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Consider dating someone from a different culture instead of your usual type. Just because you imagine yourself with a blonde bombshell from Texas or a mysterious artist from London doesn’t mean you should date one. Give someone you’d normally ignore a second look.


Taking care of the ones you love is a top priority right now, especially when it comes to your partner. Just remember that sometimes they want to take care of you, too. You don’t always have to be the strong one.

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Astrology observations 🧡 🧡

Credit: Tumblr blog @astroismypassion

🧡 If you have Pluto in the 1st house, Pluto conjunct Ascendant or Scorpio Ascendant, you might look different in every single photo. Much like a mutable Ascendant would.

🧡 Air Ascendant or people with prominent Air in their charts can look like they are not being fully present in the photo.

🧡 Cancers always look into the distance when talking like they are being nostalgic about the past. Gemini can wink often and talk with their hands. Leo likes to touch their hair, it’s like a nervous tick. Deep eye contact with you can have Scorpio or Capricorn. Taurus might touch their neck as a tick or their chest area. They might play with their necklace.

🧡 The reason why Pluto in the 1st house/Scorpio Rising/Pluto conjunct Ascendant get strong reactions from people it’s because they have Fixed energy. Their opinions and views are hard to change if they don’t want to change them themselves. And because they have natural confidence and inner strength. And confident people, if you notice, are often polarizing. Either you like them or dislike them. The impression is “set in stone”, like their character, ego and view of the world.

🧡 If you have Pluto in the 1st house, but a “pleasant” Rising, like Libra Rising. People might really like you, but it is with THOSE people exactly that you will experience extreme situations, extreme relationships with those people or attract jealous people. You never get just neutral vibe from anyone.

🧡 If you have Pluto in the 1st house, beware of befriending tough, mean, violet or low nature people. They might affect your mental wellbeing severly. Pluto in the 1st house needs clear-cut philosophy for living a full and independent life. Free from any psychological games.

🧡 They might also gain a lot of weight, just so they can prove themselves that they can lose all that too. Might easily gain or lose a lot of weight in little time.

🧡 Pluto in the 1st house individual has an instinctual aura. If your inner self holds grudges, build resentment, anger, you will “show” this externally. People will just sense it. So you have to be careful what you develop internally, because it will show up externally.

🧡 They can also easily change their handwriting. And might have different signatures through the years.

Credit: Tumblr blog @astroismypassion

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Some words of encouragement for those who are fighting for a cause, no matter how big or small, or even just feeling stuck or not realizing that they’ve lost their drive to fight. Please read the following messages. You are all worth it, never give up your fight. Peace and blessings. <3

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Do you ever stop to think about what makes Gemini Zodiac sign so different?

If you are born under Gemini, you are mostly considered as a person who is not sensible in many situations. However, there are many more traits that are linked to Gemini Zodiac signs.

Let me take you through the 21 secrets of Gemini personality traits that make them stand out.

1. Gemini is a peacekeeper and avoids intense quarrels

Gemini avoids conflicts in all ways possible. They stay away from meaningless dramas.

They prefer focusing on ways to improve their life rather than engage in uncalled for conflicts.  

2. Gemini strike back if aggravated

Gemini doesn’t easily get annoyed but if they are deliberately provoked, they hit back.

They will humble you if you aggravate them beyond measure or if you overstep them.

3. Gemini has unwavering loyalty to those closest to them

Once a Gemini is committed to you, you’ll no doubt enjoy their unwavering loyalty.

Though selective, in choosing a trusted friend or a partner, if you earn Gemini trust you’ll have a lifetime confidant.

4. Gemini is always in deep thought and producing creative ideas

The Gemini brain is always active as they are constantly reflecting on diverse ideas that can address their current situation. They are extremely curious and are interested in different things.

5. Gemini value freedom and are naturally autonomous

Gemini is exceptionally self-directed and likes following their path.

Gemini lives by the principle of ‘my life my rules’. So if you don’t want to lose them, avoid controlling them.

6. Gemini is always on the lookout for new information

Gemini has a unique way of making observations and obtaining information from all places.  They are natural investigators, and can easily get into the root cause of an issue.

7. Gemini can sometimes be flirtatious

Gemini can be teasing at times or can make romantic advances even if they don’t have serious intentions. Their friendly nature makes it possible for them to flirt unknowingly.

8. Gemini doesn’t like people who do nothing but cry and whine

Gemini doesn’t tolerate people who are excessively moaning about anything and everything. They try as much as possible to keep away from those who always find fault in all situations.

9. Gemini likes to associate with mind-provoking individuals

You can instantly get a Gemini attention if you introduce an interesting and brilliant conversation that can stimulate their mind. They also love being in a company of funny people.

