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blu-joons · 2 days ago
When You Get Distant After They Call You Clingy In Front Of Their Members ~ BTS Reaction
He stopped in the doorway as you walked straight into your home, finally letting your frustrations unfold now that the two of you were alone.
“Y/N,” Jin called out, giving himself a moment before following behind you, “I thought that we had moved on from this at the restaurant.”
Your head shook, “you might have done.”
“For real?” Jin queried, trying to grab your hand, only for you to yank it away, “it was just a joke, you know that I would never mean it to call you clingy, I love how affectionate you are with me, let’s just forget about this.”
“It’s not as easy as that,” you sighed, spinning around to face him, “they are our friends, and you completely humiliated me in front of them tonight Jin, that hurt a lot.”
“I appreciate that,” he tried to encourage.
“I don’t think you do,” you confessed, dropping your hand back down to your side, “it’s all about being funny for you, not who you hurt.”
“That’s not true,” he then tried to argue, but you were already beginning to walk away from him, “where are you going?”
“The spare room, I’ll give you some space.”
“Please, I didn’t mean it Y/N.”
Tumblr media
His eyebrows furrowed when you unclasped his hands from around your waist as the two of you headed to bed, shuffling away from his body.
“I know what you’re doing,” Yoongi called out as you turned further away from his body, “you’re trying to prove a point to me, aren’t you?”
A sigh came from you, “I’m doing what I’m asked.”
“I knew you reacted too calmly at the restaurant,” he sighed, rolling onto his back, rubbing his hands across his face. “I was only messing around when I called you clingy, you don’t have to be so distant from me now.”
“If you didn’t mean it, then you would have never said it,” you retorted, refusing to even look in his direction, “especially not in front of the boys too, I looked a fool.”
“I was the fool,” he tried to suggest.
“Now you are,” you explained, pulling the duvet further around you, “did you really think I would just act as if calling me clingy was nothing?”
“No,” he tried to assure you, giving you the space that you desired, “but I thought you would know me better than that.”
“I thought you would enjoy my affection.”
“I do, I was just messing Y/N.”
Tumblr media
The slam of the car door made Hobi jump as the two of you left the restaurant, finally letting your anger out after keeping it bottled.
“So, you’re not alright?” Hobi instantly figured, glancing across at you, “why tell me that you were fine in front of the others when you weren’t.”
You scoffed loudly, “I’d been embarrassed enough.”
“And I said I was sorry,” Hobi tried to argue, slamming his hands down on the steering wheel, “you shouldn’t have carried on with the evening, pretending to be fine if you were still annoyed with me deep down.”
“I was being respectful of friends,” you stated, shooting a glare across at him, “they’d already been put in an awkward enough position by you calling me clingy.”
“They were fine,” he attempted to imply.
“The looks on their faces suggested otherwise,” you replied, trying to keep yourself calm, “they would never speak of their partners like that.”
“Maybe their partners would be able to take a joke,” Hobi spoke, instantly regretting it as soon as he did by your expression.
“You think calling me clingy is just a joke?”
“No, I’m being stupid, I’m sorry.”
Tumblr media
Your heart instantly quickened as you looked into the room and noticed that Namjoon had entered, coming home from his day at the studio.
“I wasn’t sure if you would be here,” he frowned, dropping his bag onto the sofa, “I thought you’d have gone somewhere else to be honest.”
Your hand lifted, “don’t come any closer.”
“Y/N,” he whispered, running a hand through his hair, “I know that I shouldn’t have called you clingy, but please don’t be like that. I’ve already had enough of an earful from the boys at work about what a huge mistake I made.”
“How else am I supposed to act?” You honestly asked him, “if I called you clingy would you want me to be all over you and act as if nothing had happened between us.”
“Of course not,” he admitted.
“Then give me some space,” you requested, keeping him by the other sofa in the room, “just because I didn’t blow at the studio, doesn’t mean I’m fine.”
“I know you’re better than that,” Namjoon sighed, “and I shouldn’t have said what I said in front of the others as well.”
“It’s a little too late I’m afraid.”
“I know, I’ll be upstairs if you need me.”
Tumblr media
Your body immediately tensed up when you felt the bed dip, opening your eyes slightly to see Jimin sliding underneath the duvet, looking straight to you.
“Don’t pretend to be asleep and ignore me,” he frowned, turning his body to face you, “you’ll have to try harder than that to fool me.”
You sighed quietly, “I just want to sleep.”
“You never fall asleep unless you’re resting against my side,” Jimin reminded you, trying to push you towards him, only for you to remain frozen where you were. “Is this how it’s going to be then? Distance between us.”
“You were the one that created this distance between us,” you calmly pointed out to him, “you’ve left me feeling like I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore.”
“Do you mean that?” He quizzed.
“I might appear calm on the outside,” you whispered, “but on the inside I don’t really know how to fall or what to do right now.”
“I’m sorry,” was all that Jimin could say, “just know that I really didn’t mean what I said, it was just heat of the moment.”
“Maybe you should think in the future Jimin.”
“I will, I don’t want to hurt you.”
Tumblr media
The two of you were the final ones around the table, neither of you quite knowing what to say to each other after your falling out earlier that evening.
“Are we good?” Taehyung enquired, trying to make sense of the situation, “I thought you would be mad at me, but you don’t seem to be.”
Your shoulders shrugged, “I don’t know.”
“I see,” Taehyung replied, however sense was soon made when he moved towards you, only for you to move away. “If you’re not mad at me for calling you clingy, then you wouldn’t be scurrying away from me like that.”
“I’m not mad,” you established, shaking your head, “but you’re not exactly someone I want to have touching me right now either, you’ve got to understand that Taehyung.”
“I’m trying to,” he vowed to you.
“You can’t just say something like that and expect everything to fall back into place,” you warned, “especially in front of our friends too.”
“If we’re just going to sit here awkwardly,” he began to speak, “then shall we at least just do it at home, and not in public.”
“I’m glad you want to do something in private.”
“I’ve said I’m sorry, please Y/N.”
Tumblr media
There was a tension in the room immediately as Jungkook walked in, nervously looking across at you whilst you remained focused on your phone.
“Can we please sort this out?” Jungkook requested, keeping a distance between the two of you, “I don’t want to carry this on.”
Your eyes looked to him, “sort what out?”
“You know what,” he sighed, expecting you to still be unsettled around him, “I shouldn’t have called you clingy, it was stupid of me to say and something that I didn’t mean either, I just wanted to impress the others.”
“By humiliating me?” You questioned, as Jungkook nodded back at you. “I’m not even mad at you Jungkook, I’m just disappointed that you decided to do what you did.”
“I understand,” he softly spoke.
“I don’t want to be mad at you, but right now, I don’t want to be around you either,” you explained, “I think space is good for us right now.”
“I agree,” he mused, “and not because I think you’re clingy, but because I think it’s what you need from me too.”
“You’re digging yourself a bigger hole Kook.”
“You’re right, I’ll just go now.”
Tumblr media
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bonny-kookoo · 2 days ago
Fictional Happiness: 17
Tumblr media
Jungkook had found his mate on accident- and unknowingly, also the one piece that had still been missing from his pack.
Tags/warnings: werewolf! AU if it wasn't obvious already lol, angst, romantic kook, kinda selfish kook though, shy!reader, anxiety, medication mention, therapy mention, mentions of past child neglect and emotional abuse, panic attacks, idol!bts, insecurities, bad habits, kind of tsundere! Jk, Impatient kook, alpha!kook, omega!Reader, omega!jimin, Alpha!Jin, Alpha!Namjoon, Alpha!Taehyung, Alpha!Yoongi, Beta!Hoseok, swearing, smut in future chapters
Additional Chapter Warnings: Minor injury, worried pack, reader gets lost oops, heat talk
Tumblr media
You remember vividly what had led to the situation you were in.
Playing hide and seek was fun, and being childish with jungkook was a whole lot of fun as well. What was not fun however was getting lost in an unfamiliar space with no phone or else to contact or look up where you were. Hell, considering the remote location you highly doubted you'd have had any signal anyways.
Well, that's not too bad. Just stay in one place and don't panic- eventually jungkook would be able to trace your steps back and find you. But then you'd heard something close by, probably only a deer of some sorts- but it had spooked you enough to send you running, tripping over a root on the ground before tumbling down a small creek, which is where you're now; with wet clothes, a scratched up arm, and a cut along the side of your wrist that seemed pretty deep. You can't check now however, having wrapped it in your shirt to contain the bleeding.
And also one look had been enough, thank you.
And while you could be safe to assume that the pack back at the campsite was probably calmly searching for you, you'd be highly mistaken- because it was a mess, distressed alphas and upset omega running around, while hoseok seemed to be a little lost on what to do. "Jungkook and I will try and trace back her steps. The sun is setting, we don't have time to come up with anything else." Yoongi says earnestly, jungkook simply nodding as his inner alpha whines distressed at the fact that his mate was out of reach.
He feels bad already- yoongi knows that, so he brings jungkook along simply to get him out of harms way of jimins anger about the situation. The omega could sometimes end up saying things he didn't really mean; but jungkook was too emotionally vulnerable to really understand that most of the time.
And he really didn't need them fighting right now.
"I can smell her." Jungkoom suddenly says, concentrated eyes looking around as he tries to locate where exactly you went. And it's you who calls out as you finally hear them talk, getting their attention as both climb down carefully to assess you.
"My God you gave us all a goddamn heart attack omega." Yoongi grumbles, although his voice is laced with relieve as he carefully takes your arm into his hands, moving it around to check. "We'll clean that properly back at camp. What's with this?" He asks, pointing to the wrapped up wrist.
"Dont know, cut it while falling down. It's not that bad but I didn't like looking at it.." you sat, as Yoongi nods before carefully unwrapping it, making Jungkook hiss as he sees the damage- instinctively moving closer to you to soothe your pain even though it's not that bad anymore than it was. A bit sensitive, sure. But maybe that was just exhaustion kicking in.
"Lets get you back. Everyone's loosing their shit." Yoongi says, getting up together with you and jungkook, who instantly picks you up to carry you.
His heart hurts knowing you've been hurt just as much as your wounds do. As a mate, he can feel a certain feeling similar to your pain; a hot sensation on his arm and wrist although they're both unharmed in his case. It's not the same, but its there- reminding him that he failed at keeping you safe. And it weighs down heavy on him, until you hold onto him a bit tighter from your spot on his back, leaning down to rest your head close to his shoulder. "Thanks for finding me jungkookie." You say, and it soothes his aching heart a little.
Once jimin spots you, he's off running, immediately checking up on you and worrying when he sees the harmless scratches on your arm, ushering Jungkook over to the van so you could get inside and cleaned up. "Lets never play around like that ever again." Jimin gently scolds, anger at Jungkook already forgotten at the fact that you're back and safe. Even the rest of the members can't help but check up equally as much, finally calming down now that the pack was whole again.
And everyone, including you, feels the bond that had been starting To grow a little stronger that night before everyone fell asleep.
In the morning, you're a bit hard to coax out of your bed, visibly torn between nesting and starting the day, only barely deciding the latter option. It sparks a certain conversation you didn't realize was needed- and would be a little uncomfortable.
"See if the main tent would be better to nest." Jimin gently proposes to you as they all eat. "Its gonna make it easier for us to be with you there, you know?" He says, and you nod after a moment.
"I don't.." you start, needing to carefully phrase your words. "I'm scared I might, you know, scare you off." You say, remembering Jungkooks reaction to your first drop involuntarily. You don't blame him at all for how hed reacted, long forgiven what had happened, but it still sits inside your bones. "So I don't know, maybe I should just go look up heat hotels-" you start, as jungkook instantly objects- but is beaten by Jin, since he still had to chew before he could speak.
"We won't force you to spend it with us if you don't want to- but if the only reasons you feel that way are because you feel like you might embarrass yourself or weird us out, then please know that that's unreasonable." He says calmly. "We're here to build a pack bond. And that means trust first and foremost." He tells you with a soft smile, as Hoseok nods.
"We're actually.. happy to see your first signs." He admits, making namjoon at his side nod. "It shows that you're starting to settle in, and I dont know about the rest but that really makes me proud." He says, as jimin smiles at hoj encouragingly.
"We promise we'll treat you as best as we can." He says, and you look down. "After all, we're about to be a pack." He muses, and you nod, before looking up with teary eyes.
"Okay." You say, accepting their offer finally, making everyone smile. "Thank you."
And jungkook can't help but pull you into his chest, happily holding you for a moment because; you've accepted the pack.
You've accepted him.
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circus-babe · 2 days ago
Wrong Number | JH
Tumblr media
Synopsis: You thought you heard the number correctly, well what can you do now? Nothing. 
Pairing: Hoseok x reader
Warning: Mature content, Strong language
Genre: Strangers to fuckers, Smut, wrong number
Word count: 7k
a/n: This shows that I can’t write anything under 5k. I love writing and it’s so difficult to write less, either way hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!
“Call her and tell me what she says” Taehyung walked beside you on the cold winter night. Something about this night felt so nice except for the fact that you both are talking about college.
Your grades haven’t been the best ever since you moved to your own apartment. You've been stressed out, tired and even annoyed that you have barely even put much attention to college and your grades..
“And how do you know her?” you asked, feeling the cold air hit your face giving shivers down your spine. Even though you are wearing the biggest coat you have, you are still cold while walking the lonely streets of Seoul.
“I don’t but I heard she does tutoring and I asked her for her number so you could contact her” he turned to you with a smile.
Taehyung is your childhood best friend, the person you would tell anything to literally anything. He’s one of the kindest yet funniest people you have ever met. You love him so much and he has shown you that he does the same.
“Thank you for helping me out” you stop mid way which he does too. He gave your head a pat while he nodded.
“I’m happy to help you, after all you are my best friend” he put his hand over your shoulder. Laughing you both continue to walk over the bit of snow that was piling up on the side of the sidewalk.
Even though you are busy around the day and most of the time you don’t even have time for yourself. But you have to give tutoring a try if not you will fail the semester. And you really can’t afford that at the moment.
♡ . . . . . .
Biting your nails you walked back and forth. You were too nervous to call her yesterday and you promised you would do it the next morning and now that it’s the next day you don't want to.
“God y/n why are you so scared” you yelled at yourself while staring at the phone. Once anxiety starts building up there’s no actual way for you to stop it. It takes over you until you finally calm down.
It’s been a week ever since Taehyung gave you the number for the tutor girl and ever since then you haven’t gotten the courage to talk to her. You should talk to her but what will you say once she answers.
‘Hey my grades a fucking low, can you tutor me?’ or ‘Do you tutor?’ it sounds so fucking stupid but you haven’t come up with anything else and the fact that you have to call her is even more frustrating.
“I have an idea” you picked up your phone and quickly looked for an specific contact which wasn’t hard to find. Dialing the number you waited for the person to pick up.
“Hello bitch!”
“I’m doing good Taehyung thanks for being so sweet” you rolled your eyes while you just heard a laugh from the other line. He always finds a unique way to answer the phone.
“Glad you are doing well. What’s up?” he said in between bites of something he was eating. You know Taehyung will do you this favor. You are just nervous about actually going there.
“Well you see..I want you to do me a favor” and like expected he started to laugh making you chuckle.
“I knew you called for a reason. What can this handsome face help you on?” he chuckled at his own words which you do the same.
“Well, remember the tutor? Well, I want you to talk to her about tutoring me. I’m just too nervous to do so” you played with your fingers feeling anxious already.
“You haven’t called her!? y/n you are hilarious” he got a bite of something again and then continued.
“What do you want me to tell her?” there is the question you have been wondering yourself. You aren’t sure what to say to her. And for the silence you knew he understood.
“Well I'll come up with something then. I’ll text you when I do it” sighing you felt much more relief than you did before. What would you do without Taehyung, that’s an honest question you have now.
“Thank you so much! Love you tae”
“Love you too” he laughed and hung up the call. Feeling much better you decided to distract yourself from the whole tutoring thing and decided to make dinner.
As you were putting the vegetables in the pot you heard a notification go off from your phone. Quickly you ran towards it, picking the phone up and walking back to the kitchen.
Taehyung probably already did it which makes you feel so guilty for making him do it. You know he would do favors for you without asking anything in return but sometimes you feel bad for it even though he tells you not to. That he’s happy to help you out and you know he is, it’s just guilt that eats you up whole.
Tae: Finished! she said it was fine and that she can't wait to see you on Saturday.
Wait Saturday!? no not Saturday, it’s the only day you can have a break since you have off that day. It’s the only fucking day you don’t have work.
You: Saturday!? Taehyung you know it’s my day off
You replied while stirring the soup you were making. He must have a reason why he said Saturday, he must if not you’ll go find him in this cold weather and kill him. Not literally
Tae: Well suck it up cause it’s the only day she agreed on.
You swear you see some attitude in that sentence. But you can’t be whining about it. He did what he could and you should be grateful because you didn’t have the courage to call her. What a bitch of a person you are.
You: I see, thank you either way. I owe you this one and so much more.
You smile while putting your phone on the counter and focusing on what you were cooking. You were surprised at how it didn’t burn while you were texting him.
Hearing another notification you tap on your phone making you laugh at his reply.
Tae: Oh trust me I have every single one written down. Also send her a message asking for the address.
Turning off the stove you picked up your phone once again and looked for her contact.
“What, I don't have it. I remember putting it” you said  scrolling through your contacts. Confused you went towards the keypad of your phone.
“Was it 67 or 69?” you questioned yourself. You remember Taehyung saying 69 but you aren’t sure if he really did. Not giving much attention you put 69 and send the message asking for her address. Surprisingly you got a reply back, well obviously you had to get a reply back.
Unknown: What address?
Confused, you read the message all over again and again. Is she playing games with you? Or does she have memory lost?
You: The address of your place?
What made you confused was not getting an answer from her back which made you feel frustrated and annoyed. Does she think highly of herself because she will tutor you?
While cursing her out you got an address which made you laugh at yourself but judging too quickly, which happens a lot.
Unknown: Sorry I forgot, see you soon!
You clicked on the address which wasn’t far from your place, it was about a 15 minute walk from your place. But since it’s December and winter is around the corner you would have to drive yourself there. Usually you would walk but that always changes when winter comes around.
Putting your phone down you took out a bowl and took some soup out. With all of this you totally forgot about your food, something you never do. This is going to be a long rest of the week.
If only you had good fucking grades.
♡ . . . . . .
Feeling nervous you clicked on the 6 floor on the front entrance. You asked her at what time it would be best for you to come on saturday and surprisingly she said 6pm something you weren’t expecting. There’s no complaint on the hour however it’s just a bit weird how she would want to tutor you really late. But you can’t be judging someone that offered to help you instead you understood her decision.
Hearing the front door open makes you snap back to reality. Quickly you went over to the door entering and heading towards the elevator. Feeling even more nervous you wiped the sweat from your hands while waiting for the elevator door to open.
Was it appropriate for you to wear a skirt for just tutoring? Even thought it’s dumb to overthink over an outfit you still want to make sure you aren’t crossing any boundaries that you shouldn’t. Let’s say you decided to go out with Taehyung since you hadn’t had much time to hang out with him so you wanted to spend some time before you came here.
