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jellymonstergrrrl · a day ago
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The Lost Boys (1987) dir. Joel Schumacher
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brandnewhuman · a day ago
First of all, just found your blog. Legit the definition of perfection 🥰 *Chef's kiss*
Also can I request Jason, Thomas and Vincent with their s/o accidentally seducing them? Like, oh wearing a soft pink nightgown with cutesy bows, not knowing that'syour slashy bois weakness? Them's be horny Oops.
Please and thank you!!
Ps. Don't feel like you have to do this if you don't want to! I just really like your writing!
Tumblr media
Vincent Sinclair ☆ aka pretty wax man
Thomas Hewitt ☆ aka scary chonky babe
Jason Voorhees ☆ big forest daddy
Tw: where do I even fucking start. Mature language, NSFW, tiniest amount of smut, canon violence, mentions of murder, maybe blood? Size kink?
A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR REQUESTS AND FOR ALL THE NICE WORDS OMG. Now, I have to excuse myself for taking so long for this requests but once again I've been very busy with my upcoming trip and all the planning ecc so that's why it's taking me so long with everything. That and the fact that my brain is fighting for his life everytime I have to write something using a somewhat decent grammar and simultaneously put some creativity in it. That being said, I hope you little horny gremlin enjoy this
The things we make this man go through. Mate is fighting for his life out here
It has been a couple of days that Vincent had been so busy he only stopped working when he was literally too tired 
You, besides being worried out of your mind, were bored too. 
You couldn't really force Vincent into rest cause there has been a unusual amount of visitors lately and you knew that bodies tend to rot quickly during this time of the year so deep down you understood that Vincent had to work faster and harder than usual
And that means not being able to spend time together, which was torture for the both of you. 
Since you didn't had anything else to do you decided to clean your room and organise your stuff
While putting away clothes ecc you found one of your favourites nightgowns 
It was the most beautiful piece of clothing you had. 
The silky material was ornate with details in lace details and it fitted perfectly, wrapping your body tight enough to outline the forms of your body. The colour made stand up your soft skin
When you were done cleaning you decided to take a warm bath and pamper yourself a little bit using every little thing you had for skincare. Once you were out the bathroom your skin was glowing, your gorgeous nightgown was making you look prettier than ever and your sweet scent trailed after you as you made your way towards Vinny's workshop
"Vinny dear?? Are you there??" Your scent was filling the air around him, pulling his mind out of what he was doing. 
At soon as he saw you he could've sworn you looked like an angel
Now why would you that to this POOR MAN
he kept staring at you while the feeling of his head getting lightheaded started to make a blur out of his thoughts 
He's fighting for his spot on heaven right here
"Vincent?? Are you okay??" Your voice was so smooth and the way you cupped his masked cheeks while looking at him with such an intense stare YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WERE DOING DIDN'T YOU? YOU AND YOUR USUAL FOUL BEHAVIOUR ARE GOING TO KILL HIM ONE DAY
he was literally frozen in place. He could feel a familiar warm sensation burning in his chest as he looked at you but it seemed like his limbs didn't want to collaborate with his mind 
Every single thought was plague by you and your image making impossible to even think straight 
And to be honest only a small part of his thoughts could be considered decent 
You, however, apparently oblivious about the effect you were having on his just gifted him one of your sweetest smiles 
"Why don't you take a break baby?? You must be tired…besides you're almost done. A little rest won't do bad to anyone, am I right?" You kept caressing softly and gently his chest up and down, tilting your head slightly and looking right at him in the eyes
He felt his breath shortened and all he could muster as an answer was a shy nod. 
He literally felt he could melt in your hands at any given moment 
Got bruv here thirsting over you without even trying WHAT SORT OF WITCHERY IS THIS
you breathed out a small giggling at how he was reacting. You genuinely were not doing anything on purpose 
You took him by the hand, intertwining your fingers with his and pulling him towards the small bed that he had there
Once you were in front of it you turned to face him and slowly with your free hand you took off his mask 
"You must be so tired…my poor love, now I'll take care of it" 
That tone of voice, your fingers brushing against the skin of his face? Damn…double homicide right there 
Before you could pull your hand away he gently grasped your wrist 
now you were the one shivering in your fucking timbers
His other hand freed herself from yours to find her home on the small of your back, pulling you closer
There was so much tension that you felt dizzy but in a good way, to keep balance you placed your hands on his chest and tried to think about something to say before catching fire spontaneously 
"I…today was kinda hot, I thought that this would've been more appropriate to…wear" you practically breathed out the sentence 
Appropriate? APPROPRIATE? 