10. Gemini speaks their mind out without fear of contradiction

Gemini doesn’t withhold their opinions. They say it as they see it. They speak their mind openly letting the world know their point of view without fear of contradiction.

11. Gemini is a compassionate and genuine friend

Gemini will go out their way to offer you a shoulder to cry on…even when you didn’t ask for it. They have unique ways of using comforting words to make you relax.

12. Gemini can be unpleasantly strange or eccentric

Gemini can reveal some odd and unusual personality traits that may be surprising to many. They can be impulsive and at the same time help in making situations fun and exciting.

13. Gemini is at good convincing and winning over people

Gemini can use charming or flattering language to convince someone to do something. They can sweet-talk and flatter you to do whatever it is they want you to do.

14. Most of the times Gemini is ceaselessly in action

Gemini gets bored of staying motionless at the same point for long. They are always in motion to accomplish their goals. They also like exploring different surroundings.

15. Gemini is curious and motivated by a desire to learn more about something

Gemini is the most curious of all signs and inquires about barely everything.

They’re inventors and always aim at coming up with something new. They are driven by the desire to learn new things.

16. Gemini is sensitive and has mood swings sometimes

Gemini can experience extreme fluctuations in their emotional state. Their emotions alternate between feelings of happiness and comfort and feelings of anger, irritability, or depression. They are amazing when happy but emotionally sensitive when sad.  

17. Gemini are extremely cautious about who they talk to about their personal life

Gemini talks a lot but also exercises caution when it comes to topics relating to their private life. They’re reluctant to open up if they don’t trust other parties.

18. Gemini love deeply but it takes them a while before they commit

Gemini takes time to fall in love to any one person but once they commit they give their relationship the best. They’re either completely in love or not at all.

19. Gemini loves adventure and exciting activities

Gemini loves to participate in bold, usually risky activities. They are naturally adventurous, be it in love life, job or leisure pursuits. Gemini is always willing to take chances and to explore new places.

20. Gemini uses satire and humour to liven situations

Gemini has a dry, witty personality. People have a hard time handling their dry wit. Their dry sense of humour is often considered as a form of intelligent and satirical playfulness.

21. Gemini can be flexible and can easily adapt to situations

Adaptability makes Gemini so much different from other Zodiac. They are able to change to deal with new situations and practice emotional tolerance when facing life challenges.

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♓️ To Pisces women, the world is a place of constant discovery, love and of unlimited opportunities for happiness.

♓️ Pisces women are leaders and are fearless. Right or wrong, she will not back down.

♓️ A Pisces woman is headstrong and follows her own intuition.

♓️ Pisces women have a deep fascination with all things spiritual, ethereal and even philosophical.

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♓️ Pisces men are unique creatures, soft and creative, yet they have a mysterious side that women can’t always figure out.

♓️ Pisces men are often very secretive and tend to keep their private matters to themselves.

♓️ Pisces men are very emotional beings, and seek emotional fulfillment in a relationship.

♓️ Pisces men place their family as a top priority.

♓️ Pisces men are charming,polite,spiritual, soft spoken and he has an air of innocence.

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First of all, thank you for your kind message. I really liked how you worded it, you instantly came across as an elegant and kind individual! 

Also, a side note about your birthday number, which is 1. I often notice Scorpios have it or they have 10. So I consider it a leader’s number. But it’s also a lonely path or so it seems. I guess it really is lonely at the top! ;) 

Thank you for buying me this delicious hot beverage. I drank iced black coffee with rice milk while writing your interpretation. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing! I listened to Lorde - Everybody wants to rule the world. 

Your dominant planets are: 1. Sun, 2. Pluto and 3. Mercury. Your dominant signs are: 1. Scorpio, 2. Virgo and 3. Capricorn. Your main mode is Fixed. You are Water dominant. 


