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blargensnorf · 8 months ago
Anamanaguchi playing Hopes and Dreams at their live show (via @swaggbaddie on twitter)
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fuzzyghost · 4 months ago
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banatostenger · 4 months ago
“Boldog leszek, levegő be
Boldog leszek, levegő ki…„
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sparklemaia · 3 months ago
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vintage-soleil · 4 months ago
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zgoodwitchbitch · 8 days ago
Follow your dreams, go back to sleep💯
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expressionist-hira · a month ago
“Poetry, dreams, desire, everything leads me to you.”
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loveemagicpeace · 19 days ago
🫧🌊Neptune in Houses🫧🌊
🦋Neptun is planet of illusions, dreams, drugs, alcohol, karmic debt. It represents the ocean, some say Neptune is supposed to be the king of the ocean. It represents the confusion and fantasies we create in our heads. Idealism, hidden romance, sacrifice, spirituality, escape. Disillusionment -the thing we long for can sometimes feel out of reach, intensifying our longing or bringing sadness, disappointment, and a sense of loss.We can become disillusioned when the reality does not live up to the dream. But also represent our imagination and artistry🦋
🎨Neptune in 1st house- cover your bad qualities, good qualities come to the fore. People can see you as a dream person, spiritual, dreamy, you can emit fairy vibes. People with this placement can also have many pisces characteristics and their eyes can be larger and more accentuated. But Neptune can also cause confusion (for example: talking to someone and saying nonsense). This person is also uniquely gifted and mysterious. Neptune gives natives a special magnetism and a stare that could conquer anyone’s heart. They can read minds like others read books. Meanwhile, no one can see what’s really happening in their minds. Neptune also makes you an imaginative and artistic person.
🧞Neptune in 2nd house- may have problems with debts, money. You can have too much unrealistic ideas. These people dream wealth. Natives can make a lot of money from painting or writing books. It’s often that people with Neptune in 2nd house give their last penny for tickets to a concert rather than keeping it for food or something else they may urgently need. You can have a lot of imagination about music. You can make dream music. Many people will be impressed by their vision and encourage their career or hobbies.
🧜🏼‍♀️Neptune in 3rd house- your voice can be gentle, calm, relaxed. People with this placement dream a lot and can spend a lot of times in their head. They love spiritual things. Their thoughts can often be chaotic, confusing. When you talk to them many times they may seem absent because they are always floating in their thoughts. This can also make them great actors. It influences the natives’ way of communication, their siblings, close-by neighbors. Which means they can have a confusing relationship with them many times. They can be great writers and artists as their soul is full of poetry and mind of philosophical thinking. But because Neptune affects your thoughts, these people can be subjected to substances many times. But they can also forget things many times. Also can have problems with studying because they can’t concentrate.
🫧Neptune in 4th house- I would say this is one of the hardest placement to have for neptune & 4th house. Neptune is associated with illusion, dreams, unreality, lies, obscurity. This means that you can often feel misunderstood in the family. There can be many lies and secrets covered up. You may feel insecure and lost at home. Neptune in 4th house individuals will look for a safe home or perhaps the one they dreamed of as children. When you get older you will try to hide any memory relating to the places you grew up, in your subconscious. You may not felt warmth from your mom. You may also not have felt any connection to her, as if she didn’t care about you. Your father may probably the unemotional type, the parent who hasn’t been there for you when you needed him the most. Like I said Neptune can cause a lot of unpleasant problems in childhood. I have also seen many people have problems in the courts because of their family. But if Neptune is in good aspects then it doesn’t have to be that way. And in the end, you can create a much nicer family on your own than you had.
🧚🏽‍♂️Neptune in 5th house- good artistic ability, imagination is very rich and you are more romantic. Fantasizing about the ideal partner. You may may not see love as it actually is because you can have these rose-colored glasses when it comes to issues relating to love. Individuals are very good actors. It’s normal for them to have many friends and to change partners. Neptune here can also manifest in the longing to have a child and to feel totally fulfilled. Neptune here may also suffer disappointment and disillusionment when lovers or even children fail to live up to their dreams. You can also sacrifice a lot for children. Many people with this position have adopted children. Your love life involves a lot of fantasy, and often your deep need for drama can lead you to see things that you want to see. You might be attracted to lovers who you feel need to be saved somehow, but you could end up with people who are confused, distant, noncommittal, or dependent.
☔️Neptune in 6th house- individuals may have serious problems dealing with the everyday life as they think it’s not that important to follow a routine. Having this attitude and ignoring the most important responsibilities. They may suffer from some mysterious illnesses that can’t be diagnosed or have strange allergies that can’t be seen in others. They love animals very much. Neptune makes people chaotic, always late and dependent on others to do their job. Neptune can also make people dependent on drugs and alcohol. Could end up suffering from insomnia or panic attacks.Depending on what the aspects are. Neptune in this house can represent working with animals, spirituality. They can also be vegans.
