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Daily Horoscopes, 10.21.20

Aries: We think of certain parts of our bodies as especially private or intimate. But we all know the joke of puritans showing each other their ankles, or perhaps have heard of geisha painting the backs of their necks red, considered one of the most sensual parts of the body in Japanese culture. Look to the veins inside your wrist, their greens and blues and tiny snaking up your arms. It would be intimate if someone were to trace it alongside. Find new, personalized ways of honoring your soft parts. Beauty is not an option. 

Taurus: How much do you need to feel steady? How much do you give before you feel depleted? Think about balance, about boundaries, about solutions trading particles of salt until both sides of equal. Osmosis is in part about taking but it’s also about harmonizing. Equality is not easy. Find comfort in the midst of shifts. 

Gemini: Imagine your inner world like a mosaic; a memory from childhood over here, your favorite color over there, what you like to wear to bed in another place. It all fits together, despite the eclecticism because they find a home in you. Think back to how it used to be different, how you have evolved what you do and do not let in as your self-respect has grown. Consistency is a myth. Let it all be different and the same. 

Cancer: “I’m not looking to hold you down,” James Blake sings on “Choose Me”. “I’d rather you chose me every day” he tells the unnamed other. When do you force yourself into unnamed contracts or binding agreements that limit your individual flourishing? What do you really owe to other people? Notice when your desire for commitment or love becomes harmful. Find the trust in choosing and being chosen anew every day. 

Leo: In order to generate new connections, inspirations, chances, one must notice what parts of one’s life must be decreased. Treat it like a closet cleaning. Be pragmatic. What beliefs or habits no longer fit or make you feel good? What do you keep convincing yourself you need to keep? Notice how a belief or interaction feels in the body. You will find your wisdom there today, thing matter, in things. 

Virgo: All your lust, your disappointment, your uncertainty, your intensity: transfer it away from the problem for a while. Call it sublimation or skillful means. Sew a garment. Free write for twenty minutes. Make a nourishing meal. Beyond creating something, you have the power to find creative solutions to your current “problems”. Let doing and not going converge and watch insight grow. 

Libra: Be an economist with your time. How much do I have to give? How much reflection or solitude do I need? How can I bring these two sides in right relationship to each other? What we owe others means little if we are constantly breaking our own promises to ourselves. Make your solitude irresistible in its lushness, pleasure, effusion. 

Scorpio: Notice how you dress yourself up today. Notice when your appearance acts as armor, protective, and when it acts as a portal, deep. Worry less about others’ reaction and more about how you feel in a certain getup. Notice how you move through a neighborhood, compile your thoughts, go through your day in a particular outfit. Use the outer to prime the inner, which, when engaged, will do what it needs to without your control. 

Sagittarius: Today is about being ordinary. Answer emails. Put your shoes on. Feel your feelings. Make your art. Ordinary does not mean boring or conformist. Ordinary means facing whatever comes up today and greeting it with the same thought: “This is normal”. You get to decide your baseline. You get to include it all and watch yourself grow. 

Capricorn: If you feel the need to get big, make some grand gesture for yourself or another, then do it. I give you more than permission. I give you space. I give you attention. I encourage you to notice all the beauty you have to offer. The more of it you can give away, the more you are able to receive. What joy. It all comes back, but in better form. But first you must let go.

Aquarius: There’s a lot being darkened, a lot of unknowns entering your field of vision. There are caves, holes, wells, you’ve visited and if fear or grief come up, then know you are at the precipice of the next thing. Stay tethered to your activity, that which is not changing the way you are. Thank goddess you are not steady all the time. Thank goddess that sometimes you are. 

Pisces: A lover displaces some of your solitude. A rock displaces the water in a full glass. Matter is neither created nor destroyed but it moves, it changes shape. What parts of your are displaced right now and have not found their new home? What part of you is not fulfilled. Call on your relationships, your community to help you reflect yourself back, come up with creative solutions. Being in constant connection, with people, plants, animals, is a gift. Don’t neglect it today. 

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So here are my thoughts on the signs :


So full of themselves, annoying af, I’m yet to find one that I tolerate.


Gosh I want a taurus guy so badly, they are loyal yet really stubborn


Crazy af but fun 😂


Nailing themselves to the cross, we want the wood please

Their girls are worse than the boys tbh

Crybabies all the damn time.