You don’t regret it, maybe you just wished you wore something different from what you are wearing right now. Sighing you watched the door open and you headed in, clicking the 6th floor. The door closed once again making you feel nervous. You guess that being an introvert does have it’s unpleasant things to it.
Giving the door two light knocks you waited for someone to open it or just respond. You have been standing in front of this door for a good 10 minutes. Once you got out of the elevator you walked slowly towards the door, and when you meant slowly you meant LITERALLY slowly.
And now here you are finally getting the courage to knock. Getting no answer you knocked once again. You are sure it’s room 418, checking your phone again you go through the messages and yes you were indeed right.
You gave the door two more knocks making them louder this time. Did she seriously played with you like this!? Or did she forget?
Frustrated you put your hands to your face wanting to just slap yourself for actually believing her. You were about to walk away but once you saw the door open you relaxed yourself. But the thing was there was no one there. Opening the door wider you looked around to see the moon light shining in the place. Are you about to enter a haunted apartment right now!?
Erasing those thoughts you walked slowly in making sure the door was still open if something did happen. Confused you looked around, it didn’t look like a haunted place instead it looked very neat and clean. The whole place had a nice soft smell of lavender which you found very pleasant and nice.
“Hello? Miss tur-Amy” why the hell was ‘Miss tutor girl’ an option for you to call her. Taehyung specifically told you that her name was amy.
“Amy?” you spoke up again, you decided to close the door thinking it was the worst decision ever but you need the tutoring. You continued to walk ahead feeling scared and nervous but stopped once you felt something on the floor.
“Red Flower petals?” you confusedly said watching a trail of petals on the floor lead to a sudden room that you could see open. Did you catch her at a bad timing, did she perhaps have someone over? Could she be having sex with someone? You wanted to slap yourself for saying that but you didn’t, instead you followed the pedals walking closer to a room.
Your eyes go wide, really wide. You weren’t expecting to see this not at all. But it was beautiful. There were candles on the far back of the bed, red flower petals leading to the bed which had a shape of a heart on it. You smiled widely even though they weren’t for you.
You walk closer to the room, forgetting the whole reason why you were there in the first place. “Wow” you said, feeling so happy for no reason. This is always something you would see in the movies, nothing that you would think that happens in real life.
“Glad you like it” said a soft voice that came from behind you, scared you froze up not knowing what to do. Was there someone behind you this whole time and you didn’t know!?
Footsteps could be heard more clearly now as you could tell they were making their way towards you, making you feel nervous.
Before anything could happen you turned around making him stop in mid way with wide eyes. It felt as if you were both confused about the same thing.
“Um.. are you amy?” you asked feeling really stupid because you knew that there’s no way this handsome guy could be the girl you are talking about. He slowly shaked his head, giving you a ‘no’ in return.
“Are you Violet?” he asked, and now it was your turn to deny the answer. Both of you stood there trying to figure out what was happening.
“Wait, who are you looking for?” he asked, trying to figure out the situation you both were in since you were too confused to say anything.
“I’m looking for Amy, she was supposed to be my tutor.” you said reading the messages between you and Taehyung and the one where the address was sent from. There was something really wrong but you can’t figure out how you ended up here.
“Who were you waiting for?”
“Violet my date” he shyly said while putting his hand on the back of his neck trying to hide the little red blush of his cheeks. You knew you were interrupting something that was really private, very private actually.
“I’m sorry, but who are you?” you asked which he quickly smiled at, he seemed friendly which makes you even more guilty for ruining his plans.
“I’m Hoseok, who are you?” he asked, flashing you the sweetest and brightest smile you have ever seen.
“I’m Y/n, nice to meet you” you smile while extending your hand to him which he softly took. Nodding he shocked your hand.
“I’m sorry for ruining your date, i might have gotten the wrong address” you admitted to him which he just chuckles at. He didn’t seem bothered or annoyed, instead he looked perfectly fine with you ruining his surprise.
“Don’t even worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes. But how did you get my address?” he asked, letting his curiosity run over. Pulling out your phone you showed him the messages between you and who you thought was amy.
“Is this your phone number?”
“ is.” he laughed while staring at your phone taking a look at your messages. How did he not notice the confusion you had over the text. He expected that Violet, who he thought he was texting, would know why he just sent the address.
“Looks like i was the one that sended it to you.” he laughed cheerfully not feeling bother by the whole situation instead he found it hilarious. He found it funny how you both were expecting two different things yet those two things aren’t possibly happening now.
“I’m truly sorry Hoseok, i’ll leave so you can continue your surprise” you spoke up feeling embarrassed at the whole situation you just made by going to the wrong apartment and hearing the number wrong.
“No it’s okay, you can stay. I’m sure the date was ruined for a reason” he smiled feeling positive about the situation instead. Hoseok always believed that if something went wrong with what he was doing it was because it wasn’t meant to be just like the situation right now.
“If you aren’t busy of course” he added, not trying to make you feel like you should stay if you had other things to do. He didn’t want to take your time if you truly were busy.
Once again you took out your phone from your purse and tried to find taehyung’s contact. You will just ask taehyung for her actual number and maybe you could go next time. No, it's a definitely.
You: Taehyung, there has been an issue which I can't miss. But can you send me the number and I'll text her myself.
Quickly you got a reply back with a phone number and a smirking emoji that made you laugh without you noticing.
Tae: What could be so important than your grades? Well you getting railed
Your eyes widened at his text which you found so annoying on Taehyung's part. He always thinks that just because you cancel a plan it means you are getting fucked.
You: Shut up, no I'll explain later.
Putting your phone back on your purse you looked up at Hoseok who was waiting for your reply to his invitation.
“Sure i would love to stay” you chuckled which wasn’t supposed to be a chuckle but the sudden situation kept spinning around your head.
“Great, come this way. Would you like some water, coffee, tea?” he asked, walking towards what looked like his kitchen.
He had all his lights off which now makes sense on why he did that. You wonder what would’ve happened if you didn’t get the room number and Hoseok would be with his date. Realization hits you like lighting, you saw what he was planning on doing yet you are still questioning it.
“Some coffee would be nice” you smile while he turned the kitchen lights on and now there is a light shining a bottle of wine in the center of the counter. Quickly he takes it off acting as if you didn’t see it to begin with.
“Two coffees coming right up” he smiled as he started to heat up the coffee machine and took out the instant coffee from the counter.
This was never something you were expecting. You weren’t expecting for any of this to happen today. Not that you ever expected for this to ever happen, next time you will pay close attention to Taehyung when he tells you a number.
“I assume you were texting your boyfriend, right?” he suddenly asked, breaking the silence that you both had. Confused, you looked at him waiting for him to expand his thoughts.
“The person you were texting earlier” he added while pouring coffee on a white simple mug. The person you were texting earlier? Is he referring to taehyung?
“Eh no, he’s my best friend” you smiled. “Why?” you quickly added which he finally turned to you.
“Just asking, so if you did have one there would not be any misunderstandings” he smiled while walking closer to you with the mug of coffee. He handed it to you, while you placed it on the wooden coffee table.
He carefully sat on the couch giving you and him some space so you wouldn’t feel creeped out or uncomfortable.
“So about your date, I assume it wasn’t the first one, correct?” now it was your turn to flip the coin on him which got him off guard just like he did with you.
“Well yes, but it’s the last” he chuckled as he took a sip from the mug. How so? If they were about to fuck you are sure they were talking serious business. Like you wouldn’t have sex with someone you are not comfortable with.
“Weren’t you both-” you quickly cut off that thought you were going to say, you need to learn to keep your curiosity in.
“Yeah you can say it, we were about to have sex” he laughed almost as if those words were not even meaningful to him. Did he not want to have sex with her?
“Well yeah. I was just wondering how it would be your last if you know you were going to have sex” you said without feeling embarressed. Talking to Hoseok felt comforting for some reason, it’s almost as if he was your best friend or just someone close to you.
“It sounds crazy, I know. But it wasn’t something I was looking forward to” he quietly said, averting his eyes to the mug and just the mug. Something about the way he said it made it seemed as if he was forced to.
“Sex comes when two people are comfortable. When both are ready, but I wasn't ready to do it with her.” he added while you just stared at him with sadness in your eyes. You always thought of sex as a love language. A meaning that defines that both partners are ready for the next step in their relationship.
“Was it that you weren’t ready or that you weren’t comfortable enough to have sexual activities with her?” you asked which he turned to you with more of a thoughtful face than the smile he had earlier.
“It’s not that i haven’t fuck with anyone cause i would be lying if i said i didn’t. But she was going to use me for sex. And I wanted to make the experience at least worth it for her and me. But I knew it wouldn’t matter either way” he laughed while looking away, which seemed like more of a sad laugh than a happy one. You still wonder on why he would take such a risk of having sex with her even though he didn’t want to.
“You may wonder why I would do it. I don’t even know myself.” he looked back at you, meeting your eyes. He smiled, a genuine smile that he was holding back but came out anyway.
“Thank you..”
“For what?”
“For saving me from her” he laughed out loud making you laugh along with him. After something that didn’t need to be cleared up was cleared up you both continued talking like normal.
You both shared things about each other's life making the atmosphere more of a relaxing place and calming. You actually found out a lot about him, like, he loves to cook even though he isn’t that good at it. He works as a barista at the local cafe which you wanted to go to but had no time to do so. He also shared that he’s in his third year of college just like you are.
And like he shared things about himself you also shared things about yourself like your hobbies, the love for cooking, how lazy you are which now thinking about it should’ve stayed a secret.
“Would you look at that, it’s 1am” you said, unlocking your phone, seeing a bunch of text from Taehyung and your mother. While you both kept on talking and talking you never realized for how long you both were actually talking for.
“I have to go” you said standing up from the couch while putting the cold mug that you've been holding in your hand this time down. He stood up seconds after nodding at you.
“Are you sure? you can stay. It's very late. I can drop you at your home tomorrow” he offered you with a smile. He was right it was pretty late for you to be going back by yourself, and you do get scared when it comes to going alone. Usually Taehyung would be the one leaving you everyday at the entrance because he wanted to make sure you were safe and now you got used to that.
“Well..” you hesitated on answering. It’s not that you don’t trust him, actually it’s pretty surprising how you trust him so much with just a few hours of meeting him. But you were scared that the girl he was talking about could show up.
“Violet won’t come if that’s what you are worried about” he chuckled knowing he just read your mind by the face you made.
You laugh at your own thoughts making you feel stupid for even thinking that. It’s not like you are the side chick or something. They aren’t even dating for you to be worried about that.
“Okay then if you don’t mind”
“Of course I don't. Come i’ll show you where you will stay” he said walking ahead of you as you followed behind him. And for the direction he was walking you knew exactly which room he meant, not that you were complaining.
“I only have one room and I want you to have the bed instead” he said walking over to a black dresser on the side. You walked in analyzing the room a bit more this time. He had a very good combination of black and grey in his room. The decoration split between the two colors which made the room more comfortable. The two big lamps on either side of the bed frame made the room vibe more of a mystery which you love.
“Here” he handed you a grey T-shirt and black sweatpants which you assume are his. Smiling, you took the clothes from his hand.
“Thank you” you told him as he went back to the dresser to get another pair of clothes that were definitely for him. He came back with a different set of clothes which were all grey.
“Don’t even mention it” he smiled as he walked towards the door and walked out. “You can change here” he peeked through the door, nodding you smile as he walked out again.
Well now you definitely weren’t expecting to stay here and sleep over at his place. But either way you felt tired so might as well just take his kind offer and stay. It’s not like anything is going to happen.
You started by taking your skirt on, putting the sweatpants on slowly which are way bigger than yours but you like them. Lifting up your shirt you took it off as you were trying to find the opening to his shirt.
“Y/n are you hungry- oh my god” he said quickly covering his eyes so he wouldn’t see you. Surprised you looked at him feeling the cold breeze hit your skin making goosebumps all over your body. You quickly put the shirt on feeling embarrassed at the sudden situation.
“I’m sorry i didn’t see a-anything, w-well i did but I w-will u-unsee it” he stuttered in his words while keeping his hands on his face. You couldn’t help but feel shy at imagining him seeing your uncovered chest. You did have a bra, but that’s still your body being exposed.
“I’m sorry” he said once again making you feel even more shy. “I just thought you were done.” he added quickly, trying to apologize. And he probably did because he was already done changing with his clothes.
You walked closer to him trying to tell him that it was okay. That it wasn’t much of a big deal as he was making it. But while standing in front of him he took his hands off his face hitting your face in the process.
“Ouch” you said laughing through the pain which now made him even more guiltier. You covered your face with your hand trying to massage the pain.
“I’m sorry” he said once again trying to check your face which you slowly let him do. He put his thumb on your cheek softly, trying to ease the pain he just caused. Looking into your eyes he grabbed your face with his hand caressing this thumb on the same cheek.
“I’m sorry again” he quietly said, keeping his eyes with yours. Something about what was happening felt weird but you couldn’t stop looking into his eyes. It felt as if you could get lost in them without you even complaining.
You both continue to stare at each other without saying a word. You could say it was quiet but both of your eyes were having a whole conversation making the next step predictable.
He slowly leaned in making both his lips connect with yours. You slowly accept the kiss, making the kissing process slowly and calmly. The way his lips were blending in with yours felt so perfect, almost too unrealistic. You didn’t want to stop, you didn’t want to leave the feeling of his lips. The soft feeling of his lips against yours. There’s nothing that you would rather be doing than kissing him.
Slowly you both started running out of breath which made you both stop the kiss you didn’t want to let go. And like before you both stared at each other, heavy breathing thinking of all kinds of thoughts. And once you both had enough oxygen the kiss continued.
You started to slowly walk backwards making your legs touch the bed as you fell in the bed in the process. He leaned closer to you watching you lay on his bed.
“We won’t do this unless you are comfortable enough to do so” he softly said smiling at you with the most pure smile. It’s true you could’ve left once you realized that it was 1 am but the feeling he was giving you made you stay. The feeling of comfort he gave you made you stay, not that it was night time. And you would be lying if you said you didn’t want this.
“I do. I do want this” you smile at him confidently. “Are you sure?” he asked again just to make sure you were completely sure about your decision.
“I’m sure” you touch his face with your hand which was enough for him to press his lips back with yours.
The kiss was different, it was rougher and needier than the first time. Much faster and much more tongue technology. Something about his lips made you want to have more, taste them until you got tired which will never happen.
While keeping his lips with yours he started to slowly move his hand under the T-shirt, he gave you smirk once he found what he was looking for. Surprised you opened your eyes, feeling his hand in your boob. Carefully he pulled away from the kiss as he stood up watching you lay on his bed.
Something about the way you made him feel was making him want more, it was driving him insane. Just a simple kiss was already making him hard, something that was rare for him to experience since it takes a long time for that to happen.  
Quickly he started to remove his shirt making you gulp as you watched him, without taking your eyes off him. You could tell he works out by the way his abs are forming and the muscle he has on his arms, something so simple as him working out is making you even more turned on. Hoseok is just so hot in every single way.
While he was taking his sweatpants off you decided to take your clothes off not trying to stay behind from something you want to do.
“You are driving me crazy” he spoke up, biting his lip as he watched you laying in his bed once again. For some reason he couldn’t resist the thought of having you. You made him feel some type of way, a way he hasn’t felt before. And tonight he will surely show you that.
Kneeling down he pulled your body closer to the edge of the bed, trying to get a good form for what he is about to do. Feeling nervous you waited for something to happen but once you felt his fingers in the fabric of your panty you gasped. You weren’t expecting that but you aren’t complaining.
Circling his fingers he watched all the kinds of expressions you were starting to make, it made him feel even more motivated to continue.
Without giving you a warning he started to remove your panties at a quick speed making you jump from surprise. And without wasting time he leaned closer to your entrance, giving your clit a soft kiss that made goosebumps go through your whole body.
He continued to kiss your clit making you close your eyes shut, you weren’t going to start moaning that soon. He would see the lack of sex you truly have which is not embarressing but for you it kinda is.
From kisses he turns to licks. Slowly he licked up and down your pussy making the urge of moaning irresistible. The way his tongue was guiding you to your orgasm felt so good to the point you let moans come out of your mouth making him satisfied.
“You like that, huh?” he asked, watching the way you were gripping to his sheets for dear life, he knew that it was driving you crazy. He loved the way you were becoming more vocal and exposed to how much you were liking it.
“I do, i really do” you said in between your moans, as his pace quickened up making your moans louder this time. He was driving you to the edge, you were a mess but you were enjoying the fuck out of this.
“Hoseok” you yelled, making him smirk. “Yeah” he quickly answered, waiting for you to respond but you were too lost in your own pleasure to answer him.
You felt yourself coming closer and closer by the second making you hold his head down which surprised him and you. At this point your body had a mind of its own.
“I’m going to cum” you let his head go feeling energetic and ready to become even more of a mess in front of him, but Hoseok had different plans. He knew you were going to cum at any second making him stop his process while he stood up.
Confused, you watch his smirk on his face as you felt frustrated. You were right there, right fucking there. “Hoseok-”
“You are cumming in my cock” he cut you off as he took his boxers off quickly. You watched his already hardened cock pop out making you feel even more excited.
You want him in you, you want to feel him. It’s all you have been thinking about ever since the kiss started. The dirty thought you had while kissing his lips, the feeling in your stomach imagining him inside you. Everything felt so right and you know you won’t regret this. And for today good luck is on your side.
“Ready?” he asked, snapping you out of your thoughts, and while you were deep in thought he proceeded to have a condom in his cock already. You watch as he smiled at you with a pure innocent smile, nothing to do with what you are both about to do.
“Yes” you confidently said feeling even more excited. “Are you sure?” he asked, wanting to double check if you were sure. Even though he was hard and ready if you told him that you weren’t ready he would stop. He wasn’t going to do something you weren’t comfortable with.
“Yes i’m sure” you assured him with a smile which he nods and proceeds with the action. Grabbing his cock he softly hit your clit making you gasp.
“Oh you like that” he said in amusement, giving your clit a few more soft hits watching you gasp every time. You were feeling even more wet than before, he was playing with you but you just wanted him inside you.
“Look at you all wet and just for me” he smiled, poking your entrance with his tip, pulling it in just a bit just to pull it out once again. He wanted to hear it from you, he wanted to hear those magical words from you. And he wasn’t going to stop until he heard them.
“Hoseok” you begged him, you were becoming desperate by the second. You wanted to feel him but he was making it impossible. He wanted to make you suffer and he was aiming for it.
“Just say it” he smirked watching your desperation grow but he wasn’t going to stop until he heard it from you.
Frustration was mixing with desperation. He was challenging you but you were weak for him so you gave him what he wanted.
“Hoseok fuck me” you yelled out making him smile widely. Those word was all he was aiming to hear, the words that were going to be the last normal thing to be said before fucking.
Keeping eye contact he smiled at you not giving you enough time to process what he was doing, slowly he shoved his cock inside you making him groan at your tightness.
“It’s okay” he assured you, wanting for you to calm down. He made you feel so full, so perfectly full of him. You wanted him to move, to start fucking the life out of you.
“You can move now” you spoke up which he immediately listened to and started to move slowly. He wanted to keep a slow pace until you were comfortable enough for him to quicken his speed and movements.
In and out he started moving, making you grip to the sheets once again, his movements were slow but they hit the spot just right. You smiled at him giving him a signal that it was okay to move faster, he immediately understood making his movements much quicker this time.
