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#hopefully before quarantine ends but maybe not bc um
eggyukhei · a year ago
tfw you finish reading an angsty 10k fic at 1:30am and you’re left hanging but you get a notification that the author actually just posted a second chapter and it’s another 10 fucking thousand words 😳😳🥴🥴🥺🥺🥺🥵🥵🥵🙌🙌🙌🙌
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50 questions tag!
I got tagged by @bl-crossingtheline​! Hello darling! Sorry I’m so late on this. Needed a good block of time and then I just kept forgetting. 😜😂
what color is your hairbrush? Aqua/Teal
name a food you never eat: Brussel sprouts. And fish.
are you typically too warm or too cold? Um... in winter I’m just perpetually cold. I prefer to be on the warmer side. But as I’ve gotten older that’s changed a little bit. But I don’t know if I’m like always cold or whatever.
what were you doing 45 minutes ago? lol eating fresh home made sour dough bread with my family.
what’s your favorite candy bar? 100 grand bars
have you ever been to a professional sports game? yes. a hockey game with my family and brothers’ hockey teams. 
what’s the last thing you said out loud?: My brother was leaving so I yelled BYEEEEE HAVE A NICE DAY from my room and he said NO~! YOU HAVE A NICE DAY! so then I said FINE IF YOU’RE FORCING ME TO. lol. That was one of our nicer interactions 😂
what’s your favorite ice cream?: anything with caramel or maybe moosetracks. Or just plain vanilla cuz it’s classic, yummy, and underappreciated.
what was the last thing you had to drink? milk
do you like your wallet?: Yes! I do! I found it years ago at a thrift store and it was just perfect for me. It’s black with a pretty metal thing with engraved flowers on it. It zips closed AND there’s a coin pouch inside. And it’s the kind that folds in half rather than the kind that looks like a clutch purse which I’m really glad about because the clutch purse shaped ones seem to almost never be quite the right size - either too big or too small and sometimes the latch breaks so then it just flops open. :P
what’s the last thing you ate? sour dough bread
did you buy any new clothes last weekend? um.... no. But i did this last Friday cuz I had to pick up some things from Walmart and I impulse bought a $10 dress that looked comfy and light weight and casual and I can wear it on days when I don’t want to wear pants. I didn’t have a good dress for days like that before.
what’s the last sporting event you watched? uh...... i don’t. Unless my friend showing me a two minute compilation clip of the danish (i think?) sport of jumping over rivers with a pole counts. or unless watching super junior perform counts. 
what is your favorite flavor of popcorn? butter + salt or white cheddar
who’s the last person you sent a text to? real texting it was a mom I babysit for. But more recently than that I was messaging blue (musicdramalove) on tumblr.
ever go camping? my family used to go camping a lot - like at least once a year. But we haven’t for several years now since all my siblings and I are adults now. I think I might’ve gone with friends a couple years ago though. idk.
do you take vitamins? nope. If I get sick, I drink a looooooot of orange juice.
do you go to church every sunday? yeah
do you have a tan? not right now. hopefully I will by the end of summer (if not June)
do you prefer chinese or pizza? chinese (but pizza’s good too)
do you drink soda through a straw? not unless I order it at a restaurant and it’s in a glass. But that’s rare. I usually order water or sometimes a cocktail.
what color socks do you usually wear? I have a set that’s cream, a couple greys, and white, and I have a set that’s cream, grey and light pink.
do you ever drive above the speed limit? heck yeah. Usually I keep it to about 5-10 above. But it also depends on what streets I’m on.
what terrifies you? Failing at working a career job or living a miserable life or being alone forever with no one to take care of me when I’m sick.
look to your left, what do you see? my purse on the floor next to my dresser
what chore do you hate the most? scrubbing my shower/bathtub.
