon became the cafe’s mascot, people always eager to meet the sassy cat and get a chance to earn her affection whilst waiting for their coffee.

* “You know”, Jaehee turned to MC one day while cuddling on the couch, a small shy smile on her lips, “I think…I think I like cats.”

* MC laughed. “I know Jaehee-I’ve seen you cooing at Chicken and my foster cats many times when you thought I wasn’t looking.”

* Jaehee shook her head, a furious blush on her cheeks. “I-I do like cats. And I love Chicken” she added, scratching the cat’s chin as she was resting on Jaehee’s lap “and…and you. I love cats, Chicken, and you.”

* It was the first time Jaehee let the L-word spill from her lips and…honestly it was the sweetest confession MC could’ve asked for. Ignoring Chicken’s questioning look from Jaehee’s legs, MC leaned close, giving Jaehee a chaste kiss.

* “I love cats and Chicken too Jae”, MC grinned , “And I love you the most.”

* Chicken looked up at that, a chirping meow coming from her throat. MC rolled their eyes.

* “Fine, I equally love Jaehee and Chicken."

* Love Chicken or P E R I S H

im sorry i have a thing for naming all my pets with food names so…..Chicken it is sjdjdjdj

-send me mystic messenger headcanons for character reactions-

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(I didn’t tag you until the end but I’m gonna our the tag up here anyway @megatraven)

Blessed was how he felt the moment Zeus agreed to his pleas. He pleaded to Zeus that he could let MC live her life out and then let him find Hera.

He threw out so many favors, spent so many nights up wondering what to do, and panicking just so he could save her. He couldn’t lose her, he just couldn’t. It wasn’t just because he loved her. He always remembered his friendship and bond with his loves mother, and he wouldn’t forgive himself if he let her down again. So, he did everything he could and eventually it worked. He noticed Zeus look of anger but tiredness from hearing Hades repeat himself. However, Hades didn’t care. As long as he had MC alive, he was okay.

But he knew that time would come. She didn’t become a goddess, so she wouldn’t live forever, and he knew it. He knew her clock was ticking everytime he woke up and saw her smiling at him. However, he ignored it. He enjoyed everytime he saw her smile, everytime she laughed, everytime he saw her sleep and just breathe, everytime he saw her eyes glow everytime she was happy, the way freckles framed her face and body as it she was a goddess, and the way their were lines on her cheeks when she smiled so hard.

Zeus wasn’t fond of her, but he eventually grew okay with her presence. Poseidon was like he was during the whole marriage problems. He was supportive and cared for MC and Hades. Obviously, everyone felt tense because of her, but Aphrodite and Hades would give people the death glare if they dared to harm her or say anything about her. MC continued to live on the surface and Hades joined her. They would switch back and forth, but it was what they were good with. Hades would do anything for her and she would do anything for him. That was obvious during the whole marriage problems.

Depsite all the sad things, MC gave birth to a child named Osiris. He was a Demi-god but Hades and MC loved him all the same. Osiris’s birth made Hades the happiest god there ever was, but also brought a pang of sadness in his heart when he saw MC holding their child, rocking him when he was fussy and making funny faces at him to calm him down. It hurt because he knew Osiris would live longer than his own mother. He knew he would have to watch his mother become weaker and weaker while his father stayed the same all the years. It hurt, but he and MC both avoided those thoughts and raised Osiris with the most love and protection.

But over time her hair became grayer, even if she dyed it to prevent people from noticing it, it would show sometimes. Her face became a little more wrinkly over time, and eventually she didn’t want to show her face on Olympus anymore. She didn’t want people to see her growing old while everyone looked perfect and so young. Hades supported her and let her deal with it how she wanted it, but she was still so beautiful in his eyes. She was still his personal goddess, she was still the most beautiful woman in his eyes. He cared for her and so did Osiris through her years. And he knew it was against his own rules, but he didn’t let Death take her yet. He ignored the way the Underworld was calling her. He prevented it, he and Osiris just couldn’t let go yet. He felt a little bit guilty because of it, but it’s like he said all those years ago…

Gods are selfish…

But one day he woke up and saw MC beside him, but he felt it. The calling was too strong, her soul was barely hanging on. She woke up and smiled at him, but it was pained. He knows she can feel it too. He couldn’t help the tears that fell from his eyes in that moment. The sun was shining through the windows, onto her hair making it glow that even angels were envious of. He knew he couldn’t keep her here any longer, she was in pain from her body slowly shutting down. Death was inevitable and he knew it.

“I love you, don’t forget that,” she whispered to him as she scooted closer to him. He nodded and looked in her eyes as she wiped the tears off his face. “Don’t cry. I’ll see you soon. And tell Osiris that I’m sorry and that I love him with my whole heart,” she whispered to him as well, her voice slowly getting softer. She was rushing her words out. “Tell Alex and Aphrodite that I’ll miss them as well,” she said her voice going so soft he had to almost quit breathing to hear her. He nodded and promised her he’d do everything she told him to do, and it was true.

