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Horse head pin brooch gold black orange enamel, Equestrian circus animals jewelry 1990s Vintage gift for him her

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My girls outfits today. 💙

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I started a new D&D campaign today, and we made a horse mafia canon because I stood in the road for to long and then out of spite walked next to the horse just so it couldn’t go back on the road. Another person in the group got a mushroom familiar, named it Fitzgerald, and then made a religion when I had to leave because of dinner. I also murdered a blanket, drank murder juice, and am a bean collector just because it’s funny (someone else joined me in bean collecting). And finally we found a bunch of imps that were just playing poker. I decided to join them and had to pretend I was one of them (which I did flawlessly). Then the guy that went in with me touched their books and shot them so I had to put down the poker and stab them a lot. But since I’m a rouge with only 8 hp I convinced them to stop fighting and go back to poker which I promptly beat them in.

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