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#hopeless romantic

oh to be a young maiden set to marry a rich and powerful man whom i don’t love and on the way to out wedding our carriage gets attacked by thieves and everyone,including my to be husband gets killed but i escape and run away and keep running until i stumble upon a small estate with a beautiful garden where i stumble into a young cheerful man that takes me in and i later find out he’s the mischievous prince who’s only job is to woo the local men and women while his older brother gets ready to inherent the throne

and oh something wonderful to flourish between me and the young prince <3

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Just as the spark arose, it faded very quickly. The seattled sea has conjured its wrathful waves. The withered roses that rest against my head reflects my theory that we are dead. I waited all my life for your tender light. I wish I had known that the hell risen lightning could shine too. I’ll always remember you. Even though our days are through.


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Why do I feel like I’ve lost you all over again? Perhaps it’s because this time last year, we were in the most fucking epic, cute, passionate, indie film ever. It was you, me and a sundress that didn’t seem to want to stay on. Perhaps it’s this happiness that haunts my body now.


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She wondered why it was so easy for me to move on, to pretend like we never were, to pretend like she never existed it. But it wasn’t easy, and I didn’t forget, my heart was not callous. I just couldn’t express it knowing that I would lose her anyway. Its like saying how I felt made the pain more real, the loss more great. I hated the way I couldn’t tell you what I was thinking, how I swallowed my words and emotions. I hated the way I made you feel like you were not worth it. But what I hated the most was the fact that I was too weak to tell you it wasn’t true.

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Three years ago today, I left your life. I went to say good bye and gave you the rosè we had talked about wanting to drink. To me, it symbolized my love for you and it was the last thing I could give you. Maybe I was hoping you’d find me at the bottom of the bottle. I flew to Mexico trying to see if the answer was with my ancestors; how to get you out of my heart. I went to a small town, in the middle of the mountains, where there was only one church and one restaurant. The restaurant consisted of three tables and one of those old TVs. There was a healer in the village. I went to see her and she took me into an adobe hut, it was like a human sized pizza oven. Inside, completely naked, she rubbed a bunch of herbs on me and proceeded to beat me with the rest of her herbs. She said she could feel a heavy dark energy coming from my chest. She could’ve been full of it, but I couldn’t have described it any better at that moment. The whole thing lasted about thirty minutes and when I crawled out from the tiny hole, smelling like a forest, my skin giving off heat like the sands of the desert, my body felt lighter. But the sinking in my chest continued. She said our hearts had eclipsed and now we just shared uneven pieces of what used to be whole.


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You can fall in love a million times, but you can never love different people in the same way.

Thats beauty of love. Each time can feel like the first time youre falling. Because each time is different enough to make the experience still feel new.

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I understood not having your heart

I understood not being lovers,

I cant understand

Not having your hand,

We were friends…

Before this began,

Please don’t forget

We were friends,

This was double the heartbreak

Please come back again,

Even if just once

My friend

Hold my hand.

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So if you tell a guy how much you always wanted to see a Japanese Cherry tree in person. 

He then proceeds to tell you were some are and wants to come pick you up. Then take you there to have your first date under Cherry Trees. 

I thought this shit only happend in Kdramas? 

I might just, almost start to believe I can fall in love again.

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Beautiful Love Stories

1. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

“I have a house, and family, and things like that… not like I’m complaining or anything, because I have a cat, I have an apartment, sole possession of the remote control. That’s very important. It’s just, I never met anyone I could laugh with.”


2. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

“They knew it. Time, distance, nothing could separate them. Because they knew. It was right. It was real.”


3. Meet Joe Black (1998)

“Love, passion, obsession, all those things you told me to wait for, well, they’ve arrived. What are you afraid of, Dad? That I’ll fall head over heels for Joe? Well, I have.”


4. Serendipity (2001)

“Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences, but rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.”


5. Kate & Leopold (2001)

“Dogs are colourblind, Gretchen. They don’t see colour. Just like we don’t see time. We can feel it, we can feel it passing, but we can’t see it.”

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