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 If Escape was valid in @chipper-smol​ ’s ShitlordAU, Ghost will most likely remember the route they dug through from the Abyss and basically just get a buzzsaw tool thingy to dig through, freeing all ‘em siblings.

This AU is so great. Even the name, Shitlord AU, is great. Best AU name ever. Everyone should a 100% go check it out!


Also they just killed Nosk.

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Honda Hornet V2.0 Detailed Review Link is in Bio Click to Watch Full Video
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#hondamotorcycles #hornet #bikersofinstagram #hondaracing #instadaily #cinemaography #hondahornet #racing #bikersfamily #instadaily #motorcyclelife (at Idhu Enga Madurai - இது எங்க மதுரை)

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Solitude! Solitude, and some good ol’ physical activity. I get the feeling that she’s the type to go out and hunt or fight when she’s pissed, to work off her confusion and frustration and adrenaline and all those not-so-great feelings so that she can sit down and contemplate her issues in a logical manner. Even when she was little, she’d often stomp away to another corner of Herrah’s hut in Deepnest so that she could kick some pillows over and mull over what was pissing her off without said thing that pissed her off making it worse. 

It’s really too bad that she had the entirety of Hallownest to go do that after she lost her entire family, but it’ll make for some fun times in Pharloom, eh? :^)

Headcanon asks here!

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[ID: A short colored Hollow Knight comic. Part 1: Zote lifts up his hand defiantly to the sky, striking a heroic pose. “My work here is done!” he says.

Part 2: Hornet and the Knight stand idly next to each other. Hornet says, “But you didn’t do anything.”

Part 3: Zote doesn’t respond, instead beginning to turn away. His cloak flourishes with the motion. Words above him say, ‘Dramatic cape flip.’ End ID.]

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