He started to thrust in and out of you making moans escape your mouth as he groaned in pleasure. You wanted this and you don’t regret it at all, this is exactly what you imagined he would feel inside you. Making you want more and more each second, driving you crazily to the edge every time he thrusted into you. You wanted more, you wanted to cum all over him, you wanted to become a mess just for him. And you are sure this won’t be the last time you both fuck, there will be more incounters just like this.
“Hoseok” you moaned out which he responded by holding your waist to keep you in place with all the movement. He kept you steady making his movements deeper this time while all you could do was roll your eyes back.
“Fuck you feel so good” he groaned keeping his hand to your waste watching every expression you made once he thrusted in and out.
He has never felt this type of way just when meeting a person. He hasn’t fucked a person with just a few hours of meeting them but for some reason it was different with you. Something about you made him go crazy, something about you made him want more and more. He felt so attracted to you, but of course he knew why.
You are beautiful inside and out with such an amazing personality, how would a person not fall for you right there and then. He knew he felt something for you, almost like love at first sight. Something he never believed in.
“Hoseok i’m going to cum” you grip his hand tightly feeling your orgasm coming closer and closer as he went on.
“Cum for me baby” he smiled, making you feel butterflies with the pet name. He knows how to bring you closer to the edge.
Keeping his hand on your waist he thrusted even faster than before knowing you and him would be reaching each other's organism soon. He wanted to make you feel good, he wanted for you to enjoy it and for the way you were begging for more gave him enough signs that you liked it.
“Fuck” you yelled out cumming hard all over him heavy breathing as you shut your eyes closed feeling him still moving inside you.
“Fuck i’m right there” he said while thrusting to your orgasm which wasn’t for long because minutes after he released all his cum on the condom.
“Holy shit” he said while throwing his head back while still being inside you. That was the first time you have ever cum that hard, not even your past boyfriend has made you cum this way. There wasn’t a sex when you truly enjoyed it like this one.
“Indeed holy shit” you chuckled, feeling sweat all over you which grossed you out. Meeting your eyes he pulled out the condom and threw it away. Quickly he laid next to you, pulling you into a hug.
“Hoseok i’m sweaty” you exclaimed feeling all the sweat probably go to him which he just laughed at you. He kissed your forehead and rested his chin on your head.
“It doesn’t matter” he smiled while closing his eyes. He wanted to hug you all night and nothing was going to stop him from that. He wanted to be close to you, he wanted to be by your side.
“This was a nice way for us to meet each other don’t you think?” you laughed which he also laughed at. It was weird how you both felt so comfortable with each other with just hours of meeting. Too comfortable to the point you both fucked.
You don’t regret it or think badly about it, instead you actually feel happy and thankful about it. It sounds really weird but it was true. This night will be one to remember, a night you know damn well it won’t be easy to ever forget.
“I like that idea” he admitted as you softly hit his chest which he chuckled at. Pulling a blanket he covered you and him in it and once you both touched the blanket sleep was all that you both had in mind.
♡ . . . . . .
“Isn’t that him?” Taehyung asked, looking over to the figure that was coming closer and closer towards the both of you.
It was exam try outs and you were just as nervous as the person that was coming closer. After all that happened you still decided to get the tutoring which has saved you from feeling the semesters and actually graduating college, and you are so thankful for Amy for that. You passed this exam, you were just waiting to see his results.
“It is.” you smiled quickly. “Over here” you yelled as the person rushed over to you and taehyung. Smiling, he gave you a kiss on the lips, which gave you butterflies everytime.
“So how did it go?” you asked hoping he had good news. You knew the fear of not knowing what your score was or if you would get rejected. It was understandable how nervous he felt.
“I didn’t pass it, i was rejected” he quietly said, making you turn to Taehyung who was already looking at you with a surprised face. Well those weren’t the news you were expecting at all, just what happened.
“Oh Hoseok-”
“Because I passed them with a higher position than I expected.” he yelled out, making you hit his shoulder for scaring you like that. Pulling him into a hug you smiled proudly and happily for him, you know that exam was extremely hard.
He was having some issues and you know that it was taking 75% of his mind and you were worried he wouldn’t pass it. But like the smart person he is, he did.
“Are you proud of me?” he asked, meeting your eyes, as he had a soft look in them making you nod with a smile.
“Of course I am” you yelled, making him laugh as he leaned to give you a kiss. You laugh in the kiss making him laugh with you.
Ever since that one night you and Hoseok have been dating which was 3 years ago and now you both will be working under the same company that required you to do an exam. You never imagined that was how you were going to meet the love of your life. Never in a million years would you have thought that was going to be the way you would fall in love with him.
Hoseok is the sweetest and kindest person you have ever met besides Taehyung. You fall in love with him every single day. There’s always something that makes you fall deeply in love with him once again. Everytime you both kiss it still feels like the first time you had your first kiss. You don’t know what your life would be now if you’ve never gotten the wrong number.
“You guys make love cute” Taehyung said watching as the both of you looked at each other with love. A love that any person could see you both had.
“Wait, how did you guys meet?” Taehyung asked, crossing his arms as you and Hoseok both got surprised. You still haven’t told Taehyung how you met Hoseok. There was no actual nice way you would have explained it.
Now how the fuck will you explain to him that you both fucked the first time you meet but that you enjoyed it to the point that you had more dates and more of actual fucking? Or when your future kids ask how you both met?
That will be one funny story to explain to everyone who ask on how you both meet, expect you will definitely skip the having sex part.
“Wrong Number?” you shrug making Hoseok laugh while Taehyung confusedly stared at you trying not to ask what that even meant.
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taetaespeaches · 10 hours ago
“I’ll name it Hope-O’-Lantern.”
hoseok x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 400+
a/n: Hi lovelies! Here is 2/7 of the halloween blurbs! Hobi and Petal/reader are carving pumpkings and Hobi is not enjoying the pumpkin guts lol. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
As you cleaned out your pumpkin, you caught sight of your boyfriend’s disgusted expression, elbow deep in his own pumpkin, hand digging around the slime and seeds. Hoseok really couldn’t hide a single thing, his face an open canvas for every grievance and annoyance to paint itself upon. Giggling at him, he looked up at you with wide eyes.
“You didn’t tell me this would be so gross,” he instantly complained, not even trying to conceal his distaste for the festive activity. Rolling your eyes at him, you continued with your task of scraping the spoon along the inside walls of the squash.
“It’s not that gross,” you defended your choice in hobby. “It’s Halloween!” You announced, meeting his gaze once again. “We’re having fun!”
Hoseok tried to conceal his smile but he couldn’t stop the upward curve of his lips. “Whatever you say, Petal.”
“Then quit complaining and listen to me,” you sassed back.
“I hardly complained,” he defended himself, eyes blown wide as he looked at you innocently.
“Your face gives you away,” you grinned, amused by the man. “It gets better once it’s all cleaned out, I promise.”
Sighing, he held his hands out in front of his chest and flashed another dramatically displeased expression your way. Ignoring him, you continued your task, though you noticed the way Hoseok leaned toward you, inspecting the design you planned to carve into the pumpkin.
“You’re doing all that?” He asked in shock. “Whoah.”
“I’m gonna try,” you replied, looking down at the intricate image of a witch. “What are you doing?”
“This,” he replied through an embarrassed smile as he reached for the drawing of a traditional Jack-O’-Lantern, though this one looked a bit happier than the spookier version. “I’ll name it Hope-O’-Lantern,” he giggled, a smile spreading across your face at your boyfriend’s cuteness. “I’m not overestimating my abilities, I don’t share your pumpkin carving expertise.”
“It’ll be perfect,” you assured him. “Adorable, just like you.” Meeting his gaze, you pulled your eyebrows together at the mischievous glint in his eyes. “What?”  
“I just love you so much,” he cooed through a massive grin, his slimy hands suddenly grabbing the sides of your face as he pulled you into a kiss. Squealing against his mouth, you pulled away, giving him a look of disgust. “What?” He feigned innocence. “You said it wasn’t gross.”
“I’m gonna kill you,” you warned him, though a small smile slipped through your intimidating facade, the pumpkin gut residue cold on your cheeks. He continued to watch you in amusement, his sunshine smile on full display, pulling a small chuckle from you.
Reaching into your pile of slime and seeds, you grabbed a chunk and tossed it at him, the guts sticking to his cheek. The man instantly flicked the residue off, staring at you in shock after he registered what you had just done.
Scoffing through a smile, he shook his head. “It’s on.”
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knjdilfs · 3 months ago
—bts fic recs masterlist
Tumblr media
↯ here is a compilation of fic recommendation masterlists
ggukkiereads - jk sports au list, jk list, knj list, bts list
namjoon fic recs
knj fic recs
hying line fic rec
seoksinjin (angst list)
moonchild1 - jk fic rec
[UPDATED 14.07.21]
↯ check my pinned for other bts compilations & ml
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kimnjss · 3 months ago
HELLO!!!! I wanted to make a request for clips with context✨
So i was thinking for the vlive where hobi gets all sad bc in the comments they keps asking for jimin. Y/n was watching so she went to comfort him🥺 and also comfort him 🥵
Feel free to add whatever/whoever you like😈
Hope this works and hope you like the idea 💜💜 take care💜💜
[ part six of a new series called: ‘clips with context' - feel free to request your own! ]
sad about the way his livestream ended, you know exactly what to do to get that smile back on his face. // explicit. 1.2k words
warnings: cursing, slight dirty talk, marking, hand jobs, hints of dom!reader, oral sex (m. receiving), spit, cum swallowing, deep throat… hoseok is whiny as hell.
“you're done on live?” you had heard him leave, but was too busy enjoying your shower to pay any real attention to it. he's huffing as he plops down on the edge of the bed, pulling his cap off to run his fingers through his hair. “yeah. they wanted to talk to jimin,” he tries to shrug it off, but you can see the hint of sadness in his eyes. hear it in his tone.
you don't make a deal of it, crawling to the edge of the bed to wrap your arms around his shoulders. a soft kiss is pressed behind his ear, bare chest smushing against his back. “good. i wanted you to myself anyway,” your hand reaches around from his hip down to his lower belly.
hoseok cranes his neck so he can get a better look at you, which makes it easier for you to capture his lips in a kiss. hot and wet as your hand slides down toward his lap, feeling the way his cock hardens underneath your touch.
“do you want me to suck you off?” he's nodding before the words can fully leave your mouth. reaching for the waistband of his pants and scrambling to tug them off as a rushed, “please,” falls from his lips.
you're giggling at his eagerness, sucking a kiss behind his ear as you watch his hands reveal himself. waiting patiently for you to come around, but you're too focused on marking him. in a not so obvious, obvious spot. right below his earlobe so his hair could cover it, but you'd still catch glimpses of it.
the soft moans that fall from his lips urge you to tease him so more, knowing how much you love the way he looks when he's all riled up. trying desperately to hold out when all he really wants to do is cum at the simplest touch. his eyes flutter, head lulling back as your hand wraps around his length.
one experimental thrust has his hips lifting. you plan to turn his mind to mush, wipe away that sullen look he had on his face upon entering your shared suite. get him to forget how excited he had been earlier about opening up the live. get him to focus on you until the sting of rejection was just a faint memory.
he's rolling his hips, cock sliding in and out of the small opening you've made with your first. the sound of his low grunts fill the room, the soft whine he lets out whenever you've hit a particularly sensitive spot. the press of your lips never leave, a wet line of kisses going down the length of his neck and then back up again.
“you're leaking already. does it feel that good, baby?” hoseok ignores your slightly teasing tone to nod his head. the wetness of precum hits your palm and you use it to create a smoother slip, hand jerking faster, that paired with the twist of your hand has his eyes rolling back.
mouth finding his, you're reaching your free hand to tangle in his hair. holding his head steady as you push your tongue past your lips. his moans die on your tongue, the movement of his hips speeding up until he's nearly fucking into your fist. “shit,” he's gasping, jaw falling slack. from the quick rise and fall of his chest and the slight tremble of his legs you can tell that he's close.
but, you have a lot more playing you want to do before that point, so you're pulling your hand away. earning a squinted eye glare from the man in front of you. “not yet, baby. i wanna taste you.” despite your words, you make no effort to move. back to sucking hickeys into his skin while your nails drag over the skin of his thighs.
he's squirming, ready to drag you down there himself. cock heavy between his legs, he's sure just a few seconds on your tongue and he'd be falling apart. your mouth always felt so good wrapped around him. not to mention, how pretty you looked stuffed full of him, sucking down every last drop he has to offer. the thought alone is enough to get his patience in check, wanting so badly to see you like that and knowing one wrong move and you'd up your teasing game.
you pull back once the skin is red and you're sure it'll bruise. then, without a word, you're hopping up to get down on your knees in front of him. he's got this real fucked out look on his face, cheeks flushed, eyes glossy and lips parted. he looks perfect, fisting the sheets as he anticipates the warmth of your mouth.
and you have to tell him what you know he loves to hear. just before you're dropping a glob of spit onto his tip, making him shudder. “you're so precious to me,” only a split second is allowed for him to react before you're leaning down and taking him into your mouth. done with teasing.
one hand cupping his balls as you lower yourself, swallowing him down until his tip catches on the back of your throat. and then you're pushing a bit further, taking in that last few inches. he curses at the sight of your nose pressed against his groin, hand scrambling to find your hair.
“fuck- make me cum, yn. please, please.” the begging chant continues as he rocks his hips, desperately trying to keep up with the bob of your head until you're stopping completely, letting him fuck into your mouth. it's messy. drool and precum dribbling from the sides of your mouth, but that's also how he likes it.
eyes watering from the strain of having your mouth open for so long and you know he likes that too, so you're looking up. he's taking one look at your teary eyes, soft lips wrapped tight around him and his stomach is caving. body dropping onto the sheets and the grip he has in your hair loosens.
incoherent words of praise fall from his lips, eyes unfocused as he orgasm washing through him. the first spurt of his cum catches you off guard, shooting straight down your throat, but you're prepared for the rest – mouth working him through the entirety of it. only pulling off when his heavy breaths shift to soft hums.
he's spent. an arm covering his eye, body spread out on the bed. his softening cock lays lazily against his hip bone, so pretty that you have to talk yourself out of taking a seat on it. instead, you take to straddling his waist ass resting just above his belly button. hoseok moves his arm at the weight of you on top of him, hand lifting to cup the side of your face.
“that felt so good, baby.” hoseok's laughing out in slightly disbelief, which has a large grin spreading across your features. you're lowering yourself until your chest is pressed against his, chin resting on your arms as you look up at him. “are you still sad?”
the look of confusion on his face makes your heart happy, mind still foggy with thoughts of you and you had no plans on further reminding him. when he doesn't get it, you're shaking your head – leaning up to capture his lips into another soft kiss.
Tumblr media
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dreamescapeswriting · 7 days ago
Inexperienced ~ JHS [Request]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Hoseok x Fem!Reader
GENRE: Angst with a fluffy ending, shy and inexperienced reader with a fluffy soft Hoseok
A/N: I just wanted to say that I’m sorry you get a lot of crap for not dating a lot but there is no rush to it! Please don’t let what other people say bother you. Everyone experiences things are different stages of their life 🥰💞
Tumblr media
Evening wear was a strange concept to you. No one in all of your years of living had told you to dress in evening wear. And yet here you were tugging at your dress anxious about whether or not it was the right kind of outfit your date wanted you to wear. A simple red dress that had one slit on your left leg, stopping just above your knee. You'd paired it together with a pair of silver heels and a red clutch. Doing your best not to appear as nervous as you were feeling. 
You had been on so many dates with Hoseok but somehow this one made you more anxious than the others. Potentially because you'd never really dated before him and you had no idea what to expect. It wasn't as if there was some kind of dating guide book and if there was. You were in desperate need of reading it.
"You look beautiful," A sweet voice filled your head making you turn around in surprise. Hoseok was meeting you outside of the restaurant you were having your date. The plan had been to meet inside but you had been too afraid to actually go inside.
It was huge and looked extremely expensive, something that you could never afford even if you'd saved up for three lifetimes. Hoseok carefully lifted your hand to his lips, placing a soft and gentle kiss on your skin as he smiled up at you. All-day long the only thought that had been keeping him going at work was tonight with you. Imagining how beautiful you were going to look with him tonight. 
"The dress is okay?" A small stutter alerted him that you were nervous and he nodded. Taking the moment to slip his hand into yours and give it a small squeeze. 
"It's perfect Y/n," Even when he said your name you could melt onto the floor. 
The two of you had met through his work or rather. You'd been rushing to work one morning and spilt four cups of coffee down a notably expensive-looking suit begging him to let you make it up to him. It had all been a giant cliche but you didn't care.
After spending so much time with Hoseok you ignored that he was a CEO and some rich guy you'd bumped into and focused on his true self. The one that was kind to everyone he seemed to come into contact with. It was as if someone had created him in a storybook and placed him into this world, it was hard to believe that he wanted you.
"You have to say that because we're dating," You teased as he pulled you closer to him by your waist, pressing a long kiss on your cheek as he smiled brightly. 
"No, I say it because it's the truth." He whispered as he began walking in the direction of the restaurant doors. 
A tall blonde man was standing there in an all-black suit, looking you both up and down before taking Hoseok's name. 
"Right this way, we have a lovely booth waiting for you Mr Jung." A wave of heat washed over you as both you and Hoseok walked hand in hand through the restaurant. Fairy lights and fake blossom tree branches hung from the ceiling causing the room to appear as though you were in a forest. There was a huge fireplace beside the booths that you and Hobi were being led to. 
"Someone will be over in just a minute to take your drink order." Hoseok thanked him, tipping him kindly before holding your hand to help you sit down. The place looked incredibly fancy and you didn't know if you were ready to eat here. 
"Relax...It's just you and me." Hobi whispered as you laid your hand to rest on the table, his fingers locking with yours. As long as he kept his hand with yours you felt as though you could do anything in the world. 
"Just you and me," You repeated back to him, melting back in your seat as you began to ask him how his day had been.
You enjoyed hearing everything he had to talk about, from boring business meetings to how he was stuck in traffic. 
"We put another offer in a book publishing company, we're hoping that they take this one." He looked at you with a knowing glance. The book publishing company he was talking about had been the one he was rushing to the morning you'd bumped into it. 
"I'm sorry I messed that deal up for you-"
"You didn't, you made it better. If I hadn't have missed that meeting I never would have been with you tonight." That was the thing about Hoseok. He would always try to look on the brighter side of things, claiming that everything happened for a reason.
"But you would have had another business in your collection," You joked as he shook his head at you, bringing your hand to his lips again. 
"You're the one I want, no business compares to you." You felt your body heating up and not just because of the fireplace burning beside your seat. Every time he would compliment you or flirt with you so outright you couldn't help but shy away from him. Feeling yourself burning up whenever he did this and you were sure he did it on purpose. 
"Did I ever mention I love when you do that?" He questioned leaning back against his seat as you frowned a little. 
"When I do what?"
"You scrunch your nose up and shiver whenever I compliment you. I love it." Again your body reacted just the way he said you did and you whined a little, covering your face with your hands causing him to let out a breathy chuckle. 