If you have any siblings, they are Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius or Cancer. You have Virgo IC. Your parents might have been over critical, nit picky, nagging and complaining about you or to you. They might have compared to your siblings, friends, schoolmates or neighbours. You learnt how to read, write and speak very early on. Your parents emphasized how important it is to have realistic goals and views. They wanted you to pursue something pragmatic and useful. A bit of your 4th house is already in Libra. You are not emotionally close to your parents. You might have more of an intellectual, mental bond. They provided for your physical needs, but emotional needs not so much. You have Venus in the 4th house as well. Your parental figures encouraged you to go after your desire, wishes and what makes you passionate. You might be a private person and not many people know what you truly value and like, apart from family members and close friends. You value security, safety, comfort, home, family and nurturing. You like to take care of your family members. You have Sun sextile Moon. Your parents agreed on the style of your upbringing. They were in sync in how to raise you. You have Sun conjunct Mars. Your father encouraged you to go after your wants, desires, passions. You have Sun square Saturn. He might have restricted you in your career choice, professional life. He might have not been encouraging in the area of the 10th house or your career path. You have Virgo Jupiter in the 3rd house. You might have a lot of siblings, cousins and family relatives. They might have foreign origin or different cultural, religious background. Your family relatives might live abroad or in another city, country. You have Scorpio Sun in the 5th house. You felt like you have never known your father well. Or that he was a secretive, hard to know man. He might work as an artist, of some other 5th house topic, education, work with children or younger people. He might also do a physical job due to Scorpio here. Somewhere where there is heavy lifting involved. He might be a bit of a researcher as well. He might also one his own business. Or made a career out of a hobby. You have Virgo Moon in the 3rd house. Your mother sacrificed a lot for you. She is a bit nagging, want you to do errands for her or house chores, but she is a hard worker. She is talkative, witty and intelligent. She likes to gossip a bit as well sometimes. She might have been over critical of you, too logical and not in touch with her emotions, so you tend to rationalize your feelings as well. You just talk yourself out for your moods. 


Your friends are Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini and Virgo. In your romantic relationships you attract Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio, Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius. You have Virgo Venus in the 4th house. This represents people you attract, what you value and appreciate. You attract hard working people, who are family oriented and like a sense of security, safety and comfort. You have Scorpio Mars in the 5th house. This represents how you take action, how you approach your crush, things you’re passionate about and what ignites your excitement. You might like to research different topics and subjects for fun. You might like to create your own art. You are passionate about your hobbies and interests. You might like to read about crime, research, detectives, psychology, relationships and their dynamics for fun. You might attract obsessive, strong, a bit stalkerish people. You might attract a bit childlike and immature partners. You take love affairs and dating very seriously. You have the potential of becoming a serial dater, but you still take relationships seriously. You are cautious and a bit guarded when it comes to entering a love affair. Your 7th house is full of surprises, you have Neptune, Uranus there. You might know how to cut people off. Some of your relationships can end as quickly as they have started. You might also idealize other people or not really see people in your romantic, business and platonic relationship for what they are truly. They could confuse you, so what ends up happening is plenty of miscommunication, abrupt changes and sudden events. With Uranus there, you need a lot of personal freedom, space when it comes to how you like your relationships. You dislike anyone telling you what to do in this area. 


You have Capricorn North Node in the 7th house. This indicates your life purpose. You might have a hard time picking up just one single career and stick to it. You could be pulled in many directions. You might be into business. You could also like a work environment where there is structured and you know what exactly is expected of you. You might like counselling, administration, public relations, public administration, business, commerce, therapy, advising. You could be an authority when it comes to platonic, business and romantic relationships. You might be inclined to partner with others. You will be the boss. You have Neptune and Uranus in the 7th house. This means you might have an unconventional, unique and non traditional approach to your platonic, romantic and business relationships. People don’t know what to expect from you in this area. You are unpredictable here. Sometimes you can appear too cold, too detached or that you are taking things too seriously. You might also be all about business and no pleasure. There will be an emphasis on the 5th house in this lifetime, because you have so many planets there. You have a stellium in Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Mars and Scorpio Pluto. You have a natural leader energy. You might like to be number one in the field of your choice. You have that Scorpio stellium in the 5th house. You might be very intense about things you are passionate about and even sports. You might be a hobby just so you can master it. You like working with young adult, education, children, in the arts. You might be fond of singing, performing, dancing and acting. You have Cancer Ascendant. This is how you view life, how you approach it and the path that you will walk in this lifetime. You might view yourself as being too sensitive, too emotional and that everything affects you on a personal level and easily. You have Pisces MC. You have Aries and Pisces in your 10th house. You might be attracted to solitary work or even fancy being self employed. You might have a knack for business and advertising. You could advertising something and people would want to have it. You have a lot of potential to heal others. You might be interested in astrology and tarot and different types of healing. You could be an entrepreneur, work in sale and you have very business oriented mind. Here beware of not taking yourself too seriously and be all work and no play. You might be very “cut-throw” in business, work and on your daily job. 


