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Queen Glimmer - Supreme ruler of the universe

For the twenty-forth day prompt of the SPOP Palentine’s month - Teams and alliances - organized by the good people at @spop-palentines​ I have a full story already published at archive of our own where a Machiavellian Queen Glimmer puts together an unholy alliance to take out Horde Prime.

With awesome illustration commissioned from @lorvikk​ ( Enjoy!

The shadow solidified into two new people. A man and a woman.

“Sorry to barge in. The name is Micah. My little girl here told me she could use some help.”

The second person didn’t say a word. She only glared at Horde Prime from behind her mask. But her hands were busy preparing a spell.

“To me!” Horde Prime cried to the last clone as he took a step back and prepared to defend himself.

“No,” Hordak said and shot him in the face.

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Horde Prime could design any body he wanted and he really went with this:


This guy goes around claiming he’s the most devine being ever. He thinks THIS is what people think God looks like. He designed this body SPECIFICALLY. He could have went with literally any body he wanted. He could go with an angle, maybe some sort of Egyptian Anubis-like dog person (any number of options there, really) maybe a fox? Lots of faiths love foxes, but no, he goes with reverse Cthulhu here. Why did he go with asymmetrical eyes? The other clones don’t have that, it was HIS custom job. What possible advantage does asymmetrical depth perception give?

This guy wanted to look like a god and he decided that God looked like this. His image of devinity is this. He woke up and thought “I think God looks like a Yautja from Predator fucked Billy the puppet from SAW.”

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The fact that in season 5 they had to change like almost every episode the opening because everyone got chipped or changed sides, and it made me laugh every time for some reason because everything happened at the same time but they still took the time to change this. And so, I watched all the season 5’s openings and noticed some things I didn’t notice because I’m distracted all the time :



Also I love the differences in the last image of the opening :


The last image for the first episodes


Then boom ! Wrong Hordak ! Also look closely at Netossa, Sea Hawk and Perfuma


So : Micah, Spinerella, Mermista and Scorpia disappeared, Adora is She-Ra again, and look at how Netossa, Sea Hawk and Perfuma changed ! Also hey Catra !


Then we see this one and this one when we see Horde Prime and before we just saw Prime’s army of clones, and



And that’s all the versions of the opening we see but I love how it changed and all the little details this is so perfect AHHHH

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And you then understand that you really, truly, are a demi mess when Hordak is very beautiful to you, spacebats are cute, but Prime is the most disgusting thing in the universe.

And in theory…these are all…the same person.

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I think our next game is going to be “how many Prime-gestures can we find Hordak mimicking.”

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Prime: I have the sharpest memory! Name one thing I forgot!

Young Hordak: You forgot me on that one planet like three weeks ago

Prime: I did that on purpose, try again

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This is my little drabble for the twenty-first day promt of the SPOP Palentine’s month - What if? - organized by the good people at @spop-palentines. Enjoy!

Glimmer sat in her cell. She was sad. Like, really sad because she was lost in space and no one would come for her rescue.

“I wish someone would come for my rescue,” Glimmer thought.

“No one will come to your rescue,” Horde Prime laughed with evil voice because he was a big, mean jerkface. Glimmer was sad. It was really sad.

“I came to her rescue,” Catra interupted. “Totally beamed her out in space.”

“SSSSSSSSSSH,” Frosta said. “artistic licence.”

“Let Frosta tell her story, Catra,” Glimmer said. Catra rolled her eyes. Frosta harumphed and gathered her book pages again.

“Hey, kid,” Catra hissed in a pretend-whisper. Frosta gave her a suspicious look.

“Glimmer was totally crying like a baby in the cell. You should add that.”

“Was not!” Glimmer protested. “…and even if I was, there would have been nothing wrong with that.”

“Sure, sure, whatever,” Catra said dismissively. “Horde Prime totally was a big, mean jerkface, though.”

“Yeah he was,” Glimmer agreed. Frosta made a few quick notes in her book before she went on.