"Nothing you can do will make me hate it," You poked your tongue out at him, wanting nothing more than the floor to swallow you whole right then and there. 
"You're so evil to me," You joked as he nodded his head, a wicked smirk turning on the corners of his lips. 
"The very worst." He winked before a waitress began to walk towards you ready to take your drink order and give you the menus.
Tumblr media
"Hobi," You whined a little, running your hand over your stomach and shaking your head. 
"If I eat one more bite you will have to carry me back to my apartment," You groaned as he held up a fork to your mouth. Waving small chocolate covered strawberry in front of your lips, it was very tempting but you couldn't. One more bite and you would burst out of the dress, that was how you truly felt right there. 
The meal had been as fantastic as you thought and dessert was going to finish you off. The two of you had been speaking non-stop about anything that had come into your minds, it felt as though you'd known him longer than you had. As if you had been friends for years and finally took a step towards being something more. 
"Are we still going to go to the sanctuary this weekend?" You questioned as you sat up, bringing your wine glass to your lips and sipping on it.
"Of course, I was thinking we could make it a weekend thing?" He raised an eyebrow at you as a giant unconscious smile grew across your face. 
One of your dates had been to go to an animal sanctuary together. Caring for the different kinds of animals that were there and had been a lot of fun. Seeing how kind he was to not just humans but animals also.
"I'm tempted to adopt that little bunny," You told him as you put your glass down onto the table,
"You just like him because he made a mess on me just as you had." You smirked a little at the memory. Hoseok had worn a smart shirt and jeans to the sanctuary and was sitting with you and some bunnies when one had an accident on him. 
"Hey, he's just like me. If we both made a mess on first impressions I have to keep him close." Hoseok smiled as he nodded his head at you, relaxed that you could both joke about this now. When it had first happened he'd tried to make an attempt at a joke but you were mortified. Begging him to let you pay him back in any way that you could. 
"I don't think I could take him anyway." You sighed a little and Hoseok hated it, he hated the way you sounded so sad.
"Why?" He paid for the meal and drinks, leaving a tip in the small book with the bill inside. Watching you as you shrugged your shoulders. 
"No pets in my apartment building, if I got  a bunny my landlord will flip!" You laughed a little imagining the way your landlord would kick off if he found out about a pet inside of the apartment.
"Maybe we could adopt him together, it could give you more incentive to come and see me," A blush crept onto his cheeks as he said the words without speaking. 
"I would love-"
"Y/n!?" You frowned hearing your name come from someone that wasn't sitting in front of you. 
"Y/n Y/l/b?!" You turned to your left to see a woman staring at you. At first, you could hardly recognize who she was until she flipped her hair over her shoulder. Vivid images of your school and university life flashed before your eyes.
"Daviana," You breathed out looking at her as she smiled at you, looking you up and down with a judgemental look on her face. You felt your confidence sink deeper as she stared between you and Hoseok, her mouth falling open instantly. 
"Jung Hoseok! Who would have thought!" She yelled bumping you up on your seat to sit directly in front of Hoseok, holding her hand out for him to shake. 
"I'm Daviana, Y/n's university best friend!" That was taking it too far, she was barely even a friend on your level. Someone who had done nothing but belittle you all throughout school and University. Embarrassing you with every chance that she had.
"I haven't heard about you before but it's lovely to meet you." He shook her hand graciously as you watched her, this was what she would do. Flirt with people you would even show the smallest bit of interest in.
"Look at you though! Finally dating!" She slapped your arm softly laughing in an obnoxiously loud tone as Hoseok watched you closely. It was clear to see she wasn't a friend of yours, 
"We used to have a saying about little Y/n here," She waved down a waitress asking for another glass of wine as you stared at Hoseok with an apologetic look. Praying that he would give this for even happening in front of him. 
"What was the saying?" He questioned, genuinely interested to hear about your life in University as it was always something you brushed under the rug or quickly changed the subject from. It wasn't as if you had the best experience in those years and you would rather have pretended they never happened than relive them.
"You see, Y/n didn't date. Gosh at one point I didn't even think she knew how to," Another loud laugh made you sink lower into the seat. Daviana pushed herself forward against the table, exposing her cleavage to Hoseok as she smiled at him. Running her perfectly manicured fingers around the rim of a glass that was placed in front of her.
"Always the bridesmaid and never the bride." The moment the words left her lips it was like you were back there. All of them laughing and joking about how you had no experience with dating, how you would end up alone with nothing but a cat.
"Though clearly, we were wrong if she could get you, Mr Hot shot CEO." She nudged your sides, throwing back the glass of wine as you smiled weakly. Doing your best to appear as though nothing she was saying was bothering you as much as it was. Giving her the satisfaction of knowing it was getting to you she would get worse.
"You should have seen her, she could barely even talk to another person! Is she inexperienced with you? Does she know how to act on a date?!" She began asking personal questions, asking what it was like when you were alone together. Doing what she would always do. Embarrass you. 
"Excuse me," You whispered as you got up to act as though you were heading for the bathroom. Following the signs for it but quickly finding someone to show you a back exit. 
Tumblr media
"Hey," You jumped a little hearing Hoseok behind you. A jacket being slipped into your shoulders as you stood as stiff as a rock. 
"You going home? I thought we could at least sneak out together," He told you as he looked down at you. Tears were rolling down your cheeks as you let out a sniffle, 
"Hey, hey, hey," He whispered turning you to look at him but you stared down at the floor. His finger and thumb softly tilting your head up to look at him. 
"What's wrong?"
"W-What she said, it's true." You whispered to him, wiping your face as you looked up at the sky. Trying to stop yourself from crying in front of the man you were dating, it couldn't have looked good. 
"The mean things she said about you not dating?" He questioned confused, holding your face in his hand as you nodded. Licking his lips slowly he sighed at you, shaking his head. 
"I don't want you to hear about that...It's bad enough I goggle what to do or say on dates as it is," You whispered as he pulled you closer to his chest, wrapping his arms around your shoulders to press your head on him. 
"She's nothing but a mean girl, you don't have to worry about what she says,"
"But I do." Your voice broke as you stepped away from him, his jacket falling onto the floor as you shook your head. 
"I never dated, I don't know what people what or expect of me when it comes to a relationship...I-I don't even know if what I'm doing is right when I'm on a date. Or when we're alone," You mumbled the last part, your insecurity bubbling up inside of you as Hoseok reached for your elbow. Pulling you into his personal space one more time as he shook his head at you. 
"Y/n. Do you for one second think I care that you've never dated before?" You looked at him, saying nothing. It was something you feared people would judge you for. 
"I don't care if you've dated a million people or none...All I care about is that I get to have you now." He whispered as he cupped your face one again, this time you leant your face into his touch. Feeling safe and relaxed as he held you, 
"Experienced or not I still like you for you." He whispered as he looked behind you, his car waiting for him to climb inside but he stared at you. 
"Do you want to come back to mine, or should I drop you home?" You thought about it for a moment before shaking your head. 
"I want to go to yours." Smiling happily he held the door open for you, kissing the top of your hand and helping you inside. Ready for a night of cuddling up in his bed, giving you all of the love he could muster up.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @lyoongx​ @mitzwinchester​ @rjsmochii​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @sweeneyblue1​ @jin-from-the-block​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ @misa0000​
Tumblr media
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holdinbacksecrets · 27 days ago
boyfriend things // that’s alright. as long as there’s moonlight and him
namjoon: he twirls the ring around your finger, again. over and over again. he coos at you: never take it off. he loves the way it feels on his skin when you hold his hand. you said yes, and now forever fills his mind, coming to life in studio booths, shared at midnight as you lay in bed together. everything he wants with you
jin: looks so handsome after a haircut. he tries to lure you into the shower because his neck is itchy, and you’re pretty under the hot stream. he can hold you in the kitchen: arms wrapped around you from behind, beneath your sheets at night, but it’s not enough. why is your heart racing like this after he takes your hand? it’s not the first time, but he’s looking at you as though it is. so you try your damn hardest to keep the shampoo out of his eyes. he holds you in the kitchen, and you miss his long hair tickling the side of your neck
yoongi: he loves your balcony. he comes over sometimes when you’re still at work with a book and an iced americano. sometimes he falls asleep with his arms crossed over his chest. head falling enough for his chin to brush the blue cotton of his shirt. no wonder his neck aches when he wakes. sometimes it starts to rain, deepening his sleep. you find him with wet, bare feet. goosebumps on his arms. please, always stay around, always be here when i come home. you grab a towel and wipe away the raindrops
hoseok: it’s the come inside, i’ve got time, that leaves your heart fluttering. it’s his hand on your waist: fingertips sprinkling magic across your skin, and it’s a test. he’s nervous around you. but you can’t tell. you’re lost in the dreamy feeling of maybe hopefully possibly love. you’re not one to show up without calling first, but you felt called to him. did he call your name in a dream? some kind of golden string tying you together in an in between
jimin: you’re lying on his couch, thinking back to the beginning. when you were afraid to sit so close. when you wondered if he felt the same way as you. if friend filled up your face, every embrace. but he held your hand the very next day, way back when. he called you sweetheart, and it became so hard to part when the sun darted, sinking, sky becoming dark before slipping into another’s morning sky. that’s alright. as long as there’s moonlight and him
taehyung: over the weekend, he came over to hang up the decor you ordered: a birthday present for yourself, just a few weeks early. posters finally set in frames, and a drill tool you never felt comfortable enough to use. at least, that’s what you told him. over text. the night before. he smiled when his phone chimed, wanting to see you too. it’s the new, you know? all special, with the butterflies party and the wide eyes after accidental touch. well, almost accidental
jungkook: head dipped low as you run from the front door of your building to his sleek, black car. leather seats are cool. the rain outside illuminated by his headlights. and it’s all safe inside. his music low, like his voice when he’s tired: sultry, sticky kind of sweet. you hope he drives for hours, for days, far enough to get lost and high on love and leftover lust
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inumaaki · a month ago
out like a light
Tumblr media
summary: it took you years, but you finally got the man of your dreams. unfortunately, the road ahead isn’t as peachy as it seems.
pairing: yandere!hoseok x f!reader
both characters are adults, minors dni.
warning: yandere themes, noncon, slight dubcon, explicit n*fw, unprotected sex, cheating, miscarriage, emotional manipulation, mentions of stalking and murder, baby trapping.
note: not proud of this one. it was rushed, so please expect messy uses of tenses, weird time skipping and a ton of grammar mistakes.
Tumblr media
word count: 3.7k
Tumblr media
Hoseok is golden.
He is the butterfly in your stomach when he sent his first smile at you across the classroom. He is the name that you unconsciously doodled on your notebook with tiny little red hearts. he is the epitome of perfection, and he is way out of your league.
So, you settled and finally accepted one of the many persistent advances of Seojoon. He was sweet, always so quick to please and oblivious to the way you would drag him to watch every volleyball match. He was good to you and you had nothing to complain about. So, he stayed your boyfriend for four months, but your hopeless infatuation towards hoseok never wavered.
“Wow, I never realized you were such a big fan,” he said, forcing you to tear your eyes away from the gorgeous setter of the school team. You turned to your boyfriend, and let out an embarrassed laugh, hoping your obvious insincerity had not given you away. You never realized you were a fan either, until Hoseok started playing.
The roar of the crowd indicating that the team had won gave you an excuse to focus your attention back onto the way he wore a bright grin, with a shirt soaked in sweat and strands of messy hair sticking to his forehead. You were smiling when his unmistakable brown eyes caught yours from across the court, boring into yours from all the way in your seat. He flashed you a bold grin, and your chest tightened. When he finally looked away, you couldn’t help but berate yourself for being such a delusional fool.
Why in the world would he look at you?
Your smile fell, suddenly feeling lonely, even at the feeling of your boyfriend’s hand engulfing yours. The burden of guilt felt heavy on your shoulders, you wanted so badly to be Hoseok’s. Your heart ached for him, as your vision started to blur with tears. So, you quickly excused yourself and made your way to the restroom.
You relished the little moments spent with him— every smile, every nod of the head, and when you’re lucky, the occasional “hi” or “hey” that he sent your way. You searched and scanned the memories until every single one was vivid, playing on replay, as you wiped away your tears and composed yourself.
It was then you decided that it was time you get over your silly little crush and focus on your current relationship. Seojoon did not deserve such treatment, and you needed to be a better girlfriend for him. Letting out a heavy sigh, you stepped out of the restroom and in an instant, the promise was broken.
You felt the air get knocked out of you, limbs temporarily freezing as you locked eyes with him. Every cell and flake of skin was drawn to his presence, an aching longing that clawed its way to your heart.
“Hey.” There it was again. “You left so quickly, I thought I lost you.”
“Congratulations on the match,” you said softly, wondering if he could hear the shakiness of your breathing or the way your heart pounded in your chest. “You played really well.”
“Thank you.” His grin was back and Hoseok stepped closer to you. “How could I not when you’re always watching? I got to impress you somehow.”
A flush of red hues tainted your cheeks and flames burnt across the bridge of your nose. Two questions weighed heavily in your mind. has he always noticed you, and why would he try to impress you? The soft buzzing from your phone filled the hallway and snapped you out of the dreamlike trance. It was a call from your boyfriend, who was wondering what was taking you so long.
“I should go,” you murmured, feeling your heart crack open with every word, before stepping around him. “Goodbye, Hoseok.”
You didn’t think you’d get the opportunity to speak to Hoseok ever again, especially considering the way you’ve been avoiding him like a plague. However, absence has always made your heart grow fonder and it seems like the universe enjoys putting you to the test.
Soon enough, you bumped into him again. A part of you felt silly for thinking it might be fate. It was just another coincidence, it had to be. After all, what are the chances of you running into him- quite literally- in a convenience store late at night? Not low enough, unfortunately.
“y/n!” You could see the radiance in his smile and the brightness in his eyes. To say that he was delighted to see you would be an understatement. His hands were resting on your shoulders to keep you steady, which proved to be helpful as the smell of sweat and citrus infiltrating your senses made you dizzy. You hated the way you seemed to be gravitating towards him already, but Hoseok didn’t mind.
“Are you alright?” He asked, worry washing over his features, before placing a hand on your forehead. “You feel a little warm.”
“Yes,” you stuttered, scarlet painting your cheeks, as you quickly backed away to put more distance between the both of you.
For a split second, you almost missed the way his eyes darkened at your action, but it was quickly pushed to the back of your mind when he pointed out the cup of instant ramen sitting in your basket. “You’ve not eaten?”
You shook your head and his frown deepened. “That’s unacceptable. I was just about to cook supper, you should join me.”
“Thank you for the offer,” you said, convinced that every second spent with him would have you spinning into a trance of adoration and eventually result in your words of confession spilling from your lips. “But I don’t think that would be very appropriate.”
“Nonsense, we’ve been classmates for so long.” He shook his head, softening at the gracious beam tainting his face. You failed to turn him down again, as he grabbed onto your basket and made his way to the counter. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”
Before you know it, you were tugged along and coaxed into the comforts of his warm apartment. Never in a million years would you ever expect to find yourself in the living room of jung hoseok. Maybe in your daydreams, wet dreams even, but never like this. You always thought his house would be filled with brightly coloured walls and messy furniture to fit his boyish charms. Instead, everything felt simple and organized, as if he had just moved in recently.
As you sat at the dining table, you couldn’t help but wonder how hurt seojoon would be if he found out about your whereabouts. It was just a week ago when you had told yourself to stay away, but here you were in the lion’s den, going back on your empty words.
Two bowls of steamy noodles were set down on the table and you shifted to make room for hoseok on the bench. Looking down into the bowl, you smiled at the soft scent of miso and the sight of tofu floating in the hot soup.
“Perfect for this weather,” he murmured, brushing the fallen strands of his brown hair away from his eyes. You nodded in silent agreement and brought the bowl up to your pursed lips to take a small sip.
“I didn’t know you could cook,” you said, warmth slowly spreading across your entire body from your core.
He shrugged at your words, a teasing glint in his eyes as he leant closer to you. “Maybe we should get to know each other better.”
Your breath hitched in your throat at the way his thigh brushed against yours. You made no effort to move away from him, even when he lifted a hand to your face and let his cool fingertips brush against the smoothness of your cheek.
“Hoseok,” you whispered, a quiet whimper slipping past your trembling lips as he leant in. His eyes bored into your soul, and you were still; unblinking, tense, locked in an untouchable moment. This is everything you’ve ever wanted. With your heart thundering in your ears, it was precisely when his lips delicately brushed yours did you finally manage to bring yourself to stop him with a hand to his chest.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, eyes darting over every inch of your face with concern.
It was a weak whimper on your part, almost inaudible. It was a surprise he heard it, really. At the mere mention of his name, Hoseok recoiled with a jaw clenched in contained anger. Finally, his shoulders slumped and he let out a heavy sigh, briefly finding interest in the noodles in the bowl, before gazing back up at your glassy eyes.
“y/n,” he started, words trailing away into the echoes of the silence. “Do you even like him?”
“I do!” you exclaimed, wincing slightly at the bitter tightness of the coil in your chest reminding you of your pathetic excuse of a relationship and your inevitable betrayal.
“But are you happy with him?”
With parted lips, no words came out. Your throat constricted at his question, words getting cut up in the first tear that made its way down your rosy cheek.
Silently, you watched Hoseok’s face scrunch up in a pained expression. His palm cradled your cheek in an ethereal caress and he guided you into the comfort of his arms.
“I hope I’m not going too far by saying this, but I’ve always wanted you to be happy with me.”
It was those words that made you stop crying and look at him with wide eyes. It was those words that made you melt into his gentle hold. It was those words that made your lips collide with his and move in a way that was so passionate, demanding, and desperate. It was those words, you told yourself, as he carried you into his bedroom and let a muffled declaration of love slip out through heated kisses.
In the blick of an eye, he became yours. He turned into the warmth in your heart whenever he held you in the solace of his safe vicinity, and the pleasure that bloomed within when he filled your cunt to the brim in the backseat of his car.
Every pain, every inch of guilt you felt from the break up was replaced by his love and devotion towards you. It didn’t matter that you used the poor boy for your own selfish needs, or that you shattered his heart into pieces when you finally got what you wanted. All that mattered was hoseok. After all, how were you supposed to remember seojoon’s devastated face, when the absolute love of your life had his buried between your thighs?
It would be a lie to say that your relationship started the moment you spoke your final words to seojoon. You knew it, and he did too. You belonged to hoseok from the first day you laid your eyes on him, and that relationship lasted you a lifetime, as he got onto one knee during the celebration of your five year anniversary and asked for your hand in eternal marriage.
Today, he is the weight of his head on your thighs when he sinks into your lap and fall asleep. He is the vibration of the contented hum on your skin when you thread your fingers through his hair, and he is the father of your precious child disguised as a starry dream, only for you to claim.
Bringing a hand to your belly, you gently rub the soft cotton of your nightgown over the swell and wince slightly at the strange fluttering sensation tickling under your belly button. Despite the pain that came with the baby’s occasional sharp kicks, you knew it was all going to be worth it.
He would make such a perfect father, you’re just that certain. You can picture it already, how you’d greet him with a kiss when he comes home from work, how your child would scream for daddy and come rushing into his arms for a big bear hug, before proudly displaying their drawing of your happy family. Mommy, daddy, your beautiful child, and a little puppy, all standing outside in a cartoonish field with a brightly coloured yellow sun drawn at the corner of the paper. Looking down at your husband, you didn’t think life could get no more perfect than this.
