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#horrible goose

had a dream last night that there was a party game called “Truth or Goose”

it was like truth or dare but instead of dares, you had to fight a bloodthirsty wild goose, gladiator style but all you had for weapons were your wits and bare hands

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I just reached 1,000 followers!  Time to celebrate.  Congratulations, @iliveinacomputerscreen, I just wrote a short story about three of the fandoms you’ve reblogged lately.  They are:

The Witcher

Untitled Goose Game

and Pokemon.

Thank you for the excuse to write this.  It’s 1528 words of fun.


The Witcher vs Three Pokemon and One Goose

“So is that supposed to summon the monsters, or repel them?” Jaskier asked, pointing at the thing Geralt carried.

“Don’t know yet,” Geralt said.  He pushed through the underbrush, holding the red and white ball in front of him.

“I mean, it’s probably not an egg.  Right?”


“They would have said if it attracted monsters,” Jaskier reasoned.  “I mean, they would have noticed.  On account of all the monsters.”

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