Drying her tears, Glimmer looked through the window, at her home in Etheria. Maybe her friends would rescue her?

“Your friends won’t rescue you,” The big, mean jerkface Horde Prime gloated. “I have chipped every adult in Etheria so there is no one left to save you.”

He laughed an evil laugh.

Glimmer cried like a little baby. Wah wah wah!

“I’M telling the story, Catra!”

“Some people are just not ready for perfection.”

“Horde Prime…”

“…who was a big, mean jerkface…”

“…yes, we have already established that. He brought Glimmer to the yucky green pool room.”

“I hate that place.”

“I can hold your hand if it gets too scary, Catra.”

“Shut it, Sparkles.”

“and in the green pool room he said - ‘I’m going to throw you in the pool so you get chipped too. Moahahaha.’”

“This better end with someone punching that big mean jerkface.”

“We are getting there. Now, Horde Prime picked up Glimmer and throw her in the pool…”


“are you OK, Glimmer?” Frosta asked. Glimmer rubbed her hand and gave Catra a concerned look.

“are YOU OK, Catra? Your claws popped out.”

“I just don’t like that pool,” Catra muttered. “Get it over with, kid.”

Frosta gave her a look, but let it slide.

“…but Glimmer never broke the surface - it was frozen solid!”

“Now we’re talking!”

“How can this be?” Horde Prime raged. “Who dared to freeze my beautiful pool? I have chipped every adult in Etheria. Who could have done this?”

He was interupted by a laughter. It was Glimmer who laughed at him.

“Good thing too, he would never have shut up otherwise.”

“He loved his own voice, that’s for sure.”

“Hey, you big, mean jerkface,” Glimmer said.

“Did you ever say that in real life, Sparkles?”

“I smashed his computer. I think it got the point across.”

“Stop interupting me!”

“OK, but someone better punch him soon.”

“The punch comes now, because now Glimmer says that 'That was your mistake - you chipped every adult, but you forgot the children.’”

“What child could possibly be a threat to meee?”

“It’s me! KILLER FROST!”


“What? I didn’t laugh. I got something in my throat.”

“KILLER FROST formed enermous ice gloves around her hands and PUNCHED HORDE PRIME IN HIS STUPID FACE!!!”


“all right, but what about the clones?”





“YEAH! …hey, am I in this story?”

“Um… sure,” Frosta flipped to the blank, empty page in the end of the book and started to scribble.

“and then Catra…”


“But… all the adults were chipped?”

“Killer Frost broke the chip or something. Just let me punch the jerkface.”


“Can I punch him too?”

“No, Sparkles, you are busy crying. Wah Wah Wah.”

“Can I punch her?”

“NO! Killer Frost told her friends to stop fighting among themselves, and unite against Horde Prime…”

“and punch him in his stupid jerkface?”

“Yes, and punch him in his stupid jerkface.”

“I like this story.”

Frosta gave the happily grinning Catra a thankful look and turned to Glimmer with an almost shy expression.

“So… did you like it, Glimmer?”

Glimmer gave her a warm smile.

“I loved it, Frosta. You have a real talent for storytellning.”

“Do… do you really think so?”


“Just give us a minute, Catra.”


“I can give you more punching…”

“GUYS! Killer Frost said no infighting. Let’s punch Horde Prime again.”

and they did.

For my other fanfics, please take a gander at

32 notes

I feel like little else demonstrates exactly how Prime thinks of his clones better than a comparison between his interactions with Glimmer and Hordak at the end of season four.

Prime does not respect Glimmer. She is a lesser creature, as far as he is concerned. A lifeform that, like all others, exists to serve him within his empire. She’s not even a proper enemy, per say, for she cannot truly hope to challenge him. 

And yet: he acknowledges her as a person. Even though he clearly views himself as the superior ruler, he nevertheless acknowledges her status and her name. He recognizes that she is a legitimate individual and treats her as such. He at least provides some charade of nobility and respect, even if it is not genuine.

But Hordak?

Hordak receives nothing of the sort.