Then, it all came crashing down.
You remember the plain white walls of the hospital room and harsh fluorescent light that made you wince. You remember feeling confused upon seeing the look on Hoseok’s deathly pale face when he clutched onto your hand. You remember the doctor not being able to meet your eyes when he told you the news.
I’m sorry, they said.
What you don’t remember is holding your precious baby in your arms. As you sat there with your entire world crashing down, you can’t help but rub your belly instinctively. You think about the overwhelming feeling of pure happiness when you saw their heartbeat for the first time in an ultrasound. You think about the nausea from morning sickness and the pain caused by their feisty little kicks. You think about way you had carried them inside you for nine whole months. You think about the way you had carried a rotting corpse inside you.
It’s all too much for you, and it certainly did not get any better when you returned home with your husband, only to see the nursery you had so painstakingly prepared with him. For the first week, Hoseok would find you curled up next to the crib, refusing to eat or drink anything. He had to threaten to remove the nursery altogether, in order to convince you to start taking better care of yourself, but it’s no use. Your child had died, taking your soul with them.
A month passes and your condition has not improved. It breaks Hoseok’s heart, having to watch you pick at your food and cry yourself to sleep every night. You’re so thin now, it’s almost as if your bones are trying to escape your body. The dark circles under your eyes stand out like vivid bruises. Your marriage is strained and your health is giving out.
Hoseok worries about you. He knows that you may never recover from this heartbreak, that soon he may actually lose you one day and that worry keeps him up at night. He wishes he could keep you with him forever. he deserves it. After all, he had gone to great lengths to finally have you by his side. Years of tracking your location, getting rid of potential suitors, and finally making sure that stupid Kim Seojoon was out of the picture.
He was such a persistent nuisance, Hoseok remembers. No matter how many threats he sent his way, the boy stuck to you like a fucking leach. Though, he has to admit that he is rather grateful for the opportunity. Without it, he never would have gotten the courage to physically interfere and have his feelings reciprocated. He wishes that he found out earlier, that way it’d have saved him a lot more time and bloodshed. He made sure to get rid of seojoon anyway. It was almost too easy. He was practically asking for it when he dared show up at your doorstep in a drunken haze.
he had to do it, hoseok told himself. what if that bastard tried to hurt you? he couldn’t possibly let that happen. it took years of pining, but you’re finally his. he just wishes you could stay his.
then, it dawns on him a few days later. why can’t you? all you need is another child that would bind you to him forever. your light would surely return and you’d be back into his arms in no time, as his perfect and obedient wife.
his eyes pierced into your trembling form beside him on the bed. hoseok can’t say he’s surprised that you’re awake at this ungodly hour. hearing your muffled sobs has become a daily routine for him.
for the first time in months, he reaches out. your body stiffens and your breathing forcefully evens out. silly girl, why would you try to hide from your husband?
your attempt to discreetly shift towards the edge of bed and away from him does not go unnoticed. a small sense of dread begins to fill you, and you have to will yourself not to flinch when he places a hand on your bare thigh. you’re not scared of him, you can’t be.
“hoseok,” you mutter, removing his hand from your skin. “not tonight.”
“darling,” he cooed, eyes sparkling. “it’s been months since you’ve let me touch you. let me make you feel better.”
his hands find their way back onto your burning flesh before you could escape the growing tyrant that is your husband. your heart wrenching screams of protests are instantly silenced by his lips. a string of saliva connects your lips with his when he pulls away and you grimace at the feeling of his tongue sliding down your neck.
he has you pinned down, forced into submission, as he immobilizes your thrashing body and rips your top off to uncover your swollen breasts. he loves that he can still taste the lingering remnants of milk slowly leaking out from your buds even months after the incident.
“please,” you plead, desperate tears springing to your eyes. “i’m not ready.”
“yes, you are,” he insists, delighted to finally see some sort of emotion in your eyes, even if it is utter despair. it makes him hungrier for you, clothed erection already rutting against your thigh.
“we can have our dream back, y/n. we can have another baby,” hoseok exclaimed, a wide grin pulling at the corners of his lips, a sharp contrast to the horror plastered on your face.
meeting your lips once again in a heated kiss, his rough fingers delve into your panties, rubbing at your clit. they grow wet with your slick and he groans. he swears he could almost smell the arousal through the thin fabric. excitement bubbles up in him and he waste no time in hooking his fingers into the waistband of boxers, before tugging it downwards to allow his hard cock to slap against his navel.
“i’ve missed you so much, my love,” he whispers, eyes drowning in absolute adoration for you, as he watches his cock disappear into your cunt, your sobs filling the room as your walls unintentionally squeeze him tight.
“hoseok,” you choke out. the stretch strings, burns, and you’re begging him to pull out. “stop please!”
he ignores you, relishing in the way you shudder under his touch and your tits bounce at each thirsts, as he grinds his pubic bone against your clit. he sees the pain that floods through you, but he’s too drunk on pleasure to care, hypnotized by the way your pussy clings onto his length, sucking him back in whenever he pulls his hips back. and you told him to stop, fucking tease.
“you’re going to look so beautiful swollen with my child again,” he pants heavily, grabbing the underside of your thigh and hooking your leg over his shoulder to drive his hips harder into yours. “just wait and see, darling. we’re going to be whole again.”
a dull ache rushes through your body and your heart breaks at his words. the pleasure building in the pit of your stomach brings you unwanted ecstasy, and soon, you find yourself gushing all over him. your wetness drips down his cock and your thighs as he fucks you through your high, leaving your mind cloudy with the bittersweet pain and pleasure.
then, his thrust grows sloppy and you know he’s close when his cock starts to throb inside you. panic overrides the pleasure and you desperately try to pull away from him, but with his fingers quickly finding their new home on your neck, you know your efforts all in vain.
“fuck, take my cum. take it. take it,” hoseok chants mindlessly, voice growing thick with need. you squeeze your eyes shut in acceptance of your fate. darkness envelopes your vision, as you allow yourself to be violated by the one you love and trust most. you don’t see the manic gleam in his eyes when he pounds harder into you. you don’t see your husband’s scrunched up face when he falls apart above you, but you do feel the hot string of cum he empties into your abused cunt.
drool soaks the pillow under your cheek and thick globules spills out of you when he pulls out. with a tut of disapproval and a shake of his head, hoseok scoops up the cum and pushes it back into your hole.
“now we can’t have you wasting a single drop,” he says, fingers gently brushing the wisps of stray hairs behind your ear in a pathetic attempt to soothe your cries “you’re going to need it.”
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sopeverse · a year ago
bts reaction: bulging kink
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, fingering, slight size kink, just some bangtan cock peaking out against your stomach as they fuck you
Tumblr media
Jin held your hips in a bruising grip, cock buried deep inside your heat as you arched into his body, pressing your bare chest against his own. His hungry eyes remained fixed to your belly, watching the outline of his dick appear against your skin with each desperate thrust of his length. His thumb gently traced the protruding bulge, cock throbbing against your walls while small, needy whimpers left your lips from the pressure he was applying to your stomach, causing you to tremble under his touch.
“Am I too big for you honey?”
Yoongi raised his hips to meet the pace of your own, cock brushing past your dripping folds before filling you to the brim while you moaned greedily on top of him. His darkened eyes raked over your fucked out form, tracing over the slight bulge jutting out against your belly, a groan leaving his kiss-bruised mouth as he realised it was the contours of his dick pressed into you. He flattened his large palm onto the bump, gazing in satisfaction as you withered in his hold, clenching tightly around his cock while breathless begs left your parted lips.
“Fuck that’s hot.”
Hoseok groaned against your mouth once his length slipped into your oozing cunt, burying every inch of his aching cock inside your pussy. He left hot open-mouthed kisses against your warm skin, savouring the sounds of your whimpers as his hands traced your figure, stilling when he felt a large protrusion on your stomach. He detached his lips from you, ignoring your needy whines once his eyes made contact with the bump that poked out against your skin. He felt himself harden inside of you at the sight of his thickness filling you up, eyes staying trained on your stomach as he continued to fuck up into you.
“You’re so tiny, taking me so well.”
Namjoon’s fingers gripped onto the skin of your thighs, his gaze not once leaving your clit as he watched his length brush past your pussy with each push of his hips. You whimpered into his neck, holding tightly onto him as he filled you up with his fat cock, arching into his chest once he throbbed deep inside you. Choked moans left your lips from the sudden sensation of his hand pressing down on your stomach, ensuring that you felt every inch and vein of his dick. His long fingers trailed over the bulge jutting out against you, stroking the skin as buried your face in his hair, sobbing while he continued to cruelly overstimulate your cunt.
“You like it when I fill you up like this huh?”
Jimin teased your clit with his long digits while his cock stayed stilled inside your sensitive pussy, ignoring your pitiful begs with a certain smug glint in his dark eyes. He hovered above your breathless form, dark gaze roaming your nude figure before halting on your stomach, his arousal seeping out of his cock and into your womb once he noticed the bump that peeked out against your skin. His length throbbed deep inside you at the sight, thumb gently stroking your stomach before pressing down hard on the bugle, grinning cruelly as choked moans left your wet lips.
“You’re such a pretty doll for me.”
Taehyung fucked your tight hole hard and fast, roughly abusing your cunt with his thickness as you clenched around him, milking him dry. His sticky cum leaked out of your pussy, seeping down the skin of your thigh before he stilled inside of you, dark eyes trained solely on your belly. He breathed heavily against you, his large palm applying pressure against your stomach, hungrily staring as you withered against his touch. He groaned at the sight of your fucked out expression, hair fanned out beneath you and parted lips with the contours of his dick straining against you. He thought you never looked more beautiful.
“Tell me how it feels sweetheart, taking my big cock so well.”
Jungkook threw his head back against the pillows, choked groans leaving his lips as you continued to bounce on his needy cock. His hands held a tight grip on your hips, ceasing your movements and keeping you fully seated on his length, observing the dent that protruded against the skin of your stomach. You felt him pulsate against your folds, the tip of his cock rubbing against your cervix. His hips raised to meet your own, eyes trained on the indent of his cock each time he slipped into your wet cunt, your liquids trailing onto his thigh as he used your body.
“You’re so pretty baby, tell me how much you love my cock.”
Tumblr media
© sopeverse — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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jxngh · 2 months ago
- lav's thirst list -
Tumblr media
this list is made of mature content. if you're a minor do not interact.
do not repost or remake. request more in here 📍
to be in my taglist 🧷 click 📍
Tumblr media
kim namjoon
wolf hybrid! namjoon gets possessive about your smell
sugar daddy! namjoon falls in love w his babe
joon x thick reader fluffy morning sex
friend's brother! joon confesses to you
you distance yourself thinking you're not suitable but he proves you wrong
ceo!joon proves you're the only one
roommate!joon caughts you touching yourself
riding his thigh in his studio after that live
namkook + size kink
Tumblr media
kim seokjin
he cheats your sister with you
Tumblr media
min yoongi
mafia!yoongi catches you running away from your wedding
Tumblr media
jung hoseok
sugar daddy!hoseok and you are in a cabinet...
stressed dom!hoseok distracts himself with your ass
neighbor hoseok! mutual masterbation
Tumblr media
dom!hoseok gets jealous after a photo accident
sweet boss proves you he's not vanilla
park jimin
sensual sex + him singing butter a little
Tumblr media
kim taehyung
whiny!taehyung convinces you to go bare
Tumblr media
jeon jungkook
you and jungkook...on a couch... yeah
riding ceo!jungkook while he's taking a call
alpha! jungkook helps you through your heat
riding him when he's sleeping
blowjob in a party
sub game developer!koo gets a blowjob and eats you out
professor!jungkook and dry humping
cockwarming jk while he's painting
surprises you with his tongue piercing (?)
namkook + size kink
Tumblr media
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blu-joons · 12 hours ago
When You Imitate Him ~ BTS Reaction
You couldn’t do anything other than laugh as you noticed Jin in the corner of your eye, staring harshly across at you.
“I don’t suppose you could be mocking anyone by those winks, could you?” He asked, folding his arms in front of his chest, “and would that person be me?”
“I’ve got no idea what you’re on about,” you smiled, holding your hands up in defence, “Jimin just asked me how often I could wink, and so I thought I’d show him just how many times.”
His head shook back across at you, “you’ve always been a terrible liar, your face is a giveaway.”
You glanced to Jimin for help, but he took a step back away from you. “If I wanted to wink like you, then I’d just do it when I caught someone’s eye, like this.”
“Like what?” Jin asked, but as you looked over at him and winked, he caught onto what you meant. “Now you’re just being mean.”
“Think of it as a compliment,” you tried to suggest, “nobody winks quite like you do, and as far as habits go, it’s quite a cute one to have, even if it does creep other people out.”
“I know you’re trying to make me feel better, but it’s not working.”
Tumblr media
Your eyes averted away from Yoongi as he looked to you to jump to his defence as Jungkook teased him about his pout.
“You don’t think I look like that, do you?” Yoongi questioned, pointing at Jungkook’s impersonation, “my bottom lip has never stuck out as far as that before.”
“Well, you do tend to pout quite a lot,” you whispered, watching his eyes widen, “I’m not saying it’s as bad as what Jungkook suggests, but you do get pouty when you want attention.”
His eyes looked quizzically across to you, “why don’t you imitate what my pout looks like then?”
You did as he said, pouting exactly as he did, not quite as exaggerated as Jungkook had demonstrated. “See what I mean, it’s like a soft pout.”
“I don’t want to be someone who does a soft pout,” Yoongi chuckled, “I didn’t even realise that I pouted at all until just now.”
“Maybe it’s just because I don’t make it look as good as you,” you tried to reason, “but I promise whenever you pout, it’s adorable, and definitely doesn’t look moody at all.”
“Saying that just makes me think that I do look moody after all.”
Tumblr media
Your hands came up to cover your ears as Hobi let go of a roar of laughter beside you, flinching at the loud volume from him.
His head shook as soon as you ducked down to block out the sound, “I don’t even laugh that loudly, why are you looking at me like I’ve just shattered a window.”
“Do you really not realise how loud your laugh is?” You asked him, surprised when his head shook back at you. “Let me imitate your laugh and I’ll show you just how loud you are.”
Hobi sat back as you impersonated him, jumping at how loud you were. “That’s nothing like me.”
Your head shook in reply, “that laugh just then was exactly like you. It’s a miracle that I’ve not burst one of my ear drums around you yet with your noise.”
“I always thought my laugh was quite quiet,” he confessed, disappointed in himself, “I thought everyone else was loud.”
“As much as I love your laugh, no one’s laugh is as loud as yours,” you quickly assured him, “sometimes your laugh could definitely do with a warning before it comes.”
“Maybe I’ll have to give you a sign to duck from now on.”
Tumblr media
As soon as you’d finished watching the video, Namjoon’s eyes looked back to you with an expression full of surprise.
“Do I really sound like that?” Namjoon asked you, pausing the video, “I never realised that I sounded so posh when I talk English, it’s good pronunciation.”
“Your tone of voice when you speak English is lovely,” you promised him with a smile, “you make your words clear, but your voice does sound a little deeper when you speak English.”
His head slowly nodded, “maybe that’s why I’m struggling to differentiate what’s going on here.”
Behind him, you spoke one of the sentences from the clip, imitating his voice as best as you could, leaving him stunned. “That’s what you sound like Joon.”
“I don’t,” he instantly retorted, refusing to accept any likeness, “you sound nothing like me, my voice is a lot deeper than you suggest.”
“You want for it to be deeper,” you chuckled, “I know you want to consider yourself manly, but that I don’t think I was as far off from your voice as much as you’d like for me to be.”
“There’s no way I’m accepting that impersonation from you.”
Tumblr media
The moment you watched Jimin smile, you did the same, waiting for a moment before opening your eyes again to meet his look.
“You were mocking me,” Jimin instantly figured, shaking his head at you, “you’ve seen that meme, you don’t ever crease your eyes like that when you smile.”
“I’ve got no idea what you mean,” you innocently laughed back at him, “I was just smiling alongside yours; I’ve never seen a meme that could ever possibly insult your lovely smile.”
Jimin scoffed loudly in reply, “you’ve never been good at acting, I can see right through you Y/N.”
Your smile grew, with a laugh eventually escaping, “perhaps I might have seen the meme before, but I would never imitate you because of it.”
“I can still tell you’re lying,” he pointed out to you, tickling against your waist, “I’ll get you back if you want to play this game.”
“How?” You questioned, “because unlike you I’m able to open both of my eyes when I smile, I think you might have a bit of trouble finding a quality of mine that you can mock me for.”
“Give me time, I’m confident that I’ll find something.”
Tumblr media
A heavy sigh came from Taehyung as you scolded him for pouting across at you, not understanding quite what he was doing.
“Show me what I look like?” He asked of you, “because right now I feel like all I’m doing is sitting here, and yet you’re acting like I’m begging for a kiss.”
“You’re like this,” you smiled, imitating the pout on his face, “you don’t even realise that you’re doing it half the time, rather than a resting bitch face, you’ve got a resting pouty face.”
His eyes rolled in disbelief, “you’ve got to be lying, I just feel like I’ve got a straight face.”
Your head shook as he vented, “I’d love to just take a photo of you right now and prove to you exactly what I’m going on about with your pout.”
“So, do it,” Taehyung suggested, handing his phone across to you, “I want to see if I really look like how, you say I do.”
“Alright,” you mused, taking his phone from you, “but if I take a photo of you and it proves me right, I hope you know just how badly I’m going to rub the fact that I’m right in your face.”
“I know that I’m not pouting, you’ll never be right Y/N.”
Tumblr media
Your hands grabbed onto Jungkook’s wrists as he went to brush his hands through his hair once again to perfect every strand.
“Why are you stopping me from playing with my hair?” You asked, moving his hands immediately to his hair as soon as you let go of him once again.”
“Because all you ever do is play with your hair,” you joked, running your hands through your own hair too, “if you’ve not got a hold of your phone then you just can’t keep your hands still.”
His head shook across at you, “I don’t play with my hair that often, you’re just exaggerating.”
Your eyes widened at his boldness, “go and ask any of the boys and I’m convinced that they will prove my point and tell you how much you play with your hair.”
“You play with your hair too,” he tried to reason as you continued to stare at him, “granted, not quite as much as I do.”
“I play with my hair like a normal human being,” you tried to convince him, mocking him once again, “it’s a miracle you don’t get your fingers stuck in your hair with how often they’re in it.”
“You’re definitely exaggerating, I’m not as bad as you think.”
Tumblr media
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kpopisahappycolor · 2 months ago
bts reaction
their s/o getting into an accident after canceling on them.
a/n: reposted
Tumblr media
His phone kept blowing up with text messages from your sister, out of annoyingness, he finally checked them, but when he saw what they contained his eyes immediately filled with tears. Your sister had asked him not to show up, she was pissed at him for what he did, and he knew she had every right to be, it was because of him that you were now in a hospital bed. He would just head home and sit on the couch waiting to hear news from you.