He smiled at her and stroked her cheek and tried to comfort her during her last moments. “But hey, tell your mom I said hi,” he whispered out to her, his voice wrecked with sadness unexplainable. She let out a laugh that ended with a coughing pit. “I will. I’m excited to see her,” she whispered to him. He knew she didn’t want to die, but she couldn’t help that feeling of wanting to see her mother. He kissed her forehead and held her hand tightly. She kissed him on his lips one last time, before she closed her eyes and he felt her soul leave her body and enter the Underworld. He held her close, resting her forehead on his shoulder and cried as he stroked his hands through her hair, as if she was still there.

He gave her a hero burial, and this time he did cry. He couldn’t hold it back. He buried her right next to her mother, the way she’d want it to be. Aphrodite and Alex cried, and she wasn’t the only mortal buried there. Her brother, Josh, was buried there as well. Now, the family was reunited and he hoped they were at peace.

Almost the next month after her death, here he was, standing in the Underworld, getting ready to draw on his powers and call to her soul. He knew he was breaking his rules, he knew he was doing something so selfish, but he couldn’t help it. He missed the love of his life and he needed to see her. He needed to see her smile, he needed to hear her voice and the way she would say, “hey, its okay.” He closed his eyes and called upon his powers. Before he could even open his eyes, he heard her. “Hey, sweetie.” He opened his eyes and saw her, the 25 year old he fell in love with. He didn’t care what age he saw of her, he was just happy to see her.

“MC…” he whispered out. She smiled at him and he saw tears fall down her cheeks. He stepped forward and reached his hand out to try and caress her cheek. It hurt him when his hand went right through her cheek. However, he placed it hovering near her cheek and she leaned into it as if she could feel it, as if she could feel the warmth of his hand touching her cold cheek. “I miss you. I miss you so much,” he told her with his voice being a struggle to even get out. She nodded as well and sniffled. “I miss you, too. But I’m always there, don’t forget that. Me, my mom, and Josh are always there watching over you and everyone we love,” her voice eventually got interrupted by her sobs.

She was happy, but she was also sad. Happy because she could see her love look at her like she was his world and hear his voice comfort her. But was sad because she knew she wouldn’t be able to hear it for a long time. “I’ll see you soon, I promise. We’ll all see you again,” she told him, wiping her eyes to stop the tears. She then did the same thing he did. She reached out with her hand to try and dry his tears, but it didn’t work. He wiped his eyes for her and he smiled at her one more time, before he heard a voice call out, “MC?” It was the voice of one of his best friends. More tears almost fell from his eyes, but he refused. “I have to go,” she said with a sadness so obvious. He nodded and leaned in to kiss her forehead, but not actually touch her since he would pass right through her, but he couldn’t help but try for his and her sake.

“But if you ever do this again, can I see Osiris?” She wanted to see Alex as well, but she didn’t push it. She knew he was already risking everything by doing this. He nodded with a sad smile. “He misses you just as much as I do.” She smiled once more, already knowing he did. “Mom hopes to meet him one day.” Hades looked her in the eye and promise her that she would. He’d make sure of it. He’d make sure that her mom, Josh, and herself would be all together again one day. After a few more minutes of catching up, that voice called out again and he had to let MC join her family once more.

It was difficult for him, but he brought Osiris to her and it was so emotional all over again. Osiris and his wife and children were so sad and emotional to see their grandmother and great grandmother that they they miss so much. However, they knew it would be the last time they would see her for a long time, but they were okay with that. They’d all wait as long as it took to see her and her mom and her brother all again.

It took around 20 long years of loneliness and pain for Hades to wake up one day and feel MCs mom soul come back. He knew it was hers by the ways his own soul felt a bit lighter, but not the way MCs would make him feel. He immediately told Aphrodite, Alex, Osiris, and his children. He was in tears the whole time, so happy to see his best friend again and to know that his love and her brother were on their way soon.

For the first time in a long time, his soul felt truly bright and he felt so happy every morning he woke up. He woke up with a smile because he knew her see we again one day, and he was perfectly fine with waiting. She was the love of his life and he’d wait as long as it took for her, and there was no doubt about it.

SO @megatraven I LITERALLY HAD TO TAKE LIKE 5 CRYING BREAKS BC THIS HURT SO MUCH, BUT I THINK ITS GOOD?? It’s really long and I’m not on my laptop (almost never am on tumblr on my laptop) so I can’t do the “read more” thing so I hope you read it all so I can sleep getting feed back and know if you cried like I cried >:). But yeah I hope you and everyone else enjoyed crying with me lol. I finally have Hades angst and not just Alex angst wowh I’m proud of myself lol. But yh bye unless you reblog with a response enensn

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Upcoming fics:

1) drunk kisses - travis konency.

2) cliches - carter hart.

3) when we both look at art - morgan frost.

4) early mornings - brady skjei.

5) warm hearts & warm houses - kevin hayes.

6) sleigh bells ring - pierre luc dubois.

7) under the stars - brock boeser.

8) on live - nolan patrick.

9) 3 ways mat made your heart flutter - mat barzal.

10) two times joel didn’t wear a suit + one time he did - joel farabee.

11) books + dates - morgan frost.

tagging some people who give unconditional support no matter what: @hartsyhart , @patty-cake-nolan , & @mitch-slap .

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