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We rode in his new saddle and his bitless bridle for a little bit today! I’ve done groundwork with both seperately and ridden in the saddle alone once before so he was used to it before trying them together. He did great! I’m still trying to go slow since he was technically off for ~2 months due to covid with the barn being closed. But he’s been great overall!

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if you are ever under the false impression that “mule people” are the same as “horse people” i’d like to direct you to the application form for the mule group i just joined on facebook that requires you to send photographic evidence that you own a mule, agree that you will not discuss horses in any capacity whatsoever, and if a horse is in the picture with your mule you are banned instantaneously

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So I had a friend ask me to teach this little guy how to pull a cart for her daughter. Ground drove like a champ. I held onto the traces and he’d just lean in and pull as hard as he could. He could be pretty fun.

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So my former boss called today and, after wanting one for nearly 40 years, he finally got a horse. But the thing is:

  • He tried to get on her today after never having had a lesson and without a riding hat or body protector
  • The horse was sold to his as ‘broken and very quiet’ which is concerning as she is not even a year old yet!

So, now, tomorrow I have to go and show him how to care for a horse, things to do with a filly for the three years or so (she’s a cob) until she can be broken and offer riding lessons on my own horses just to make sure that the poor filly he bought is left to grow 🤦🏼‍♀️🐴

(Obviously I will social distance but it is a matter of urgency, and riding lessons will not start until after coronavirus)

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