Hordak is not called by name, or recognized for any status he carried on Etheria. 

He is not acknowledged, not even in a performative way. Rather, he is violently put into his place as a thing. As a creature made in Prime’s image, turned abomination for daring to grow beyond that role. As a malfunctioning tool.

It’s such a shocking thing to see, not only because of the brutality of it, but because of how starkly it differs from the roles these characters have played up to this point. 

Glimmer has been the orphaned young queen, striving to fulfill her late mother’s duties,. She has played a comparatively disadvantaged heroine in contrast to Hordak’s vicious warmonger, so powerful and frightening in his recent victories. She has been the struggling underdog, while he has been the dominating conqueror.

Yet once the nature of Hordak’s “home,” of his creator, is revealed, we see what sort of power and status he truly holds: none. 

Worse than none.

And nothing conveys that more effectively than Prime showing more “respect” to this inexperienced, backwater-planet “queen” than he does to the man who nearly conquered an entire planet in his name. The man who was made in his image, who supposedly served him faithfully his entire life. 

For said man is only a clone, and so he does not warrant even the false respect that a silly little alien queen might command. Because, after all, a clone is less than that. 

A clone is less than nothing in the eyes of Horde Prime.

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Today’s prompt for @spop-palentines is What If? and I decided to use that to imagine a dark AU where the two absolute worst people in the SPOP universe got to meet. 

“All is ready, Lord Prime.”

The attendant gave a short bow and Prime waved him off. He crossed his legs and waited, tapping the cool metal of his claw against his chin. A moment later, they’d tossed her to the ground before his throne, a puddle of maroon robes and oily black hair. Prime’s mouth tugged upwards. This pathetic creature was the nightmare that haunted Catra’s every moment? These Etherians truly were weak.

“So this is my little brother’s pet sorceress. The great Shadow Weaver.” He couldn’t help chuckling at the name. “Forgive me if I remain… unimpressed.”

Read on AO3 or

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Tiny Entrapdak and Horde Prime.

No reason.


Horde prime is sleepy. Hordak is just trying to order some hamburgers without pickles for his wife.

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So… it’s about spacebats.

There was a post on twitter. I asked if it was canonically confirmed that Hordak and the clones are really “spacebats”, since I’ve once read a post in which a fan said the showrunners denied it. Look, I’m crazy. Maybe I’m wrong.

Anyways. Me and the account I talked with (if you are here, hi dear💜) agreed that they have too many similarities with bats. So even if it’s not confirmed it’s canon in my heart.

Spacebats have, according to my answers:

-large hands: bats are in the order of chiroptera (kheiros=hand; pteiros=wing). Plus the claws. I had originally headcanon their hands to be bigger than their feet, but honestely they need a good lever to apply their body weight. Feet are very complicated organs (yes, organs) and they need to satisfy certain physics requests in order to allow erect position. So, claws on both hands and feet. Same size.

-looking at the design of the spacebats (especially Horde Prime) I’ve noticed some kind of disproportion. They have shorter femur. Or at least, shorter than us. Bats have shorter inferior limbs. We had too longer arms to climb, then they became shorter and shorter. But we never had “hand wings”. So that’s the only reason I can find for the disproportion to exist in the first place. It’s very little after all and sometimes animation inconsistency deletes it too.

-I’m neutral towards the headcanon of them having devil tails (in fanfics). Who cares, I mean you can have more caudal vertebrae and that’s okay, even humans have it sometimes. Our bats don’t have long tails, but who knows the other bats “in the universe”. Etherian bats/Imp’s brothers have long tails. About the wings headcanon mmm not so much. They are extra limbs for them. But as I said, same goes with Angella. It’s creepy to me, but I know people love the Angel/Devil dichotomy.

-large shoulders and so⤵️

-“fat tiddies”: as I said, those may actually be just larger pectoral muscles. You know, to fly you need those. As I said on twitter if I were to imagine a humanoid form evolved from bats I would think about the spacebats.

Now, compared anathomy, biological anologies and homologies apart.