Your eyes darted from his mouth to his eyes, you two were so close you could feel the growing bulge in his pants hitting against you making your insides and your intimate parts twitch of pleasure and anticipation 
He now placed both hands on your sides and his thumbs traced circles feeling the smooth and soft material underneath, taking few steps forward making you go backwards until the back of your knees hitted the bed making you lose balance and fall on your back onto the soft surface 
I can assure you that both of you are now having small horny brain thoughts 
You looked up at him, adjusting your position slightly. Your hands fidgeting with the hem of the gown as you teased him by painfully slowly lifting up enough to show a peak of your underwear
Hid calloused hands found place on top of your knees just to part your legs gently to position his frame between them 
You immediately pulled yourself straight up again without breaking eye contact. 
"If you want that…you have to earn it. After all you have been hiding here for weeks…you have to make up for it dear" 
How could he resist when your velvet voice was so intoxicating and your gaze so compelling 
He tried to hide the smirk that tugged on the corners of his mouth while he quickly started to tie his hair up. 
Mate didn't even had took in consideration saying no
Just LISTEN OKAY imagine those hands gripping your thighs while he's working his magic down there and when you manage to keep your eyes from rolling to back of your brain long enough to look at him he's eyes meet yours and he has that LUSTFUL TYPE OF GAZE BRO I- 
If this man ever starts to tie his hair to eat me out i would fold like a fucking papersheet 
Once you both will be done, while you're sleeping he's definitely going to draw you in that nightgown cause he wants to burned into his brain how fucking beautiful you look right now 
To be fair you always wear nightgowns cause the texas heat is some serious matter
Every nightgowns you wear however is very simple and nothing special
This one you're wearing tonight however? It's the nicest and prettiest one you have. It hugs your body so perfectly that it would be a crime to not wear it
So after you chose to disturb Thomas's inner peace by wearing that you waited for him to get in bed
You were brushing your hair, sitting in front of the vanity mirror when you noticed Thomas getting in
"Oh hi Tommy!! Are you ready for bed??" You turned and you could say you turned something else too OKAY NO STOP ENOUGH I SWEAR
Thomas was exhausted by a whole day of chasing victims and chopping them. All he wanted was to clean up, get ready for bed and crush right next to you while holding you close
He found somehow enough concentration to tilt his head as if asking why were you wearing that
"Oh! The other ones need to be washed and I thought this would do at least for tonight. You don't like it, don't you?" You fidget with your fingers anxiously. You genuinely thought he was upset by it cause it's definitely one of your less modest gowns 
Never has he been this fast in answering something. My man was moving at speed of light to reach you and tell you he did in fact like it
And then you had to get up and cause the biggest brain lag in history 
His hands were moving on their own as his fingers gently tugged on the soft material to feel it. He couldn't even explain why this nightgown in particular was so mesmerising. 
Maybe it was the combination of your intoxicating scent, how soft and perfect it make look your skin or maybe it was just that his never ending love for you had an equal amount of sinful lust to contrast with it
You just watched him smiling in relief of knowing he did like it.
Now that you took a good look at him you noticed how tired he looks 
"Tommy we should head to bed…you look tired" you brought his hands to your cheeks as you looked at him in the eyes 
You're right about the head but not to be- IM SORRY I PROMISE I'LL STOP 
Every trace of tiredness was now long forgotten, his brain was occupied with very explicit thoughts about either ripping apart your nightgown or keep it for recreational purposes if you know what I mean 
His hands moved a strand of hair  out of your face before gripping your sides to lift you up, carrying you on his shoulder as he headed towards the bed
You let out a gasp of surprise. You didn't have the time to steady yourself until you had already been placed on the bed. He was caging you under him, both arms at each side of your head and both knees at your sides 
His broad shoulders were all you could see as you looked up blushing brutally 
You could almost see the shade of smirk spreading on his face under the mask
"Hey wait, you have to sleep! We can do all of this lat" 
So basically he just shuts your mouth by kissing you, the roughness of the mask edges in contrast with his tenderness made your whole body fill with butterflies
Your hands moved immediately finding place in Tommy's surprisingly soft hair
He forced himself to break the kiss to catch breath, his whole  frame straightened up towering over you as he sat on his knees
You groan in disapproval trying to pull him back but immediately stopped when you saw what he was doing
There was a moment of hesitation as his shaky hands went to the back of his head to unlock the mask 
He just felt his face would ruin the whole mood. You looked so beautiful and he was just well 
You didn't waste a minute as swiftly pulled yourself up and helped him in getting the mask off. There's nothing you more love than when he allows to see his face 
As soon as the mask was off he was already regretting everything and all the confidence he had a minute ago was gone as he started to back away and avoid your eyes
After you give him all the reassurance and nice words he needs and deserves he would feel so much better 
In fact he feels that much better he is horny again
just picture this: the feeling of those big and rough hands touching and feeling every part of your soft body while he's basically bruising your fucking lungs from the inside by how deep and hard he thrust BUT IT'S NOT LIKE SUPER FAST CAUSE HE KNOWS YOU LIKED IT SLOW AND YOU MAY NEED MORE TIME AND ATTENTION THAN HE DOES
you'll duckwalk for a week at least and everytime someone asks you if you're okay in front of Tommy both of you SINFUL FUCKERS CAN'T STOP SMILING 
You may or may not want to wear that nightgown more often. It depends on how many times you want Thomas to rearrange your insides 
Were you another person, this unholy stuff? Death sentence right there. 