Part 2 is comming🌊
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patroiocus · 29 days ago
i want wukong to cry in the special i want him to sob i want him to break down i want him to be confronted i want him to be shocked into tears i want him to be so relieved he just shatters i just want wukong to cry
i want him to be confronted by mk, to be forced into realizing where and how he's messed up, to realize why he wasn't fixing anything by sacrificing himself and i just want him to break bc he just feels so helpless and he was trying to do what was right
i want him to be aware of his actions while possessed, to be forced to watch as he attacks the people he cares about. i want him to have tiny moments where he takes control and tells them to "run!" and "leave me here!" and "it's not worth it!" with his voice cracking and tears in his eyes. i want him to have tears running down his face even as his face is blank and his body moves against his will
i want him to be saved by everyone else, to look up at them at them end of it, and break. i want him to fall to his knees, forehead against the ground and hands gripping his hair, and sob out apologies and pleas for forgiveness. i want him to be surprised when they don't leave him behind. i want him to try and fail to put up a strong, happy face
i want wukong to cry like it's the only thing left that he's able to do.
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confetti-barf · 3 days ago
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theyorme · 11 months ago
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heretherebedork · 12 days ago
When he finds out that Pete went willing into danger and Kinn forgot him, I want to see Tankhun be pissed. I want him to be hurt and screaming and broken because Pete deserved better, Pete deserved loyalty in return for his sacrifice and got nothing.
I hope Tankhun whirls on Kinn and goes off. I hope Tankhun grabs his shirt and screams in his face. I hope Tankhun hears Kinn say "I forgot something..." and finds out it was Pete and he grabs a vase and throws it right at his brother's head.
I hope Tankhun gets to tell him off and Kinn doesn't get to just brush him off and continue on with his happy little family with Porsche in bright white rooms. I hope Tankhun makes sure the world knows that Kinn forgot someone who voluntarily sacrificed himself to prove his lover innocent.
I hope Tankhun goes wild and then breaks down and then Kinn is faced with the ruin he has wrought, with the pain of his brother and the loss of Pete and that Porsche finds out and Porsche joins in the anger, that Porsche leaves for his brother because he thinks that he could sacrifice himself and Kinn would still forget because he forgot Pete.
I hope Porsche leads a weeping Tankhun back to Arm and Pol and leaves his resignation letter with Korn and doesn't look back as he breaks his own heart for the sake of loyalty and friendship and Pete's loyalty.
I want anger and tears and pain and agony and drama and I want loss and I want to suffer and I want to feel like the show is actually morally gray and agony and to see the pain of choices and to see all the depth and complexity this show can offer us.
(no book spoilers)
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zeusdarkness-blog · a month ago
The same shit but different day …
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buttonsinmypocket · 2 years ago
I think it’s beautiful how every action we take is an act of hope. Taking a shower: hope that I’ll feel clean and refreshed as I start the day. Washing berries for lunch: hope that they will taste good and that they will give my body the nutrients it needs. Studying for my classes: hope that I’ll learn something valuable, do well on my tests, and achieve my goals. Going to sleep: hope that things will be better in the morning. The simple act of doing anything is proof that we have some hope for the future.
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ambeauty · 2 months ago
Every time the block gets hot Dick leaves his kids, but he’s the first to be like let’s adopt more (or dream about having his own)! I need him to stay the course the season! Time to be ALL in! Leave the Deadbeat shit in Gotham Richard!
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doodledumping-ground · 6 months ago
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New Winter Maiden
I saw a few videos on youtube talking about how Nora should have received the Winter Maiden powers and I LOVE the idea!!
Nora is a beast and needs to have something more done with her empowerment arc. 
Imagine: *Nora faces off against Cinder, who looks at her with distain* *Clouds overhead swirl and the air crackles with lightning* *Cinder starts to look less cocky as the wind buffets her face and she has to brace herself from being pushed back*
“For Atlas.. and Beacon. For Penny. FOR PYRRHA” Nora screams as she holds her hammer to the sky and receives a bolt of lightning! She looks straight into Cinders eyes as the lightning courses over her body and turns a pink hue. “Its Hammer time B*tch”
(Not spoilers, just hopes and dreams)
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art-sadness-and-bunnies · 6 months ago
Had a dream last night they made a Deltarune movie, and this is what Kris looked like.
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moonlight-rider25 · a month ago
Those eyes baby..
Tumblr media
His eyes haunt my dreams...
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lioninsunheart · 2 months ago
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“Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words And never stops at all.”
-Emily Dickinson-
#Artwork by: Henri Peter -’Alpha and Omega’ -
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snowgrieve · 3 months ago
dess & asriel study buddies because they're both the eldest child of their respective families which means most of the family's hopes and dreams are pinned on them and they don't want to let anyone down. sometimes they get frustrated, give up and go hang out together in town while avoiding an encounter with their parents
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