Let’s talk about physiology.

Premise: I’m not a vet. I’m not a doctor yet. So, more expert tumblr users, correct me if I say something wrong.

So, as I said. To fly you need big muscles on the thorax, shoulders and chest area. And not any muscles.

You infact need a lot of red muscle, so a lot of mytocondria, so a lot of energy.

As my beloved Barbascura said (an Italian youtuber, he is an organic chemist, I love him) bats…are complicated.

They live a lot considering their stature. Because in general there’s this rule *the smaller you are the shorter you live* in biology. They are a very valid exception to this rule. So are we, but we worked on it a lot. Healtier life style. Hygene. More food. Science. Medicine. You know.

Now, the longer you live the higher chances to develope cancer you get. The more your cells (and so mytocondria) work the higher chances to develope cancer you get.

So, why are bats one of the most efficient specie in being able to avoid cancer? Why don’t they fall ill that easily? Why a mammal, who techincally has not the physiology to fly, has this ability? They need energy, their bodies are, in theory, super stressed. So why aren’t they constantly set on fire? How the heck do they live this much?

So, when a body goes through inflammation it produces ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). So, radicals. Highly reactive molecules who have the tendency to basically trigger any chemical reaction possible. They can be useful to defeat a pathogen, but only in a very low quantity. If you produce too many ROS you can end up having them attack your proteins, the membrane of your cells, or…even DNA.

Yes. I guess you now understood what I’m going to talk about.

So. Hordak’s sickness has been long analyzed by fans. People who know way more than me and are able to write better. So go check on them, not me.

So far, the most recurring ideas have been that he suffers from some kind of auto-immune disease (vitiligo), in a way similar to psoriasis and he has a rare muscular atrophy. I still lack a lot of knowledge and experience in the field (in my country medicine is a 6 years long nightmare, I’m just a second year and we start at best at 19) but the aetiopathogenesis of these condition is pretty much unknown. Best hypothesis: a) auto-immune b) genetic malfunction and/or predisposition c) both. And other hypothesis have been made of course.

So, what has that to do with ROS?

Simple: as I said an extra level of these molecules can even cause damage to DNA, even to the immune system. Am I trying to find out the cause of the unknown and alien disease of a cyborg fictional spacebat? “Adora: no! …Maybe!”

I’m just giving ideas.

Anyways, we were saying that bats need a lot of energy. Energy=ROS. ROS=problems.

Plot twist: those thingies are filled with ROS. No, they rarely have cancer, they rarely have problems in general. No fever, no flu. Or at least is very rare (vet colluegues I call upon thy).

So? Well, they found out a very complicated reparation self mechanism in bats, way more complicated that the one you can find in ordinary mammals. Basically it’s not like their DNA doesn’t get damaged; it does but it gets fixed immediately.

This of course in functional individuals, which Hordak sadly is not.

Humanoid bats/spacebats don’t fly anymore, but maybe their methabolism didn’t change much. Another specie with a great tollerance to ROS is the furless mole, who by the way (again) doesn’t develope cancer, lives a loooot given its size, and plus can live without oxigen for hours.

Now, the point of all this mess is: could it be that, in general, spacebats don’t go through oxidative stress despite the high production of ROS. Maybe despite evolving and not needing to fly anymore they have however still used this high radical tollerance to live more and without cancer. And so on.

But maybe Hordak lacks this mechanism and that is why his DNA got damaged, you know, the defect in his cloning. And that’s why my baby is suffering.

This mechanism also allows bats to be more immune to viruses (yes, covid, no baby bats it’s not your fault we stupid humans eat you). So maybe Hordak is truly more susceptible to viruses in general.

Idk, let me know.

9 notes

Honestly, this is such a good interpretation though!!

I’m sorry to dissapoint and say that this is merely a reference to a song of the same name from Tangled The Series, I’ve had this username for about a year now I think, way before I watched She-Ra, but,

I just came back from listening to the song again now and I have to say, it does have a lot of similarities to Hordak & Prime’s relationship before he breaks free.