“All of this is happening because of me, I pushed away the person I love the most in this word, but I was such an idiot to see that and now there is no way to fix it”
As soon as he heard what had happened, he rushed to the hospital, he felt horrible for leaving you like that, he knew what he did was wrong, he would definitely blame himself for your accident. It would make him feel worse to see your family on the waiting room, all devastated by your accident, especially when he saw your mom, who was always so welcoming to him and in return he made her daughter be in an accident.
“I’m sorry baby, this is all my fault, I never should’ve kicked you out of the car, I should’ve stayed with you”
When he heard about you, it would be himself who he would be mad at the most, he could have prevented it for happening, but he was an idiot to leave like that. He would be so aggressive towards anyone he might run into; he wouldn’t know how to control himself; the guilt would be too much for him. When he finally got to see you in the hospital room, he would collapse in front of you, tears running down his face, he would feel nothing but extreme sadness and wouldn’t be able to say much.
“I’m sorry honey, I’m so sorry”
He would go from being the ray of sunshine he always is, to a storm no one would be able to control, he needed his members there with him because he couldn’t bear the thought that you were in a hospital bed because of him. From the moment you stepped out of the car he regretted what he did, but he knew you were too mad at him, so he decided to give you your space and left. And now he was felling his worse because he, not only wasn’t able to protect you, but was in fact the reason why you were in this state.
“I should’ve told you to get back in the car, I shouldn’t have let you go like that, I am truly sorry”
He would be physically affected when he found out about your accident, his legs wouldn’t stop shaking, his heart would beat at an inhuman speed, his blood sugar would drop, it would be like all his emotions were reflected on his body.  He would need a lot of time to calm down before he could actually go and see you, once he did, he would lose it again, his body wouldn’t be able to take it, it would hurt him so much to see you in the conditions you were.
“God, this is all my fault baby, we’re both hurting because of me”
It would be one of his hyungs who got the news to him, after he left you were too pissed to talk to him, so you blocked his phone, when he tried to call you and couldn’t his worries grew bigger, so he called your brother and that’s when he found out. He was extremely mad at himself for acting the way he did, he headend to his apartment and started crashing everything around him, once he had calmed down, he headed to the hospital desperate to see you.
“You’ve always been an angel, and I treated you so bad, I promise from now on, you’ll be my first priority”
The news would hit him hard and the emotional shock would be too much to handle, he wouldn’t know what to do and would definitely need help from his hyungs. He would be so scared to lose you, after what he did, he felt you would never forgive him, he felt so many things he wasn’t able to describe but they hurt him so much. He would also stay every day and night in the hospital to make sure you would wake up.
“Please don’t leave me, don’t go, don’t hate me, I know this is my fault, but seeing you like this is punishment enough, please comeback to me”
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likeastarstar · 2 months ago
A Mutual Agreement.
Summary: You want to watch your boyfriend, Hoseok, wank off.
(A/N: this is soooo uh...explicit. sorry? Feedback is always welcome, don't judge me, I love hoba.)
"Do you still jack off?"
Hoseok paused, the cup in his hand frozen mid-air, a blank stare on his face, "Excuse me?"
You laughed, leaning towards your boyfriend, "I mean we've been living together for 3 months, I've never seen you masturbate."
He raised his eyebrows and set his coffee down slowly, sending you an incredulous look. "That's because now I use your pussy instead of my hand."
You grinned at him, expecting as much. You had a very high sex drive, Hoseok matching your energy both in spirit and adventure. There was little you hadn't tried, but watching your boyfriend get off to completion wasn't on the list.
"I want to watch you do it though," You said quietly, dragging your eyes down to his lips, watching his tongue slip out to lick his lips apprehensively.
"I don't see how that would benefit you," He frowned, biting down on his bottom lip, "Why wouldn't we just have sex?"
"Because I want to focus on you completely," You explained, scooting towards him on the couch until you were practically on top of him, "Please baby?"
He inhaled shakily, leaning back into the couch further, "Only if I can watch you too- touching yourself, I mean. I want to watch too," He mumbled.
"Sure," You said easily, "Sounds fair."
He had agreed but the actual opportunity didn't present itself for awhile, the two of you always got too horny for each other to remember your deal before you were already fucking. So when Hoseok marched into the living room one afternoon and announced today was the day- you were more than down.
"I'm about to rub one out," Hoseok declared with a close mouthed smile. holding out his arms like he deserved a medal for that statement. "Now's your chance to watch if you were serious."
You squealed in excitement and jumped up, following him to the bedroom you shared, doing a little dance on your way in.
"You're so weird," He chuckled, watching you perch at the edge of the bed eagerly. He stood in front of you awkwardly, staring down at his dick and then back at you. "I don't know why I feel so shy right now."
You grinned at him, trying not to laugh. This entire situation was a little awkward, you had to admit. You tucked your feet under you and motioned for him to sit next to you on the bed, watching him move entirely too slowly. He was acting like you were a cat about to pounce on him, his eyes wide and apprehensive. You felt your heart warm with fondness, leaning towards Hoseok and kissing right under his ear. He shivered under you, already breathing heavier.
"What made you want to touch yourself?" You asked, keeping your eyes on his face to track any source of discomfort. If he didn't want this, you'd stop immediately. It wasn't worth making your boyfriend uncomfortable.
He kept his eyes staring ahead, avoiding looking at you altogether, "I- uh, well I was going through my camera roll and found a picture of you from Spain."
"The one where you have me bent over the balcony railing without any underwear and my skirt flipped up?" You smirked, kissing his neck again, nipping his skin a little this time.
"That would be the one, yes," He mumbled, laughing at his own awkwardness. "I revisit that moment in my dreams often- Fuck, you were so loud that night, we should've made a sex tape."
"That's a terrible idea," You pointed out, dragging a light touch down his neck and stopping at his carotid, pressing down and tracking his pulse for a moment. It was still fast- he was nervous.
"Relax," You whispered, "Just show me what you'd do if I weren't here."
He nodded, leaning back slightly, and unzipping the fly of his jeans. He slid his hand in, palming himself through his boxers. Hoseok lifted his hips slightly
and you shot a hand out to help push his pants down, stopping halfway down his thighs. "I thought you weren't touching?" He asked, looking at you sideways.
"Right," You smiled sheepishly, "Sorry."
Hoseok grinned and pushed your hand away, pulling his boxer briefs off himself. You couldn't help but smile, staring straight at his semi-hard dick. You were very fond of it, fighting against yourself to look but not touch. His dick was on the longer side, thin like him with a lean to it. There was a delicateness to him that you loved, cherishing every part of him. You felt saliva pool in your mouth as he began to touch himself, mumbling about getting lube.
You scrambled to locate some, not wanting him to move an inch. There was bottle in the second drawer of his bedside table, half empty because you two were obsessed with each other- sue a girl for liking her boyfriend. You tossed it to him and he caught it with ease, squeezing out a good amount on his fingers and wrapping them around his cock.
"That was a lot," You chided, watching the way his finger slid over the veins of his dick.
"You know I like it wet," He bit back instantly.
If you were having a hard time not smiling before it was impossible not to now, watching at his hand move up and down on his cock like it was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen, which it was.
"You're so fucking sexy," You mumbled, half to yourself but you were glad you said it when Hoseok let out a heavy sigh nearing a moan, tightening his grasp on himself. His cock reacts, how fully hard and a bead of precum collecting at the tip. You wanted to lean over and lick it off but the satisfaction of watching him swirl his thumb over the head of his cock instead was enough to remind you why you were doing this in the first place.
Hoseok stroked his cock, clenching his jaw to contain whatever noise he was about to make. You pouted, wanting to watch him completely unravel.
"I wanna hear you," You whined, slapping his thigh lightly.
Hoseok laughed, speeding up his upward stroke and adding a slight twist to his wrist at the head, "Yes ma'am."
You watched the way the thick veins on his cock disappeared between his fingers, skin flushed with stimulation. He hadn't touched his balls once- interesting, that was usually a large part of what you spent time on when you went down on him. Hoseok angled his hips up and suddenly stilled his hand, fucking up into his own fist at an impressive speed. You inhaled sharply, leaning towards him a little more.
At this point, Hoseok was letting out quiet little grunts that he often did before he came, the telltale signs of an impending orgasm rapidly approaching.
"Baby, look at me," He ordered, causing you to snap your eyes up to his face.
He looked gone, eyebrows furrowed together and his eyes heavy with lust, mouth hanging open slightly. You smiled at him, appreciating the low moan he let out when your eyes met his. Fuck, you loved him. He leaned back slightly, supporting the weight of his upper body with one hand behind him to allow his hips to lift off the bed even more, snapping into his own grasp roughly.
"Tell me what you're thinking about," You demanded, hypnotized by the almost desperate look on his face.
"You," He breathed out, "I'm thinking about you and that night in Spain- shit, you fucking drive me insane. I'm gonna cum."
You look back towards his dick just before he came, watching white lines shoot across his abs at first and then slowed down, dripping down the side of his fist that he continued to fuck into slowly now, the space between his fingers smaller as if he was milking his own orgasm. You sat on the heel of your foot, trying to relieve tension in your body as Hoseok fell back onto the bed, chest heaving.
"That was good," He sighed, out of breath.
"You're telling me," You agreed, picking up his hand and licking the cum off of it as he watched with peaked interest.
"Babe, I just finished," He pointed out, already knowing what you were about to do. "You're gonna have to give me a second to recover."
"I'm just cleaning up," You said defensively, lowering your lips to his cum covered abs.
It was the polite thing to do.
He laughed softly and buried his other hand in your hair, stroking the top of your head lightly, "Things will be different when the roles are reversed."
You hummed in response, looking up at him with curiosity. His eyes flickered down to yours and he smirked slightly, pulling one arm behind his head and sighing contently.
"I wanna watch you, sure," He explained. "But I also kind of want to tell you what to do."
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taetaespeaches · a month ago
“Is that the plot of the movie?”
hoseok x reader (oc) genre: fluff; angst (I mean, there’s a dead goldfish) word count: 2.5K
a/n: Hi lovelies! Sometimes I don’t know why I write the things I write lol but you know how Hobi won Petal/reader a goldfish on their first date? (If you don’t, read this: “You can’t fight destiny.”) Well this fic takes places about two years later and :( Luna the fish dies. This is mostly fluff (and even crack?) despite the dead fish. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
When you go on a first date with someone you might expect dinner, awkward but sweet conversation, and maybe even a kiss or two before you bid each other goodnight. What you don’t expect is to go home with a goldfish that would result in your care for the next two years. However, your relationship with Hoseok had been unpredictable from the start and looking back, of course you ended up with a pet after your first date with the man. That made as much sense as anything else that had blossomed between the two of you.
Though you weren’t necessarily keen on having a pet fish, you were determined to give little Luna a nice and comfortable life. You studied how best to home and take care of goldfish; tanks are better than bowls, conditioned water is a must to ensure there’s no chlorine and it isn’t too acidic, install an air pump and clean the tank often, don’t overfeed the poor fish no matter how much she begs, and keep her entertained.
You did everything right and you quickly became accustomed to Luna’s presence in your apartment. She was part of what made it feel like home. Hoseok often joked that he couldn’t walk past her tank in the kitchen without her swimming from one end to the other as though she was accompanying him on his trek.
It had become routine to say hi to her every time you arrived home, crouching down next to the tank to look in at her as she once again begged for food. That’s why after you stepped inside your apartment after returning from a study session that lasted well into the evening, it didn’t take long to discover something was off with your housemate.
Dropping your bag and notebook off on the countertop, you bent over to peek inside Luna’s tank, only not to be greeted this time. Your heart fell into your stomach at the realization that she was sunk to the bottom of the tank, unresponsive.
“Oh no,” you mumbled to yourself, tears already pricking your eyes. “Oh Loon.”
Before you could even process the death of your pet, your front door opened, the sound of your boyfriend entering the apartment filling the space.
“Ah Petal,” he greeted cheerfully. “How was your day? Study hard? Are you tired?” He shot off questions in excitement to be reunited after a long day. The poor guy had no idea what he had just walked into, but then again you didn’t plan on coming home to it either.  
Staring down at the tank, you bit back tears, pausing to gain your composure before meeting your boyfriend’s eyes. You didn’t want to cry in front of him. Not because you weren’t comfortable crying in front of him but because it happened so rarely that any sign of tears from you always put Hobi on high alert.
“Are you ok?” He asked, the question drenched in concern. Fuck, too late, you thought. He had already picked up on your bubbling emotions and high alert had been achieved. Looking up at him, you failed to maintain your tough demeanor as you took in his bright orbs. “Petal?”
“Luna’s dead,” you pouted at him, your face contorting as the tears finally spilled over your lash line. Hoseok’s shoulders slumped as he took in your words and watched the first tears fall. He was across the room in the matter of a few steps and before you knew it you were wrapped up in his arms.
The man reached one hand to your head, tucking your face against his chest as he left a kiss to the top of your head. He whispered your name into your hair as he ran his hand soothingly up and down your back.
Slowly bringing your arms around his waist, you succumbed to the affection he was granting you, though it only made you more emotional. Hoseok whispered words of comfort and assurance to you, causing you to tighten your hold on him.
“You’re ok, it’s ok, let it out,” he told you gently, but his words were met with a groan from you. “Hey, it’s ok.”
“This is so stupid,” you grumbled through your tears, pulling away from Hoseok to wipe your face roughly, frustrated with your emotions. “Like, it’s a fish.”
“Petal, it’s not stupid,” Hoseok told you sincerely. “She was your pet,” he pointed out in assurance, grabbing your hand and sweetly running his thumb along your knuckles. As more tears bubbled up in your eyes at his validation of them, your boyfriend frowned at you, reaching for the back of your head before pulling you against his frame. Humming your name against your hair, he left sweet kisses to the top of your head. “I’m so sorry.”
“I don’t even know what to do with her,” you cried against his shoulder, Hobi shushing you gently.
“We’ll figure it out, it’s ok,” he assured you once again.
“But we have to get-”
“Petal,” he cut you off, tucking his chin into his neck to look down at you. Guiding you to tilt your head up, he pressed his lips to your forehead softly. “Just be sad for a bit, we will figure out what to do later.” Sighing, you gave into his words, hugging him tighter and resting your forehead against his chest. Your own personal sunshine was holding you close and warmly telling you to feel your feelings. Who were you to argue?
Tumblr media
Hoseok had guided you to the sofa where you simply cuddled with him well over forty-five minutes; perhaps much longer than a grown woman should mourn a goldfish. But fuck that, she was your pet and you loved her. Luna was part of your life for two years.
“I’m gonna miss her,” Hoseok whispered to you. “Trips to the kitchen won’t be the same.”
“I know,” you pouted, your eyes directed to his clothed chest, your fingers picking at his shirt mindlessly. “Getting home won’t be the same. She always greeted me,” you smiled at the thought of her pushing her head against the tank wall at your arrival, the equivalent to Mickey wagging his tail and greeting you at Hoseok’s door.
“What do we do with her?” You asked. “I don’t want to just flush her.”
“We’re not flushing Luna down the toilet,” he immediately said, more stern than he’d been the entire evening. The quick change in his tone elicited a small smile from you, the tiniest of giggles tumbling from your lips. Your boyfriend’s arms wrapped tighter around you at the momentary sound of happiness. “What if we returned her to a body of water?”
“What, like the Han River?” You asked sarcastically, only pulling your head from Hoseok’s chest at the lack of response from him. Meeting his widened-eyes, his expression guilty as he bit back a smile, you rolled your eyes. “Hoseok.”
“What? Luna could swim forever in there,” he pointed out, the grin breaking through as you scoffed and held back a smile of your own.
“Haven’t you seen The Host?” You asked, a small frown forming on Hoseok’s face as he stared at you in confusion.
“The horror movie?”
“Yeah,” you nodded. “Bong Joon-ho.”
“No,” he said as if it should be obvious. “Absolutely not.”
“Oh come on, even I got through that one Hoseok,” you teased him, the man’s jaw dropping as he prepared to defend himself.
“It’s freaky!” He declared, casting the movie off as too scary for him.
“Anyways, I’m not dumping Luna in the Han River, I’m not risking any sort of sea creature mess,” you noted, barely holding back your smile as Hobi’s eyebrows pulled together.
“A what mess?” He asked, concealing his laugh. Despite your glare, he continued. “Is that the plot of the movie? They dump a goldfish in the water and it turns into a sea monster?”
“Stop,” you whined, dragging the word out and earning a loud cackle from the man. “No, toxic waste is dumped into the river and years later this creature emerges.”
“So wait, you’re worried about Luna becoming a sea monster because of toxic waste in the Han-”
“We’re not tossing Luna in the Han River,” you cut him off, stopping his teasing before it could continue.
“Ok, that’s fine,” he easily agreed, tucking his lips in as he tried yet again to conceal his laughter.
“Hobi,” you whined, fighting back your own giggles, amused by his teasing.
“Sea monster,” he shook his head, both of you only lasting a second longer before you both crumbled into cackles.
“Crazier things have happened, Hoseok,” you stated, only earning more teasing from the man.
“Have they though?”
“You’re so obnoxious,” you tried to act annoyed as you laughed against his shoulder.
“I know,” he agreed through a smile, running his hands up and down your side as he continued laughing at your expense. “But a sea monster, wow.”
Tumblr media
Surely you weren’t supposed to bury things in a city park, and especially not pets. But Hoseok was convincing, that sunshine smile assuring you everything would be fine. All it took was that bright ass beam and a “Petal, trust me,” and suddenly you found yourself hand in hand with him in the nearby park as he carried your deceased goldfish in a small box, tucked under his arm.
It was endearing to see Hoseok step into the role of risk taker on your behalf, almost as though you had switched places in your moment of grief. But you knew it had nothing to do with the risk for him and all about ensuring you had a proper send off for your companion of the last two years. You had started to settle into the validity of being sad over a goldfish; a life is a life and Luna had made your life more full since she came into it. However, you knew you’d face larger losses, more intense grief, harder times in the future with your boyfriend, and it was comforting to know that he was capable of stepping up and taking care of you. There were no doubts about it but your appreciation for the man only grew seeing him in action.
Standing by the trunk of a large tree, Hoseok gently handed you the small box, his fingers moving to meet the zipper on the bag that was slung over his body. “You’re sure about this spot?”
Inspecting the landscape for a moment, you nodded. “Yeah, it’s great,” you assured him. Receiving a single nod and a small close-mouthed grin from the man, he opened his bag to pull out a little hand shovel.
Unable to hold back your chuckle, Hobi looked up at you with a widened smile, stunning in the moonlight. “What?”
“Nothing,” you shook your head, reaching out to brush your fingers through his fringe. “I just like that everything I ever need is always in your little bags,” you smiled.
Giggling cutely at you, he went back to his work, crouching down to dig a small hole in the park ground. Looking up at you, he silently asked for the box which you handed to him slowly.
“Are you ready?” He asked, looking over your features carefully, ensuring you were ok with the loosely planned funeral proceedings.
“Yeah,” you assured him with a tight smile. “Why does this feel so sad?” you scrunched your nose at him, feeling tears fill your eyes once more.
“Petal,” he said softly, the tone in which the pet name was spoken serving as a reminder of everything he had already told you about the validity of your feelings.