Center of the universe 😂or so they think so.


Surprisingly nice and kinda chill.


My personal zodiac we are weak bitches tbh and very wishy washy and always “ in love”


Aaaaah the intensity is baffling and please cut it with the drama and the I’m so mysterious and I know everything shit.


Legit all of exes

Fuck boys

Envious of everything quite literally.


Basic bitches who get shit done.


Deep and eccentric

Harry styles is one of you all and I’m so jealous.


Boys are fuck boys

Girls are kinda meh

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You’re uptown and they’re downtown. You like coffee, they like tea. Will this list of differences ever end? The truth is they don’t matter. Get beyond surfaces and really talk. You have the important things in common.


You’re tempted to make up your own rules—and change them—when it comes to this relationship. Instead of making it up as you go along, listen to your partner for cues for your next step.

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A new person is interested in getting to know you better, though they don’t quite know how to communicate that effectively. In fact, their cool attitude has been sending you the wrong message entirely! They’ve been aloof when what they really want is to connect with you. If you’re interested, it’s up to you to make the first move. Don’t worry about rejection. Just give them a chance to have a conversation with you. If they take it, good. If they don’t, at least they had their chance!

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You’re always so focused on putting the other person at ease and making them happy. What about you? Do you have fun in their presence? Do you look forward to your meetings? Be honest with yourself.


It’s really time to take a vacation, or at least plan one. It’s the perfect time to schedule some well-earned rest and relaxation with the one you love.

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Are you feeling a bit distracted by your inner turmoil today? That’s only natural. After all, you can’t help but let personal issues affect your professional life every once in a while. If you’re having trouble at home or in a relationship, you’re going to be distracted during. But what you can do is try to focus on the right things at the right time. Toward that end, avoid replying to personal e-mails or making personal calls today.

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Your intentions are the best. You think there’s not nearly enough magic in the world. You’re going to single-handedly charm and delight every person you see. A potential cutie sees and takes note.


You’re feeling a little pent up, even angry. You need to get something off your chest, but you don’t know what to say. Pull aside your partner and start chatting about whatever. Eventually, you’ll get to the meat of the matter.

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You’ll be most interested in intellectual pursuits today, so feel free to put off plans for frivolous activities if you can. Instead of shopping online, pick up a book and settle into a comfy chair. Instead of vegging out on the couch for some reality TV, check out the latest documentary. And instead of having a gossip session with friends, start a political conversation. Your brain is hungry for stimulation and challenge, and it won’t be satisfied until it gets it.

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You’ll be very much in your feelings—in the best possible way—on October 19 when lucky Jupiter in your twelfth house of spirituality forms a positive trine to social Venus in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy. Getting in touch with deep-rooted emotions that are driving your desires and motivations now can offer helpful insight into your relationships and even serve as creative inspiration.

And while the confident sun moves through your tenth house of career from October 22 to November 21, you’ll be fired up to step into the spotlight on the job. Making your aspirations known to higher-ups by laying out your long-term game plan and pointing to all the skills you can bring to the table could set you down a promising, exciting new course.


You’ve been trying to find ways to communicate better at work, and you’re going to think of just the thing on Monday. Whatever it is, everyone will appreciate your effort to energize office camaraderie. Toward the middle of the week, something in your personal life is going to take up a lot of your attention, but by the end of the week, you’ll be back to your creative, inspiring self at work. People love your ideas. And your bosses love how you manage a crowd.


An old romantic story has new meaning for you on Monday. It could be an “aha” moment if you let it. That “aha” changes to “ooh-la-la” on Tuesday and Wednesday when you’re as hot as can be and definitely attracting those who are likewise. The one who can hold a sizzling conversation while raising your heart rate gets bonus points. The realm of the concrete is safer for you than the philosophical toward the end of the week. You could tend to overthink things, especially love. Your independent side is out this weekend. Fly solo and have fun.

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Tarotscopes – From October 18th through October 24th. Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign.


Aries – Mars Retrograde is moving towards a new direction as it gets closer to direct mode, even if it is weeks away. The Knight of Wands in this week’s reading shows that you are now feeling a little less of the stressors, as Mars isn’t in contact with Saturn, allowing us a little more breathing room. As you start to feel a little more like yourself, use this energy to recharge and get that ambition moving.