You have Virgo Part of Fortune in the 3rd house. This is your natural good luck, your good charm. You are at your happiest when you are of service and helpful towards your peers, siblings, neighbours, people in your immediate environment. And when you organise and plan your communication, writing, speaking and conversing. You might be inclined to writing self help books. Or on topics of improvement, organisation, health, pets, advising. You could be attracted to counselling, counselling or health fields, such as nutritions, dietetics. You have Capricorn Lilith in the 7th house. This is where negative Capricorn traits can show up. You can be too cold, too strict, an authoritarian in the area of 7th house (platonic, business and romantic relationships). You have Capricorn Juno in the 7th house. This indicates your ideal soulmate, your ideal partner. You might like someone who is compromising, stable, a provider. Someone who is ambitious, motivated, career and relationship (platonic, business and romantic) oriented. You have Sagittarius Ceres in the 6th house. This is how you wish to be nurtured and how you nurture others. You might like to give them personal space and freedom. You do errands for them or show small acts of kindness. You might show your love through actions. You could also be bluntly honest with them and tell them like it is. You have Leo Chiron in the 2nd house. There is a past wound, a hurt when it comes to your talents, skill set, your creative self expression and creative endeavours. You might have felt shamed or made feel guilty for your creative self expression. You have Venus trine Saturn. You might be attracted to older or more mature partners. You might like younger or older people than your own age. You have Venus trine Neptune. You might idealize your lovers or put them on the pedestal. You might dream of movie like or fairytale like meeting. You are attracted to creators, performers, artists, musicians, people who play instruments. You have Venus sextile Pluto. You might be rejected by certain people. Or you can have lovers that would think about you years after you have broken up. You could have obsessive tendencies when it comes to love. Or you are affected deeply and transformed every time you fall in love. You have Pluto and Jupiter currently transiting 7th house. You might expand your definition and views or transform them completely when it comes to platonic, business and romantic relationships. Or all one on one relationships. You have Saturn currently transiting 8th house. You might feel like you are isolating more, spend more time alone. You might have felt a bit restricted, limited in the area of 8th house (such as others people’s resources, spirituality, occult, mysticism, deep trusted bonds with others). You have Capricorn Eros in the 7th house. I checked your Draconic chart as well. This indicates your “inner you”, how you are “on soulike level”. You seem to have Draconic Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Rising and Gemini MC. 


Your chart ruler is the Moon. The chart ruler is in the 3rd house. This means your personality (ego, self esteem, self worth, self image, character, personality traits, physical appearance and face) will develop through 3rd house topics (communication, talking, speaking, writing, connections with siblings, neighbours, peers, schoolmates, people from your local town, your elementary and high school friends). Your personality might shine through bets in those areas and topics. This is a part of your life purpose along with Capricorn North Node in the 7th house. If you are interested in this topic, here is an additional video on these topics by an excellent fellow astrologer:


The ruler of the 1st house is in the 3rd house.You may seem like “the girl (or boy) next door. Life is oriented toward communicating, gathering information and daily interactions. You gossip about the way people look.

The ruler of the 2nd house is in the 3rd house. You spend money on communication gadgets. You earn a living by working at an elementary school or make money from blogging. Your survival needs are always on your mind.

The ruler of the 3rd house is in the 5th house. Daily conversation revolves around children, hobbies, creativity, theater or the arts. Your communication style is creative and entertaining. Experiences of early education affect your ability to be creative. You have a child-like and playful communication style.

The ruler of the 4th house is in the 5th house. You find emotional security through performance. One parent influences your creative passion. You use your heritage as a means of personal expression.

The ruler of the 5th house is in the 4th house.You want your family to approve of your hobbies, interests and romantic partners. You bring creative projects home with you. You keep a scrapbook of family memories. You are self-expressive around family members. You are privately creative.

The ruler of the 6th house is in the 3rd house. Daily habits are formed around writing and communication. You like being able to take short trips around town while working. Your daily job is a way to make connections with people.

The ruler of the 7th house is in the 8th house. You choose an intense partner. You want to be with someone who can handle your emotional baggage. Partners add to your financial debt.

The ruler of the 8th house is in the 8th house. You enter sexual relationships for sex. You get emotionally entangled with other people to form deep connections. Your attitude to life and death affects your ability to deeply connect with other people.

The ruler of the 9th house is in the 7th house. You marry or have a significant relationship with a person from a foreign country. You can be condescending to your partner. You want a partner who has an equal interest in traveling. You want a partner who has the same level of education.

The ruler of the 10th house is in the 7th house.Partners should have the same ambitions and goals in mind. You gain recognition and social status through your partner. Ideally the partners should have equal status and equal standing. Partners should have balanced careers.

The ruler of the 11th house is in the 5th house.You are friends with all your romantic partners. You bring your social awareness to your children. The people you connect with are self-expressive and entertaining. You belong to artistic groups. You’re in a band. You are a huge fan of the arts.

The ruler of the 12th house is in the 5th house. You bring imagination to your art. You create music for meditation. You take dream-like photographs. There’s a sense of loss even when you’re having fun. Meditation is fun for you.

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