Here’s just a little quote from the song that I felt fits especially well:

“And when I return

And I’m more than you dreamt I’d be

Maybe then you will realize

That you never actually knew me at all”

I recommend checking out the song because a) it’s pretty neat musically in general and b) to see those similarities too! :>

but thank you so much for pointing this out! this just gave me an entire new outlook on both the song and now my username as well xD (makes me happy since I wanted a way to make my username She-Ra related anyway, haha)

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Entrapta: Let’s do a headcount here. There’s a couple of incredibly powerful princesses, expert child soldiers, a very skilled marksmen, people with amazing magical abilities, She-Ra and, you, big fella, you’ve managed to make every single one of them hate you.

Prime: That was the plan.

Entrapta: Not a great plan. When they come, and they will, they’ll come for you.

Prime: I have an army.

Entrapta: We have magic.

Prime: Oh, I thought your planet had been-

Entrapta: You’re missing the point. There is no throne. There is no version of this where you are going to come out on top.

31 notes

Catra: Ya basic.

Horde Prime:

Glimmer: It’s an Etherian insult. It’s devastating.

Catra: You should be devastated right now.

121 notes

Even Today

A Hordak birthday fic

word count: 1.8k

(Please read on mobile to avoid awakward paragraph division, not necessary but highly advised :’>)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Set after season 5)

“Hey Hordak?” Entrapta loudly called from the other side of her lab, her voice slightly muffled by her mask.

Hordak’s ears perked up as he raised his gaze from the small piece of machinery he was currently in the process of reassembling. “Hmm?”

“When’s your birthday?” Entrapta said, her attention still on the current project she was working on, tinkering with a sensor piece of a destroyed Galactic-Horde surveillance bot.

The question took Hordak by surprise. Why would she ask that all of a sudden? Why was the topic of birthdays even on her mind in the first place? It certainly could not be her birthday today, could it? No, Hordak distinctly remembered her celebrations a relative short while ago. So why-

Hordak realized he probably took a little too long to think about it when Entrapta added.

“I’m sorry I’ve never asked this before”. She put down the sensor piece on her work table and with a swift motion of her hair, she was already half-way across the lab, about merely 4 feet from Hordak.

“I know should’ve asked this ages ago, back at the Fright Zone, even, but I just never got around to it, and then everything with Beast Island happened, and then you were-” her voice sounded a bit stressed, as she was seeming to get a little more out of breath with each word she that came out of her mouth.

“Starlight, it’s fine.” Hordak stopped her mid-sentence and took a couple steps close to her. “There’s no need to apologise”, he said with a small, reassuring smile.

“What got you thinking about this issue?”

Entrapta cocked her head to the side a little.

“Nothing in particular, really,” she shrugged, “I’ve just been thinking about.. a lot, actually,”

Hordak chuckled. When was she not, he thought.

“And I realized we never celebrated your birthday, which seemed odd to me”, she finished.

Hordak sighed. “I..” he took a short pause, “I do not have a birthday.”

Entrapta quickly flicked her mask up with a tendril of her hair. “What?!” she gasped, “that’s ridiculous! Everybody has a birthday! Even Imp!”

Imp was never intended to have a birthday.

Hordak only wrote down the date of his cloning for scientific research purposes and to keep track of his development.

That changed once Imp learned the concept of a birthday while spying on some Horde cadets.

Hordak ran his hand across his face with a long groan. “Imp does not count.” Hordak said with a sigh. “The only reason that rascal even has a birthday in the first place is because he realized that would earn him more attention and food.”

Entrapta pouted. “Fine, then..” she paused for a moment, running her hands through the hair of her right ponytail, thinking. “Take Kadroh!” She exclaimed. “Even he has one! and he’s a clone just like you!”

Hordak took a moment to think about that statement.

Back in the hivemind, the Galactic Horde clones never had the luxury of having a birthday. Hordak wouldn’t really describe their creation as a “birth” in the first place, so calling that a birthday seemed illogical to him anyway.