what do you think of when you hear an australian accent? steve the animal guy or liam and chris hemsworth or KJ Apa or Rebel Wilson. Or the other day when I was talking to my nanny kiddos about accents and the girl and I could do decent-ish british accents but absolutely failed at an Aussie accent
what’s your favorite soda? root beer
do you go in fast food places or just hit the drive thru? depends on the day or sometimes the line of cars in the drive thru
what’s your favorite number? 4. idky but I’ve always thought of it as my lucky number. Plus I just like it. It’s even. It’s small. 2 + 2 = 4 and 2 x 2 = 4.
who’s the last person you talked to? my brother when I was yelling bye to him.
favorite cut of beef? yeah i really don’t know or care
last song you listened to? We by Yesung
last book you read? honestly can’t even tell you.
can you say the alphabet backwards? YES I CAN AND I’M VERY PROUD ABOUT THIS
favorite day of the week? mmm..... saturday because I usually see my friends on saturday and also refuse to do homework on saturdays.
how do you like your coffee? with a big scoop of hot chocolate powder and quite a bit of half and half. sometimes I forego the chocolate powder but my preference is to have it. 
favorite pair of shoes? oooh..... I love my shoes. I have so many that I like. um... okay I’m gonna say it’s this one pair of brown heels I have. They look kinda like leather, orangey-brown, 4in tall heel, and they’re almost like ankle boots because the material goes to just below my ankle. They look amazing with skinny jeans.
time you normally get up? mm..... somewhere between 8 and 9 I guess if I wake up naturally. But I have to get up at 6:15 for work and 7am on days when I have church bc I’m head of nursery (but church is at 10am and online cuz quarantine)
sunrise or sunsets? hm.... I guess sunset bc it sets behind the mountains and it’s gorgeous.
how many blankets on your bed? rn 1 really light one cuz summer’s basically here.
describe your kitchen plates? white with a red and grey design on them with a red border on the edge
describe your kitchen at the moment? currently a mess bc things are being moved around and sorted and everything is everywhere. Other than that, it’s got a sink, fridge, oven, dishwasher, you know, the uszh. 
do you have a favorite alcoholic drink? mm.... right now I guess my go to is a moscato wine. I think that’s my favorite thing right now. You can call me a wimp but hey it’s a step up from Mike’s hard mango punch. I also really like mules.
do you play cards? yes.
what color is your car? silver. and it annoys me bc it looks like every other unimpressionable unremarkable unmemorable car out there :p
can you change a tire?
your favorite state/province/county/etc.? MINE
favorite job you’ve had? my babysitting job for a neighborhood family. I’ve been babysitting them for about 7 years now and I have been with them for two of their kids’ births and I’ve gotten to watch them grow up and develop personalities and learn about life and it has been such a fun experience and blessing to me.
how did you get your biggest scar? okay so I don’t know about biggest, but the one that I’ve probably had the longest and is still clearly visible is one that’s on my foot. It’s about a cm long and is about an inch or so in from the base of my second toe on my right foot. I got it when I was... I think a sophomore in high school when my family visited my bro and sis-in-law out of state for Thanksgiving. I went to grab a bottle of sparkling apple cider out of the fridge but, in the process of grabbing it or moving something aside or something, the bottle of sparkling cider fell out of the fridge onto the tile floor right next to my foot and SHATTERED. I was frozen in shock. Didn’t know what to do. Felt embarrassed and felt bad about the broken bottle and mess. I didn’t even realize until my mom and sis-in-law were cleaning up the floor around me that there was a small shard of glass somewhat embedded in my foot. I don’t remember feeling any pain from it. I think I was probably still in shock. But I still have the scar. 
Tagging: I don’t really know and I’m tired so ANYONE WHO WANTS TO 😊
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dottie-wan-kenobi · 2 years ago
Hey! A bit ago I saw that you were wondering if anyone was interested in a tutorial on dialogue?? And I just wanted to say that I would totally love to learn how to write dialogue/banter like you do, if you’re still interested in creating that tutorial of course
Hi yes of course I’m still interested!! But before I jump in, let me say that this is by no means a be-all-end-all, and this is just what works for me. If it works for other people, that’s great! If it doesn’t, that’s totally valid! Maybe this could be a jumping off point for other pieces of advice, idk. But anyway, let’s gooooo
Okay so I’m gonna be pulling out a bad example of my own writing, and a good example for each point, which is extra but will hopefully show the differences, & I’ll be doing it without putting anyone else down so yeet!