“I know,” you replied, Hoseok watching you for a moment before turning back to the box and opening the lid. Inside, he had gently wrapped Luna in a shiny gold textile that he found amongst your sewing supplies. “Oh my god, that is so sweet,” you cooed at your boyfriend’s attempt to match the cloth with Luna’s scales.
He gently placed the textile into the hole before looking back up at you. “Do you want me to cover her now?” You simply nodded, your boyfriend nodding back before pushing the dirt back into the hole to fill it in and cover it up.
Rising to stand next to you, Hoseok quickly tucked the shovel back into his bag before wrapping an arm around your upper back. Resting your head on his shoulder, you both looked down at the little burial site.
“Do you want to say anything?” He asked softly. “A eulogy?”
Thinking for a moment, you shook your head. “Not really,” you whispered. Hoseok’s arm tightened around you, silently accepting your response. “Could you?” You suddenly asked, a sound of surprise meeting your ears.
“Me?” He asked, clearly taken off guard. “Sure,” he quickly agreed, however. Anything for you.
“You don’t have to,” you interjected in an attempt to save your boyfriend from the position you put him in, a small smile on your lips as you felt him shake his head.
“No, I’m just figuring out where to begin,” he spoke through a bashful giggle, the sound warming your heart. “Well, Luna has been here for almost as long as I have,” he reminisced. “She was technically my first gift to you,” he smiled fondly, making you giggle at the memory of your first date as you lifted your head from his shoulder to look at his features. “And I named her!”
As he lost himself in memories, you couldn’t peel your eyes off of him, appreciating how sweet and genuine he was. As he spoke, he became more emotional, as though he was slowly realizing how much this fish meant to the both of you.
“Wow, she was one of the earliest symbols of our love and one of our earliest memories as a couple,” he realized, tears suddenly forming in his eyes. “Am I about to cry?” he suddenly asked himself, looking at you in shock, the expression causing you to crumble into laughter as your own tears flooded your eyes. “I think I’m really gonna miss this little fish, oh my god.”
Grabbing his hand, you brought the back of it to your lips as you kissed his skin gently. “I love you,” you whispered against his hand. Settling yourself against his body, you wrapped your arms around his middle, the man easily folding his own over your body to hold you close.
“I love you, too,” he mumbled against your head just before leaving a kiss to your head. “We’ll get through everything together.”
Nodding against him, you sighed in relief and the comfort he provided.
“The moon is nearly full,” he suddenly noted, both of you looking up to the sky as you continued to hold each other.
“Fate,” you whispered, looking from the darkened sky to instead stare at your boyfriend appreciatively. Hoseok glanced down at you, meeting your teary gaze with his own as he gave you one of those tiny smiles that made his dimples pop out.
“Destiny,” he whispered. “You can’t fight it.”
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knjdilfs · 3 months ago
—bts smut masterlist compilation
Tumblr media
↯ here is a compilation of bts smut masterlists ;)
thirstybtsthoughts audio
jungkook audio
youmyjhope (audio)
[UPDATED 30.07.21]
↯ check my pinned for other bts compilations & ml
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kimnjss · 6 months ago
name and number | jhs
Tumblr media
⤑  series: heartbreaker
⤑ pairing: stoner!hoseok x cheerleader!reader
⤑ genre: fluff !! nd humor (?)
⤑ rating: pg13
⤑ word count: 3.4 // unedited
⤑ warnings: use of recreational drugs..!!
⤑ A/N: hiiii! this took forever to write nd only bc my ‘b’ key broke on my laptop so i had to keep copy nd pasting... let me just casually drop my ko-fi lmao. okay, okay! first chapter let’s gooo! let me know what you think x
Tumblr media
SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2020 | 21:10
Most people who showed up to the Saturday night football games hardly went to watch the actual game. They went more so for the fried foods, the potential fights... oh yeah, and the cheerleaders. Which explains why the entire crowds' focus was on you and the rest of the squad and whether or not you'd land the backflip you just pushed of from Jimin's hands.
And the exact moment your feet are hitting the ground, arms extended by your head as you're being lifted, Hoseok and his friends are settling in their seats. His eyes are zeroing in on you before anything else, instantly picking up on the fact that you're the center of the squad. Sure, there were other people flipping and being thrown, but it was pretty obvious where the main attention was supposed to be.
It had to be because of your smile, he's deciding that after a few moments of not being able to tear his gaze from it. You've leaped, twirled, flipped, did handstands and some pretty cool tricks in the air, but all he could find himself focusing on was your smile. 
He had no idea what the score was by the time the game was coming to an end, nearly forgot that he came here with other people until he felt the taps on his shoulders, ushering him down toward the field. The perfect opportunity to figure out the name of the girl that had his attention on leach for the past few hours.
Arya leads with Joon a step behind her, arm wrapped around her waist as a silent reminder to everyone looking that she was his girlfriend. Jeongguk is in a heated debate with Yoongi about whether or not one of the players was on steroids. A topic Hoseok would normally love to weigh in on, but right now he's busy looking for you. Surveying the faces of the crowd for the pretty girl with the ponytail a bit too tight.
“Yn!” Joon calls, lifting his free hand to wave you over. Jimin is following behind you, grinning wide at the sight of new people. Arya goes through the introductions, pointing out the guys behind her as she names them. 'You all know my baby, Joon. Plaid two-piece, that's Jeongguk. The one that desperately needs a haircut, is Yoongi. And Hoseok.'
Hoseok only looks at the mention of his name, eyes going wide when he sees you. Of all the people Arya could've been friends with, he never thought you'd be standing right there in front of him. Much prettier in person, which is something he did not think would be possible. Your hand lifts to wave, a pretty smile spreading over your lips.
You say something, but he can't focus enough to make out what it is. He's too busy wondering if the golden hue around you is real or something that his brain had made up. Either way, you're deserving of it.
The group moves before he has a chance to tell you that he thinks you're pretty, walking in a huddle toward the parking lot. You're way ahead of him now, laughing with Arya and two other guys he didn't notice until now. Was one of them your boyfriend? Probably not, right? Extremely unlikely that someone like you would be single, but there was a chance, right?
He doesn't hear what's said before the laughter grows, your blond friend slinging his arm over your shoulders. You're playful with the way you push him away, giggling and not putting much space between the two of you after. Boyfriend, right? He had to be.
“That's not her boyfriend,” It's Jeongguk's voice that breaks through Hoseok's thoughts. Earning a look of confusion from the older boy, which pulls a laugh from his lips. “You've literally been staring at her since she popped up. And then you just mumbled, 'boyfriend, right?'. Figured you'd want to know. That's Taehyung... and not her boyfriend,”
He doesn't know if he should be concerned that he had been so obvious with the way he was staring at you... and was just caught mumbling about you or if he should be jumping for joy at the fact that you didn't have a boyfriend. Or maybe you did, but it just wasn't that guy.
And how would Jeongguk even know? Wasn't this his first time meeting you too? “How...?” That's as far as his brain allows him to get, considering he's not too sure what he's even asking about.
Jeongguk is quick to catch on, though. “I like to keep tabs on the cheerleaders and who they're with. She's single but refuses to hook up with anyone she doesn't deem boyfriend material. It's fucking annoying if you ask me,” He huffs at his own words, eyes rolling at his small fact.
Choosing to ignore the last bit of Jeongguk's sentence, Hoseok grins. So you were single. Single and pretty, it felt like a blessing. All he needed was your number... oh yeah, and your name.
Tumblr media
SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2020 | 23:49
The diner you find yourselves at is pretty much the hot spot for your entire college. So, it's no surprise when you run into a few familiar faces upon entering. A few asking if you wanted to join their table, some guys offering to pay for your meal. And of course, you accept, following the hopeful football player to the counter where he lets you get whatever you want. Thanking him as you're handed your ticket, then you go to join your friends.
Wedged between Jin and Hoseok. Joon has gone to place an order for the table while Taehyung leads the conversation, which you're realizing is a continuation of a debate from earlier with Jeongguk and Yoongi. With his chin perched on his palm, Jimin hangs onto every monotone word that leaves Yoongi's lips. It's funny how shitty he was at hiding the fact he had a crush.
Hoseok's scooting a bit closer to you, thighs bumping. “You looked cute with your little ponytail,” It's obviously a compliment, you can tell by the broad smile on his lips. Was it a good one? Considering this was the first thing he was saying to you after blank face staring, no. But, a compliment's a compliment, so.
“Thank you, thank you.” Returning his smile, you take a moment to flip your now down hair over your shoulder. You've since changed out of your cheer uniform and let your hair down from its elastic confines, but it was sweet of him to notice.
He moves a little closer, sure to be subtle with the movement. Although, it's anything but. Yet, you're not the least bit uncomfortable. He's proud of the fact you've accepted his compliment, treating it as an accomplishment that justifies his next set of words. “What should I call you then?” His lazy movements, the redness of his eyes, and the scent coming from his clothes is enough to tell you that he's high.
But, the fact that Arya had introduced you plus the insistent call of your name from your friends and the words of the waitress as she set your food down wasn't enough for him to pick up on 'what to call you' was a little lame. His cute face grants him the benefit of the doubt, though.
“My name is Yn,”
He's quick to repeat it, testing the sound on his lips. “Yn? I like that.” He watches as you cut into your burger, glossed lips parting as you lean forward to take a bite. “Can I have your number, Yn?” If he's nervous about asking, it doesn't show. Might as well had been asking you to scoot over some.
Either way, you take your time with answering. Thoroughly chewing your food as you 'think it over', acting as if you were tossing around pros and cons in your head. And just as he's about to retract his statement, you say: “What do you need it for?”
That's not a response he's ever gotten before. Half expected you to rummage through your bag for a pen and paper to jot it down for him upon asking. A nice change of pace, he thought. “To talk to you,” Stating the obvious, because maybe that's where your confusion came from.
You're hitting him with another one of your pretty smiles and this time he can clearly see the small dimple at the corner of your lips. “You can talk to me now, I'm sitting right next to you.” He laughs because he's sure you're joking. Testing his sense of humor before you're asking for him to slide his phone over.
His laughter dies down when you don't join in, lips shifting into a slight frown. “You're really not gonna give it to me?” He's shocked, that much is obvious.
And you actually let out a laugh, just as the waitress is bringing the rest of the food to the table. “Nope,” Putting a bit more emphasis on the last syllable. The look on his face is priceless, a cute mixture of stunned and disbelief. You'd snap a picture of it if you had the chance.
Hoseok doesn't say anything else. He takes large bites from his sandwich and long slurps from his soda as he sits with the rejection. And you delve into the conversation between Arya and Jin, laughing along with them and offering your own stories on the topic. And he chats with Yoongi and Jeongguk to pass the time.
It's not until Joon is convincing the table dessert is a must, that Hoseok says something else to you. “Okay. I bet I'll get you to give me your number by the end of the night,” There's odd confidence in his words as if the entire premise of his bet didn't revolve around you doing something.
You weren't the type to turn down an easy win, though. “Is this a formal bet? Because you're gonna lose.” He nods, even goes as far as offering his hand out to shake to seal the deal. His palm is weirdly soft against yours, nails clipped and taken care of like he has bi-weekly appointments with a nail tech.
No idea why you find that as attractive as you do. “If I win, you have to go on a date with me.” You'd just about agree with any of his terms for this so-called bet. The only thing you had to do was not give him your number... that shouldn't be too hard.
He grins when you're nodding. “Okay. And when you don't, you have to... doordash me whenever I want,” You say with a laugh. Paying for your own food was very high on the list of things you did not like to do. Especially when you knew someone else would do it if you played your cards right.
“Deal. Better start picking out something pretty to wear on our date,” His confidence has you wondering if there's something that you're missing, but there couldn't be, right? His thumb grazes over your knuckles gently before he's pulling his hand from your grasp, the gesture alone enough to have a shiver running through your body.
You mask it well, pulling your hand from his grasp and finishing off the rest of your free meal. One of many more.
Tumblr media
SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2020 | 00:18
Not another word is mentioned about the bet. From the time you spend devouring your ice cream to the impromptu invitation, Hoseok extends back to his house. If you were to decline and go home instead of squishing into the back seat of Jin's car, you would've won. But there would be no fun in that.
So you get comfortable against Taehyung's shoulders, half-listening as Arya talks over the music... something that Namjoon said the night before that she found crazy hilarious. It was 'quick breath through the nose' at best.
Hoseok's house is a ten-minute drive from the diner. It's a one-bedroom apartment a few miles from campus. But from the way his friends spread out around the living room and instantly turn the game console on, it's pretty clear they spend most of their time here. You take the empty spot beside Jeongguk as they decide who's playing first.
His knee taps against yours, arms resting behind your head on the back of your couch. “I've got a black belt in taekwondo.” He pauses, like this random fact was supposed to stir some type of reaction from you. It doesn't phase him when you don't react, though. “It's at my place, I can show it to you if you'd like... maybe show you some moves, too.” You have to laugh, curious how many girls that line has actually worked on.
“No, thank you.” You snicker and his shoulders shrug. “Your loss,” He brushes it off with a shrug. He's clearly working up another attempt when Arya is making her way over. “No, no, no. Move it,” With a roll of his eyes, he stands, using Arya's arm as support. He towers over her and he's sure to make it clear as he glides by her.
Unbothered, she's plopping down in the now empty spot beside you. “I saw you talking to Hoseok earlier... so, what do you think?” She's sure to whisper, aware of the fact that he's sitting only a few feet away. And the fact that he has been stealing glances in your direction since you've sat down.
You're shrugging, “He's cool. Cute, I guess.” She's looking at you expectantly, trying to read into your words versus your expression. “Hm, that's it? Just 'cute, you guess'?” Now you're the one stealing a glance in his direction. He's still wearing the oversized white t-shirt and baggy black jeans as before. Long chain hanging around his neck and tan beanie on his head.
He's since put on a pair of glasses, that had been left on the couch. Bum sat on the armrest of his chair and he's laughing at Joon's frustrated shout directed to the TV screen, desperate to keep up with Taehyung. Okay, maybe he was more than cute.
That was your business, though. “Yeah, just cute.” You say, but Arya can read right through it. Even if she had missed the jaw-dropped way you had been taking him in just two seconds ago.
Tumblr media
Across the room, Jimin has turned his full attention on Yoongi. What had been a clear fascination with every last thing he could possibly say quickly turned into the need to challenge every last thing he could possibly say. Jimin was finding it was way more fun to get a rise of the guy than stroking his ego.
“I'm one of your subscribers,” It wasn't that unbelievable. A ton of people on campus were subscribed to his YouTube channel. He held lives every few days giving his opinion on current events and the drama around school. 
Most people tuned in for that, while Jimin was one of the few that watched for his daily vlogs and his reaction posts. The way he acted was cute to Jimin, couldn't get enough of seeing his fake shocked face as a video started. “Oh, really? Thanks. I've been growing a lot lately and-”
Jimin is quick to cut him off, a devilish smirk playing on his features. “You never know what you're talking about,” The blunt statement throws the older boy off a bit. Sure, he's been dealt with people who just didn't agree with him... but to come out and say he didn't know what he was talking about? Correction, that he never knew what he was talking about.
That was new. And he wasn't sure if he even heard it right. “What?” Jimin's letting out a laugh that shouldn't sound as pretty as it does. It doesn't match what he says next, not in the slightest.
“All your opinions are wrong,” He doesn't get a chance to further back his point, because Hoseok is standing, the blunt he had been working on rolling pinched between his fingers. “Yoongi, come smoke.” It's a statement that doesn't require an answer, not as he gives it a chance with the way he heads outside without a word.
He almost wants to stay back and finish the conversation, pick the pretty boy's brain some more. But, just as he's about to decline the offer – Jimin's standing. Taking it upon himself to extend the invitation. Yoongi follows him outside, urging him to elaborate on his previous statement. Joon is standing to join, which has Arya jumping to her feet.
Pretty soon you're being left with Jin, Taehyung, and Jeongguk. Neither of them paying you any mind, too busy cheering Taehyung on as he goes for a high score. So you're left to scroll through your for you page, your mind wandering to Hoseok and whether or not you should've just given him your number.
To you, it seemed like he had forgotten that he was supposed to be trying to get it in the first place. Didn't mention it at all throughout dinner, just kept up with the chatter of the table and he's barely said a word to you since you've been in his house. Maybe he didn't want it anymore? Which was lame on his part.
Just as you're deciding that you don't care the screen door is being thrown open. It's been at least half an hour since they first went outside and now Hoseok was rushing in like he was being chased. He's got his phone in his hand and a wide-eyed expression on his face. 
“Arya passed out,” His words are breathless but they have both you and Jeongguk springing to your feet. “What!?” He's rushing out before he's getting an answer, passing you to go check on her yourself. “What do you mean she passed out!?” He follows you outside and that's where you find her, slumped against Joon's shoulder.
He looks oddly calm considering his girlfriend was unconscious, but you'd worry about that later. “I got the ambulance on the phone. They need a name and number to call back. My phone's about to die,” Hoseok speaks as he falls your quick movements to your friend, watching as you drop down beside her.
Jeongguk beat you to her, dramatically shaking her from side to side and blubbering about not quitting on him. “Give them mine it's...” He repeats the numbers you say, typing them out as he says them. And as soon as you're reaching the last digit, Arya is hopping up. Effectively scaring the shit out of Jeongguk.
“Oh, baby! I thought we lost you,” He's going in for a hug that's quickly being blocked by a firm push from Namjoon. Arya laughs, turning to swat her boyfriend's hands away, saving Jeongguk from the slaps his dishing out.
And that's when it's dawning at you. The large grin on Hoseok's face a dead giveaway as he waves his phone for you to see. Your newly saved contact flashing on the screen. “Ooh! Guess I'll see you at our date,” He grins and Arya lets out an excited whoop.
You'd deal with her later. With a glare, you're standing to your feet. “Not fair! You cheated,” Hoseok lets out a laugh, nodding his head. “I definitely did and you fell for it,” His laugh grows and you're throwing a weak punch in his direction, one that he catches with ease.
“Don't be grumpy.” He pushes his lips out into a pout, mocking the look on your face. With the grip he has on your arm, it's easy for him to pull your body closer to his. Instantly, you're being engulfed in his sweet scent, the hint of bud tickling your nose. “It was funny. But, if you don't want to go out with me, you don't have to.”
Honestly, you weren't even upset about it. Arya was fine and it was a harmless prank that she was obviously in on. And... it was kind of funny. So there was really no reason to be mad at him for getting creative with getting your number. Some might say that it was kind of flattering.
Not to mention how oddly comforting it was in his arms and you're not sure why. He's barely touching you, but the light touch on your skin has a warmth spreading through you. Almost like it was meant to be like this. Though, you didn't want to get ahead of yourself. Right now, you could handle one date.
You're rolling your eyes to keep from exposing that you're swooning. Feigning indifference as you say. “Fine, I'll go on one date,”
Tumblr media
— you’re just his type. so it’s no surprise when all of his time and effort goes into making you his. though, they’ve always said… you only want it because you can’t have it.
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dreamescapeswriting · 18 days ago
Kinktober ~ Day 8
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Hoseok x Fem!Reader
GENRE: overstimulation, use of toy, drabble, smut, safe word
Tumblr media
Arms and legs bound to the bed you looked up at Hoseok as he smirked down at you. A wickered smile curled on his lips as he ran his hand down your breasts and grabbed them roughly making you whimper. The two of you had been at it like rabbits for hours now and you were beginning to feel the effects of overstimulation. 