Even Horde Prime himself never had a birthday, or anything similar to that. It’s not like he needed a specific day to emphasize his presence and being when Hordak and the rest of the clones’ entire lives were centered around him anyway.

“He does not count either. His birthday was given to him by you and your friends.”

Entrapta’s brows furrowed. “Still! who said your birthday has to be your actual date of birth!” she said, her hair gesturing dramatically in the air as she’s speaking. “Or, cloning, I guess, in your case. We can just find you a suitable date for that! You see it worked fine with Kadroh”.

“Kadroh is a different case.” Hordak pouted and crossed his arms. “The date you chose for him is significant to him so it was fitting. I do not have such a date to my name.”

Kadroh’s given birthday was decided to be the date he got disconnected from the hivemind and joined the Etherians on their mission to beat Prime. To quote Kadroh, he felt like that was the day he was born again, the day he actually got to become a person of his own outside of Horde Prime’s shadow.

Entrapta raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Um, what about the day you stood up against Prime? and.. declared your personhood? ‘I am Hordak and I defy your will’?” She quoted his speech to Prime, gesturing dramatically with her hair as if she’s holding an imaginative figure, mimicking the way Hordak was holding Prime while delivering his speech.

Hordak’s ears drooped. “Well..” his words started to stammer a bit. “That day is already declared as a holiday. I do not feel like it would be logical to add another celebration to such an already loaded date.”

While technically he was right, the day of Horde Prime’s demise was already declared as a holiday on Etheria, one of the most important ones even, Entrapta wasn’t buying his excuses.

“Why do I feel like you’re just avoiding having one altogether?” Entrapta said, raising an eyebrow at him. She raised herself on her hair to match Hordak’s eye level.

Hordak turned his head away as to avoid catching her eyes. “I.. do not feel like having an entire day centered around me would prove to be very productive.” He said quietly.

Worry spread across Entrapta’s face.

“Birthdays aren’t supposed to be productive, Hordak, they’re supposed to be fun!” She said with a smile. Seeing Hordak looking unconvinced, she took a couple of moments to think.

“Do you feel like my birthday is unproductive?” She simply asked.

Hordak instantly turned his look back to face her. “What? Why would I think such a thing?”

“Please elaborate.” Entrapta added.

“Of course your birthday is productive!” He replied within mere seconds. “It’s important to you and it makes you feel happy. By all accounts, that should deem it nothing but productive.”

“So would you agree that it only seems logical that I would want to see you just as happy?”

Hordak’s ears drooped as he tried to turn his head away once again, but a tendril of Entrapta’s hair stopped him as she grabbed him gently by the cheek and turned his look back to her.

Her touch on his cheek was as light as can be. She hadn’t actually grabbed him, but guided him to face her.

Hordak looked in her eyes for a quick moment before turning his look away again. He could feel the heat starting to creep up his cheeks.

“I.. I suppose it does.”

Entrapta moved a little closer to him and slowly placed her gloved hand on the purple crystal on Hordak’s chest, analyzing it with her eyes and tracing its carvings.

Hordak couldn’t fight the smile that managed to find its way to his face. He fully understood what she was getting at.

Carefully, he started moving his hand to put atop hers. He did so slowly partly out of uncertainty, but also as to give her enough time to move her hand away if she didn’t feel like being touched at the moment, but her hand kept steady as he placed his own on hers.

As Entrapta raised her gaze to look at Hordak, another tendril of her hair had almost subconsciously raised up and cupped Hordak’s other cheek. She was quick to turn her head away in embarrassment as her cheeks had almost instantly started to flush red, but Hordak only responded with a soft chuckle and a genuine smile, and leaning into her touch.

Entrapta slowly turned her head back to face Hordak and an instant smile spread across her face when she saw him looking so content.

They stayed like that for a couple more moments before her smile wore off a little when she started to speak. Her expression soft, but with a tinge of worry. “So, what do you feel?”

Hordak’s eyes focused on everything but her at that moment, lost in thought.