Taurus – With the Seven of Swords Reversed in your reading this week, it is a time for you to be more cautious, especially with Mercury in opposition to your sign and Uranus. Be patient because this can be a period of slight frustrations as the news you receive might be sudden and unwarranted. Do not let your own thoughts bring you down if you do not expect the outcome you wanted.

Gemini – Fun new times with The Fool Reversed in your reading. Step out of the comfort zone and let your ideas shine through. This is a period of renewal for you and as we get closer to the ends of Libra Season, you should feel a little more of the creative boost as the season goes out with a bang.  

Cancer – With the challenges that Cardinal signs are facing, you might feel out of your element this week. However, this Libra season would have brought more insight into new ways of thought, especially from the comforts of your home. As we close into Scorpio season, you are ready to experience this shift with the Ace of Swords in your reading; others see your newfound confidence.

LeoThe Empress Reversed is a revitalizing turn for you, especially if you have not been feeling like yourself in recent times. You are ready to tap into what makes you special and filled with pride and joy. As Venus gets ready to move into Libra, you will be ready to radiate and others will take notice.

Virgo – New opportunities and changes will present themselves with the Three of Wands in your reading this week. You see the change brewing on the horizon, and you are feeling less and less afraid of it. Now is your time to leap if you have been planning on something that you wanted or continue to work on a project you had on hold. Anything is possible for you and remember not to begin anything new now.

LibraThe World Reversed is a period of luck and abundance even if the card is in its reversed position. There is a delay in the praises and success you are aspiring for, and as I have been mentioning before, it is best to be patient while these transits keep going. Mars is now roaming free from Saturn and Pluto, so keep your head up.

Scorpio – It is a time to pull yourself out of those negative thoughts with the Five of Pentacles Reversed appearing in our reading. Your season begins this week, filling you with promise and abundant energy. Do not let the past or your emotions cloud your journey, because only doubt can hold you back during these transits.

Sagittarius – You have the Nine of Pentacles in your arsenal. Mars is moving away from Saturn and Pluto, giving you that renewed sense of confidence to continue and pursue your goals and dreams. People are taking notice and when Venus moves into Libra next week, you will see some of the benefits from your work and efforts these last couple of months. Do not stop.

Capricorn – You have appeared in your reading this week with The Devil. Take control again with Saturn in your sign now direct. Let go of the negative habits to make way for more positive things. Let go of the past and let go of everything holding you back during these transits. You are powerful enough to be successful without the unhealthy things surrounding you.

Aquarius – Once more, another pentacles card this week being The Six of Pentacles Reversed. Think of yourself during these transits and anything you might be denying yourself. This includes resting and finances. You will probably be putting a plan in motion to help you manage your time and resources.

PiscesThe Hermit visits your reading, and you might feel like you need the break to recharge as you wait for Scorpio Season to begin at the end of this upcoming week. You are applying everything you have learned in the last several months and are ready for the next exciting phase in your life. The Hermit can be a transition to more intellectual growth and higher learning, all fruitful endeavors Scorpio Season will provide.

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Aries: I will die as I have lived - loving you.

Taurus: I’ve given up a lot of things in my life that I thought I couldn’t live without, but now I see I was just making room for you.

Cancer: Love is placing your heart in one’s hands and trust they wont crush it into a million pieces. I don’t fully trust, but I’m genuinely ready to end in your hands.

Gemini: I’m not thinking about you, but I’m not thinking about anyone else either.

Leo: He’s an entire ocean wrapped in soft skin, and I’m going to drown myself in those goddamn eyes.

Scorpio: I’d sacrifice my heart to make yours whole.

Sagittarius: I like to think that every now and then the sky needs to break down and fall apart too, and maybe this is why we’re in love.

Virgo: The thing about loving deep is you often want feelings they aren’t even thinking about.

Libra: What if I were meant for you and you were meant for me, and neither of us were meant for this time or this place?

Capricorn: One day I’m a cloud, the next I’m a hummingbird, but I’m always the ghost of something that was once winged.

Aquarius: The only place I want to be lost is in your dreams.

Pisces: How many conversations with the moon are you? Darling, you deserve someone who touches you without making you wait.

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