ex0skeletal-undead · a month ago
Have you read Apothecia?
Nope! Sadly I have forgotten how to read in my old age
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surohsopsisofclouds · 28 days ago
What's MYCT?
It's actually MCYT, and it stands for MineCraft YouTube. It's the umbrella term for anyone that produces content based on the game Minecraft, alongside the fandoms of those creators.
Examples include:
Ethoslab: (a master redstoner and part of Hermitcraft, he's most well known for his expertise and inventions in redstone and his 10+ year old Let's Play series)
Grian: (another person that's been creating practically as long as the game's existed, he had participated in many outstanding SMPs and RPs including EVO and more recently Third Life and Last Life. He is a master builder and is also a part of Hermitcraft.)
Dreamwastaken: (a newer content creator that has rapidly risen in fame over the course of the past few years, he is an expert speedrunner, though I don't know how long he's been playing the game. He runs an SMP that he uses to boost smaller content creators and is well liked by fans and friends of his alike.)
Captainsparklez: (was part of the well-known and very well made for it's time series Mianite, and has been a mcyter for about as long as the game has existed. He's made several music videos/songs based on the game and is well renowned within the fandom)
(Extra note: Someone that is a mcyt creator is often called an mcyter)
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snacc-noir · 6 months ago
Goodness gracious you shouldn't be used to being called a failure! Like, partly on principle, but do you *know* how much I appreciate your Enemies AU? I came across it, and I've been grinning for the last ten minutes. Feel good about yourself!
I love you!!! Thank you for enjoying it and your feedback 🥺🥺
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satanfemme · 23 days ago
Hi. We really kinda don't like your tone regarding intentional self-brainhacking? There is trauma in our past, sure, but it's *not* why we partitioned ourselves.
I have literally no idea what this ask is irt. unless you mean "partitioned" as in ur a dissociative system? and this ask is maybe some kind of "endo" thing? that's literally my only guess. on the chance that that is the case, then here's my thoughtful and intelligent response: lol.
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vixvaporub · 24 days ago
Opinions on Kimetsu no Yaiba?
I love it so much I bought the box set, and I haven't even read the series yet. It definitely deserves the hype it gets. Plus, nezuko and shinobu are some of my favorite characters.
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kaleb-the-master-of-fate · 25 days ago
Hm. Favorite home-stuk phanphik?
I never got into home-stuk, nor phanphik so I'm kinda the Worst possible person to ask this. The internet fiction I enjoy is mostly in podcast form although I've been enjoying some stuff on Webtoon recently.
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ante--meridiem · 28 days ago
Have you read or listened to the audiobook of Worm? I think it is Relevant To Your Interests. (I don't necessarily recommend the author's other work, though. Worm is both less polished and more tactful than anything else of his I've seen, and also the seams hadn't started to show in his political theory.)
No, I haven't, thanks for the rec! Curious now which of my interests it's relevant to.
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andwouldntyou-lovetoloveher · 18 hours ago
It seems like you might be some kind of Daoist vampire? Regardless you seem cool and I wanna be friends with you.
This is in fact half correct 😅
In all seriousness tho, let's be friends pal
What's your favorite colour? Also, what is your opinion on soup?
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therealraewest · 19 hours ago
Hey! I haven't been able to watch Steven Universe, but I have enjoyed being peripherally in the fandom! Do you have a favorite book?
I tried to answer this a while back but apparently I didn't have signal and it didn't go through, but hell yeah for peripherally enjoying fandoms! Honestly an underrated method of media consumption
Current favorite book is probably either Good Omens or Little Women
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Neat Picrew! Do you read any webcomics?
um what picrew? and no not really
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promiscuous-jalapeno · 25 days ago
Have you seen Ouran Highschool Host Club? I suspect it is *highly* relevant to your interests. :)
I have! That was one of my favorite shows as a young weeb, its been a while since I watched it though
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useful-boy · a month ago
Which Megaman subfandoms are you most interested in? I like MMZ the best, myself, on account of how much it has to say about the ethics of asymmetric warfare.
The games that I'm familiar with are the Battle Network games and X1 because that's what I grew up with- didn't get a chance to play the first two BN games though, and I think 4 was only half finished due to me just losing interest in games for a while and getting distracted by life, but I've still got it laying around somewhere. Currently my interests lie in completing the anime series, and after I finish with a rewatch of another show I'm into, I'm gonna try to watch Stream as well as another anime I love at the same time.
...Oh yeah, I think I played around... 30% of one of the Zero games? I got stuck hard though getting to one of the missions because I couldn't find the entrance to an area I needed to get to no matter how hard I searched for it, put it down out of frustration, and told myself "I'll just look it up", and never did, so that's still untouched a couple years later.
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lunadensmidnightprowl · a month ago
Have you ever played Cripple Mister Onion?
Thank you for your ask!
I don't think I've ever played that, it sounds interesting!
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papenathys · a month ago
Would you like anything for Christmas? I'm very, very good at Internet Navigation.
Tumblr media
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dizzyhslightlyvoided · 11 months ago
WRT searching, are you aware of the DuckDuckGo (and Google) function "site(colon)(sitename)", which makes it search only on that site? It's my go-to for Tumblr searches.
(In reference to this post here)
Me: Paladin "con-artist" site:tumblr.com
Every search engine ever:
Tumblr media
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shadowy-dumbo-octopus · 23 days ago
What do you desire to discuss?
That, my friend, is up to you. I'm not sure if you're referring to something specific, but if you wish, you can ask me about all sorts of things. The inherent goodness of humanity, why I like to whittle even though I haven't done it for months because of university, what stories I'll write once I have the time and spell slots, and all sorts of other nonsense. I can even tell you about any and all of my characters, and my idea for how people in the universe of The Witcher can live at peace with monsters. And if that's not to your taste, we can talk about monsters and why I think they're hot (warning: I will be talking a fair bit about Guillermo Del Toro.)
Take a pick, or offer a topic of your own choosing.
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pennypalblorkposts · 24 days ago
Hi! Seems like you're a Cave Story fan. Have you heard of Iji? :)
i have not! i looked it up and it looks interesting and i might watch some gameplay of it
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werebutch · 27 days ago
Have you read Gideon the Ninth yet? I'm pretty sure it would make you LAUGH HORRIBLY.
I haven’t!! I’ll look into it :) thanks man
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nayrs-thoughts-13 · a month ago
Have you heard of Il Mago de Numeri? It's a German book, although it's been translated into English, and the English version is the one we read/had read to us. We can send you the link for that one if you prefer.
I don’t think I have! I would prefer the English version, yes .::)
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olderthannetfic · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
At first, I assumed this asshole was just here to proselytize in the way of 23-year-old mormons, but then it seemed like he was looking for new friends. Perhaps Space Battles was proving unfriendly for a bi guy? I’m sympathetic to queer randos who show up in my asks. I’ll generally talk to whomever if I have time... at least until they show themselves to have bad intentions. Does this guy? He’s so incomprehensible that it’s hard to tell.
I engaged because I felt pity, but my patience has run out.
The behavior above is inappropriate.
It’s hearing “NO” and thinking it means “YES! MORE! HARDER!”
I stated a number of things in clear English because I have great sympathy for the neurodivergent and overly literal. But this insistence on continuing to rec after being told no is not being on the spectrum: this is being an asshole on purpose and thinking you can get away with it because you have before. (Also, no, no zeroing in happened. He is no closer to figuring out what makes me tick despite me literally stating it in unambiguous terms.)
I have tried to explain the local culture to you, lost misogynist fool. You have not cared to listen. I’ve wasted enough time on you, and so have my followers.
Everyone, please block horatiovonbecker.
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