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#horse zodiac

Eastern unicorn (2017)

My Zodiac thesis/diploma work in 2017. 

Chinese horse zodiac:
Mythology story: Unicorn, Qilin.
Constellation: Monoceros
Representation: own idea - original kirin.

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I was born during the The Year of The Horse. I am a Golden Horse.

My best matches are those who are The Tiger and Goat.

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How big is your Horse: 🐎

Sagittarius Sun: Very Extra Large

Sagittarius Moon: Extra Large

Sagittarius Rising: Large

Sagittarius Mercury: medium

Sagittarius Venus: Small

Sagittarius Mars: Small

Sagittarius Jupiter: Large

Sagittarius Saturn: Small

Sagittarius Uranus: Small

Sagittarius Neptune: Medium

Sagittarius Pluto: Medium

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Aywas monthly Rock Custom Crystal pet for the month of December!

As the year comes to an end, Sagittarius encourages us to keep an open mind, set reasonable goals for the future, and aim toward them with honorable intentions. Soon, cycles will start anew, and Sagittarius reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things.

I hope you all enjoyed this year’s zodiac theme!

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pt 6. hatori 🐉

this one is my favorite one so far…also my art style changes so much throughout these series lol

speedpaint on catsnfields on tiktok

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