But since we're here living our best life as the main character you're the one being the menace here
Why would you wear that IN HIS CHRISTIAN HOUSEHOLD 
You tried to wait on the couch until he came back but you ended up falling asleep. 
Fate wants that you also decided to wear one of your most scrumdiddlyumptious nightgowns. 
You wanted to wear something nice that could make you feel better since lately your self esteem has been acting up 
Who would've thought the slasher of simps and sinful teens, the one who thinks about the "I WANT A CHURCH GIRL THAT GOES TO CHURCH" vine unironically would have big horny brain thoughts 
He knew you were on the couch cause the lamp near it was on. He approached you quietly assuming you were sleeping and not wanting to wake you up
What he saw..oh lawd have mercy 
Your upper body was facing towards the ceiling while your knees were pointing to the right as your waist was partially turned on the side. Your hands were gently resting on your stomach, going up and down as you slowly breathed. 
You looked ethereal as the dim warm light of the lamp casted shadows over your perfect and peaceful features 
Everything standed out because of that beautiful nightgown that was dangerously short and see-through 
Babe got his mind fighting for its life against the hornyness.
He was mesmerised by the sight in front of him, part of him feeling ashamed for the course some of his thoughts were taking. The other half was in heavenly hell
When I tell you he's about to fucking cry 
As he goes closer to you he can sense his spot in heaven being revoked. 
Very lightly and softly his fingertips brush against the silky fabric of the nightgown, not resisting the urge to touch it. 
He pulls back his hand immediately almost as if he just got burned
It was probably god giving him a head boink for being horny
He holds his hand to his chest as he breathes heavily trying to steady his racing heart as he eyed your whole sleeping form
You must've sense something I your sleep cause you stirred a little bit before waking up and smiling at him with your gaze still sleepy
You didn't even asked him what he was doing or why he was kneeling, you just reached a hand out for him to hold while you shifted on the couch to make space for him
He knew that if he got to you any closer than this he would either die or fall for his foul thoughts so instead he just shared his head and standed up gesturing to his dirty clothes so you could know he was going to clean up first
"Okay…don't take too long though" that's all you said before getting up. You stretched making the hem of the nightgown go a little bit more up than it already was
Before heading towards the bedroom you got on your tiptoes and planted a kiss on his masked cheek leaving Jason in a state of dizziness 
He noticed he was holding his breath when as soon as you were gone He exhaled in relief 
Bro was this close of having a stroke with all of this sinful fuckery 
He thanked God you didn't notice either the awkward boner CAUSE LORD IF YOU DID HE WOULD'VE JUST REMOVED HIMSELF FROM EARTH 
Even if he didn't enjoyed this one bit and the whole time he felt the shame of what he was doing hanging from his head, he had to take care of himself before going to sleep next to you 
However the shame and the guilt was forgotten when his mind lingered on the images of you and your nightgown 
Admittedly that would be something he would think about for a long time. Or at least until he manages to get the courage to do more intimate stuff with you
Plenty of prayers were said that night before bed
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hausofsucculents · a day ago
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These are made by Joshua Ellingson and are available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/EllingsonTV
They have so many other designs so check them out!
i ordered 6 of them, can you guess which ones?
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Creature Features: Murder in the Rue Morgue
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mysharona1987 · 19 hours ago
But nobody truly thinks the boyfriend in Midsommar deserved that ending.
And if you do, there is something wrong with you.
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Evil Dead 2 trailer
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horror-aesthete · 2 days ago
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Brain Damage, 1988, dir. Frank Henenlotter
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toxictrashdump · 8 hours ago
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I tell ya if God wants to take me HE WILL
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Titane (2021), dir. Julia Ducournau
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D e n i m
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We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (2021) dir. Jane Schoenbrun
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brody75 · a day ago
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The Sadness (2021)
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bluejeandraws · 2 days ago
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The man himself Herbie mc derbie
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horror-n-m3tal · 2 days ago
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Behind The Scenes: Alien 3. 1992.
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brandnewhuman · a day ago
Serious questions tho, I have a juicy smut request for Jesse cromeans. Now I'm not the best at this (as you can tell by my pitiful attempts of NSFW in my hcs) but would you like for me to try or should I just stick to horny jokes?
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horrorhex · a day ago
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Happy 62nd birthday to the man of many faces, DOUG JONES!
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fanofspooky · 2 days ago
Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie/game comparison
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horror-aesthete · a day ago
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Brain Damage, 1988, dir. Frank Henenlotter
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tagoras · a day ago
Tumblr media
Everyone’s entitled to one good scare 🎃
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horror • favorite international posters
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