Another point to this one is, can you imagine real life people saying it? If the answer is no, then you gotta rework it. If the answer is yes, then yay!
Otherwise I’m not really sure how to explain this. Making sure it makes sense is easy enough, and saying it out loud is too, but making sure it flows is different. What I do for this is maybe not the best advice, but I use less periods. Commas, dashes, and ellipses keep it from being choppy. Also, adding words/phrases such as ‘well’, ‘like’, ‘I mean’, ‘uh/um/er/etc’ can help connect sentences/thoughts together in a realistic way.
“Bruce shrugged. “I knew, but didn’t realize, I guess. I’ve known he was young since I first learned about him.”
Clint, who was blanching, said, “he looks like a kid. Or an underage father. Think about what he had to go through as a kid, though."” - posted on July 1st, 2014
Why it’s bad: (Ignoring the horrible blocking dskljflksdf)
It doesn’t flow! Bruce’s line here feels just a little off, probably bc I was trying to put information where it shouldn’t have been (more on that later), but even without the second sentence, it’s still off. Time to reword, then; I’d change it to “I learned about it when I was studying him, but I kinda…forgot.” Idk about yall, but I can see Mark Ruffalo saying this, shrugging sheepishly. This flows a lot better and in my experience, it’s more likely someone would say this instead of “I didn’t realize, I guess”.
Clint’s lines should be combined, and there should be some diction added in. “He looks almost like a kid, or like, an underage father. God, think about what he had to go through!” Way less choppy & has some rhythm to it, instead of sounding like a robot is saying it.
““Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night.”
“It’s not weird,” Sam denies immediately, “You just don’t appreciate it.”
“Why would I appreciate—” Steve reads carefully off his screen, “—Buzzfeed’s ‘Which Possible Illuminati Member Are You?’ quiz?”
“Because everyone thinks you’re in the Illuminati anyway, so why not see if you get yourself, you know?”
“Okay, but at four am? What were you even doing up that early?”” - posted on March 2nd, 2019
Why it’s good:
This is one of those I suggest reading out loud to understand the flow. Banter, at least in this case, is like slapstick comedy, and it’s gotta go back and forth without going way off course (unless that’s the desired effect!). Steve says something, Sam picks something specific to react to & adds a comment that makes it seem like they’ve maybe had this conversation before, and from there, they pass the rhythm to each other. Going from the second-to-last to the last lines is part of the flow; Sam makes a point that Steve doesn’t want to refute, so he continues it in another way. “Okay, but” is like the hinge connecting one flow to another. I’m just talking in circles now but anYWAY THIS IS BACK AND FORTH.
Think specifically about the character, and if it sounds like something they would say or not. That’s kinda hard at times, so just make sure you aren’t having them say things you can definitely NOT imagine them saying. I’m gonna go with Batman because we all know him enough to know what he absolutely would never ever say.
Batman says, “And I was like, ‘oh my god, is this serious? You’re just turning yourself in?’ And he said ‘hell yeah I am!’ and I almost died from the shock!”
Why it’s bad: 
Batman is a character who doesn’t ramble and wouldn’t retell an event like this (by paraphrasing it & recounting exact exchanges). He’s a very stoic person, and this whole thing is more emotionally open and telling than he would be comfortable with. And while this flows, I can’t picture him saying it unless it’s a heavily AU’d version, which is generally not what you want.
Batman says, “The Joker turned himself in last night. I assume he’s planning something, something big if he’s willing to go to Arkham for it.”
Why it’s good: 
This is a lot more subtle with the emotions, and a lot more monotonous, which is what Batman would probably want to sound like when recounting an event like this. He WANTS to sound like a textbook or police report, which are serious and straight to the point. But he can still add his thoughts into the mix, e.g. “something big…”, which shows how he’s kind of surprised and is thinking about what it means.