"So sweet," Hobi said sarcastically as your back arched away from the bed and you mewled. Toy pressed against your clit as you cried out his name, if your hands weren't bound they would have been grasping at the sheets. Your body shuddered feeling Hoseok's fingers run through your folds, smirking up at you. 
"So fucking wet princess," He praised as you squirmed under the virbator that was still attached your clit. Sweat dripping from your forehead as Hoseok pushed two finers into you. Softly fucking you as you cried out his name. Fire building up inside of your stomach as you felt yet another orgasm being brought on. 
"Moan baby, tell me how good it feels." He hummed as he looked up at you, your eyes screwed tightly shut as you cried out his name. Hoseok's fingers began to grow in speed as he railed you with his fingers, wrist twisting as he watched the way your legs shook.
"S-Shit! Hobi please," You begged as he continued to fuck his fingers into you, biting down and sucking on your nipples making your head spin. Everything was beginning to become a little too much but you continued, rolling your hips up to meet his thrusts. 
"Give me every little moan baby, I wanna feel you cum around my fingers...Be a good girl for me," You felt yourself getting closer as he curled his fingers against your walls. Suddenly a warm gush flooded through you as your hips bucked uncontrollably. 
"Oh shit! Look at you!" Hobi chuckled as you squirted over his fingers and the toy, not stopping as he continued to fuck his fingers into you. 
"Good fucking girl," He laughed as he continued to pound into you, your throat becoming dry from all of the moans you were giving to him.
"H-Hobi!" You moaned out, his fingers curling more and more trying to get you to squirt for him once again. The room-filling with the sounds of the buzzing vibrator and wetness of your pussy. Gasping and whimpering you looked over at Hoseok as another painful orgasm ripped through you, the orgasms getting on the edge of too much pain for pelasure. 
"Hobi! Fuck! Fuck!" You cried out as he moved his fingers out of you slowly, smirking as he turned off the toy giving you a couple of moments to collect your thoughts. 
"Shall I free your hands? Let you touch me?" You nodded, not being able to manage words as Hoseok came up to release your hands. Kissing you tenderly as he slowly eased into your, your core clenching around him instantly as you hissed. 
"So tight baby girl," He chuckled darkly looking down at you before thrusting in and out of you slowly. Waiting until you were comfortable before he began to thrust roughly, hips slamming into yours as your moans grew louder. 
"Hobi...H-Hobi I can't," You breathed out as you shook your head at him, tears rolling down your cheeks as he looked back at you. 
"Remember your words baby? Remember them." He eased his thrusting as he looked at you, wanting you to be as comfortable as possible. Of course, he was referring to the safe words that you had. 
Purple for giving you a break, red for stop and green for almost at red. 
"G-Green," You panted looking up at him as he drew himself out of you and back into you suddenly,
"F-Fuck! Hobi!" You cried out in pleasure, fingers digging into his skin as he continued to fuck into you, nails drawing blood as you cried out his name louder than before. 
"Red! Red! Red!" You screamed and just like that Hoseok was out of you, grabbing blankets to cover you in and press you against his skin. Any thoughts of finishing were completely gone as he looked after you. Pressing kisses on your forehead as you whimpered and cried into his chest.
"I can't...I can't-" You repeated but Hoseok just help you, pressing more kisses to you. 
"It's okay baby it's okay, I promise no more." 
All night long Hoseok cared for you, holding you as close as he could and getting you pampered to make you feel better for everything you had both done that night.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @lyoongx​ @mitzwinchester​ @rjsmochii​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @sweeneyblue1​ @jin-from-the-block​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ @misa0000​ If you would like to be added or removed please message me 
Tumblr media
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holdinbacksecrets · 5 months ago
Boyfriend Things OT7
The Love Scenarios
first edition - middle of the night
second edition - love at home
third edition - post break up
fourth edition - dancing
fifth edition - there’s nobody else
sixth edition - love in primary colors
seventh edition - one day at a time
eighth edition - kisses
ninth edition - dreams in reality
tenth edition - hugs
eleventh edition - when you lay in between my legs it doesn’t matter
twelfth edition - human and love sound similar don’t you think so?
thirteenth edition - heavier ground
fourteenth edition - you should have turned the page
fifteenth edition - what if your love radiates his name through your gaze
sixteenth edition - peace is closer than you realize
seventeenth edition - spend the night
eighteenth edition - bliss : noun /blis/ 1: complete happiness 2: paradise, heaven
nineteenth edition - wasted, faded. you don’t get drunk
twentieth edition - holding hands
twenty-first edition - college edition
twenty-second edition - you feel like you belong
twenty-third edition - enchanted loving
twenty-fourth edition - neighbors
twenty-fifth edition - i found you my universe
twenty-sixth edition - that’s alright. as long as there’s moonlight and him
twenty-seventh edition - sun and moon
twenty-eighth edition - coming soon!
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taeinparis · 3 months ago
melatonin | jhs
Tumblr media
Summary: Sleeping at night was difficult for you, and atop of your boyfriend’s lawn mower-esk snoring, it was impossible. But luckily for you, he knows just the remedy to cure your sleeplessness (and hopefully his snoring).
Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: established relationship!au, fluff, smut
WC: 3k 
CW: Smut (dom!hoseok, sub!reader, slight degradation, clit spanking, fingering, teasing, spanking, protected sex, talk about assplay), Hobi snoring like an old ass man, mentions of pee, unedited filth
A/N: I have no absolutely no excuse for writing this. This man brings out the devil in me, like I deadass need an exorcism. Anyways, hope you can enjoy this on a sleepless night, maybe when someone next you is snoring rlly loud.
Tumblr media
The hum of the air conditioner fills your quiet apartment along with refreshing, chilled air — and so does Hoseok’s rather obnoxious snoring. But even as lawnmower sounds exit from your boyfriend’s mouth, you can’t help the small smile that twitches at your lips as you take in the sight of him. His head is tilted back on his pillow as his mouth hangs open. His dark hair is slightly disheveled from shifting around in his sleep, and with every breath of air he takes, his bare shoulders peek out from under the duvet that covers the both of you.
Hoseok had long discarded his shirt, complaining that he was too hot with it on and that he slept better half naked anyway. You had just rolled your eyes at his antics, turning to face the large window that took up the expanse of your bedroom wall instead. 
Now, the bedside lamps are long turned off, and comforting darkness surrounds you as you blink your eyes in an attempt to get them to focus. The alarm clock glows an irritating 3:00 am at you and you almost let out a pitiful whine as a particularly loud snore leaves Hoseok’s mouth. You try to get comfortable under the duvet once again and block out the horrible noises leaving your boyfriend's lips, but it’s to no avail. Everything is too loud, too hot. 
You kick off your covers with a sigh and walk over to where Hoseok’s sleeping, further bundling him up with the side of the duvet you're no longer using before going to the bathroom. You don’t really have to pee, you just need an excuse to get away from Hoseok’s incessant snoring. You’d normally smack him with a pillow and watch with a clipped expression as his face contorts and he smacks his lips together in his sleep, turning his body to the side and hopefully clearing out his airways. But he came home exhausted, the skip in his step worn away from hours of practice, and the smile on his face all tired out. You wanted to let him rest, even if that meant listening to a rusty old motor trying to start up for the fiftieth time.
The light that floods the bathroom once you flip the switch on makes you squint your eyes in pain, and eventually you end up closing them altogether, trying to adjust to the drastic change in lighting. You slowly but surely open them back up, blinking a few times for good measure before making your way to the toilet. You drag your panties down to your ankles and try to relax your bladder, but nothing comes out. A small sigh leaves your lips at your failure to pee, as ridiculous as it sounds, and you opt to rest your head against the tiled wall behind you, lazily glancing at how messy Hoseok had left the bathroom countertop.
His cologne was left uncapped from this morning, and you would scold him for leaving such an expensive item around so carelessly if he didn’t have about 100 other bottles of the stuff stored up somewhere. His toothbrush was left by the sink, as were the rings that he had sported all day. You couldn’t help but crack a smile imagining him struggling to twist them off of his nimble fingers as he tried to wash his hands. 
You pulled your panties and your shorts up your legs and into their rightful place before flushing nothing but water down the toilet. A pained expression took over your face as you realized just how loud the noise was, praying that it wouldn’t wake up Hoseok. But of course, it did. He was an even lighter sleeper than you. 
The door to the bathroom inches open as you're drying your hands on one of the small linen towels that are always folded neatly and stacked up in the corner of the counter right next to the sink. You had previously queried Hoseok as to why he didn’t just install a towel rack, and he had told you quite cryptically that he had a bad history with them — whatever that meant. 
Hoseok finally notifies you of his presence when the doorknob collides with the wall, a quiet thud echoing through the bathroom. Your eyes darted up to the excessively large mirror to meet his, and when yours finally lock onto his tired dark ones, you can’t help the sudden guilt that plagues your stomach. He’s exhausted, but he’ll forget about his own needs for a while just to make sure you're alright.
“Are you okay, jagiyah?” His voice is gravelly when he finally speaks, still thick with sleep and rough from the lack of usage. He brings a nimble hand up to fiddle with the silver chain that rests around his neck, guiding your attention to the rest of his sleep ensemble. As he fixes the pendent into its rightful place between his pecs, your eyes ghost over his bare chest and arms, and then down to where his flannel pajama pants hang low on hips. So low you can see the beginning of the happy trail that decorates his tan skin. 
“Yeah, I’m fine, baby. Just couldn’t sleep.” Hoseok’s eyes widen worriedly at your words, concern lacing itself across his sleepy features, but you’re already walking towards him, bare feet slapping against the tiled floor before he can further question you. 
His arms happily accommodate you, wrapping around you tightly as you nestle your face into his neck, inhaling the intoxicating scent of his aftershave. He smiles lazily at the sensation of your nose prodding at the underside of his jaw, tilting his head back slightly to let you continue your antics. 
His hands are warm on your back as they bunch at the fabric of your t-shirt, and you can’t help but keen into his touch, lacing your arms tighter around his neck as you play with the hair that sits on the back of his head. Your nose glides along the edge of his jaw teasingly, delighting yourself with tracing small shapes into his sensitive skin. 
“You must be exhausted, it’s late. Let’s get you to bed, hm?” Hoseok’s voice is soft as he addresses you, just as soft as his thumb on your cheek as it traces the length of your cheekbone. It’s soothing, and it almost makes you want to crawl into bed with him, but you know there’s no point. As soon as Hoseok falls asleep again your brain will still be wired. 
You whine in protest at his suggestion, burying your face further into his neck to keep him from moving. He tsk’s in response, bringing the hand that was resting on your cheek up to your hair, stroking it softly. 
“I just can’t fall asleep, Hobi,” You mutter against his neck helplessly, your words shaky with frustration as you finally confess your well-kept struggle. It was exceedingly hard to hide things from Hoseok with him being as perceptive as he is, and on top of that, he knew you like the back of his hand. He knew when you were pretending to be alright when you were anything but. 
“I know, jagi, I know,” He says with a solemn voice while rubbing a soothing hand up and down your back. You find so much comfort in the action; he knows this, and it’s why his hand always ends up stroking there. 
“Is there anything I can do? Anything that would help?” He asks you quietly, going from coasting his hand up and down your back to stroking his thumb back and forth at the bottom of your spine. You exhale deeply, the air causing goosebumps to prickle on the sensitive skin of Hoseok’s neck. He shifts slightly, trying not to ignore the shiver racking through his body at the sensation. You smother a smile. 
A thoughtful hum resonates from the back of your throat and fills the silence of the bathroom as you slip your hands down from your boyfriend’s neck to the underside of his biceps. He looks at you expectantly, brows raised as you push yourself a few inches away from his body. You wet your lips before you speak again; something Hobi can’t help but take notice of.
“An orgasm,” You tell him so nonchalantly as if you were talking about the temperature in the room, “would probably help.” 
Hoseok can’t help but laugh. Only you would go from talking about how you were having trouble sleeping at night to cumming. But he wasn’t surprised. You were his little slut, after all. 
“Mmh, I’m sure it would,” He says, any traces of laughter from his voice gone. His hands drop down to the backs of your thighs, one of them beginning to toy with the hem of your sleep shorts. The other grips your thigh so harshly you’re certain that he’ll leave a handprint. He brings his tongue up to slide the tip of it along his upper teeth, toying with you with his heavy-lidded gaze. You bring his face closer to yours with a shaky hand, your breath fanning out onto his face in short, desperate puffs. 
He scans your face dismissively before doing something unexpected. 
Hoseok pulls your body straight into his, letting the semi that he’s sporting underneath his shorts rest right outside of where you need him the most. One of his hands is gripping your face, smushing your cheeks as he forces you to meet his lust-drunk eyes. The other practically rips your pajama shorts off of your legs. 
 “What do we say when we want something, hm?”
“Please,” Your answer comes out garbled from his grip on your face, but his hand doesn’t relent. He just keeps looking at you as if he’s going to eat you alive. And the throbbing of your clit only increases. 
“Please, Hoseok.” 
“Get on the bed. Ass up,” His words carry a familiar sternness that just makes you want to carry out his every whim and fulfill his every wish, but they’re not serious. They hold no true aggression or spite. 
He gives a light swat to your ass before you’re scrambling out of the bathroom and into the dark bedroom that the two of you share. Luckily, there’s enough light from the bathroom for you to find your way successfully to the bed and to lay yourself out exactly as Hoseok had instructed. 
He comes in not long after you, leaving the bathroom door wide open to let the light continue to illuminate your room. You hold your breath and grip onto the duvet, hoping that he would succumb to his tiredness and just fuck you without foreplay, but Hobi was Hobi, and Hobi never fucked you without a little twist.
The semi that he had earlier was now fully hard as he pressed it against your clothed cunt, the slight friction that it’s currently providing to your dripping opening making you sigh out in relief. Hoseok’s hands go up to grab at your hips and pull you closer to the edge of the bed, grinding you against his cock once he molds your body into the position he sees fitting. 
“Such a slut for my cock you couldn’t even wait till tomorrow, huh?” He taunts you with a hidden smile on his face, sliding a hand down to the waistband of your panties to examine the mess you had made of them. 
“Hobi, please,” You beg again and wiggle your ass against him, eliciting a groan from his throat. His fingers that were ghosting over your slit leave a ruthless spank on your clit, making you jolt forward and cease your wiggling. 
“Be good, jagi, or I won’t give you anything and let you go to bed dripping,” His words are threatening, and so is his tone, but you can’t seem to fully process his warning, too focused on the feeling of his finger slipping inside your cunt. He sets a slow pace, pulling his finger out so only the tip of it remains sheathed in your warmness, and then fucking it back in up to his knuckle. 
“Does it feel good, baby?” He asks, already knowing the answer. You moan in affirmation anyway, bucking your hips back into his hand. But he doesn’t seem satisfied with your response, landing another slap into your clit with his unoccupied hand. The mixture of the pleasure he’s providing to your cunt, sliding a fingertip over your g-spot with every thrust of his finger, with the pain of his palm slapping your clit has your eyes rolling back into your head. 
“Use your words,” Hobi tells you, beginning to rub your swollen clit with the hand he had just punished it with. 
“Yes, it feels g-good,” You breathe out, voice hoarse, burying your face into the crook of your elbow when he slides another finger into your cunt. 
“Of course it does, jagi, you wanna know why?” His thrusts start to increase in speed, obviously wanting to further milk your orgasm out of you. 
“Cause I know you,” He starts to assault your g-spot even harder, making you grip onto the sheets for dear life and gasp out for air. “I know what my baby likes.” 
It doesn’t take very long for the coil inside your belly to snap, and for you to gush all over Hobi’s unrelenting fingers. He lets out a satiated moan when you cum, licking his lips as he resists the urge to bury his face into your cunt. 
A whine leaves your reddened lips as he removes his fingers, but he soothes your protests with a gentle kiss to the bottom of your back. You hear him rustling around to find a condom. Too tired from your first orgasm, you opt to just listen to him stumble around the dark room and curse, erection probably free and bouncing against his abdomen as he moves. He lets a sigh of relief--he’s found it--and you hear him tear the wrapper open and discard it haphazardly onto the floor. 
You strain your neck to get a good look at him once he’s back behind you. He’s sweaty, strands of hair falling onto his forehead as he focuses on rolling the rubber down his erection. But he still looks just as breathtaking as he always does, even in a half-dark room, struggling to put on a condom. 
“Ready, baby?” He asks as he lines himself up. You jump as he teasingly drags the head of cock over your sensitive clit before beginning to slip it into your opening.
“Yeah,” You reply without missing a beat, pushing your ass back into his hips. “Fuck me, Hoseok.” 
That’s all the encouragement he needs, pushing into you in one smooth, quick motion. He grunts once he bottoms out, relishing in the feeling of his tip pressing up against your cervix. You continue to claw at the sheets once he starts up a steady pace, similar to how his fingers were fucking into you. The sound of his hips slapping against your ass echoes around your room and into your ears, and you can’t help the clenching of your pussy as you realize how hard Hoseok is thrusting into you. 
“Gonna cum already? We’ve only just started,” His lips brush against the shell of your ear as he speaks, his breath tickling your skin and sending divine shivers of pleasure down your spine. 
“Fuck you,” You spit out into the sheets, but your words are anything but venomous. Hoseok still plants a playful smack on your ass, though. 
“Watch your mouth, jagi. Remember what I said before?” He reminds you of his previous warning, but you couldn’t care less. He takes your silence as a ‘yes’ and soothes your reddened ass with the brush of a cool hand. 
“Next time you beg me to put you to sleep, I’m fucking your ass,” He mutters, low but still loud enough for you to catch his words. And if that wasn’t enough, he spreads your ass, exposing your puckered hole to him. A moan leaves you as you process what he’s said, and you guide his hands back up to your hips, spreading your ass for him instead.
“You like the thought of that, baby? Want me to fuck your pretty ass?” His words are drenched with desire, the thought of finally getting to stick his cock into your asshole sending him closer to the edge. He thrusts his cock deeper, harder, balls slapping against your clit from the sheer force of his movements. Your moaning out his name like a chant, practically screaming it as you finally taste your orgasm.
“Gonna cum, Hobi!” You cry out, burying your face into the sheets to muffle your load moaning. You weren’t asking for permission, you didn’t need it. And it wasn’t like he didn’t know you were going to cum, with your cunt spasming around his cock like crazy. You just wanted to make sure he was close as well.
“Cum all over cock, baby,” He says, eyes rolling back into his head as he feels the walls of your cunt flutter around him. 
“It’s okay, you can cum,” He doesn’t slow down his pace, continuing to fuck into you even as you gush around him. Hoseok practically cums as he feels you come undone, all because of his ministrations. Your orgasm rips through with such force you’ll be surprised if you’re even able to walk the next morning. Hobi’s close behind you, emptying his load into the condom with a throaty groan as you continue to catch your breath. 
You’re too tired to protest as he slides out of you, laying on the bed all breathless and sweaty. Hoseok ties up the condom, and with a squeeze of your thigh, he’s gone into the next room to throw it away. 
You’re asleep before he even gets back to the bed.
Tumblr media
tag list; @moonchild1 @ggukkieland
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