“I.. appreciate your thought and care. More than I could ever express. But I am not sure I am ready for these sorts of great celebrations of my own, yet. I don’t think having me at the center of attention would prove to be a good idea.”

Entrapta sighed. She looked a little bummed, but gave him an understanding smile nonetheless. “I’m not going to push you to do anything you don’t feel like. I just want to show you that the option is here if you ever feel like it, okay?”

Hordak smiled and squeezed her hand a little, their hands still on the crystal on his chest.

“And hey, no one said your celebrations have to be grandiose or anything.” Entrapta added. “It can be just us, if you’d like.”

Hordak’s ears perked up and he found himself blushing again.

Entrapta pulled herself back from Hordak’s touch and quickly dropped her mask down with her hair.

“Uh- I mean, a-and Kadroh and Imp and Emily too! of course!” She said in a quick pace, her words fumbling a little. “We wouldn’t want to leave them out of all the fun, right?”, she said, scratching the back of her neck.

Even though he couldn’t see her face, he could clearly imagine her blushing.

“You’re right”, he said with a soft chuckle.

Entrapta raised her mask with her hand to reveal her smiling a little, her cheeks just as bright red as Hordak imagined.

“Sooo….” Entrapta dragged out the word, “If you’re on board for a small celebration, nothing big, have you picked a date yet?” She said, tapping her two index fingers together in interest.

“I.. um,” Hordak started looking around as he was trying to think of something to say.

“It can be any date!” Entrapta said holding a finger up. “Anything that comes to mind, even today!”

Hordak’s eyes widened. Entrapta noticed and snickered quietly. “What d’you think of that?”

“It doesn’t seem like a bad idea.” Hordak said.

“Mhm!“ She nodded. "I know it’s not a notable day or anything, but…”

“It shall work”, Hordak said with a small smile.

“It’s a date!” Entrapta exclaimed happily and lifted herself up on her hair, shaking two balled up fists in excitement.

In a matter of seconds, Entrapta had already managed to perk herself up on her hair to Hordak’s face and kiss his lips. The peck only lasted a couple of seconds but was enough to manage to fluster Hordak, again. His ears drooped as they parted.

When he finally managed to get his eyes to focus again, he saw Entrapta smiling at him. “Happy birthday, lab partner”.

He tried to recollect himself to answer, unsuccessfully.

Entrapta replied with a small laugh, then abruptly stopped.

“Wait!” she exclaimed loudly. “I’ll go notify the kitchen crew, what flavour cake would you like? never mind, i’ll have them make a trayful of everything anyway, wait right here!”. And with a few quick swishes of her hair, she was already out the door.

Hordak was left standing alone in the lab, dumbfounded.

“Wait!”. But by the time he had managed to say something, she was already somewhere down the halls of the castle.

“Happy birthday, lab partner”, he replayed her words in his head. Thinking of her, her excitement, her words of encouragement, her kiss,

He was finally convinced it was going to be a good day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Happy birthday Hordak, you silly bat *smooches*

I apologise in advance for any mistakes I might’ve done here, English isn’t my first language and this is the first ever fic I posted so.. constructive criticism is more than welcome! <3 but other than that, I hope you enjoyed reading!

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Thinking about what it would have been like if Horde Prime and Shadow Weaver met and how, though Shadow Weaver is a deeply terrible person and, in many ways, her crimes were so much more personal and therefore worse than Prime’s…

I still really want her to somehow come out on top of that interaction.

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Not 100% solid on the concept but hear me out. What if., a grief stricken Aria finds Horde Prime’s original body (before he started switching vessels) and lets him out…


And it turns out that he ONLY has the consciousness and memories from before he turned evil? I think that would be fucked up <3

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Why is horde primes face litaraly just


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Been exploring different outfits worn in the Rebellion, particularly the ones worn by the common folk.

Still have some work to do though. I think the Rebellion (or at the very least, 3 of the 5 divisions) needs something a liiiitle bit more formal to actually qualify more as a uniform instead of a simple dress code.

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