Sometimes you really want or need to share some information with the readers, and an easy way to do that is with dialogue, right? Sometimes! This, like everything else, hinges on flow & the realisticness of the words. Some pieces of info need to be conveyed through thoughts or actions, and some of it just shouldn’t be shared, no matter how much you might want to include it.
“Bonnie asked, “so…Original vampire? What does that mean, exactly? If you don’t mind my asking, I mean.”
“It means that my siblings and I were turned into the very first vampires after the death of my youngest brother. Also turned were my father, sister-in-law, and nephew. All vampires in existence come from us.”” - posted on March 6th, 2017
Why it’s bad: 
The OG vampire in question here is Elijah, and while it makes sense for the character to quickly summarize it, it doesn’t flow. He would probably react firstly to Bonnie’s last sentence, then answer more concisely, “It means that my family and I are the first vampires in existence.” Maybe with an additional comment about them being the source of all other vampires, but not much more. Being so specific chops up the rhythm and makes it harder to understand, almost, ‘cause that’s a lot of people to keep in consideration.
““What are you talking about, Kev?” Cheryl sets her phone down, the picture of fully-invested. “Schools don’t just shut down in one day.”
Kevin flops into the other chair, breathing calmed for the most part. “Apparently they do. Dad told me they arrested a teacher there for selling Jingle Jangle to students, and when they were going through his office they found meth. The basement was being used as a meth lab. The whole thing’s being quarantined and shut down until further notice.”” - posted on August 2nd, 2018
Why it’s good: 
It flows!!! For being secondhand information, it’s clear enough to understand without bombarding readers with extremely specific details. It reads almost like an online article, with enough feeling to make it interesting, while still explaining exactly what’s happened.
Something to think about when writing dialogue is what mood your characters are in, and what kind of relationship they have with the character(s) they’re talking to. If person A is in a bad mood and talking to someone they like, they might try to tamp down on the mood in order to be nice. If person B is in a great mood and talking to a stranger, they might be pretty exuberant and friendly. Etc etc. Gonna use Superman as an example (this is extremely cheesy but it shows the difference).
Extremely annoyed, Superman tells Lex Luthor, “Lex, you’re crazy! Trying to take over Metropolis with a hair growing scheme is just stupid! I’m leaving!”
He goes on to his date with Lois, now as Clark Kent, and says with a smile, “Sorry I’m fifty-seven minutes late, Lex kept me at work! Anyway, how was your day?”
Why it’s bad: 
Okay I know this is cheesy I’m sorry I wrote this at 2 am last night lkdjflksjdfhskjdfhjashf ANYWAY. Superman goes from talking to Lex, who he doesn’t like and is quite annoyed with, to talking to Lois, who he does like and presumably isn’t annoyed with at all. The problem here is that you usually can’t turn moods off like a switch. Even though Superman likes Lois, he wouldn’t walk into the date perfectly happy. The annoyance from dealing with Lex would stay with him (though it would probably fade the longer the date went on). I think instead of smiling, he would be rolling his eyes a little and complaining like, “I swear, he’s so inconsiderate….”, instead of immediately jumping into “how was your day?”
Superman laughs as Robin does a flip off his shoulder. “Good job! Maybe next time we could try it from a little higher up,” he winks.
Robin cheers, “Yes! Thanks, Uncle Clark!”
Superman nods and leaves, finding Batman in the hallway. Seriously, he says, “Batman.”
“Did you get your report done? They’re due by this afternoon.”
Why it’s good: 
Again with the cheese that’s my bad lmao. This is mostly to show that characters are gonna sound different when speaking to different people. When talking to Robin, who is a child and quite a friendly one at that, Superman is teasing and joking around. Then, when he talks to Batman, who’s a grown man and also his coworker, he’s more serious and to the point. Both situations fit his character but show he’s got different relationships with different people.
IN CONCLUSION, uhhhhh yeah follow these points and hopefully dialogue will come a little easier. Experiment and have fun with it (these aren’t rules, but guidelines!), and if there are any questions I’m happy to clear them up/answer them/whatever lol.
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paradox-oflife · a year ago
get to know me through random questions tag
tagged by: lememecollector. cheers.
