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It’ll be both Halloween and a Full Moon! A double delight, really. Trick or Treat should definitely be your go-to activity with emphasis on treat! Stay cool, calm and collected. What do you find most delicious? A bubble bath? Chocolate? Glass of Wine? Massage? It’s yours for the taking! Find out what this means for your zodiac sign with professional astrologer, Kelli Fox. Get your Free Personalized Astrology Video Report here: video.astrology.TV #halloween #fullmoon #fullmoonintaurus #trickortreat #definitelyatreat #sensual #grounded #appreciateyourself #astrology.TV #@myastrologyTV #astrology #zodiac #October31#October31st#Oct31#Oct31st #2020 #October #KelliFox #KelliFoxAstro #AstrologyTV #Astrology.TV by AstroloTV

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Daily Weather, 10.30.20

Sun opposed Uranus

Mercury square Saturn

Tomorrow, in addition to a Full Moon, we also have a few potent transits that will make this Halloween especially potent. First we have an opposition between the Sun and Uranus. Our sense of identity, currently being informed by the deep, embodied wisdom of Scorpio, is being tested by a tense aspect from Uranus, an agent of freedom and sudden change. If there are limits or self-imposed boundaries around who you feel yourself to be, prepare to have them shaken. If freedom is what you already seek, you may have a new insight or be given a way out of a current bind. Either way, finding your groundedness, your refuge, in the midst of this change is crucial. 

Additionally, Mercury in Libra is receiving a tense aspect from Saturn in Capricorn, creating a dynamic, possibly tense relationship between the way we communicate and how we structure our lives. You may have difficulty being understood, which is a challenge for the relationship-oriented Libra archetype, but the transit adds a deep, disciplined power to our mental faculties. Though it’s not a good time to plan or negotiate with others, you are able to think realistically and even get to the bottom of an issue without illusions. Just know that pessimism is also a feature of this transit. You don’t have the whole story. You can’t see the whole picture. As long as you can put your insights during the day into context, you can use your brain responsibly and diligently. 

For how to handle these current transits, read on. 

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30th October 2020 I Today’s Horoscope

by Astrologer Deepali Dubey. In the Video, Ms. Deepali

Dubey will Help you to understand day Astrology as per

zodiac signs.

#astrologer #astrology #tarot #paranormal #rashifal

#prediction #predictions #forecast #sunsign

#deepalidubey #deepali #noida #delhi #newdelhi

#horoscope #palmistry #numerology #occult #psychic #medium

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Aries: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. They use that as a distraction so you won’t see them strike. Make sure to keep your eyes on their stingers.

Taurus: Revenge is a dish best served cold. It comes with a side salad and your choice of potatoes. It pairs best with a white wine.

Gemini: It’s a common misconception that cats have nine lives. They actually each take nine lives. And your cat is about to take its last life. Better be careful.

Cancer: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So use a stone to kill it, thus you have killed two birds with one stone.

Leo: The world is your oyster. Too bad you’re allergic to shellfish.

Virgo: You can’t have an omelette without breaking a few eggs. You also can’t have one without a frying pan, a stove, and some salt and pepper to taste. Please check out my cooking blog for a full recipe.

Libra: Did you know that trees can see you? Be thankful that they do not judge.

Scorpio: It’s not your fault that you’re a Scorpio. But it’s your fault you’re staying one. Time travel exists for a reason you know.

Sagittarius: You should go check on Cancer. They are trying to kill birds. Tell them to cut it out.

Capricorn: Be yourself. Wait, no. Sorry. That is supposed to say bee yourself. Turn into a bee. Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Aquarius: Might want to wear a lot of red this week. Helps hide any blood stains.

Pisces: You do not need to be the best there is, because simply by being you are doing amazing.

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The Signs Saying Random things:

Aries: You have too many teeth. I’m just going to get rid of a couple.

Taurus: Trust me, if I’m threatening you, you’ll have a barrel to look down. Till then, I’m just making a conversation.

Gemini: I’m not good at sit ups, push ups or pull ups. I am pretty good at fuck ups though.

Cancer: At my funeral, take the bouquet off my coffin and throw it into the crowd to see who’s next.

Leo: If karma doesn’t hit you, I fucking will.

Virgo: What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m pissed.

Libra: what? I wasn’t listening. my ears reject boring topics.

Scorpio: Hitting the gym to release stress is not nearly as effective as hitting the people that cause the stress to begin with.

Sagittarius: I tried to write (I’m a functional adult) but my phone changed it to ‘fictional adult’ and I feel like that’s more accurate.

Capricorn: I don’t need sex, life fucks me everyday.

Aquarius: Sometimes, I don’t realize an event was traumatic until I tell it as a funny story and notice everyone is staring at me weird.”

Pisces: Honestly, i don’t have much of an active role in my life anymore. Things just happen and I’m like, ‘oh, is this what we’re doing now? ok.

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#tarot #tarotreadings #astrology #zodiac #metaphysical #manifestation #meditation #chakras #divination #divineunion #claircognition #cartomancy #esoteric #spiritualist

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#teamleo♌️ #WEAREUNITY #leo2Am
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#leohoroscopo #♌️ #colombia
@soylorenagomezg (en Bogotá, Colombia)

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