How tall are you?: 5′1″. Small and ready to brawl. I haven’t grown since 7th grad lmao
Orientation?: Straight.
Nationality?: American. Well, Taiwanese American I guess.
If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?: A crow. How class would that be? Wake up in the morning, eat trash, scream a bit, poop on cars, join your crow friends and hop around a backyard. Life is good.
Best series you’ve ever seen (doesn’t have to be favorite): Attack on Titan. Holy cow. The manga right now literally blows my mind. The anime is releasing its final season this year, but man. The manga is one hell of a ride.
A game you play with the most hours logged in: Probably Minecraft. I got that game in 4th grade and I still play it.
The last book you’ve read: I’m reading Kite Runner right now and I can feel my heart ripping.
What was your New Years Resolution?: To read more books in my free time. And this whole quarantine thing has given me plenty of time to do that.
Can you play any instruments? If not, what instrument would you want to play?: My mom’s a piano teacher so, naturally I grew up with the piano. I started playing the cello in 3rd grade. I got a ukulele in 7th grade. Then I started playing the bass guitar in high school.
Last song you listened to and what album is it from?: Bold as Love by John Mayer. It’s a cover of Jimi Hendrix. The song’s from Continuum, which is an amazing album to cry yourself to sleep to.
What’s a song you could listen to on repeat?: Read my Mind by the Killers.
Do you wear makeup?: Nah. Unless I have somewhere important to go and my face looks like a pepperoni pizza. I have sensitive skin so I try not to mess around too much with that stuff.
How many hours did you sleep last night?: 9 hours. I haven’t slept this much since 4th grade lmao.
Can you speak another language?: Chinese but I suck at it. I have a really thick Taiwanese accent when I speak Chinese lmao
Have you lived in other countries before?: I spent my childhood in Auckland until I was around 7? Then I moved to NorCal.
Zodiac sign?: Sagittarius
Best memory you can think of: I started learning the bass because my best friend was learning how to play the electric guitar, and I had a friend who plays the drums. We had a small meet up over the summer and we played the hell out of those instruments in my friend’s garage. We did like, a bunch of crappy song covers. I’m surprised we didn’t get any noise complaints because lord almighty. But it was so fun, just having a blast with my mates and music.
What is your greatest character flaw?: I have a really hard time asking for help. My middle school had this thing called Mile Club where every Friday for PE, we’d run around 1.5-3 miles under 20 minutes. It was total hell. I had 6th period PE, the hottest of the day, and I was on my period. Now what a normal person would do is get a note by their parents and have them sign it, so you could just make up Mile Club right? No biggie right? I always toughed it out when I was on my period so why would today be any different? Nope. I almost threw up/fainted when I finished lmao.
What do you define as maturity?: There’s a lot of things that define maturity. Part of it is finding yourself and knowing it’s okay to not be perfect. But a major part I look for is understanding what sacrifice is. Like, are you willing to let go of something for the greater good?
What’s your dream job?: I really wanted to be a vet, so I decided to look into taking the MCAT. I got this book of practice problems and what to expect on the test. Up to that point, I didn’t actually know how colorblind I was, I thought I could get by y’know. But bruh, there were charts and diagrams, labels, anatomy, and whatnot. I couldn’t tell the difference between some of the pictures. It wasn’t working out. So I decided to switch to Physical Therapy. And it’s been going okay.
What’s your Myers Briggs personality type (MBTI)?: INFP-T.
If you could have a superpower what would it be?: For laughs, I would say the power to control bowel movements of people. So if someone made me mad, boom, ya got explosive diarrhea now. In all seriousness, I would say to manipulate probability because it’s super exploitative. What’s the chance I’ll find 100 dollars in my wallet? 95%. Stuff like that. Or maybe the power to transform into animals, that’d be hella.
Do you have a tattoo? If you don’t, what would it be?: Nah, I probably won’t get one either because I know they’re not cheap and like, my parents would disown me lmao. But if I would get one, it’d be something small, easily abled to be covered up.
What was the last compliment you received?: Someone put their hand on top of my head and went like, “Your hair is really soft.” I know it’s not that much of a compliment but it made me feel good.
What was the hardest thing you had to learn by yourself?: If people are saying bad things about a person, it’s for a reason. I’m the type of person who’ll try to make friends with everyone, y’know. It doesn’t really matter who you are. But some people, just a few, are definitely not worth being friends with. Backstabbers. Snakes.
Do you think people are products of their environment?: 100%, yes.
Have you ever been in a relationship?:  I haven’t really had time to think about finding that “special someone” yet.
Do you know any martial arts?: I did a bit of Muay Thai and Aikido in high school. I plan to continue it when I’m not so busy.
A skill you’re working on mastering?: Cooking. Oh god, I’m so bad at cooking. But I’m working on it during this shelter in place.
What’s your go-to outfit on a casual day?: If it’s cold, hoodie and black jeans. If it’s warm, t-shirt and short pants.
How old do you want to get married at, if you want to get married?: I don’t mind dating at any age, but I’m gonna get married when I’m financially stable.
Have you ever broken a bone?: No, and hopefully I never do. Y’all I would never be able to handle having a cast.
Where would you want to retire?: Probably New Zealand. Who knows if I’ll get sick when I’m old. I need free healthcare lol.
What do you first think in the morning when you wake up?: Either I’ll start off with something like “what time is it” or I start getting flashbacks to the dream I had
Where did you grow up?: I was born in NorCal, then I lived in Auckland, New Zealand until I was around 6-7. Then I moved back and I’ve been here since.
Do you ever want to settle down someday?: I mean, the idea sounds nice. Having a stable life, got a family, a house and all that. But the thought of mortgage and taxes and all that isn’t that great.
Do you want kids? If so, how many?: It’s a lot of work, it’s expensive, time consuming, and given the rising costs of living it’s tough. Maybe. When I’m ready. I’d have two though, having a sibling is something that I could not imagine living without. Idk if I could handle two boys though lmao.
Do you like it when people play with your hair?: Yeah I have long hair and it makes me feel nice uwu
What is your eye color?: Dark brown.
What is your hair color?: Black/dark brown
Do you play any sports?: Badminton, but I haven’t been that active recently
Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage it head on?: I am literally the least confrontational person you’ll ever meet. Like you could punch me in the stomach and I’d apologize, which is not a good thing lol. I will cry if someone yells at me.
Do you have thick skin?: I have thick skin when it comes to being insulted, which is kind of a side effect of being self deprecative. I mean, you don’t get thick skin without getting hurt right? But if my mom yells at me I’d cry lmao
Are you religious?: I was born and raised Christian. Not Catholic though, Non Denominational.
What genre of music do you like listening to?: Indie/alternative rock. Songs with your classic electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboard are the best. Keep it simple.
If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you do?: Put it into a savings account or something and stay lowkey.
Post a picture of your handwriting if you can:
Tumblr media
My handwriting looks like shite but yeah
Do you consider yourself to be a chill person?: Yeah. I have a “it be like that sometimes” mentality, which is good and bad.
Do you have any strange habits?: It’s not much of a strange habit but like, you know I lived in NZ? I still use a lot of slang from there. You call everyone your mate/bro/cuz. I never stopped calling everyone mate, and I don’t intend to stop, but it leads to some very awkward moments. 
I remember this scene so vividly bc it was a slap in face. It was when I realized, god, I should stop using some of these words - 
Sophomore year, I’m taking PreCalc and I had to borrow a textbook from a friend next to me bc we had free time to do our hw.
“Hey mate can I borrow that textbook?”
“Oh, um, yeah. Sure.”
“Chur bro.”
10 minutes later when class ends, I’m walking out and that friend’s next to me.
“So, like, am I your mate?”
“You called me mate.”
“You, you said mate. So am I your mate?”
“?? um sure, I guess.”
“Haha, cool maaaate.”
“Bro, I call everyone mate.”
She looked at me like “:I oh”
I still call everyone mate up to this day idc. Mate > dude.
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